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  1. Another Release type server

    Case in point: People who come here for the "economy", as they said themselves earlier, who get dissapointed about its state and leave. This is a reputation Wurm has to get rid of badly, I'm afraid the RMT market is responsible for attracting people who want to game some virtual market for their own gain. I never cared much about 'muh economy', I felt the same slight disappointment finding out about its state because it's a good vector to interact with the playerbase at all, but it just led me to focus on what I want to do for myself and some few people around me in this game, not to cater to some non-existent market. And it made the experience all the better. Elisha's got a point about retention though, which I think we can all agree on, whatever the actual reasons for leaving the game before it has really started are. Whether there are "many new players", whatever "many" are for a tiny playerbase like Wurm's, is not an expedient measure of the games growth, the amount of players who stuck around after thaz 1-2 month timespan that weeds out so many is. There could be a hundred new players on right now who dabble with the dated UI for an hour and disappear forever; it'd be all but a curious, yet inconsequential population spike on a graph.
  2. WTB/WTT missing recipes

    At 76% of the 500 recipe goal, I just got tired of carpal tunnel simulator as the reference cookbook I went through is running predictably dry before it'll even finish the goal. Even if I had a complete source, I think this is the one that'll just break me. Instead, I'll just offer 3c for every written down copy of a recipe I don't have. Just cod them directly at me (it's 1i for written paper iirc), I'll accept them if I don't have it yet. To avoid too many returns down the line, I'll keep a list of recipes bought as part of the forum post rather than screencapping the whole list over and over again. What I have so far: Already bought: Note that recipes named after players seem to be named after a different player depending on the combination you discovered it with; not sure on the details. I reckon their "general composition" is the same though and won't count as a distinct recipe. If you see anything on here you need yourself for that goal in exchange, I'll gladly pick up a pen myself...better than doing the whole cooking process for another 100+ recipes. Hell, I'll give you 3 recipes in exchange for one I'm missing, even if it's a stupidly obvious one I missed in getting the basic stuff.
  3. You're basically explaining your own lack of understanding by projecting it onto me. "legitimate" gold sellers are just one step above scammers to me. (Not talking about small time selling silvers in WO, where the practice is in itself legitimate for a change, but gold sellers being a total pest whereever it's being commercialised)
  4. Wow, I know gold sellers are generally scummy but dragging other people down while they sink? That's a new level. I hope nobody will get the wrong idea of you condoning them stuck in their head over this.
  5. Cooking related chances have always been 100% implicitly, I think the % here are only shown as an indicator for the difficulty. This is also kind of wogic-y and only makes sense if you're aware of the "50% sweet spot" for skilling, making the creation chance display rather arbitrary and intransparent, for new and old players alike.
  6. How to kill your own game tutorial

    They really never told you "Alex, go pen the unique?" I knew Epic is basically a huge wasted opportunity but that takes the cake.
  7. POI map for epic structure missions

    Cats Tropy 6200.5, 3058.0222915640597 Obelisk Also around Passage to Shard are these structures basically directly next to it: Luck Vault, Shrine Mystery To Inetween, Spirit Gate Fallen Temple, Temple (nearly missed that innocuous little sack. How does this still not have a model??) Spear of Sorrow 6942.5970500542035, 5127.349842052045 (Yes, it's slightly in the water, on a submerged dirt base.) Obelisk
  8. How to kill your own game tutorial

    I think the problem he tries to illustrate is that the conversation gets shut down long before he gets to that part.
  9. How to kill your own game tutorial

    Gladys' ego doesn't fit through the epic portal.
  10. How to kill your own game tutorial

    (kind of) glad to see I'm being proven wrong that this won't be addressed. I did see the thread being gone for a few minutes prior to your response though. But except for the moderation being in disarray, or whatever is going on there, I think the OP is overtly antagonistic. In terms of development, I think the team is doing the best with what they have and do a fairly decent job in the end. I can understand why there's a need to vent over these issues, though, threads like these are, unfortunately, not entirely unwarranted. I see it as a mixture of both unfavorable situations and some bad decisions, though. The team is small and has a lot on their plate, and being in touch with what everyone exactly wants isn't easy even with the tiny playerbase. At least the developers are willing to meet us somewhere when being vocal enough. Usually. @Thorinoakshield While some of these examples are truly disheartening, I also believe that the actions of the individuals in question are also frowned upon by many other players. Example 2 stands out to me, however. It seems like people are trying too hard to be helpful, being almost intimidating with their proposals of optimizing all sorts of bits and ends, when instead, the new player should indeed just be doing their thing and not worry too much because optimizing isn't really worthwhile until the 70s. This help might be bumbling and unaware at times like these, and the comment about grinding until you get sick may have been a joke in bad taste (yet, it's perfectly honest and upfront towards any newbie to say how grindy the game is), but between the lines that readiness to help and inform new players is much closer to the WO community that I know, which is the most supportive and open one I've seen in any game. There are bad apples and room for improvement. But I don't see how it has to fundamentally change just from these examples. For everyone antagonising a new player in some way, I bet there are at least 10 people looking to take someone under their wing or just provide tools and neccessities to those in need. Maybe that's patronizing players too much, as you say. However, it's a fine line helping players not get disgruntled over the tough start into the game and making them bored of it by overproviding. I'm pretty sure that a lot, if not most people who do leave have just realized that it's not their cup of tea. I had plenty of "recruits" who just silently up and left the game, sometimes after setting out on their own never to be heard of again.
  11. How to kill your own game tutorial

    Nah, they'll leave it up and gloat at this statement, while having addressed nothing in the actual post. They're just sitting these things out. The only thing transparent about moderation right now seems to be the damage control mode they're in, but god knows who's holding the gun against their heads and whispering the lines to them.
  12. Global cast waiting list for Benediction

    @Thalorane That's a shame, with the current backlog I'll probaby have to direct the mass prayers to other rituals. But I'll keep sermoning to the alt army with Tulon, which will give some decent charge(assuming it's not bugged like the rest of the demigods in regards to Rites), so it may not take all that long...can't pull it off in two weeks again though I'm afraid. The roster was fully assembled this time though, so that's something. And it was not sniped despite being up for over 24 hours! So, there's hoping that we don't all have to capitulate to lower instincts after all. [2019-06-15] [23:08:36] As the Rite of Spring is completed, followers of Vynora may now receive a blessing! (CET) casting team: Feinmharu Vinnydiesel Inspira (Caster) Siegfried Mossfauna with special guests Vynn Meanwan Rustynail And congrats to Siegfried for finishing the Benediction Journal on a big note. I'll move to charging Holy Crop now, as it has the biggest backlog of casters; since the whole favor pool/casting Rite spells is still bugged for demigods, I'll rely on someone to tell me when it's ready(Shooting me some sermon messages for a rough gauge via pm or WO discord would be apprechiated). It's been almost 3 weeks since the last HC, so it should take less than 2, maybe just 1 week to get it ready.
  13. I just finished this on my priest Radrohn, with the last goal being the "ride +30km/h" one. Somehow, it got credited 5 times, with all the rewards. I can give further details on what I did exactly but I feel like being too verbose with it publicly just invites someone to try and exploit this, so I'll withhold it until a dev wants to get Pm'ed about it or say it's fine to post here. Now I also have to deal with the duplicate rewards. Should I file a ticket to have a GM remove the 4 superfluous affinity tokens (They're nodrop, obviously.) from my inventory and subtract 2h of sleep bonus? (Since I'm full on it now, though the goal should just give 3h)
  14. *stares at his pile of 100 lead eyelets* OP's not exactly wrong though...
  15. Global cast waiting list for Benediction

    Only by counting your own prayers and finding out when the messages change to infer the trajectory. Been powercharging RoS with 15 alts, so they make up a substantial part, making it somewhat feasible to base it off my own prayers alone. Not a precise science but it ought to come close enough.