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  1. Quick note: I have quit Wurm months ago and just sporadically updated the list for the sake of "finishing what I started", although obviously this would go on indefinitely. But I haven't bothered to check the forums in months now and it has become noticable, so rather than let this die slowly by my disengagement I'm making a final update to the list as of the last changes and will eventually request that the thread be locked by moderators. The updated lists can be transferred to a new thread by whoever wants to pick up where I left, possibly in Town Square or CA since this operation has long since transcended the borders of Xanadu. If anyone starts a new thread, PM me and I'll edit the OP to include a link to the new thread prior to requesting for this to be locked at last. (Not sure if I can edit the OP after the thread is locked.)
  2. Let's break this down as simply as possible as to not entertain this nonsensical thread more than it deserves: We're talking about someone who goes from "Look at the real world" to "You cannot compare Wurm to the real world" without even a single intermediate post. If he's trolling, he's not worth your time. If he's sincere, he's clearly deranged to think his rhetoric is permissible or even remotely logical. I'm not saying this lightly, narcissistic behaviour and the like have normal, sane people often running around in mindwarping circles that drain them emotionally and intellectually, and the perpetrator doesn't have the empathy to even realize their effect on others. In which case, he needs therapy, not a hamfisted gameplay mechanic to indulge his superiority complex, and is not worth your time. In short, he's not worth your time.
  3. He lost me when another of his fever dreams started with "Economy".
  4. And now for a lesson in strawman vs. hyperbole: Mr. Big Brain makes up a persona that both hogs deeds for resources and denies resource hogging is a problem. He was asked to substantiate this by Locath. (Answer was not provided, shockingly.). Fabricating a position that does not exist to make a point is called a strawman. I took upon the point that resources are being blocked and the rhetorical conclusion that this invalidates the purpose of the game, and pointed out the obvious workaround of going elsewhere. I worded this in an antagonising way in how their statement is perceived to point out how badly both of these points that they brought up connect with eachother. They wouldn't have worded it this way obviously, but that doesn't mean it's not representing what they said. That is called hyperbole. Don't fall for the faux intellectuals trying to one-up you by trying to 180° the accusation of a rhetorical fallacy on you without any merit to that claim. What I said is sufficiently representative of their point to make mine. They're just mad that it sounds pretty damn retarded when someone paraphrases it to reveal the petulent sentiment behind it. Did they, or did they not say there's no point to the game when resources can just be hogged? Just a reminder: But hey, you guys tell me if I'm strawmanning their position instead of just taking the piss on that last sentiment. I would ask OP but they're in kneejerk sophistry mode now. Not going to address the (reiterated, as though there haven't been answers to that already) points. I could marvel all day long on how far OP is willing to put their foot in your mouth to defy someone, but this post is mostly an educational piece on why you shouldn't engage with this sort of sophistry. Save your time and nerves for better suggestions.
  5. "Oh no, I cannot mine this iron vein and am unable to move 50 tiles further to get another, the whole game is pointless now." What kind of malformed question even is that? It's not even rhetoric, you're just being downright melodramatic. It's a non-issue. So you wouldn't raise the issue if that strawman person that is nowhere to be seen here would admit they are purposefully hogging resources? You're moving the goalpost. Probably because you realize how petty the gripe really is, so now we have to make it about people being hypocritical - based on your projection of motives on everyone else as you continue to refuse putting yourself in the boots of someone who just wants their pretty little spot untampered with and not having to work even more chores to keep it. If one cannot play in a sandbox game to make their mark in the world without it vanishing up in smoke because they don't find the time or motivation to play it for a few months, that is when it invalidates a large part of the game. The one thing people value is permanence in Wurm and that they are able to log in after a year without starting nearly over with only a minimum effort of spending a few silvers. This already puts a bigger onus on the players compared to other MMOs where you can log in many years after you left having done nothing to keep your stuff, and you want to exacerbate this? Because of a few deeds not to your liking? That's just ridiculous. I saw you whinging about "being attacked rather than your idea" elsewhere, but if you are so emotionally and intellectually unable to hold a conversation in good faith and let your ideas actually be attacked instead of dodging the issues like you do, it's only par for the course that people start dunking on you instead. But I'll leave it at that as you play the victim card again to avoid introspection like people of your type always do, not worth spending more time on this as even CCAB will know better than to implement such a system.
  6. And you clearly cannot imagine how it would be detrimental to the people just logging in for a few things at a time to relax. This is what most PvE is about outside the 6-12 people spamming trade chat. If you're looking to "compete" for resources and want to make suggestion based on that competition, PvP is over there.
  7. Not saying it has to be a 2-way cooldown...of course people who just want to try it out shouldn't be stuck on there for longer than they want.
