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  1. What has made you hate Wurm?

    Going to get a load of hate for saying this, but here it is. I hate how pvp players look down on pve players and make rude comments then don't understand why people don't want to try out pvp. I was once interested in checking out pvp on wurm, but that was a quick open and close decision when all I saw was toxicity. Fight threads devolve into bashing devs, repeatedly saying the game is dead, trash talking other kingdoms and sometimes even turn into personal attacks. Pvp players put the blame on everyone but themselves for why it's dying.
  2. Archaeology Statues

    None of the images were displaying on the pages and 2 statue pages were missing. It should all be in working order now.
  3. Priest overhaul testing

    Does this mean every priest will have the choice to transfer during a period after the overhaul release?
  4. Make more actions hidable

    Agreed, I've lost count how many times I've accidentally tracked instead of whatever action I was trying to do.
  5. When I click on an unfinished slate wall I get this missing texture. When I hover my mouse over it for a tooltip it's just an empty box.
  6. WTA - 2 70ql Rare Horseshoe sets (4x each)

    1s on each
  7. (Bought - Close) WTB Large Magical Chest

  8. Celebration Sermons (CANCELLED)

    I'll be bringing my two priests over to sermon. Do you happen to have a bed available for one of my priests to sleep in?
  9. Looking to buy one of these suckers. Don't even bother messaging if you're asking for more than 40s.
  10. Authenticator codes always fail

    Tried that first, didn't work.
  11. Looking for sermon group!

    If we get enough people I have no problem hosting it, however I will need to make more altars.
  12. Looking for sermon group!

    I've got my two priests that need a sermon group too.
  13. WTS Potions, rares and more!

    Cart sold, bump!