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  1. I have to agree with Ekcin. As it is AH is useless, Even if you have a perfect breeding pair as parents they still breed crap offspring. No way we can breed good horses/hell horses anymore consistently. Sure we might get a lucky shot but we need to to be able to breed consistent offspring based on parents traits.
  2. awesome channeling there mate. If RL permits I will swing by with Gandalf to help out on the vyn casts
  3. newbie killer uphill with a train of mobs
  4. [19:11:01] You start to cast Genesis on aged donkey. [19:11:10] You cast Genesis on aged donkey. [19:11:10] The aged donkey was not possessed by any evil spirit. [19:11:20] This donkey looks pretty stubborn. [19:11:20] She has a normal build. [19:11:20] It looks very unmotivated. It looks unusually strong and healthy. [19:11:20] This creature has a total of 15 trait points. Although the Unmotivated trait is negative and has a value of 5 points it does reflect as a positive trait
  5. I never said they did not decay. but it is a solution if you go away for a few days. they don't decay that fast
  6. as far as I know you can hitch the horse to a tent and it will remain safe but if you go away for 5 yrs I don't think you should expect to have a horse on return
  7. Yes please. Long overdue
  8. +1 More uses for wagoners will be good
  9. I need a bit of help. when I launch wurm (WurmLauncher64.exe -test) It downloaded the packs and all that but my client is very old (4.1.132) don't see any of the new stuff What am I doing wrong?
  10. I just don't get it that you need to spend that amount of hours for any reason on a useless skill. if you play 4hrs a day that can get to 25 days. almost a month worth of subs. Makes one think.
  11. +1 from me As long as there is a high mining skill required. Older players wont mess up the face that often