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  1. Previously in my octopus hunting adventures, the top of the head of the octopi could be seen at the top of the water, similar to how the corpse is just barely above the dirt if we drop a corpse on land. However, some time in the past month they've begun to lose buoyancy and have sunk much lower making it extremely difficult to see them. Now, when right up next to them, they're very far below the surface, as seen in this screenshot. I'm basically right in front of him (too close for combat purposes) and he's pretty far below the surface, and below the level of my sailboat.
  2. I am also lacking in cat options.
  3. You're right. I completely missed that one does more than hold enchantments. Thank you
  4. It is, but in this case the added volume rune was on the bowl inside the other, but it's been pointed out that I completely missed the other rune also makes it smaller.
  5. Go home, Xanadu. You're drunk. At or around M27
  6. Please let us turn off the light effect on the Pumpkin Terror statues like we can with epic portals, by kicking them. They're cool even without it.
  7. Confirmed also unable to plant a catseye on Xanadu. Catseye is over 10ql, paving is 55, the item is a catseye (not blind catseye), road is flat, all connections appropriate. Attempts made on deed continuing from incomplete highway - red catseye followed by line of blue catseyes - plant option appears with catseye activated but no action initiates when plant is clicked. Attempt made from waystone on deed in 3 directions not currently occupied by catseyes - same result, plant option appears with catseye activated but no action initiates when clicked. Attempt made from waystone off deed to create a branch/intersection with existing waystone - same result, plant option appears with catseye activated but no action initiates when clicked. Several reports have been made in Help about people having difficulties from both clusters and multiple servers.
  8. I'd love an update to merchants that showed what was sold. It would be much easier than going through my lists to try to compare, but for now I guess we keep spreadsheets outside of wurm. The idea of seeing who was shopping I don't love... It's cool if people want to window shop and not have to be worried about being bothered with sales calls, but some sort of statistics would be cool, like how many shoppers in 14 days. Further, if we could treat the merchant inventory like any other container to sell items in sets or logical containers that would be great. A backpack of armor isn't unreasonable or game breaking. A satchel of sprouts would be awesome, a book with pages would be AMAZING. Please please make it so. Sure people use them as cheaper storage sometimes, but so what? Dressing merchants I can get behind if it's not possible to recover the clothing from the merchant afterward. Otherwise you're just storing armor/clothing for later with no decay. Obviously let us try the outfit on them first to make sure it would look good before finalizing.
  9. It stinks that some people can't let well enough alone so we can have nice things. Oh well. At least we know that the masses have spoken and what they really want is to dye rugs. Long live the carpet revolution!
  10. I can appreciate that similar have been suggested before, as many things have. Yes, it was an exciting feature in the roadmap, then fell off of existence with no additional mentions. To bring it back up for discussion and suggest ways to make it more than just a bridge, I posted here as well as over on the new suggestions site. If you read the suggestion, it also talks about piers as a way to build over water rather than just an expanse over water. Of course it did. I'm the one that posted that.
  11. Please allow us to create a bridge that is a wooden structure over water to allow us to stop doing the insane dirt docks that look horrible and endure long after deeds have fallen. Cap them at a certain distance from land, such as 5 tiles out and up to 3 tiles wide. All of them should be flat (no slopes) from the land they are connected to. Allow specific structures to be added which improve ease of disembarking from the taller ships (these could be called platforms). Permit building on them with a maximum of a 3x3 building after the dock has been converted into a pier by adding additional support beams to solidify the structure. Planning could be done using a dioptra like normal, but max distance is chosen by the planner and capped by carpentry skill. Additional materials are needed as the structure sits in deeper waters, but primarily comprised of planks, nails, ribbons, support beams, wooden beams, and logs, but perhaps require buoys at the far end on the water side.
  12. New decorations like... THESE???? What's this? Do we get goblin archaeologic stuff or just have to clean up litter?