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  1. One of the test options does give you a reed pen. I put some belts at a bookcase by the marble building. (Feel free to use any thing there. after to many hours trying things out yesterday. I'm a little burned on it. maybe I'll revisit it later in the week.) But yes, a better tool belt on the testing menu would be good. Maybe given on the Test, "Basic Tools" option.(Hmm, I didn't check that if you got one with that option or not)
  2. I spent a few hours on it. Have completed the first journal. And on stamps now. This is pretty detailed. Way to big a time sync for me. I'll just mooch artwork off someone else. So many new items. Some really good looking items for decorating. I wish that the Survey directions did not fade out over time. OR at least did not fade out unless you where moving. Only way I could do this is if I was alt tabbing another character at the same time. So I'll tab back and my survey spyglass has already faded away. Every thing is very manual. I haven't been able to do much with the gems on the stamps. But that is probably just me. Having to refill the reed after every survey that you make notations for is annoying. When you examine the stamps they don't tell you what gem you have in them(yes they do have a color indicator). Lethyria said: "For combining maps some opacity on the one you are moving would be nice so you can more easily line up overlaps." The above is a must.
  3. https://harmony.game.wurmonline.com/mrtg/creatures.html VS https://pristine.game.wurmonline.com/mrtg/creatures.html Double the mob spawn of Pristine at 4 x the size. Cadence and Independence has the same amount of mobs on average as Harmony. The difference is only 1k Harmony has 49k aggressive animals and Cadence/Independence have 50k I do agree that to me it feels like less mobs are spawning now then where before Halloween. But The stats don't seem to back up my feelings.
  4. I could never get windows 10 task bar to behave how I wanted. SO I use https://ramensoftware.com/7-taskbar-tweaker
  5. If there is anything left. A minion or plague mask. Mailed to Serraphine.
  6. The limit of 40 is way to low. I would agree with 254 or 300 depending what crash limit is. 40 for concrete in PvE lands is to little too. this will put a real cramp in the gears for folks that are looking to make projects, tunnel opens just right. Please reconsider both erupt and concretes max slop being raised.
  7. Instead of adding sailable PvP to NFI. I would rather folks from NFI could portal to Epic. And that folks from SFI could portal to Defiance. I don't think there is a reason to keep NFI and SFI money separate anymore.
  8. +1 Having to build a altar to erupt/freeze is just plain silly and annoying!
  9. Rabbits Hole Canal

    Hey, That is me, Serraphine. DkSproket was my partner in crime. But he has given up Wurm Also Explora and Ladygodiva also helped. We started new characters to play on Xanadu. We settled in the little lake at Fraggle Lake and made the Canal to Fraggle lake and the original Fraggle Lake tunnel. Alas we eventually returned to Pristine. We missed our Pristine Alliance and eventually returned to Pristine. Grats on your Heritage site. The tunnel looks amazing! Well done \o/
  10. This might be the update, where Rolf fixed "Decay" and added catch up damage. It caused quite a lot of lag, and a lot of heavy damage on items. (I cried) https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Wurm_Server_Release_Notes_2013#130829_Item_decay_catching_up
  11. It's a greenish bear. That makes it almost as hard as a champion. For the fight you pasted, you where using your sickle at low skill.
  12. I love jackals wood types. Could we get the "non rift material" wood from rifts and rift camps to be a random would type from Jackal. Desolatewood is amazing design and it seems a shame to not be able to have that.
  13. I picked up 4 draft mules last night. Your place is so cute. The purchase and loading of mules went without hitch. Thanks for keeping up such a great market.
  14. I made a 4th newb on a new, never before used gmail email. Not using gmails email+whateveryouwant@gmail.com I still can't see the never had premium bundles on Wurm Shop, that I can see when using the steam client. I've used chrome, edge and firefox as browsers. I also tried it on a brand new computer that has never had Wurm played on it. (Not my computer, hubbies.)
  15. Plank fragments would be a great addition, and or replacment of arrowshafts.