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  1. Seems I input data wrong, i've fixed it.
  2. Sorry for the delays, been dealing with real life. Everything has been updated/added.
  3. If needed I can volunteer my priest to erupt veins in the way.
  4. I'm beyond excited for this, amazing job dev team! I can finally enjoy wurm in 4k!
  5. The steam client several times? Im not sure, between Steam's multi launching games restrictions and all. Using the old client not on steam? Should continue to work the way it does.
  6. Last I heard you will be able to connect to the new "steam" server using the old client. Essentially they are adding the client to steam.
  7. Bump, its beyond absurd that these things are everywhere and claiming land you're stuck with it on a deed unable to bash, move, rename or anything.
  8. Bug 1: After spear fishing and going third person, all characters get stuck in the spearfishing pose: Bug 2: When spearfishing, viewing the character doing the spearfishing you see a long random line going off in the distance.
  9. Bump, still looking.
  10. Looking for an iron one, enchants don't matter as I can enchant it myself and will most likely remove any WoA or BotD on it. Send me a message in game or post here. Thanks.
  11. Going to leave this here and direct people to go to this thread as its more recent.
  12. The update yesterday was essentially a fix for: