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  1. this may be my favorite thing ever
  2. b89 awl to jberg please
  3. And Niki is the winner, will contact.
  4. Props to @Keenanfor this one
  5. Snipe protection activated, auction ends two hours from the last bid from now on.
  6. I would like to remind people - to assist in the removal of undesired permissions - Right click body/inventory -> Manage -> Search.Permissions This function searches through all you have access to manage for the player name which you enter. Sorry for your loss Fairyshine.
  7. Last 4 hours!
  8. Take note - when he said locked containers, he meant locked containers. Nothing else in your house will be accessible to be eaten from apart from a container which you lock and then specifically grant access to people from. Your forge meals are safe, barrel meals too. You can even keep the things in an unlocked container and still be fine. Drinking is doable, is it a desired feature? It'd have to be from a locked container though (this with the reasoning that everybody should have a reasonable protection of items in their house that they do not give explicit pick up permissions to other for, like for storing wine and so on), so it's probably more hassle to do this than it's worth and you should probably just be putting out a fountain instead.
  9. Buy my shiny thing!
  10. Starting bid: 2.5s Min increase: 0.5s Buyout: Tempt me. Snipe protection: +2h for every bid in the last 2h.
  11. Plot twist, title is [Che] Comment is certified spoiler free and just a joke