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  1. Pristine Community Map

    Updated. No resources are marked, but a lot of helpful people on Pristine who will direct people who ask.
  2. All Gone!

    71.51ql Bronze Dioptra to MrJonnyboy
  3. Close Please

    I'll come pick up the yellow potions later today.
  4. [Done] Concrete Pve Max Height

    Tested this the other day, max is 40 slope. Wiki is correct.
  5. Personal Goals Shutdown

    It took me about a week or so of searching to find all my 100 which I completed just recently. Not hard to find them if you clear your server and visit others.
  6. Personal Goals Shutdown

    Not trying to discredit you, but It's half the amount of grapes you said, about 9300 grapes to do the goal. I collected all the sap needed in one season and about 7000 grapes in 1 season, so yeah you'll be cutting it close with this looming deadline if you don't buy materials.
  7. Birth of Cinnabar Island

    Deed update, been about a week of work with lots of help. Thanks to: Arelia, Savronne, Evening, WWTD and Kaide. New pics added!
  8. close

  9. I'll take the rare bed for 1s.
  10. Items inside Large Magical Chest taking damage?

    Had my rare yoyo inside my chest take 2dmg along with some other stuff taking small damage ticks.
  11. Pristine Community Map

    Map updated.
  12. Please close

    I can vouch for HuhWhat, known them for awhile and definitely trustworthy. No clue why people always have to take things off topic and start ranting about "X is dead", it wasn't asked about. Feel free to PM me if you want to verify integrity of HuhWhat.
  13. Birth of Cinnabar Island

    Going to share my adventure of using a Wand of Seas and building/planning my deed over time. For those that don't know, a Wand of Seas lets you make an island with a rock layer anywhere you want out in the ocean. Video of it happening: Some Starter Pics: Update 1 Will update as more work progresses!
  14. Mail Item Expiry Time

    +1 bump, beyond stupid Im stick twiddling my thumbs waiting for a buyer to accept it or for it to return.
  15. [Resolved via hotfix] Buckskin turns Grey

    Lost my black silver foal, gray now.