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Found 6 results

  1. Summary of events post: Currently collecting named leftovers to mail home, expect all leftovers within 24h. All named items have been collected from the Great Hall and Inn and mailed home! Hello hello and welcome again to the 5th (4th) (3rd) (2nd) (1st) annual Friend-A-Long! This event is brought to you by Dragon Beard Markets, the Elysian Academy Alliance of Pristine, and random donors like you! This years event will be held July 20th to the 25th, same date/time/location as last year! Some of you are new to wurm this year and might be asking what is an "Imp-along" as there generally called? Well basically is a community event where everyone gets together to improve and cast for each other for free! Its basically a week long party, packed with all sorts of fun, games, booze, food, death, death, death, and other random events, Anyone can come, anyone can help imp. Often people just come to grind there skill for free. You don't have to be able to get to maximum quality imp, just do what you can and someone else will finish up the work! The only real restrictions is on channeling skill to help prevent shattered items. Please if you want to contribute please make a post including the skills that your want to work with so we can get a generally idea of skill coverage. All Rooms are filled! The Arena will be wild and infested with all sorts of baddies, its important to give the GM's there chance to kill you, lets face it, you probably hassled one at some point this year, and they have a year of frustration to vent! So be sure to partake of the arena! As I always say, If you didn't die at the imp-along you did it wrong! Keep an eye on this thread for updates and prob some secrets hidden within you might want to note for the event.... Might be worth something When: July 20th - 25th 2022. Where: Pristine, T16, Friendship Bay deed. Map: - In game Map location. Map: - Terrain View. You can also plot to Dragon Beard from any highway, then just follow the highway west a few hundred tiles to the deed. Discord Link: Read the rules, use the reaction role to get the Wurm Online role. This year well be attempting to add some more integration between discord and the event. With trivia related to previous events, interactive Friendalong radio, sermon channel, and some other misc things, im open to idea's for further integration with the event. Deed roles, rights, and allowing villagers. Please treat the entire area as "off deed." Keep that in mind when leaving stuff outside a building. Lead, Take, Drop, Butcher, and Bury will all be enabled deed wide for everyone at the opening of the event. In addition If you would like to take advantage of some pumped up deed bonus's we will be accepting players to join the village again this year, this can also double as a local spawn point if you forget your tent. Loading and Unloading: If you wish to unload something like a creature cage or donations, you will only be able to unload on the west side of the deed, id recommend just behind the Arena, the last row there is offdeed, and will not trouble you for loading/unloading. New things this year: Guest Book: Were adding a guest book this year, it is available in the ground floor of the inn. There will be pens pre-filled with real ink and high q paper for everyone to write a brief story or experience for the book in the ground floor of the Inn, just take a pen from the cart, a paper from the crate, and drop your story in the Large Magic Chest. These stories/memories will be digitized and added to the thread after the event. Turns out this doubles as the "write on paper with ink" journal goal! Please don't take more pens then you need, ink is not infinite and the squids can sense me coming now.... HFC Grinding: Still kind of working out the details to this one, ideally were gonna use the resources from the arena and junk q veggies to offer limited SELF SERVICE pan filling, resources provided, after we flesh out the details on it this year we will likey optimize it a bit more and then add various cages to grind taming on with the stuff produced from HFC cooks. Currently it will be limited to 2x three forge stations with 300 pans for each batch. Only one batch at a time, pan filling is SELF SERVICE, and you are expected to remove your meals when your done and sacrifice/dispose of them. There is currently no signup list etc, so feel free to do another run if no one is waiting for a station. Eatery / Food: The Main food/refreshment area has moved to a more role play friendly area, in the SW corner of the Arena's ground floor. Huge Egg (Drake/Dragon Egg): UPDATE: The drake is dead, it was an escape artist! Other Updates: Limitations on services and details: (read or be openly shamed!) What is expected of you as a patron: (read or be openly shamed!) Common Item Sorting Mistakes and Casting Info Help: How to Contact a Staff Member: Staff members so far this year are: Friendship Campgrounds: (NEW) Friendship Inn and Lounge: (All current rooms are now assigned) The Deed: Sermons: Imping Materials: Blood Mixing: Ship Parking and Imps: Games and Events: (UPDATED) Materials Levels and Needs: (UPDATED! 7/23/22) Material Donations so far in 2022: (UPDATED! 7/23/22) Prizes Donated so far in 2022: (UPDATED! 7/23/22) Leftover Prizes from 2021: General Gratz:
