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  1. Category: Combat and Defense Deed: Lorewood, Xanadu H23 Xanadu is a peaceful village with lovely neighbors and picturesque views. But no matter where you go in Xanadu, the threat of trolls and other unsavory characters still threaten villages all over the map. To protect the villagers, Lorewood has a great wall that surrounds it's borders and guard towers near the entrances to ensure the safety of travelers and villagers alike. Lorewood's Main Gate The East Gate and Eastern Guard Tower A guard standing watch over villagers maintaining the orchards Probably most impressive is the Harbor Gate where ships enter Lorewood for trade. The high walls protect the small harbor from attack as well as squalls that are common in the area in the summertime. And here is the view from within the massive walls. Even with these defenses and small guard units stationed at each entrance, the village's defenders do sometimes succumb to wounds in battle. For those, the small graveyard is well maintained and often visited to show the continued respect and appreciation of those who gave their lives to defend Lorewood.
  2. Category: Places of Business Deed: Lorewood, Xanadu H23 Though my market deed is still under construction, I have some shops on my main deed in Lorewood where merchants await travelers with their special finds and unique treasures. This one I've just set up as my bookbinder. Mikey Merchant has everything to satisfy your paper, papyrus, and bookbinding needs. Now where did he leave that almanac....
  3. Category: Cozy Ranches and Farms Deed: Lorewood, Xanadu H23 At Lorewood, I have scattered the farming fields and livestock spaces to create a more compact and inviting workspace throughout the deed. Here, you see one of the livestock areas where the herd maintenance shed is as well, for hay and supply storage. The HOTA statue keeps the branding irons hot and ready for branding each foal, lamb, and calf. Horses and Bison are separated into breeding stables, and their offspring have fields of enchanted grass to roam while they grow. Cows are kept in the dairy barn for efficient milking and care. Chickens produce eggs daily for Lorewood's kitchens to serve up some amazing breakfasts and wonderful baked goods. The pig pen is behind the kitchens so that the scraps from the day can be put to use to feed them. Mushrooms are farmed in a shady alleyway. And crops are grown near the village kitchens to make a farm to table lifestyle a reality.
  4. Today I remembered that I'd wanted to gather a new set of reports for my almanac, and with lingonberry in season, it was the perfect opportunity to run around and grab reports. With my forestry so high, I am able to sell completed almanacs for a little extra money to put toward my upkeep each month, so I get extra reports each season. This is particularly helpful for people who want a completed almanac but can't find lingonberry, or who don't have high forestry but want more accurate times for harvest. So, today I'm gathering reports on Lingonberry, Raspberry, Hazelnuts, and Walnuts. I had been distracted recently and missed getting reports, so I'll have to wait until next season rolls around for each of those. I had already harvested everything on my own deed, so today became an exploration adventure. I had good luck finding hazelnuts and raspberries on some old fallen deeds. Autumn is one of my favorite seasons (Spring too!) because the flowers stand out so much more against the dry grass. If you get far enough off the beaten path, you may even find some white dotted flowers like I did today, though I forgot to grab a screenshot in my excitement. While I was out in the wilds I did a bit of archaeology as well and happened on an old deed I had already in my journal and managed to complete the report. All told I found over 400 fragments. Once back home I eagerly identified them at the Historical Preservation Society, a building dedicated to the recovery and identification of artifacts and relics of long lost villages. After my fragments were identified, I popped into my house and put away the reports I'd written today. I've learned that paper won't decay when stored in books, though the books do take damage over time and will need improvement and repairing. This allows me to keep reports, recipes, and letters from friends safely stored on my bookshelves without having to worry they'll one day disappear. Since I plan to someday make a village for new players near to my own, I have been collecting the recipes from trolls, goblins, and ogres to share with them as well. Then it was time for bed. Another long day full of accomplishment.
