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  1. Enough Grapes for 5000 liters of wine. (9.5k)

    Winner is Cenotaph! Will contact.
  2. multiple wins on same avatar?

    No, it's a bug, and the devs are aware of it
  3. Ship Building Legend Title

    Poseidons Apostle
  4. Starting bid: 25s Min increase: 1s Reserve: No. Buyout: 50s Snipe protection: 3 additional hours on the clock for ever bid in the last 3 hours.
  5. Personal Goal post-trauma (pgpt)

    One tip, if you want it, is doing woven fences. They use wood scraps to build and repair, and if on deed and low ql enough you can bash them once for 70-80-90 damage with a sub 30 ql maul in general.
  6. Archaeology Problems

    Did you resize the deed to minimum size before you disbanded it? In that case only the basic s5 around the token would record the settlement. Other than that, I do not know any direct causes of this.
  7. Share your titles

    [11:20:48] Your title is now Belligerent Chat Moderator.
  8. [Fixed] Groups and Subgroups

    Then I know exactly what the bug is, thank you.
  9. 1) Have a priest with collapsing ability available (strongwall) 2) HAVE A PRIEST WITH STRONGWALL 3) Map all mine systems (that you know about) in a careful tile-by-tile based sheet, map the route you've mined. 4) Serpentine mine. Back and forth as far as you can go before getting errors about surface or other similar ones. 5) Oh, did I mention to have a priest with strongwall on hand? Do that. 6) Oh, also prepare lots of materials to sacrifice for the priest. Basically, it's trial and error. You will be casting strongwall on strongwall until you're dead tired of the spell. You will guaranteed mis-count tiles, which will cost you even more strongwalls. Don't even get me started on connecting up mines from top and bottom. At least if you mine top down you know to stop when you reach water level. You will be blocked by a million (sandstone)veins. You will curse veins until the end of your days, but do remember if you have to go around a vein, that's an extra tile that your next serpentine will have go out, making the path take even more space. Which is why counting tiles and mapping is important. Oh, and don't be too surprised if you fall off the mountain a few times. Accidental mine entrances happen. Good luck!
  10. Deli server down

    Server is back online.
  11. Patch Notes 05/JUL/18

    It was bugfixed a few months back to get the timers in line, before that you could easily see sub-3-second improve, dig, etc actions with the right tools.
  12. Patch Notes 05/JUL/18

    They do. The criteria for determining if an action is valid is if they're at or above 3.0 seconds long or not.
  13. 101 coc butcher to jberg for 2s