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  1. I can remember when catch up decay was introduced. It was some time after Pristine opened, but before Xanadu. It was introduced to speed up off dead decay of stuff/items. I'll see if I can't find the patch notes on it. I have hated it always. I'm very happy to see it being looked at. Samool, I think I might love you!
  2. Catch up decay, is horrible. I understand that things need to decay faster off deed. But keeping track of missing decay ticks and then catching up when the next decay tick happens causes a lot of damage to things that we do not want damage to happen to.
  3. Jack if that is a full weight rosewood raspberry shaft you can mail it to Tanzanite, COD.
  4. Black Friday!

    There was some issues. But everything was fixed on Monday morning.
  5. We live in interesting times.
  6. The issue might be, even tho you are planting on a border, the check that is being done is on the entire tile. Are the 2 sides that you can not do, the North and the West sides? If so then it's because that tile is considered in the water even tho the border is not.
  7. You need to be on creature cages by name and not role. It you cross servers you are no longer in the same deed/alliance. So you no longer have permission. When switching servers, deeds, alliance be sure you are on vehicles, cages, animals by name and not a group role.
  8. I'll also take 1 lingonberry shaft.
  9. BLUEBERRY - 20 Copper if this is still for sale, can you cod to: Tanzanite
  10. Can you cod to Tanzanite, Tenons: 1 - Raspberry 1 - Thorn Peg 1 - Grape
  11. I still think it's not nice that you get penalized for sharing your deed.
  12. I love the ideal of a priest being able to make and sale(mailable) spell scrolls. Makes paper more valuable, lets players not have to wait for a priest to come to them.
  13. Fences do not gain the house protection/permissions. Fences can still be bashed out just like a regular fence when used in houses. Tall iron fences can be added to all arches. you need to activate tool, right click border and start building the fence. It does not show up in the crafting ui. Tall iron Gates, can not be built in arches.