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  1. Added twice! Removed once I added it and so did another editor. All fixed and sorted now.
  2. Giving this a bump to be noticed, hopefully for a QoL fix. When you are standing under a flat ceiling tile, leveling a tile adjacent to it. If the tile you are leveling has a corner higher then the tile you are standing under. Instead of stopping the leveling with a statement about one corner being to high. It instead makes the tile you are standing on no longer flat, which stops the leveling action. What I expected was, a error message saying you can not level this tile, one corner is to high. What I get, The flat tile I am standing under gets messed up. with no easy way to fix it. Other reports: https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/173300-leveling-ceiling-bug/ https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/147678-levelling-cave-ceiling/
  3. AH 66: You feel confident she will give birth in 5 days, 19 hours. My update works on smile+examine.
  4. @YagaMade this for The Wurm Academy: https://wurmacademy.wordpress.com/2013/05/16/ch-1-the-first-day/ I'm 2 systems out from the original CPU I had when I started Wurm. I don't think I have any old pictures. Pristine History Post: https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/163708-a-history-of-pristine/ Original Pristine Map: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/350153636736925708/502469056495091713/44237928_2022643974441204_5208267648835518464_n.png
  5. Updated highway at Blaca's Short cut.
  6. When a branded horse dies, unless you are on permissions by name. You no longer have permissions. Till the server resets and removes all permissions. On deed, in most cases the Mayor will still have permissions. It's a extra step, but be sure that you add yourself by name on your branded animals. Our permission system has a few kinks
  7. yes, the bonus being applied while on pavement! This makes a lot of sense. Please! Make it so!
  8. Did you use erupt/freeze to get rid of a vein? For some reason when I freeze/erupt a tile. I can only create a mine entrance if I do it from the inside. When trying from the outside, I also get a to hard message. You also get that message when it's reinforced, but you opened it to check so it shouldn't be that.
  9. My personal thoughts. I always thought the limitation was so that in PvP you couldn't store your things risk free.
  10. Raid Ban(All PvP Servers) - 08/06/2021 ENDED - 08/12/2021 ~ 20:30 CEST Effective immediately all Raid related activities on All PvP Servers are suspended. This Raid Ban will remain effective for an indefinite time or until stated otherwise. There will be a 24 hour warning when we are prepared to suspend the ban. A public list of PvP/Raid directives can be found here. http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/137025-pvpraid-ban-directives/ Thank You, Wurm Online Team
  11. This is because the animal is not where you see it. IT's a frequent bug(?) that happens on hitching posts. When this happens you can't use that horse as a breeding partner, or groom/shear it. (If this is the same issues, I run into.) Once you you unhitch then hitch again, the animals are now where you see them visually again and can be interacted with.
  12. I have Donkeys: Marigold, Small, Piccolo Mule: Billy Horses: Jawosio, Omenpinkie, Hardenana, Walkingdep, Bennyland, Rainhans, Gallophoney, Raincookie (some of the horse names could be old. it's been a while since I had baby horses.)
  13. What the hell! some on on Deliverance put in a useless one land bridge that start 3 tiles off perimeter and they had to make a land bridge to do it! Why would who ever did this, do this? You had to raise the land out of the lake to get out of my perimeter to make the bridge. Why would you do this in someone else area? Fine you want it on yours, great. But why would you do it? https://prnt.sc/13nlv4e https://prnt.sc/13nm30x
  14. How to use the map (Full Instructions with images can be found here: Yaga's Map Instructions.) 1. Navigating the map You can zoom and pan (move) the map using your mouse. Zoom in and out by scrolling the mouse wheel or using the "+/-" buttons in the upper right corner. Pan the map by holding the left mouse button while moving your mouse. 2. Map coordinates The map is based on "tile coordinates". According to Wurmpedia "a tile is a 4 meter by 4 meter square on the ground, which pretty much makes up the world of Wurm". The Deliverance server is a square of 2048 x 2048 tiles (corresponding to roughly 8 x 8 kilometers). On the official map dump image as provided by Code Club AB each pixel corresponds to a map tile. Map tiles are described by 2 coordinates (x, y), each counting from 0 to 2047. This coordinate system (unlike the "classical" Cartesian system) has its origin in the upper left corner: For example, the upper left corner of the map has the coordinates (0,0), the upper right corner is at (2047, 0). While you move your mouse pointer over the map the coordinates of the current map point are displayed in the upper right corner: This is how you determine the precise coordinates for any map point you may want to work with. You can also select a point on the map (to save its coordinates) by a single left-click. A small crosshair symbol will appear and the coordinates will be shown in the field "Selected". The contents of that field can be copied to the clipboard in the usual way (by selecting and pressing Ctrl-C). Clicking on the same location again (on the crosshair symbol) will remove the marker. 3. Layers Most information on the map is provided as a layer that can be turned on and off. You see a list of available layers in the sidebar. By clicking the little checkboxes you can toggle that type of map information on and off: The letters in parentheses are the hotkeys to quickly toggle a layer: Press "D" to toggle deeds Press "H" to toggle highways Press "B" to toggle bridges Press "T" to toggle tunnels and canals Press "R" to toggle resources (clay, tar...) Press "S" to toggle special places (mission structures...) Press "G" to toggle the map grid. The "map grid" is an overlay showing grid cells that use the same notation as the in-game map. This can be very helpful when trying to describe the location of an area for another player when in-game. 4. Map types In correspondence with the various map dump types released by Code Club AB, you can choose between a pure terrain map and a topographic map: 5. Find a settlement or special place If you want to find a particular settlement or a special place, just use the Search function in the sidebar. You can either enter a name or use the drop-down list: 6. Loading the map with coordinates You can load the map by adding location coordinates to the URL (web address) like this: https://pristine.yaga.host#<x>,<y> (Replace <x> and <y> by valid location coordinates). The map will load and be centered on the given location (if the coordinates are valid). In addition, every time you select a location by left-clicking on a point on the map the URL shown in the address field will change to show the selected coordinates. Thus, you are able to share a view of a certain map area by just copying the address shown in the address field of your browser.