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  1. Shameless bump. Stock updated, Pretty much out of meat, most around 100 units, a couple around 700-800 units. about 3k total.
  2. @Nitrofied On which server? I think I can still do it on Cadence. Someone mentioned a spot on Harmony I should be able to use, and I'm on Melody, so I know I can do that from from where I'm at.
  3. Can do. I'll be in the game a bit late today. I am breaking in a new grill tonight, but I will be on at some point today (or early tomorrow, depending on where you live, lol). We just need to arrange delivery or pickup time.
  4. One I used before was the bridge at S-17. Another at G-20. It was left from an abandoned deed, but someone has now deeded there. I think if people are going to designate waystones for public use they should be near starter deeds. Well, frankly they should be on the starter deeds, but that's a GM issue (There was publicly accessible racks at the southern starter deed on Cadence, but it's the only case I know of). I seem to remember using one for the triangle waystones just SW of Harmony Bay at one time or another. I also used one north of Harmony Bay, but it was only 2 crates so I didn't mind the short travel.. That one is now under perimeter. The only one I could find near Harmony was west of a fair distance, and i couldn't find any animals to pull a cart (plenty of donkeys around, but apparently they aren't strong enough even for a simple cart. That one would have a real chore anyway, since all I had was cart....and 66 crates. There was one around the Heartland side in the bay, but it's been a long time since I used it. It may still be open to use, but I cant remember exactly where it was. I'm not trying to say this is something you guys "have to do" It's not something we did intentionally on the old servers, it just worked out that way because people were dropping waystones everywhere for future expansion, not for public deliveries. We just took advantage of it. If anything, they should be in the perimiter of the Starter deeds, so any racks left for too long can decay quickly, but this would take an act from the GM's. Honestly we aren't in any better shape on Melody. Being a smaller island we only have a few highways, and you'd be hard pressed to find one that is anywhere near the shoreline outside of the Overture area, so I'm not trying to point fingers. Ultimately it's my own issue. I could just drop a 1s deed for purpose, but I currently don't usually get alot of requests for wagoners since I got the Knarr. I've only done 3 on Cadence and 5 on Harmony, and just one Melody (where I am at) since NFI started up.
  5. Can do. I'll be online a little while, need to do some rl running around. I can deliver tonight (evening ealry morning US Central time). I have another person on Harmony near you I'm trying to set up a delivery with also. Hoping I can set it up to do both of you in one run.
  6. @Maliciouus Yes, I still have enough to cover that. I am at Vinland on Melody, O16, on the NE side of the canal if you wish to pick up. My in-game toon for NFI is Snaglejr. I am usually on evenings and into ealry morning hours of US central pacific time.
  7. Maiya Well, don't think it would proper to tell people they "need" to put in publicly accessible waystones near shorelines. On the old servers this was rarely an issue, but it's not like it was a deliberate or planned thing. It's just when many of those were built people ere dropping waystones everywhere for future expansions. They weren't thinking of cross server trade, it just worked out that way. So it's not a case of "We did it like that on the old servers" cause we didn't, not on purpose anyway. It just conveniently worked out like that. There were even some deeds that had near shore area setup specifically for public use (containers and all), especially those that wanted to be consider a market. As it is now, if I need to pack up up the wagon and some animals so I can drive inland, that's the kind of delivery I charge for, because that's a pain in the donkey and takes up room. Using waystone along a shoreline was way on the old servers where I could avoid having do that. If I need to pack up animals just to even get to a waystone I'm going to charge for that, and I might as well just deliver right to their front door. Having a dock, waystone (Which I can drop wagoner container), or meet along the shoreline is what I consider reasonably accessible. In the case of Harmony I knew of couple that were reasonably close. It seems, people have decided to expand their perimeters over the tops of these to no longer allow people to use them. They don't seem to be new deeds that I know of, but at this point I don't want to go so far as to say people of Harmony are deliberately keeping people from using normally accessible waystones for deliveries. They could very well just be new deeds that I don't remember that just happened to deed over the waystones. So if it's deliberate act on part of people who live on those servers. it's not for me from another server to tell them the change. That's there decisions to do that. It's up to people who ,live on that server to tell their neighbors, "hey we need to set up a couple areas where people from other servers can set up inland deliveries, cause I'm getting my orders canceled or they're charging an arm and leg to find one inland that they can use." It''s just my position that, until I locate usable token, I can't do wagoner deliveries on Harmony. (as far as I'm aware, at least as of 3 weeks ago, the ones I use on Cadence are still accessible).
  8. I'll get started on that right away. Edit: OK, run into an issue on Harmony. the two locations I have been using for wagoner deliveries there are no longer accessible. After 4 hours of sailing I was unable to locate any other accessible waystones to setup deliveries inland from the shoreline. Until one is located, deliveries to Harmony are shoreline only. Ill have to check Cadence to see if the waystones I was using there are still accessible.
  9. Cleaning out the bins of old stock. mix and match to your needs. Minimum order of 1k, please. Free fsb's and delivery, if reasonably accessible. I do have a Knarr for low water ports. If delivery by wagoner small crates free, but large crates 25c each, plus wagoner fees. **Wagoner deliveries only available on Melody currently unless you can provide a known public waystone near the shoreline that i can access with my own wagoner racks (or public racks).** 1.5s for 90+ql farm goods. 60c per k for the meats and fish. 97ql wemp available for 2s per k. Contact Snaglejr in game. *current stock as of July 3rd
  10. Can confirm, cant not log in after update, Linux Mint user. I get to the point where it shows updates then asks which type of server (-c) then when it goes to fire up the launcher, it just stops. Edit. can also confirm, old live UI does works.
  11. 5K cotton. Delivery available to coast. Start bid 10s (2s per K) Minimum increments 50c Delivery to coast available
  12. Opening Bid 20s 50c minimum increments. Melody/North Freedom contact is Snaglejr
  13. Silver Trading

    Yes it should be against ToS. It is still a form of currency exchange just without an extra step. In stead of direct exchange of currency of silver, you are exchanging art for silver. That art then can be sold for real money. Adding an extra layer does not change what the it is.
  14. Fairly stable across the board. Does disprove the argument the old servers are dying due to the new servers though, however.