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  1. Small QoL change that would be nice: When changing the audio output device, the sound doesn't move to the new default device. The sound stays on the previous device. Many softwares will redirect audio to the new selection, it would be nice if Wurm could.. Sometimes I need headphones, sometimes speakers are preferred. It would be nice not to relaunch the client every time I need to change. Please correct me if I'm missing a feature/work-around.
  2. Given the new changes, can we add some highway routes that have been built? Added roughly in Yellow (thin) All of this is tied into the HWY system now.
  3. We were told in multiple threads that the Demon helm was able to be improved. Reference: So, how, then?
  4. Then what am I doing wrong? There is no option for imp when an Iron Lump is activated.
  5. My kneejerk reaction was, "oh, american drama sitcom, got it" From the Farm to the Barn. These cowboys always ready for a tussle.
  6. Overall, I love this new UI. Best feature: FILTER on inventories. Missing Functionality: Picnic Basket, straw doesn't open/expand correctly... You can right click open it... but you cannot hit the + and access the sub-compartments Request: Granular control over Font Size? It looks like all of the font size options are gone and replaced with UI SCALE only and it only goes down to 90... I use large TV's as monitors and the text is massive even at 90%
  7. Gabelle Bay [deed] can be found at 1118,1220
  8. Well this clears things up for me, thanks. I was under the impression that Steam users would be limited to the NEW servers and wouldn't be allowed to come play with me.
  9. Cry about it. Persistence is key for Change.
  10. "I'd really love to dig all the dirt out of this mountain side, but I can't seem to remember to stop putting it in my pockets." Wogic: Dig to Pile default (profile option) does not include the digging action known as "Level". Can we add Level and Flatten to the Dig to Pile feature as they both are digging actions...? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. In regards to Manage > Profile > always dig to pile Why doesn't this apply to the LEVEL command? Same principle... I want to dig a lot without having to constantly adjust my inventory. Shouldn't 'dig to pile' be the true non-Wogic default..? Who uses a shovel to collect dirt and grabs it from the shovel blade to stuff directly into your backpack? No... you make a pile, then you collect the pile.
  12. Feel free to ask for price checks in the Trade channel, in game. I have a feeling your price might be too high.
  13. Unless someone can explain why market stalls are incapable of being moved, just make them like any other plant-able carpentry item. Arbitrary rules without meaning are the epitome of Wogic. [18:56:00] You start to destroy the market stall. [18:57:30] You start to destroy the market stall. [18:58:00] You start to destroy the market stall.