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  1. Did a little test and added 1kg 67-67-67 dye to 35kg of 196-196-196 dye to see if it would go up or down Result = 190-190-190 So there is no logic behind this unless the greyness works towards 125-125-125 (true grey)
  2. I would very much need that support group and it's scary how you hit my emotional development of a rollercoaster spot on! I hope this is a bug or an implementation-not-thought-through, and that they will look into fixing it as fast as possible If I may suggest a fix it would be a conditional, that makes sure the dye never will increase RGB value above the highest added value. Or add hidden decimals to the RGB values, so that if you add 1g of 200-200-200 dye to a 1-1-1kg dye, you would end up with a hidden 1,02-1,02-1,02 And technically it should be possible to make it effectively round up to nearest whole number so it would appear as 2-2-2, but if you add 1g more of the high RGB dye it will be hidden as 1,04-1,04-1,04 and still effectively only 2-2-2? That way: you will still add to the values like that you can't make infinite super dye it can't increase beyond the highest added value it will be easier for dyemakers to work with I know implementation wise it means to change the variables to different types and do a lot of math equations for the game, but I still think that or the old system will work better. Maybe it will work as inspiration for a solution.
  3. Yesterday I was making bunches of black dye and did the exact same thing. Several times I wondered why my barrel of 20-25 and 30-35 barrels had dye that was over 40-40-40. I was convinced I must have slipped up several times since that had happened, so I cleared the barrels and continued. As this happened again I started to be suspicious because I usually don't slip up that much and honestly it takes a lot of 1kg dye to change 22-22-22 to 41-41-41. Then I restarted telling myself not to worry about all the black dye of decent ql that had gone to waste and all the materials I can't gather myself as well. This time around I tried to be more attentive when I added the 1kg of newlymade black dye to the bulk I had made minutes before. For reference I make 1kg of black dye in measuring jugs and sort the results into barrels of appropriate intervals. I was solely working on black dye yesterday. In my 20-25 barrel (this means black dyes ranging from 20-20-20 RGB to 24-24-24 RGB) I had a bulk of 12kg black 24-24-24 and added 1kg of 22-22-22. I expected it to stay 24 or maybe slighty go down a bit, but to my surprise it changed the total 13kg to 25-25-25. In my mind that would and should and could never happen. How can black + better black = grey? So I asked in the alliance, and the answers I got got me more confused than anything. How am I suppose to make good black dye in bigger portions if I can't combine it without turning it grey? Why does black dye have to be even harder to make that it already is. As someone who has decent NS out of 300 acorns (100ql) and 300 irons (100ql) I am lucky to get 1kg 1-1-1 and 2kg 3-3-3 and then some more 4-4-4, but combining these latter ones gave me the result of 7-7-7. It hurts and there isn't much logic to it in my opinion. I am aware that it might be a counter to the 1-1-1 'hack' that someone did in the past (I was told at least) but I still don't get why it should be so much harder now. Thanks Sidereal for making this post and making it clear that I wasn't just losing my mind.
  4. Hello Lovely Crimson, Sorry for the wait. Hope you had a good holiday I added Little Venice and moved the Brambleheim market icon up there too. Thanks for the nice target icon, it helped a lot Did you make a post about this market deed regarding setting up merchants etc?
  5. Bumping. This seems like an issue more people have. My beacon statue (what I used it for) has now no glow and I would kindly ask it to be fixed.
  6. Yay \o/ Bugfix: Fixed overlapping text and signature/button placement problems in inscription windows.
  7. Hey Everyone I have been waiting in excitement for the xmas update, and surely I am not the only one that feels the same. But it seems like we have to wait a bit longer. So I was thinking while we wait, does any of you have any hopes or suggestions for what this xmas update will bring? I remember the candy cane skin was amazing, but how will they top that this year? I personally hope they will make some archeology update like they did halloween, and then maybe the skin could be Santa's belt or boots? Merry Yuule to you all!
  8. We Would very much like to submit a Team for the shinanigans game!! My team name: Team Awesome Team leader: Fraskesa/Lunea (Not decided yet) Teammates: Lunea, Fraskesa, Rosek Team colour: Teal Green (Kesa Green) Now we hope to be able to live up to the name! Looking forward to the fun!
  9. Oh right this one? [02:09:19] The influence of caffeine vanishes as your fatigue overpowers you. But I did drink after that and the buff was active still as I started meditation.
  10. Using Coffee as a booster for SB drains fatigue faster. At 100 coffe power that is 4 times fatigue usage, but you get the sweet benefit of faster skillgains. That is beautiful. There has been a lot of bugs reported and a lot of both positive and negative talk. I have been a happy user of the coffee update ever since and following it's progress. After using it to grind pottery yesterday (November 29th 2021) I was curious as my skillgains sudddenly dropped drastically while my coffee was still at 100 power and my SB was on. I couldn't figure out why until I meditated [21:03:14] Meditating increased by 0,0586 to 70,6170 That was about the half of what I had gotten some while earlier [15:31:12] Meditating increased by 0,1195 to 70,5584 So I asked in CA Help if anyone knew why: [21:13:27] <Fraskesa> Is there any reason why I suddenly get half sized ticks from usual? [15:31:12] Meditating increased by 0,1195 to 70,5584 vs. [21:03:14] Meditating increased by 0,0586 to 70,6170, when I have same buff at that time I had the following fatigue /fatigue [21:22:19] You have 29 minutes left. I was not diseased, I was positive to have the same power coffee and SB and affinity meals on. But decided to test it again today (November 30th 2021). I logged in to get the full coffee power to 100 [00:57:18] Meditating increased by 0,1098 to 70,8198 /fatigue [00:57:50] You have 4 hours and 25 minutes left. Then I went out and digged my fatigue away to test my theory [02:16:55] Meditating increased by 0,0577 to 70,8775 /fatigue [02:17:20] You have 55 minutes left. So apparently while using the coffee buff brings faster skillgain at the cost of SB and fatigue, it halves when the fatigue is low and removes the advantage of the buff. It has not been mentioned at any time as far as I can see. The fix as I see it, is that the buff is equally as effective at 12h fatigue as it is at 12 minute fatigue. Thanks for reading!
  11. Congratulations Stan! This was perfectly executed and it was impressive to see all of the hard work and effort go into it. You deserve this for all the hard work you did! Now, why stop at dye and not just catapult us around like a summoning chain?
  12. This would indeed be grand to have in the game. I know there are so much I'd like to display, and it would make it easier to create a nice atmosphere. Definitely +1 from here.
  13. [00:21:38] <Finn> 1st time fighting a whale on cart [00:21:46] <Finn> one is literally parked on coast [00:21:47] <Fraskesa> what? [00:21:50] <Fraskesa> on cart? [00:22:21] <Finn> -.- I am on the cart
  14. I would very much like this too +1 (also +1 for good photoshop)