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  1. The rules for the Deal or No Deal games so people know how to play and there's no confusion. At the start of the game, you pick a chest. This is yours to keep but you will have the opportunity to sell it to the mysterious banker. As you play, you eliminate the other chests which can increase or decrease the value of your chest. If you don't sell your chest, you will open it at the end and keep the prize inside. The banker will send offers after 5 removals at the start then every 3 after that. Will you be able to push it one more round for a better offer? You don't have to watch the stream to play. You have to be at the site in person. The remaining prizes will be listed in a green book on the table. Everything will be relayed through local chat.
  2. alliance villagE pRoblEm solution how to solve issues animal taming clienT pRoblEm expert IN Xanadu HoW tO GeT YoUr hOrSe bAcK
  3. I feel people are holding back. You can be as spicy as you wish in your opinions. I will read it. Still upset about one particular update? Vent your frustrations here and we can chat about it through live video for online. Reminder that this is not limited to only updates. We plan on covering events and other happenings through the year. Got an event you enjoyed and want to make sure we mention it? Post about it here. Please.
  4. The event is still going and TOMORROW at around the time of this comment will be your final opportunity to win BIG MONEY in our legally distinct deal and chest game of chance. Want to play? Set a reminder for tomorrow and BE THERE. Winners TONIGHT: Tullekopp - 10 silver Jingerjas - 16 silver Brattygirl - 5 silver Grimish - 12 silver
  5. Hey, you! Do you want to win cash money? Come to the Lunalong in about 24 hours from this comment and you might be able to play our legally distinct deal and chest game of chance. You could win up to 50 silver! BIG MONEY! The BIG WINNERS tonight: Calebxephrime - 5 silver Miralux - 10 silver Janpaat - 75 copper Adog - 25 iron Goldfinch - 50 iron Madnath - 50 copper Stanlee - 5 iron Champagnedragon - 5 silver The not so big winners from the first day: Perihelion - 1 copper Aurem - 5 copper Tomatoes - 50 copper
  6. Meadhalla!

    Even though the gameshow had the completely wrong setting, I'm glad we still tried it. Many thanks to Shydow, Ulviirala, Gaffer, Bakhita and Stanlee for participating at such short notice. It will return again in the correct format at some point in the future. Maybe. Also +1 to event structure. We need to be told what to do because we don't know how to have fun by ourselves.
  7. It was a brutal game and I got demolished. I was simply not prepared for the moves Enki dished upon me. My move set had served me well in the past but clearly Enki has been practicing and perfecting his play. Checkers enthusiasts, study this game thoroughly for the meta is changing right before your very eyes. Special thanks to John Cheese for overseeing this game on such short notice.
  8. MCR tribute stream inbound
  9. I will make a Britney Spears playlist just for this
  10. found these on the twitter: Dec 6, 2011 · The settlement of Raider Nation has just been founded by Edzwarr. (link) Jan 2, 2012 · The settlement of Dragonfoot has just been founded by Lumpygravy. (link) not sure if they're the ones you're looking for since both were disbanded later but they were the only results for the names
  11. Impromptu Christmas dinner with Bunnbunnnn, Chefpeewee, Drogos, Tuxi, Madnath and the horse version of Madnath. We had some delicious Christmas cake and horse Madnath had some freshly foraged rice.
  12. If anybody missed the fireworks show, please please PLEASE watch the recording from Vooch's stream: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/783833305?t=2h30m9s This is not a permanent link, the vod will be automatically deleted in 2 weeks. Vooch please make a highlight on Twitch and upload it to YouTube. This moment needs to be saved. looks like the video has already been deleted
  13. Here comes round 3 with a sudden left hook. I bet you thought you'd have some time to rest. Absolutely not, I'm making you work for this. This is a big one. HIGHWAYS DISBANDED DEEDS EPIC STRUCTURES
  14. Round 2 of info dump tackles the north region. Enjoy. HIGHWAYS DISBANDED DEEDS EPIC STRUCTURES Round 3 will be around the south.