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  1. Java Crash on Start up

    i had same problem , maybe same time like you. looks like there is some issue with modern renderer settings. if you use modern try change it to legacy.
  2. Slaying - Goblin Leader

    [23:15:25] The aged fat goblin leader is dead. R.I.P.
  3. Restoring Tundra Project - Mt Tundra

    First of all, the Mt Tundra project was not started to create a quarrel. For me, the tundra is more about the memory of the way it was in the beginning - and I think this is so for many other players. Our main objective is to restore Mt Tundra to the way it looked originally, at least approximately. Maybe it need not be as large as before, if we have to compromise. Here is my suggestion that may works for all :
  4. Personal Goal Vendors

    I can only confirm the willingness to help. And want say again thanks to all who tried help me and especially to Boomhauer. [11:35:11] You have received 1000 karma for 'Improve an item beyond quality level 99'. Thanks.
  5. New archaeology stuff

    [11:54:02] You successfully recreate a mask of rebirth from the fragments. [12:03:32] You successfully recreate a picnic basket from the fragments.
  6. The letter K

  7. Title for 100 Mason

    Merry Christmas and cg for you goal .
  8. Secret doors

    +1, i like this idea
  9. New Hell horse Colors

    hmm I think April Fools Day is next month
  10. Green Dragon Hatchling Slaying

    yay green lizard ! gz gj
  11. Red Dragon (Partly Private Loot)

    i'll try to be there.