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Found 33 results

  1. Looking for more to join me here in Xandu in taming our own piece of land. RP preffered. Whats the plan? To live and survive. I am no pro but I am going to start building a farm somewhere suitable. would enjoy others with me!
  2. This topic has been moved and can be found here Ashfall Ressources Reloaded! New Server/Map Release this Saturday! - Mixed - Wurm Online Forum
  3. A tall, emaciated man with leathery skin and short cropped white hair approaches the bar and and places some coins in the barkeep's hand. He speaks in a low, painful sounding, raspy voice. "A jug of cool water, a bottle of wine and hot meal please. It has been weeks since I have had anything that could pass for food." He settles on a bar stool with a sigh and mutters "Thank the gods for civilization, even if it is some back water village." He looks at one of the nearby patrons and asks in the raspy low voice "What village is this?" The patron, a local mason named Vance Keller, didn't like speaking to strangers, but the man's face and eyes had a presence that seemed to compelled him to provide the answer he sought. "Um, its Esert mister." The white haired stranger nodded and broke eye contact, which was Vance's opportunity to skedaddle back to his table. After his meal, the stranger turns to face the crowded bar. he clears his throat and speaks - still in the raspy voice, but this time it is projected well enough for all to hear clearly... "My name is Lord Xilanthus Narthingad. I do not hail from these lands therefore my title of Lord carries no sway here. However, it seems that I am hear now and will soon be acquiring land to establishing my new home. When I do, I will be in search of laborers and craftsmen who wish to work for me in exchange for security, lodging and a fair wage. It will take me some time to get established, but when I do I would like to know if any of you are interested? If so, please approach and tell me your name and craft or profession" [OOC] Thanks for indulging me. I am building a RP village on Exodus near Esert (just south of Farmville). I'm looking for players that love to RP and want to be around others that do as well. The village will be run like a traditional medieval settlement with a Manor Lord and villagers. I know it sounds like a dictatorship, but its not - Xil is a fair man and I am a nice guy too (or so my wife tells me). I am not looking to be a RP game master or anything like that. I only ask that you develop a persona and back story for your character and play it. We will use Village chat for RP so that outsiders cannot interject non-RP crap into the dialogue. The village is named Durmont and it is a pretty large chunk of land. There will be workshops, homes, fields, stables for animals and a horse/cart/wagon race track where I hope to get a racing league started complete with an annual Durmont Derby with prize money, side betting and more. Current positions I am looking for are a village Priest (any faith), a Blacksmith, 4 Farmers, an Animal Handler and general villagers. I will also be looking for cooks/wine makers to provide food & drink for the tavern. Free to Play characters are very welcome. This would be a good place to start your character in a safe location. Premium characters are also welcome but will be given no special consideration just because they are Premium. This is about RP and not your status in the game. i am planning on paying people something - it will be based on your village position and will be a few iron per week plus safety, free room & board. The pay is mainly a token wage that I hope will get spent in the tavern so it stays in the village (that keeps my cost down). Hopefully the developers can get Sitting in Chairs working sometime soon so we can have a real looking tavern. I think we can make a great place of Durmont, so if you are interested, let me know here in this forum thread or in game (In Character of course). [/OOC]
  4. New statue types! Gold Statues Silver Statues Etc.... Statues This would greatly increase the use of gold and some of the other metals while also adding alot more diversity to designs.
  5. Gardening Skill Changes! *Allow for placement of shrubbery, hedges, trees and flowers freely instead of central planting or random planting. This idea could be tiered based on your gardening level.. *allow for free placement of hedges aswell, provided you have the corosponding gardening level . example : bush requires level 20 gardening for free placement of the planted bush. etc. I think this is a very simple but important addition. This allows for more customizable flowerbeds aswell as better landscaping options!
  6. LIVEMAP The Isles of Vindr are a vast, virgin wilderness that have gone untouched by the hands of man for thousands of years, and now it is up to those lost souls of the ether that find their way here to make it their own. The god Sigi created Vindr to give over a land wholly to wandering souls, to see what they could make of themselves and shape the world as they see fit, without his hand guiding them. He would welcome them into the world at the Axis Mundi, the center of the world so that they may spread to where they wish. This is your world to inherit. ================= =Server Information= ================= IP: Port: 15000 Free Deed/Upkeep Max Deed Size = 41x41 (DeedMod) World Size: 8192 FORUM: Discord: ***Server is backed up and reset at 03:00am EST everyday*** ((RP is encouraged, but will not be enforced)) ============= =Modifications= ============= *Announcer - Server-wide player login announcement *Bag of holding - magicaly increase the size of containers *Creatures age mod - Animals grow up faster *Crop mod - Prevent crops from overgrowing *Harvesthelper - Get exact season start times *Inbreed warnings - Receive a warning when breeding related animals *Spellmod - Gives priests all spells and removes priest restrictions *DeedMod - Update to the previous DeedMod written by Keenan to allow a maximum Spirit Templar count *Better Digging - some usefull features to bring dirt into a vehicle or on ground instead of player inventory and much more *Hitching Post *Taxidermy *Bounties *Bounty Burn *One Tile Mining *Bulk Storage *Repair Towers *Vote Mod(/vote)
  7. Mount Wurm is looking for new players to join it's developing settlement. We are primarily going to be a large market based community, with residential and common areas throughout the deed. We have specific plans for our property and this will be very organized and planned out, so if you are looking to drop buildings everywhere this won't be for you. The current deed is 37*29 located at the mountain top south of overture, with plans for expansion if possible. New players welcome (most of us are new and learning, but are dedicated). The following positions are immediately available. We want DEDICATED people to their professions and skills, meaning if you apply for these you should expect this to be your job within our community (and we hope you will thrive to be the best at it). We plan to follow a Master/Apprentice format for players considering most are learning (it is melody after all), so come join and strive for that top spot! All new players joining Mount Wurm will be given welcome packages and a Large Cart to make the journey a little easier. This sheet will be updated as positions become available or are filled. Reply below or join our Official Discord for more information. See you on the mountain!
