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  1. Blackmoor Christmas Impalong 2018

    I'm not speaking in any official capacity, but having attended impalongs as imper, and Shrimpiie's in particular: 1) I always used my own tools, and have never seen them being provided. That'd probably be too much overhead. If you lack a tool, someone may have spares though, I think it's best to make sure you're fully armed though. 2) Since they are your own tools, and your own time that you spend pro bono, I think that's up to your discretion. I use me best tools to imp as many tools as possible, but if you wish to use skiller tools and be slower but get more gains, who are we to tell you not to... (Unless you become unreasonable slow and inefficient due to fails and interfere with faster impers? That's a nuance I'd refer to Shrimpiie for.) 4) There's usually a team of priests who use the teamchat to coordinate the cooldowns. Those are 3 hours for everyone individually, at the same time a listener has a cooldown of 30 minutes. That means one sermon is held every half an hour, and you yourself can hold one every 3 hours. In teams of less than 6 (active) priests, it is important to pay attention to your own cooldown and not be tempted to sermon too early, giving you no gains and resetting the cooldown again (I think?). Ingame timers are your friend. A queue of names is maintained and copypasted throghout the team chat, usually using "/me" for highlighting. The next sermon time is announced as "xx:<mm>", denoting the minutes when to start. (It's literally just 'x' for the hours because it's different timezones and they'd just be confusing. They only look at minutes.) Just get invited by someone around the altars, ask to be added to the list, the coordinator ought to post an updated version with you appended at the end or inserted into a free slot in between. The coordinator ought to call out priests on their turn if they don't react, but if they do, they should announce that they start sermoning in the team chat (Also via /me). When you are done with a sermon, post the line of your faith gain from the event tab, and make sure your settings will allow for them to show. It's nice to see how well the gains are, but it's primarily to know the precise time when to do the next sermon, as it is in everyone's interest to utilize the time as tightly as possibly. An updated list should then be posted with the next sermon time infront, with your name moved to the end of the queue. Also, in the spirit of using the time efficiently, if you go AFK please let the coordinator know so they don't have to ask 5 minutes for your and then move you at the end of the queue, although sometimes people are nice and just bump you to the next slot if it was at all possible to just let the next person do the sermon. (Depends on their cooldown.) For 3) and 5) I don't presume to speak or have literally no say in it.
  2. Major issue with rude people

