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  1. Would like to sell as package deal but will split up if requested. Total below 10: 588 Gems = 3160ql Total above 10: 594 Gems = 17741ql Star gems & Black Opal come with it free Looking for pricecheck/offers. Source salt: Sold
  2. Favorite: Running in circles around my deed and thinking about all the stuff I have to do. Least Favorite: Killing all the bushes, trees and junk that grow on my deed endlessly.
  3. Would paying for premium on WO also give you premium on the steam version of the game?
  4. Great job Keenan, hopefully we'll see better performance and connectivity once the transition is finished.
  5. COD 1 standard banner to MrJonnyboy
  6. Attempting to open one or two of the spoilers i see:
  7. Didn't get to spend a ton of time at the event due to irl, but was fun nonetheless. Currently out of town till Saturday, sorry for leaving my horse there!
  8. +1, small decoration decay even in houses is a big discouragement for properly decorating stuff with not just books but other stuff too.