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  1. If on a PvP server historically it's been very common to kill anyone and everyone that's not in your group. If you set up a tent spot you will surely get killed, join a group!
  2. I will have to say no to this. I have a lot of affinities from PvP and I think it's a wonderful addition to the game and creates a unique reward, I don't want to see it get removed.
  4. What do you look like

    Figured after many years it's actually time. Sunburned like crazy.
  5. Not locksmithing.
  6. Currently you can become an outlaw by trebbing on a deed that you have permissions to. It's really not clear that you are taking a reputaion loss when doing it, and you don't have to hit anything either. When you're an outlaw you can't join any settlement, but prior to this you could create one. You can't anymore, because you can't create a deed outside of influence (it's a requirment for outlaw settlement) Also, the game thinks you are an enemy to yourself so pendulum only picks you up. [13:39:35] You are practically standing on the enemy! (I'm the only one around.) It also makes your own spells hurt you. [13:41:30] You cast Wrath of Magranon. [13:41:30] You hit himself hard in the right upper arm and hurt it. [13:41:30] Your weapon infects you with a disease. [13:41:30] You infects you with a disease.
  7. I have, its iron, rare and with that skin on. Did you have a price in mind?
  8. I drink when I read. I drink not to forget the battles I have endured, but to forget the scribbles on the cursed forums.
  9. Wrath of Mag does not destroy floors. It does damage to walls as intented but it does not do any damage towards floors.