  2. Attention SFI: @Shydowand I would like to formally invite you all to celebrate with us on Saturday November 20th 12pm EST- 12am EST. [11am-11pm Central][9am-9pm PST] We will be hosting a sort of non-impalong party with some competitive games, a prize raffle, free food, and fancy drinks in honor of Shydow reaching his 100 Plate Armor Smithing title. He worked very hard for this and the support from the community was outstanding, and so we'd like to give back! Some very kind and wealthy people have donated their time and gifts to our prize pool. We also received some amazing ideas for games from our community. Some games you can expect to play with us: Yellow Potion hide-n-seek, and an elite Wurm-style capture the flag. Please join us for the party, the games, and some potential carnage in the Arena. @Fabricant will be joining us after 12pm Eastern to run some exciting tasks for us, WARNING: COME PREPARED!! > Release Community Map This party spans over 2 deeds on the SE coast of Release, the main deed 'Psychedelic Sanctum'[T24] will feature the food and beverages [Located at and in front of the Psychedelic Tavern and Inn and Snack Shack] this will also provide a place for our priests to hang out safely. [Sermon Circles welcome, please organize amongst yourselves]. Across the bridge from the main deed will be 'Park N Play'[S24] a place to park your boats securely on deed to avoid decay, as well as our Capture the Flag game and the Imperial Dragonsmith Arena built for sparring and potential GM carnage. All are welcome, and we hope to see you there! Discord is Live!: Disclaimer: Zero tolerance policy for people who become rude/belligerent from consumption! P.S. neither deed is on a highway
  3. Hello all, We are creating a competition for the design of Wurm University's Kingdom Tabard / Flags / Wagon and Military Tent. We will be taking submitted concept designs for a couple of templates. The templates we want to see as the concept design at a minimum is: The Tall Banner Flag All other templates can be submitted, but we realize that the time frames (with people going on vacation) is a little short, so many may be only to provide the minimum templates. Wurm University will then post them in a thread with a poll and allow the Wurm community to vote on the best looking concept design! The winner will be announced and Wurm University leadership will work with the winner to complete the other templates based on the winning design. The winner will receive 2 full kingdom PMK sets , small moon metal set , 2 x NoGump Hota Statues and an 80QL Rare sailing Boat! 1 Kingdom PMK set = 2 x Tall Kingdom Banner, 2 x Kingdom Banner, 2 x Flags, 1 x Wagon & 1 Military Tent All concept designs are to be PM'd to this forum account (TheDean), by the 26th of December 2016. A Wurm forum vote will be publicly released on the 26th of December which will run until the 6th of January. The Wurm PMK graphics template can be found here: For those of you wondering what Wurm University is, please see the link below: If you have any questions regarding this please feel free to ask in here or PM me directly thanks. HAPPY DESIGNING! TheDean
  4. We are having a mini impalong with an opportunity to improve your skills and a chance to win a prize or two. -----> time; May 10th and 11th <------- place; New Haven take part in A cart race round New Haven boat race fishing competition plus more.... 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes will be handed out beds for sleep-overs priest channel you can place a merchant on one of our new market stalls. Come to New Haven for the skill and stay for the fun. cords on Celebration X38, Y19, XXXPlease Note Date ChangeXXX to unforeseen circumstances, there has been a change of date, on the plus side we may be able, with the extra time, to add a little something that we didn't have time for.
  5. We are having a mini impalong with an opportunity to improve your skills and a chance to win a prize or two. time; May 10th and 11th place; New Haven take part in A cart race round New Haven boat race fishing competition plus more.... 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes will be handed out beds for sleep-overs you can place a merchant on one of our new market stalls. Come to New Haven for the skill and stay for the fun. cords on Celebration X38, Y19,
  6. This has been cancelled for good this time. As a small consolation for everyone that has signed up this last try, you will all get 1.5s store credit you can use on my merchant thread. (you can see the names in the post below this one) Check out my merchant thread here; http://forum.wurmonl...-guruen-gear-â„¢/ Yes it's another event from the people that brought you Gurrington Quests.This time it'll be a completely free event, and it'll be in the form of a fishing contest.And the best part? There's prizes for everyone! That's right you get a small prize just for participating. There'll ofc be bigger prices for the winners, and even a small consolation price. See below for details on the prizes. So let's talk turkey! well trout would be more fitting Here's how it'll go down. There'll be room for 25 participants, and it's first come first serve basis. You sign up by replying to this thread with the name of your character. Please make sure you can make it or at least give notice if you can't so we can free up the slot for another person. Each participant must be at Gurrington (X20Y18) 30 min before contest starts or they'll forfeit their spot. __________________________________________________________________________ Let's try this again, last time it got cancelled due to to few people signing up People that signed up last time, will have to sign up again. The contest starts at 13:00 CET, January 26. If there's less than 12 signups, the contest will be cancelled. __________________________________________________________________________ Fine fishing rods (70ql) will be supplied along with 5 fishing lines, and you'll get to keep these after the contest! You're ofc welcome to use your own rod if you want to. There'll be 2 categories you can enter in, these categories will be revealed at the start off the contest. You can only enter in 1 category and it'll be a blind 'weigh-in'. This means you won't know what other has entered with, so be sure to enter with your best fish for the category. The contest will run for 30 min and any fish must be delivered for the contest before this time. You will fish from the docks of Gurrington, which means no rare fish allowed for this contest. And here are the prizes you can win. Category 1 1st: 60ql Butchering Knife, LITD Pendulum, 2s2nd: 60ql Butchering knife, 80ql Chisel3rd: 60ql Butchering knife, 60ql Toolbelt Category 2 1st: 60ql Butchering Knife, LITD Pendulum, 2s2nd: 60ql Butchering knife, 80ql Chisel3rd: 60ql Butchering knife, 60ql Toolbelt Consolation prize: 20 fishing lines (fine) Prizes kindly sponsored by Gurrington Smithing & Moonshine Tannery Fishing rods sponsored by Raykow!