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  1. I found it very confusing when I was new. And quite overwhelmed. +1
  2. This honestly made me laugh out loud.
  3. I've completely stopped going to them since the update. 4 waves is just... hard on the soul.
  4. Rest in peace Venom, I really liked having multiple choices. Back to BT meta. Oh wait, I forgot, I don't play anymore because devs keep jerking around people like this, so I don't have to worry about anything. Still, miss Wurm for the memories. Not what the game is now.
  5. I agree strongly with Muse on this one. Also! Where are the golden hand mirrors?
  6. Hey, I'm at 90 channelling now. I see there have been no global Rite of Death casts in a long time... And my priest is my main too. Dis is hard to watch!
  7. Thank you for re-enabling it after the update. I was shocked to read this.
  8. If we're talking about a spell that reduces damage taken on the tool... Then it should conflict with CoC.
  9. They're buffing them. Wait and see before you do something so rash!
  10. You can't improve as a priest. Which is in the context of this quote. Also, I only prem 1 account at a time. So It's out of the question for me.
  11. By the way... Does this mean I will essentially have to depriest or something in order to get more reliable favour? Because all these useful skills for favour require improving in order to properly grind them. Just please have it so that these skills that you NEED as a priest aren't locked for the reason of... Being a priest. I'm not even asking for the ability to improve. Just something reliable or even a skill that priests can reliably grind.
  12. I hope that hand mirror isn't too pricey... I am very much so looking forward towards seeing main deity's being 'spiced up'.
  13. I can't make this decision since they will be buffing some other deity's. I'll just have to wait and see. I will say though that I am looking forward to this.
  14. Golden Hand Mirrors. FINALLY!!! YES! I will awaken from my long Wurm slumber to come back to it!