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  1. Is the cast really valued lying on the ground anyway? Note, I did indicate high decay OUTSIDE OF INVENTORY. So players either need to keep wand in inventory or on a merchant, otherwise they have to buy a new one. I don't see that as devalued at all.
  2. It's December! Santa is coming! NOT What I asked for this year! Get out of my horse pens you naughty Champion Goblin!
  3. I like this idea, for WO, but I would only want someone to be able to get out of the wand what a priest has put in. Perhaps it can have one charge added per 10 ql of gem. So a wand of strongwall could be sold after being made with a 50ql gem, but it would need strongwall cast into it 5 times to achieve those charges. This would make priests able to sell their services a little more easily for the deed maintenance spells that are hugely useful, but they often would need to travel for making selling these services less convenient, such as strongwall, genesis, and even humid drizzle. Also, since this would use some materials and clear some of the backstock of materials on hand I can see this being a benefit overall. Give the wands a high decay rate if not in inventory, and perhaps make it require several other materials instead of simply the horn and a gem depending on the spell to be stored. Since priests can continue actions, this shouldn't be an issue. Furthermore, attachment of the gem (or even overall construction of the wand) would be good to base on the soul depth or soul strength in the same way that rune attachment are.
  4. @RetrogradeWhat would be the possibility of this being implemented? Apart from the cost of disbanding and re-founding a deed, certain bonuses are lost which are only gained over time and are not able to be earned through any other means, so longevity of a deed is paramount to receiving those bonuses. Can we find a way to relocate deed tokens on freedom cluster?
  5. I'd love to see a potted tree that can be harvested. Plant the desired sprout in it. Functionality like a trellis, but different appearance. It would expand on the cave dweller options, but it's not game-breaking.
  6. I realize that the markets of old are a thing of the past, but I'd still love to see a few more icons added to the shop sign options. These would include: An oak or willow tree A fish A cow A sheep A candle An open book A crate or stacked crates What kinds of icons would you like to see added?
  7. I love how much nicer my deed looks with the distant trees. Feels so much more immersive.
  8. The type of boat you're using makes a large impact on the usefulness of a dredge. Personally, I use a sailboat. The dredge automatically dumps the dirt into the boat until it reaches 40 dirt in the boat, and I can easily see the tile borders to determine what depth I'm at as I work. What kind of boat are you using? That could be part of the issue, especially if you're getting out of the boat to dredge.
  9. The low quality was desired as I wanted a reddish tone but not RED for my barn. It's just warmer than the regular wood plank walls, intended as a subtle difference, especially since different wood colors based on wood type don't impact wooden walls. The rich colors are absolutely possible and used, making the resulting painted walls extremely vibrant with both the stucco and wood painted. Next time I sail around I'll find an example. They can be very Retro's Armor.
  10. Thank you developers and graphics people who have brought us so far forward in our ability to paint things that the game can enjoy more depth and realism with the boats and furniture with dye channels that separate sections to be dyed/painted in different colors. That said, I feel an opportunity has been missed with the timber framed walls. Currently, the complete item being painted can look jarring and disjointed from the rest of the surrounding buildings of various types. I suggest implementing the two-channel painting option for timber-framed walls where the stucco and wood portions are painted separately. I think this could lead to some very interesting and beautiful villages. Imagine how lovely this could be with just the stucco painted for these buildings. Since the wood would be unaffected, the timber framed would still blend well with the top of the stone walls. What do you think? How could this option improve the depth and interest of your village? Perhaps the same could be possible for the wooden walls also. Painting just the clapboard or just the trim pieces could make some really interesting buildings and barns!
  11. I like this idea. Even an expansion of some of the things we can do aside from spamming cheeses would be great. How about more cheese types, or mixing in herbs to make more varieties of cheese with more complexity? Ice cream may use wogic snowballs, but it's ice CREAM not ice SNOW! Dairy it up please devs! Furthermore, butter creation should be dairy skill as well.
  12. Added a few more wishes to my wish list just in time for the holidays.
  13. I breed pheasants. They give a nice change from the chickens, and they give feathers when murdered. I hold a grudge.
  14. I'd also love to see cats and dogs added to this list. I had to leave a pile of meat on the floor for my tamed kitty because he was too weak to hitch. Poor little guy.
  15. [10:59:55] You don't understand what Athelmir say since he speaks too fast. I feel like this should say, "You don't understand what (player) says since he speaks too fast."