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  1. I don't really agree with this. There are a lot of pvp titles that you can wear on Freedom aswell. Infact you can wear all of them except the kingdom specific ones that are tied to roles.
  2. I was thinking of something like "Former Emperor" or other more creative ex-kingdom titles.
  3. Yeah I figured. I use to have pretty good memory when it comes to random facts as this. Finnn is correct here. I also had the luxury of someone that emptied my forges for me for a while since he needed taming and used the meals to tame (protip?)
  4. My head says 7 but it's been a while since I did it so it might be 6.
  5. Does this apply to HOTA?
  6. Bugfix: Embark key-bind will no longer work on tents Now this ^
  7. This kingdoms disbanded. Most of it's members are now in a PMK called Pirates. You can talk to Tedzogh about joining (I think)
  8. Yeah. Spamming the pans is the worst part of setting this up for sure. You can make 7 to 10 forges in 30 min, the backpacks in like 30-45 but then it will take you a few days to get the 10k pans done. You can always ask if you can use someone else's setup, if I still had mine I'd offer you to spend a week or two there.
  9. The absolut best way is to have around 10 forges filled with backpacks. Inside the backpacks you put 37 pans, and then you fill each pan with 1 meat , 1 vegggie the panfilling method (do a youtube on how you do it) Light them all at the same time and you're 90 within a day. Take it from someone who has done it a few times.
  10. I don't think many people can paint wurm as beautiful as you can. I'm sure these screens will bring an extra chunk of people into Wurm
  11. With the removal of traders battle camps has lost some of it's charm (since it upped the amount of silver you got on your traders the more you had) Could we do something a little more interesting with them now? If you got ideas, do tell!