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  1. Here comes round 3 with a sudden left hook. I bet you thought you'd have some time to rest. Absolutely not, I'm making you work for this. This is a big one. HIGHWAYS DISBANDED DEEDS EPIC STRUCTURES
  2. Round 2 of info dump tackles the north region. Enjoy. HIGHWAYS DISBANDED DEEDS EPIC STRUCTURES Round 3 will be around the south.
  3. Hello. I have a lot of information for you. HIGHWAYS DEEDS EPIC STRUCTURES There's more to be changed but I have to sleep now. Have fun processing all of this.
  4. Bugfix: Possible fix for the ‘unknown wall type’ fence parts which cannot be destroyed. (No foxes for Fabricant).
  5. The big redesign only started recently. I was hoping to get most of the terraforming done before people noticed the mess but terraforming is slow and I have to keep requesting more dirt.
  6. If you still have the rare large anvil, please send to Fabricant. Thank you.
  7. Quest 2 happening on GV confirmed
  8. Better late than never. A Christmas scene with a few silly things featuring Joelle, Archaed, Fabricant and Madnath.
  9. I am ready to submit the design. The Blackmoor Christmas impalong really took the focus and I was not able to spend as much time on planning. Madnath's help was invaluable, he helped shape this madness. https://pastebin.com/0BgeC5dM DeedPlanner is a great asset but it is unfortunately limited. Certain objects, such as barrel racks, eyes and corpses, were not available. Consider the decorations to be a rough guide on what we would want on the deed. To those without an imagination, I apologise. Thirsty Shark Tavern This building is dedicated to the brewers and drinkers of Celebration. The alcohol flows free* here and you will always have an ear to hear your tale**. Grab a seat and enjoy!*** Feel like entertaining? We have something for that. In the back of the building is a stage and chairs for a mild audience. Sing, dance, perform! Please note, we are not responsible for injuries from thrown beer steins. You perform at your own risk. * Only during happy hour which is 22:00 to 23:00, on the second day of Tears every month. ** Listener service only available to those with at least 5 orders in a single session. *** Please enjoy responsibly. Quiet Boar Inn You partied hard in the tavern and now it's time for sleep. Rent one of our luxury beds! We are required by law to inform you of a recent infestation of fleas and advise you to sleep with your clothes on. Rated 4 stars on Wurmian Advisor! The Church You wake up refreshed at our inn and you realise you made some questionable decisions in that tavern last night. Want to repent? Visit the church. Come for the confession, stay for the sermon! Still feeling those sins crawling on your back? Take a stroll through the graveyard and have an extra long pray at the shrine. The Archaeology Museum We get it, you want to know what treasures are buried deep but you don't want to get your hands dirty. Fabricant has graciously worked endlessly to create and fill a museum of archaeological discoveries! There's statues, strange runed items and not a single shred of his sanity anywhere in sight! He calls it a building of his pain and suffering which is just hilarious! A building wouldn't be able to contain all of it. Even the building looks like it is screaming, which is silly because buildings can't scream. Golden Valley Bistro Before you leave Tap Dance and begin your journey into the unknown, stop by the Bistro and grab a snack to eat! Inspired by the diets of those who lived on Golden Valley, raw fish and mushrooms are served every morning. If that's too fancy for your tastes, wait for the lunch service where we serve freshly made gulasch. The dinner service later in the day is the meal, a Wurm classic that's enjoyed by all. What meat do we use for our meals? We'll let you figure that one out. There's more to the redesign but I'll leave that for you to discover, dear reader. But I can just tell you here if you're not willing to open DeedPlanner. There's a crafting hall for those beloved smiths, a shipyard for those esteemed shipwrights, a fishing shop for those precious anglers, a library to store our precious knowledge and wagoner stations for those tolerated wagoners. If you have read this far, I assume you have not been convinced. I offer one final image to win your vote. An image of a stale meme format. Thank you for your consideration. Team Shark (Fabricant and Madnath)
  10. I streamed the Deal or No Deal game with Kiralie. It was intense! Here's the highlight for those that missed it: A few technical difficulties and missing graphics, I'll try to get everything sorted out for future games.
  11. I've spent so much time thinking about this and I believe I have an answer. It's a desire to create something absurd and funny. Decorating with corpses, funny item names, things that shouldn't be possible. I'm always trying to find something to outdo the last thing I did. My deed is basically a shrine dedicated to this concept. There's always something silly happening and I always have a picture to share. This is the front view of the workshop. Even stranger things lie within but I believe the less said about it, the better. I made an album of what I do in Wurm. I think it explains what I do better than I could. https://imgur.com/a/2ZnhYQN
  12. Jewelry can be a fine addition to archaeology with upcoming priest rework allowing completed jewelry to have the new enchants. Wooden items: Wooden beams, plank, hull plank, deck board. Wooden tools: Spindle, spatula, clay shaper, rope tool, mallet, press. Metal tools: Metal brush, needle, awl, leather knife. Metal weapons: Metal spears
  13. 4:11 PM - 15 Jul 2018 - The settlement of Around The Corner has just been founded by Ethario. 10:27 PM - 25 Jul 2018 - The settlement of Around The Corner has just been disbanded by Ethario. 10:29 PM - 25 Jul 2018 - The settlement of Around The Corner has just been founded by Ethario.
  14. When you partially transfer a liquid to a new container not in your inventory, it has no ownership. This causes the 20QL syrup problem. If you can't rename the sap, you don't have ownership. For example, if you are holding 100kg of sap and transfer it into a small barrel which can only hold 45kg, that 45kg of sap in the barrel has no ownership. You can get around this by having the cauldron in your inventory first, transferring the sap into the cauldron then putting the cauldron in the cooker.