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  1. Bump, its beyond absurd that these things are everywhere and claiming land you're stuck with it on a deed unable to bash, move, rename or anything.
  2. Bug 1: After spear fishing and going third person, all characters get stuck in the spearfishing pose: Bug 2: When spearfishing, viewing the character doing the spearfishing you see a long random line going off in the distance.
  3. Bought

    Bump, still looking.
  4. Please keep posts on topic.
  5. Bought

    Looking for an iron one, enchants don't matter as I can enchant it myself and will most likely remove any WoA or BotD on it. Send me a message in game or post here. Thanks.
  6. Going to leave this here and direct people to go to this thread as its more recent.
  7. The update yesterday was essentially a fix for:
  8. Check in your task manager to see if a wurm client is still running, if it is force close it. If you don't see anything try restarting your computer.
  9. My first 5 speed horse Allydance from 2014. Hes got descendants on Pristine that still live to this day. Hes been through everything with me and got retired to the stables last year to live out his days.
  10. Does this bugfix also fix the recipes not being available for the new racks?
  11. Not everyone has a 1s a month deed, some people have HUGE deeds.... And that's who the devs are targeting with the 20% off, and if they already have one they've been milking for years (like a lot of veterans seem to have), they're essentially getting a upkeep discount after it was already fully paid off. So lets do the math! 10s a month deed: 2s off - 17.5 months till fully paid 20s a month deed: 4s off - 8.75 months till fully paid 30s a month deed: 6s off - 5.8 months till fully paid 40s a month deed: 8s off - 4.375 months till fully paid ect... People with small deeds aren't going to see the full potential of a trader.
  12. Bump, gotta be one out there.
  13. The prices of Wurms economy is based on the same principles of a normal market: Supply and Demand. Prices are as high as they need to be because of this principle, and the only thing that's been keeping up their prices all these years has been RMT(bar a few exceptions since recent updates). Most of these items experiencing price drops is due to the lack of demand for said products, go ask the the average player if they need more dirt and they'll show you the k's they're sitting on.