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  1. Thank you all for your comments and Lisimba for the added suggestion. I did not specifiy earlier, but my intention was for this to be used specifically for help during the treasure hunts. Using the right click menu of the treasure map itself would allow it to only be used for the currently active treasure hunting purpose, and also tied directly to the one tower that is currently being displayed on the treasure map clue. Thank you for the great suggestion!
  2. Hello! I cooked a whole 25ql pike that weighed 1.55kg directly on a campfire, which created a roasted pike, and afterwards it would not fit in a frying pan. The oven roasted version and a raw version would fit. Using the same 25ql (1.55kg) pikes, I was able to add to a frying pan all of the following: A whole oven roasted pike A filleted oven roasted pike A filleted fire roasted pike A steamed filleted pike A raw 25ql (1.55kg) whole pike A raw 30ql (1.85kg) whole pike I was able to cook fish meals using the whole oven roasted, filleted oven roasted, filleted fire roasted, steamed filleted and whole raw pikes, using the fish, corn, potato, lovage, basil and cumin. So I did a couple more experiments and discovered both a whole raw and whole fire roasted brook trout (39ql / 1.18kg) would fit in the pan. When I tried to make a fish meal out of the fire roasted brook trout, the fish would fit in the frying pan, but then none of the same ingredients I used on the other meals would go in the pan afterwards. Using a raw whole brook trout, all the ingredients fit and the meal cooked. A raw whole carp (32ql / 5.15kg) would fit in the frying pan, but once fire roasted it would not. With the raw whole carp, all of the ingredient also fit to make a meal. I was able to put a whole fire roasted brook trout, pike or carp individually into both a pottery bowl or a marble baking stone. The carp would not fit into a roasting dish, however the brook trout, or the pike would fit. Expected results: The fire roasted and the oven roasted to each fit in the same type container, but in some situations they do not. When the fire roasted version did not fit, the oven roasted as well as a raw version weighing the same or more would fit. Creating the fire roasted versions appears to be causing issues. Also, the oven roasted and fire roasted versions both simply say roasted (fish type) when cooked. Maybe another change could be making them be labeled as oven roasted and fire roasted when cooked, to identify the difference and avoid confusion. EDIT > Not necessary since oven roasted and fire roasted both result in same affinity, so "roasted (fish type)" is perfectly fine. If I can be of any help or provide any more information, please let me know! Thanks for reading and have an awesome day!
  3. It is wonderful input, thank you for responding! Yes, the idea is to find distant towers, not the one that belongs to the guard being interacted with. I realized after reading the comments that I wasn't clear about that, and I apologize. Normally guards remain with 20 (50?) tiles of their own tower so that tower is easy to find once you find a guard. The bigger problem is finding a distant tower that is someplace else on the server. This proposal is for utilitizing one tower to find other towers.
  4. One of the towers we were tasked with finding for a treasure clue was downright impossible. Thankfully we ran into Sidereal on her deed and she knew where it was located based on the player name. It had been built on the very tip top of Troll King Mountain on Pristine by someone that had stopped playing nearly a decade ago. She had us hop on her cart and took us thru a maze of a secret cave up to the top. Some of the mine had collapsed and she had to remove walls. Since the mine was hidden, we would not have found it, nor had the ability to reopen the route. We couldn't even see the tower with a spyglass, it was so high up. Thanks Auntie Sid! So this is a suggestion for a feature to be added. Ask a guard at a tower to locate [EDIT] a distant [EDIT] tower. Functionality could be similiar to the locate spell, analyze ability and find route on highways to at least give general directions of distance and compass directions to the [EDIT] distant [EDIT] tower listed. A new interface would be given when interacting with a guard, and a table provided to the players giving the numerical range based on the guards response. How it could work Player interacts with a guard that is within range of the guard's home tower, via right click menu. This brings up a drop down interface similiar to Find Route used on highways. [EDIT] The player selects a tower name from the drop down box. [EDIT] The guard responds with distance and direction, such as "Tower X is pretty far away from you East of North." Restrictions The player and the guard both have to be free from combat. To prevent spamming, there is a cooldown given to that guard's tower and to the player. Functionality on PVP servers could be restricted to kingdom only, or disabled entirely based on community feedback. Thanks for reading and have an awesome day! Soluna
  5. Using the in game timers, I created one called Showtime that is 15 minutes. Every time I finish the show and am repairing the puppets, I restart the timer. That shows me always now how much time is left before I can do another.
