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  1. Oooh that bed would actually look pretty sweet in my stables. Thank you for choosing my new deed entrance for the Valrei Photo this time!
  2. Working on a new deed entrance for Lorewood on Xanadu
  3. Yes, but adamantine for a random color rune is a steep price for something so basic. On a colossus or a boat I can see it, but not really on a rug, though yes, it does work. I would love so much to be able to just dye the rugs for my house in colors of my choosing instead of relying on RNG.
  4. Beverages are recipes too if you haven't already discovered that. Some of the beverages have multiple variants that each have multiple stages. Examples Blue and Green Grape Juices, maple sap, Unfermented wine red and white, Fermenting wine red and white, White and red wines, White and red wine vinegars. So for essentially two basic beverages, there are 11 resulting recipes. I gave that example because it's known to everyone. Give it a try and don't forget that some beverages are both fermented then distilled.
  5. Yeah, taxidermy would be cool.
  6. Yes please. Midnight looks like midday.
  7. All prepared for this year's alliance Valentines get together!
  8. I would love to see the in-game maps turned into tapestries that can be assembled from fragments through archaeology. Fragment type would be Papyrus To complete the item would require the player to create a tapestry stand and assemble the tapestry fragments. Final assembly and improve based on papyrusmaking skill. One for each map, able to be found on any map, regardless of server cluster.
  9. Must see places

    Hi Spacy Sorry I missed you when you stopped by. If you find yourself back in my neck of the woods I'll gladly give you a tour around my place.
  10. They've come out and said that they will maintain stability if that becomes an issue, but there will be no further updates to WU.
  11. The quality of the produce is based on your forestry skill. Adding to that a harvesting rune and rare or better sickle also improves the quality, but the most important factor is your skill in forestry. When it comes to cutting trees down, it's based on your woodcutting skill, a bit of axe and RNG, but mostly the skill. Sprouts don't play any part in quality of the tree, only in difficulty in planting them.
  12. Congratulations! Always knew you were enough of an absolute madman to get it done.
  13. @elentari They have. This thread alone is a year old, but if you read it suggests more than simply taxidermy. The suggestion of broadly "taxidermy" has been suggested, and one of the threads you linked was even posted by my husband. This one, however, includes a suggested system with detailed implementation as opposed to "dead crap on deed not decaying would be cool".
  14. I like that you get some benefit from having a deeded area in the mine on freedom vs undeeded buildings everywhere. Encourages people to protect their stuff and invest in the game. In comparison on PVP someone can destroy the little cave building, unlike what is possible on freedom, so it doesn't impede things like deeding as it would on freedom. Therefore, having more inconvenience to squat on freedom seems reasonable.
  15. It's been a year. Time for an anniversary bump.