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  1. I've always wanted the owner of a building to be listed when you examine the wall. I don't see a reason for this not to be displayed. Well not any reason that isn't I built a house and I don't want anyone to know it's me. Which normally means they are up to no good
  2. if you can make it across the border you can be summoned!
  3. Please add highway at: [[1700,916],[1765,916]]
  4. We have a new software version for our community map. Please don't forget to clear your browser cache, or the map will not work properly! Make sure that the map shows SW version 2.11 : As requested by many players guard towers have been moved to the "Special" layer. To help you with your treasure hunts they will now be searchable by their names (tower IDs), similar to deeds and mission structures. The search list will now show mission structures first (marked by the letter "M"), followed by guard towers (letter "T"): use the below format for adding Guard Towers. cord,cord Guard Tower "guard tower name and number"
  5. it's rule applied to pavement off deed. I can't remember if there is a caveat on it. i.e. if your are or are not premium or below a certain skill. It can be worked around by removing the pavement, adding the fence then repaving.
  6. Menu bar

    I looked for the option in settings but couldn't find it. It used to be there, I suspect one of the new client upgrades overlooked it.
  7. Would love for this to be looked at while QoL updates are being considered.
  8. Purple, many shades of purple, all shades of purple. https://www.eggradients.com/shades-of-purple That being said I like the below colors most: Indigo Purple Dark Purple Royal Purple Iris Purple -Tarissa
  9. I was day dreaming about fast travel during lunch break yesterday. I was thinking of being able to build a gateway that would take you to a server/island/deed(?), that had a travel ring to every starter town. For traveling on your own cluster you would just be able to take your inventory. (Maybe I'm to old school, but taking a vehicle would really remove almost all reason to have ships) For Traveling between NFI/SFI, it would be like traveling to epic, your skills go and your funds but nothing on you.
  10. Check if log obscure errors is on. I had some issues till I turned that off. It caused a lot of "lag" and stuttering and a few crashes.
  11. The ones you get that error message are because the border that the house is on has at minimum 1 dirt between it and the rock.
  12. Are they a Alliance member? I think that alliance members can build in perimeter. I wont have access to test this. I just roughly remember that me newbies could build in the perimeter of my deed as non deed members but they where part of the alliance.
  13. Added twice! Removed once I added it and so did another editor. All fixed and sorted now.
  14. Giving this a bump to be noticed, hopefully for a QoL fix. When you are standing under a flat ceiling tile, leveling a tile adjacent to it. If the tile you are leveling has a corner higher then the tile you are standing under. Instead of stopping the leveling with a statement about one corner being to high. It instead makes the tile you are standing on no longer flat, which stops the leveling action. What I expected was, a error message saying you can not level this tile, one corner is to high. What I get, The flat tile I am standing under gets messed up. with no easy way to fix it. Other reports: https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/173300-leveling-ceiling-bug/ https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/147678-levelling-cave-ceiling/
  15. AH 66: You feel confident she will give birth in 5 days, 19 hours. My update works on smile+examine.