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  1. PC pvp toon

    Interested in a few price checks on my toon now. Full SOTG and perfect tome setup (Everything but Red cherry) Did you know that sorcery spells scale with Mind logic?
  2. 1v1 Challenge

    I use a 10k BT addy longsword imbued with acid and rock this bad boy ring [22:37:12] Corrosion has been cast on it, so it will increase any acid damage you cause. [101]
  3. Nice work. Shiny is actually disbanded, and Rosethorn is now knows as "The brotherhood" (my deed)
  4. 1v1 Challenge

    And here is the video of the fight. Retro picked the music.
  5. 1v1 Challenge

    First fight done. [00:14:49] You win against Archaed! Congratulations!
  6. What will save PvP? Legacy statues!
  7. Happened to me on my main. It's an effect of the system that prevents items from outside new elevation from getting in. You need to log a support ticket to fix it.
  8. I know man. You take care of yourself