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  1. not sold yet hmu
  2. thanks
  3. changed some stuff around, stay tuned for base recipe length/price change soonish
  4. bump, no extended pizza at this time but otherwise hit me up
  5. bump i'm still here
  6. bump
  7. bump
  8. I still got 38 for sale
  9. I have 37 for 34 euros pm me
  10. Is that a niarja bug or did this really happen? pretty weird huh
  11. I'm pretty sure i got Brilliant from digging - that was a 90+ emerald
  12. bump
  13. 12s/eu for all thanks
  14. There's some bonus added from parent skills like religion that you can also amplify with skillcheck runes. I do agree with the point about 6 shield subskills and the healing thing.