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  1. Dying colorful carpets please!

    +1 Or if they only add a single, light beige or white dyeable rug, that would make it a lot easier to color coordinate our place
  2. +1 still voting for this. Or at least a solid gate that looks more like a stall door and that matches the current fence types. But we also kinda need the half wall/half bars design to complete a proper stable: Could probably make something more fancy looking, or just go with the current fence bar style on top of a solid stone fence
  3. Oh, and a couple of more tapestries that I didn't have screenshots of before:
  4. Thanks everyone for the kind comments. Been attempting a strawberry roan, but in order to get the seams not looking stupid I had to make it a paint horse Sneek-peak at last evenings work: Going to see if I can make it less shiny - it doesn't quite fit into Wurm at the moment (worst case re-work it alltogether using other existing models.)
  5. Thank you so much. I have finally uploaded most of my textures onto google-docs. I made a post on WU section with the link:
  6. This is not a mod but a bunch of texture files you can use if you wish Its easy to use. I don't know how to use it with creature mod - I have just replaced other textures with my own. Rendered wall in the bottom - wooden version on the top: Oh, and last but not least, the blob! Not that I fear spiders, but IF I did, this games "phobia mode" version of the spiders have been gory and nasty and impossible to spot! Isn't this a lot better? Attack of the rainbow-slimes \o/ In order to use my method, first close your wurm-clients (Steam can be left running). 1. Make sure you have something that can open packed files (winrar, winzip, 7zip or something) 2. Navigate to Steam ---> steamapps ---> common ---> WurmUnlimited---> WurmLauncher ---> packs 3. Right click graphics.jar and choose to use your zip program to open it (I use 7zip and in the right click menu I have to navigate through 7zip ---> open archive) 4. Find where the texture you want to replace is located ( For instance, horses, unicorns and hellhorses are in creatures ---> horse - walls are in structures ---> houses - Tapestries are in furniture) 5. Drop the downloaded and properly re-named texture into the folder where it belongs (a question will pop up, that you want to say yes to). 6. Start your Wurm Unlimited game as usual. It should now load the chosen texture instead of the original game texture when you enter the world. NOTE: Some of my textures need re-naming. If it has a (2) at the end it must be removed. Rename the file name alltogether if you want them to replace another color or version of the item. To download my textures - click the link below and find the correct texture: A quick list of the current textures to more easily navigate which file you may want to download:
  7. Tweaked the north-swedish horse a little bit - like it somewhat more now (dapples FTW \o/ )
  8. Got a few more texture work done. First off I started with a lumber wall to replace rendered walls (makes them thicker and takes out the details of wooden walls - as compared to when replacing the wooden walls as i previously did above): And then for some tapestry/banner fun - the pattern might be a little bit too "busy" though: And last but not least - a few textures I tweaked a little bit + some new ones
  9. Finally got inspired for the tapestries (I didnt paint all the pretty flowers but the creator has shared it as free to use for non--profit projects so I think it should be ok for me to use and share the texture eventually (credit for the floral print goes to )
  10. Was just playing around with transparency and a stained glass texture. I couldn't get transparency to work but it was still kinda "fun" looking so took a screenshot before changing my texture back to normal Aaaand some more timber like walls:
  11. I will share some textures in the near future I understand they can only be used on WU servers though due to it being illegal to try to change WO code somehow. Textures are client side, so you would have to get them yourself to see them - and replace one of the standard textures. So for instance make the white horse into a zebra, or the golden one into my golden horse version (or however you want to do it of course )
  12. Wanted a slightly more realistic zebra so did some work on it today. Could use a few tweaks still but not too shabby if I may say so myself I almost want a steppe with zebras all over it now as well
  13. Oooops, changed my mind a bit for the last painthorse: