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  1. Due to problems with visitors and extensive violation of the established rules, Alliance leadership has decided to close the sermons off for non alliance and invitees only. If you are interested in joining sermons, contact Ztrack on game for an invite. Sermons might be reopened again in the future, but at this time it is not working out. Thank you for those of you who participated and see you around! Please lock this thread.
  2. It looks like the page hasn't been touched ever since the Priest changes enacted by @Sindusk Can we get it updated? A lot of stuff here is severely out of date. Things like conversion of lib when sailing to freedom and Mag not being able to cut wood is all wrong.
  3. 70 is not the same as 90. Skillgain is not linear. The different from 50-70 than from 70-90 is huge. Can someone have70? Yes, possibly. 90? No way.
  4. I have never linked to any other priest since the servers launched. Please explain how I am an exploiter. Thanks.
  5. Are GMs going to assist with Kingdom changes for those of us who don't want to be forced to change our faith on Harmony/Melody?
  6. You can do one sermon every 3 hours. It resets your prayers if 6 or more listeners are available. You can sermon as long as there has been more than 30 minutes since the last sermon. Also, everyone make sure you have downloaded Wurm Assistant. Its pretty essential for sermons.
  7. Apparently since the patch you no longer do.
  8. I agree, this is one hell of a shady change. What makes it more egregious is the fact this was discussed extensively prior to launch and it was decided that both faith and fight skill would not carry over. Yet for some unknown reason staff changed their minds overnight. Why? We are already invested. I for one am HotS on Defiance and not a priest, but a Fo priest on Harmony. Why am I now being made a Libila priest on both servers? So basically if I want to continue to be Fo, I need to leave my kingdom? Who the hell thinks of this stuff? Its a little late to change your mind on this post launch. Is not like this is an exploit of some kind. This was discussed and decided well in advance. Its actually the lure of a lot of people to the new servers. Why? @Darklords
  9. Oh my dear summer child... There is an entire forum for suggestions that will never get implemented. Instead, we get head bobbing.
  10. What does this have anything to do with linking? Who here is bashing the staff? The devs working on the game right now are pretty much to a man community members and some of them are even people I consider friends. Since when disagreeing with the work of devs means that we are bashing them? This is the exact same mentality that gets people banned. If you are not allowed to disagree respectfully but loudly, then how is anything going to change? The fix is not a fix, its a slap in the face to both longtime and new players who are spending money and not getting what they paid for. If this doesn't deserve an outcry, then nothing does.
  11. "Guys, priests aren't de-linking when walking out of range." "Oh? What can we do?" "Nerf links so anyone linking doesn't get passive favor regen." "Seems like an excellent idea." Thanks for clearing that up. 10/10. Will battery again.
  12. The difference is that is not what happened here. No one here is arguing exploiting is right, or that a spigot shouldn't be closed. Its the whole scorched earth action that made linking kill both your passive faith regen and the passive faith regen of your link. They turned something that has always been acceptable practice and a bonus into a detrimental action and then they called it an exploit. Its more akin as World of Warcraft devs disabling the Mana Table because it gives away free refreshments and calling it an exploit. That is what was done here.
  13. The issue is its a change people dont like, and it was brought after they paid. You can't reconcile that. Its like you walking to a car dealer, buying a car, paying for it and then realizing it has no seats. You go back to the dealer and the guy says "hey, thats fine, I'll give you these four plastic chairs". Is that okay? Would you accept four metal folding chairs as a middle ground? People paid for these batteries and cant use them for their intended purpose now. I think people have a right to be upset.
  14. You should learn about how links work before you say these things. No one can use a character with 10 faith or 20 faith to link. Or non prem. Its never been possible. Its not a thing.
  15. Yes, I agree that perhaps if it was done before the server launch it would have been much smoother. The issue is that you are suggesting people havent done testing. This is not a new feature being released. This is an old mechanic troughly tested for a decade or more that has been in place and relied upon by nearly every channel grinder out there. Its more part of the game than the current priest system itself and has been part of every priests life since its inception. What more testing do you need?
