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  1. Jolly Rogue Monastery BL/WL Sermons

    What time zone(s) will the sermon group be running in?
  2. The Screenshots Thread

    Finished building my wee castle on Deli. The top of the tower has a pretty good view facing south.
  3. Can I please request this, cod to Block: Saddle QL80 w86 1s 
  4. QL 78 Huge Axe C85 N63 MS51 LT50 +any demise (1.5s) (monsters demise if possible) Please cod to Block.
  5. Can I please request: metal brush, 19 ql, 76 coc, 30 c water 2l in a barrel, 74 coc, 30 c (assuming this can be mailed) Please send to Block
  6. Can I please order: Iron lump 96.74QL - CoC 93 - 60 copper Pickaxe - steel 3.81QL - CoC 91 - 55 copper Please CoD to Block.
  7. I don't know anything about Runescape, but I have been thinking about joining a village I'm an old player who just started playing again after a very long break, currently living solo on Deliverance. Can I come by and visit the place?
  8. Macoofer- Jellyfish - Wurm Online Wallmart!

    Please disregard
  9. New Client forces restart during installation

    Same thing happened to me. Ran the installer, turned around for a second and my PC had rebooted on its own. Windows 10 Home version.
  10. I purchased one of your horses today, the self-service is very convenient Will come by again.
  11. Now we're cooking!

    Is the cookbook UI design final? It's pretty clunky in the current state, I can't see many people using it instead of just checking the wiki (once the recipes have been added). Some comments: With so many recipes, it needs sortable tables. Preferably sortable by nutrition, affinities, ingredients, and CCFP value Too wordy. The amount of explanatory text makes it look confusing; a good UI shouldn't need an explanation next to every option It should be all in one window instead of having to click through several Needs an ability to bookmark certain recipes so you can find them easier
  12. Bump. This bug is still happening. [21:59:25] The door lock is already in use.
  13. The table markup on the botanizing page is slightly broken, which causes some of the comments not to show up, and generally looks a bit weird: Here is the corrected markup if anyone wants to paste it in: {| class="wikitable" border="1" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="0" !Skill !!Unlock !!Comment |- | 1||botanize on [[grass tile|grass]], [[trees|trees]], and [[Steppe_tile|steppe]]|| |- | 20||choose what to botanize (Anything, Herbs, Seeds, and Resources)||Need to be premium for this to work. |- | 26||botanize two items on [[grass tile|grass]]||one item on short grass |- | 27||botanize on [[marsh]]|| |- | 35||botanize on [[moss]]|| |- | 53||botanize three items on [[grass tile|grass]]||one item on short grass |- | 80||botanize four items on [[grass tile|grass]]||one item on short grass |}
  14. The article for large wooden shield says, "Large iron shields mitigate 20% more damage than large wooden shields but damage quicker". I'm pretty sure that's not true, as shields don't actually mitigate damage... they just block.
  15. Found a horse

    I found an unattended horse near the GreenDog side of the GD tunnel. It's got a full set of WoA gear but is not branded or cared for, so I thought I better grab it before someone less scrupulous did. The name starts with Venture*** - PM me the full name if you're the owner and I would be happy to re-unite you with it.