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  1. I wholeheartely agree that we need this. This will be especially logical for the steam release because they won't have the same PMK banners that are available on WO.
  2. What skill level in cloth tailoring is required for this? Also, has anyone made one yet that can supply a screenshot of what it looks like?
  3. I'd love to see more books on shelves. Right now libraries look like they're extra low budget. I also like the idea of being able to flip the almanac style books on end to be displayed like the other book style.
  4. If you're going to remove player gods, please introduce a 5th neutral god that is boring and doesn't play with the others in PVP that is a good deed maintenance god like Nahjo was. New God - Jake from State Farm: Courier Strongwall Genesis Mend Summon Soul Vessel Reveal Creatures Lurker in the Deep Wild Growth Humid Drizzle Light Token Dirt Bless
  5. I'm not sure what you're saying here. It seems like you're saying this shouldn't be considered because there's other things you'd rather see. I don't think that the dev team working on other things would negate their ability to develop new skills and features in the game. Additionally, the desire for other items such as glass making doesn't mean that other skills and features shouldn't be developed. Players have varied interests. On your point of wool, wool contains lanolin which would seep over time into the taxidermied figure and could cause discoloration. Wool has quite a few uses, and cotton seems appropriate here.
  6. Yes, the fine specimen would be for that creature type... so a low chance to get it while butchering means not everyone will a dragon trophy, but more common creatures will be more common, though still unusual.
  7. As I stated in my original post: I purposefully did not include Trolls or goblins as these are humanoid and that's a bit of a slippery slope. There's people who have arachnophobia so I would probably leave spiders off the list. I don't feel like we need to include EVERY possible creature, especially since there is overlap with statues, HOTAs, archaeology statues, and so forth, but some may want to and that's cool. Again, not a fully complete listing, just a springboard to start the discussion.
  8. After butchering (like you found it in their stomach while you were chopping them up into bits). No change to the coin rolls. Butchering rare roll would have the possibility of adding rarity. Better than a rare meat IMHO. No benefit apart from maybe getting to make things you might not be able to based on skill (much like we get with the arch smithed items. Possibility of runes might be nice on rugs with less decay or chance to improve rarity or chance to improve casts on meditation rugs and the like. I'm suggesting a craftable item added to your crafting recipes, a la goblin liver & onions recipe and the way it adds to your cookbook. It will have no trait bonuses over it's standard counterpart (similar to a jackal skin) but is a craftable variation that is purely cosmetic. Only the item retrieved from the corpse decays (the Fine Specimen) , even on deed. The act of turning it into a trophy preserves it and stops decay/allows improvement. Once it's a trophy, it's a decoration and takes no damage on deed.
  9. Still hoping I'll be able to move a deed token on an established deed.
  10. This would be an excellent way to better manage our mines on deed. Yes please!
  11. I'm sure this has been visited repeatedly, but here goes: Hunting is lacking the excitement of discovery. There's a thrill when you kill a humanoid and get a recipe. That same thrill and hope could be applied to other creatures through Wurm in small ways in order to create a greater level of excitement around killing creatures. Yes, this also introduces TAXIDERMY, a skill that should be a new subset of tailoring. This involves several changes, I'll separate into spoilers so this doesn't just look like a wall of text. Random Drops Lore and Skill Journals with Alternative Crafting Recipes Taxidermy
  12. Sailing through Ron's deed was always a signal I was finally back home. He was such as wonderful person, always eager to help, and enthusiastically giving of his time. He is missed. Fair winds and following seas.
  13. Is this that yes, the upper limit of decor on a shelf will be increased? That more full books will fit? please elaborate? I need my library of Wurmian Wonders!