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  1. During my time in Wurm I have seen all kinds of sillyness surounding uniques. People lay their claims, fight over them, argue with each other and even throw tantrums when they don't get their way. I am sure this causes division between players unecesarily, and surely headaches to staff. So here's my suggestion how to fix it. In regards to hatched uniques from eggs, nothing here applies and they work as normal. Make unique spawns similar to Rifts Unique spawns should create an area of influence at their spawn location which prevents terraforming and deed dropping in the affected area. Any off deed buildings present are not able to be repaired during the duration, and no fencing or new construction can be started until the event ends. This would effectively prevent the "penning" of uniques. Furthermore, make it so players have to be inside the area of influence to be able to attack, so archery from complete safety will not be a thing. Participation would be required. Tether uniques to the spawn area of influence Uniques would not be able to be kited outside this area or to a deed. Besides preventing uniques from being penned by skirting the system, this would prevent uniques from wandering and exiting the area of influence, or coming across player deeds where they could cause damage. Allow an unlimited amount of players to attack the unique and increase its total health (but not their health regen) This allows for more participation and time to show up before the unique is killed. It will also make small numbers of players trying to fight it have to stay there a longer time, without requiring an increase to the minimun of players present to kill it. It would also allow for more people to participate, without the unique "melting" to a barrage of damage from a large number of players, yet not increasing the difficulty or danger posed by them. Add a bar to the Mission Progress viewable to the server, similar to rifts The bar should reflect the unique's health. This allows everyone to know an unique has spawned in the server, if its being fought, and how much longer they have to get there. Make rewards automatically go to fighter's inventory Unique rewards such as bone, hats, and tomes should be randomly distributed to those present who participated significantly in the fight similar to how rifts reward players. Bloods, leather and scale should be rewarded to everyone who succesfully dealt damage to the unique. Amounts rewarded from these global rewards should be proportionate to how much damage the player does to the unique or how much healing was done. Larger participation should reward bigger amounts of scale/drake. Skull, meat and animal parts should be obtained from butchering as normal. Add a general location to the Mission Progress bar Similar to the location of avatars, there should be a general location of where the unique is. Given players won't be rewarded for finding and penning uniques any longer, it should be made clearer where they are so they can be found. --- The idea with this suggestion is to make uniques more available to more people and eliminate the arguments surrounding them. Giving everyone a chance at them and their rewards instead of a selected few of players would help accomplish this. Discuss!
  2. wtb Red Tome

    Red Tome. Hit me up. Euros or silver.
  3. Fair game play hits a new low

  4. Uniques Rework - Fair for all

    Currently no, but I wouldn't put it past people to bring alts to archer the unique from outside the tether range in safety until they get a hit so they can make it to the loot list and get stuff.
  5. Uniques Rework - Fair for all

    Is not a bad idea, but it then would turn the whole event into a "let me hit it once and pull back so I don't risk dying" since the reward would be the same at the end. If you provide incentives to something, you'll get more of it. I think people should be incentivized to participate more so rewarding those more active and who contriute more should be essential. Also, I am quitting wurm so if you send me silver I'll send you 5 times the amount you sent me. For real. I'm legit. (please no one send me silver, its a joke for Gumbo for crying out loud! He'll get it!)
  6. Fair game play hits a new low

    And this is how my mistrust for hunting groups increases. Hunting groups love to call others greedy when the whole purpose of their existance is to limit the amount of people that attends so they can get bigger rewards. I can't even...
  7. Fair game play hits a new low

    Here's my suggestion of how it should be fixed. Regardless, I think the whole "Its my server, ergo my unique" mentality is silly. And it somehow makes its way out through the woodowork. Greed has its way to shine in times like this.
  8. Fair game play hits a new low

    Rewarding people who don't even make an effort to be present is ridiculous to me. Those present should be rewarded. Those who help kill it should get a chance of a drop. Hell, I'd make it that if you don't help kill it, you get nothing, thus stopping alt hoarding. Just look at how other games do it.
  9. Fair game play hits a new low

    But the question is, would everyone else?
  10. Fair game play hits a new low

    Yes, then the 70 FS huge axe weilding, plate clad freedomers would get slaughtered when the person defends themselves. Then we will see the tears flow for real.
  11. Fair game play hits a new low

    Yes, however that system is now extinct. What I mean, however, there's a reason why you can't really hold down an unique for an extended period of time. Sure there are ways, but its not intended. Even if you make it out of an egg, the unique retains the same mechanics.
  12. Looking for Brick Chipper

    I have about a knarr load of shards I'd like converted to bricks. Looking for a player willing to take the job. I'm paying 1s/1k of bricks chipped. I will provide beds, shards, food and storage containers plus two enchanted chisels to complete the job. Location will be at Independence E-14. Interested parties, please pm.
  13. Fair game play hits a new low

    No, you're wrong. Uniques unlike unicorns have mechanics in place to break penning and escape from it. *hint hint* they aren't supposed to be penned. Why? Because you have no right to hold down an unique indefinetely. If you do, and do it wrong, then don't complain when someone breaks it free and takes it. If people were able to hold them indefinetely just for "pretties" then other players would be robbed from the chance to get unique gear. You don't own uniques. No one owns uniques. That's why their mechanics were changed. So you couldn't. I had one spawn at my island and I quickly dispatched it. If I had penned the thing and held it indefinetely (I easily could have) a GM would had shown up eventually and rectified the situation. So no, you don't own it. That is in the past and was changed for a reason. tldr- Personally I don't agree with people being able to pen and claim uniques. That has been the cause of massive frustration and drama on freedom for countless time. People who don't know how to pen claim it, loose it, then come here crying about how unfair it was and how the players should be punished. I think that penning uniques should be made impossible, that deeds cannot be dropped in the area where an unique spawns, making it work like a rift, and that the unique be tethered to the area he spawned off. Claiming unqiues is dumb, and Oblivionn did nothing wrong by freeing it. Just as he can claim from you, you can claim from him.
  14. PC Vyn Priest

    It is a good priest. You will almost never profit from selling a character. You will always end up short. Considering prem time and favor costs, a priest is one of the most expensive investments out there in comparison. Still its a very good priest, very similar to mine. Wish you the best!
  15. Valrei International. 077

    Ninja Xallo. Look how badass that looks!
  16. PC/WTS Fantastic adamantine lump

    In my 2+ years of Wurm experience I have been able to transfer rarity from an item once.
  17. PC Vyn Priest

    215-230 or so. Very solid priest. Self sufficient.
  18. I have a question for the Devs

    So I was talking to a friend today about completely unimportant things. Then suddenly it occured to me... and I had to ask. How many wood chips are there in the game? I mean, there must be lots. Imagine if you could pile together every single woodchip out there. How many bsbs could you fill up? Can anyone take a guess?
  19. Maybe, but short events are an easy way to give life to an old game. That's why most mmos have seasonal events. Its something for players to look forward to. I agree in that we dont need some trinket or reward. What we need tho is interactive events for us to do things with and have some fun. This is particularly difficult due to the nature of our game, but I think @Retrogradehas done amazing work with it in the past with the Maze for example. Personally thats the kind of event I'd love to see more of.
  20. I have a question for the Devs

    Finally someone got it! Hah! To be honest Joelle was the first one but it was on pms and didnt count
  21. Limit first person headbob to when it makes sense

    What Wurm feels like right now...
  22. SotG Rework

    -1 This is a bandaid that changes nothing. Remove SotG and add it to a server global buff: IE: if you are on Chaos you got a 30% damage reduction by default
  23. Farming Animation/Action

    It needs to be less drastic. Right now the dramamine supplies at my home are low because of this. Huehuehue.