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  1. Ability to withdraw from upkeep

    For a democracy that's a good point. On an autocratic deed, this risk may be more "acceptable", so maybe limit it to the latter? (That's mostly what the hermits are in anyway who have noone to rip off.) In either case, it should be visible in some history, so abusers can be properly called out; cashing out on your villagers contributions is a dirty reputation no respectable player would want. Neutral on the suggestion itself. Can overall do without it, even though I can see situations where it would have benefitted me in the past, it's nothing that actively bothered me.
  2. Pipe Smoking

    I don't know about the rules or TOs about this, and it sounds like a stretch anyway, but overall, sure, why not. Gives some more uses to NatSub (It's where I'd like to see mixing of tobacco more tbh) I'm not sure how mixing tobacco will project into affinities though, if we arbitrarily portion it there'd probably have to be a new system how affinities are determined, or at least a good way to go from mixture to "affinity score" like in the current cooking system has to be figured out. I have no idea about tobacco from real life, much less pipe smoking, but maybe herbs (from planters, that'd involve some gardening into the formula again.) could be used as additive for flavor and give more variety in ingredients to cover affinities normally: the mixture just determines some rough "baseline" for the score, but that alone wouldn't be able to cover all skill affinities, sofrom there you add spices for "finetuning". Sounds like a fun little thing though, +1
  3. Goblin Leader

    I'll be there with Flubb and one more character, most likely Tulon, he can cure medium wounds and give Willowspine to the MT.
  4. [11:48:31] The corpse of the Flubb won't fit in the cauldron.
  5. A Wurmian Gone Horror

    Ah yes, LPing...I meant to upload something maybe once in a while, but I neither like video editing nor my voice nor my stilted commentary. Probably wouldn't make full series and force myself to uploading regularly, kudos to your dedication to it. Though I do have a rather lengthy play session of Dreadhalls if anyone fancies to hear me cry out in profanities and lose what's left of my sanity. EDIT: I guess I'm binging through your Pineview Drive list now...
  6. It sounded vague because the sentence appeared as if a contrarian was arguing for realism. The reason it sounded like such a diversion for me, and this is where I have to confess to some of my own biases in a minute, because the choice of words makde it sound like realism arguments were attempted to be made, while your clarification reveals your position that the realism arguments should be made in this discussion, which is an interpretation that didn't immediately strike me, as that is somehow the less likely interpretation to me. Because I don't think it is ever, ever useful to argue for realism just for the sake of realism. Realism is a design tool. I understand your point fitting into this as that realism can be a railway/designhelp to make immersive systems, but what is immersive and isn't is at this point highly subjective, and this is where the spirits divide, so to say. Immersion doesn't neccessarily only come from the framework provided by real life, but can also come from a consistent set of rules constructed within the game's universe. The latter meaning that consistency can also be a key to immersion. Trees do not have any QL per se, if I can somehow fell a 90QL tree at below 30 WC, I'd probably wonder why that even is a thing when it is nowhere else in the game. This is a pretty constructed example, but it's to illustrutrate the subjectivity of "immersion". Let get me some other things out of the wayso I can properly address your position, which I appearantly have not, so far. I admit I went on a tangent here, trying to address multiple people in a "you know who you are" matter, but what I was addressing is clearly more Roccandil's shortcoming than yours. The latter part of my post was fueled with some irritation, especially the last question, but As the preamble of that question was meant to make clear(er): I'm not intending to make it any more personal than I have to, to understand the underlying motivations. This question was deliberately facetious to challenge a position to be clarified by making a finer distinction between two similar scenarios. I'm not consciously making any assumptions about either of your characters, though, both have clarified that they wouldn't benefit from this and I have no reason to disblieve that, I'm just pointing to behaviour that didn't add up to me. But I shouldn't have thrown you in the same basket and read more carefully, as you do clearly recognize ways to involve new players. I apologize for that poor rhetoric on my part, I shouldn't have lumped you so quickly into one basket, that was late night laziness to try and address things in aggregate. With that said: If it's only about the new player experience, and not "high end involvement", I'm actually fine with a soft cap that doesn't produce items that are too out of place. There is in fact a soft cap for maximum crafting quality, where -as far as I know- a level 1 account can go up to 23 QL effectively, if we are (I am, to be precise) talking about consistency, gathering could/actually should do the same - without devaluing the skill progression, keeping progression meaningful, and without stifling new players less to grinding their gathering skills 100% up to par to their crafting skills all the time. A new player who can immediately produce the odd 20QL log will have something to work with for themselves and doesn't mess with the "skill ecosystem" by any meaningful stretch. Basically, I concede that gathering skills should probably not act as a hard cap as they do now, in my udnerstanding at least, so in regard to your position I do agree to the first part here in some way, the difficulty should not feel stifling(see the previous paragraph). But I do maintain that trying redirecting the discussion to realism should have an explicit purpose beyond promoting realism itself, as it has virtually no value on its own. That also means that there are potentially other "devices" to argue your case. I did acknowledge how realism can be reasonably applied to your case, but it's not the only way to argue for a certain system and there is a conflict between "realism" and other approaches at work here, and for reasons I don't want to reiterate here again, as to not bore you any further, I think the rule of internal consistency within the games universe overall outweighs the subjective notion of "realism" in a game. And I don't mean to say that to degrade how you feel about it, your notion of realism is as valid to yourself as mine is to me(And from a purely realistic standpoint, I'd agree that "ore is ore"). I'm just inclined to side what I think is the "more objective" approach here. (Which ironically is kinda subjective itself.) Amen to that...
  7. A distinction that is only crucial in arguing your case for realism, as showcased by the followed descriptions (Not quoted for the sake of brevity). Which, by the way - and just to address this weirdly vague strawman - nobody else here cares for. Nobody contra to the idea argues that the current system is realistic. In fact, I have argued the opposite. What even is the purpose of this sentence? What really speaks against making this distinction is consistency. And yes, Wurm lacks that in other areas, that's no reason to forgone with the concept altogether though. kochinac put it concisely enough: What we seem to be missing in your perspective is, in fact, what we are (implicitly or explicitly) disagreeing with. It looks much more like you're the one not getting the point. Exactly. The gathering system does streamline gameplay as new players are not tempted into trying to contribute to high end areas of the game where, as Retrograde and I have pointed out, their efforts would result in many more failures than a skilled account would produce. Which is why I don't think players should be tempted into it to begin with, but I'm not reiterating this. I don't quite see why this is "dreariness" any more than every other area of the game where your skill governs your products quality. If the "dreary" part is that new players allegedly cannot contribute (Which I recall being the orignal motivation for this?), many things have been mentioned that new players can in fact do, and not even exhaustingly so. These points are not even acknowledged by the "pro" side or just weakly dismissed, which makes me question the intellectual honesty behind the motivation of new player involvement. Beyond the case for streamlining done by this, it contributes to making the progression system meaningful, because every progress you make, every new threshold you surpass (being able to fully utilize that utmost vein at last, for instance), is a benchmark for accomplishment. A sense of accomplishment that comes from dedication, which I'm sure is what many people appreciate about this game. And you're not giving any good reason to dilute this, you forward some altruistic sounding motivation for it but then feign ignorance over alternative solutions. I wish I could ask this in better faith than I do, but with where I ended on the last paragraph I can't help sounding a bit facetious: Do you want recruits to feel useful by involving them into meaningful tasks that transparently contribute to a collective effort, of which there are many ways if you'd care to listen to some people here, or do you just want them to make your material errands? Because this is such a strangely specific thing to get bogged down on, at least the way it happens here, if it is the former.
  8. Oh great, you're back at lashing out at everybody... 'Normal' in which context? The quality of stuff you can produce being tied to your skill and other enhancements is normal in Wurm, it's a core principle of it. Even when i was new I recognized and accepted it, that's infact what makes the progression system engaging. And gathering is part of that, and not a small part either. Historically and realistically this is the most cherrypicked and frankly useless criterium for game design ever and doesn't support your case made in a game's suggestion forum at all.
  9. All the gathering skills would be good for now is speed? That's a pretty weak and shallow benefit, unless the speed discrepancy is really outrageous, which just has new players sit on even longer timers. But say we massively nerfed gathering skills as you propose, wouldn't a new player producing less suitable materials (Because even without the skill cap, there's no way someone with 1WC will produce 100QL logs as consistently as someone with +90WC) with significantly longer timers still make them seem absolutely inadequate to veterans? I feel like the whole underlying idea here that new players should somehow be able to contribute to high end content is just severly misguided. It is, in fact, what a progression system ought to prevent. Surely there must be other ways for you to involve recruits meaningfully into tasks on your deed. I'm not even gonna get into the old question "What can new players sell to the market."
  10. Visual indicator when focusing is available

