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  1. Intended functionality. Last owner is still the owner of the item, and item ownership overrides deed settings.
  2. Another source of ash nowdays, if you need it right now, is cleaning forges. You clean forges with an activated shovel. Ash builds up with the amount the forge has been lit over time.
  3. Correct. Melody will soon be released. It's a 2048x2048 map, and there will be temporary one-way portals on the Harmony starter deeds.
  4. You cannot log in Steam accounts on the Old client at all. The same goes for the other way.
  5. As said, it's a special feature for the new servers.
  6. It should be fixed if you log out for /lotime. The new servers are running a special configuration right now that seemingly isn't perfect.
  7. You need to string the long bow with a bow string for it to show up and be eligible to shoot arrows with
  8. No, you can create it through the regular launcher and use the regular shop after this current server restart. Give it 30 minutes or so.
  9. Tarkis

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  10. It is something that is upcoming!
  11. #ban <character> <days> <reason> (does ban the most recent IP of the character at the same time per default) or #banip <ip> <days> <reason>
  12. There will be two brand new servers launched on the 24'th of July (friday next week). So, if you do not mind starting over, that'd be my recommendation. You do not need to use steam to access these servers, they'll be available through the regular client, too