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  1. To keep all those ducks. They have to be somewhere
  2. The problem I see with this attitude is that the consumer-producer relationship is rather asymmetrical and tipped in favor of the consumer. No business is entitled to having customers, and customers can just choose a different product. CCAB only has this game, while players have many other options that respect their time and preferences more. It's the old "whoever cares less in a relationship wins" rule. I agree with you in principle here but pragmatically these "doctrines" - as much as CCAB has the right to stick to them - seem more and more like a grave than conviction to a vision. It's one of the reasons I chose to cash out of OGWO while it's still possible and will carefully observe SWO as a last chance for the game to gain any traction again.
  3. Auto-X? What!? Then why won't I get Auto-Y?! Stick it out, tedious micromanagement is what Wurm is about! Reeeeee. +1, it's senseless and annoying window clutter to go through opening your fuel BSB to get a single log/cluster of scraps and breaks the otherwise relaxing flow of the imping session. It'll also be funny to read about people burning their stock of 50k woodscraps because they forgot to snuff their forge before logging off.
  4. True to some extent/in the current situation, but if only it were that easy and people didn't also leave for other reasons aswell, then Jackal and Elevation III wouldn't have lost their momentum after a massive population spike upon opening.
  5. I don't understand it either to be honest strictly from the perspective you present. You say it yourself, Retro. It's ANOTHER spell - as in, the priest dependend high-end gear is already a "problem". As long as the extra spell is mutually exclusive to another of the current ones(And I don't see why it should stack with CoC), it would mean people run to a different priest for either spell, not to a third priest though. It would merely mix up the options and viability within the WL dieties, not create an additional thing to acquire on each tool. That is, if people go visit their local priest and not create alts to serve themselves only. And appearantly you don't need more than one alt? I feel like this reasoning is based on a premise that you yourself seem to reject. Obviously there's more nuance in it, possibly I'm unfairly conflating your own personal position with the feedback from the devs that you merely relay back to us, but on the face of it, it's a bit of a headscratcher. EDIT: To be fair, people will probably end up having multiple tools of the same kind, one for grinding, one for getting stuff done, from which I can understand it a bit more...but in principle people still already use different tools for different purposes, the proposal would mostly just increase the possible permutations to implement grinding vs. "efficient" tools?
  6. My situation is basically your story gone bad. Even as someone not particularly social except with the few people I pick to be social with, having been left behind in a ghost region due to more and more people quitting was what tipped me to leave after a string of other disappointments inflicted by the recent routes Wurm took. Had it not been for those decisions and my resulting perspective on OGWO's future, I may have not cashed out on the dismal prices you get in the RMT here now and moved closer to my alliance just for the sake of a virtual neighborhood. Instead, I'm now biding my time to see how Steam WO will turn out, hoping that player retention will actually be a healthy one in this iteration, because I don't see anything else really drawing me back to the game.
  7. Yes please god Hate to be a bit of a combobreaker with these funny affirmations, but would it be mutually exclusive with CoC? If it is, it could be something like "Artisans Dilligence", where the increase in time also increases the chances of success/effect of the action, however applicable. So it's not just some artificial time increase to pander to a honestly weird grinding meta, but providing an alternative modus operandi: AD only for more reliable skill ticks that are also larger, or stack WoA back on it to have a tool with better success chances (easier to imp stuff with for instance), but with overall worse ticks than an equivalent WoA/CoC tool.
  8. Nobody mentioning the date format in the title? Or am I just retarded for not getting why a patch note for the 1st of January 2019 (19/01/JAN) seems to have been posted just now? I am of the confuse, plz explain.
  9. Why this conflation of travelling and exploring though? Generally asking, not just you specifically and not trying to put you into the spotlight or anything. It's just a sentiment that I see often repeated but I can't really subscribe to. Travelling is a means to an end the way I see it. It can be exploring. It can be getting somewhere. It can be a mixture of both, or lacking either component completely depending on the traveller's intention. If I wanted to go somewhere regularly, does it even still count as "exploring" if I keep taking the same route along the same highway? What is exploring to you if not discovering unknown areas? If anything, skipping the areas you already know would be a possibility to go exploring directly, such as in Skyrim. Explore first, return at your leisure later and explore more around the area without dredging through the same mud again. Now that is fast travel, which I understand is more contentious and should definitely be more restricted than what is suggested here, but I don't see how auto travel negates exploring at all. Quite the opposite. I would have been more inclined to explore myself using vehicles/mounts instead of insanity teleport if revisiting discovered locations more easily was an option. Just trying to understand that mindset where manually travelling is so intrinsicly entangled with 'exploring', and what about it makes auto travel so prohibitive.
  10. Bring this man a fedora! Sorry, I couldn't resist. But I don't like parting on such a bitter note either, especially when an olive branch is being extended. I honestly don't understand why auto travel explicitly is such a problem, when portals on the other hand are okay, but my gripe is with investing time actively controlling a menial, senseless task which prevents me from doing better stuff, and anything that gets me reliably around that is good in my book. Though portals have an instant gratification aspect to it that even I understand the controversy about; I usually think of auto travel as a compromise around that. Good luck pushing portals in defense of manual travel though. I think I can see the doctriners build a second cross. Yours seems to be made from birch.
  11. Full Steam Ahead

    I'm glad there's some willingness to shake things up before presenting to a larger audience. There's an opportunity here to reinvent Wurm and truly innovate, but I think it's going to have only one shot. I'm afraid if this is just another server released with minor changes, SWO will just go the way of Jackal and Elevation III, and the crowd you're approaching now will likely be less forgiving about the shortcomings that make them leave after the initial rush.
