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  1. Priest overhaul testing

    Well... that would be much too powerful if copper and lead weapons never glanced on top of having FB/FA being able to be cast on them, they would effectively be the new meta because they would just... have a better DPS. It would also make venom not useful.
  2. The Screenshots Thread

    A rather discomforting picture I have of a goblin coming out of my stomach! And a fantastic Xanadu mountain range in the middle of nowhere.
  3. Priest overhaul testing

    I feel the same Challenge, there is only one deity who can cast Truehit on freedom now, and that's Smeagain, although I do believe that Truehit does suit Smeagain well, I would like to see it returned to Nahjo/Tosiek, it's kinda what gave Nahjo his edge in combat, and giving it to Tosiek kinda makes sense compared to Libila, who can have up to 5+ offensive CR through her offensive bonus and truehit, while Tosiek doesn't have that bonus nor Nahjo, making them still lesser good than Libila in combat. But also giving them some extra love as support roles in combat, Nahjo also has Frantic charge and cure light. Giving him a very good round of combat abilities without being too strong.
  4. This boy amirite? ^ What I'm most looking forward to is the overhaul he's been working so hard on!
  5. Weekend Subscription

    What a harsh attitude, the guy is just looking for a way to work around the monthly premium costs because he feels like most of the time he pays for is wasted.
  6. Bring back old oleander bushes

    +1 From me too! this change I noticed when it happened. I was like "Why are oleanders so much worse looking now?"
  7. Uniques Overhaul

    I don't want all uniques disappearing because they have rift beams that everyone goes to just like rifts. There's no more fun in finding them. If you find a unique, it would be way less of a thrill and rewarding, but it would also appeal more to more people who are more homebodies/deedmakers and don't go out into the woods often. There's a huge web of stuff here, and there is no real way to make a unique hunting system that appeals to everyone, unique hunters will go out less because they'll care less about finding it and seeing one, and people who complain and don't search for them will be a lot more happy. But in reality, uniques are not the property of the people of the server, and should not be expected as such. Do you see me sharing my money with people or people sharing their money with me? do you see people giving free hand outs all the time of their rare armour sets or anything that most can't have access to due to skills or patience? Uniques are kinda the same, they're your right to toy with if you find it, and know where it is, you can let your friends play with it too and have a real great time with them, it's an experience! I myself am not a part of any unique hunting communities or anything, I only go to public events and yet I still believe it's... well.. Sorta fine the way it is. Uniques are what people make of it, @Oblivionnreaver@LordLouis@StarsHollowI thank these three, they have been great unique event hosts. Like I said, unique hunts are what communities make it, these three have often decided to make for the public, while some others like to keep them to themselves, and that's fine! you found it! You and your group of friends and what not get to do whatever you want with it, I appreciate it when you make it public, but I don't mind if you don't, because that's your choice in wurm, and the people you choose to leave your marks on. There are some things that I do believe are silly however, like how drake and scale drops are distributed among everyone equally and how little it drops, and doesn't increase by bonus amounts even when a ton of players are in local, making the amount to be like only 0.06kg's, I do believe it should be dependent on contribution too to prevent people in local getting scale and drake just from... sitting in a boat down the mountain being premium, not doing anything. It's an image that bothers me because, they did nothing and got extra scale/drake that I could have had just because I didn't pay 2s of my money to have a character sit around and take scale/drake on my behalf.
  8. Wand of Priesting

    Yup yup yup! -1
  9. Priest overhaul testing

    From what I know, enemies have a set glance rate, for example, rift beasts have a 35% glance rate to cuts and pierce, and 40% to bash for example. I wonder what it's generic armour type is. Or if it affects DR. I'm curious what effect enemies generic armour values have, crocodiles have plate, trolls have studded, scorps have studded, etc. In terms of PvP, acid is sort of a good all round damage type for most armours, while burn is very concentrated towards leather bearing enemies, drake studded etc. While cold is great against metal and scale bearing enemies.
  10. Priest overhaul testing

    The benefit to imbuing your weapon in PvE circumstances is the power to boost your weapon's damage through jewellery. And Venom will be made to never glance. Giving higher damage output against enemies who have high glance rates.
  11. Legacy statues!

    Aw yeah, update the resolution and what not and shine it up for the new wurm, same design, new textures. +1
  12. Painting

    I know this is a super old thread but... look at this! This so can happen now!
  13. Pelts...into storage places. PLEASE?

    Saddle sack/bag on a horse, doesn't decay!
  14. Priest overhaul testing

    Variety? Everyone would be going for bloodthirst in the long run because it's better. Wurm is a game about grinding mate! everyone would go for bloodthirst still! and those powered up bows would be passed on to others in PvP too for future training. On the topic of Bloodthirst... I like what bloodthirst does now, however, I do think that Flaming Aura and Frostbrand should get some kind of buff to make it more in check with BT, especially considering that priests damage bonus is being reduced. So that the people who are dedicated to hunting and PvP and what not won't notice much of a difference in their damage output, while also being more in line with normal players. Just not sure how though.
  15. Priest overhaul testing

    They're not smaller. You really do regenerate twice as fast. >:3