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  1. Any farmers with stock out there?
  2. 15k Garlic Delivered to T13 Celebration. Your FSB. PM with prices. Thank you.
  3. Post here things you'll never hear someone say in Wurm. I'll get it started! "Wtf man! Where's my rock shards? Who the hell made all these bricks!?"
  4. Bump. Taking offers!
  5. Standard JK Wagon up for sale. I've had this thing for quite some time now, and it seems I no longer have any use for it, and don't feel like moving it from where I got it stored. Comes empty. I also have some horses meandering on deed, 5 speeds, that are yours if you want them. This deed has to go and I rather not have to haul all of this back. Wagon is runed, allowing to load a BSB or an FSB into it. It takes most of the space on a Knarr, given its runed, so keep that in mind when picking it up. Pick up is in Xanadu C22 (Coastal). May deliver for the right price. Asking 8s obo.
  6. As the title says, I need a batch of transmutation liquid to turn a sand tile into clay. Enough for a single tile. Pm me your price.
  7. Found one. Thanks!
  8. Message me what you have, what color, what quality amd price. I have no rush, so I am looking for a good deal. Cheers!
  9. Here's what you're looking for:
  10. Last post on this thread before yours dates April 14, 2013. I am going to take a wild guess and say its outdated and no longer supported since thats about 4 years ago.
  11. JK Tower? I wonder how many bricks it took to build it.
  12. Pandemonium are good people. I am glad they stood up to the ocassion. Would have been nice if JK did, given how many of them are on Celebration, but shouldn't look a gift horse on the mouth. Glad to hear you got sorted!
  13. Still looking. Show me what you got.
  14. Still looking for Garlicky goodness.
  15. Its still ongoing. Happens with both carts or wagons.
  16. Can't really lockpick on freedom off deed, but yes if its not locked, people will joink it. It is what it is. For whats it worth, check with the JK guys. They might be inclined to help you. They are a friendly bunch.
  17. Drake set from you, to me. Make it happen.
  18. I am looking for a General Worker to assist me with the building of my deed. I have recently gone fulltime to Chaos, and this has left me with very little time to work on my own deed. As such, I need you. I am not looking for professional workers. Instead I'd like to hire a newer player that would like to grind their skills while doing deed work for me. Jobs include leveling, digging, mining, dredging, digging clay, making bricks and mortar, tending farms, and animals, building fences and houses, and more. If interested, I can provide a 2x2, two story private house with a bed, chest with lock, bsb, fsb and an oven with food materials for your use. I also can provide access to a crafting facility (forge, loom, etc) for your use, a mailbox with a good cast, on deed tar and clay pits, and plenty of enchanted grass if thats something that interests you, a mine with Iron accessible, and easy access to the Xanadu border. Movement hunting is limited given its an island and I rather you not hunt the local fauna as it is scarce as it is, but you are welcome to travel inland if you'd like to work on your skills. Deed has a templar on site for your safety and guard towers across the island. If interested, reply here and we can further discuss work and location, plus talk about the specifics. This job is a long term one, where I will give out tasks to be completed for which I will pay you in silver. I can pick you up at your location if you do not have a boat to sail to me. Job comes with a sign up bonus. As time progresses I will also throw some other incentives such as gear, enchants and more. Interested parties please contact me with a Niarja dump so I can know what your capabilities are. Work on your schedule while enjoying the game and getting paid. What else could you ask for?
  19. Still looking.
  20. Still looking for someone to hire. Come work for me on your schedule and make your silver
  21. Bump
  22. I dont have the experience, the expertise, nor the suicidal drive to use Drake on Chaos. Bump.
  23. Whats the point of criticizing someone's Job thread if you don't want to negotiate a price? The money's good, the job is real. Whats it to you? Not that I'd hire you anyways with your rep. Please keep the thread clear of opinions and discussions. Lets stay on topic. Thank you.
  24. I think he means that animals are too weak to be used in combat on average. However, when you take into consideration crocs, champion bears and the like, it can quickly turn the tables.