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  1. Blackmoor Christmas Impalong 2018

    I streamed the Deal or No Deal game with Kiralie. It was intense! Here's the highlight for those that missed it: A few technical difficulties and missing graphics, I'll try to get everything sorted out for future games.
  2. You have a moment of inspiration...

    I've spent so much time thinking about this and I believe I have an answer. It's a desire to create something absurd and funny. Decorating with corpses, funny item names, things that shouldn't be possible. I'm always trying to find something to outdo the last thing I did. My deed is basically a shrine dedicated to this concept. There's always something silly happening and I always have a picture to share. This is the front view of the workshop. Even stranger things lie within but I believe the less said about it, the better. I made an album of what I do in Wurm. I think it explains what I do better than I could. https://imgur.com/a/2ZnhYQN
  3. 'Missing' from Archaeology Thread

    Jewelry can be a fine addition to archaeology with upcoming priest rework allowing completed jewelry to have the new enchants. Wooden items: Wooden beams, plank, hull plank, deck board. Wooden tools: Spindle, spatula, clay shaper, rope tool, mallet, press. Metal tools: Metal brush, needle, awl, leather knife. Metal weapons: Metal spears
  4. 4:11 PM - 15 Jul 2018 - The settlement of Around The Corner has just been founded by Ethario. 10:27 PM - 25 Jul 2018 - The settlement of Around The Corner has just been disbanded by Ethario. 10:29 PM - 25 Jul 2018 - The settlement of Around The Corner has just been founded by Ethario.
  5. [Bug] Maple sap to syrup cooking issue

    When you partially transfer a liquid to a new container not in your inventory, it has no ownership. This causes the 20QL syrup problem. If you can't rename the sap, you don't have ownership. For example, if you are holding 100kg of sap and transfer it into a small barrel which can only hold 45kg, that 45kg of sap in the barrel has no ownership. You can get around this by having the cauldron in your inventory first, transferring the sap into the cauldron then putting the cauldron in the cooker.
  6. The Screenshots Thread

    I made the tough decision to let my troll helper go. We had some communication issues and they had a tendency to break the table in the identification process. I wish them the very best in their archaeology career. It's fine, I found more help. A small group of archaeology enthusiasts. Similar to the troll, they don't use the traditional chisel and brush. They have their own methods and I was hesitant when they explained it at first. But I must admit, they have impressed me! They've done a fine job so far. Not a single broken table (yet?)
  7. Yes please. I would very much like to see this change.
  8. Patch Notes 04/OCT/18

    My collection grows. I have no idea where to put these. Please help me.
  9. Patch Notes 04/OCT/18

    Archaeology continues to grow in power. Best skill in the game.
  10. The Screenshots Thread

    I finally found somebody willing to help me with my archaeology! He's not good at writing archaeology reports or reading but he sure does know how to break the rock and dirt off!
  11. Premium reward titles

    [01:05:27] You receive the title Marquis of Lomaner for staying premium! [01:05:58] You have been premium a total of 40 months since Dec 2013.
  12. Archaeology Journals

    I wanted to use the journals and I really did try, but the limitations were too much. Settlements that disband from upkeep can get founded again in the same name, causing duplicate reports. If you're lucky, you might even stumble onto the spot for an old unique slaying deed. Some deeds don't even last. These journals fill up fast. 22 reports per journal is not enough. If they don't want to turn journals into phonebooks, why not set the cap based on journal quality? +1 to more. Please.
  13. You are Invited to a Puzzle Labyrinth Adventure!

    A fantastic labyrinth with a few cheeky twists. Well worth the trip, absolutely recommended.
  14. Valrei International. 065

    Oh my goodness. Look at that babby unicorn! And the priest stuff from Sindusk! Very exciting stuff, can't wait to see it live. Also, I just want to mention that I did bring Nuggets to Aion. The Nuggets were cared for and protected, despite Aions animal form. A benevolent deity who will be worshipped. Retro, on the other hand, wasted no time on ripping hearts out. There was also the time he tried to kill me which was a bit rude. Your actions against the Nuggets will be remembered. #SaveTheNuggets
  15. Hatch-ling slaying

    The only picture I managed to take before my client detonated due to the release of the drake. Thank you for the opportunity! Much love.