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  1. Blackmoor Christmas Impalong 2018

    Hmmm... Why not Bowery too Oh and if you have a room , I would be very happy
  2. small fix to the UI

    UI is getting reworked already.
  3. What are the chances of a new player

    I think you will have a great time choosing WO over WU , everything has more character and feels more real here. It's not hard for new people to be accepted into different kingdoms on Chaos and I suggest that if you are intereted in PvP then apply for one as soon as you want. You can grind any skill you want just as well on PvP as PvE , if not in some cases better since PvP kingdoms tend to have so much materials that you can use to your hearts content! Also, yeah you don't need really high stats to be competitive in PvP, learn from experienced players and you will be good and have a lot of fun. There is no community like a kingdom in WO community.
  4. Please close

    Some people will easily pay 3g for a smoke, just wait and relax.
  5. Blackmoor Christmas Impalong 2018

    I'll happily help with Leatherworking , Shieldsmithing and Chain armor smithing
  6. Imping spell

  7. That is an awesome idea tbh, I love the fact about Epic tabarbs, seeing as you can use the Template kingdomes ones if so, pretty damn nice according to me.
  8. I agree with Mclavin, paste the video here!
  9. WTB Key to the heavens

    Thanks for the info, I'm aware of that however, hoping it's on someones account there for some reason.
  10. Alliance tabards on Freedom is an awesome idea according to me, however may be too much graphics for the devs to import.
  11. I can't understand what you really mean by this but if you mean wearing your Kingdom tabard also on freedom, yes, +1
  12. WTB Key to the heavens

    Thank god for that.
  13. WTB Key to the heavens

    As title said, looking to buy Key to the heavens on Epic.