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  1. I rarely see this spell discussed compared to the other weapon enchants. Is it considered bad due to the lower healing than Life transfer? Does anyone use it?
  2. Will the tutorial be updated for the Steam launch?
  3. I am getting the same issue with moons near the horizon:
  4. One way to open up unique slaying might be to have a soft cap on how many you can kill in a certain period. For example if you killed a unique recently, you get an increasing CR or damage debuff when fighting other uniques for the next few weeks (or however long). Might encourage the slaying groups to let others in.
  5. I assumed they would be separate clusters. But if not, you may have a point!
  6. I would like to suggest adding the Altar of Three and Bone Altar on the upcoming Steam PvE server. Apart from looking cool, my reasoning is: They introduce newbies to the religion system and lore in a natural and fun way (better than reading about it in the wiki) Allows anyone to become a follower or priest without tracking down a player willing to do it Gives newbies a goal - "What's that light in the sky, I want to go see it" Sky beams aid in navigation Can be used for missions and events
  7. Small correction, my deed "A Place With A View" is at 982, 430 rather than 932, 466. There is also a small clay patch at Bear Lake, 898, 380.
  8. Bump. The keybind appears in the context menu but doesn't do anything when the key is pressed.
  9. What time zone(s) will the sermon group be running in?
  10. Finished building my wee castle on Deli. The top of the tower has a pretty good view facing south.
  11. Can I please request this, cod to Block: Saddle QL80 w86 1s 
  12. QL 78 Huge Axe C85 N63 MS51 LT50 +any demise (1.5s) (monsters demise if possible) Please cod to Block.
  13. Can I please request: metal brush, 19 ql, 76 coc, 30 c water 2l in a barrel, 74 coc, 30 c (assuming this can be mailed) Please send to Block
  14. Can I please order: Iron lump 96.74QL - CoC 93 - 60 copper Pickaxe - steel 3.81QL - CoC 91 - 55 copper Please CoD to Block.
  15. I don't know anything about Runescape, but I have been thinking about joining a village ? I'm an old player who just started playing again after a very long break, currently living solo on Deliverance. Can I come by and visit the place?