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  1. I cannot tell the story of my name without getting in trouble. If you want to know my story, pm me and I'll tell you.
  2. Retro mention in his stream he wanted his name added to the pool for horse names. I am suggesting we add Bluto into it for him.
  3. +1 I want to punch some seals with enchanted knuckledusters
  4. [12:28:09] <Pandylynn> and lots of seals. terrible place 1/10 stars
  5. Secret thread

    This is a secret thread to make Gary jokes, don't tell anyone. Hi Gary
  6. I think its time we should be able to be able to grow cocoa beans. Everything else but cocoa beans and nettles(as far as I know) are farmable. Let us use the new planter boxes to grow the beans in. Edit: Shydow brought to my attention, sassafras+nutmeg can't be farmable. Why not add all four items to the farmable list.
  7. Jk has two because there was template JK, and then the PMK JKC.
  8. I have a avatar tyvm. Also, I demand map dumps so I can see my message in the sand.
  9. I don't see the point of removing LT from the game, with or without LT most pve content is not a challenge. All removing LT would do is make le it harder for newer players to start grinding their FS since there are a lot more aggressive mobs then passive. After a certain point, you don't even need LT. Pretty much every mob except for champ trolls I will end the fight with nearly no damage done to me. If you want more challenge for pve, they need to add more content for that, rather than removing something that is pretty much beneficial to newer players.
  10. @RetrogradeAre you guys changing the spell lists of original gods at all? Or leaving them the same and just removing player gods?
  11. So since Libila is a PVE god, how come the PVE god cannot cast strongwall on a PVE server? Are you planning on changing it so Lib can cast strongwall on PVE?
  12. Since sadly seals will not be removed from the game. I would like a new seals killed achievement so I can track the amount of seals I've put down.