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  1. Celebration Sermons (Currently Closed)

    Thank you so much for starting this! Always 0.2000-0.3000 gains. And almost always open slots.
  2. Celebration Sermons (Currently Closed)

    Sounds very good, I will come on over as soon as I can! Ty for starting this.
  3. Looking for sermon group!

    Still looking!
  4. Patch Notes 05/JUL/18

    I LOVE the unicorn and lava fiend spawn changes! Idk why I just love running in to lava fiends, always seems like a treat to me, and the electrum is exciting.
  5. Valrei International. 063

    I'm on a laptop right now and I reaaally hope this will be well optimized, I LOVE the way it looks though, hope there will be some option to turn it off if it's too laggy. And I really like the sound of that new alloy! very nice.
  6. Devs are obviously doing the best they can... It is what it is, I've adapted to the occasional lag as someone who has been on Xanadu for 3 years. And really don't mind it. I guess a warning would be nice, but for such a huge server, it's to be expected for a game of this size. I feel like the mood is often too hostile or entitled towards the devs. They do the best they can to make their game better, that's how you run a business in a game. So there's obviously no slacking. The lag was WAY worse back then, so it's not like they aren't making any improvements. So yeah... There's nothing really more to be said, they're doing the best they can. You can't force change by forcing yourself "As a paying customer" on others mate. You've gotten your response. That's the end.
  7. Looking for sermon group!

    Looking again!
  8. Looking for sermon group!

    Things have been sorted out.
  9. Looking for sermon group!

    Hi! Thank you Kadmnit. It seems I'm having issues with the new lighting system with this laptop, directly related to crashing. So I'll attend either when that gets fixed, also seems this computer can't even handle 2 alts so I'll only be able to bring myself until I get the better computer back.
  10. Looking for a group again. 0.1200 faith gains required.
  11. [Bug] Coloured fances - White

    I hope it's not some kind of limitation on java or something. I want to be able to dye my armour white so much that I could yelp!
  12. close

    What a wonderful vehicle to be added to a boat collector's collection. Free bump!
  13. Friendly service with great crop QL in an easy accessible location.
  14. Won the Xanadu- Thanks to Theria and old Lemosa

    Your next goal is what you make it. Congratulations again! And Theria was the best, I bet I wouldn't even be playing wurm right now without his great help and being so welcoming. He really did show me that there was more to wurm then living alone on top of a mountain and never seeking others. I myself lived alone for two years and mostly enjoyed exploring and never had prem at the start.