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  1. I'm sorry I just can't see this being beneficial. One, if someone isn't profiting, they likely won't invest time into writing the books. Two, if new players aren't willing to grind to get money for premuim, nor are they willing to spend RL currency, how is this beneficial? The game isn't going to benefit by having more players that don't financially support the game.
  2. Bump in hopes that this will happen soon. We have channel dyes on barding, now what about the floor coverings?
  3. I like this idea. There was a similar idea used in Sims3 when you had to meet certain requirements for lot types, like x number of bookcases for a library. x+3 bookcases and two tables for a level 2 or whatever it was... all the objects made sense for the building type. I feel like it would be cool and encourage more building
  4. Really? A "w"? I just feel like this isn't your best work.
  5. -1 to the idea overall. Too much potential for exploit and too much potential for insane spikes of rock scarring the landscape. If you want to raise a rock area, dig out the dirt and use concrete to raise the area.
  6. I'd love for pick_sprout to work on trellises
  7. This makes good sense. Good suggestion. Not everything is about priests, and priests are not wizards. If this would be priest only I'd expect the priest would have to give up their ability to continue and any other benefit that they gained in the priest update, you know, for balance.
  8. I've gotten some really great items from archaeology. Items that would be amazing and wonderful and terrific, if only they weren't made from a useless metal. I'm looking at you supreme zinc carving knife. I'd like to suggest two new runes. one time use, similar to the color rune, that rolls a new metal randomly (will it be gold? electrum? steel? It's a surprise!) for a slightly higher investment of material, a rune that changes the item to iron (all iron, all of the time) Thank you for your time.
  9. The odds are painfully low, but there are odds. And not every MOI results in a successful rare roll. My issue is the MOI with no possible outcome, as with chopping bushes. It's not a matter of a low chance of getting a log, or a roll happening and something not becoming rare, but the fact that a roll occurs at all. It's like the game decided to divide by zero.
  10. Farming MOI is supposed to result in a larger harvest, prayer should give item (gems) to my understanding.
  11. [22:56:29] You have a moment of inspiration... [22:56:29] You cut down the Blueberry bush. It would seem there are now MOIs with no possibility of benefit. This includes chopping all bush types. Was this added intentionally? Successfully chopping a bush results in no tangible object, and this isn't a failure as would happen with things like surface mining not resulting in a rare rock shards.
  12. The mechanic as it stands creates a power vacuum. New players are not able to benefit from a bonus even close to what people who started the game ages ago enjoy. Every other skill or benefit you can grind. So there is an insurmountable benefit just because someone started the game sooner? Furthermore how does it have nothing to do with the original concept? The tokens come from investigating an area and learning enough about the settlement that existed. In the process, the token is consumed. It takes a number of these to complete a journal which then equates to a single month worth of productivity bonus. It would take a heck of a grind to acquire enough to come close to the *reward* bestowed on the longest running deeds on the oldest servers, and those deeds are not excluded from increasing the productivity bonus either. As the mechanic stands, it would take 41.6 years to reach a 5% bonus (0.01% per month, multiplied by 500 months). This creates an opportunity for people achieve and enjoy this bonus without yet another hurry up and wait mechanic existing in game just because that's the way things have always been. To attract new players and keep them, they need to feel like climbing the mountain of catching up with the older players is something that can be done eventually, not some impossible thing where the rich get richer aka the people who have the experience will be the only ones to get it. Even if you play from launch, there's no way to have 5% now, and I think we can both agree that in it's current state, this game doesn't have 10 years left, let alone another 30. Thank you for your input.