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  1. 4 rare horse shoes to MrJonnyboy
  2. My complete grand collection of PMK banners that I collected over the years.
  3. Starting Bid: 10s Minimum Increments: 1s Buyout: 40s Sniper Protection: 1 hours
  4. As the title says. Willing to negotiate if the price is right. Message me in-game or on the forums.
  5. First of its kind to be auctioned: Starting Bid: 20s Minimum Increments: 1s Buyout: Offer Sniper Protection: 1 Hour What it looks like completed:
  6. [20:14:45] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to reach Champagnedragon in less than ten minutes. Sent, enjoy!
  7. Congratulations @ChampagneDragon! Who should I CoD it to?
  8. Having the exact same issue. I tab out frequently and watch stuff on my second monitor.
  9. 1 Banner please! CoD to MrJonnyboy