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  1. DeedPlanner poll

    Make it so my PC doesn't overheat after having the deed planner open for 20 minutes, please (Seriously, this happens. It's clearly a problem with my hardware, but it also points at how unoptimised the DeedPlanner is)
  2. Blackmoor Christmas Impalong 2018

    I love that system, AgentQwarty, though I think 10 minutes is a tad long. Maybe 5. I also think that people should try to stay online. If not with their priest, then with another toon (for people who can't have multiple clients open). That way you still count as a listener. Just make sure not to miss your spot. Also, for impalong specifically, I think the Discord should be used for organization over the ingame team. You have a historical account of everything that happened there - if you just joined the team you have no clue what's going on. Furthermore, it can be checked while offline.
  3. Combine option

    I don't consider this a bug, but maybe it could be improved. Perhaps, instead of showing the context menu for the first item in the stack, show all possible options for all items in the stack? So if even one of them has the "Combine" option, it shows up. Clicking it will only apply it to those it can, obviously. This would match the keybind behaviour, as well.
  4. Blackmoor Christmas Impalong 2018

    Made a thing to more easily find the affinity dumpling you are looking for: https://sf.inp.io/xan/affinities.html
  5. Reconnect command

  6. When you cross a server border, there is always a chance to get kicked out of the boat upon arrival. It seems to happen more often than not, but it isn't every time. This happens to both me and @Radon. I'm not sure if this is a universal problem, but if it isn't, it might help to know that we are both on Arch Linux. It is a purely clientside issue, as far as the server is concerned you are still in the boat. To fix it, you can simply disembark and reembark the boat. It just becomes problematic if the boat moves out of render distance, since you can no longer right-click it to disembark. (Using the ground doesn't work, as it is "too far away") The client is most likely sending erroneous position data (I'm assuming, haven't looked at WU code or anything), so it should be fairly easy to detect. Then just send an update to the client?
  7. ReWeathered Landscape

    I quite like what Sindusk described. (I feel like I'm repeating myself... just said the same thing in another suggestion thread) As long as there is an option to prevent it from happening. Pave the sides, for example. Eventually the pavement will disappear so something that has long been abandoned will be subject to this erosion, while spires that see active use remain unaffected. Making your "permanent" mark on the landscape is a stretchable concept anyway. At any point a player could come along and change it. Sacrificing this aspect, which only works depending on your definition of "permanent" is a small price to pay for the ability to actually move around in certain areas in my opinion.
  8. Useless rare solution

    I really like what Sindusk described. It makes sense and also matches player expectations. When the rarity system was new, many players just assumed it worked like that. (Or at least similarly)
  9. Dredging QoL

    Hi, I've been doing a bunch of dredging lately and I feel like things could be improved quite a bit. In particular: - Flatten and level for tile borders. You can flatten and level tiles, but not tile borders. Why? - Make the dredge keybind work independent of your pointer. With digging, you can place your pointer wherever you wish. Any tile, border, corner, your inventory, an item, even outside the game. Not with dredging, you have to hover either over your boat or a tile. Since the dredge action's result is independent of the tile you click on (when not using keybinds) but is only affected by which corner you are nearest, I don't understand why the keybind is limited like that. - Make rowboats loadable into bigger boats. Moving around in a rowing boat is terrible, but larger boats obscure your view and also move too fast. Precision placement with a knarr is all but impossible. Small sailing boats are currently your best bet, it seems, but I think it would be much better if you could just load a rowing boat onto your knarr, move to the dredging area and unload the rowing boat. Then use that to position yourself and start dredging. In real life, most boats have rowing boats on board, though they are intended for emergencies.
  10. End of Wurm Jan 2019?

    Reading the article, it seems to me this mainly affects the JRE as used by companies. If anything, this only applies to wurm servers they might have to pay license fees for - the clients should all be safe, since it is the user who is running the JRE there. And even then, OpenJDK is a thing. If they aren't already using it, that is a free alternative. Too bad the client doesn't support OpenJDK any more, maybe this will help fix that... (I doubt it)
  11. Blackmoor Christmas Impalong 2018

    If you still have space, could I get a second room for my priest?
  12. NEXA Market & Sanctuary(Sermons) - East of Summerholt

    Are the sermons still going? How many people are there on average?
  13. The Screenshots Thread

    Lavenderwood corbita. Thanks @VelvetSun
  14. After crossing a server border (whether by swimming or by being in a boat does not seem to matter), if I then embark on a boat I am very low in it and can barely see over the side of it. It's probably not the most obvious from the screenshots, but it is actually a pretty big issue. Very hard to navigate like this. The problem is fixed upon restarting the game... until the next border crossing. This has been happening only very recently. I discovered it today and did not have this issue two days ago.
  15. This happened to me on both Exodus and Xanadu. (When crossing the server border, too) It has not happened to me on Deliverance yet. I did quite a few swims back and forth between Exodus and Deliverance. It happened on Exodus every time without fail and not once on Deliverance...