    I'm playing Wurm in a passionately passive way, meaning my clients run on tiny windows arranged on one screen while I do other stuff on the other screen. This makes me miss a lot that's going on. One of my previous neighbors found it quite amusing to see if I'll answer in her passing by with a wave or not (I'd like to say it was about 50:50, but I may be even more scatterbrained than that.), and we became good acquintances eventually. I don't think we would have interacted as much outside of exchanging greetings (Small things like you give me X, I give you Y at some other ocasion, little favors that aren't treated as trades but mutual benefits and favors) if she had got offended over my doing other things. I do reckon the person in your particular story really seemed to go out of their way to ignore you, but wether or not it's a prolonged phenomenon, this isn't worth getting personally insulted over it, because it's either not concerning you personally or as Etherdrifter said, they aren't worth your time. And probably don't want to be. And nobody has an obligation to be "worth your time", aswell. I don't mean to be the ###### you maybe think I am for not having greeted back once(Which I don't mean in a facetious way, it may have happened knowing myself), but the whole premise of this post seems really misguided, because it's literally a non-issue imho, let alone a major one. And if you think this diminishes how great the community is, try playing in one where you'd wish people could shut up for once. I'll take the silent stranger any day over a toxic loudmouth.
  3. Starter deed? We don't get random teleported into the fray? You're killing me. (Though that mechanism should definitely be less agnostic to the target landscape than the insanity teleport.) Maybe it's just me, but I think the whole idea works best as a survival treasure hunt, and any permanent/established infrastructure feels counterproductive to that experience. Though a starter deed itself may not be too bad as a workaround if it helps working out proper mechanisms for entering and leaving. Certainly simplifies it.
  4. Except you can't take any money there without deed tokens to withdraw from. Which would be just fine for me, I think it'd undermine the whole survivalist aspect of the idea to have an established market over there. I'm afraid people will circumvent this with alts back on their home clusters, though, and prohibiting trade and exchange of items will just stifle the experience for everyone else. In that spirit, I'd say DEFINITELY have rapid decay there for anything outside a players inventory. The last thing this needs is a "capital" where everyone operatores safely from. Houses and buildings should be temporary camps at best, lasting roughly for the couple of days one would spend there at a time. This could be offset by faster building and improving times on houses. (No faster repair though, set up your house for as long as you think you'll need it.) Just a few cents of mine ontop of this, it's an interesting idea, though I think other things have priority now.
  5. Nevermind my post then. The splitter item is way better.
  6. I planned to just throw out a quick and possibly stupid idea, but the text and some pondering that went into this turned out longer than expected. So now it's a long, elaborated and possibly stupid idea: Rather than fixed intervals, a BSB maintains exactly K quality levels in its stocks, K being some number. Not important now. Think of it a little bit like clustering, except that cluster assignment only works "downwards": a freshly inserted 67QL item will not be sorted into a 70QL group, but instead be sorted into the next lower tier. Once K items of the same type and of distinct quality levels have been inserted into a BSB, all "clusters" are established and future items are averaged into them by assigning them to their corresponding stock as described before. This will prevent "polluting" your stocks, as their QL can only go up; except for the lowest tier which will even take in items of worst quality. But it's the players "personal worst quality", depending on their skill and habits. It's entirely adaptive to who uses the BSB and how. Small example: K = 3, BSB is empty Insert items of type X with quality levels 90, 70, 30 BSB contains: 1x90, 1x70, 1x30 <- K distinct groups now, no more are being added Insert new item of quality 60 -> Assigned to next lowest tier, which is at 30QL. Item is averaged into this group. BSB now contains: 1x90, 1x70, 2x45 (weighted average of 1x30 and 1x60, as everyone is probably familiar with) The idea behind K being any number is that it should be one where players have sufficient granularity for different purpose QLs, but not be overwhelmed by a gazillion possible QL levels, most of which are practically the same and not worth separating for the player, which I believe adequately elaborates the "choppiness" of this system. (Among the fact that the aggregations of 10QL intervals are rather frustrating for someone who is at _9.9 skill, except when it's 99.9 skill where 1QL intervals apply, and possibly have their best produce ruined by this autosorter.) K could also be the one configuration a player has to make on the BSB, with the default being 1. Which would, conveniently enough for the naysayers, maintain the default BSB behaviour as it is now. After that, ideally the player doesn't have to touch the configuration again. They basically say "I want to have this specific number of distinct quality levels, and the BSB makes it happen based on what is put into it." Some drawbacks I can immediately think of: Skills surpassing old stocks We're worried that we ruin our stocks, but our stocks can also hold us back - you've been collecting a certain resource for ages and the stocks are at 70QL at average, but can produce 80QL by now. The only way is to resort the entire stock completely, which is currently fine, but I can imagine that the system above may exacerbate this to a point where it's frustrating, because you just want the new top tier cluster to be the best of your best and not this blast from the past. Possible solution: Allow players to select 2 groups and merge them forcefully. Now there are K - 1 clusters and the next entry will form a new cluster with its own QL by definition, this would open up the window to simply establish new clusters if so desired and aggregate old stocks of quality levels that have become of the practically same value. Think about how 40QL may have once been good, but 50QL was great. Now you're at 70QL and both of the former are just "mid level tier" to you, so merging them doesn't hurt and instead let's you start new stocks at your new best. Quality level creep As I said before, all except for the lowest quality tier can only go up, but I imagine this may not reflect the distribution of quality levels a player produces as they grow their skills, and instead cause the top K-1 groups to converge to the same quality level while the trash tier stocks accumulate all the gunk. Possible solution: Allow some "upward movement" and slight pollution of stocks after all so that the clusters are more "stable". For instance, if 10% leeway was allowed, an 81QL item would still be assigned to a 90QL cluster. The exact percentage would be subject to tweaking, testing, simulation or even just some rought calculations made on coffee splattered sheets to determine which strikes the best balance between keeping pollution low and cluster growth stable. This would be the more sophisticated approach, but I think the feature proposed for the solution of the former problem would also allow players to adequately deal with the QL creep on their own.
  7. If it's on a per BSB base, okay-ish. If it's a global UI setting as proposed and I either cannot effectively protect my 100QL stocks or it would pop up at every other opportunity I sort something into a crap BSB, absolutely no.
  8. Master Crafter Modifications

    Something on 100 would be nice though. It's quite an exalted number to reach and giving it nothing in this system would feel a bit like a letdown. I do agree it should be something very small though, something that doesn't make the items themselves more viable than what you can make at 90. Something that benefits the crafter, not the recipient of the item. The most obvious answer to that is something involving the crafting process. Perhaps being able to craft a modified item without using crystal with a cooldown? Something rather high like a week, where it isn't "marketable" but perfectly convenient for "personal needs". (I mean, within a week you can certainly farm more than one source crystal by excavating somewhere, the idea is that if you wanna pump out modified items for sale, you'll have to invest source into it.)
  9. AFAIK catseyes purposefully extend one tile further into two directions (north and west?) so that 3 tile highways can be catseyed appropriately. This was done in response to people zigzagging the catseyes because that's bad for the wagoners, though I'm not entirely sure about the precise timeline of events what happened when.
  10. Uniques Overhaul

