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  1. Dredge keybind

    Indeed, it is quite annoying. I mentioned this in a suggestion thread, as well:
  2. CLOSE Heartbroken

    The problem is, the goal just says you need to make that much wine. Which they did. So, it should count. It doesn't, because they were on a different server while it fermented, but the goal doesn't say "make X wine without changing server", it just says "make X wine". You are never warned about this in-game. I've had the same thing happen to me with the trash heap goal. That one is a great deal easier, so it wasn't a big problem, but I have to say, I was a bit annoyed. Maybe it should be a bit smarter and actually merge player data instead of just overwriting with the newer one. Or maybe, when a server updates the player data for a player that is on a different server, the server should communicate the change to the other server, so it can do the same operation. (As long as it transfers the operation and not just the new value, this should be fine. Like "add 10kg of wine made") I have finished my goals, so I'm not longer personally affected by this (apart from losing out on achievements, I suppose... don't really care), but I would definitely consider this a bug.
  3. Informative Errors

    I've recently been working on a highway and something that really annoyed me is that you can't queue the planting of catseyes. The next tile is not adjacent to an existing catseye, so you don't even get the option to plant. You have to wait until the previous one is planted, then open the menu and click plant. If planting catseyes were available on every tile corner, this problem would also disappear. You can put planting it in the queue and when it gets to that queue item, it will check whether it's a valid location - which it would then be. (Sidenote: Can you bind planting of catseyes to a key? It's rather tedious to go through the menu hundreds of times)
  4. Text-related things

    There must be a way of escaping special characters. At least characters used in normal sentences should be allowed. I don't know BML, but if they don't offer an option of sanitising user input, adding special cases for common characters shouldn't be much of an issue. It should at least be possible to write a normal English sentence. Question marks are the most glaring issue. I'm not entirely sure what else is disallowed, but it's a lot. At least somewhat common symbols should be allowed. Question mark, less than, greater than, equals, ampersand, percent, square brackets, etc. It also doesn't help that the window closes, you get the message about "too complex" characters and if you didn't copy the text beforehand, you'll have to write it all again. As for Unicode: Know that I'm not asking for support of the entirety of unicode. Text rendering exploits are a thing and oftentimes you see people having way too much fun with diacritics or right-to-left markers. If you find a library that supports unicode with sane limitations, though, that would be great.
  5. Text-related things

    Something that has bothered me for a while is how useless inscribed papyrus is. The mail cost was lowered to 1i, possibly in an attempt to get more people to use it, but.. You can't inscribe terribly much onto papyrus, even with fairly high quality stuff. And even then, you can't even ask a question, because question marks are apparently "too complicated". Please allow all characters in inscribed papyrus. This limitation reeks of improper database sanitation, so do make sure that works properly, but... if you can't store a question mark in your database, you have bigger issues, I think... Furthermore, can we please get access to Unicode for chats? There is another thread asking for a Chinese translation of the game. That is likely not going to happen any time soon, but maybe we can start by making it possible to use Chinese characters in the chat.
  6. Renaming things

    The permission check for renaming items seems to be just checking whether you are the owner. For most things, that means that you dropped or planted it. Can we change that so the permission check for renaming is the same as for taking? To rename a crate rack that somebody else dropped, for example, you have to empty it of all crates, pick it up, drop it back down, replace the crates and then rename it. If the other guy now wants to change the name for some reason, they have to do the whole spiel again. Clearly, we CAN rename it - the pickup permission allows us to assume ownership. It would be great if we could rename things directly. The same with loading. A crate on the ground can be renamed after it gets loaded and unloaded. So, check if you can either take something or load it. If it's something that cannot be picked up, but loaded, only check load permissions. Something that can only be picked up, but not loaded, check take permissions. It would make life a lot easier for people playing with friends. (Or even just alts...)
  7. Deliverance Community Map (Discontinued)

    New highway: (226, 1383), (226, 1365), (246, 1365), (246, 1269)
  8. Less cluttered Event Tab

    If the system also allows you to disable those bee messages it keeps spamming me with when moving around my deed, I'm all for it...
  9. DeedPlanner poll

    Make it so my PC doesn't overheat after having the deed planner open for 20 minutes, please (Seriously, this happens. It's clearly a problem with my hardware, but it also points at how unoptimised the DeedPlanner is)
  10. Blackmoor Christmas Impalong 2018

    I love that system, AgentQwarty, though I think 10 minutes is a tad long. Maybe 5. I also think that people should try to stay online. If not with their priest, then with another toon (for people who can't have multiple clients open). That way you still count as a listener. Just make sure not to miss your spot. Also, for impalong specifically, I think the Discord should be used for organization over the ingame team. You have a historical account of everything that happened there - if you just joined the team you have no clue what's going on. Furthermore, it can be checked while offline.
  11. Combine option

    I don't consider this a bug, but maybe it could be improved. Perhaps, instead of showing the context menu for the first item in the stack, show all possible options for all items in the stack? So if even one of them has the "Combine" option, it shows up. Clicking it will only apply it to those it can, obviously. This would match the keybind behaviour, as well.
  12. Blackmoor Christmas Impalong 2018

    Made a thing to more easily find the affinity dumpling you are looking for: https://sf.inp.io/xan/affinities.html
  13. Reconnect command

  14. When you cross a server border, there is always a chance to get kicked out of the boat upon arrival. It seems to happen more often than not, but it isn't every time. This happens to both me and @Radon. I'm not sure if this is a universal problem, but if it isn't, it might help to know that we are both on Arch Linux. It is a purely clientside issue, as far as the server is concerned you are still in the boat. To fix it, you can simply disembark and reembark the boat. It just becomes problematic if the boat moves out of render distance, since you can no longer right-click it to disembark. (Using the ground doesn't work, as it is "too far away") The client is most likely sending erroneous position data (I'm assuming, haven't looked at WU code or anything), so it should be fairly easy to detect. Then just send an update to the client?
  15. ReWeathered Landscape

    I quite like what Sindusk described. (I feel like I'm repeating myself... just said the same thing in another suggestion thread) As long as there is an option to prevent it from happening. Pave the sides, for example. Eventually the pavement will disappear so something that has long been abandoned will be subject to this erosion, while spires that see active use remain unaffected. Making your "permanent" mark on the landscape is a stretchable concept anyway. At any point a player could come along and change it. Sacrificing this aspect, which only works depending on your definition of "permanent" is a small price to pay for the ability to actually move around in certain areas in my opinion.