  5. Today was uneventful as I didn't have a lot of time in the lands of Wurm. I do have some exciting new piglets that have the potential to become prize winning entries in the next village fair. The way they've been breeding I may need to consider expanding the pig pen! Hopefully that's a good sign for when I take them to market. Legios is a bit backlogged on his brick making duties. He swears it will get done. His slow pace is holding up my plans for a market north of Lorewood. I'm eager to get started, but there is still a lot of terraforming and work to be done. Across this bridge is the land that we've claimed for Dragonwyck Market. It will have all manner of livestock as well as crafted goods and interesting items. Applications have already been submitted by several merchants who are eager to get in on this exciting new project. The bridge and river we've created here makes a lovely spot for fishing or just a relaxing boat ride. The small river is beautiful all year, but autumn is particularly magical.
  6. New day, new project in Wurm Online. I'm adding a few signs and lights around deed today, starting at the bookbinder. It's tucked away in a small corner of Lorewood's Guild District. I'll be working in there later to make books for the Temple of the Summoned. For now, looking for a specific book of recipes is an extra challenge when the merchant can't remember where he put it. In other news, there was a lovely eclipse today. You see the most lovely things when you stop to look around. Next was making string from the overabundance of cotton I've got in bins. It will take ages to get it all done, but I'm working my way through it a little at a time. Please don't judge the mess that is my tailoring storage! I'm working on it! As evening rolled around I went indoors to make some pizzas. Though not particular about affinity, this deed has some very hungry workers so I try to make them as big as I can! Today's were over 23kg. The rest of my time was spent tending the fields, caring for my flock, milking the cows, and maintaining my orchard.
  7. Today is a day for deed maintenance. So much of the past few days were lost to distractions and construction that some of the regular work has fallen to the wayside. Then there's the garlic field. This one in particular. Story time: I decided it was time to put some effort into my farming skill. After a bit of reading, I determined garlic would be my best option. There are 3 open areas on deed I use for farming extra crops, and one sits at the newly adjusted deed border with no fence. I recently reduced the size of my deed. It took me a long time to finally give in and do it because I'd have to relocate two pretty major components; the wine cellar and the deed token. A lot of my hesitation was the hopefulness that we'd eventually get the option to relocate the token. No such luck. So finally, I surrendered, disbanded, and reestablished my deed. With relocation of the wine cellar, there was an area that needed to be surface mined for me to finish the wall that goes around the exterior and still have it look good. So, this seemed as good of a time as any to go ahead and get that surface mining done before I start planting crops. So my surface mining adventure began. As I neared the home stretch, I got a warning that the rock I was mining sounded strangely hollow. Great, so there's some random unknown cave tunnel just in my perimeter. I opened 8 different tiles to try to get into that cave, but was blocked again and again, particularly by reinforced cave walls. Being off deed I couldn't remove them. Finally I was able to find a point of entry and went inside. Knowing my Magranon priest, Harruq, would make quick work of the tunnels inside, I explored a bit. All in all there were about 45 tiles that would need to be strongwalled after I found a few other collapsed tiles that lead to branches of this tunnel system. While Harruq did his job, I noticed an iron vein. Recalling that grape season was coming soon and I'd need iron for ribbons to make wine barrels, I decided to take advantage of this iron vein and mine it out. That was my undoing. After several crates of ore, I called in reinforcements. Legios did some prospecting for me and determined there was a good bit of ore in there. A few weeks of mining remained here, indicating that there was something between 5,000 and 10,000 ore remaining. Figuring it would be closer to the bottom end of that range, I trudged on. Oh boy was I wrong. Three days later, and several wagons of crates filled with iron ore taken to my refinery for smelting, I finally received the notification from Legios that the ore would run out soon. When it was all over, I had well over 10,000 iron lumps to help with my wine barrel production. I may never need to mine ore for ribbons again. The tunnel system was fully collapsed by Harruq, and in the end he and Legios finished the surface mining. The tall wall at the deed's edge was finished and the garlic finally got planted. Then it was time to harvest the grapes. Near the finished wall, here is Lorewood's East Gate. The guards were relocated here when the village was reduced, and they spend a lot of time wandering the orchards and stealing my crops. While pruning my orchard I discovered my sweet champion wildcat had a baby. It's so tiny compared to it's mother! You can see her there between mom's legs. Currently there are a number of trees and bushes in season, as it always is when we get to autumn. Grapes, lemons, apples, and chestnuts are all harvestable