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  1. Somewhere, in the middle of Jackal, sits a small mischievous bag...
  2. Please remove Windspears from the map at 4758, -2014.
  3. It really, really wasn't though. If you want this to go anywhere except down the drain, stop sucking up to the devs and be real. The base concept is one with loads and loads of potential, Path of Exile is a supreme example of how it creates player retention. But what CC AB did had people burned out, as you said, and some quit the game, with Jackal being the last straw. And I don't mean only myself. It's the opposite of a good start. It's dismal. They need to rethink the whole thing. Break some Wurm doctrines. Use this as an opportunity to actually innovate the game. Many suggestions were made that I don't care to reiterate, and if they can't figure out what went wrong in face of all these contentions and ideas while Jackal's population shrunk to 10% of what it was at release, that just further proves my point. If this is to be considered to be a good start among the community or the devs, I think we ought to give James Cameron a call so he can go dive for the bar again.
  4. Done, bought out in one go. Close please.
  5. I made a thing But didn't finish it. Everything feels like a chore in Wurm at this point and I don't even know who's still there to use that tunnel. I'm resigning from the game, likely for good. It bypasses the path of the Ageless Tunnel with a 2 tile wide tunnel, leading directly to the Lemosa alliance bridge where it could be continued. The tunnel is perfectly flat and only has a few veins in the way. Some walls are already reinforced, but no floors. List of blocking veins is going from south/west to north/east, excluding the veins in the walls. I think Keyos already expanded his highway over the canal, so it's likely redundant anyway, but letting you guys know regardless if anyone wants to pick this up. Or loot the veins.
  6. But it will eventually stop people from playing regardless. Seems very elemental to me that this is bad for the game's health, but it's the flip side of your statement that you seem to callously dismiss. But hey, no longer finding enough time to get anything done in a snails pace for noone in particular because I don't even know who I started the latest tunnel project for, since everyone else quit already, is entirely on me. Guess after 3 years of non-stop playing, it turns out the game "is just not for me". A lot had changed for me, while Wurm changed drastically little when I hoped for some innovation and was severely let down instead(Jackal was kind of the last straw that soured the game entirely for me). I know I'm not the only one falling behind in the time investment demanded by the game. Yet I've seen it all too often that people come who are extremely interested in some aspects of Wurm, its complexity and breadth of features, building possibilities (though they are quite restricted due to an antique software architecture), niches to fill, possibilities and landscapes to explore... but they don't find enough time, or are frustrated by other aspects, and that means - just because one bad thing manages to outweigh the many positive ones - "the game isn't for you, move on". And eventually they do. I know it'll be just dismissed as the ramblings of "another meaningless quitter", most notably by the developers, but for my own peace of mind I have to say this: This uncompromising, almost elitist stance about which player "is right for the game" is a very sad hill to see Wurm chosing to die on.
  7. I'm on my way out, but don't want to leave my deed to the vultures. I'm keeping my characters in case I get an itch to come back, also account sales are a cancer that this dying game doesn't need in addition to its other ailments. Just shoot me a price in ingame money, gods willing I can sell the money for real cash in bulk later on. Rares: Bulk: Other miscellaneous stuff: 90QL bee hives. I won't bother counting them. Chances are I have enough of them and will tell you if I run out. A substantial amount of undistillied vodka (process was too slow, gave up on keeping this clown show fueled), and several barrel racks of empty barrels. Knarrs and wagons - the wagons either have a volume rune or a size+speed rune. And too much more that I could care to count. Food, iron, planks, tons of archaeology artifacts with multiple runes that could make a good base for tools when imped up... If someone wants to do a buyout of a couple bucks that'd also work for me. PM me a price, I can also summon you with one of my priests while they still have premium if you want to check it out in your own time.
  8. Graphics are dated. Subscription/payment model is dated. This includes the rather backwards account/character management. The UI was probably never even contemporary to begin with. The mentality of limited mobility that induces hours of travel time as if anyone has the time for that is long gone. Even contemporary games that released in the same timeframe already ditched that concept of disguising auto-walk as a feature. And Wurm failed to innovate on this in 13 years. Wurm was originally conceptualised as a PvP game, and it's painfully obvious in the type of PvE content that was plastered over that gaping hole. Not to a great effect, as this contents availability is also hampered by the backwards mentality this game is stuck in. I imagine a modern game's take on Jackal, with everything else being the same, would have been an instanced raid on a Jackal village, requiring loads of endgame materials and collective effort to open a portal, with a party all joining the same instance. Could be a village or the whole alliance, and the instance might aswell be up for a week (remember, everything else being the same, such a raid would take a lot of preparation when on Jackal regardless.) But of course, "that's not very much like Wurm, Wurm is different", and with that mindset, people will still be surprised why Wurm is conceived as dated.
