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  1. Personal thank you for the PvP focus.

    I think we can sum up all of your issues with the above quote. It looks like you just want a clear answer on the fate of Epic and how the Dev's are going to handle your time/investments. Sorry about your Epic stuff.
  2. Personal thank you for the PvP focus.

    Bdew tried crunching some numbers to find some data proof behind this idea; I still don't see Wurm Unlimited being a bad business decision. There doesn't seem to be any correlating data to suggest you lost PvPers to WU. Most of the people on WU are people who HATE subscriptions and Pay2WinPVP, OR want to do their own side projects. Many of those players still have deeds on WO while they play WU. If anything WU was an exceptional business decision because look at all the patches and code updates this game has received from volunteer pro-bono devs making mods. Most of those mods have made their way into being direct-added to WO. And if it weren't for WU, CCAB probably never would have found Sindusk as a PvP-developer. Stop pooping on WU just because no one wants to come to Chaos and lose money and time to legacy players.
  3. Patch Notes 14/AUG/18

    Nice work Sindusk and everyone else.
  4. You could also install a priest restrictions removal mod and align to Fo, working your way up to Genesis if you want. Another method would be add a white light altar and convert to Fo, then go Champion when available, giving you enough Favor to cast Genesis.
  5. Personal thank you for the PvP focus.

    +10 I happened to check in with Wurm a few months ago and spent hours reading all of the patch notes. It, seriously, was the amount and quality of the Development releases that brought me back to the game full time.
  6. Lets tell a story...

    Snoo sticks his hand into his pocket and finds a shiny and almost glowing copper coin.
  7. Fix

    It still does show wind. edit: the old one, that is.
  8. Goblin Leader

    I'll do my best to be there.
  9. I'm okay with this. +1 I'd rather see SotG be rebalanced to something less powerful than Damage Reduction (which obviously makes it a PvP Standard)... but if we could switch every 24hours or something that would be cool.
  10. Dye amount for Large Cart

    It's also correct on the Dye page.
  11. I enjoyed trading 20ql bricks for things I needed my first year. I see no reason why new players can't add value within the first few hours of grinding.
  12. Have you Scored a Affinity yet?

    Body Stamina and Polearms...
  13. Is it winter yet?

    Been there, done that. Too many servers died.
  14. Epic - Transfer Equality

    Chaos makes sense. Epic does not.