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  1. Hello! Please review the way an individual item's volume limits how it can be placed in containers. For example, blueberries weigh 0.3kg each, but only 9 can be put in a pottery bowl for a total weight of 2.7kg. The same pottery bowl can hold a 15kg salmon, but not a 12kg catfish. The same type situation comes up with satchels. 18 blueberries maximum fit in a satchel (5.4kg), but 100 meals that weigh a total of 1000kg will fit. I realize this is a big project / review of the entire volume system, but it could really use it. I wasn't 100% sure whether to post this as a suggestion or in the bugs forum, but I'm guessing that it is not considered a bug so I'm posting here. Please feel free to move if necessary. Thanks for reading! Have a great day!
  2. Hello! Please consider updating the Chicken Coop to allow using nuts in the feeder box. Nuts can be used to feed chickens by hand and in pet bowls, and it would be wonderful to have this option available for the coop as well. Thanks for reading and have an awesome day!
  3. Banana kid high 5 for hosting a Public unique slaying!
  4. +1 Yes, please! Would also love to be able to secure carpets even if only on deed as mayor, to prevent abuse.
  5. There are players that do not wear their armor constantly in game, opting to instead enjoy wearing different outfits daily and also for special occasions. For those of us in this catagory, there are very limited options available. Please consider adding even just 1 simple dress as a clothing option. If it was dyeable such as the white cloth jacket is, that would be amazing! Thanks for reading and have a great day!
  6. ... A NEW DAY IS DAWNING ... Blossom Market had fallen into ruins. The merchants had been replaced with signs saying they moved on, the buildings decayed, and all that was left was overgrown concrete slabs and the unwanted items left behind by transients, vagabonds, and nomads. But the Gods have seen fit to gift us with a new opportunity. Beautifully landscaped gardens of the Gods have sprouted. New buildings to house merchants, craftings areas, and suites with amazing balcony vista views are in the final stages of construction. More details coming very soon!
  7. Hellooo! Please consider granting us the ability to secure carpets. To prevent abuse, the same rules could apply for carpets as other items; below effective 10ql or 70+ damage allows them to be picked up, and only 1 may be secured off deed per wurm day. Thanks for reading and have an awesome day!
  8. Hello! I believe there is an error on the page On the right hand side column under Material Breakdown, it lists the required amount of clay to be 160kg. I believe this should be 60, not 160. 10 Pottery Bricks @ 5kg clay each = 50kg 10 Mortar @ 1kg clay each = 10kg Total = 60kg clay (30 clay total) Thanks for reading and have an awesome day!
  9. If permissible, please remove the deed marker for Market Ruins Archeological Dig Site, located at,656. This is the area we are upgrading for the revamp of the market, and there is not a deed named that at this location. Once we move the deed token, we'll provide a location for the new market to be posted. To comply with all OSHA regulations, all existing perms have been removed for this area during construction. Thank you all for your hard work maintaining the map! Have an awesome day!
  10. I noticed a similar situation once the season turned to fall and the ground changed tile types visually to represent fall. Corner paving that should be lawn is instead displaying as grass. This is what it looks like next to lawn. Thanks for reading and have an awesome day!
  11. I'm not sure if you're aware, but you can perform the pick action on the entire stack of 30x harvestable pots and it will automatically pick as many actions as you have available with mind logic. You don't have to open the 30x line item into individual pots and pick each one separately. So for example, if you have 6 actions from mind logic, you can hotkey pick action, mouse over the stack of 30x, hit hotkey and it queues all actions and picks 6 pots one after another automatically. Do this 5 times and all 30 are picked. It is way faster than picking each individual pot.
  12. I know there are a lot of exciting changes going on with wurm recently, and it is obvious how hard *everyone* has been working on new features, community feedback and such. Thank you to everyone that is making all these amazing things happen. In addition to these more "obvious" changes that are taking place and being discussed, I wanted to draw attention to the absolutely mind blowing new celestial changes to the sky, especially during sunrise and sunset. I am finding it hard to conjure enough adjectives to describe it in words. What was just recently a very quick shuffle thru the spectrum of colors, is now a slow, graceful, spectacular display of beauty. The wurmiverse is just one of the things that I love here, and I am frequently finding myself just staring at Sol, the sky, and Moons for an hour before I realize that much time has passed. THANK YOU for all your hard work!! I look around in the game and say, "This is where I want to live." ❤️ For those that have not been able to see these changes, here are a couple screenshots from the last couple of days from Pristine. Taking a break from work on updating Blossom Market Park to watch Sol rise Watching Sol fade away from our deed, The Moon at Perihelion Jackal and Sol in a total eclipse shortly after dawn
  13. Just to check and verify, will players that are capped on Faith still be able to pray and increase the Site's Power? I'm a follower capped with max Faith of 30 already, and curious if my prayers will count. Thanks for reading, and all the hard work the team is doing! Have an awesome day!