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  1. Rift Reported 2/6/19

    Can't decide where they'll be, but you can decide not to sleep! I'll be there. Probably half asleep but there.
  2. Deed Bound Tower Guards

    This was also touched upon in an older thread, which unfortuantely didn't get much traction. Still would like to see either ingame, though some incentive to actually equip the buggers would be a great start.
  3. You kinda missed the point there bud. About moving it somewhere else: For what? Wait for it to decay and clutter the area in the meantime? Might aswell put it in the trash heap then, and why would you want to do that? It's like the system gave you trash by design if that's more encouraged, when it's supposed to be "valuable". Something isn't right about that. That's not the only point where useless rares are rather a grievance than anything else, just like rare maple sap - giving you a basically useless kg of harvest at best (unless you immediately process it, which is not the usual case) or ruining a whole trees worth of harvest at worst if you don't immediately dump that ###### somewhere. Stupid rares certainly are a legitimate gripe. Back on topic: +1 and I'd also have the same popup for enchants (Such as nails made from fragments, always a gamble with those buggers if I have to put them in some loose chest and forget about them until they're nearly dust.) [EDIT: A damn, @kochinac beat me to that addition, didn't read your post, sorry,] Sure, I could just dispel them, but my priests have better stuff to do, honestly. With how much time that'd take in comparison to just trashing such materials(It's just a set of nails or a branch after all.), it'd go to the trash 100% of the time, which again does not really make sense that it should be this way.
  4. Dude, I respect your position, I agree with some crucial points you make and am not in favor of people teleporting around completely scot free either. But you're making the argument that "teleportation will kill Wurm, just like it has Skyrim, one of the most popular RPGs to this day." That's a bit nuts. I personally liked travelling in Morrowind more, too, than in later TES games. But it would be ignorant to pretend that we aren't the minority liking at least a little bit of "grit" in the travel. I'd also be lying if I said I didn't apprechiate some slack in the travel. Like in Morrowind, where you had "Mark and Recall" and Siltstriders. In my first runs, I even just "coc"''ed through the game, being an impatient youngster. Still enjoyed the heck out of the game even when it did end up taking away from an aspect of the game, but making everything else more accessible (at least for me at the time.). It ain't pretty but it doesn't kill games, to say so is a crass exaggeration. Either way, just my two cents toward the "hardliners" in general, not just Gladiator in particular but he makes some points that lend themselves to pick this up on. Like I said, I'm on the side of the "moderate/soft" naysayers about these portals here so in the context of this thread we agree on more than we disagree on. I just wonder, has the "no teleports!" crew considered that teleportation in general may be not be meant as a "cool and exciting feature" (I agree that it isn't.*), but more of a "neccessary evil"? *Except the random teleport of the Insanity Path. If the prospect of committing an elaborate suicide with the click of a button doesn't excite you, I don't know what would.
  5. Indeed. I disagree with the gatekeepers here protecting "the real wurm" mostly but without some cost it may truly make other structures obsolete. That's not an argument against all sorts of teleportation though. Ideally teleports only cut away that which is not bearable or reasonable to do in a single play session, and nothing else. That's why I for instance liked the idea of starter town portals on Xanadu (which is arguably the only server that needs it this badly.). Even if those were free, they are in fixed locations that barely cover all the bases, so from your portal destination on you will still have to rely on roads, bridges, perhaps even buy a horse locally or rent a taxi - that way portals can even help commerce and usage of existing transporation structures, and I feel like that's an angle that's not seen by the hardline naysayers. It's simply a matter of weighing some inconvenience or cost against relying on teleportation for everything. Getting the balance right is not very simple when people can build their own portals though.
  6. Priest network for teleporting services

