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  1. What a wonderful vehicle to be added to a boat collector's collection. Free bump!
  2. Friendly service with great crop QL in an easy accessible location.
  3. Your next goal is what you make it. Congratulations again! And Theria was the best, I bet I wouldn't even be playing wurm right now without his great help and being so welcoming. He really did show me that there was more to wurm then living alone on top of a mountain and never seeking others. I myself lived alone for two years and mostly enjoyed exploring and never had prem at the start.
  4. I feel like this issue could be fixed by creating a server intended for hunting that has much higher difficulty enemies, maybe have building be allowed in the southern half for hunting lodges and what not, And disallowed north. (Newbies can't start here) When newbies feel like they're ready and have their gear they sail to this map to hunt stronger enemies. They can bring the challenge to them instead of being overwhelmed right off the gate. Make creatures with conditions spawn occasionally without lairs + the occasional rare valrei mob. Maybe have trolls carry deadlier weapons and goblins that spawn in groups and carry weapons. Sorta low scale goblin leaders. Just fun stuff like that that will make combat more interesting and make the player think more on how to approach a fight and defeat enemies. OH! and have it be covered in mycelium.
  5. Turns I may come up tomorrow or the day after that. What are the current faith gains?
  6. best enchanted items

    To Wiolo please. Thank you!
  7. Bought! can be closed.
  8. Bump! Gloves bought! Only need sleeves now!
  9. We need to have the ability to white out any leather/cloth, like bleached leather and cloth for example for better colorability.
  10. Boop!
  11. How much faith gain normally now? enough to reset my prayers is all I need, might be heading up in a few days.
  12. That's how you get the most likes for a day. lol And the devs have been doing a great job! So much content!
  13. Bump! Jacket bought.
  14. Rare studded set complete. Can be closed.