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  1. +1. and don't forget the shady brother-in-law who constantly reeks of booze. (Sealed liquid containers transportation, pretty please?)
  2. starter town portal network

    But that is the Wurm experience only to be enjoyed by the most hardcore players! Seriously though, this is ridiculous. I was at risk of missing a slaying, too, because the server border swallowed my boat without its passengers. Karma teleported back to my deed with the captain and took a backup boat. That bug is a matter of its own, but ultimately I departed 3 hours before the event began because I know the pain that travel is in this game. Three hours. But people cling to these outrageous time sinks for their "immersion". Except that during real travel you can at least do something, and the grinding feeling of wasted time takes me out of the game rather than suck me into it. It's not like we want skyrim-esque fast travel where a single click gets you anywhere, from anywhere. A little bit of commuting is part of the charm, and shouldn't be completely devalued. But how can you even rationalise making people spend hours on end doing practically nothing in order to do stuff with others for less than the time invested in travel? In an MMO of all things?! (And someone will be a complete pillock and try to seriously answer this question with some cherrypicked non-sequitur, but the reality is that there is no rationale behind this except that it has simply always been that way, and that is always more of an explanation istead of a reason.)
  3. Goblin leader slaying

    Oblivionnreaver prior to being ritually buried alive by his kinsmen, 1075 (colorized)
  4. I'll throw in another: Rather than applying a general speed boost, allow the skill to mitigate the speed penalty of climbing on steep inclinations. So that high climbing really shines in rough terrain rather than having a maybe very subtle and not too noticeable speed boost across the board. (Because even if one can earn a general 100% speed buff, it'll still be terribly slow at a 300 slope when that's where a skilled climber should really be able to distinguish themselves.) EDIT: Speaking of rough terrain, landing on steep one while climbing drains your stamina. A lot. This could also be mitigated by skill.
  5. What Does Wurm Do Better Than Other MMOs?

    This is especially true, at least to me, now that I can zoom around the legacy that is scattered throughout Xanadu using insanity teleport and gather information about all the places that once have been. I haven't been using it a lot overall, but since the Archaeology journal came out I'm practically doing nothing else, it's just so fascinating digging through the past. And this would absolutely not be the same. infact pretty boring, if I were to play a game that revolved around that concept where "ruins" were generated by the game. Things like that do nothing for me in Minecraft for instance, it's good for the loot but that doesn't really mean a lot in terms of feeling part of a living world, in fact it takes me out of it a lot. But in WO, I can not only dig up the information, but also find tools made by players that are sometimes still playing to this day. I just found a copper chain armor bearing the name of my alliance boss, which is a nice souvenir(Or would have been, had I thought of picking it up before teleporting again. -.-). Even after dusting 30dmg off it's better QL than my current armor, so not only can this also bear good loot, but it actually feels like literal loot and not some treasure that was generated exclusively for my gratification.
  6. Xanadian Inn Megathread

    The Dry Sponge Tavern on my deed Windspears in G18 at the coast of the Ageless Lake has free beds for weary travellers. An unlikely route for land travellers, but ship captains can moor all around the place.
  7. Suggestions to books and writing!

    I could very well imagine a "Mine report" that is filled with Prospecting(and analyzing?) info. This would make finding your veins in larger mines a lot easier and generally give you a better overview of what you have. This could even revive mine mapping services a little bit again. Or would make doing it a lot more convenient, I've done it a couple of times and handing over the results as a booklet instead of shouting out every found vein in local would be a lot more elegant. (to be fair, I could write a normal book about it now that they're a thing, but a prospecting report could support things like "Get Direction" and the ability to scratch out excavated veins.)
  8. if we can do that then I'm calling dibs on the legendary farming implement "The Rakist"
  9. I don't want to be that guy who immediately after an (amazing) update guys to nitpick on the forums, but why can we not take reports out of the journal? It is quite possible with the almanac, so when I first read the patch notes I had hoped I could build myself a little library of journals, each of which summarize a specific location (like my neighbors old deed) or general areas I've been to using the insanity teleport - the catch here is that I don't know a priori where i'll be, obviously. And conventionally travelling archaeologist may not know what they'll find, too. So being able to transfer deed reports after the fact would be very handy here. I understand that unlike harvest reports, which are created "directly" and start as a loose report, deed reports are made automatically using the journal, so it might be an implementation limitation that loose deed reports cannot exist outside of a journal, but I'd be nice for managing them if we could drag them from one journal to another. Also, on a smaller note, adding blank reports to stock your journal up for your expedition is a bit of a clickfest, would be neat if we could just drag blank paper onto the journal instead of chewing through the context menu. That's a really small priority though, as said clickfest wouldn't occur very often and loading up 5 journals just now wasn't that bad, just worse than it felt it needed to be.
  10. Halloween idea alien seals

    Newspring island shall become Wurm's extraterrestial embassy.
  11. Lost Corbita? (North, northeast)

    Hey, for some time a corbita dubbed "Knights Herald" has been moored south of my deed, it appeared around a month ago when the Rift was here in G19/20. I figured it was a Rifter who just moored a bit off the more direct route, and just stayed there for a few more days before departing, so I thought nothing of it by then...but it's still here and I'm starting to wonder if the owner ("Khellus" according to examination) has somehow lost track of where it is, maybe after dying during the Rift and having forgotten to set up a tent? There is also a large cart owned by "Illiean" next to it, seems to have been build as an improvised transport at the spot. The cart was badly damaged and I repaired it for now, though the item of interest is the ship, which is still in pristine condition. Anyone knows either character and wether the ship is actually lost or if they've just been offline that long?
  12. Protect the blessed lamps!

    In theory...practically those last forever and well beyond any other kind of items though. I've seen plenty of empty, but perfectly paved areas teleporting around Xanadu, I wouldn't "rely" on decay of pavement by any stretch. As much as public infrastructure is important to me, too, being involved in it myself, I'd also loathe to see abandonded deeds with only lamps mysteriously preserved. You raise a good point about blessed lamps not being needed on deeds, though. In fact they could be outright prohibited on them, or unblessed when a deed disbands upon them so that if you happen to have a blessed lamp you can use it anyway, that's a bit hamfisted but would be a compromise. Alternatively blessed lamps could reduce the time for unused pavement to decay, which might work theoretically for public canals and tunnels, but sounds like it'll practically be all out of whack and just more annoying than the status quo, so I'd be fine with OP if lamps were unblessed when on a disbanding deed.
  13. Sea Salt

    Well, you're obviously biased here, coming from a PvP angle, where salt is already abundant.
  14. Animal cages

    Taking political prisoners, coming to a PvP server near you soon! But seriously, why though?
  15. Wurm PvP - Why Players Don't PvP

    My issue is not with PvP or "toxicity" in it, but with the type of PvP, which was referred to as OWFL here. Basically, you can't "put the game down". I remember vividly playing Rust and literally worrying that some russians will blow up my home in the middle of the night, because that regularly happened. It was pure stress and made me stop after a few days. I concede that Wurm isn't 100% like that. There's less activity overall, there are more open communities to join because as it was said, security only comes with numbers. But the fact remains that things can go down south overnight and the sour aftertaste of Rust wells just thinking about that concept. I plan to visit Chaos some day and make myself useful as a backline crafter for whatever Kingdom will have a casual supporter and I may be taught a lesson of what it's really like, but just in pure principle I cannot see myself truly committing to such a world for good. If a game gives me the slightest bit of background anxiety while I'm not even online, it's not worth it - and clearly not healthy - to me.