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  1. Some better animations for Wurm Online "You okay there, uncle Gwyn?"
  2. Auction closed at 0500 UTC, contacting highest bidder(s) with respect to snipe-protection rule.
  3. Happy Halloween Rare Flaming Skull Starting Bid: 6s Increment: 50c Sniper: 1 hour
  4. +1 please, people littering their archeology pieces everywhere so many of them are useless at high smithing and mining levels
  5. Make 1 of each and you're almost there.
  6. No problems here. Thanks for the event! Yay, no blood water.
  7. I made the post today because it's still happening. It's easy to reproduce if anyone wants to come witness. It's visible on all characters, not just 1 client.
  8. This bug report was first filed via /support ticket #82711. I was told to post on the forums, as it is 'known'. Smelters and Kilns appear to be bugged. Smelters crossed servers. The kiln was built in place. Fires graphics and sounds persist after wood fuel burns out. Persists after relog. Persists after loading into wagon. After loading in wagon and relogging, effects end. Unloading affected containers (on any tile) after relog makes 'previously bugged tiles' re-light and produce burning sounds. Unable to "snuff". Highly annoying.. I have disabled sound for the time being. Thanks for coming to my TED Talk. Before re-logging: ❤️ Wurm, the community, and all of the support.
  9. It would be nice if we could keybind all of the social emotes. Especially, "Smile" for support of the amazing 3rd party app "Wurm Assistant 3" Not to mention the role-play effects of being able to respond within the pace of an interaction.
  10. +1 to longer ripe stage -1 to indefinite ripeness, don't ruin the almanac business.
  11. Is it possible to add a column on Granger for Trait category: Combat, Draft, Speed, Misc and official trait point equivilancies? Maybe even a total Speed/Draft/Combat score?
  12. That's putting words in my mouth; but I do agree that whatever the decision is, they need to stop pulling the rug out from under people and wonder why the player population is on a steady decline. Buy deeds and build! RMT. Buy new deeds on Pristine. Buy new deeds on Release. Buy new deeds on Xanadu. Buy WU! No RMT!; market crash. No WU Support. Play WO! Release "Challenge mode", players like it! ...Take it away. Buy new deeds on Northern Freedom. Nerf working systems with 3rd party tool support. Add new systems that are broken for 6 months. Persistent world; kinda* Where is everyone going? *kinda = for profit owners require you to rent multiple NFT digital-real-estate while paying for a subscription to use grindy leveling system while repeatedly washing the progress through carrot-on-a-stick marketing campaigns
  13. No. I'll just play a different game since this company is insistant on splitting the community and land-grabbing over and over and over again. Aren't you people tired of getting robbed? This company keeps parting you from either the market, your friends or your accomplishments just to convince you to re-roll and keep grinding? 'Come play a permanance game without permanance! Weeee! Rent digital NFT land from us so we can invent a NEW LAND that you CAN'T TRAVEL TO! Weeeee! We're gonna get growth through early-adoption VRers who have never played the game! Weeee!"