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  1. I bump yet again in hopes they will add it, make me get drunk with so much rum I am nice to new players. Don't make this last as long as Nadrojs woad thread.
  2. I think there should be a minimum time a person has to be ingame for before they are allowed to make new threads in suggestions. For certain reasons. Like how to get to chaos forums before you had to verify you were on chaos server.
  3. Yall suck, in 3 hours I will make a poll with my favorite 3 answers unless something else is added before then. As of right now the choices will be 90 huge club 90 yoyo 90 weaponsmithing
  4. Uniques are so uncool, like there is groups of players that just keep finding them and not letting others get it. Everyone online should get a piece of scale/hide, and they should have a beam like rifts because it should be a community thing!
  5. You already can, right click an animal while riding it and you can unhitch just that animal...
  6. Allow us to dye/color rune unicorns please, then I would use them instead of killing.
  7. For all yall saying 100,i will not be doing 100, will do 90,maybe 95 depending on the skill
  8. So I'm taking Madnaths idea and stealing it! Choose what I should grind, no poll, just post what you think and the top 3 will become a poll to vote on.
  9. I didn't notice it say domestic creatures if it does that's the only place it's stated. The wiki says cared for CREATURE(whale is creature AFAIK) ingame description says cared for creature(same as above). Either way, I would like it to be able to be applied to whales please because I want to name my pet.
  10. Bumping because I want my named whale
  11. Please let us use wooden nameplates on whales. Per description it should be able to be used on it [13:57:51] A wooden nameplate to hang around the neck of animals. Activate the nameplate and right-click a cared-for creature in order to change its name. It is made from birchwood. [13:59:06] You now care specially for the aged champion blue whale, to ensure longevity. Edit: or atleast change the description to not have people spend marks on something that doesn't do what it says it does. I don't mind because I just used it to name a horse Grifosyourdaddy but others might be mad about wasting marks on it if it only works on horses
  12. No to non aggro spawning on deed, I put walls up to keep seals out, don't let them spawn inside please.