  8. THE IDEA: This Wurm Unlimited server project is my attempt at doing something for the gaming community and building something big online. Best thing that can happen is a community of players finding new friends." This is a server open for everyone who is looking for like minded players, enjoying a round of wurm or finding new friends to play with and build something meaningful together and serves as a place where you can retreat from the stressful life and dive into the world of Wurm and be whoever you want to be. THE TLDR: This project is not particulary designed to be hardcore, but the stacks are against the player when you are starting out. To do good damage you need to hone your item skill of choice ( you can use almost anything as weapon now) and your fighting skill. The quality of your Weapons and Armor are important as well! The DUSK combat mod completely overhauled fighting! (read the mod entry for more details) Lets say it like this: you wont be able to fight even a rat in the beginning. Morrowind Style! There is already a few people signed up and all of them are super friendly. If you are planning on doing some RP yourself introduce your character on the discord! THE MAP: The Map is a 4096x4096 custom map designed by Count Zero and has geological spread ressources. Which means you will find no olive trees in the northern colder regions! Likewise you wont find gold and silver, where there is no mountian, and some metals are only regionally available. (There is a little bit of everything everywhere though!) Spawn is in the Capital City and we highly encourrage you to stay with us, but if you want to go out on an adventure, by all means do so! As ressources are spread far and wide, we will need settlements and outposts! Server Features: -Open PVP out in the wilderness PVE around and in Deeds -Light RP: Local and Capital City chat try to stick to a certain character Global and PMs: Off character away! - Custom 4k Map - X3 Skill, X3 timer - 22h field growth timer, crops protected from overgrowing. - 10% Aggro, 30k Animals (going up systematically) - Free living in the Capital City and one guaranteed plot of land, mining and foresting in the Public Forest/Mine as long as you add to the City you are welcome! - Meditation Fixed (normal WO type skill gains) - All deities available for everyone - priest restrictions (Unlimited Prayers per day, but at least 20 minutes apart, other restrictions, named in the wiki to your selected faith apply -> still need to figure out if gains are fair, feedback wanted!) - Bounties and burning corpses for Karma! - Treasure Map Hunting! - Get your/one crafting skill to 50 and get a free Merchant! - in-game meetings - Events - Evolving Map as in-game Map (shows tile changes accordingly, updates once per day) - Economy based on wurms prices (HIGH QL > Item numbers) If you are a hunter you can get money by killing mobs! - Friendly GMs and community! - optional Discord: Start: - All Skills start at 1. - Characteristics start at 18. - Starter Gear - Basic Tools Modlist: - announcer - bagofholding - betterdig - betterfarm - bountymod - BountyOnBurn - BulkOptionsMod - bulkseparated - buyermerchant - creatureagemod - cropmod - discord relay - DUSKcombat - Doorbell - eventmod - hitchingpost - inbreedwarning - Location Command - moonmetalmining - PickMoreSprouts - roll - servermap - Server Tweaks - skillmod (Meditation) - spellmod - starter gear - taxidermy - templar replacer - timerfix - Treasure Hunting - waxed food EDIT: 1 Month has gone and so far the capital city grew but we also have some deeds popping up here and there! Why don't YOU join in on the fun?