  12. Actually a fair point. I'd honestly prefer instant travel. But now everyone is building a cross out of the most flammable of wood to stake me onto for even uttering that term. For what it's worth, one might be more inclined to "sacrifice" a game session this way, being able to at least play something else, or focus on an alt. It's about removing inhibition to initiate travel. Not to remove travel quintessentially. 10/10 comprehension for how analogies work. You're clearly at your limit and out of your league so I won't reply to you any further.
  13. I hear ya, but you need to do that only once and can be minimalistic about it once your stuff is safe and sound, and it's never an inhibiting factor afterwards. Also, isn't a deed with no pickup permissions for other people enough in PvE to protect your stuff? Unless I'm missing something, that's a quick, no effort way of protecting your goods. It doesn't look pretty but if you're not into building, it'll do? EDIT: A short insert. The quote below would make auto travel pretty on par with building then, I think. Having to travel to a location once manually is a fair compromise. If you only have to do it once, splitting it over multiple play sessions is a more reasonable goal, just like you don't build your hoses in one session. Imagine you had to build your house in each play session again. That's effectively how travel is. And for what it's worth, you can hire builders. Hiring an impromptu Taxi to somewhere is less of an option unless a priest is at your destination. Whatever you don't want to do, you can usually trade for it. Every single craft operates like this, nobody wants to be able to trade their pottery with weapons to some NPC, I think everyone is just fine trading real players for it. However, I don't see Travel being largely a tradeable commodity in this game in the same way, with comparable availability or feasibility. If you can think of a way to appropriately level these aspects, I'm all ears. The "situation at hand" is that people aren't taking the stairs either because you might aswell pee in a bush on ground level instead of going to the toilet at the 4th floor if you soil yourself on the way there. The problem with your analogy is that is extremely superficial and only applicable in the most abstract terms. I alluded to this with my following example by expanding upon your analogy to elderly folk. In "Wurm terms", these are the people who do not physically have the time to travel to a player they want to help out for 2 hours back and forth, and are effectively barred from it altogether. Your reply shows a striking lack of acknowledgement for this though, so who's the one "coping" with ignorance? See my resposne to Alkhadias. If someone can take travel off my hands effectively, I'd trade for it/gladly interact with other players to facilitate it. I don't see a feasible way to do this, though, on the scale that is being discussed. Summon Soul is nice for the odd cases when you have it outside of Rifts and Slayings, which are usually stocked with priests, but most of the other times it's travel or bust.
  14. I'm gonna cut you short there. You cannot answer my question. You're just sliding off into hypothetical drivel that has barely resemblances with the situation at hand. FYI I usually take the stairs over the elevator. Speak for yourself. And actually, if going to the 4th floor is too exhausting for some folk, like the elderly, just having stairs is being rather exclusive, isn't it? I concede that "muh market" was a bit off a facetious reach there, it's true that not every "demand" equates market participation. However, I maintain that the general need for stuff being eliminated is based on your idea of an implementation that puts your arguments in the most favourable position possible, when nothing is set in stone and you could equally propose ideas for aspects that would appropiately involve gear and player made content, keeping the "Wurm spirit". So these arguments are pretty stale to me, because the way you present them feel rather shoehorned into your premise of not liking auto travel. Which is fine, you don't have to like it...or use it for that matter...if you lack the conviction to stick to it, that's on you, and you alone. I don't resent people for taking the elevator, as their choices don't impact mine. EDIT: To actually put forth some examples and constructive ideas in this direction, let's go over some of your "points" to illustrate what I mean with you shoehorning them into your premise. Horse traits and gear can still increase the travel speed. A sufficiently fast horse will already outrun all mobs and make combat along the way unneccessary, so that's a moot point really. However, I'd be all for being able to be attacked during auto travel, continuing combat as normal. So make sure your horse is fast enough and your alt well equipped enough. If a tunnel makes you arrive an hour earlier, however, it will still be made. If it's a 10 minute detour, I doubt it would be made in the current situation either. This is not really a good point to argue on, we can just pull numbers and conjecture about what people will do out of our bums all day, but I find it pretty elementary that highway based auto travel is more of an incentive to build infrastructure, not the opposite?! Your objection is that some decrepit little tunnel that has minimal benefit won't be built? I think we'll survive that. I dunno what to say about the high QL compass really. The benefit is so miniscule and just nice to have? But to really go and entertain the idea, what about "calibrating" pauses at each turn and waystone? A better compass will shorten the pause like it does the settle time. Suddenly a good compass is just as good to have for auto travel as it is for manual travel. It's about removing hurdles that keep one from aspects they actually enjoy. I'm already "not playing" that aspect you mention, because it's unengaging and a waste of time to me. The only difference between both scenarios is that in one I'm stuck at my deed with the next neighbor 45 minutes away, locking direct player interaction away behind 1) Packing up and moving entirely, hoping the new neighbors actually stick around OR 2) biting the bullet and being on a virtual road for most the play session. Or I just don't bother at all. All of these options are terrible though. Your appeal to "Just use summon soul" also flies pretty much in the face of Retrograde's insistence that "one toon is enough" because just about everyone would need a second toon to properly substitute auto travel to make every destination reachable that would currently be via highway. Just kinda funny to me. Incidentally, Summon Soul still has 0 travel time, so if it's available over a highway connection, it'd still be used over that. Wurm isn't going to unravel at it seams because of this, your doomsaying is pretty over the top. Offtopic continuation: