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  1. Must see places

    Hi Spacy Sorry I missed you when you stopped by. If you find yourself back in my neck of the woods I'll gladly give you a tour around my place.
  2. They've come out and said that they will maintain stability if that becomes an issue, but there will be no further updates to WU.
  3. The quality of the produce is based on your forestry skill. Adding to that a harvesting rune and rare or better sickle also improves the quality, but the most important factor is your skill in forestry. When it comes to cutting trees down, it's based on your woodcutting skill, a bit of axe and RNG, but mostly the skill. Sprouts don't play any part in quality of the tree, only in difficulty in planting them.
  4. Congratulations! Always knew you were enough of an absolute madman to get it done.
  5. @elentari They have. This thread alone is a year old, but if you read it suggests more than simply taxidermy. The suggestion of broadly "taxidermy" has been suggested, and one of the threads you linked was even posted by my husband. This one, however, includes a suggested system with detailed implementation as opposed to "dead crap on deed not decaying would be cool".
  6. I like that you get some benefit from having a deeded area in the mine on freedom vs undeeded buildings everywhere. Encourages people to protect their stuff and invest in the game. In comparison on PVP someone can destroy the little cave building, unlike what is possible on freedom, so it doesn't impede things like deeding as it would on freedom. Therefore, having more inconvenience to squat on freedom seems reasonable.
  7. It's been a year. Time for an anniversary bump.
  8. It's probably a POK tile. I've gotten reverse messages between the two until I tried spamming for a question only to find eventually the tile was a POL not POK as I'd expected.
  9. Can we see a picture of the craftable board please?
  10. This feels like a big central finger to legacy players for having older toons. Furthermore, it's not like forestry and gardening had these imbues to stack to make it game breaking. We got a small boost. Now we have useless runes. We already gather at our skill level.
  11. So with my runed sickle, I get absolutely nothing anymore? Because you gather at your skill level anyway without the RNG that woodcutting and mining have. Or were those two skills the only ones actually considered in this nerf?
  12. My SO had an issue recently where one of our branded horses was lead off of our deed and left in a mine to starve. GM ticket... Long story short because the animal was branded we got it back. Branding does protect the animal, but the intentions on your deed take precedence over individual animal settings or branding. It seems like this is the intended mechanic or that it's something they don't intend to change. [03:06:58] <Legios> I had lead able, but thought branding overrode that. [03:08:05] <Astarte> And there is the answer; sadly, deed permissions override horse permissions, but he couldn't take the gear because horse management [03:09:19] <Legios> I hate to have the deed locked up like fort knox with so many newbies that come through, being close to a starter town, but I guess there's no way around it? [03:11:20] <Legios> So if my branded horse were off deed, could someone lead it? [03:11:42] <Astarte> No, sounds incredible, but on from deed [03:11:55] <Astarte> because you had leading on deed enabled [03:12:00] <Legios> Okay, pens it is. [03:12:23] <Astarte> At least you branded the horse, that's what saved it [03:12:30] <Legios> Yes Thank you [03:12:39] <Astarte> You're welcome! [03:12:52] <Astarte> Happy wurming and enjoy getting in trouble [03:12:57] <Legios> And thank you for clarification. Deed permissions override branding. It's in the wilds that branding is the primary protection for our animals.
  13. This is the exact issue. CA help has constantly devolved into discussions on mechanics that aren't even related to the original question because it's being regularly steered off topic by specific players. As a result, questions are getting missed that are legitimate questions, not just hashing out opinions on some obscure mechanic. It's often excused that the discussion is somehow related to the original question, but in reality it's well beyond the scope of questions being asked.
  14. Haven't found them on Xanadu either in my alliance.
  15. Lately it seems the help channel is overrun with discussions on game mechanics that veer terribly far off topic from the original question. Global freedom channel doesn't seem the appropriate place to have discussions on mechanics as a multitude of other things are discussed and the conversations can get muddled that way. Is it possible for a new channel to be created where players can ask questions on game mechanics then discuss/debate them to their heart's content without flooding help chat resulting in actual questions being missed? Thank you for your consideration.