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  1. almost no QoL changes for priest so far. I would like sacrifice to be queue-able like it use to be. It is quite annoying when you doing a cast session and you can't queue sacrifice after the cast you know to deplete your favor
  2. I would love a plague mask if any left. and if mask of deception if I might be greedy Thanks alot
  3. I would grind this for a less random casts. a priest with those skill should not struggle to cast at least 80+ casts most of the time. let's face it, it is an insane amount of work to get all those skills to those levels. and expensive on favor
  4. That's not nice of you to diss someone else's work like that. His code is much cleaner than you parser and it is part of a bigger system that he wrote. Please don't be nasty if you can't see the big picture of where his code fits in.
  5. WurmNode

    Many of us Run Wurm Assistant that is also an executable that needs to be installed. Yes sadly time is limited. I was just throwing the idea out there. Personally I don't have time to pick up a project like this. @DrogosThank you for the time you put into making the web version available to all to use. I have a very good idea how much time it sucks out of you.
  6. WurmNode

    Unfortunately I have no Lunix knowledge. But if someone is that paranoid then they should not run anything on their PC. Such user will not be a Windows user because Microsoft is the worst info gatherer there is. Can always make the source opensource and publish on Github so everybody can go and have a look. I just don't have time for pet projects like that.
  7. WurmNode

    why not make a small exe that parse the log files and strip out all the non skill related stuff. suck it in a json file of sqllite db to upload Then people that don't want the private stuff in the log files uploaded can feel more comfortable Json file probably better because people can open it with a text editor to make sore all private stuff is stripped out
  8. Firstly I like the OP idea. Your argument does not hold water because crate does not get damage in any other transport method.
  9. no action should interrupt another. that is why you can press the ESC button if you want to interrupt. I find both mentioned actions a pain because they do not queue
  10. Jerrel loves rare chopped garlic and other rare veggies. delivered by mail to Timothymarker works well
  11. So the next you want and retirement plan too? 🤣.