  9. "This Wurm Unlimited server project is my attempt at doing something for the gaming community and building something big online. Best thing that can happen is a community of players finding new friends." This is a server open for everyone who is looking for like minded players, enjoying a round of wurm or finding new friends to play with and build something meaningful together and serves as a place where you can retreat from the stressful life and dive into the world of Wurm and be whoever you want to be." - Arathok [GM] Server Features: - Custom 2k Map - X3 Skill, X4 timer - 25% Aggro, 25k Animals (going up systematically) - Free Deed - Lowered Upkeep - No Priest Restrictions - Libila available for everyone - Bounties and burning corpses for Karma! - Treasure Map Hunting! - Hunt of the Ancients - Password Protected - Get your crafting skill to 50 and get a free Merchant! - Monthly in-game meetings, democracy and voting on server matters. - Friendly GM and community! Hardcore Start: - All Skills start at 1. - Characteristics start at 7. - Starter Gear - Shovel, few branches, some rocks and pocket money. Important Links: Discord - Custom Map: Current Mods [13/01/2020]: Server Skills Progress [13/01/2020]: Server Password:
  10. I will be taking my server machine and colocating it at my buddies data center here in the very near future. On that server I want to build the mother of all Roleplay Servers!. Im thinking about 10x on the rates fast timers and mods. The only problem is I'm not super famillar with Wurm as I have only been playing for about 6 months. Not sure what mods to have and such. I want a some what WUrm Official feel to it, but with higher rates and such. I would also like trade routes setup and stuff like that. My question is what forum could I use to help find people that would want to help set this up. I am looking for people dedicated to the RP aspect of if, and maybe even thinking of developing a mod that creates jobs on the server. Like anyone would do /Furniture and it would list every one on the server that registered as a furniture maker. I have a friend that can write mods, when hes not busy at microsoft working on the new windows release lol. Mainly I am looking for builders and admins and server managers. People to help with the daily running of the server and developing the town and villages and such. I plan on having atleast one custom map at this time, but might expand it to a total of 5, we will see. If you would like to discuss this with me either respond to this message or shoot me a PM on here. Im usually on about 12 hours a day, so the likelyhood that I will get to your message quickly is quite high! Samos
  11. 1x - new player friendly - RPvEvP Custom Map Community rules: PvE/New Player Guide: RP, PvP, PvE, new player friendly, mature community, all are welcome! Community Events (KvK Chart) PvE Boundary example, the red oval on our custom map indicates where all these colossus statues are. Inside the ring of statues you are safe from pvp/theft and so on. The backs of the gods indicate they are not protecting you, as you have crossed into the PvP lands. Come and go anytime you like, abuse of the boundary is explained in our rules. Ask any questions you have on our discord, as someone is usually available all timezones.
  12. pls close this thread
  13. Darwinia RP Server

    Hello Wurminites! I would like to introduce you to the top class premiere server of the unlimited branch: Darwinia RP Notable Features: 1 x skill gain 1 x action speed Custom built, hand painted 4096x4096 map. Holiday events. Handwritten quests and storyline. Regular events. Meaningful seasons. For example better harvests in the fall, and no crop growth in the winter. More animals in the spring time. Active GMs who care about the server and server health. Server owner who will keep the server online so long as there is at least 1 person playing on it. Live Map mod available, but not a larger overall map, to increase the need for a proper cartographer. Patreon to help keep the server online, with sleep powder and cosmetic items for rewards. (( patreon rewards ARE NOT PAY TO WIN they are only cosmetic, and only 1 sleep powder a month. for wurm will be listed in the steam group soon. )) Steam group for ease of calendar events and forums... What makes this server unique is that we have active GMs writing quests, improving the lore, and genuinely making the server a one of a kind experience. Ontop of that, we have a hand painted carefully manicured map with plenty of interesting land features just RIPE for your exploration. As of today (October 30th, 2016) the new map I have been working on for some time is going LIVE!@##! We have a very friendly community and it has been steadily growing everyday. In fact a lot of that has been generated from my live streams at . I would personally love to see you on the server. However we do not allow cheating, or mods outside of the ones given out to our community through our teamspeak. Speaking of mods, we're working on another one at the moment that will be exclusive to our server in which it will make teamspeak "local" only to your character. What that means is, if I am standing here \o/ and you are over here \o then we would be able to chat normally... but the further that distance the less we can hear each other until we can no longer do so. Meaning again, that if there are 50 people in the same channel, you will only hear people that are within conversation range of you. We do not have an eta on release of the mod, but, the alpha is proving fruitful. My good fellow Wurmlings, come join us on the best server since Tim Berners-Lee With all due respect and admiration, Drake Oh and P.S. we have PVP in the southern server, with increased skill gains, increased available resources, however there's also a harsher death penalty, and more deadly creatures there. With great risk, comes great rewards.
  14. A friend and I have been considering buying this game especially since it is on sale for Steam. We're willing to try it out but only if there is a good RP server. Let me specify what we're looking for. We of course want to be part of community that really wants to RP. We would like to not be too restricted by rules. Making the entire server open PvP would be great as long as there is something to balance the more aggressive actions of others, whether it be a rule or a mechanic. The thrill of possibly dying at any second combined with the fun of interacting with others at the same time is amazing and the main point of playing. Ex: Being killed on sight wouldn't be fun but being robbed by bandits would be. Having someone just pull out a sword, yell "lol kek" and kill you at a Tavern wouldn't be fun. A Noble calling you a "vile beggar" which leads to a bar fight and then you die in it would be fun. Having your base destroyed for no reason wouldn't be fun but getting into a land dispute that starts a war or feud between families/cities would be. Is there any server like this? I've seen some other posts around RP as I combed the threads but they were about a year old. It made me lose hope.
  15. Hi, two F2P noobs here, looking for a village or settlement that has an RP community. We'll likely be casual in our play, only on a few hours a week. Hope that isn't a problem. We'll be RPing a young married couple set out to make a place for themselves. Her character might be interested in farming, meditation and enchanting, cooking, potion making (if that exists), thread spinning and tailor work. Mine would be interested in hunting, logging, maybe mining, building, long distance trade, any odd jobs I'm needed for. Can anyone suggest a place for us to go?
