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  1. I fully agree. It is very annoying without any good reason
  2. I think this is a great idea. I played other games where you could bind to a bind stone (in our case a deed token) and it worked very well. would be very handy if you go to another server and bind close to the area where you going. Be it a Rift/Unique Slaying etc.
  3. I would take a wild guess that the toon is linked to your steam account so no password required
  4. yip. I would say unplayable at the moment
  5. Hell no. no P2W in wurm please
  6. not sure if it can be compared but I was thinking how hard it was to get a pelt when Jackal started. so on a new server it will probably be the same scenario
  7. So pickAxes is not used it crafting either so they should not qualify as "a newbie *starter* item."
  8. was just an idea. The dioptra has 3 legs that can be modified to fit a compass ? like using a compass to make a way stone? or an iron needle on a brass compass? It is wurm after all.
  9. The system should not even allow you to trigger an action that is not possible. regardless of unfaithful setting or not. like in this example if you hit the "dig to pile" hotkey in a cave the system should just ignore that action or display a message that the action is not possible
  10. +1 I think attaching a nautical compass ito a ship s a good idea. It only settles when you are drifting state. make it so you need higher QL components to make them. maybe 75+ QL? I was thinking a nautical compass = 75ql+ Dioptra + 75ql+ compass. as soon as a toon get on a boat with one attached the nautical compass display on the hud same where like the current normal compass.