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  1. Pristine Community Map

    Map updated.
  2. Please close

    I can vouch for HuhWhat, known them for awhile and definitely trustworthy. No clue why people always have to take things off topic and start ranting about "X is dead", it wasn't asked about. Feel free to PM me if you want to verify integrity of HuhWhat.
  3. Birth of Cinnabar Island

    Going to share my adventure of using a Wand of Seas and building/planning my deed over time. For those that don't know, a Wand of Seas lets you make an island with a rock layer anywhere you want out in the ocean. Video of it happening: Some Starter Pics: Will update as more work progresses!
  4. Mail Item Expiry Time

    +1 bump, beyond stupid Im stick twiddling my thumbs waiting for a buyer to accept it or for it to return.
  5. [Resolved via hotfix] Buckskin turns Grey

    Lost my black silver foal, gray now.
  6. The Screenshots Thread

    First bred batch I get the horse color I wanted the most.
  7. WTB Black Silver Horses

    Bump, should be some out there now.
  8. (SOLD - CLOSE) WTS Rare Sailboat

    Looking for 20s OBO SOLD
  9. WTB Black Silver Horses

    Some people may already have some due to a bug changing some preexisting horse colors, but I will be looking to buy some over the next week or so as more horses are bred. Message me on the forums or in-game on MrJonnyboy or Thorven.
  10. WTB rare guard tower

    Bump, still looking.
  11. Gift Wrapping Paper...

    +1 I want to be able to gift surprises, not items!
  12. Pristine Community Map

  13. WTS Rares *Updated*

    rare small sign 1s? cod mrjonnyboy
  14. Pristine Community Map

    When the devs release a new map dump at the end of the year.
  15. Offer withdrawn, didn't notice there was a reserve. Have no interest in bidding on auctions with reserves.