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  1. +1 from me As long as there is a high mining skill required. Older players wont mess up the face that often
  2. always wonder why not start the bids at the reserve. why keep it hidden?
  3. and I am trying my best to become diseased for the journal but after months no luck. Must be the amount of garlic I chop daily
  4. I would like to see a system where high channeling is actually being rewarded with higher casts regardless of the current cast and some silly RND. My priest has 96 channeling and can cast anything from 0 to 109. landing a 90+ cast can sometimes takes a lot of tries. and if we ignore the benediction +5 any priest can cast a 100+ if the rnd gods are in a good mood. There should be a sliding scale of max cast level based on channeling skill. and the higher the channeling the better odds to cast an higher roll.
  5. I agree with OR. Specially with coalmaking and metallurgy. Always seems crazy to me that high skill is not properly rewarded. and there is not real incentive to grind some skills to 90+ skill
  6. I like the idea a lot but I have a feeling it is not going to be easy to implement due to the way Wurm store the tile types.
  7. another slap in the face un needed downgrade
  8. let me see 3+1 = 4 just as Eckin said
  9. I would not call this an UPdate. feels like a downgrade to me. So there is no Q4 update
  10. Good idea. and while we talk about fires. a way to turn of the forge/oven smoke or make it invisible on a different floor of the building that the forge
  11. I don't and I never did say I know what everybody wants. thus there should be consultation
  12. It is not about how high our skill is. This is about that once again things are changed without interaction of what the players want.
  13. If things are kept such a secret is it normally to prevent the player to object about it before it is to late.