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  1. Then it seems more like a nomenclature issue, because "testing server" sounds more like an ephemeral environment without any guarantees over it's permanence or significance to the service provided. More like the "bleeding edge server". Perhaps I'm nitpicking there. But mulling over it, it makes sense to have a live testing stage server. Good points. Might be a reason for the devs to not bother with a PTR, and lack of involvement might be just that. And with a rotating system, no server is relegated to being the lab rat alone. There is also a good reason the test client is separate though...because it has a different codebase. What would happen to travel between servers? Is the current guinea pig just cut off? How does the launcher that joins into the cluster even differentiate wether to pull the current update or not, the moment you try to log in a character that is on the current LTS? And it downgrades the client when you start a toon on a different server? That would screw over running multiple clients because it cannot patch while a client is running. I get why it would make sense on paper, but it sounds like a pain in the arse just in terms of code maintenance and logistics if you think the implications of a heterogeneous codebase in an interconnected server cluster through.
  2. There is a public test server though? I'm not sure how to join it, or if it's even up at all times, but I never saw any "PTR Patch live" announcement of sorts either; so if anything devs could involve the playerbase more proactively on whatever is going on there, deploying each patch there a few days before official release and making a forum announcement. But Exodus is where many had made their homes in a production level environment for the last years, not a good idea to just pull the rug from underneath their feet for something that precisely exists for this purpose (but may not be optimally utilized at the moment). Edit: Unless the whole idea is to have something in between production and testing stage, where Exodus is treated as a permanent server with increased "risk". It can actually be a good thing to test a patch in a "real environment" first because some things don't show up in a testing environment for several reasons.
  3. Which is actually just "ferret" (fu-e-re-tto) spelled in Katakana lol I only have furry potatos though to post personal pictures from, so here's me trying to contribute to the thread anyway by stealing from the internet: https://i.imgur.com/yNjduNR.mp4
  4. has an impalong PTSD flashback to diseased sermon crowds
  5. No, you don't, as usual. You even get the first thing wrong saying that I'm against the idea of Freedom custom textures after I suggested how it could be reasonably implemented.
  6. They are when unused (ideally), but that size would quickly explode, and the actual issue is what happens at events like Impalongs where every Joe has their individual skin that all have to be loaded into the texture buffer. That concern is widely a theoretical one though, as I don't know how large these textures are individually. What you propose in an earlier post just seems like a hamfisted way of delaying the problem that you claim isn't there. And even if that was your way of announcing how the problem is solved by this, it really isn't in the long run. And as much as Wurm players are willing to drop money on the game, making it a bidding competition is just downright scummy on so many levels.
  7. No, they are not. They are suggesting that Freedomers can create own textures, as alliance or otherwise, which is not a feature. Don't be obtuse. What you are proposing is an alternative way of achieving the same goal. At which point I have to ask, what do you think of the Crow Kingdom? Oh right You were totally fine with a suggestion gatekeeping PMK stuff further so they can exactly not do as you suggest here. So, would you be fine with freedom banners if this had become a thing or are you just laughably hypocritical? In any case, the constant "you can already do it, except you cannot, really" is a poor rebuttal that is way too often employed on this forum. There are way better reasons why Freedom cannot have the level of customization as PMKs do, which stem from the vastly greater diversity this would spawn. There is the technical issue that MrGary mentions, and perhaps the aesthetic concern, though that seems like a stretch if the entry price is as high as on Chaos. The dev team would also simply not be able to keep up with the vetting process. I do recall a suggestion in this general topic for Freedom to not be able to submit a fully customized texture, but to choose from a primary/secondary logo with color modifications as many other MMOs do, which was also positively received, even as a "better than nothing". No submission process required, and no reason to gatekeep it further than some creation fee. Give an option to disable Freedom custom textures so you can enter an impalong without your dusty old GPU getting a heatstroke and I see a reasonable compromise.
  8. Between all the "but the reputation attached" discussion, I on the other hand would welcome name changes precisely so that I can start on Steam as "Flubb" again if the new account holder is willing to change the name, which I'm sure they would anyway. Just my personal take on this, perhaps a bit niche, but something to consider regardless.
  9. You're missing the plan to revamp some things and polish the game up before presenting to a larger audience. Releasing now may give more exposure, but at the same time may botch the only first impression WO will get. Seems more conducive to let people trickle in when they find the time once they're busier, but have them find something more worthwhile to stick around in.
  10. Back in the days (gosh, I hate that I'm using this term, I must be getting old) of Garrysmod/Zombie Survival. I was playing on a server regularly and became internet buddies with some people there. My usual go-to online persona is the moniker "Sgt.Cannonfodder", but I was still using the german version of that while playing there. I thought "Sgt.Kanonenfutter" shouldn't be hard to read, but as I learned through the years anything german is basically unpronouncable gibberish for anyone else, and my "best internet buddy" among the regulars whom I chatted most with just purposely garbled the latter part - in an endearing way - to "Kanonenflubbers" and eventually just abbreviated it to Flubbers, then Flubb. I eventually moved on from Garrysmod largely and that particular server, the regulars I played with mostly left and the contact to the server owners also ceased (I was even an admin on their servers on one point, but with me not playing anymore, I simply resigned from the position after some prodding). The server was still running when I checked in again years later and one old regular who was also still there surprisingly bought my old nickname as a title (you could basically buy a custom title with some ingame currency to be shown on the score board), albeit a bit misspelled, which was kinda flattering. Even though I drifted apart from that community on my own, I still remember my time there very fondly and occasionally using this nickname instead of my usual one is my way of commemorating it, I guess. Looking back, and given how Wurm was the second game where community was actually kind of a big deal to me (I'm tend to be a loner), it turned out to be very fitting that I presented as Flubb here. Also, the military title didn't seem fitting for a medival setting when chosing a name.
  11. WO Steam Discussion

    I wasn't trying to paint a picture where the Covid-19 situation will just fly by CCAB like it's nothing, I think it'll get worse before it'll get better, and nobody expects them to work against their own health. The main point was that they'll likely not be immediately affected, and if they are, they can come out and say so themselves, rather than us going off on speculative tangents with varying degrees of logical merit.
  12. WO Steam Discussion

    and programmers are among the first who are professionally unaffected by this as they can usually work from home. I'm amazed this you of all people seem to miss this. Wether CCAB's internal organisation allows for this or not, I'll take from them if they come out and say "We cannot continue", but from what I understand they are widely cooperation via internet already. Are there even fixed offices they'd have to go to?
  13. If the option to open a context menu/perform a keybind on is too intrusive somehow, why not allow us to eat hot/boiling food with in increased timer instead and some altered output in the event window. ("You start to eat the X, but it's too hot so you have to blow on it before each bite.") That's a lot more streamlined than an additional action new players may not immediately know about, and closer to how you realistially eat hot food anyway. You don't blow at every end of your steak until the whole thing is cooler, but on each bite individually.
  14. The current vision

    Those who stay are hooked by then because of other factors that are probably hard to quantify. I felt the same way as you did, for reasons we could explore at great length. But at the same time, I tried recruiting people, letting them build on my deed and/or see them run off making their own and making exactly the observation that nitram talks about. Over and over again. My best guess is that us "stayers" (Though this isn't entirely accurate for me anymore, but I did play 3 years almost nonstop and lowkey looking for reasons to come back so I'm not one of the early quitters, either) had seen something in the game that the demographic nitram talks about didn't by the time they were done with the setup, and the lack of an actual endgame to actively look forward to is a point of contention I certainly share. (While still having been hooked by the breadth of possibilities to do on my own terms, which is why I had stuck around regardless.)