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  1. leatherworking

    Very quick and good pricing on a full drake imp. Thank you, and free bump!
  2. "90QL rare maul, iron (N97FB97C96MS90) - 10s (5,46 damage)" COD to Wiolo.
  3. 7s for Rare Longsword, COD to Wiolo if you accept.
  4. Hmm yeah! I mostly put the medium and worse wound worsening numbers there for curiosity, I mostly intended it as a way of overwhelming something with a ton of small worsening wounds, but I do see how it's weak. How about... increase time for healing tick to 30 minutes, and have all poison wounds stack, and increase poison worsening speed, (due to there being only one wound) and instead of completely disappearing, have it leave behind an internal wound of the same damage. And give farmers salve the ability to bandage poison wounds/internal that are worse then medium. Very light wounds worsen by 0.01 per second, light 0.02 per second, medium 0.04 per second, bad 0.06 per second, severe 0.08 per second. A powerful poison wound that ticks higher in damage the worse it's allowed to get. The disadvantage of this enchant is it's not as powerful in direct combat, but hinders the enemy with a slow vengeful demise. Thanks for the input btw. I want this list to be critiqued as much as possible by the community's opinion.
  5. I had hundreds of rock shards decay away just because I didn't want to discard them all. Was quite the eyesore. +1
  6. That would be a lovely option. +1
  7. Keep in mind, the freeze time and damage bonus combined are both very small and don't outweigh FA, and mostly works better in situational circumstances. The CR penalty is almost to sort of outweigh it in situational circumstances, and the window to land a hit in that time is extremely small and is relevent to your swing timer, but you're right, the CR penalty is too high looking back on it. The freeze is like a split second zap. a 3 second swing timer is 0.45 seconds which is a very small halt. 0.9 with 6 seconds, plus the cooldown. A -2 CR would be more reasonable imo. Ty for the info! (Edited FB)
  8. Healing ticks are unaffected, (When the wound is properly treated) but just made it harder for priests to heal and harder for it to be removed by bandaging, when I say that I am mostly speaking in PvP terms. Frostbrand/FA is most commonly used in PvP because in most fights self healing through magic is usually available making Rotting touch useless and just a reduction in damage. Having the wound itself heal less means that it requires more attention to completely remove after the fight or even in the heat of the fight.
  9. As it currently stands now, Life transfer and Frostbrand/Flaming aura are the most popular enchants, while others are almost never used. Bloodthirst increases your damage by a flat amount, making it weak on larger weapons with slower swing timers. (I believe? this one is kinda fuzzy to me in terms of info) and seems to be kinda unreliable. and only seems to work decent in epic. Venom is almost never used due to it not dealing more damage, and having an ability that is near useless when magic healers are around, and instant death from poison wounds are rare and almost never useful in the heat of combat. Rotting touch is okay, again, not very useful in the heat of combat unless you want to give healers a harder time, but magic healing makes it kinda useless. and it does 13% less damage then FB and FA. Proposed Enchant mechanics: Frostbrand: Adds a frostburn wound that is 10% of the damage your weapon deals. Also freezes the enemy for 15% of your weapon swing timer, (At 100 power) Example... A 6 second swing timer would freeze the enemy for 0.9 seconds. During the freeze, the enemy's swing timer is halted (not interrupted) the enemy is also unable to move. 2.5 second cooldown until the enemy can be frozen again to prevent impossible movement during ganks. Enemies can still block, but CR is reduced by 2 when frozen. CR Debuff is only useful during ganks because a single player would never be able to land a hit when the enemy is chilled. Flaming Aura: Same as it is now, adds a wound that is 33% of the damage your weapon deals at 100 power. Making this enchant unique rather then the same thing as FB would add more appeal to Magranon and Smeagain priests, and would add more to the market. Life Transfer: Stays the same, seems to be well balanced since it can only heal one wound at a time. Quite weak in PvP, and giving it the ability to heal multiple wounds at a time however would make you practically invincible if you're a tanky enough. Bloodthirst: Increases weapon damage by 50% at 10,000 charge. Charge is gained through damage dealt, 1 damage increases the charge by 5. This ignores armour, so a 100 damage hit that deals 30 damage would still give 500 charge. So 2,000 damage is required to gain full charge. Charge begins to degrade after 25 seconds of hitting nothing, and will degrade by 80 charge per second, which means it takes 150 seconds to loose full charge. Very good for hunting trips and long encounters in combat, but near useless for the occasional encounter. Venom: Adds a poison wound that deals 10% of the damage your weapon deals at 100 power... Rather then having poison wound kill you randomly on a healing tick, instead the poison wound worsens every second. All extra poison damage stacks into one wound. Very light wounds 0.01 per second, light 0.02 per second, Medium 0.04 per second, Bad 0.06 per second, and Severe 0.08 per second. Uniques would be immune to poison worsening. Remove AoSP poison reflection as it would make it never used in PvP. When a healing tick occurs it turns into an internal wound at which point it will stop worsening every second, but the internal wound would most likely be nasty if not salved, so treatment would commonly be required. A healing tick takes 3x as long to occur on the poison wound. When applied (Farmers salve) or treated with enough potency to heal the size of the poison wound, the poison wound stops worsening and begins healing like a normal wound, and at the same speed of a normal wound. This can be a good enchant for getting decent damage on an enemy and retreating when you're weak. Every time the wound worsens, it does not reset the time it takes for a healing tick. Healing ticks do not add more damage to the wound, just changes the wound type, A very light wound would do 0.60 damage per minute, light 1.2 DPM, medium 2.4 DPM, Bad 3.6 DPM, Severe 4.8 DPM. Rotting Touch: Increases weapon damage by 20% at 100 power. (Same damage as it is now I believe) Infected wounds heal 25% less when healed with magic or bandaging. (Through the initial chunk of health healed through bandaging and casting) Ticks twice as fast when not bandaged or treated, but worsens half as fast. (Carries same difficulty to heal) Remove the brittleness that it brings to the weapon, it turns off players who want to use it casually. The 13% damage penalty when compared to FA I believe is enough. FA is better when your target has no escape and you're fighting till the death. I think these changes to the weapon enchants would add some more interest and opportunities in combat. And would possibly help boost the enchanting market. Thanks for reading! I'm very open to suggestions and critiquing the list, would appreciate it.
  10. Rare steel staff still available? if so then send to Wiolo please.
  11. I'll take the 98.99QL mining potion. COD to Johnston, thanks!
  12. The embark bug is finally gone.. I'm so happy to hear this! People have died because of this. I wasn't expecting sleep bonus compensation since we were already getting prem time, that was a very nice surprise, thank you wurm team.
  13. Congrats to the new team members! And a special congrats from me to Wolfey.
  14. Makes me sad to see this one go! Especially since I wasn't told.
  15. I highly recommend Folke's enchants, I got the price of a 90 cast from a 96 cast, and the item was done very quickly.