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  1. Am I reading this right? So it will be up to the independent server owners to mod WO content updates to WU in the future?
  2. Well, painting slate in black or a washed-out gray even makes for some really black cool walls. Not all paint is neon in color. Off deed bridges could just be cleaned with a wire brush like anything else that's painted? Heck, limit it to on deed if we are afraid of color griefing= problem solved. It's not like people don't paint things in horrible colors anyway, paintable bridges or not. I love the idea of freedom, it is a sandbox game after all. Are you guys arguing that we should remove dye altogether?
  3. Somehow this seems to be the ONLY post on painting bridges? Pretty please - let us paint bridges? Floors and roofs I can survive (even though it would be nice to be able to paint at least wooden floors - its not hurting my designs that much). But bridges now, thats a whole different story. I like to use bridges as a decorational element in my buildings, and sometimes paint walls. Only, as soon as I paint the walls, that bridge sticks out. So I basically end up NOT painting walls that I want to paint, only cause the bridge design is more important than the color. But it makes the buildings flat. Would love to be able to add more color to deeds without dropping bridge designs. Who is with me?
  4. Bringing an old post back to life - we (read: me) totally need this! Who is with me?
  5. And YET another Sklotopolis-build ( the newest section of my *work in progress* labyrinth - I send great thanks to Svilgar, Takah and Hasavah for donating mats \o/ Gotta love this community)
  6. \o/ Thanks Retrograde and Brash I was unaware - some of the texture models you have announed at least in the Valrei International, but perhaps not in patch notes? I must admit I rarely read those things It would have been a huge update either way - but now I can get extra excited again (I am working on a labyrinth of my own - it's been designed with the new graphics in mind - hence the hedge need ).
  7. Aww... I was hoping for the new hedge textures... Can't have it all I suppose
  8. Or you play on an unlimited server with no upkeep = you can take on a bunch of players with zero financial cost for you really (now the left behind and locked containers is a cost in its own way, but at least carts can be moved and eventually cleaned up, containers I try to push to an off deed section of a mine - out of sight, out of mind)
  9. Just part of a "small" little project of mine - first finished building in a labyrinth in the making. Now to see how long it takes to design and build the rest of this deed.. (I expect it to take a year or two to finish at least)
  10. That did it \o/ Thank you so much So simple.. see - I needed help - lol
  11. To reset it I can just delete the keybindings and it will download a basic one, right?
  12. I have been playing WU for a few years now with the same setup without any issues. The last week or so I have noticed this new and annoying issue - the game is still playable, but I get some odd lag issue for the login screen? It basically looks like this when it freezes up: It will get running again after a little while of waiting around, but a few times I've had the windows error message about an unresponsive program popping up, asking me if I want to close it or wait for it to respond. (And I have tried removing anything in the background that doesnt need to be running, and it will act like this from the get go as I start my computer for the day, so its not some memory leak build up somewhere.) The only thing I can think might have happened is I did install the latest java update very recently. I tried uninstalling then re-installing the last version manually. Now the last thing I can do is try an older version of java perhaps? Or wait til they update java again? Any other ideas on what I could try? I mean, the game is playable - but anyone who uses computers a lot will know how annoying lag (especially where it didnt use to be) can be. I am not even sure its a java issue - its just the only thing I can recall happening recently that could have any ties to this. The computer runs fine otherwise and the game runs just fine even with high settings once I get past that annoying login screen. I have had issues where I cant load any other characters though - cause the login window will in fact freeze to the point where I have to force the application to close. And the behavior is new = I got a feeling it could be fixed somehow if I just do the right thing.. Thanks in advance.
  13. +1 Or if they only add a single, light beige or white dyeable rug, that would make it a lot easier to color coordinate our place
  14. +1 still voting for this. Or at least a solid gate that looks more like a stall door and that matches the current fence types. But we also kinda need the half wall/half bars design to complete a proper stable: Could probably make something more fancy looking, or just go with the current fence bar style on top of a solid stone fence