  6. I was having trouble remembering where I last meditated as well. The solution I came up with is to use a puppet as a marker. When it is time to meditate, I take it from the last place I used and place it by the corner of the meditation rug I'm about to use. It's easy to spot, and I don't have to remember which rug/tile I used last.
  7. Retro made a great post that is pinned to the top of the suggestion forum, that also has a pretty funny meme that sums up one of the points he was making.
  8. Obviously some people are harder to teach than others. I easily pointed out that the 100% accurate answer to your original problem was contained in the wiki. If you had spent your own 10 seconds looking it up, you would have seen it there too. Whether you then realized there was no need to create this suggestion, or learned the lesson that looking up questions on the wiki teaches people how to find their own answers, is up to you. Frequently, staff answers questions in CA Help by providing the link to the wiki. I see the picture, but your response suggests that you aren't even in the gallery. Instead of being combative in your responses and appearing to take constructive criticism so personally, take a moment instead to reflect on the feedback people are trying to give you. You appear to be very passionate about trying to help others, I have tried to do the same here. "If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man how to fish, you feed him for life." I am not going to get into a back and forth with you about this or any further issues. I chose to not respond to you in a demeaning giant font like you have done to me. I wish you the best of luck in life, in wurm, and in all your endeavors!
  9. Players could be taught to do a minimal amount of research on wurmpedia for the activities they are doing, and find answers to common questions. It is the "give a man a fish ..." proverb. This would also satisfy your listed benefits, without changing any coding. open wurmpedia > enter Missions > scroll down to Types of Missions sections > Sacrifice normal item: Sacrifice X amount of a type of item at an altar. These items must be "Decent", which is 30ql or higher.
  10. Change: Removed non combat hard skill requirements from focusing and left it to just the fighting skill roll instead. This fixes being unable to focus with the new combat UI *high five* Thank you for changing this!
  11. If David does or does not appear, any chance Michael Moschen will?
  12. Katrat, there is known bug where when foraging / botanizing multiple items, and the MoI occurs on the non-last gathered item that causes the map not to drop. The devs are aware and working on a fix, I'll list the link below. Have the maps you've gotten while farming been doing "tending" or "harvesting"? I'm curious because I have not gotten any maps while tending nor harvesting. I'd suspect that there is the same issue from forage / botanizing on the harvesting side of farming, but is just a guess on my part. Thanks and have a great day!
  13. Mission Cleanup

    Thanks Archaed, that explains the differences in the listing. Since it is client side, is there a file I need to edit to remove the missions that are listed as N/A under expired? Some of them are from months ago so it would seem that between server resets and patches, they would've been cleaned up automatically if that normally occurs, unless it is on a longer interval between clean ups. :) Thanks again for your time and direction! Have an awesome day!
  14. Hello! I am on Pristine and have noticed that my UI for the mission status is showing a lot of FAIL'd missions in the state column, including back to March. I am not positive but perhaps this is keeping them in my state column because I had participated in them? I compared with others in my alliance and they are not seeing nearly as many as I am. Thanks for reading and have a great day!
  15. After seeing a near eclipse of Sol and Jackyl on Saturday morning while Sol was setting, I was gobsmacked when observed a perfect total eclipse of them on Sunday afternoon while Sol was rising. My wife was sailing at the time and captured a wonderful picture of the event and posted it in the screenshot thread. In announcing it on server chat, I talked with others that are equally fascinated by the beauty of this amazing feature. I believe the wurmiverse is one of the most fascinating and under-rated features of wurm. I constantly find myself stopping and staring in total awe at the moons as they path across the sky. I've spent hours chasing them across the server, trying to get the best view as they tease a dance of eclipse. My screenshot folder is packed with memories. For me, they provide a feeling that the wurmiverse is alive and breathing. These events led me to begin searching for more information, and so I found this thread and also this site : A huge thank you to all involved! Your knowledge and precise observations absolutely blew me away. As a complete novice observer, is there any basic help you can provide to myself and other moon gazers? Is there a basic formula to predict when the eclipses will occur? For example, the info on the University page says that Jackyl is on an 80 day period. Does that indicate that in 80 wurm days, the eclipse will occur again in the same location? Is there any current listing of future eclipses between the moons? Any information that can be provided would be *extremely* appreciated. Thank you for your time spent researching, your time reading, and any information you can provide! Have an awesome day!