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  1. lets talk about uniques

    Your issue is that the hunt itself is locked away? The hunt is not locked away, everyone is able to go and hunt for uniques when they spawn, the secret is, to actually go out and hunt rather then just be expected to get invited when no effort is put into finding it. There is also plenty of public slayings that happen.
  2. WTA Supreme Marble brazier pillar

    So, does that mean by that logic, I should do 30s? XD
  3. WTA Supreme Marble brazier pillar

    You are more then welcome to your opinion, but I would also like to point out that you are selling your RARE brazier pillars for 10s, 15s starting bid for a supreme i believe is a fair price.
  4. Supreme Marble Brazier Pillar Starting Bid: 15s 1 hour sniper protection
  5. Woad Planters

    This guy had woad planters, why don't we?
  6. I am Emoo's daddy

    And my son finally admits he loves me.
  7. WTS Jackson the Enlightened Fighter

    I offer 1 usd
  8. I am Emoo's daddy

    Some more stuff for you guys, inspired by Shrimpiie and [20:47:30] You push the bloody face of corpse of Emoo against the blank paper sheet in hopes of producing an imprint.
  9. Ability to improve meals and drinks

    -1 HFC is already easy to grind, if the repeated clicking and dragging is causing issues, do small batches throughout your session.

    Yes, we currently have options to fix the issue OP addressed with concrete so i don't see a need for this.
  11. Fix Digging Missions

    -1 It might be because 90% of my playtime is digging, but the digging missions are my favorite. I also don't find it difficult to get the items on any of the difficulties.