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  1. The Screenshots Thread

    I can't tell if she likes my new temple or not.
  2. Shifting objects and escaping animals

    Bumping again because weeks have passed and this hasn't been acknowledged.
  3. [SOLD - 7S]99QL Rare Exquisite Meditation Rug

    Different people have different uses, and I was asking as confirmation, not a criticism. Not sure why the attitude. 7s is too rich for my bank account. Good luck with it.
  4. [SOLD - 7S]99QL Rare Exquisite Meditation Rug

    Unenchanted? I'll give you 1.5s for it.
  5. Legacy statues!

    +1 These would be a really cool addition for archaeology
  6. Animal Taming

    +1 Would love to see an overhaul of taming in its entirety, but the addition of something akin to an animal companion seems like it would be a nice change.
  7. Mini Games

    I am still absolutely in love with this idea and the additional social aspect it could bring to the game. Please give us more reasons to come together apart from stabbing things in groups.
  8. No more "X" when crafting

    There are already hard points at which you can even think about crafting specific items. The success or failure of mediation ticks wasn't a part of my statement, but way to move the goal posts. The long timers, exactly what the OP is suggesting, is what I said I don't like. No, this isn't about the thrill of gambling. If I wanted that I'd head to the casino down the road. It's about dedication in the face of adversity. Maybe someone shouldn't be able to run a marathon because they only have one leg, or shouldn't be able to lose 30 pounds in a month, or shouldn't be able to afford a house by 20 but work their butt off and get that down payment. It's about tenacity. And it's not a high - end result. The game is set to say that it is POSSIBLE for someone with that skill is able to do this, it's just DIFFICULT. So no, regardless of how many times you decide to attack other people's opinions, this is not a good idea and I'm allowed to not be a sheeple that goes along with something just because you want it. -1
  9. No more "X" when crafting

    -1 No. I'm not a veteran player by any stretch but I would absolutely hate long timers that guarantee success. For one, barely passing a threshold to create something and just giving it a long timer doesn't equate to trying and failing to attach a piece. Given enough time with two boards doesn't make someone's bad attempt at making a shelf suddenly successful. It's a trial and error until they figure out how to do it right. Sometimes in that failure you need a new board or five, and you bend all of the nails you tried using. Second, long action timers are exactly why I hate certain skills, like meditation and the old fishing. AFK skilling is boring AF, and long timers make me want to just go AFK or play something else. Third, you take away the thrill of success at a low threshold. Maybe I shouldn't be able to build a larder with low skill, but when I do, I'm proud of that accomplishment. Now you're hoping to take that away because a red X hurts your feelings? No thanks.
  10. Marsh tile

    I'd love to see a way to create reed tiles as well. There's several new fruits to be juiced, perhaps this could be added in as two more tile types we can transmute. +1
  11. Shifting objects and escaping animals

    Still happening. I have to go around and pull things out of walls every reset. This is getting really annoying. Objects are primarily shifting the equivalent of 1-2 push gently actions. This happens with secured and not secured items. All of the objects that move are set in place using the "place" feature, not sure if that's exclusive though. This includes: Lights/Lamps, Larders, BSBs, Ovens, Forges, Smelters, a Picnic Basket, Snowman Statues... And many others.
  12. [Bug] Forges igniting after server restart

    Confirmed this is still happening, and objects inside do get hot.
  13. What you consider laziness, others consider quality of life. Sometimes I click the tile and use the button actions instead (which some players prefer). Why should I be forced to play with keybinds? As a quality of life change, this would be awesome and makes far more sense than us filling our pockets with dirt shawshank redemption style.
  14. Update Rare Sacrifice

    Ah okay. I thought it didn't last time I did it, but who knows.