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  1. We need more fog mobs, I suggest fog trolls that teleport behind you and super club you.
  2. I think we need to add more baking recipes in wurm, such as bundt cake.
  3. Now that we have donkeys, we should get rid of seals, seals are a evil nuisance.
  4. Since yoyo and puppeteering are pointless with them not giving characteristics anymore. Lets make them more fun, give each performance a score at the end of them based on how easily(use skill checks per each move/line to determine) so we can make a yoyo/puppet leaderboard.
  5. Make frying pans a weapon please, every mamushka knows how deadly they are.
  6. [19:57:15] <Darwin> god bless the specific genetic disorder that made her existance possible
  7. We used to have the option for us to wrap items in gift boxes but because it prevented items inside from decaying unintentionally, and the devs at the time didn't feel like fixing it, you guys removed them completely. I suggest you actually fix it and bring them back in game so I can send surprises to my friends and the holidays are coming up soon. Please let me send out my holiday seal glands in pretty boxes this year.
  8. I bump yet again in hopes they will add it, make me get drunk with so much rum I am nice to new players. Don't make this last as long as Nadrojs woad thread.
  9. I think there should be a minimum time a person has to be ingame for before they are allowed to make new threads in suggestions. For certain reasons. Like how to get to chaos forums before you had to verify you were on chaos server.
  10. Yall suck, in 3 hours I will make a poll with my favorite 3 answers unless something else is added before then. As of right now the choices will be 90 huge club 90 yoyo 90 weaponsmithing
  11. Uniques are so uncool, like there is groups of players that just keep finding them and not letting others get it. Everyone online should get a piece of scale/hide, and they should have a beam like rifts because it should be a community thing!