  9. Proof that the current dev team will never be able to design a satisfying PvE endgame experience if their lives depended on it and that all hope for something like that is futile.
  10. That's a good note to expand the idea on. What if the option just disabled all "immersion sounds" that serve no alarming purpose per se? Any sort of tool sounds, no mining or woodcutting sounds etc. But fishing cues and combat noises are still a thing. I'm most often playing Wurm on one monitor and doing somethng else on another, and all the "useless" sounds are rather intrusive to that. At the same time, playing Wurm on a very quiet level makes it easy to miss when one of my characters is being mauled. Alternatively, make 2 sliders for each sound category (enabled by an option so you only get the distinction when wanted?).
  11. Nah, don't worry - it'll probably have one of the few alive cows still targeted and is AFK, so it's good to kill while it's not paying attention.
  12. I may be talking from a "veteran" perspective, but I think QL is the most dominant factor in an items worth and easily dwarfs most other factors you outline for that formula. At least when you consider the time it takes to imp something to 90. Mass doesn't really matter and would just imply the amount of materials used during imping, which again will easily outnumber the mass used in creation. Unless we're talknig really complex things like boats, but you have that covered with production value. However, things like tents primarily derive their value from the "complex" assembly, so I feel it should be a bigger factor for them. Material value: This is compounded by the creators skill as someone with higher skill will need less material, so that's a mostly latent variable. Mineral goods is also too rough of a measure because lumps of different metals are vastly different in size - iron is 1kg per lump, while silver and gold are a mere 0.1kg, making those items 10 times more "costly" in terms of materials. But again, this depends on the skill of the creator, so unless we're talking about a golden large maul or something that uses ridiculous amounts of materials/lumps, QL is a better approximation. If I had to spontaneously come up with a different formula, I'd say ditch the mass factor and tweak the material factor to something less plastic and have it consider what is actually made from said material, how much would it use, what difference does it make (a steel tool is worth more than an iron tool, while lead, zinc and tin tools are kind of garbage. Silver weapons have a decent bonus damage buff on certain mobs and should be appraised higher not only for the increased material cost, but also, to some extent, greater usability) If I can break from the outlined meta a bit more, I'd say don't overthink with the formula though. Market appraisal usually works via actions done, products quality and possibly the skill needed behind it. It's a bit rougher, but trying to pin everything down will have you pigeonholed into many details that will take more effort than it's worth to disentangle. Appraise your items in copper and iron coins as it's usually done and both parties can then agree if the discrepancy is acceptable to both. The point of in-kind trading is that either party is happy and feels like they got ahead with something they couldn't do as well on their own, not to get an exact 1:1 trade, anyway. The logistic question is a good one, it sounds like those people should either join up in a community based upon trading eachothers goods, but that's not for everyone. If the doctrines of Wurm would relent a bit here and allow something as simple as fast travelling from your deeds token to a starter town and vice versa, this would be easily solve by allowing starter towns to be meeting hubs without having to spend 2 hours two ways to even get there, but that'd actually strengthen the community feel of the game, can't have that... (insert obligatory "disable for PVP caveat" here)
  13. would like the same behaviour with stills. Also on storage units, just put it in the first shelf.
  14. Full Steam Ahead

    "so that you either have to waste 2 hours for a roundtrip to get something done that has no reason to be limited to one particular server or give the few players bothering with the market their trading fix even if that's not your own stihk" FTFY Also, no (without thanks) to that.
  15. I liked the complexity of the new system, but the "click to fish" mechanism is one that is so overdone in every MMO that has fishing and it always struck me as a lazy afterthought. "How do we make this engaging? I know, we tell the player to click on the screen when told to like they're a drone". I really apprechiated that Wurm was a little bit more self aware and knew that fishing won't be engaging, you might aswell let it run automatically. Was really let down with this update, because while it's not too bad when you have proper sound cues (which required WA for way too long time unless you wanted to squint at the event tab for 90 seconds - seriously, what was the thought of this being fun behind that?!), it is in every conceivable way a regression and worsening the experience. It doesn't add anything. I'd be more radical and say ditch this mechanic altogether. Same rod, same XP, same loot. If someone wants the twitchy fishing, spear fishing can keep it. Having to see and click the fish I can respect as a minigame. Being told to click by the game though, not so much. It's like having to confirm each brick being added to a wall. It's silly.