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  1. Switched my Shares

    Are we the toppings then? Can I be onions?
  2. Switched my Shares

    The "false information" alleged to is about your claim that key selling is strictly forbidden. A claim that you asked to be fact checked on, may I remind you. Keenan furthermore did not vouch for Gamethrill to be legit, but merely suggested that there are often misconceptions around the practice of key selling. He outright said "not to know their inner workings". If anyone is making a claim about their legitimacy, it's you with your "guess" - which is no more valid than Keenan's impression about perceptions surrounding key selling. That means the burden of proof falls onto your side. Bulk purchasing hundreds of keys from the publisher sounds a lot more realistic than buying it from hundreds of individual players if you ask me like that.
  3. Switched my Shares

    I really hope they really are as laid back as you say and we don't get some "corporate leadership decisions" down the line. At the same time, with some of the directions the team takes, one can be almost hopeful for any change of pace... Either way, I appreciate the transparency. Wurm had a pretty good run surviving all on its own. I'm surprised it lasted as long as it did, to be honest. Anxious about where this is all headed next, if anywhere, though.
  4. I went back and joined my Xanadian alliance, or whoever from it is over at Jackal, we're half a dozen of people but just closed a beacon ourselves. We had to travel several hours out from Camp Freedom though to have "free reign" over the region. I don't think it's a "unique hunt" settting all over again, what you're most likely experiencing is congestion from not having moved far enough away?
  5. Sounds like you found a potential villager to take away from Haven with you. You might save them from the same harsh lesson about densely populated areas in the process.
  6. I tried playing on Epic casually, but this drove me bonkers and I left. Well, mostly because why bother with Epic except for goals, but this, too. +1
  7. This is still pretty cryptic to me, as I don't know any way of seeing those skillcheck rolls. Is there a general rule or formula to optimise these odds by? Your skillcheck roll is between 0 and 100 afaik, but it's not like just going for the most difficult action will will be more likely to result in a skill gain because the roll was low - there's also the "50% rule", at least in creation, that implies the best odds to grind with is 50:50, so it can't just be "make it more difficult"? Or is the "50% rule" only viable because successful skill rolls on failed actions give substantially less skill gain, so it's just a compromise between "as much difficulty as possible without constantly failing and getting just a fraction of skill"?
  8. People enjoy the landrush, the fresh market, the possibility of "catching up" if you're new, and some perverted individuals might be so bored with Freedom that they want to start anew - all of which could be implemented with simply opening a new cluster, as Angelklaine said. Save for the beacons, slightly more hostile environments and cute giant insects to ride, there isn't substantially more to Jackal than to the "vanilla" game though, and that's a pretty valid concern to criticize Jackal in its current state for. And I do plan to play on Jackal and despite my rants, I mostly have for the last days, because I'm a stubborn bastard and despite Jackal's flaws, I see the fun potential, but it's there for all the wrong reasons right now.
  9. the "20 points" I mentioned aren't hyperbole or anything by the way, I've been told by CA that this is the requirement for the goal specifically as I ran into the problem myself with only being able to remotely participate when arriving late to one Rift. You still get random rewards, but no goal point. Just an FYI.
  10. Fact check me, but the camps also award Rift points, yes? Could the goal just be changed to "earn a total of X Rift points"? Seems like a more organic way to go about this, while also rewarding high caliber participants in Rifts to get a bit more juice for their squeeze and making attending Rifts fully actually worth it, as opposed to goal seekers just tagging a Rift with 20 points participation and then sodding off again. Then again, tagging might be a bad thing...just throwing the idea out there. +1 to having camps count to the goal in some way though.
  11. Or allow Beacons to be used as a way back and forth, since those are "cheap" already and need to be built anyway. I don't even know where to begin to get Rift materials, I have yet to see a single corruption beacon if that's where it's at, and it's not like I didn't just sail around for 3 hours. In any case, down the road we all have to move away from the spawn and spread out, and if getting from and to Freedom takes an hour or 2 one-way...that's just a coffin nail for anyone who wants to pop over to Jackal casually without giving up their existence on Freedom, so if there's any way at all to alleviate it, I can see myself giving Jackal another shot in this iteration.
  12. Conceptually no. But the developers have proven again how incompetent they are in designing a satisfying PvE experience, because as has been noted previously, there is no frontline. If beacons had to be chained, it wouldn't completely defeat the idea of "pushing a frontier". If spawns were more substantial in the corruption, there would be less of a bottleneck in certain resources and opportunities that are crucial to develop both your skills and your gear. If people had been spawned randomly with some way to return easily to Freedom, or at least spread out in different starter towns, there wouldn't be so much bottlenecking with animal spawns and deed and project spaces. If lodestones were easy to build (or at least possible to build at all in the earlier stages), we wouldn't have to travel half of our playtime to get anywhere to begin with. Right now all I can do is bumming around, stressing over how I can't get anything done here without dedicating all my free time to Jackal only, which is just not even an option physically for me. Because you have to travel miles and hours to find mobs, either to get some fighting done or get important resources that may bottleneck your characters development severely. I tried to join up with a larger deed, but it seems people are constantly unavailable and if they do something, they do it while I'm offline. And I can't be arsed to spend what little playtime I have sailing half an hour anywhere from the lodestone, and I hate the idea to give up on playing on Freedom completely, but that's the only viable option. All the time ever since this launched, I remember @Angelklaine's words about this...can't find the quote but it was along the lines of "You'll better blow our minds with this or it'll be dead in the water." Well, consider me unblown. I really wanted to this to succeed despite how much it flies in the face of what has been wished for over years, but when you get into it...it's even worse. I completely and utterly resent the notion that I basically have to give up on Freedom to participate in Jackal in a way that doesn't make me feel like I'm wasting my playtime completely with rowing a boat up and down a lake that has no spawns safe for an isopod for 3 hours looking for anything at all. I still see so much potential in this if they stuck more true to the original codename in what kind of experience they're trying to go for with this, but none of it is being tapped into. I'm watching the further development. From Freedom though. This juice ain't worth the squeeze yet. Not by any stretch. If this was supposed to appeal to the established players* in any way, shape or form, I can't think of a way it could have missed the mark harder. *this doesn't mean there are no established players that don't enjoy Jackal. But they're enjoying it because they are willing to give up on Freedom during this time, so imho they aren't viewing this as "established players" but as a chance to start out fresh. Which is fine. But not everyone is both established and willing to go back to square 0, and that's my point. And there it is, my whole gripe in a single sentence. Jackal is not substantially different enough from Freedom to justify giving up your entire existence there unless you want to punish yourself with regrinding everything. And for some, that's fine. Gwyn, who had taken me in while I dabbled about, told me he lieks the landrush scenario, while I detest it. That's fine. There are different tastes. But it gives me the impression that the people who enjoy it, enjoy it for reasons different to what the devs had conceptualized. Unless it's really just regrinding packaged as "content", as Oblivionnreaver aptly pointed out.
  13. Damn rift digs. Making holes everywhere. Especially into people. But yeah, it's super cheesy. At the same time it will be impossible to get stuff done with Rift beasts around and no guards to take care of them. If freedom influence only had weaker mobs, that'd work. Or if invading Rift mobs were weakened by the beacon to make fighting them feasible. Guards seem fine as long as we have to build the towers ourselves, but no guards at all sound a lot more interesting and fun for what is supposed to be a harsh PvE environment. Right now, with everyone is clustered around the single starter town, locking their stuff up, building their deeds, roads are not being made safe for a few insane individuals...from my impression, people treat this as though it was another cookie cutter sandbox server. This isn't a landrush like it was a new, permanent server, and your deed right next to the starter town has no value here. It'll just be disconnected from the actual action first. This will get a lot of hate, but deeds feel overall pretty misplaced as a concept as the silver commitment you make to found them are a strong disincentive to actually move the "Frontier" this is supposed to be forward. Only thing they're good for is better permission management, because micromanaging every single "ally" to your particular cause is pretty stupid, so they could be easily replaced with groups/"permanent teams" that can be managed just like citizens and allies under permissions. Unless you want to deed up every single outpost, it'd be the same as it will probably pan out now. At least a more flexible deeding system that's also not a massive silver drain should be considered.
  14. Lodestones on Xanadu

