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  1. Just bought 2 9-slot toolbelts, trade was nice and easy. I recommend this leatherworker ^^
  2. Extremely hard worker, will go to anywhere in time and will leave you satisfied will hire again for terraforming in future, I 100% recommend this player.
  3. Hi Im a dedicated farmer/bulker/kiddo-of-all-trades ?? that needs income to pay for premium and save money. I deliver for free at coast or inland, and usually I do it fast. Can use wagoner too but at the moment cant give large crates for free, so need swap/replacements. Im living at T8, in a deed called Parthenon, south from Newspring. ? FARMING! (90ql farming goods, low ql gardening goods) ? Any veggie/grain -> 75c/k Cotton, wemp, reed -> 75c/k Herbs and spices -> 90c/k Anything chopped (medium ql) -> 1,65s/k MEAT! ? (regular ql) Meat ->50c/k Fillet, diced ->1,4s/k Minced -> 2,3s/k Non-special fish fillets ->50c/k ANIMAL BITS! ? Any except hearts (fat, eyes, tails, etc) -> 90c/k Hearts -> 90c/100 BULK ITEMS! ? -Construction Bricks/rounded stone (stone, sandstone, etc) ->1,75s/k Pottery bricks ->3,25s/k Mortar ->1,75s/k Planks ->90c/k Pegs -> 1,75s/k Slabs -> 57,5c/100 Logs (low-med ql) ->50c/k Wood shingles -> 1,75s/k Pottery shingles ->1,75s/k Wooden beam ->1,75s/k -Blacksmithing/metallurgy Any non-manufactured lump (iron, gold, copper) ->90c/k Brass and bronze lumps -> 2,75s/k Small/large nails/rivets -> 90c/k Ribbons -> 3,75s/k Fence bars -> 67,5c/100 Chain link -> 17,5c/100 -Digging Dirt ->40c/k Sand, clay, tar, moss ->90c/k -Paving Catseyes ->1,75s/k -Natural substances Ash (not high ql) ->90c/k Lye (not high ql) ->1,8s/k -Nature Mixed grass ->50c/k Thatch ->1,4s/k Sprouts (no oak or willow) ->90c/100 (oak or willow) ->1,8s/100 Strings of cloth ->1,75s/k Bouquets of flowers ->9c/100 White-dotted flowers ->10c FLETCHING (low-med ql) ? Hunting/war arrows -> 3,5s/k TURRETS! ?️ Acid turret ->1,75s SPECIAL ITEMS! ? Marble pillar brazier ->1,25s Support beams -> 1s/25 Panfilling (from my deed) ->1,75s/k filled pans (my ingredients)? ->90c/k filled pans (with your ingredients)? CARPENTRY ? Food storage bin ->9c Small barrel ->2c Bulk storage bin ->9c Feel free to PM me and Im sure we will make a nice deal ?
  4. Hello everybody Im looking for any labour, any heavy task you have that you dont want to do. I can mine, dig, woodcutting, farming, pan filling, bricks and mortar making, just whatever you need Im here to become your slave for the right price ^^ In-game nick: Guturales You may find, at the moment, at night (Europe hour, i live in Spain), but it may vary. Cya! P.D: I dont mind sailing long distances, just give me a holler and Ill run like Flash to the workplace.
  5. Hello Im a returning player that wants to jump in the world of pvp, but I need to know your requirements first. Do you ask for some skills like FS 70, or something? Also, can you give me jobs to earn money? I cant throw money at this game by personal reasons and I need to find jobs to pay for premium. And last question: do I must move to Chaos, or can I live a near server to do some pve and just sail to Chaos in case Im needed? I live in Spain so hour time may be a problem sometimes because when muricans play at night its already morning here, but i can deal with it :) Thank you in advance.