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  1. I got called into work and missed it I'll bring the pies to one of the dragons this weekend Glad everyone had an amazing time!
  2. Are we 100% sure it's the dragon, not Nineol? Just want a piece of that guilt-free treasure.
  3. Starting bid: 15 silver Increment (minimum): 1 silver Buyout: 60 silver Snipe Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: Accepted
  4. I agree with this for a number of reasons. Yes, I get that you want to show off the best and brightest the game has to offer, but let that be one of the wonders of exploration. Then, when a player comes across a beautiful deed, the feat of creating that space can be seen as the achievement and effort that it was. Instead, you're setting up the expectation that the things in this starter town are the norm. In other games where it's not a sandbox and these starter towns are a hub of activity it makes sense for the best and brightest to be on display. Here, it just creates a jewel that makes all other treasures seem average and unimpressive.
  5. So your solution, instead of addressing the inequality in the reward system, is pay to win? No. I love Sheffy's solution of a skin as a reward. Then it can be whatever we wish, FAIR and EQUAL.
  6. rare champagne to Seriphina please
  7. Can we please have an actual model for the temple? The satchel is cool and all but it doesn't scream "epic structure" like some of the others. I'd love to see an actual model for this mission structure that comes up in the missions list. I'd especially love if the new model was, you know, a temple.
  8. [02:44:43] <Hershaw> Pheasants... the Piranas of the Prairies...
  9. Still seeing this and at times feels like the delay is getting worse, especially swapping between presets.
  10. Rare bottle ql 28 novice Clue 1 Clue 2 Clue 3
  11. Please add the tower Seriphina 106 at 7914, 4234 Also please add my deed, Dragonwyck, at 7905, 4240
  12. 56ql Supreme with 3 clues to solve. Kinda disappointing for a supreme.
  13. After moving those objects, ensure you have clicked lock window on each element.