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Found 5 results

  1. Hello fellow Wurmians, I was a long time player of Wurm Online and absolutely loved the difficulty, then Freedom came, and to be honest, the game went carebear mode and I lost interest in a few months. Now with Wurm Unlimited I have the opportunity to start from a decent difficulty level, and as a seasoned programmer, build mods to make this server a lot harder than Wurm Online ever was. Characteristics start at 19.5, and all skills start at 1. The skill gain rate is 1, and action speed multiplier is 1.5 55% Aggressive Creatures, I kept it low because this is meant to be the newbie map. Silver will be next to impossible to get on this map, at least from traders, and Settlement upkeep and deeding costs ARE enabled. I didn't want to just make everything unreasonable so Breeding time is 2x, field growth 12.8 hours, with the tree spread set to 25% Below is the first of 3 maps 4096x4096, the others will be rolled out after the server has been further developed, the first of which is called Morbus. (Yes, I DO like latin) This server is heavily modded, the current list is: I haven't exactly figured out what the max players are going to be, currently it is set to 60. Max Creatures are set to 30,000 at least for now. As for client mods I am using Sortmod, Skilltrack, Thirdperson and Livemap so make of that what you will. I will add to this post as there are new things added to the server, but for now if you are looking for some level of difficulty, this might be what you are looking for. Until then, back to the grind.
  2. Moving this server thread, please delete.
  3. Can we get felled trees to cause dmg? 10-15-20-25 dmg per felled trees based on armor usage/type/QL. A flat amount wouldn't be a bad option if the calculations would cause too much work or more bugs. Reason: you fall off dirt walls and have to pay attention, you can get collapsed inside mines, why not take tree dmg if you're standing under the tile felled like a loserjack Feel free to say no, just my two irons for the day.
  4. Githora and Toradia

    Githora -creative map -skill gain modifier: x1 -no npcs or traders -all starting stats: 1.0 -timers: x1 -minimum mining hits: 51 -fight skill start: 1 -combat rating modifier: 1 Toradia -adventure map -skill gain modifier: x64 -free deeds -all starting stats: 21.0 -timers: x10 -minimum mining hits: 1 -fight skill start: 10 -combat rating modifier: 5 Both servers -upkeep -no curve -pvp -starting equipment: nothing -field growth timer: 24 hours
  5. Eastern Pirate Isle's of Anthion ~ Of the Highthborne Graces. " Thick oak forests molest surrounding isles with inlaid pine grove mountain lakes and glistening, virgin snow ripe for your first footprints. Will the invisible force of good or evil guide your path in this world? Will you lead others into entente and take what is rightfully yours by force or entrust only thyself with thy life in thy hands?! Build a Kingdom and rid the lands of Pirate Crime? Become a Hunter, living by bounty of the land, bow in hand? Or be of said care-free Pirates pillaging what ye will, as ye see fit?!" Map: Anthion Map ETA Jan 24th image Found on ~!Highthborne's ~ Eastern border Mods: DisableFogSpider & NoFogSpider, BetterDigging, FishingIgnoresRange, TreasureChestClaim, Movetocenter, Upkeepcosts, Taxconfig, servertweaks (Dupe Auth fix), Timer fix, ServerPlayerCounter, WurmMods(Bounty, Bulk, Prospect, Salve, Sacrifice), Guards fix, HOTS Fix / Libilia Fix, MoreCraftables, Skillgaincontrol, MoonMetalminingmod, HitchingPost, ClayNShard4concretemod, Modloader Mods (Bulktransport, Spellmod, InbreedWarning, HarvestHelper, Cropmod, Creatureage, Bagofholding, Announcer), Bettercombatlog. Map ETA Jan 24th ~ Custom Hardcore Survival/Roleplay PVP Map ~ PMK Only ~ 30k Creatures, 74% Aggmobs w/ bountymod *_Info/Maps/History_* Highthborne/Anthion Lore Website Teamspeak3: (~!Highthborne & Anthion TS3) Support this work! Donate! ~!Highthborne oTSG Server Listing Anthion Server Listing Steam Thread Steam Group