    Got one at Windspears, too. Pretty much in the open between my wooden tower house and the stone walled chicken pen, a stone throw away from an inn with beds should you not log out on Jackal to get sleep on Freedom; that's how I roll through Jackal at the moment. Deed's marked on the community map and is located in G18.
  15. You can build and maintain your own equipment, rather than it dropping into your hands from thin air. Instead of random stats that you decide are just right for now but don't care about them otherwise, they have your or someone else's signature who actually spend time making it, runing and enchanting it, perhaps you want to give it a name. Every item is like a personal artifact, even if it's "worthless" on the grand scale. I still have the "Aegis of Windspears", a 22QL large metal shield made of steel, gathering dust in a chest because I figured out shortly after that they're kinda moot in PvE and choosing steel was kind of a hassle anyway (not sure if shields could be made of iron back then). But it fondly reminds me of the times I started Wurm and didn't even know yet what I want to do in the game except explore its possibilities. Yes, you can craft your own items in other games, but it's nowhere near as involved as in Wurm, because you don't discard them with the next tier, but rather as your skill rises keep improving the same old butchering knife you gave a silly name when you first made it with 3 whooping QL to grow with you. Every other MMO forces you to treat your items and equipment as something that must be replaced eventually, but here they are allowed to gain at least some form of sentimental value.