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  1. Alliance map annotations are held by the capital of the alliance. Any time the Capitol changes we have had to redo all of our annotations. If you change back to a deed that used to be a capital you will get any alliance annotations that where stored/used from when it was a capital previously.
  2. 2 wide would be plenty good enough. 3 wide is quite a crazy feat. This will be a amazing project. I'm quite a miser with my dirt. But can come out to help build later.
  3. Check your event tab. there should be a message that it can't finish the fence because something is in the way. it's you! When you move away the fence can finish because you are no longer in the way. A long time ago you could trap yourself in the fence when building. So there is now a check that you don't get stuck in the fence.
  4. I transported a hive today. Large Cart A migrated 1st queen. 5 sugar in hive. Hive was 61 ql unlocked. For the sake of science I peeked while transporting. Trip was short less then 10 minutes. Hive transported with out loss of queen.
  5. What was wrong with Garys great suggestion. Leave nahjo and lib alone. give all other priest half the favor that they get on the same crops. Sounds good and might even be easy to implement.
  6. I would love a light source that is a real light house, that you build like you do a guard tower. So it's a lot of resources but it's just one tall structure.
  7. Congratulations.
  8. +1 Yes, please it makes me a bit crazy.
  9. 16s
  10. Yes, I meant to say gold buckskin. But I really like the champagne one.
  11. True if they where just taken away I'm sure that some players might lose there favorite color.
  12. if for nothing else that some seats can not access the hold, this would be great. Also some seats can't load from where you dropped items to be loaded.
  13. Marble, I want a marble tub
  14. +1 1000, 500, 300, 150, I love the idea. no need to restrict what the 1k one can hold. Moar CRATES!
  15. http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/132469-poll-we-might-get-a-new-horse-color-which-one-would-you-like-to-see-see-below-for-pics/ Malena, did a amazing job with the new horse colors. Can we beg her and Rolf to replace the old colors now. White, brown, black and grey, gold with 4 new colors? grey = grey silver white = white buckskin brown = Chestnut gold = Palomino or Champagne/Gold Buckskin black = black silver I can dream can't I.