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  1. Valrei International. 068

    I'm still not a fan of the idea of letting priests improve anything. Like I said, being a priest feels special because there aren't a huge amount of people who are amongst them, removing restrictions means... everyone's a priest! And as far as I understand, what's trying to be done is making priest mains a thing, and easier for newer players, which is why I'm putting these points into view, in order to be an independent priest grinding, you have to have at least 90+ farming, or locksmithing and mining, ropemaking, etc, (either one of those) and that's not an easy thing to get in to. Unless if you have a huge deed. (which I do) lol I do believe in making shattering no longer a thing however, and reducing sacrificing timers (or allowing casting while sacrificing) This whole talk about removing all restrictions bothers me quite a bit, it removes the magic (no pun intended) of being a priest. BUT I do think all priests should be able to preform all labour tasks. (Woodcutting mining digging farming)
  2. Valrei International. 068

    I spent 10c on my 85 cloth tailoring grind, I spent 15s to get to only 50 channelling. That's 150x more expensive to get not even halfway to 85 (in terms of XP gain). And probably ~500-999x more expensive if using gems, I mean... I guess you could allow priests to improve... but going all out with that would be like the wild west, everyone has spells and buffs and powers and what not, it wouldn't feel the same being a priest if everyone was one. Going to a rift for example and being a healer wouldn't feel the same if there were like 10 other people casting LoF. I'd feel... okay I guess if improving was allowed for only a certain set of skills depending on priest. Magranon: smithing Masonry. Fo: Tailoring Pottery and Masonry. Vynora: Pottery, Carpentry. Libila: Smithing, Carpentry. (Those are just examples) Plus ropemaking improvement for all. And a 20% reduction in QL gain on successful improvement action, but a 20% reduction in damage taken on failure, so improving isn't harder, it's just slower. I think I'd feel okay with that.
  3. Valrei International. 068

    I think this is very fair. I think a better solution is to ease up certain aspects of priesthood, and having statuette quality affect success can be a hindrance or a plus, but as I said before, being a priest is way more expensive and taxing on the mind than being a crafter. With that said... Having priest to require a high QL statuette would be "expensive" and I'm all for making priesthood grinding less expensive, Crafters use a few 90QL logs or a few 90QL lumps and with spindles, needles, etc... that's enough to last them months sometimes when just grinding. As for priests? 15s worth of chopped veggies can last you like 2 weeks if you play enough, and you can only gain about 5-10 channeling levels from that depending on your skill. Unless if you're like a master farmer, or a master miner and locksmith... That's not an easy thing at all for newbies to get in to. Increase statuette quality requirement for casting or some form of maintenance could prove difficult. I'm not fond of making CoC work with statuette's, but I am all for other ways to increase difficulty and reduce difficulty of spells.
  4. Valrei International. 068

    That's where the market plays in, a ton of our prized items in wurm are not creatable or impable by us.
  5. Valrei International. 068

    I agree strongly with Kochinac and Jaz. Having a statuette affect quality means that you can grind channelling better with a low QL stattuete too, and stick to lower less expensive favor spells. And a great stattuete for enchanting and healing/combat spells. Disappointing that runes don't affect statuettes.
  6. Valrei International. 068

    Don't forget how light this nerf is. What's being done here is putting a (small) cap on healing a huge amount of health in a small period of time.
  7. Valrei International. 068

    Speaking of Fo'ly stuff, it would be much appreciated if Fo followers got a bonus in skillgain for nature skills, Magranon gets 25% increase in fighting related skills, Vynora gets 10% in everything. Most Fo priests I know of are farmers and ranchers, just a thought.
  8. Valrei International. 068

    I feel like a lot of people have forgotten how good healing ticks are because they never even get to happen with all these LT lovers. Managing health adds more depth to combat and consequence to your actions. Life transfer makes you have to hit more, dealing more damage to your weapons too.
  9. Valrei International. 068

    Heck yeah, told it like it is Retrograde. But yeah, I found that I actually enjoyed PvE more when I switched away from LT... killing fast and seeing how hard I could hit was fun to me, and if you're in good armour then most mobs will never hit you for more than 5 damage. Which is healed with just 1 healing tick, especially if you're a Fo follower, cotton is not a hard thing to use. It's light and it can be used 10 times per piece, to heal any wound that reaches 10 or more damage.
  10. What colour is the knapsack?
  11. Valrei International. 068

    It kinda bothers me how much people have suckled on to LT, I myself always use bloodthirst, when a spell becomes almost all that's used in a server, I think that's a good queue to nerf. As for PvP however, I think that this nerf calls for allowing life transfer to heal multiple wounds at once. It kinda adds to your health pool very well at first, but scales down as you continue fighting. But who's to say you can't just switch to a damage enchant while fighting once life transfer starts sucking?
  12. sold please close.

    Body strength is really good. plus affinities I think that it should go for 175s-200s Wait, there's no "PC" in this thread, what am I doing? PC's are fun! that's what I'm doing.
  13. Valrei International. 068

    I'm not too worried due to the free swap for all priests, I myself have like 35-40 channeling, and stopped right at that point, because I don't have the will to enchant, because it looks horrible, tedious. 50-70 channeling is what a lot people give up at, I stopped my Nahjo priest right at 55 channeling, because enchanting doesn't look like fun, at least there will be more of a reason to grind channeling because there are higher difficulty damage spells but it's still not enough if you ask me. Channeling is a hellish grind. It's difficult to stay on 1 subject for too long, because that's how you burn out, and with all that grinding you go through or a huge payment for a new alt and to be rewarded with shattering a supreme item at 94QL... Gosh... that must be rough @kochinac shattering is a terrible mechanic, and it brings fear with every cast you make, and that's not fun!!! it makes you scared of enchanting! I would love it if they greatly reduced the sacrifice timer, it's way too long, as if it's rough enough burning through useful resources, you have to wait half a minute just so you can cast spells for like 20-40 seconds and gain so little with that time you cast too, in terms of both skill gain and enchanting success (usually) Priest life is extremely difficult, and it's why it's reserved for alts, the priest restriction lifts make me very very happy, and I welcome them, what you sacrifice is the loss of the ability to improve, however... if you look at what normal players use to grind their improving skills, it's not much, just a couple of high QL lumps and logs is enough to last you a month. As for priests? in order to improve your main skill you have to buy a crap load of gems, or chopped veggies, I've heard of someone who has spent 3 gold on grinding materials, holy cow! that's a lot of gems! being able to cast spells for like 20-40 seconds before having to wait another 30 seconds as you burn through a crap load of sometimes pricey resources without CoC (I do still believe CoC should not boost channeling gain) and to finally get to 94 channeling and to be rewarded with SHATTERING SUPREMES is bull! it's exhausting! and everyone I know who has a priest has complained about how annoying being a priest can be. If you seclude yourself from the world of improving, you should be in for another world of fun instead, but it's not fun! It's extremely exhausting on the wallet and brain... The most fun you can have with it is being a healer, and an animal tamer with charm and having damage bonuses. Those are the only fun things I can think of.. the passives mainly.
  14. Valrei International. 068

    To be honest, as a priest myself, I am extremely happy about these changes, and will take it any day.