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  1. Hauntingly beautiful, I've listened to this quite a lot over the recent week or so.
  2. As far as I'm aware, PoI has a harder time/can't find med tiles of their path. The trick is to have someone else (on another/no path) meditate in the mine until they find the "this is a special place" message.
  3. T23 going by the in game map, U23 going by the community one
  4. To-Do List: - Remove clay, finish mining flat. - Decide on stall layout - Build stalls - Build the 'Delish' sign. - Make actually viable road to the market for land-based travelers.
  5. Delish, the new up-and-coming market place for all your needs! A few screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/xe8Ug Goal is to provide a market place at the server corner which will be easy to sail to from each and every server. The market will NOT be decorated in any excessive form, but will provide a large amount of stalls free to grab for whomever is interested. Target goal is around 200 stalls when all is said and done, but depending on activity of the marketplace that can easily be scaled both back and up. HUGE thanks to; Odynn - Helping with surface mining and making bricks for the structures DelightfulDee - Helping with surface mining and digging clay! Mani - Making mortar! And maybe some sneaky surface mining! Yaga - Helping with surface mining.
  6. Addendum, if there's money in the coffers for it. Not 100% certain if the roll is killed before being sent if that is the case.
  7. @Angelklaine https://www.tekrevue.com/tip/windows-reducing-system-volume/
  8. Join IRC and ask for help in setting up the area, generally we devs don't bite
  9. 2s
  10. you can do this to tag someone @NuMaiky @Mclavin
  11. +1 Suggestion accepted pending approval.
  12. well, to be fair, programmers count 0, 1, 2..... so everything looks fine from here