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  1. How hard can it be to teleport a guard back to the tower when it is detected it is underground?
  2. awesome service. did 10k pans in just a few hrs after order
  3. I also had issues with the JNLP file, I had to delete the app from the Java console and downloaded a new JNLP for it to work. The launcher does not work for me because when I use that I cannot open a 2nd client on my 2nd monitor. it ALWAYS opens on my main monitor. It makes it very annoying to run 2 toons at the same time.
  5. I find the new launcher a bit annoying because when I try and start a client on my 2nd screen it always open on my main screen. Before what ever screen I press play on the client it would open the game there now not so much
  6. +1 from me as I have multiple deeds in the aliance so it would be nice to monitor all of them from my main
  7. Add Gandalfthegreat for RoS 100 faith & 98.9 channeling