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  1. The Screenshots Thread

    Honestly, the most impressive I've ever seen in Wurm, to be fair.
  2. What has made you hate Wurm?

  3. What has made you hate Wurm?

    I didn't suggest that engine source and development with it is 'default better'. Yes, Java is an amazing coding language. It's also extremely line-intensive. It's a corporate manager's wet dream; look at all our lines of code! So productive! I didn't recommend Unity. That's more of a cross-platform framework anyways. Unreal is extremely flexible and saves you plenty of time from coding the 'reinvention of the wheel'. Please explain to me how Unreal engine is limiting in any way. Please explain to me why it's better to build your own engine with a tiny budget and mostly volunteer coders? Don't shoot yourself. None of us want that. Game making is advancing at a breakneck pace, player-expectations are changing quickly and Wurm is simply a relic of an old MMO ideology. Optimism won't turn Wurm into a hustling and bustling game again. This game, like anything else, has an 'adoption curve'. We've passed the peak. No where to go but down. It's not truth, just statistics.
  4. LastPass and KeePass are awesome password management tools. I'll never remember another password again.
  5. Sure it is, we're in Wood Scraps.
  6. What next? You going to tell us we're supposed to be reading those 10,000-word 'Agreements' we're always clicking "YES, NOW! NOW! DO IT NOW!" to? I guess after that, you'll say we should boycott products and services that we don't like the terms for. How can we be expected to be responsible for our own privacy if companies can't even do it? /endsarcasm It's kind of hilarious that we all need personal attorneys just so we can participate in society these days while also being aware and concerned for our rights and our privacy.
  7. New Server Hunting Only

    Why would CCAB spend all the effort of creating a new server if they couldn't reap huge cash rewards for the digital-rental land-grab that ensues day 1 of launch? No deeds = No new server. It's a simple business decision.
  8. What has made you hate Wurm?

    I can see why you would feel that way, you already play the game.. and you've probably already injected a lot of money. Everyone who complains about this dying community can't figure out why new people don't want to play Wurm and stick with it? I can't bring in anyone under 35 to stay and deal with the outdated graphics, clunky, confusing and list-driven UI, goofy-ass emotes, limited sound effects and consistently wogical rendering. It's all old, volunteer-sourced potato code based to run in a coding language that does NOT excel in graphic-oriented projects. Polys have sharp, abrupt, and ugly edges. Long lists of items missing models entirely. Character customization is lacking. Style options are lacking (but growing). Are you suggesting this is a graphically pleasing game and competitive in today's market? No? Then why would people come play Wurm when there are so many other options with a much cleaner and polished feel to them? I think Wurm is a community of 2000 or so players with no trajectory other than getting smaller as people lose interest and try to cash-out their time/efforts. The player-count has already started it's necrosis and toxic effect. The only new players this game is likely to see are people who will ultimately leave within a month or two... or the wallet warriors who inject themselves and get lost in their own greedy obsessions. The only reason I still pay attention to this game is that there is nothing else like it. Can't wait for there to be a replacement/alternative 3d terraforming estate-building medieval game, though!
  9. Sea Serpent located!

    Oh my gosh, how wude.
  10. What has made you hate Wurm?

    Wurm might grow it's community if the devs did a complete re-write of the game in a community-supported game engine. Wurm 2.0 in Unreal Engine or something?
  11. What has made you hate Wurm?

    So the publicly posted client mods that are 'banned' but not enforced by the PvP server(s).. Got it.
  12. What has made you hate Wurm?

    What kind of cheating?
  13. Valrei International. 068

    Exclusivity isn't exciting. It's archaic bias.
  14. Word Association!

  15. Valrei International. 069

    Amphora #6892 is slightly out of alignment and is triggering my OCD. Great work though, thanks for the update.