  8. So this is basically about PvP-players jumping in and out of Defiance based on wether anything is currently happening? Would a cooldown on using the portal (without any debuffs thereafter) help that? Is there one, and it should just be higher? It just sounds like people are not properly committing to playing on either server, and a couple of days of cooldown on using the PvP/PvE portal should solve that just fine if that' your goal. (Not that I agree with it neccessarily, but it seems like the most direct and effective approach)
  9. I'm needling a bit, but the economy is broken because other people won't pay for your subscription fee easily? Sentiments like this often make me feel like Wurm would be better of of silver was a more readily available ingame-only currency (no shop purchase) that didn't allow you to buy premium with it. Sustaining your premium with silver acquired from other players only imho is a red herring, it's theoretically possible, but not practically sustainable for everyone to do. So if you want to be one of the few to pull it off, you'll naturally have to "work" for it. Doesn't sound broken at all to me. To paint the picture in contrast to the Northern Islands, I get it, but that's a northern freedom problem. I'm not fond of it either, but a certain trade-enthusiastic demograhpic wants to have their fun right now with the lack of supply and demand, and it's not going to last forever or very long for that matter, so let them have it. Avoid the market for the time being by doing your own thing and asking villagers for help, works perfectly for me. And if you guys really want the market to change, get into it, undercut the prices you find so horrendously expensive, and be the change you want to see.
  10. Steam reviews.

    I'm gonna swim against the stream and say Wurm deserves those reviews. They are reflective not essentially of the game, but a users experience with it. And in terms of bad MMO launches, CCAB really dropped the ball here. Clients breaking themselves in an update, no login queue, endless, unresolved bottleneck via a server that was revived "last minute" instead of running productively a few months prior. That being said, I expected to be able to play the next day only, so I'm just slightly underwhelmed. It is quite similar whenever a new season of Path of Exile comes out, it's basically off limits until the next day (difference being that it WOULD work to login....kinda....just not personally worth the wait and lag for me.) It's a chip Wurm Online will carry on its shoulder for a while, but before all the white knights rush to review-bomb the game positively, give it some time. Steam also has a feature for "most recent" reviews, and I wager influencing this positively by writing about the actual game and less the botched management of the launch will be easier than trying to "level out" the cascade of negative contemporary reviews. Not sure what the "moving" window for this is, maybe a week or two?
  11. Our fate is sealed. Prepare your tributes for our chonky hissing overlords. Ask your local troll for a shod club, those work well usually.
  12. It's P2W-ish, honestly. But unless we're talking PvP, there isn't much to "win" over another, and with little to no content gatekept behind paying real cash to begin with, I find the P2W aspect of Wurm one of the less egregious instances. It also feels a bit muddled up with, and dwarfed by, the P2P aspect; I want to have a large deed to fullfill my projects, but that costs more money. Is that P2P or P2W now? I wouldn't have to deed this large, but as they say, deed it or lose it...so by deeding it, I "win"? I don't know, the whole gripe against P2W feels pretty moot and insignificant. Just my 1,5 cents.
  13. There are far more threads than you linked and those "reasons" you allude to have been demolished in these threads. Even these ones you list are easily debunked: Some commuting routes are prohibitively long and dull, a carriage system would - if anything - be a reason to travel to eachother again when it would otherwise consume a whole playsession. You're implying that another option for travel is a reason not to travel. That is ridiculously false. And because even automated travel will swallow your playsession (though you can at least do something else, so it's a "day off"), being closer to eachother is still preferrable - if you want a tight knit community. It is not a reason against denser neighbourhoods. But that isn't the reality of Wurm anymore mostly, and some people prefer to generally live a bit off. Naturally they will get more travel time if they want to be at someone else's, and that is fine. But you know what will help them be less apprehensive about initiating the travel? Utilizing a perfectly fine system that is nearly already in place and just screams to be used for automated travel. I'm still waiting to see those reasons that hold up to the slightest bit of scrutiny and aren't just people trying to impose their ideal of Wurm on everyone else. Eh, I think it can do without and it's still a better alternative to manually adjusting your cart endlessly (wasn't there an update that lets you snap to cardinal directions at least?) I understand this may be coming from a newbie perspective who cannot idly ignore mobs stacking up behind them, and maybe there's a point to be made that this system is specifically to bridge over "conventional gameplay". Requiring a minimum of observation while doing something else (and far more worthwhile), however, doesn't seem unreasonable, since there is a similar rule about macros. Maybe a "pause" function would be good to let the player deal with this as they see fit: flee/pull mobs elsewhere and return, call the guards, fight for yourself. On the second note, roads aren't that costly to be made per se. To make them safe for newbies/unskilled fighters would require guard towers in the smallest intervals. That would make "safe" travel adaequately expensive in terms of infrastructure to be built.