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  1. Context of this post is negative, if you want to read something positive make a post about it.
  2. I just imagine a random noob wandering around, discovering the game, thinking how realistic it is and then BOOM, 2 big fat whales land next to him.
  3. 2 chisel steel/iron blades and 1 hammer head steel, any lvl of enchant i dont mind, to Guturales plz
  4. Some scale sets were sold for 350-400 euros (424-484,5 dollars) in the past, for most considered the best and most exclusive armor.
  5. Alright, vets aka boomers had their words, now its time for a newbie in diapers to speak up. Jokes aside, I think everybody made very valid points, I feel reflected in some of them related to the sub model and grinding and as a young player both in real life and in game I want to say my opinion and add to this debate that is to filled with people with too much experience in Wurm. Context: I joined the game like 2 years ands half ago, played on "seasons" of consecutive 2-4 months then quitted for a couple more. Only achieved 1 high skill (90 farming) and always lived in settlements and villages feeling like a leech and dreaming about my own deed, which, sadly, never happened. I always worked for silver to pay premium since Im a university (college for my american friends) student without a job or means to pay the monthly 8 euros (which i wont explain because its an exceptional situation, I just cant put money in internet no matter if i want or have the real money). This led me to endless hours of watching bars filling and finally quitting the game. Ive played both in SFI (95%) and NFI for a week lol (5%). I think I can still consider myself in veteran terms as a new player, hence I want to point out some major flaws that explain my quits, and might also explain why others quit or just log in for the first time then quit 20 minutes ago: -Time. You do nothing in 1 hour, everything takes some time and when you have chores like animals, crops, whatever, when you see the clock you have spent so much time watching bars and doing a couple things . Many, many but really, MANY days I logged off at night feeling like I wasnt playing a game and without having fun at all, but feeling like I was working and grinding for... some digits? Some veterans now will say "take less chores, you can choose them, i had it tiring and difficult so its unfair now you have it easier, hurr durr muh weapon smithing 90, hurr durr". If everybody had this mindset, no inventions had happened in human history, nobody would amass money as heritage for their kids, etc. Quite selfish imo. Antiprogresive (dont get political by this word plz). Devs should do something about this and as mentioned several times before, by increasing timers and learning curve it can be changed. A slightly faster game would be better for the actual market and might attract and retain more players. -Grind. 2 years ago when I decided to pay my premium from veggies and forced myself to rake fields for 3 hours on average, every day during July and August, I realised as mentioned in the previous segment I had no fun at all, but, I also saw something else: to bear the grind and preserve my mental health I did as most people and watched vids, or played browser games during the long grinding hours grinding farming, raking my personal out-deed 1k tiles farm, or making bricks/planks/nails/clay/sailing. At the end of the day, I said to myself "geez, Im playing a game that forces me to be mostly outsid eof it rather than inside, there must be something wrong with it if it cant keep my atention system fixed on it". Nobody likes watching bars filled, specially when you are mining 5k rock shards to, after, make into 5k bricks for the premium. And after doing that, you keep grinding because raising a skill requires several actions. You just cant bear it at all, very few people can actually find joy on that. Whats the point of a eternal grinding game which you dont pay atention at all, instead you watch tv or youtube or play minigames in Maybe we should change the action bars and constant action by minigames related to the ability, and having parameters like speed of completion, ql of item, enchant, etc dictate how much skill experience you earn at the end. In this way you would be most of the time paying atention at the game instead of pressing a binded key. -Price. Actually, Wurm is pretty endless and super expansive and immersive, but you need to do a herculean effort for it which feel 10s a month/8 euros like giving an arm and a leg for the game. Too expensive. Its like paying 500 euros for a chicken egg which you need to take care until it hatches, then feed the chick, nurture it until times passes and it grows into an adult, to finally kill it and have your chicken breasts. Like, come on. Im paying for a working simulator. If I have to create the content, at least dont charge me so much money, maybe less or just go free to play for premium and charge me actual decent amount of money for a deed, skins, etc. And I want to also talk about the money, we all know even myself, a noob, that this beautiful game has a very crippling population and everybody hates playing ina ghost town. I dont want having 500 people in local messing with my veggies and killing all the critters, but if the game is dying why keep charging for it? Albion Online went for f2p model with an option to pay with rl money or silver/gold coins for premium, and its population sky rocketed to the point I couldnt move my char in towns like Lymhurst cause of the lag LOL. I dont want to pay for a game with barely any content because the content creators, aka the players are scarse and dispersed. Devs need money and its reasonable but it can be earned from other ways, like increasing deed upkeep x3, making a "season pass" with free and paid levels you complete by actions like killing players (hence making people going pvp, tho it can be rigged), chopping 300 trees, killing 600 critters, being in the 10 ranking in a rift 4 times, etc. And its rewards might be premium time, free months of upkeep, nicely designed skins, special statues, the locked ability for thsoe who complete to make unique items like taverns, unique colossus, unique bridges, having unique animals like pegasus (or animal skins), etc. By going premium would help us, freemium lads, to actually not feeling like at work, enjoy the game and do bulk stuff which help the paying players