  16. Radiant Islands - RP/PVP - Pirates The World of Wurm is vast with countless undiscovered lands, dotting a chaotic world full of strange beast and warring gods. The Radiant Islands was among those lands considered lost for all times until a group of retreating vagabonds discovered its shores. The vagabonds were led by the notorious brigand, Coren Scorpio, who captained the wicked ship “Wailing Widow”. They were luck to find the shores of the Radiant, because their stores were plum dry and the crew near madness. The captain and his men rallied with their new found luck and decided to colonize a small piece of the islands. A retreat, you could say, but it was more like a rat infested hole where they hid their loot and shiny babbles. The captain named the small town they constructed, Laguna. It was there they formed their base of operation as they continued their pirating in the closer trade routes. Precious ores were eventually discovered in the mountain chains that formed the islands. This was good and bad for the pirates. This brought in miners, traders, and other fortune seekers into their waters. The good was that it meant a boom in business, but it also meant more pirates. More pirates meant more competition which was never good for business. Naturally, small skirmishes erupted up between small pirate factions, and the merchants and miners hired in heavier guns to protect their cargoes. Since then, it has been a sour experience. Laguna has become a haven for all types of pirates. Merchants have even pushed their way into the area, conducting black market trading in the town. A cultural change has taken shape around him, and the captain wasn’t thrilled about the outlook. Server Info RP/PVP Custom Map Pirate RP Skill Rate x10 Action Speed x5 Free Deeds Free Rowboats Random Item Spawns Active GMs with years of RP experience Creative Plotlines and Content 2 GB Citadel Server Come join us on in launching our new RP server. We look forward to creating great stories with you!
  17. Moorlands - [RP PvP]

    Join us in creating one of the longest stories ever written... .: Moorlands :. Second Dawn When man and woman can stomach no more, when all has been taken away, when family is slain, riches stole away, the very essence of self-worth threatened by greed and war…what remains? Does the land beneath your feet still wield its magic, the unseen force of tradition still rooting you to the soil? Can tradition be born anew? When nothing that you've built or conquered withstands the test of time, where do you travel to begin your life again, to tame the wildlands once more? Is there life beyond what you already know? Verily, there must be more. As the new dawn kisses your cracked skin, the shoreline materializes deep within the fog. A deep sigh of relief rises, unbidden from your lungs, and floats away from you in a puff. Your family slumbers nearby, dragged along for ten thousand leagues, hungered, frozen, clinging onto those ideals and practicing those skills that kept you all alive this long. Your eyes find Valrei in the morning twilight and offer a prayer, a simple wish that a pair of calloused hands and heart of gold will be enough to tame the land once more. The legends were true, it seems. More land exists, unspoiled by the mighty. More adventure awaits, unscripted by the gods. For those who bear the courage to find these shores, they will find more. "The focus of a role playing server will have to be community and story driven play. We'll want to create a world the players can connect to and be apart of, and constantly create new plot lines that keeps the experience immersive. Reduced tediousness, focus on content and player-made stories, character building and immersion." *Here's to Legacy, our own.* Moorlands Staff: Trake - Server Owner/GM Origin - GM Rates: Skills are gained at a rate of 6x. Action timers are increased at a rate of 3x. Epic Curve setting - not enabled. Free2Play: We're completely free to play. You will never have to pay for in-game items or perks and will be able to do everything that you can in Wurm Online through in-game means within the bounds of the server rules. Wurm Unlimited Moorlands Rules and Features: 1) RP. Moorlands is a Role Playing (RP) Community. Please observe Role Playing etiquette at all times. Because Moorlands is an RP focused community, we only accept English speaking players—this decision is made solely with an eye toward RP. I promise that we love you all equally, despite this requirement. 2) Chat. Local Chat is for RP purposes only. Please remain In Character (IC) when speaking in Local Chat. In Global Chat and Personal Messages (PM), you are free to converse Out of Character (OOC). 3) PvP. Player Versus Player (PvP) is enabled in Moorlands for RP purposes only. Any PvP that is perceived by the GM staff to be undertaken for the purpose of harassment is strictly forbidden. The Moorlands requirement to observe RP etiquette at all times does extend to PvP. Violation of these guidelines will not be tolerated. 4) Wisdom. As an RP server, one of the features Moorlands offers is what we refer to as retained Wisdom. We all come from somewhere. The trades we practiced and skills we honed were hard-earned. As you arrive here in Moorlands, the Wisdom you gained prior to this time is not lost. Therefore, every new character to Moorlands, is granted Five Level 5 Affinities, i.e. a Level 5 affinity in 5 separate skills.
