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  1. I'll take the 98.99QL mining potion. COD to Johnston, thanks!
  2. The embark bug is finally gone.. I'm so happy to hear this! People have died because of this. I wasn't expecting sleep bonus compensation since we were already getting prem time, that was a very nice surprise, thank you wurm team.
  3. Congrats to the new team members! And a special congrats from me to Wolfey.
  4. Makes me sad to see this one go! Especially since I wasn't told.
  5. I highly recommend Folke's enchants, I got the price of a 90 cast from a 96 cast, and the item was done very quickly.
  6. No more constantly missing olive season! I hope the berry bushes will look as great as I imagine them being.
  7. Maybe have shatter roles deal extreme damage rather then destroying it once your channeling is 30 or higher then the difficulty of the spell. Would be nice if metallic liquid worked, But even then it would only work on weapons, and weapon casts don't wear off over time so you wouldn't even really need it to be re-casted if your weapon already had some good casts. I think it would be better if shattering was negated with 30+ channeling then the difficulty, or metallic liquid would be usable on all items. Or even have 90+QL items be immune to shattering.
  8. Those reinforcements will be great for those who love cave dwelling! And goodness that wagon is beautiful...
  9. Free bump for a good mate. Happy holidays!
  10. This never happened to me until I switched to a laptop, I just freeze and my vehicle vanishes. disembarking does nothing for me also. Happens when I embark on a boat and horse, it's rare and I can't even seem to make it happen on purpose.
  11. I just realized this is in the wrong topic for reports.
  12. After updating to 1.3 I was unable to hear footsteps and ambient sounds such as birds wind etc. I could still hear actions combat and emotes. I made no changes to my settings prior to the update and all my audio sources were turned on. I tried re-verifying packs, Unstable client, and even deleted and re-installed wurm. My current OS is Windows 10 64-bit. (Update) When I walk or hear ambient sounds it comes out as an extremely quiet static sound.
  13. I never really found cooking in wurm interesting. This is very exciting. it will be a breath of fresh air making other things then meals.