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  1. That's a beautiful color. What's the RGB value for it?
  2. Yo yo training? Sign me up! What server???
  3. I'd like this. How many marks will it cost? Or is it through the wurmonline store? kthx.
  4. Wow. Decade old thread. We have fish keep baskets in game now. We also have beehives and bird cages. The idea is cute, but at this point I feel we have enough storage options. So much so we have storage for our storage. -1
  5. Autumn looks so much better in the new lighting.
  6. Time of day is [00:46:24] It is 18:24:58 on day of the Ant in week 4 of the starfall of Dancers in the year of 1092. The sun is shining through the mountain. It makes sailing really difficult. In the image I'm traveling south on the eastern coast of Xanadu.
  7. This is still happening.
  8. I'm getting constantly disconnected from the servers. Several times a day and as often as every few minutes I get the Network error: Connection timed out screen and sometimes it reconnects, sometimes it doesn't. I am able to tell when it is going to happen as I have a huge lag spike, then the disconnection screen. Other times, I have to restart the client and get the error code 7 issue as discussed here: What have I tried? I've added wurm to my allowed apps on firewall, restarted my computer, restarted my router, reconnected everything. I've reinstalled the program. I've updated all drivers. Only Wurm is having this issue. No other internet-based programs have any problems, and I can stream movies at the same time without buffering, so it's not my internet. No one else on my network is experiencing issues. It has been happening for several days now and is making the game unplayable. Any help would be greatly appreciated as it's happening more and more frequently.
  9. This little lady is my original black sheep, the only kind of sheep I keep on my deed. (Somehow, the others don't seem to survive long.) Eventually I will probably name her Matron, though I'm afraid that when I do she will die. She's been branded even now transferred to my new deed and is the reason I've build a creature cage.
  10. Please add Dragonwyck at (7690, 5590).
  11. Sure, we've all run around with a chair equipped for the fun of it, but what about the more mundane objects that look absurd when equipped in the hand? I'm simply asking for the grasp point to be updated so they look a little less crazy. As an example, here's my priest with her picnic lunch waiting for her ride.
  12. Currently the carrying weight is hidden (in plain sight) on the character window, which causes confusion for newer players as they suddenly move really slow and can't understand why. I suggest since there's major changes coming to the UI anyway, please add a way for this to be available either displayed in the inventory window indicating current weight, max carrying limit, and speed penalty, or add it on mouse-over of the inventory icon. Additionally, an item count in the inventory would be helpful, though not absolutely needed, it's a nice to have item.