  18. Using any one of the four Deities in the listed churches, create a story with at least 500 words or more to describe the myth behind the Deity, the plot for the event, and the characters (NPC). Detail the outline of the event in a story from the past and create the storyboard for the event to occur in the near future. Each month a winner will be chosen and will be coded into the game with the details of your storyboard as a player event (characters, items, buildings, dungeons, rewards). Church of Gan Church of Isara Church of Sen Church of Yrin Rules: Must have a paypal account (if you want paid) Read the history in the lore to fit as much detail from the Ages of Urath 1-5 found in the Lore & History (Submission) section of the forum. Visit us at
  19. (Mods Please remove old topic, Sorry). Laputa Kingdom Welcome, Traveler! Laputa Kingdom is open to all. While catering for PVP, we're also heavy in other areas, creating PVE 'Safe-Zones' for you to relax without fear of death or having your settlement destroyed. Settlement owners my choose to have a safe-zone created for their settlement, however this means they will not be able to go to war with others unless they first have the zone removed. We are based in the UK though we welcome anyone! x6 Skill x5 Action Community Events Free Deeds! No Upkeep! RP Lore! (We are actively expanding lore. Would you like to be a part of it!?) Map Size: 4096 Default Religion Custom Map - Dark Island by Jerico 200 Players Friendly, Active GMs Starter Town fully equipped with everything you need! (Forge, Ovens, Mine, Clay and Tar pits, Altars, Meditation Rugs, Training Dolls, Archery Targets and more!) Character We build with character in order to bring our settlements to life! From decorations to careful molding of nature. - (If you think you're a pretty good interior designer, maybe you could lend your hand? ^^) We do encourage other settlements to follow our lead as it not only brings life and character to settlements, but it's also a fantastic way to level those much needed skills! Friendly, Fun, Creative! We have a small yet dedicated team working on the server. Fun and Friendly GMs promote creativity within our community to help make it flourish. We have implemented fair systems to ensure a caring and understanding community for all to enjoy. Newcommer Friendly! We've all been 'The New Guy' at some point or other. We happily help new and old players alike to get settled into our community. You'll never be slandered for your lack of knowledge in our world or the Wurm world. Bonus Experience While we love how the system lets you build up your skills, using a wide-variety of items to craft with, we also understand it's sometimes daunting having to start all over again when starting a new server. This is why we've gone for a x6 x5 approach, allowing you to catch up with where you left off and get into the spirit of creativity! A Helping Hand Our 'Spawn Town' Sora, is equipped with plenty of resources to help you get started on your adventure. We have public mines, Clay and Tar pits, A Cooking and Forge area, Altars and Meditation rugs, all set up and fully equipped should you wish to use them. PMKs While we have started everything off with just one kingdom (Laputa) We're also very happy for others to form their own kingdoms too! Go out and create your own alliances and enemies as you see fit! Free Deeds! We allow totally free deeds without upkeep. The only condition? Keep it active! If we notice the deed is unused for a long period of time and the space could be better used we may remove it from our server. Events and Quests We love community! And we love to get everyone involved. We'll be hosting events and quest nights where you get the chance to take part in some awesome adventures with us! From pilgrimage to settlement founding. Wild hunts and dragon slaying! All sorts of fun is waiting to happen in Laputa Kingdom. Come on over and check us out!
  20. Laputa Kingdom

    Do you want to join a new server and help shape it? if yes, then you've some to the right place! We're literally brand new! But don't let that scare you away. We're hard working and dedicated to creating a flourishing server! What's to do? With us being so new, there's a whole map ready to be built upon. We've just begun the starter town and we're looking for people to come and help out! If you're the type of person who likes to revel in the glory of your accomplishments, this is for you! You mostly get free reign of what you do, from starting your own deed to helping with main towns/cities. (We don't want to limit your creativity too much!). What we're looking for Right now we're looking for several positions: Builders - People who can help to create our starter town (Spawn Area) and other areas (Not all builders will get GM access). Community Assistants - People to answer general questions and help new players! GMs - People to uphold our rules and solve in game issues Server Administrator - Someone knowledgeable in editing and maintaining the server's backend. Players - Most of all we're looking for active community members to part-take in the server and join/manage settlements! Please check our website for more info!
  21. Welcome to Avuzent! PvE Server Map: PvP Server Maps: Main Server: Adventure Server Map: Not yet implemented. Website: Chat/Voice Comms: Steam Group: Avuzo Entertainment Vote Here: Staff: Owner/Admin: Llurendt Co-Admin: Remeliss Moderators (Minor admins, basically mute/kick if needed): Aedon Wrigley Community Manager: We need one! Responsibilities will include updating the various threads and helping to greet new players to the server and get them settled in. PM me if interested either here or on steam. Server Rules: Current Features: Planned Features: Speculative Features (These things could be fun, but may not be possible just now): Server Specs: Avuzent is operated by me, a student of computer science and all-around good guy. I've got years of experience with management both real world and in-game. The server machine is in my home so I am able to quickly address any issues. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask! My staff and I are more than happy to address any problems or questions you have. See you ingame! -Llurendt
  22. Hello everyone! We have been busy testing and playing on the server ourselves but I thought I'd post a little information about our server. Steam Group Staff: Dexter (IGN: Crierd) - Server Owner / Admin Deez (IGN: Munk) - Admin LokiHavok (IGN: Drust) - Admin Rules: - No metagaming (using OOC knowledge while IC) - No mixing chat channels (Local is RP only, Global and PMs are OOC) Rates: - Default Wurm Unlimited Skill Gain - Epic Skill Settings (Faster skill gains that level off at higher levels) Free2Play: We're completely free to play. You will never have to pay for in game items or perks and will be able to do everything that you can in Wurm Online through in game means. Events: We will be hosting events for holidays and milestones, typically setting the server to twice the skill gain. We also plan to do RP events but that's to be determined.
