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  1. The Screenshots Thread

    Your stuff is equally amazing Love seeing the things you come up with
  2. What has made you hate Wurm?

    You're still roughing it out on WO poor thing. I suppose the in game currency and items being transferred to real life cash might appeal to many, but it also creates an atmosphere that's all but chill. I happened to befriend one of the cooler "kill crews" but there was still drama. You don't get to invite friends for the kill, we needed some rude persons skills and I felt bad about the newer players who had read about dragons on the wurmpedia and were hoping to get to see one every damn time they could see in the event log that one had spawned. But for a lot of players the uniques are very much a little fairytale being told in letters in the event window, and you start to wonder if these things even exist.
  3. The Screenshots Thread

    Worked a bit on decorating my house - probably not quite done here yet, but it will have to do for tonight:
  4. The Flip Side: What do you LOVE about Wurm?

    I just posted in the "What I hate about Wurm" hence I feel obligated to also post on here. I am on forums cause clearly - I love the game. I love: - The terraforming aspects of the game - The amount of choices, like wall/fence types and the ability to use them however you please (lots of games have template houses Nothing kills my motivation as being stuck with very limited design choices!) - I love having actual in game neighbors and seeing everyones amazing creativity with this game. From my perspective, Wurm becomes like a very entertaining chat engine where you get to know people while having something else to do - and it gives us common ground to relate to and inspire eachother - Animal keeping and use of (a)live animals (might sound silly, but a lot of other sandbox games lack this one aspect which means a lot to me personally - going around killing stuff as the only means of collecting things just isn't my style)
  5. What has made you hate Wurm?

    For WO: - Unique drama. I tried to go back to WO after a little over a year of WU. Within a week I had heard of a unique stolen by a group of elitist players right in front of someone trying to pen it. Another one was sold to a team of people with real life money. The excluding attitude of part of the elite squad is such a turnoff. As a newer player you will feel excluded and all but welcome. And if you dare to complain expect their rage. Before leaving one of my better WO friends was getting ignored and mistreated by someone they liked for some unique drama they had no control over. Let's just say the WU server I am part of is nothing like this. - Time sink. Need I say more? I sold my good WO accounts cause I simply couldn't stand the time spent getting almost nowhere. Good if you are unemployed perhaps, but I would get nowhere with the time I had available. - Cost. If the game was faster and with a better community feel then I would probably not argue this one as much. I feel like I am already paying simply by the amount of effort that is required to accomplish much of anything. The community has frustrated me. I don't want to pay to be frustrated (no offense, I hope the people I actually am happy to have met know who they are - it's just the toxic drama...)
  6. Add Ride-able Moose to Wurm

    +1 It's the typical Swedish souvenir - would be totally realistic too. I am not sold on riding them - maybe with a new trait that kicks you off randomly (a little like the trait where they randomly stop leading)
  7. Add Kegs or a Barkeep, please!

    +1 I spent a couple of days decorating a bar - totally lacking a bartender though...
  8. The Screenshots Thread

    I had way too much fun running around taking screenshots of my most recent projects with high graphics settings: (And a few more can be found here: )
  9. Cared for animal death

    Had the same happen on WU today. It was a venerable greenish wolf (female, not pregnant, on deed, inside a locked pen with food on the ground next to it, cared for). (Server: Sklotopolis, and I did not use any runes on it)