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  1. How to sell at Glasshollow

    I would use the trade channel and post on the forums WTS. You can ship it COD to any player if you are connected to a "CatEye" highway and they are too. The fee is 1c per crate. A crate holds 300 dirt. I can't think of any way for you to conveniently sell dirt at glasshollow in mass quantities.
  2. Crossing server borders

    If you look at your in game map you will see that the world is flat and all islands are connected with a fixed path! But using plot course works like magic and allows you to go to islands(Servers) that are not touching each other. If you don't use plot course, the arrows on the world map in game shows you how the servers are connected. http://prntscr.com/k6akej
  3. Proposed canal - one entrance open already

    I suspect that is has something to do with the Lava we put down. I can't remember what tiles we did there was lava on the inside at one time. It might take a ticket and a GM to figure out what is wrong.
  4. Proposed canal - one entrance open already

    Fragile just disbanded recently which was on the eastern side. 2 of the houses are up by will fall soon. I have a newb there but the spiders scare her
  5. A (Hi)story of Pristine

    I'm wondering if any of the first week deeds are still around?
  6. Proposed canal - one entrance open already

    It looks like the old Fragile Lake area. We did months of work on that. It was 3 tiles wide at one point. And we did the surface canal also. Before we moved back to Pristine.
  7. Good Bye Wurm

    Farewell, and happy sailing.
  8. [Bug] Personal goal, Play as premium 3 months

    This one is from my own gal Serrafine(Pristine): http://prntscr.com/k3d534 On log in yesterday I received this notice.
  9. A (Hi)story of Pristine

    Zip, I never knew that was you! Clay Harbor is one of mine. I tried to keep it open and newbie friendly and of course Clay for all. We still go pick sprouts at Zips fields.
  10. Permissions issue with mine door

    Where these mine doors on a deed that you where not a citizen of? Was it all alliance members or just a select few. (In case it was a problem with those select people not having the "Allow actions on allied deed" role ticked on.) When you switched ownership of the deed. Was it to someone who was a citizen of your deed, or to someone that was a citizen of a different deed?
  11. Pristine Community Map

    My mistake Reddit is at: 1038, 815. No rush, just the next time you are doing updates. Sorry about the wrong coords the first time.
  12. A (Hi)story of Pristine

    I was playing on Deli, when Pristine opened. I had no intention of starting over on a fresh server. A fellow Delian, asked me to come help with the highway from Blossom to "The Wurm Academy". I started a fresh newb "Serraphine", showed up at the academy for working orders. Jberg gave me instructions on the Highway project. When that was done I reported back, to the Academy HQ. Clint needed planks for the sleeping quarters. So I started on that. Then we needed dirt moved for farm land, then dirt moved for HQ buildings, then dirt for pastures, then dirt removed for on deed mine entrance. A new highway heading east from Academy to Reddit Harbor. Next thing I know months have passed. Most folks had moved on to their own deed, or gone back to a original server. Which just left me, @Yaga and Tamaya as citizens of Wurm Academy. But the alliance had grown strong, and was still growing. Wurm Academy is no longer a busy center for new players. But we have 4 open house plots for future newbies. And if a new player is looking for a place to hang out while learning the game. A place to rest their weary head. A place for returning players to get used to the game again. A place for questions to be asked and hopefully answered, then Wurm Academy/Academy Network Alliance might be a place for you. the Alliance still has active players. Quite a few of us still play. and even when we take Wurm vacations we always seem to return to Pristine and our Wurm Family.
  13. Pristine Community Map

    Serenity Plateau: 943, 866 Reddit: 1052, 814 Please Add
  14. [Bug] Lock on military tent goes invalid

    I made the replacement harder then it needed to be If I hadn't of picked up the tent the simple lock replacement should of worked. So the extra work was my own doing. And even tho I took the ticket with my CM, I did the work with my GM. And as always all the spelling mistakes are my own
  15. Lead Permissions, Rework.

    With animal cages this becomes even more problematic. Have permission to lead that branded horse but not ride it. You can stick it in a animal cage and take it to another server where you can now have full use.