  23. So while I was playing today I got this idea of why don't we more forms of writing materials! My suggestions are to add in writing improvements such as books, pencils, signatures, and the ability to copy papers and books. This can add in a use for bookcases, gather paper, also more role-playing options. 1. Books(With Title and Author optional) - paper + leather **Also gives a purpose for bookcases 2. Pencils - charcoal + shaft **The ability to erase while the pen can not 3. The ability to make copies of paper/books so you can copy over the information (treaties and other important info). 4. The ability to add signatures, whether it is a custom signature(**deed signatures) or name signature. (Ability to trademark stuff. Ex: treaties, books, papers) **Number 4 would really add in the ability to make in game treaties possible and have physical proof.
  24. The wars of far away kingdoms have effected the lives of many civilians across the lands. Homes have been destroyed and lives taken, leaving nothing for those who are left behind. Seeking the safety of the hills, small groups of refugees from many different kingdoms seek solace in the Radiant Hills. These people seek to reclaim the freedom and peace they once had before everything was destroyed by the invading armies. They will not be hopeless sheep though, they have vowed to never let another so easily change their lives. They strive to grow stronger with the sword in bow while also creating a community that can self sustain them while staying out of the political strife of the lands. Dreams of having a safe haven are once again close to being realized. The fogs have cleared and the winds have been generous allowing voyage to the distant lands of Xanadu. Our Radiant Pioneers have voyaged from the dangerous lands of Serenity, to the friendly confines of Pristine, to finally end their travels in a beautiful land they’ve named Radiant Valley. Two mountains overlook the valley separated by a by a long slope that leads down into a large fishing pond. The first pioneers have erected their homes along this small pond under the eye of the ever protecting peaks. Ideas for a town center are being drawn up and supplies are being gathered. Together the people of Radiant Valley have a goal and work diligently to see their dreams come alive. Everything seems wonderful in this new valley, but will it remain this calm and peaceful? Do the mountains hide an evil at bay? Who Are We? We are a group of role players that use the local chat command to display our actions and dialogues in character as we go about playing the game of Wurm. We have scheduled role play events that are hosted by a Game Master. We are happy to teach anyone how to role play or answer any questions about the game. We have several personal deeds near each other and we are working on a village center deed. We allow anyone to choose any profession they like and allow players to either choose to live in the village center, create their own deed, or ask to move on one our existing deeds. We are a friendly group and we like help each other with tasks. Most of the players are from US timezones, but we do have several players that are on European zones. What You Need to Do? To join this group, we ask that you accept that we are a role playing group and not troll on others on their choice of play. You don't not have to role play all the time, but you must play in character and support the community. We ask that you join the forum and introduce yourself and also make a character background sheet. We do not have any time requirements but we request that you let us know if you will be leaving for long periods of time. We also use Skype for group text conversations. If you would like to join, PM me in skype under the name: coreyshall or my second in command: apachejacks. In Game Contact: Coren or Anteos Location We are located at G24 on the Xanadu Public Map. Please message us in game for pick up or directions. Professions These are several positions that we have available within our village. You may apply for any position that you wish to fill. If you want to take a position that is already filled just ask. We can not keep you from playing anything that you wish to play. You may choose to fill multiple positions. Village Leads can only be gained by appointment from the Founder's Council. Village Leads Elder: Coren Founders' Council: Coren, Anteos Priest of the Three Gods: Leader of the Peace: Stonecutters' Speaker: Carpenters' Speaker: Laborers' Speaker: Agricultural Speaker: Stable Master: Innkeeper: Coren Brewmaster: Coren Head Merchant: Hunter's Guild Leader: Night Stalker's Guild Leader: Game Professions Bowyer: Armorer: Swordsmith: Tailoring Cloth or Leather : Imogen Shipwright: Anteos, Recen, Lilkitia Farmers: Anteos, Nova Miners: Stonecutters: Carpenters: Anteos, Recen Smiths: Coren, Nova Guardsmen: Hunters: Recen Butchers: Breeders: Likitia Tamers: Healers: Rohanna Cooks: Rohanna Laborers: Daraken Merchant: Likitia Pictures of the Area
