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  1. +1 to longer ripe stage -1 to indefinite ripeness, don't ruin the almanac business.
  2. Is it possible to add a column on Granger for Trait category: Combat, Draft, Speed, Misc and official trait point equivilancies? Maybe even a total Speed/Draft/Combat score?
  3. That's putting words in my mouth; but I do agree that whatever the decision is, they need to stop pulling the rug out from under people and wonder why the player population is on a steady decline. Buy deeds and build! RMT. Buy new deeds on Pristine. Buy new deeds on Release. Buy new deeds on Xanadu. Buy WU! No RMT!; market crash. No WU Support. Play WO! Release "Challenge mode", players like it! ...Take it away. Buy new deeds on Northern Freedom. Nerf working systems with 3rd party tool support. Add new systems that are broken for 6 months. Persistent world; kinda* Where is everyone going? *kinda = for profit owners require you to rent multiple NFT digital-real-estate while paying for a subscription to use grindy leveling system while repeatedly washing the progress through carrot-on-a-stick marketing campaigns
  4. No. I'll just play a different game since this company is insistant on splitting the community and land-grabbing over and over and over again. Aren't you people tired of getting robbed? This company keeps parting you from either the market, your friends or your accomplishments just to convince you to re-roll and keep grinding? 'Come play a permanance game without permanance! Weeee! Rent digital NFT land from us so we can invent a NEW LAND that you CAN'T TRAVEL TO! Weeeee! We're gonna get growth through early-adoption VRers who have never played the game! Weeee!"
  5. Wurm VR?

    CCP's owners, EVE Online thought they wanted a VR game "Valkyrie", after blowing all that dev budget and time, they closed the project and exited the VR market. That learning lesson ended 4 years ago. Adoption isn't there. If growth is the new goal for the recently-sold IP, aim for mobile or tablet support... not VR.. and maybe consider reducing the costs, the land-grabs and community-splitting (WU) because only stockholm-syndrome aging gamers will buy digital leases and monthly subscriptions just to grind for years. Best wishes to the investors who need vaporware to feel good about their fiscal positions.
  6. Small QoL change that would be nice: When changing the audio output device, the sound doesn't move to the new default device. The sound stays on the previous device. Many softwares will redirect audio to the new selection, it would be nice if Wurm could.. Sometimes I need headphones, sometimes speakers are preferred. It would be nice not to relaunch the client every time I need to change. Please correct me if I'm missing a feature/work-around.
  7. Given the new changes, can we add some highway routes that have been built? Added roughly in Yellow (thin) All of this is tied into the HWY system now.
  8. We were told in multiple threads that the Demon helm was able to be improved. Reference: So, how, then?
  9. Then what am I doing wrong? There is no option for imp when an Iron Lump is activated.
  10. My kneejerk reaction was, "oh, american drama sitcom, got it" From the Farm to the Barn. These cowboys always ready for a tussle.
  11. Overall, I love this new UI. Best feature: FILTER on inventories. Missing Functionality: Picnic Basket, straw doesn't open/expand correctly... You can right click open it... but you cannot hit the + and access the sub-compartments Request: Granular control over Font Size? It looks like all of the font size options are gone and replaced with UI SCALE only and it only goes down to 90... I use large TV's as monitors and the text is massive even at 90%
  12. Gabelle Bay [deed] can be found at 1118,1220
  13. Well this clears things up for me, thanks. I was under the impression that Steam users would be limited to the NEW servers and wouldn't be allowed to come play with me.