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  1. Can we have a screen shot of the tile in question? Anything in the server logs around the time it happened?
  2. Should be fixed with todays patch, please report again if this is not the case. https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/171571-patch-notes-05sep19/&do=getNewComment
  3. Unintentional and a bug. Wait for fix.
  4. I built one on the dev deed if you happen to pass by
  5. This incident is marked as resolved for now, please start a separate thread if any further issues arise.
  6. we totally need your best MS Paint representation of how the map looks post them in this thread
  7. As the nature of the Jackal server is temporary, these forums will be archived after each round ends to prevent confusion. We hope you will enjoy the challenge that Jackal brings. Happy hunting! The Wurm Online Team
  8. Please attempt to move away from using the JNLP files to launch the game and use the launcher we provide on this page https://www.wurmonline.com/wurm-online-downloads/ Please provide us with a crash log of this instance If you don't get one from the game window, look for HS_ERR_PID files, probably in your documents folder or your desktop.
  9. Advice to everyone who intends to attend the rift: BRING A TENT. The difficulty of the rift has changed, and it may catch you out.
  10. you are playing as a skeleton hiding under a costume of meat
  11. The Dead South - In Hell I'll Be In Good Company | A great, mellow - maybe even a bit melancholic - listen. A change of pace of what I usually post, but it's still absolutely amazing music.
  12. hit me up with 4 black/yellow my man.
  13. Caravan Palace - Rock it for me | Electroswing, really catchy!
  14. Buff one of the very very few over powered skills in the game, that actually have a (decent) chance to give you coins just performing it? I'm not saying that nothing will ever be added to botanizing again, but you have to realize that it really is one of THE most OP skills we have.