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  1. Archaeology Journals

    +1 I just started this week. I used 12 pages just in the local around my deed. 22 reports is no where near enough pages for this.
  2. Eastern Canal Rework

    I was there yesterday and I want to say that it looks amazing! Job well done
  3. Problem with Email Address

    So it's a weird thing the password it's asking for is the password IF the new email you are trying to put it on already had a wurm account on it. It wants you to put the password of the character you already have on the new email. /changeemail <newemail> <password> - sets the email of this particular account to the email specified. The password is used if the email is already in use. If the new email you are using does not have a wurm character on it already no password is required.
  4. Problem with Email Address

    as long as you know your password there is a in game command to do this. /changeemail <newemail> <password> - sets the email of this particular account to the email specified. The password is used if the email is already in use. To see a list of in game commands type /help anew window will open on the right hand chats with a list of commands.
  5. Valrei International. 068

    I love the idea of Removing player god altars. Less cluttered churches. No longer needed since the domain of "grouped" gods will be shared. And maybe it will let us eventually have unique Altars for each god grouping. I'm also hoping that player gods will now use the statuette of their parent god.
  6. [Issue] Full House Pizza Crumbles to Dust

    This "catch up" decay happens on every thing that would normally take damage but didn't because it is in inventory or a magic chest. It's just not as noticeable as it is with food. Because food has increased ticks/damage naturally.
  7. [Issue] Full House Pizza Crumbles to Dust

    I suspect it's "catch up" decay. Not sure why it wasn't taking damaging in the larder as it should slow decay. But if you keep food in a magic chest it never gets polled for damage. But acquires(this is just made up science.) a damage counter for every time damage polled and it didn't take damage. You take it out of the magic chest. Damage polls, and it decides it's going to take damage. It then goes oh look you missed 50 damage ticks. And tada it gets 50 Damage ticks and crumples away. It could be a bug, or it could be "catch up" decay.
  8. Lava tiles once frozen will not open

    I have 2(3) tiles on Xanadu that we froze 2+years ago, and a player now is having issues opening the tiles. I'm going to point him to this post to add details. Not sure how, but the players working on this where able to get these tiles open.
  9. A alliance mate sent me(Or thought they sent me 5 barrels of grape juice.). She must of mistyped my name. When they where returned to her they where still sealed but only weighed 2. On opening them, they where empty. So I did a Test. I sent a Barrel of Strawberry juice from Serrafine on Pristine to Makau on Deliverance. And let it time out. On return, the barrel was still sealed but empty. https://prnt.sc/koi38n https://prnt.sc/koi3gv http://prntscr.com/koi3m5
  10. Cared for animal death

    I had 4 of my cart and wagon horses die, but I thought nothing of it. And wasn't sure if they where cared for or not. I care for my "in use" animals 90% of the time. but need to check logs to be sure. I'll dig through logs and see if I can grab info, but I don't know for sure. Will update later. Server: Pristine Today I noticed my nightshade hell horse died.(Time zone UTC -08:00) [09:24:50] You see the corpse of venerable hell horse. Last seen alive: [2018-08-20] [20:55:17] The venerable fat hell horse and the venerable fat Sweetheart get intimate. (need to check logs for who was caring for it.)
  11. A (Hi)story of Pristine

    So yes, that statue did come from your deed after it disbanded. And yes that is Hanalei. Where I was born and raised (On a taro farm.) till I married a service man, and we eventually moved to the mainland.
  12. Anyone nice happen to save my stuff?

    I would love for you to move to Pristine, and live on one of my deeds! Can pick you up. We have a active alliance.
  13. A (Hi)story of Pristine

    I was sentimental, and ahhhh, rescued this girl: http://prntscr.com/klhm2f That is my story and I'm sticking to it.
  14. Bugged old Metallic liquid

    I received this when rifts where new. It was rare and it didn't come in a container but showed up in your inventory. I moved it to a waterskin. And put in in a group in my inventory. I didn't even look at it for a long time. I eventually got a rare pick and wanted to drop it on it before I got casts put on it, and I noticed that it had split in 2. 1 rare and the other not. I put each piece in a jug and kind of forgot about it again. I was cleaning out my inventory today. Should I just pour these on the ground or is there a way to fix it? Because of the split/size it can't be used. http://prntscr.com/klgqo0
  15. [Bug] Generic Mission List

    Pristine: Name: Bright run in honour of Magranon Creator: System Started: 8/21/18 6:01 PM Progress: 1.8% Expires: 8/28/18 6:01 PM Restartable: No Description: Magranon urges you to create 125 cloth pants. This was: [18:01:16] You create a green cloth pants. Nothing below worked. [17:57:19] You create a cloth pants. [17:57:54] You create a plain white cloth pants. [18:03:18] You create a brown striped breeches. [18:04:23] You create a black cloth pants.