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  1. Supreme Strange Bone auction

  2. Selling Stuff

    How much for all of the mask of shadow fragments?
  3. WTB Supreme Large Cart

    Looking to buy a supreme large cart. Message me in-game or on the forums to negotiate a price.
  4. Friendship Bay Summer Impalong (Friend-A-Long)!

    I'm down to help out with carp and blacksmithing. Can also bring my priest as a battery if needed, channeling not high enough.
  5. Oooooooh, another banner for my almost (stupid roman republic banner) complete collection! COD 1 banner to MrJonnyboy please.
  6. WTB Roman Republic Kingdom Banner

    Looking to buy a Roman Republic Kingdom Banner. Willing to negotiate price. Message me on forums or PM me in game on MrJonnyboy or Thorven.
  7. WTA Roman Republic Kingdom Banner

    I'm still willing to pay more than that buyout. Private bids/buyouts are completely unfair.
  8. WTA Roman Republic Kingdom Banner

    CoD to Mrjonnyboy please.
  9. WTA Roman Republic Kingdom Banner

  10. WTA Roman Republic Kingdom Banner

  11. Xanthose looking for work

    nvm, found someone
  12. Sermons for Pristine!

    I'll send my priest over to help out and join the fun if you guys get it going.
  13. PC/WTS Rare things

  14. PC/WTS Rare things

    1s for ebonaura banner - cod MrJonnyboy
  15. Sold for buyout plz close

    Lets get this started! 2s