    I'll just spitball a possibly dumb idea in the ring. Instead of throwing the whole system away, what about making the hunt itself a bit easier and more accessible? I imagine that tracks left by uniques could work different from other tracks based on how big they usually are, so that 1. Tracks last until the creature is slain, since they're big and bad and would leave massive footsteps. (Goblin Leader has some wogic way for doing that, possibly by producing conspicious pink poop along the way.) 2. In addition to showing the direction where it went, tracking could check out nearby tree tiles for "ruffled branches" etc. and whatever a massive creature would do to forests while passing through. (Again, the Goblin Leader just likes to mess with trees, he's an impulsive little ###### who can't help leaving destruction in his trail.) With other words, in forests tracking effectively covers a larger area of tiles, making it easier to pick up uniques' tracks there. It makes (mostly) sense to make tracking easier since enormous creatures like that aren't exactly inconspicious. It would give some actual use to Tracking on Freedom, and at least somewhat dispense with the neccessity to have "Locate Creature" or whatever magical helping tool so it's easier to pick up a hunt and makes it even possible to stumble into a trail if you keep doing some light tracking during travels. The permanent nature of unique tracks would still leave it thrilling (in my opinion) since when you find a unique track, you have little idea of telling how far this'll lead you away. (Except for the age of the tracks, but that's not a precise metric at all, especially at low skill. There's also a possible discussion about how Tracking Skill plays further into this information, but that'd be going on a tangent right now, I think it could work just fine with the two points above. But feel free to add or detract from this idea as you please.)
  11. Lead animals never unlead

    How would they start leading the animals through walls though? And if there's some corner case, the "lead distance" could be decreased, perhaps using a shorter rope. This should help with this and has been requested for animal breeding aswell. it sure isn't, if you play KSP you notice that (gamified) rocket science is actual fun. The little nuisances in the game that people rightfully point out and you for some reason defend with these petty appeals are no fun.
  12. To move into Xanadu -- Comments and Concerns

    The area of I13 may look settled on the community map, but it's all ruins there. At the same time, the highways are catseyed and reinforced with towers. The southwestern ruin (lightly paved area between the mountain and the large clay patch) has its own guard tower and is an earshot from the highway, so it's a little bit reclusive without being out of the world. However, it's not perfectly flat. One of these ruins may suit your tastes though. Hidden Acres in N11 is actually disbanded, and so is Paradiso (Don't know about the Crater), the lake has two all-boat-canals according to the map. The road between Hidden Acres and Paradiso was catseyed if I recall correctly, but it's a little branch of the highway so you won't have Linton travellers passing through all the time(While still being relatively close to it.) I read a little through my report collection to try and remember some more places, but those are the two best fits I can think of right now and I don't want to send you off to a wild goose chase. Having "alone space", catseyes and resources at a coast out of the box doesn't come in many places I've seen. Which is still not the majority by far surely, but these might be some places where you find enough things to your liking.
  13. Seems like a bad idea

    When the sprout cartel strikes. Quite literally.
  14. Blackmoor Christmas Impalong 2018

    I'll squat in a room, too, if you don't mind. I'll take some of my better logs with me to do Carpentry (99,84) Fine Carpentry (98,08) Bowyery (83, 45) Fletching (88,8) [personally I'll do 10 per person max on arrows, the 1 item rule doesn't make sense for arrows, but I'm not gonna make arrows all day long either] Lower Tier Ship Building (59,15, but if there's a particularly shoddy boat I can take it to 60 and someone with better SB finishes it off) Otherwise, count me in for Blacksmithing (almost 95) and Weaponsmithing (71), I might take some 75QL iron with me for that, too. Pottery and Masonry (not SC) are also up to Impalong standards, though I'd prefer not to.
  15. Maybe not directly from BSB, but allowing us to drop 64 shards on the ground, combine them there and chisel away at that pile would greatly equalize brick making with other actions that can be done ad nauseum with a single preparation step. (Like pressing reed into papyrus, you can do that forever starting from a single stack.) And in line with your second sentence, this means generally allowing out-of-inventory materials to be added to the crafting window. I don't know how feasible the option to have it directly from the BSB is codewise, but I can already smell some resistance to that because of how it massively reduces all bulk crafting to a single click and occasional drag. (Though personally I don't see a huge reason how it has any right to be more than that, but that's a can of worms that I'm not gonna open here.) Simply allowing to craft with materials not in your inventory or a BSB might be a good compromise, just to alleviate the pain of making heavier bulk and making it more in line with "light bulk" without affecting everything else.