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  1. What do you look like

    Gonna contribute with my pink hat. I know it's dope
  2. Gonna add further on this. I do believe it's the oakshell that's causing the bug. If you use a helmet without it, it works. 2 min 15 sec.
  3. [06:52:49] Nahjocheese slain by Snoo, Wilca, Chubchub, Lexa, Ilovewarbonus, Littlewilca [09:57:53] <Nahjocheese> ah [09:58:18] <Nahjocheese> i punched you [09:58:34] <Snoo> ah [09:58:42] <Snoo> why did the guards attack me though [09:58:49] <Nahjocheese> 0 bloody clue on that part
  4. Grats. Very impressive. Arthur? Excalibur? Almighty two-handed panzerwagon ultra slice? Once again, grats!
  5. Affinitys used to be limited to the PvP side of the game. Make it so again
  6. You can submit a thread at this category with an image you think requires an improvement followed by an improved picture and the wiki team will handle it. Or if it's multiple pictures, use this thread.
  7. If on a PvP server historically it's been very common to kill anyone and everyone that's not in your group. If you set up a tent spot you will surely get killed, join a group!
  8. I will have to say no to this. I have a lot of affinities from PvP and I think it's a wonderful addition to the game and creates a unique reward, I don't want to see it get removed.
  9. What do you look like

    Figured after many years it's actually time. Sunburned like crazy.