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  1. +1, but then we'd need something to prevent the milk from dispersing into the water. Some suction cups or straws or whatever. Now we have an item specifically to put on whale nipples. Can't say any other game has dared to innovate this way yet. Alternatively we just do a reverse whale rescue and push it ON land for a change.
  2. That wasn't remotely the point. It's the power of influence you attribute to games that is absolutely backwards. I don't disagree with your view on alcohol in real life at all from what you've described, I don't think anyone would. But to go and say that someone would look at this arbitrary affinity system and think that this, in any capacity, transfers to real life, is rather outlandish. Food works just the same, so why would it even try to mean anything when when it comes to beverages giving affinities? (The food affinities aren't exactly realistic either. There's no market for quantum physics chili recipes in real life.) Either way, Reylaark's suggestion to make more beverages than just alcoholic ones would put a final nail into that coffin and completely dispel that interpretation you're worried about. It may even be neccessary...someone who's into the affinity mining stuff with the scores provided by different ingredients might shed some light on this, but do beverages currently even have enough variation as a whole to reliably cover the whole spectrum of possible skills? Beverages seem quite limited in their available ingredients compared to food, so I'm actually concerned if you can even get an affinity for every single skill with them.
  3. I don't neccessarily disagree that you can do on your deed as you please, but...I find it amazing how quick you turn from "Don't tell me what to do!" (with my deed) to "Let me tell you what to do!" (With your client settings.) I'm probably simplifying the matter here to some degree that'll rub some people the wrong way, but perhaps mutual respect and finding compromises would trump making petty demands to either side. Oh well, that's all the sensible points I can think of for this topic, I'll be back to shitposting over the drama, coz' we all know nothing else will come from this.
  4. "This is Trollbane, an ancient artifact passed down to us from generations ago. Ever since Magranon himself finished the final touch on it before blessing our mortal bloodline with its sacred possession, it has left thousands of fiends and beasts in a bloody trail of guts and victory!" "And it is pink...!?" "AND IT IS PINK!"
  5. If I recall correctly, they also give no CCPF, so the nutrition aspect is also a double edged sword. Food affinities can also be managed to be "perma-affinites", although it would be a bit harder if you supplement with refreshes to keep the nutrition up. Perhaps the timer for being drunk vs. affinity timer can be tweaked to make striking the balance harder if you want to maintain a beverage affinity, to the point where keeping the buzz up makes you too drunk to skill effectively. Since thirst goes down quite quickly, it could give affinities equally for each sip, as opposed to food that takes 1 bite to grant most of the time possible and then just add a fractions of that time for each successive bite. The last century called, they want their rhetoric back.
  6. I had hoped some suggestion like this existed already, because I recently thought "Goddamnit the Xanadu border is ridiculously far away". Would be cool if the border could be moved towards the land by some decent measure, because it feels like the distance from Xanas northern landmass to the border is half a small server. Trade winds in all directions would also help a lot with that, so +1 and a massive necrobump.
  7. I was that "someone else", on my mining toon. 95,70 Mining, 97,22 Pickaxe Rare iron pickaxe, 88,23QL, Gathering Rune(+10% Quality), 41 BotD Result: 2,7s mining action on full, or nearly full, stamina. Other than these primary skills involved, Shydows stats are generally higher. Little bit funky that I'd have 0,1s less, despite having 7QL less on the pick and an enchant half as strong.
  8. Depends on the highway. And would be much better if we could snap our carts and wagons to appropiate angles so we really need to steer at turns only...which I'd take ontop of this often requested feature. (I think the angles while driving have been subject to a suggestion already, too)
  9. I did this twice now, insanity treks are awesome. Gotta be prepared to land in water though. Some of my most memorable Wurm experiences have come from this. An oak forest on one of the highest mountains of Xanadu, completely untouched, and practically untouchable, by civilization. Gives you an idea what it's like to be the first guy on the moon.