    +1, just not showing it sounds about right, pretty much like the special move buttons work. (Which can be "abused" as an indicator for when you can focus but it really shouldn't be that contrived.)
  11. Share your titles

    [16:29:16] Your title is now Stabber Investigator. Plot twist: it was I who stabbed all these trolls in the area. With the blunt end of a maul.
  12. Smoother imping process

    Keybinds, friend. Close enough for "some other key combo" you mentioned, and it's already in the game. Press F1, type "bind <key> improve".(Or go into settings and use the UI to bind your action.) Now activate the item to improve with, hover over the item to improve, and press the key you assigned the action to. Saves you the trouble with the context menu. On just about everything, really, you can bind Take, Drop, load, etc. to a button. Personally, I have G -> Improve, H->Repair, hover over my improvee and press GH as often as my mind logic allows if I have one item I'm really pushing. Ontop of that, if you haven't already, you can get a toolbelt with at least 50QL, and put all tools you need into one arrangement. Buttons 1 to 5 are by default assigned to toolbelt activation, and improving never involves more than 5 items afaik, so that'll be just servicable to also cut out hunting down your tools in your inventory. Effectively allows you to imp one item without even using the mouse.
  13. Skill gain incorrect on a sliding scale

    Why is it supposed to mean 0.02202508, when your previous sentence says that the real change is 0.012452? What makes you think that "change" needs to be divided by 100 to note its "real" value? This sounds all sorts of confused and misinformed. I think you're mistaking the "change" label you get in the mouseover as the last skill tick, when in reality it is the total change of the skill since the start of the gaming session. (Dying, for instance, would indicate a "change" of -0.25 on skills affected, barring any progress that would add onto that you made in that session.)
  14. Brown horse 'Copperecker' found

    Found in my workshop at my deed situated in G18, patiently waiting at a spiral staircase, the owner might have lost him there without realizing. Only hint I have is this: It is being taken care of by Meridius. With a 74QL 64WoA saddle, but no branding visible upon examination. (Perhaps he was shipped over via cage from a visitor from another server?) Lil' Eck is in the wemp pen with the others, waiting to be picked up. For some reason he seems way more relaxed now...
  15. Crafting window - 3rd box

    We need a simpler UI, not a needlessly more complicated one. +1 for the option to use a tool to make the crafting window use materials from the inventory automatically, though. I wonder if that's gonna be implemented before the UI overhaul hits us, I don't know how it's coming along, maybe the new UI will make this obsolete anyway.