  25. one dark night. an shape enters one of the few inns around the land of Independance, orders a drink and turns to the crowd present. hear hear! gather round me good fellas, and come share the story that hapened upon thy humble servant upon this fair day. this all started on a cool eve. the bright Sol was still hot but started ta feel the day's work tiring him and gettin' ready ta go fer some well earned rest, when yers truly was making a wee run ta meet with sum friends that had sum guuds fer trade, but this be non matter ta what hapened next. on me way back, here i was called at by a group of heavy armed knights. whum i didn' recognise the faces nor voices. and whom spoke ta me of a common friend, and how they would go out soon ta meet with a mighty beasty, and thus decided ta grab yers truly fer the ride. i then quickly took me old creaky cart home. knowing it be no good fer a fight. and took me good old horse, and me armor. then returning ta meet tha compagny. from here on we rode shortly. before entaring one mighty dark and tall tunnel. turning and twisting in the bellies of da mountain like yer belly afta eating that old grub sum serve 'round there parts. the man gives a sly grin to the barkeep, and grabs a refill for his mug. afta wunderin' where yers truly wos gunna pop out, i came out ta see a sight yer dun' see eve'y day.... there stood. all clad in them mighty gear. bout a dozen 'nd half knights and amazons, frum tribes spread all over this fair land of Independance. few still hadnt gotten them helmets on and yers truly recognised a few familiar faces. 'fter that was told ta grab a bite at the lil fire by tha cave, takin' tha chance ta look 'round a bit. i's noticed i knew that spot. i'd been passing thru that tunnel only a fews days ago. and nuw was full of live. wi'h a smull road 'nd a house. sum fences and all. looking quite like a fancy lil house. but i quickly learned the compagny had not met there fer sharing a meal and a drin' only! nay me good fellas. they hast met fer a purpose! and that purpose wos that sone nasty beast wus around. yes! fer just a ston'throw 'way wus one of them foulest beast. one of yet old troll king. this a nasty one that is... strong...but nut as strong as tha compagny wus. and with the guud help of the forest god, Fo. his priests hulped us all nut take hits taa nasty... yers truly could nut tell yer much bout tham troll king looks tho in case ye evar see on'... looke' bit like an old nurmal troll. only smelled stronger. and covere' in all kinda junk 'nd crap them trolls nasties luv su much. will. most reason nun' cald git a look wos 's soon 's yer uld troll driped its list bit uf red. coverin' the compagny and making us all clean up fast be'ore it ate at ours armors... one of them took the carcass ta be carved up by his gal. and thus ends tha stury of the troll kings. But do not despair! cause the compagny's adventure dids't nut end here. cause as suun 's the trull yelled its lust yell. a mighty roar be heard. and them most experienced than meself. someof them strongest warrior me seem int he realm, clung hard inta there swords, mauls and axes... they knew the beast tha' made the roar! and yea guessed be right lil one! fer it wus a dwagun. one 'd them nasty lizzurds that be spittin' fire, blowing yer ferm 'nd stealing yer cattle...if ye lit 't gruw 'ld. 'f c'urse ye dun' git rushin' a mighty beasty like thi' one, nut if ye wan' ta live ta tell the tale. nu nu nu. se furst. tha ban' 'f wurriurs rude closer ta tha noise. and when f'und a guu' spot. begun ta clear tha land a wee bit ta get a good sput ta fi't tha beast. plunnin' wus guu', we cleared them trees. ma'e few plankies 'nd shifs. tha sume rider tha' tuuk the troll corpse tuuk a ri'e ba'k ta the h'use. rattared wit' sum guud nails ta make sum fencing. so he could git good footin' ta go hoot at tham dwagun the man seems to become more drunk as time passes, probably from drinking more and more as the story goes on unce we all git re'dy tha one whu git the n'ils sturte' ta clim' 'p tha mo'ntai'. guy wus a muge tuu. summone' une biig duggy ur wulfy. twice da 'sual si'e! me neigh*hic*bur' he cime ta see... nut a bi' wurruir l'ke da rist. tha get pisse' he be he'e....whun tha dwagun git duwn frum thi muntai'*hic* th'y till h'm ta ittic' 'nd puur guy gits tur' 'n hulf in nu time. hi unly hud wea' 'rmur... dum sc'lly 'llmust git me taa.. our now almost fully drunk man points to his arm, doning a large bandage covering almost all of it. and coveredin a strong smelling balm nurly list 'n urm ta tha beast! 'nd it wus guud cuvered. 'n plutes 'nd ull! b't whut tha dudn tull 's wus this be'sty h't hurd. 'nd much fathe' thun uther...this whut nea'ly git me 'nd tuuk me poor neig'bur....luckly them guud gods been wutching 'ver him 'nd grunted h'm wit' a n'w chun'e. 'ftur tha' thi cumpagny tu'k tham beasty duw' r'ther 'k. lutt'e dwagun wosn' mush bugg'r th'n dug but culd fig't ug'in sum' lad 's befur' tuuk tha beasty's curc'ss . ull we 's gut wos w'und 'nd bluud. nut 'ur uwn tha. buth beasties bleed lut. but wos it. with this the man takes a last sip as yet an other mug full of drink, and pulls out a folder paper. upon which was drawn some pictures of a small drake. after a hiccup and a loud burp the man spoke again. th'wis ull i's culd git frem da luuks of all bitt' be carefil of 'hem beasties! ye'll know...thi' guy thut took them curp'e ...whun yers truly ask'd.. bun tol' ta shush 't! then finnaly goes quiet, sleeping off the alcohol and the wounds 'proper' english version (no more drunken slumber for those who find reading above a bit too difficult ) : one dark night. an shape enters one of the few inns around the land of Independance, orders a drink and turns to the crowd present. hear hear! gather round my good friends, and come share the story that hapened upon your humble servant on this fair day. it all started on a cool evening. the bright Sol was still hot but started to feel the day's work tiring him and getting ready to go for some well earned rest, when yours truly was making a short run to meet with some friends that had some goods for trade, but this shall not be the subject of this fair tale. on my way back,i was called at by a group of heavy armed knights. whom i did not recognise the faces nor voices. and who spoke to me of a common friend, and how they would go out soon to meet with a mighty beast, and choose to take yours truly for the ride. i then quickly took my old creaky cart home. knowing it would