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  1. Hey, all I can say is that the user friendly flavours of *nix gets better year by year...
  2. Yet another titan on the way out. Although we didn't talk much on the personal level, Mikeyyaya was one of the senior GMs when I got my start on that side of wurm. We both played on Wild for a while too, although as enemies. Mikeyyaya was a name often spoken with respect. I hope you get the peace and rest you deserve in as much comfort as possible. See you on the other side? - Jberg
  3. Ah, a lot of old names there. No need to send the anvil to me, I'm sadly not able to log in at the moment.
  4. Droeloe is one of my all time favorite bands, it's rare that I dislike a release. Don't worry, even though the intro seems in kind of a low mood, the message of the song is positive.