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  1. Despite game´s age, we have low numbers specially at SFI, and since devs dont seem to care about linking both clusters to bring together the community we need fresh blood to fill our ranks, game feels so empty and dead because of this absurd idea. +1 to any kind of advertisement, i dont care about other games, I care about Wurm.
  2. Key aspect of Wurm Online is the freedom to do whatever you want, if we put a meta in the small pvp this game has, you are going against the inner Wurm nature. Who would want to play a crossbow pvp game? just to CSGO if you want to shoot someone. This game has enough weapons, devs should remake and balance them in a way they are all viable and fun, instead of a meta which limits the creativity and FREEDOM aspect of this game. Just my 2 copper.
  3. They can feel whatever they want, as you can not guess what theyre thinking and act in consecuence. Im agree with mods reaction and message, after this is in overall a mature community and usually things dont get off hands easily.
  4. Thanks for the post and the slaying :)
  5. Guturales means growls in Spanish, and its a way many people sing in some subgenres of heavy metal, like black metal, death metal, viking metal, etc. I discovered heavy metal at 14 and Im now 22, still loving the genre and listening to it every single day. Friends can call me Gutu.
  6. Why not making 2 modes: one for having full realistic nights, and other for keeping as it is now? So everybody is happy and nobody is affected. Just like when the UI changes.
  7. Hello everybody For life reasons I couldnt come back to the game, but now Ive managed to after 1 year and I have to say: thank you devs for keeping the game alive and working, and thank you community because without you, Wurm wouldnt be the game it is, and exactly the game Ive remembered every single ###### day of this year, wishing to return to its vast forests and hours of sailing in my corbita. Hope to see you all soon wurming
  8. I want to deed that mountain, and the other squared place was an image for comparison. Do you see it clearer now?
  9. not touching any key, just turning right or left and cog drops me.
  10. Hi Though I found a good place for my first deed, have everything i want: over a mountain not too touched, right access to water, forests very near by, not too far from server border (although would like it to be closer, you cant have everything in life), and not too far from Newspring. But I am not sure if I will be able to have as much space as I want (1,5k-2k flat tiles). I know i know, it will require a hell of a job, surface minning and such. I dont care, just want some estimations to have some confidence, otherwise Ill look for another place. Said mountain is at Q11 south xanadu. The mountain See this square with sand under it, northeast from Newspring? thats an abandoned deed that should be around 2k tiles. I please ask you to compare that deed on the online website to the mountain where i want to deed on and tell me an estim ation of the amount of tiles I would get after flattening. A hug TYL
  11. Hello If youve been playing WO for a time youll be now gotten used to its menus and submenus. I am, but also Im a bit over it and I would like an improvement to make the game more dinamic specially for new players. So I surprisingly started to think, and guessed a way to make this: changing the arrow icon based on your activated tool. Lets say youve activated your rake, and you hover it over a grass tile. Inmediatly, the arrow will change into a rake symbol, and if you left click it will start cultivating the tile. If you have activated a hatchet and hover over a tree tile and left click, youll start to cut it down. Left click several times again and youll queue your actions just like with the crafting panel. But, what if I hover it over a tree tile 20 tiles away with a hatchet? Arrow icon wont change if the objective tile its far from your range of action which is always 2 tiles around your character except for imping stuff. But, what if I have a sickle and hover it over a tree tile? Optime tool for woodcutting is a hatchet so the symbol will always change to a hatchet, despite you having activated a sickle, longword, etc. Youll see the difference in your timers as usual. Okay got the idea. If I have the wrong item for the desired tile, lets say a shovel and hover over a rock tile, arrow icon will stay and nothing will happen right? Aye, wont change. Got my fishing rod on green and water in front of me. Icon changes to a small fishing rod. Will it stay if i hover over anything else, like a rock tile, or sand or whatever? Nope. Will stay in the tiles corresponding to the desired action. Once you move it out, it will return to the arrow symbol. Will the menus and submenus disappear? Of course not. This change is just for dynamizing and making the action into the game more fluid. If you right click youll be able to exam, quit target, even do the action just like now! This is just an alternative for people sick of clicking menus and using keybinds. You dont want this? stick to your binds and menus, youll be able to keep doing it in the same way as always, but at least theres an alternative ^^. Lets speak about building. Easy: activate your building tool, plan the building and plan exactly what you want (window, door, Trump´s hair meme, etc). Left click on the plan and action will automatically be carried out IF you have the needed materials in your inventory until the job is done. Lets talk about fighting and hunting. How will affect your idea? In these cases you wont need to activate anything, game will detect your equipped weapon and icon changes based on it (sword icons for any kind of swords, axe icon for any kind of axes, same for bows, halberd for halberd but of course everything in small, around the same size of actual arrow icon). Lets say you have a bear in front of you and you have a huge axe in your handos. Icon will change to a small axe. Same for people in pvp areas. Clicking several times wont work as combat will be automatic, and if you have it manual youll operate with combat panel for attack directions. How can I get my pigs then? Dont want to kill them! Calm! this change wont affect neutral mobs, arrow icon will stay on these, unless you have activated any type of rope, then a lace image will appear and youll be able to lead the animal. Simple. Youll have to right click and select attack, although a new thing in settings will appear to allow players to change this and have the weapon symbol over any kind of mob, in case you wake up someday feeling a bit Leatherface and want to murder everything, chickens included. And dont want to right click. To sum up my idea: this is an alternative to the eternal submenu clicking/keybind, a way to work and play with only your mouse to make things more dynamic and less manual, which in my humble opinion can be positive towards people with zero experience in sandbox or pieces of grinding art like WO is. You activate something, move the arrow over the desire tile and left click. Thats it, action is carried out as long as the used tool can do the action (like longswords and sickles for woodcutting). If not, arrow symbol wont change. If you doubt about how this would affect a certain action leave a reply and Ill find out ^^ hope people like this idea and can be implemented, as a player I find menus tiring, and constant memorizing of keybinds exhausting. A hug TYL
  12. As a professional farmer, my beloved possession is my rare rake. With it, I´ve tended to Ks, and Ks, and Ks of crop tiles, for both myself and friends, plus also giving me nearly 1g in a few months of hours of farming. I can not live without it.
  13. Just bought 2 9-slot toolbelts, trade was nice and easy. I recommend this leatherworker ^^
  14. Extremely hard worker, will go to anywhere in time and will leave you satisfied will hire again for terraforming in future, I 100% recommend this player.