to create content for everybody, while showing respect for our time. -Lack of competition. Now many of you will disagree and hate me for this, maybe its a different mindset because of age. Im aware the average player is not young, but mature-old. From my experience, I would say the average Wurmian its in their mid 40s, and Im a kiddo from 1998 who was born in the time of instant gratification, pvp, griefing and online toxicity, but whats the point of building a deed, raising skills, having a drake hide armour if you dont risk it? Yeah, Epic, I know. If I feel lonely in Newspring i cant imagine how bad I would feel in Epic so no thanks. But even without actual pvp and losing your structures in a Rust-style, wheres joy? just earning digits and building your site? what next? brag in Global-Freedom about your recent 0,00000001 experience point in digging? f*** off. Theres no euphoria at all except when you self impose a goal like reaching 90 skill in a couple months, you grind after grind, there are no battles aside from slaying (which are BS since only a few players actually fight the monster, while the rest looks) and Rifts. And rifts... well... moon metal and journal and thats it. There is no dopamine in the long run, just more grind and man it gets very tiring and old, you get to a point you want somethign else, you want to experience and feel something else inside the game. I dont want to feel "fun" playing other games as a break from Wurm, I actually want to feel fun inside of Wurm. Level points are good, unlocking being able to make a wagon is good, building your dream deed is better. But at some point it feels empty and pointless, hence, you quit. TLDR: Noob player cries about being bored of watching bars, grinding for a digit eternally and worrying about not spending enough time to cover the monthly expenses, feels like in a factory job instead of a game. He also cries like a baby about not being able to compete and defeat others and feeling special like a snowflake. Downvote and report him, gg wp. (Since 2 years ago I miss this game but I cant get myself to enjoy it in its current state Im afraid, and Ive been day dreaming and hard craving and missing it. Yo devs, for once, stop your stu*** agenda and listen to the players and do what they want, Wurm´s too unique for getting deleted). A young lad.
  6. Not enough people playing in NFI, gg wp.
  7. +1 I would like to see "moved" dirt in front of gravestones like in cartoons, mounds, stones and even little mausoleums or big sets of wood that might eternally burn Imagine doing those structures for a dead horse or after killing a unique
  8. Usually most veterans have at least 1 alt and are happy with that, some have way more but from my experience most people have 2 accounts, so from those 200 players at least, and of course in theory half are alts, so half are real players. Quite sad for a game that is considered the father of modern sandbox and crafting games
  9. Hi folks! Some know me for working in-game to get silver to pay the premium, for a set of reasons I cant put real money here and I wont explain them. Thing is, I want to start a new char in NFI and I want to find a career to focus on it, grind it to 90 lvl (or more, we will see) in order to make lots of money. On SFI I used to be a farmer and I wanted to be a cook, but with the Steam release and the stupid idea of not linking both clusters I had to give up on that dream, and to be honest I dont feel like repeating the farming grind, even less with the amazing rare market in NFI So, after considering my options I concluded that the best career pathes for me are: -Smithing, mostly blacksmithing (tools and horse shoes) and plate smithing (lack of drake hide armour so people want plate, also later on Ill be able to craft dragon scale armour but i dont know if it sells better than drake hide). I would try to sell everything made of steel, but I would like to hear some opinions on this if advisable or not (I know coal making is a pain). -Carpentry, vehicles like large carts and wagons (I always saw people buying rare/supreme carrying vehicles since I started the game) and ship building (rare knarrs, they should sell for a lot of money until everybody loses the need for ships, so its limited after some time), also wooden tools like mallets and rope tools should be on demand. Later in the future Ill get a priest so I can enchant, but now I cant, so I would sell "raw" stuff without enchants unless I find someone to make some enchant bussiness. Keep in mind my main professions will be bulking, pan filling and terraforming until I get good enough on a proper career so I dont need to do them anymore ^^ and this is where I need advise. What do you think guys? keeping in mind the current normal and rare market in NFI, what should I focus my grinds on for the highest profit? It should be something that people will need it always in the future, rare or not. Cya! P.D: I know is easier just to throw some euros at this but really, I cant use real money and I dont want to give explanations and talk about it, if I could... Lets leave it.
  10. Despite game´s age, we have low numbers specially at SFI, and since devs dont seem to care about linking both clusters to bring together the community we need fresh blood to fill our ranks, game feels so empty and dead because of this absurd idea. +1 to any kind of advertisement, i dont care about other games, I care about Wurm.
  11. Key aspect of Wurm Online is the freedom to do whatever you want, if we put a meta in the small pvp this game has, you are going against the inner Wurm nature. Who would want to play a crossbow pvp game? just to CSGO if you want to shoot someone. This game has enough weapons, devs should remake and balance them in a way they are all viable and fun, instead of a meta which limits the creativity and FREEDOM aspect of this game. Just my 2 copper.
  12. They can feel whatever they want, as you can not guess what theyre thinking and act in consecuence. Im agree with mods reaction and message, after this is in overall a mature community and usually things dont get off hands easily.
  13. Thanks for the post and the slaying :)
  14. Guturales means growls in Spanish, and its a way many people sing in some subgenres of heavy metal, like black metal, death metal, viking metal, etc. I discovered heavy metal at 14 and Im now 22, still loving the genre and listening to it every single day. Friends can call me Gutu.