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  1. The recommendation system on youtube works great... if you're in the mood for a single kind of music/very adjacent types of music. It does not handle switching radically different genres very well.. at least not always. But it does make a good effort, and I often just pick "My mix" and see where it takes me when I sit down and work, found some real bangers that way. And no worries about the like What I like the most about droeloe is that they respect your eardrums through and through, poppy beats that you can crank up the volume pretty damn far to without having to worry about random screeches and other noise. Demons is a very new release which happened after the two band members decided to split, one staying to continue producing. Oh, and if you're in it for the music (like me) I hope you have heard about Polyphia, I just very recently got clued in to them, and I have to say that the newest release Playing God is... sublime. It's fully instrumental (unless you count whistling ) but oh so good.
  2. Sincerely thank you for cluing me in to Bad Omens, great stuff. DROELOE is one of my all time favorite producers, it is very rare that I dislike what they release. Different from above mentioned, but maybe good still?
  3. To get the image to show, try https://i.imgur.com/C5y6hDL.jpeg
  4. Special place movement request: Innocents Sanctum is located at 256,1678 which was confusing to find compared to where it is currently marked
  5. Please contact payment@wurmonline.com with all the relevant transaction details such as the transaction ID and the account it was for
  6. https://imgur.com/a/DB6qKCd
  7. Maytree is a fantastic acapella group,
  8. Happy that you enjoyed my small sign
  9. hammer + butcher to jberg please
  10. Last owner can generally pick up things they dropped on deed, it's how impalongs function without too much disturbance. Have you picked the items up since them being dropped off?