    Reserved for pictures of cute kittens or whatever.
  7. With the introduction of "Summon Soul", we can at last transport players to our location and conquer the vastness of Xanadu a little bit more; if only we knew who to talk to in order to get somewhere... This thread aims to gather information about willing and capable priests across Xanadu offering to transport travellers. Just post here or PM me to have your priest registered in the list - until we can see how much traction this gains, I think a simple collaborated list will do, but perhaps we can even set up something fancy like a map in the future! Priest Contacts: Player: Flubb (Radrohn, Tulon) Location: Windspears @ G18 Timezone: UTC+1 / CET - About every evening past 18:00-19:00 for a couple of hours - online throughout the whole day at weekends. Facilities: Tavern (free beds), runed mailbox (+5% size, Courier [97]), Guard Tower with 6 guards, Highway, public wagoner, a nearby desert and steppe to hunt in (wagoner could ship your goods back to your deed if connected.) Please provide following information to register your priest(s) - The ingame name you want to be contacted by - Your timezone - The map grid cell you are located at Additonal information that may be helpful - Your deed's name if it is registered on the community map; this will provide even better information about your patrons future whereabouts (You can name your deed regardless but if it's not on the map, it doesn't really provide any further information.) - Times you are usually online ontop of your timezone (I won't require this for registration as it may be private, or people don't want to "commit" to the times they name. Although in any case the "usually online" times are, of course, only a hint and pose no obligation for you.) - Any public zones and facilities at your deed that people can refer to during their stay? General guidelines The extent of the service you may provide is up to your own discretion; pricing can be determined in an open round here, and further services discussed in prviate between priest and patron. However, I would point out some obvious things: Qualification: Obviously you just need to be able to cast "Summon Soul" - be that using a battery and a 80+ faith or having a fully fledged 100 faith priest Choose a convenient spot: I'd only be courteous to summon your patron to a place they can easily find their bearing in, such as the coast or something akin to a landmark that is recognizable on the map; ideally put them in an open place in the middle of your community map registered deed so they know exactly where they are. Dropping someone off in a dense forest would not be pleasant. And talking about summon location...no griefing, obviously! Your patron must be able to leave with conventional methods (their feet) and not be endangered by the summoning spot! No lava tiles and steep slopes. Behave, or else. Note for patrons: Enable climb before getting teleported. I'll also take complaints about shenanigans, which may get the offending priest off the list. Yes, I know, I'm the fun police. For Patrons: I thought this was a given but the initial posts suggest it ought to be mentioned - the common courtesy expected from the priests here are asked of patrons as well. Don't randomly mess with the surroundings, people may not want to summon lightly again if people consistently take a hatchet to their off-deed orchards... That's it for guidelines as for now, but it's subject to further suggestions and discussion, as is most of this thread. Suggestions - Extended services could include travelling somewhere else to perform the summon; again, this is up to your own discretion, wether you want to do that at all and how much you charge for that. I can imagine scenarios where I might have to take a boat somewhere else to drop someone off at a place they wouldn't reach on foot from my deed. - Got a fresh priest who cannot use Summon Soul yet but want in on this? Sermons are the way! Qdlaty is active again and he may even have some 100 faith priests present to summon you! (If not, I actually live quite near him...but I'd have to travel to him. See suggestion #1. Shameless plug for my own service, of course.) If you're going to send your priest there this most appropriate way, make sure they have 1000 karma to return easily... - Using the IRC ingame chat to handle requests for teleportation so one can just shout into the blue instead of having to work through this list and PM each individual priest who may or may not be on? I'd suggest using #PriestNetworkXanadu, but Freedom chat can probably take the burden for that, even at "maximum traction" I don't think people will request as many teleprots that it has to go through different channels. People could technically be asking for teleports in there right now, but this thread may signal boost the possibility to begin with and make more people aware of it. Lastly, a small credit/shoutout to @Shmeric, who came up with the original idea, but renounced taking the reigns over this little community project.
  8. Unique "rifts" instead of random spawn

