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Found 7 results

  1. ======== Blood mixing & Imbue service ======== Blood Mixing: Here at the Transmutation Hut, we mix your hard-earned blood with our premier source salts absolutely free. Send us your precious, delicious blood and we will convert them into potions and oils for you. Results are usually 80ql+! Alchemy Imbues: 1c per point of successful imbue. Now done free of charge as well! For potions/oils of sufficient quality (70ql+), we typically see +11-+15 imbue strength per potion. We use your weakest potions first to save you the best for last - that way you can resell your best potions or save them to re-imbue later on. ======== Transmute! Transmute! Transmute! ======== That's right, folks! You've got tiles you want transformed, we've got the Transmutation Liquid to make it happen. With 100 in Natural Substances all products will be made at the highest possible quality. Keep the souvenir amphora absolutely free! If you are a citizen of the deed in question, prices for on-deed or perimeter transmutations listed below: Product Transforms Cost Shipping Total cost to you! Claymaker Sand -> Clay 1s 10c 1s10c Texas Peat Grass -> Peat 1s 10c 1s10c Tarnation Steppe -> Tar 1s 20c 1s20c Tundra Bolt Moss -> Tundra 25c 5c 30c Claybuster Clay -> Dirt 1s 20c 1s20c Tar-B-Gone Tar -> Dirt 1s 20c 1s20c Depeated Peat -> Dirt 1s 10c 1s10c Large transmutation orders are also eligible for a bulk discount: 16% discount on orders of 15 or more transmutations 25% discount on orders of 30 or more transmutations 33% discount on orders of 60 or more transmutations! * Not a citizen of the deed in question? You'll need twice as much liquid to transform the tile. Please be aware! * On a PvP server? You'll need 50% more liquid to transform the tile. * Entirely off deed? You'll need 50% more liquid to transform the tile. Now with Auntie Sid's Total Cost To You Guaranteeā„¢ - if the transmutation liquid is of insufficient quality that it weighs more than expected and increases the shipping cost? I will pay the difference! Never used Transmutation Liquid before? Don't waste your precious silver by dumping the liquid on the ground, our trained operators are standing by to walk you through the process and answer any questions you might have.
  2. Sarmatian Traders Guild* *Known as Sarmatian Traders on Xanadu and Jerycho Trading on Exodus, and as Hussars Haven Trading on Deliverance One of the oldest bulk suppliers in Wurm is back! If you need reliable business partner (or partner in crime) - search no more. With 6 years of experience in Wurm market you know, you can trust us. Status: CLOSE Contact in game: Losik, Clasin, Azraiel, Sappiro Contact forum: Archer Location: Deliverance BULK SUPPLIES: High Quality Lumps and Animal Products Transmutation Liquid 2.5s per tile FAVOR 50c per 1k! 100QL GOODS ACTIVE BEE HIVE - 3s with free coast delivery! [- Azraiel ] Delivery Information We do not deliver inland and through cave tunnels. We can deliver to any "knarr reachable" coast. If you're from other than CET Zone it may be difficult to arrange delivery. If you want we can bring locked BSBs or/and FSBs with us, put them next to your deed (on coast) and send you keys. We will charge you 10c for each BSB/FSB, and add it to delivery costs. You will have to pay CoD fee (1-2c/key). Of course you can always pick up the order by yourself. Delivery fee depends on server you live in and can be anywhere between free and 2s. We do not deliver orders under 2s. Free Delivery: Deliverance for orders over 3s (also inland!) Exodus, Celebration for orders over 5s (coast only!) Independence for orders over 7s (coast only)! Xanadu for orders over 10s (coast only)!
  3. I have two transmutation liquids (transmute steppe to tar), but they won't combine in a small amphora. I was told by the support channel before I created the liquid that they would combine. However, when I try to combine them, I get an error message that the liquid would be destroyed. The ql level of one is 2.40 and the weight is 1.00. The other amphora contains a liquid of 3.71 ql and the weight is 2.00. I would like to combine this liquid so that it doesn't get wasted. If I don't have enough, I understand I can seal it with wax. Hopefully this is enough information to help you. I would add images if I could. Thanks P.S. I also have blessed liquid in two different jugs, but I can't combine them.
  4. suggestion to please remove juice from transmutation liquid recipe to make resource tiles. To prevent griefing give it a limit of 1 tile per week per character. and to prevent griefing from a group, no limit timer on removal of tiles. Juice Solid Used on Makes 0.05 kg Apple 0.5 kg Tin Sand Clay 0.05 kg Lemon 0.5 kg Charcoal Grass/Mycelium Peat 0.05 kg Cherry 1.0 kg Iron Steppe Tar 0.05 kg Lemon 1.0 kg Zinc Clay Dirt 0.05 kg Cherry 0.3 kg Moss Peat Dirt 0.05 kg Apple 1.0 kg Lead Tar Dirt
  5. I have 4 Glass flasks with .25kg of transmutation liquid in each. The flasks themselves are all 60ql, and all have a little damage on them, 12.32,6.84,6.84, and 8,63. Asking 5s for each
  6. Clay to dirt - 7 tiles Steppe to tar-7 tiles Tar to dirt-2 tiles Selling just the liquid at any quantity, not the transformation service @ 4silver per tile, codable(eventhough its pricey) otherwise Pickup only at Deli H8-Sunburst.
  7. Starting Bid: 2s Minimum Increments: 25 copper No Reserve or buyout 1hr sniper End date: Saturday June 16th @ 12am GMT +10 (Approx 12 hrs from time of this post) Im based near Sheriff, Y-46, X-25. Libilian Outlaws on Exodus, pickup only unless on Exo, then i can deliver One full flask of this awesome liquid. ( .25 kg) [11:51:29] A milky and oily grey liquid. It has a strong pungent odor that burns your nostrils.