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  1. Only the owner of the hitching post can open it to add food to the container. The permissions controls tie off and unhitch. But not opening the hitching post to add food.
  2. I got advancement on a mission that I contributed to 5 times and it finished. It seemed to advance me 1 mission. So from testing I think you get credit for helping once per mission that finishes.
  3. It doesn't show progress in the journal. But under achievements. It will show how many of each type of metal you have made.
  4. 1. Create a Item that drops on the ground like a BSB. 2. Add it to crafting window. 3. take a step off the tile(so it's to far away) 4. Set your action Q to your max actions. 5. Hit the continue button. (you will get: [20:20:23] You are too far away to do that. times how much your action q is.) Your Crafting UI will look like this: https://prnt.sc/nef4u4 With all of your action bullets stuck in the lit phases.) You can close it to reset. Or at least for me I can step closer and hit continue again which will now work and reset the lit bullets.) A player with 3 actions reported that if they try to use the Continue button they would only get 2 actions.
  5. http://prntscr.com/nbo68y Stuff to write here later when my brain works again.
  6. Working on a canal. I had this happen. The only time it has happened to me so far on this project is when The tile I am trying to level has a higher corner then the one I am standing under. What I expect to happen is that I would get a error that the tile could not be leveled because it has a corner that is to high. what does happen instead is it chips a slope off the tile you are standing under. Making my flat ceiling no longer flat. And causing much wailing and gnashing of teeth and nails.
  7. My test one hasn't taken any damage. My guess is one of two things. 1. The lock is bugged on the SMC. 2. Or the more likely happening is that it took a decay tick. If you leave me a PM with who I should contact in game I"ll take a look at the smc, and get a ID on it so that you can put it back in the hota and see what happens.
  8. I tested one in a forge and locked it isn't taking any damage ticks. http://prntscr.com/nabomu Running a test in a "lady of the lake" also.
  9. Trying to make a Marble Reinforced wall. [21:36:55] Nahjo would not approve of that. It uses Masonry skill and not paving to make. Not sure if this is intended or not.
  10. Just make raw concrete the way we do now. Then join raw crete with rock shard, to make concrete. Each action uses, .20 of the raw crete and 1(kg) from the rock shard.
  11. Hi folks, I dropped of the face of Wurm for a few days, sorry. Pulled my back and have been layed up since Friday.
  12. Thank you @Farmboy102Mortar, beams, and mining! Thank you @LisabetPillars, Statues and Marble bricks to help make up for my miscount.
  13. That's a damn beautiful highway Steve!
  14. There are lead, iron and sandstone that can go.stone is done. Your more then welcome to haul away stuff after mining . Please take it ? main need is beams, marble bricks, mortar. I counted only one wall on the cladding. So claimed 750, when I really needed 2400 on the mortar and marble bricks. So still need 900 to 1200 on each of those. If any one wants to clad that still needs to be done. As does flattening the stupid ceiling, while drowning!