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  1. bump pm me on here to get your order even if u think im not active thanks
  2. if you want to know the chance to get any affinity within the 15s window, it depends on the number of ticks you get in that 15s - i used (0.998)^x=1-y where x is number of ticks in your window and y is probability of getting an affinity in that window for example if you have 52 skill ticks you would have about 10% chance of getting an affinity for 347 ticks its 50% 1% for about 5 ticks
  3. that in itself would be a good suggestion +1
  4. Thanks for the input guys, I was not aware you don't get SB for the first hour of sleeping. Still like the idea of staying online to chat and getting more use out of furniture.
  5. how about if u put a bed in the cargo u could right click sleep on it +1 either way
  6. yea actually you would either have to switch last sec on a real fight to the super weak belaying pin and land a kill or cheat the rules to get that goal idk if you could realistically even deal damage to someone in plate or higher with that
  7. You can do that with /afk btw but if u mean automatic /afk then yea maybe set with profile settings
  8. Also if that would keep the hunger increasing, that would be good for the 3 hours i have to afk every day if i want to grind something with food bonus.
  9. This would be for when you want to stay logged in to reply in chat or watch for some event to happen but also want to get sleep bonus. I guess you could log in a different account, but then someone might not know youre online. This is assuming you can't do anything while sitting down, but i think you can improve and such so maybe add another option like 'sit down and rest' and have a timer pop off like 12 minutes that gives you 30 seconds of sleep bonus and refreshes itself if u dont stand up. Alternatively allow to sleep in beds without logging off.
  10. 94coc hatchet and 94coc trowel to kurson thanks
  11. bump
  12. only 1 item

    Still working on it slowly
  13. Maybe it would be a good idea to also extend this change to get info survey area ability
  14. I agree with everything said, except in my opinion forestry is one of those skills that could be worth more than usual since it's rarer than farming, blacksmithing etc. (unless that's what you meant ) You could use the position of your skill level in the leaderboard as an indicator whether it's rare or not but then of course the skill still needs to actually be usefull for someone.