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  1. Can't place items on stone benches

    A stone bench is treated like a vehicle. I think that is why you can't place anything on it. I also could be wrong.
  2. Has anyone caught a 175 fish after the update? If so what tool? Any hints and tips or info at all, would be helpful.
  3. Do the lights shine with the "color"? I don't know currently if the barrels should have a color, or if it is like other light sources and the "light" is colored and the actually item shows no color. So either it's a bug that it shows colored in the first place or it's a bug that no color shows after. Either way it is being looked at and the devs will let us know if it is or isn't a bug
  4. Seems like a bad idea

    I was thinking that he would set the tar on fire, and next thing you know the server would burn up. No trees to be seen any where. Somehow I feel like that's been done before.
  5. Priest overhaul testing

    I would like for the sub-gods to not only use the Statuette of the parent God. But to also use the Altar of their Parent god.
  6. Sound Categories

    Rituals! I'm not sure where they are listed now. but they should be under music and they are not.
  7. Can mine down paved mine floors

    I was not able to mine the cave tile south of a reinforcement or a tile that had been paved. I can mine tiles that are west and east of paved/reinforced tiles (have not had a chance to test north yet.). Was the issue you are reporting on the same tile? Or was it 2 differnt directiosn.
  8. What server and what deed name?
  9. [No Bug] sleep bonus timer bug

    Now, I know.
  10. [No Bug] sleep bonus timer bug

    Are you on Xanadu? If you are then this is because Xanadu's internal click/ticks run slower then the smaller servers. If it's not Xanadu, then ignore the above explanation.
  11. Source Spring now working Lock plz

    I emptied both a source spring and a source fountain yesterday to test. Today they both had source in them again. [09:47:49] The source tastes royal, noble, and utterly delicious! [09:50:32] The source tastes so good you almost feel like singing. So on Pristine at least mine are refilling. Silly question maybe. but is it empty? Or is there water or some other liquid/item in the source spring?
  12. Stepladder for reaching tall shelves etc.

    I would rather they just allowed more range on opening things.
  13. Archaeology Journals

    +1 I just started this week. I used 12 pages just in the local around my deed. 22 reports is no where near enough pages for this.
  14. Eastern Canal Rework

    I was there yesterday and I want to say that it looks amazing! Job well done