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  1. Haha yeah, it really does doesn't it? I got my final answer and it's a no go. My Prayer is reset and It was according to devs, very intended. Plain and utter bs if you ask me.
  2. If this is true. Then this is really ###### and I'm just being excluded on a personal level. Nice game
  3. You right, we are not gonna bash anyone. Also, I'm very happy that @Darklordscame in here and fully explained this, so much cred there. Grind Prayer to 90, feel sense of achievement. has Prayer reset to 40. It's just awful having the grind that I put in so many hours in nuked like this. Keep in mind, I was 80 Prayer before the change, meaning I did all of this when it was a lot harder than it is now. One more question. I was dechamped when the champs were removed just like everybody else. I do hear from some people that the other champs got their skills fixed. Is this just a rumor or is there some truth in this? Regarding the link to the wiki and the reset to 30, it does actually in fact NOT reset your faith to 30, it removes it by 50, since I'm 40 prayer now. (Are you gonna nuke 10 skill more of me just because it's intended) Also, its is NOT CLEAR that this is an intended feature before champing up and is REALLY demoralizing. How can you as a player expect keep the morale up and continue playing after this? It's like a 3m thorn in the side.
  4. Hello. I need to bring this to attention to the community in order to get some more opinions on this subject. I have been a champion a few times. Two of these times my prayer skill have been quite high, around 76 the first time and 90 the second time. First time after I got dechamped my prayer went negative 50, and put it below the skill I previously had and it was upgraded by GM's again. This time, the same BUG happened and my prayer was set to 40. I opened a ticket but got told again and again that this is intented behavior and not a bug? I can't believe that 6 years of grinding prayer should be wasted upon this and this being intended. Naturally, I have openend the case again to further discuss the issue. In the meantime. What to you guys think about this?
  5. I like full loot pvp, it's one of the pillars of wurm.
  6. -1 Just remove the DR from current champs and the reduction in skills when dechamping!
  7. Ofc. I'm friends with most players I fight against. "CAUSE PVP IS SUCH A TOXIC PLACE IN WURM"
  8. I have very good friends across kingdom. Makes sense to hide that I'm online when we are pvping against eachother.
  9. If he created permanent towers, that in of itself would be a large issue. I actually didn't know that enki was helping you fix that issue, I also agree that the rules regarding these things needs to be clear.
  10. Are you saying Enki spawned permanent towers for you? I really does hope that's not the case.
  11. You can raise this argument over several things in the past. But this one is a nobrainer dude. Looks like you are just throwing ###### for sake of throwing ######.