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  1. ♥ That sounds Bloody Suspenseful! ♥ Happy To be there and of course Sourcey Sorceries will make a pop up tent, where you can get your bloods mixed and your tools imbued All you need is to bring your tools, bloods and the good mood! Since we all will be masked, please form a fine line after the slay and I will trade you when I can - that is if there are any survivors... Mixing spot will be announced at the slay! Keep an eye out for the Yellowtext
  2. I have for a long time felt that this built in experience/action had more potential and this way make a lot of sense to me. If you actually follow the guides of atonement given to you, it would only make sense that you'd regain some faith just like how you lose faith when you do an action your diety does not allow. Right now it actually feels redundant or at the least as if it's not finalized and fully implemented as intended. How you suggest it makes very much sense to me. Of course it needs balancing in regards to amount of faith gained and how many times it's possible, but that goes for any new implementation. +1 from me on this suggestion.
  3. Auntie Sid is so right about this! We need it and we need it yesterday! Too many hunters pollute the pretty lands of Wurm and some of us who go clean up would benefit from these!
  4. Please oh yes! And then please add skulls in varying sizes please! And don't make them pile so you can decorate with them!
  5. Would be neat if it was 300 just like the rest of the slope limits are with rock during mining and dirt during digging at the least. Congratulations Moogien
  6. With a title like that I have to make sure to be there this time
  7. Choir Dragon

    I have lost my voice due to too much singing recently and therefore can't attend this beautiful music festival that it will be! My doctor said I was addicted to singing and therefore have needed to take some time away from events that will make me overuse my vocal cords. I wish you the best and hope you all will sing, scream and shout for me! (read: I am away and internet + laptop not allowing to run wurm will prevent me from being there to mix bloods)
  8. I can't really say much besides it's about time this was suggested and also 100% support this idea.
  9. Clearly, Zach, It's a One Eyed Dragon
  10. I was shattered to bits when I heard about his passing. I hope he is in peace now and shall know he was loved and adored by the wurm community. I considered him a friend, he was always witty and happy when we were chatting. Yes he was a goofy oddball, but in the best way possible. All wurmians have quirks, but we got along so great and his presence was very much enjoyed every time. Release is going to feel weird and wrong without him that is for sure. I am so sorry that we have lost him, because the world just lost someone who made it better to be in. He was always helpful and understanding. He offered his full support in times where I had it rough without asking for anything back. He cared for the people around him unconditionally. I will do my best to carry this on with his spirit in mind the best I can. Laggy, thank you for being you and for sticking around for as long as you did. You went away way too soon, and I am never gonna be able to process that. May your amazing soul find it's way to wherever it was meant to be, and finally, at peace.
  11. Hey Shy This is amazing work and it looks so good! I would buy them all if I could and honestly this is such a great initiative. It's clear that you put thought, love and care into this. Thanks for being such a great person making a grey world more colourful in the best way Could I please get a set of the Gay colours? I think you did a stellar job with the dyes here as well and they are gonna fit so well on my deed. Keep up the good work
  12. So this is still my specs on the very same PC. I have been running the client with FBO off ever since someone suggested that to me, and yes it works in the way that the crashes aren't every 5-10 minutes. It's maybe once every other day instead. That is livable, but I am still very sad to miss out on the great graphics. From time to time I play with the good graphics on to just enjoy the visuals and I am back to crashing every 5-10 minutes. So yes it does make a difference to turn it off, but would be greatly appreciated if it didn't have to be that way Thanks for reaching out about this!
  13. Kesa's Blood Hut - Est. 2022 Finally I made a pop up hut on the largest server yet! Xanadu! You are special and pretty! I will be here to mix your bloods for free, bring source salt if you got it! With my 99,3 NS you will get best chances at higher ql potions, and higher chances of imbue power so bring your bloods, tools and potions for the Double Dragon! Rules: Create a fine line after the slay at my hut (you are good at this btw ) Wait for me to trade you (else you are most likely gonna close the trade I have open) If you have more than 10 mixes/imbues please go back in line and wait for those who don't have as many (I promise I will stay until all have satisfied their blood lusts) Also grats on this fine event and find! It took me 3 hours to sail from Mid North of Xana to the slay spot (just fyi) I will make sure the hut is gone again when no more use for it! This year is clearly strong in the number 2. 2022 is 2020 too, right? Yes that is a flying horse in the background flying over Sandyclaws ( I knew you would ask about that and click here if you wanna see it from Sandy's view)
  14. +1 to this I would like to hear if there is something new to this I know this is old but that is what I have done for ages :)