be of no good for the coming fight. and took my good old horse, and my armor. then returning to meet the compagny. from here on we rode shortly. before entering one very dark and tall tunnel. turning and twisting in the gut of the mountain like your stomach after eating that old mixture hey call food some serve around there parts. the man gives a sly grin to the barkeep, and grabs a refill for his mug. after wondering where yours truly was going to come out, i came to see a vision one does not see every day .... there stood, all clad in there mighty gear, about a dozen and half knights and amazons, from tribes spread all over this fair land of Independance. a few still had not gotten there helmets on and yours truly recognised a few familiar faces. after that i was told to grab a bite at the little fire by the cave, taking the chance to look around a bit. i noticed i knew that spot! i had been passing thru that same tunnel only a fews days ago. and now the area was full of life. with a small road and a house. some fences and all. looking quite like a fancy lil house. but i quickly learned the compagny had not met there in order to share a meal and a drink ! no my good friends. they had met for a purpose! and that purpose was that some nasty beast was around. yes! for just a stone's throw away was one of the foulest beast there is..a troll king. it is a nasty one that one... strong...but not as strong as the compagny was. and with the good help of the forest god, Fo. his priests helped us all not take hits too cripling... yours truly could not tell you much about what a troll king looks like in case you ever see one... it appeared akin to an old normal troll. only it smelled stronger. and covered in all kinda junk and tinkets the trolls kind appears to enjoy so much. that aside. the main reason it was hard to get a loog look was that the creature bled a lot, covering the compagny and making us all clean up fast before the nasty substance started to corode ours armors... one of the compagny men took the carcass to be butchered by his love. and so ends the story of the troll king. But do not despair! because the compagny's adventure did not end here. for as soon as the troll shouted its last scream, a roar just as mighty would be heard. and the ones more experienced than myself, some amongst the strongest warrior i had seem in the realm, clung hard to there swords, mauls and axes... they knew what sort of beast had made such sound! and you have guessed correctly my young friend ! for it was a drake. one of the nasty lizzards that would be spitting fire, blowing up your farms and stealing your cattle.... if you let it grow old. for obvious reasons one does not go rushing head first against such creatures, not if you value your live and your compagnions so that the tale may be told. no no no. in order to prepare, the band of warriors rode closer to the source of the roar in order to seek a proper battle ground. once found some of us got off our horses and began to clean up the land to get a clear view when the fight would begin. while others kept watch for the drake. the planning went well, and within minutes, we had cleared a large enough area, made planks and shafts from the trees, and the same rider that took the troll's body earlier rode back to get nails in order to build fences to get a proper footing to lure the beast down from the top of the montain. the man seems to become more drunk as time passes, probably from drinking more and more as the story goes on once all where ready, the nail rider started to climb the mountain and target the beast. the man was also a mage and after a few arrows failed to pierce the drake's shells, he summoned a worg to lure it closer down. my neighbour came to see the fight.he was not a big warrior. but wished to take the risk of the drake's wrath to gaze on the beast. several of the warriors grew angry at having a stranger nearby. but when the fight began they told him to join in. didnt him too much good however as the wild beast tore him in half without even paying him attention. and i nearly was the beast's second prey! our now almost fully drunk man points to his arm, doning a large bandage covering almost all of it. and coveredin a strong smelling balm the beast nearly took my arm. and i had some rather fine plating cover.. what nearly killed me tho is information the warriors had forgotten to give. it is that a drake, small as it is. has an incredible reach, and while i thaught myself to be a safe distance away, a second hit came. this time i only managed to get out thanks to my good old horse draging me away while i was half gone and feeling the icy fingers of death closing upon me allready. for luck. the mercyful Gods had been watching the fight and returned the fallen man to the land of the living. after that little trouble. the rest of the compagny took out of the beast rather easily. the drake was not much bigger than a dog...but it sure could fight... again like before, the same man took the beast's carcass . all the rest of us got was wounds and blood covering our weapons and armors. not our own tho, as both beasts had bleed quite a lot. with this the man takes a last sip as yet an other mug full of drink, and pulls out a folder paper. upon which was drawn some pictures of a small drake. after a hiccup and a loud burp the man spoke again. this was all i could get of the way those look. you all might want to be watchful of those beasts and you know that man who took the corpses? when asked what was going to be done with them an other told me to shush it then finnaly goes quiet, sleeping off the alcohol and the wounds ((for now only the raw pictures. couldnt figure out how to turn it into charcoal/pencil looking drawings for now ))