  10. Hello everybody, as a somewhat established player (who enjoys multitasking with multiple characters), I ought to throw my hat into this ring. For reference, my characters are: https://niarja.com/skill_compare/Flubb (Main) https://niarja.com/skill_compare/Radrohn (Nahjo Priest) https://niarja.com/skill_compare/Tulon (Paaweelr Priest) I offer toolmaking according to my main characters skills, most prominently: Carpentry Fine Carpentry Blacksmithing Fletching Pottery Bowyery I imp to whatever I can make myself, depending on my characters levels. Metall produced by Radrohn. (Up to 100QL) Wood production by Tulon. (Up to 88,7QL, WIP) I also "rent" my building plan if available, for a travel fee to wherever you need me to go for your grand project, 1s max, no chaos. Building plan status: Available I also offer digging services for levelling. Check the Niarja entry for current skill levels to see if you I can fulfull your needs. I'll try to keep them a bit more updated for whoever may be interested. I can make midrange enchants with a power around 60 quite consistently for WoA and BotD. Apart from that, the priests can offer: Radrohn: Prospecting (90+, gives exact quantities and can scan your mine for veins) and tile collapsing. Same as building plan, + any favor I need to bring myself when collapsing multiple tiles. Resident miner, can produce up to 100QL ores. Tulon: Resident farmer, produces wemp and garlic at +87ql. Or anything else you may need, a farming circle on my crops can yield 1K easily. Resident woodcutter, too, so I can send some high end logs(runed harvest hatchet), still needs some work, though. A few general Items of interest on sale: green apples (5K, 63QL in bulk) lemons (3K, 75QL in bulk) Large, sealed amphoras with maple syrup, min 70QL. +5 crates of 100QL iron Active beehives (of indetermined amounts. They're taking over. Send help.) My forge is a mess cluttered with different tools that serve as enchanting specimen, if you need a hatchet or pickaxe, high QL or low for skilling, just enquire me to check if I have anything cheap to send by. Otherwise, you can of course commission your tools with enchants, but I can only reasonably guarantee +60 enchants at this point. Hopefully more interesting items on sale: 2x unfinished rare forge 2x rare rope tool (1 oak, 1 birch) 2x rare fruit press (1 oak, 1 apple) 1x rare plate leggings, iron I also take orders for normal stone and pottery bricks, mortar and wooden building materials. I'm located at G18 Xanadu and hooked into the larger Xanadu highway network, so wagoner delivery for bulk is possible and preferred. For non-bulk, I have a runed mailbox, larger items that require it will be a bit slower in the mail, currently, but less than half an hour. That's the general gist, but if you find any task that my illustrous ensemble of dissociative identity disorder incarnations can do for you, just shoot me a PM, I'm open to anything.
  11. Mate, they can build whatever they want for all I care, I don't have a horse in this race. I feel for the people who live in the area and are now forced to move, play with lag, or play with potato settings, but that's not the point. My comment was a facetious jab at the GH representatives behaviour in the forums, which is often, maybe unjustly so, interpreted as condescending, arrogant, dismissive or holier-than.thou, and played at the predictable drama that is to come from this thread. You may even call it a joke. You don't need to sperg out over it, unless you insist on delivering its punchline.
  12. And I thought Ayes meant for these teleports to be used from anywhere, too, as implied by tying it to ones own body. If the option was bound to, say, deed tokens, this restriction would be a bit more intuitive. And I agree, then it wouldn't be problematic, at least in my opinion. Addendum: Should still have a cooldown, so people don't do this constantly on a whim. You should always make sure you have everything before you go anywhere, that's a big thing about the experience in ingame travel imo, and a reasonable cooldown would enable this just fine.
  13. Giving life to starter towns shouldn't be a Xan exclusive imho. If there'd be such rather arbitrary restrictions, at least allow the travel to ones home deed, too, so that commuting to starter towns is incentivised on all servers. I most certainly don't agree with some of the pathological naysayers who just cannot stand anything being more convenient or different. But as valid as the problem proposed here is, it's a bad solution to give out free teleports just like that, rendering long established mechanisms obsolete. Not because of "muh status quo", but because it's essentially a kick to the balls for those who went the long route to acquire the fabled home teleports by getting that karma or even better/worse, meditating to reach rank 12. This entails a discussion about how teleports could be handled differently altogether, and this suggestion just skips over it. I'm just gonna play devils advocate: What happens to the existing mechanisms if this would be introduced?
  14. Just throwing my hat into the ring. As the title says, it's northern Xanadu, so it's rich in mobs. And lag at times, and given the proportions, there aren't exactly short ways here. But it's a 5 minute ride to a steppe with cattle and horses(You can kill buggers there for hours on end, not kidding.), the area north is currently trollhausen (There's a fresh mound pretty much right on the highway), so...save to say you can hunt a lot here. I have a small chapel that can house another silver/gold mag altar if you find a priest to convert you(I might get a hold of one nearby with some contacts.), otherwise I have a Nahjo and Paaweelr priest myself if those work for you aswell. (I suspect Nahjo, though, since that's basically off-brand Magranon.) An own house can be built aswell, of course, but there's plenty of workshop space and a tavern for housing and occupation without committing to your own 4 walls, leaving the option for getting settled on the freedom cluster here and moving on later if you wish to do so. I'm on my own here and so would you be mostly, depending on the timezone, but I reckon you won't need anybody around for answering questions about the game. Just shoot me a PM on the forums here if you wanna talk about how this would work out and if Windspears fits your potential plans of getting a foot onto freedom.
  15. Uuuh...lemme get out that 10 foot pole for this one... That's a good premise, especially for hermit Xanadu. Giving some significance to the starter towns other than spawning there, preferably once, and never returning, that is. But fast travelling with impunity and without cost or effort of any kind is something I don't see being received very well, or fitting for Wurm. After all, 'Recall home' is the level 12 meditation ability across the board. So that's a very significant ability to just give out freely, coming from the status quo. And that has a 12 hour cooldown, too. I'd rather see us being able to let the wagoner AI take over and let us ride via highway that way. At least it takes the playermade infrastructure and still has some time investment during which you cannot do anything. Perhaps added risk if AI mobs do not ignore you during the trip, too. And has some incentive for more travel in general (I reckon most people don't enjoy steering a drifting cart over a virtual road for hours on end.). Could give a speed boost to your own home deed and starter towns, with the wogic reason that they are "well known spots" that one can get faster to, somehow. That'd honour the premise of making starter towns a bit livelier again, which I'm on board with, but easy teleports like that? Not so much, sorry.