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  1. it happens when you log in and don't move or do a action.
  2. Menu bar

    it can be turned on in the new client. I don't know if I would know how to play Wurm without it. Tools, More... and access the hud settings https://prnt.sc/ugam9s The do a O to get rid of the big bulky bars.
  3. I still do, but I currently am playing on Harmony. The deed still exist, we just aren't logging on very frequently on Pristine right now.
  4. You can raise wood cutting also by making kindling, use your hatchet.
  5. Any that are at Harmony bay have been made by players, and setup by players. Feel free to start them at your favorite starting town.
  6. The carval can not, we only made the canal that connects from west to east shallow boat depth. That picture I showed you is at the deed at the purple arrow. https://prnt.sc/u7kjjs
  7. no advice, just a picture https://prnt.sc/u5siod
  8. Map marker Bug

    I know we went over this in the ticket. But for others that are having the same problems. Personal annotations are held by your character. They should stay no matter what happens. Village annotations are held by the village you are a citizen of. If you change Village these will be erased/changed to whatever the new deed has marked. In PvE alliance annotations are held by the Capital of the alliance. Any time the Alliance Capital is changed, alliance annotations will also change. All that being said when we first started playing on the new servers. When you press M it brought up map that showed all the servers in our current cluster. This was changed semi recently to just show the map you are on. when that happened I lost all my map annotations also. I don't know if this was intended and or the way it had to work. If your annotations are currently still being removed on seemingly randomly on login and then come back and disappear again then please add as much information as you can so that the bug trackers can try to reproduce it. The low res map for me stayed into I did a forced verify again on my packs. https://prnt.sc/trvy59 Hopefully we can track down this annoyance of your map annotations disappearing.
  9. I noticed this also. It's like the buffs are the "real time" and the number you get when you type /playtime are is the time that isn't true because of what I always call lag time. Which slows down the use of SB and the gaining of SB using a bed. How long a templar takes to respawn and deed upkeep.
  10. Xanadu was about like this, the land rush on a new server is always exciting Oh, and I played on Thistledown from launch for almost 6 years.
  11. I was asking because alliance notations are held by the Capital of the Alliance. If the Alliance capital changes those will change. It would not change village and personal, just Alliance notations.
  12. This is a good read: https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Your_first_days_in_Wurm_Online