right now. I've finished all but the chestnuts at this point. Looking forward to more of the nuts coming into season in the orchard. As I wander around and maintain my plants I notice I should consider adding a few lights to spruce up the area for night work. Working during the day is extra calming when the sound is up and the birds are singing. Unless The other village members are doing smithing or brick cutting and noisily interrupting my peaceful day. Here are my large planters where I cultivate mushrooms. It's also where I have my storage for all of my gardening and farming tools, including sprouts and grasses. The kitchen's dining room is surrounded with a covered porch where the herbs are grown for the various dishes, though pizza is usually on the menu. The building just ahead there with the green milk cart is the dairy barn, where the cows are waiting to be milked. Finally, I've been doing some updates for the contest. This is the hay barn I've added to my stables area. The HOTA keeps my branding irons hot without being bothered by lighting a forge. Very helpful! And I'm also going to do some work on farming fields to get them photo ready and updated to be more cozy. I'll post that progress here as I complete projects. Don't worry, the final pictures will be taken in the daylight hours.
  8. I'm adding a nautical compass to my wishlist. Just because we can just disembark and wait, doesn't mean we should have to. (thank you Idlamn for the idea!)
  9. Today's project has been creating a temple/church dedicated to Libila. I managed to finish my archaeology statue today and was eager to get things in place. I still need to fine-tune the interior, but here are some pictures of the project thus far. I'm hoping to get my hands on some thornwood shafts or branches to make wooden benches in that deep dark green color that goes so well with the purple of HOTS. Also I plan on adding a few other decorations like a bookcase, a coffin, and of course more skulls. Exterior: Temple of the Summoned Temple of the Summoned Entrance Temple of the Summoned Entrance Rear view/Bridge entrance
  10. I've been playing Wurm for quite some time now, and over the years I've primarily lived in one spot. Though the location has stayed the same (H23 Xanadu near Summerholt), the deed has changed repeatedly. It went from my beginner hovel, to a series of buildings, to a major orchard. There was a brief time when the deed was massive and had a large castle at the center. Now, it's a village. As new features are introduced and needs change, parts of the deed still change. Buildings are torn down for one reason or another, or updated as new options become available. I invite you all on this screenshot journey as I update the changes happening at Lorewood and talk about the reasons and inspriation behind some of the changes. Through it all I'll give short tours and backstories on various parts of the deed, as well as the sister deeds that are under construction. Welcome to Lorewood. North Gate Main Entrance
  11. Equity is not the same as equality. But thanks for the Strawman.
  12. It's certainly an issue when you casually hear people ask if a slaying is "in the usual spot" meaning the spawns happen in specific places often. As such, it seems players have set themselves up with deeds nearby to effectively camp these spawn locations. Loot distribution is a huge issue. I agree that if something is this valuable, it should not be able to be limited involvement. The gatekeeping that happens as a result prevents players from getting end-game materials (unless they pay the gatekeepers, which makes it extortion). 1. I would like to see loot distribution more like with rifts, where only people who participate in the fight can gain loot (healing, buffing, or attacking) to end the constant parked carts of alts that border the edges of slayings when they're made public. 2. Remove the rare bones and possible tome drops. Replace this with Unique points that can be eventually cashed in for a rare bone or a tome (much like with rift!) so that routinely participating in these slayings earns fun rewards! 3. Scale the drops to the challenge. A big reason you see these private slayings is because the amount of scale you get when the group increases becomes almost laughable. Change this to a set amount of scale/hide plus blood per participant. You wanna earn enough scale to make armor you will need to attend multiple slayings this way, but keeping those slaying exclusive and private is no longer profitable. To make it more fun, make the challenge/hit points of the creature scale with the number of people in local so we don't see dragons die in 10 seconds because they're run down by 80 players (80 fighters would be amazing to see, but TBH we mostly see alts in local when numbers are that high). Find a way to stop the PROFITABILITY of private slayings and you may finally see the community come together and enjoy them as they were intended. "Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared." - Buddha ETA: I'm on Xanadu. I leave my deed and explore for hours and get horribly lost often. Finding uniques here is like looking for a needle in a stack of needles that is also on fire. This is evident by the Green Dragon Hatchling that's been chilling here since 2017. Yes, I could go searching other servers, but I shouldn't have to go to other places to get lost. I can get perfectly lost here. And searching on other servers for their uniques feels like I'm doing a disservice to the people that reside there.
  13. I went through and branded all of my sheep so I could name them, then started naming them with manage animal. I noticed that after hitting apply changes, a large number of them got the fluffier texture (literally watched it happen over and over the moment I hit apply changes). It did not happen every time. I had a halter rope equipped. I noticed it more on white sheep than black, both rams and sheep, varying ages but primarily mature, aged, and old. I realize it's not a huge issue, but seeing the AH gain and wool from shearing, I don't want to further test and be accused of exploiting.
  14. Ooh I might be able to make this!
  15. 1. A grey base model of all meditation and floor rugs which allow us to dye them. Been asking since 2017. 2. Dresses for characters. Some of us are girls. Some of us aren't. Some would like more customization than facial hair. Don't gender lock it, but please add some dresses. 3. Full size versions of the Miner, Digger, Axeman, and swordsman statuettes added to the Archaeology Skill. The item exists for the starter/tutorial area, so please incorporate that for everyone to liven up our villages a bit more. 4. The ability to put more books on empty bookshelves. Seriously, they're sad looking when "full". We want libraries. Some of us have found really cool things to do with these books, and we want it to be visually appealing as well. 5. A fleshed out taxidermy system which allows us to display some of our proud kills and lucky finds. 6. A Ferryman object which expands the Wagoner system to cross servers with deliveries. This object would be placed at shorelines with access to server borders (not inland lakes, must be salt water) as a connection to the highway system which allows shipping routes to be picked up and ferried to the other servers. On the other side it would be picked up by an idle public wagoner and continue it's journey. 7. The ability to sell containers (non-sealed) that are full on merchants. This would allow armor sets, satchels of small items such as seeds or sprouts, and other items to be sold on merchants in bulk without disrupting the integrity of the deed permissions. Heck even bartenders would be an option with this selling mugs of ale. 8. While we are at it, let us dress our merchants. Liven up those merchant deeds and give some interest to the few NPCs we have. 9. The ability to dye the Canopy Bed. We can dye the regular ones, but not the extra fancy? That seems silly. 10. A deck of playing cards and tarot cards made with papyrusmaking skill. These would open a mini game (like checkers) we can take on the road to pass time before rifts and other adventures. Tarot cards may forecast something interesting (giving a buff for +% chance of rare for period of time, or higher chance of encountering a troll for poor result) 11. Bone dice carved from skulls for games of chance. 12. More image options for shop signs. 13. The ability to relocate a deed token. 14. Let us craft a token-like item which allows us to withdraw from the bank when placed on a deed. This encourages market deeds and makes our own deeds more customizable. 15. Make going out and hunting away from our deeds more enticing. Give us new mobs, like a troll or goblin camp. Have there be items that we can collect from aggressive corpses, like pieces of new recipe variants. Make uncommon and rare or better crafting variants that are learned through hunting that give us a different-looking crafting option on items, like an armor stand that displays plate instead of studded leather. And finally, thank you for fulfilling my suggestion of traits for the production animals. It's been a challenge to try to get the right traits on my herd and has made tending the flock more interesting and exciting!