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  1. Just released my deed to the public to enjoy as a public playground. It can be found on WU server Sklotopolis (Island: Novus). Here is my teaser for the event with clips from some of the deed. (To see it all, you gotta stop by and find your way through no less than 4 different mazes.)
  2. Pardon for the wrong position and thanks for help moving it Was trying to post things at the end of a late night with kids climbing all over me so didn't pay enough attention to where it was posted.
  3. With the risk of breaking our beloved WU servers on april 16'th - I thought I would share information about the release of my latest Wurm project with the WO crowd as well Grand opening on April 16 at 17:00 (5pm) UTC WU server: Sklotopolis Island: Novus Teleport will be available. What started out as me just looking for an excuse to randomly build and decorate somehow, took a life on it's own. My first intention was a "Disney world" of sorts, just randomly themed areas of the deed - but this project seems to have had a life of it's own and it is now an elaborate 3d maze with more than one path to explore. It has been 3 years in the making and me and Elfin have now been busy plotting a public event for the release date. Plenty of amazing people have helped me out with mats, cool items for decorations, being lab rats (to figure out if I messed up my plan somewhere - which I did! Bless your patience and help Elen ). Given it's taken me 3 years, some players have sadly moved on to greener grasses somewhere (I just can't agree the grass is greener on the other side when it comes to Wurm vs. "other games" - maybe they will come to their senses one day?). Hope to see you all there
  4. I swear that I did try to limit the amount of screenshots I have taken over the years - but I still got 32 pictures left - so bear with this long post. These are all taken on WU server Sklotopolis - hence some ideas may not be possible for WO. Some mine-creativity: Love this one - belonging to Iamyourfather. Cant recall who owns this place. Creative use of a mine to create a basement (I know Iamyourfather has a setup like this as well, only I forgot to screenshot it and I am too far away to be bothered to run over there atm). Now for more creative use of items: Are comments even needed? Colossi of Fo by my own deed (before they rotted away off deed... RIP color runes + colossi..) Hedges aline perfectly into the spirit gate - who knew? Temples + marble buldings + bridges = AWESOME. Courtesy of Mike. I like how a marble keystone adds a bit of flair to this merchant setup (my own setup in the past - I have since forgot to utilize this idea! O.O ) Combining two (or more) marble planters in order to create a pattern. You can add two more for even more "spikes" - I think I prefer this one though. Unfinished bee-hive = perfect if you want a smaller wooden planter (they take 0 decay on deed as well \o/ ) Grabbed this screenshot from Dweias deed - I love how the wooden trellis is hidden and it looks like the greenery is climbing on the iron bars instead. Gaming room from my 3d labyrinth in the making - figured out a way to make gaming tables :D Lets just say this one is crazy... This is A LOT of nori (the green stuff), and I believe I have both marble tables and something smaller underneath of the nori to get the perfect placement of things. A proper throne \o/ One of my bars Another bar of mine - this one I have shared before I believe? But figured I would collect it here :) Kitchen counters and a kitchen island with a little bar section. Nothing crazy here really - just a "TV" in a corner and a sign pushed into the wall to the point where you can read it but not see the actual sign. Altars + jack'o'lanterns + flowers + mint = awesome halloween decorations. My closet - it looked awesome when I made it. Lets just say the white dotted flowers on the shelves rotted away (as did lots of things) - but it was pretty while it lasted? I find fireplaces look so much better with a few flowers on top. Here I combined it with a couple of gold staffs. On my server we can wax items to keep them from decaying as fast = more fun decorating with them. A proper bathroom - the only thing I didn't add here is a steamy fog spider corpse inside the tub. Marble keystones, tables, some cooked rice for water, sheets as towels, an empty catseye as a soap - the rest should be obvious what it is I imagine. Keystones can be used for lots of purposes (see bedroom picture for reference to whats underneath the keystone). Just a randomly decorated living room - not sure if it can inspire someone (pardon the custom graphic banners in the background - was playing with texture packs at the time..) Buoys used to mark a canal - maybe not extremely creative buuuut when I shared it on my server few people were aware these things even existed :) Building ideas: Pretty happy with this treehouse design - not quite finished is all. And a pier from my event deed in the making (also played around with this idea: ) This guy wanted to visit: Lighthouse from my own deed. Was fun to be able to make an actual spiral staircase inside. Can't remember whose house this is, but I saved a screenshot cause I liked the way the T-arches go with the palisades. Maybe useful to someone? :) I believe this is from Stargraces deed? (correct me if I am wrong). Thought it was highly creative :) Another one from my event-deed in the making - with the clever use of bridges I managed to make a layered city that looks connected. Can't really utilize carts or wagons on it though - they tend to glitch through the bridge/house connections all the time :( (At least no carts will be allowed for the labyrinth = non-issue)
  5. Am I reading this right? So it will be up to the independent server owners to mod WO content updates to WU in the future?
  6. Well, painting slate in black or a washed-out gray even makes for some really black cool walls. Not all paint is neon in color. Off deed bridges could just be cleaned with a wire brush like anything else that's painted? Heck, limit it to on deed if we are afraid of color griefing= problem solved. It's not like people don't paint things in horrible colors anyway, paintable bridges or not. I love the idea of freedom, it is a sandbox game after all. Are you guys arguing that we should remove dye altogether?
  7. Somehow this seems to be the ONLY post on painting bridges? Pretty please - let us paint bridges? Floors and roofs I can survive (even though it would be nice to be able to paint at least wooden floors - its not hurting my designs that much). But bridges now, thats a whole different story. I like to use bridges as a decorational element in my buildings, and sometimes paint walls. Only, as soon as I paint the walls, that bridge sticks out. So I basically end up NOT painting walls that I want to paint, only cause the bridge design is more important than the color. But it makes the buildings flat. Would love to be able to add more color to deeds without dropping bridge designs. Who is with me?
  8. Bringing an old post back to life - we (read: me) totally need this! Who is with me?
  9. And YET another Sklotopolis-build ( the newest section of my *work in progress* labyrinth - I send great thanks to Svilgar, Takah and Hasavah for donating mats \o/ Gotta love this community)
  10. \o/ Thanks Retrograde and Brash I was unaware - some of the texture models you have announed at least in the Valrei International, but perhaps not in patch notes? I must admit I rarely read those things It would have been a huge update either way - but now I can get extra excited again (I am working on a labyrinth of my own - it's been designed with the new graphics in mind - hence the hedge need ).
  11. Aww... I was hoping for the new hedge textures... Can't have it all I suppose
  12. Or you play on an unlimited server with no upkeep = you can take on a bunch of players with zero financial cost for you really (now the left behind and locked containers is a cost in its own way, but at least carts can be moved and eventually cleaned up, containers I try to push to an off deed section of a mine - out of sight, out of mind)
  13. Just part of a "small" little project of mine - first finished building in a labyrinth in the making. Now to see how long it takes to design and build the rest of this deed.. (I expect it to take a year or two to finish at least)
  14. That did it \o/ Thank you so much So simple.. see - I needed help - lol
  15. To reset it I can just delete the keybindings and it will download a basic one, right?