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  1. Was the cat still tame when it was being attacked or had it gone untame? A long time ago, there was a bug where if an aggressive animal went untame while the owner was offline, it would get attacked by guards. I have no idea if it was fixed but this sounds like the same bug.
  2. The price went up? I searched and found listings for 5s. Very well then, I'll dance to your tune of 7s but I'm rescinding the free hug.
  3. Hello. This bug is still happening. I have a bit more information this time. I was crossing the server on my knarr with the autorun on because I wasn't paying attention. I try to stop to regain stamina since it tends to disembark me after crossing. After I crossed the border, I appeared under the boat but was still embarked. When I disembarked and reembarked as commander, the boat was sailing at 56km/h. I reached the shore and disembarked. Even after reembarking, the boat still sailed at 56km/h. However, when I embarked as commander on a different boat, which sailed at the normal speed, and then reembarked as commander on the original superspeed boat, it sailed at normal speed. I don't know if this information changes anything. Is it possible the boat is counting the player as the commander twice? Did embarking on a different boat clear it or reset it?
  4. Nobody has sent an offer yet so I will sweeten the deal. I will add a free hug.
  5. Looking for this statue, will pay 7s.
  6. what was here is now gone, thank you
  7. So this bug is still happening. Crossed the server border and was going 56km/h. We tried having everybody disembark or having the commander embark as passenger and various combinations of players as passengers but none of that worked. What fixed it was the commander disembarking, logging off and leaving world. Logged back in and I was going normal speed. I have no idea what caused it but I suspect something caused me to become haunted on the transfer between servers.