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  1. Global cast waiting list for Benediction

    added screen shot
  2. Global cast waiting list for Benediction

    Add Gandalfthegreat for RoS 100 faith & 98.9 channeling
  3. Sermon Tracking Tool

    Only possible issue with the OP is when someone sermon out of sequence for what ever reason. then you would need to change the sermon roster for that
  4. Trader Island Deed, Release

  5. Replace global cast on journal

    +1 from me as well. It is almost impossible to get the opportunity to cast a Global spell. Specially when some people ninja cast it.
  6. W. S. A. Independence lag

    Looks like they moved Xana to inde's old server
  7. Patch Notes 31/JAN/19

    This seems to be still a problem? My Vyn priest vesseled 1.5k+ favor and the journal is still white Anyone else also had this ? Ok I manage to get the gaol by casting CoC
  8. Planting lamps on submerged tiles

    Not very practical if you mining a tunnel.
  9. Cooking affinity QoL