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  1. revert the ###### show epic elevation changes and people might play, those pvp changes suck
  2. Mechanic change? Nah let's call it a bugfix instead
  3. what updates, what content and what information are you suggesting he needs replaced?
  4. nobody *should* be blaming demona, she got handed a ###### show and handled it well the community is blaming the entire staff team all the way up to the ceo for underperformance and failure to deliver for a paid product/service
  5. wasnt the whole purpose of redoing the community relations/whatever role into what it currently is was so that we didn't run into these situations? the whole purpose that was stated was to make it a fluid role so it could be easily filled
  6. its looking pretty grim at this point honestly, feel like we're heading back to the days (not that long ago) of barely a hundred online during my playtimes, or even worse
  7. truly isn't just a weapon problem, but im trying to ask for a bare minimum here and not even getting it
  8. if it gets changed in the future, where these 100ql unimpable no longer obtainable items are now repairable via the GM team, please inform me. I was told by staff that it seemed like an unintended mechanic and to report it and I put in a ticket to get my item ql restored, but was told suck it up.
  9. +1 fatigue is dumb and was supposed to be worked on as of last December's official post I've hit it once and it was an awful time. I've come close a few more times and just stopped playing the game and went off to play a different one. A system that gets you to play other games, brilliant.
  10. wtb rare bones/supreme pm me forums with price
  11. you lost like 30 people on top of your deed when we raided, without raid windows
  12. -1 raid windows are awful and didn't work on defiance and won't work on chaos people don't pay for this game to play in the time zone you want them to play in
  13. i simply asked you a question, and no I'm not mad. Im not the one getting solo drained at my capital
  14. so you used an alt with no fs to run and set the farwalker stones and then suicided back to hand them out to your mains?
  15. looks like a bunch of madbads that pushed for the same mechanic to be removed years ago when it didn't suit them as MR were circumventing navigating the map with karma teleport to villages ??????????? am i wrong though
  16. alts running around with 1fs alts using farwalker stones/twigs setting them and then suiciding back to hand out to people is a pretty terrible mechanic doesn't matter if its one stone/twig or twenty make them drop on death
  17. they keep them and im pretty sure you could steal a kingdom this way, they also take horse gear and throw the gear into the horse and you have to kill your own horse to get ur ###### back lol
  18. theres a shitload of things you can do for actual skill and stat gains but they just have to be within a reasonable difficulty range below your characteristics/skills
  19. nogumps are dumb and steal 100ql unimpable items off you and throw them back damaged they also steal kingdom crowns, robes etc fix thanks
  20. bro calm down here, we might actually agree on something