  16. Gems are relevant. They replace saccing when on the go... unless you are carrying your altar with you? If so please tell me how. Your argument was about it not making linking useless, and I explained how it does... so your response to not making linking useless is... don't link? Use gems? What? You are assuming this change affects only the exploiters: it does not. It affects everyone. For example, I am using Morning Fog to level channeling. At some point it will be higher and my gains will slow down. So I will link with my alt to gain a higher difficulty and get a little more mileage out of that spell. Now I cant do that. So rip me right? Why?
  17. What is linking good for now? Lets look at the normal uses of linking: Channeling passive grinding (rendered useless by this change) Casting LT (Rendered useless by recent priest changes) Pvp passive favor regen (rendered useless by this change) Passive regen mass enchanting (rendered useless by this change) Multibox saccing while channel grinding (still valid but very limited use.) Increased difficulty while channel grinding (of limited use without favor regen made useless by this change) Rite spell casting (still viable but only 6 people can do it every month/few months depending on server? Limited use On top of this it made batteries useless. Not sure if you were here for that but very recently during the last priest update we argued to staff about the usefulness of batteries and how we were forced to use batteries with the changes and how unhappy people were about it. Now they still force us to have batteries, yet made batteries useless for what we are being forced to use them in the first place! Yes, people are mad, but for more than what you think its at play here. Many of us have played for quite a while and have had to deal with the stick instead of the carrot for so long. Passive regen is essential for many activities. Doing a x5 nerf of it is not only uneccesary but its unexcusable.
  18. Let me give you an example of why people are so mad. When you are out pvping, you have 2 options for favor: linking or gems. The reason for linking was so that 2 or more priests together could share their passive regen and be actually useful. A Fo without favor is nothing more than a gimp fighter on the field. People don't become priests and pay for their prem to become a gimp fighter after a few casts. A priest has a bunch of penalties given go them in exchange for being able to cast spells, and now these spells are being taken away from them on the field. I am a priest that have not used linking yet (6 channeling) and now I am scratching my head about what to do because I will not be able to grind for at least a month. Thats ridiculous. The linking system has been in place forever. The fact that is just now being called an exploit is unfair and lopsided. This change affects more than a few people who have benefited from it on the new server: It affects every player who has paid for and grinded a battery in the past that now has a useless 100 faith character they will have to shove up their hashtag and let it fade into obscurity.
  19. Didnt say it was, but if that was the case I would have understood. Thats the problem though. It has always been possible to channel grind with using multiple links and this has been used by everyone for a very very long time including current staff members and devs. Why is it suddenly a problem? There are people who got their smithing to 50 in less than a week from launch. Why is it wrong for Priests to do the same? It just baffles me that development seems to be directed into removing anything that remotely makes things easier for everyone. Right now Batteries have been further nerfed (they were already nerfed once with the former priest change) and now they finally got the hatchet. Yep, they are officially useless. Why would I pay for a battery now?
  20. I understand fixing linking with followers... that shouldnt be a thing. But nerfing batteries!?!? Why? Batteries are something people have used for years and years! Its in the name... BATTERIES! Suddenly all that effort to get batteries to 100 has been wiped clean by the devs. Good job.
  21. Oh my God. You guys have lost your minds... Screwing over every priest out there for literally no reason. This has existed in forever and now is suddenly a problem? Lets get the money from all those priest batteries then we call it an exploit and nerf it. Even people in the current Dev Team has been using this "exploit" for years. Comeon man...
  22. Its the ONLY tool there is, given players dont have access to the live Wurm code.
  23. Again, that is not what I said. You are either not reading my post or ignoring it and then making completely new unrelated points and attributing them to me. That's no way to hold a discussion. Yet verifiably wrong and completely misleading information can be inserted or left there arbitrarily. Got it. Why? What's wrong with, say, adding the most likely true information and adding a citation that explains its from datamined information? Again it begs the question, why leave the false information untouched?