    Meh...I'm having trouble participating in the normal Rifts already because they spawn in inconvenient locations at impossible times. Public slayings are a thing and they're usually more accessible due to being planned by the hunter parties, I prefer that much more given the overall rarity of uniques. I'd like to see things that make the hunt itself more accessible, but wouldn't like to see it disappear completely. But I'm saying this as a non-hunter, so take it for what it is, just my 2 cents as a bystander/passive participator in public slayings when possible.
  9. I've seen that in other MMOs, too, but I think 95% even as a ballpark estimation/facetious remark is exaggerated. More importantly, those are other MMOs where a map parts appeal is determined by the developers, while in Wurm is in the rare unique, or at least very rare, position where it is player driven. So I'd answer your question with "So that there's land for people to explore, hunt and build on if they wish so, not as a dull, overextended sightseeing tour when your current goal is something entirely different." Some form of commerce will still rely on roads being made through these lands aswell. I'd further one up this with a counterquestion: What's the point of playing an MMO where directly interacting with other players possibly consumes so much time that it takes up a whole play session to travel alone? That's just my 2 cent on "no teleport at all". I'm more on board with Shmeric on this, though starter town portals for Xanadu wouldn't be the worst thing. Either way, the comparison to other games is lacking to me as only being able to bring your inventory is a given in them, but when it comes to commerce, exchange and transportation of goods in Wurm, this is a severe limitation. If it wasn't, I'd fully agree with you that it shouldn't exist.
  10. I'd be on board with that
  11. I see literally no downside except the implementation effort, which is up to the devs to decide. I think this would be a great use of tracking on Freedom and add the additional challenge some people yearn for; it'll also enable hunters to force some spawns without relying on or messing with natural spawning too much. (Tracked mobs could despawn if left alone for too long?) I think spawning Uniques is a bit OP though, no matter which skill; perhaps certain champion mobs in "final strongholds" were direct subordinates of existing uniques on the server, leaving some hint to its location? Something like Archaeology would tell you about deeds, e.g. "This hint suggests the creatures leader is located somewhere <NSWE far/nearby>".
  12. This paragraph deserves its own thread.
  13. I think a massive speed penalty on the construct would be obvious and appropiate; plowing does require having the metal piece embedded in the ground and dragged through it after all.. Possibly make it have a feature to "deploy" so it's not active, and therefore slow, all the time.
  14. purely opinion based -1 from me Freedom needs more challenge in fighting, hopefully with a new combat system in the works, but I think what is essential to the Freedom experience is chosing what to do, when you want to do it. If you want to mine, mine, if you want to fight, go out and hunt. And sure enough the spawn rates are lacking for that, but this isn't helping it either. It's a sandbox game, so imho it's up to you to "break the monotony". EDIT: This doesn't account for mobs that may be around your desired mining spot, which you'll have to clear out and keep your guard up possibly, I'm not saying the game should just let us do whatever we want. But bugs and fiends spawning into your face is a bit too "direct" in my opinion.
  15. Highway work just east of Newspring

    If I were to respond to this in kind, I'd say don't let reality stop you from cupping your hands over your ears with that fence pole up your bottom. Then again, the reality is that Sila has a lot of stones thrown at him and I'm one of the hurlers to some extent. I maintain it's his own making though. I did give it a reread though, but that doesn't change my impression that you're not viewing the full picture, but at least your clarification gives me a handle to address this: Sure, but the whole premise of the thread was entirely diplomatic. It was up to Sila to engage with that, and he didn't, and still doesn't really, but instead feigns ignorance over what has been quite clearly said. Things that I perceived you describe as "hounding questions", which somehow are at the same time aren't communicating clear concerns. Absolutely! I've been there myself, I gotta say the other side could have communicated a bit better other than slapping a mine door on my tunnel lol. Turned out as a fun cooperation in the end. The problem is, looking at his interactions in this thread, and even looking at what people in his favor say about him, which is arguably the most charitable way to look at it, Sila is not willing to give anything at all. Not even a straight answer. I commend your efforts to try and nail some things down here though, and godspeed to you, but I'm afraid you're running a fool's errand trying to get anything but deflection and victim playing out of Sila at this point because even after this tipping point, his behaviour basically remains the same. I don't think you're wrong on anything, I actually agree in essence apart from some little interpretative aspects; I just think you're trying to defend someone who quite frankly appears to act in bad faith. But he's not the only involved party in this, and if we both agree that nailing some things finally down is for the best, it'd makes sense that I'll instead direct a question to @Ostentatio as the thread starter: Your original concern was what will happen to the highway as it currently is. Sila's finally answered that the section will remain the same. Does this answer your initial question and concerns sufficiently?