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  1. The only thing qualifies a player as active is logging in. Even if they have paid premium for a year, if they don't log in they are not active.
  2. I'm sorry you're frustrated. None of this game is instant gratification. So long as the building is in your perimeter, the player can't return and repair the building, so it will decay in time.
  3. There's other players out there. Make some friends. Talk to people. Invite a neighbor over for a few minutes to help plan the bridge.
  4. You can have every single resource on your deed without expansion. Need peat/clay/tar? Transmutation liquid. Need gold/silver/tin? Transmutation rod. With a little experience and some effort, perhaps a little additional financial investment, you can have every resource you need on a 1s per month deed. This suggestion is not needed, and forces players to treat Wurm as a job instead of a game. No thank you. Perhaps you need to log out for a bit and reconnect with reality. In the end, this game is a business and needs the income from premium and deed upkeep to continue to thrive.
  5. This is a terrible idea. No thank you. Try suggesting something we truly do need that would ADD to the game, like the ability to relocate the deed token or dyeable rugs. Your suggestion detracts from the game.
  6. Back in the day they actually did keep the lanterns lit, not just them being on deed. You had to have the oil in a barrel to be used for refilling, but that was the mechanic which was later changed to not continue to require constant fueling if planted/secured on deed. There already was an update fairly recently to allow you to get a seed back if they reach the only weeds stage (a stage that was created for casuals so they at least got something back). I like that you have to log in regularly to maintain crops. It allows us to see what deeds are becoming neglected, and creates and incentive to log in regularly. If it's too much work to log in for a few minutes to tend the crops, then perhaps the field is too large. Consider scaling back. Mine take less than 10 minutes a day to maintain. For clarity, no, I don't feel this should be implemented.
  7. The decay speeds up a bit if they player isn't logging in. If they are logging in regularly, that causes decay to take longer. Your best option is to try to contact the player. Otherwise, especially if it is a low quality building, it won't take terribly long to fall to pieces.
  8. You say that you dropped them, but they need to be planted/secured to work properly. Are they planted/secured?
  9. That's a beautiful color. What's the RGB value for it?
  10. Yo yo training? Sign me up! What server???
  11. I'd like this. How many marks will it cost? Or is it through the wurmonline store? kthx.