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  1. It all worked out when i downloaded my graphics drivers again.
  2. Now I'm thinking maybe my game files got corrupted is there any way to verify/repair?
  3. I had a short power outage in my house and following that I haven't been able to launch the launcher - opening the jnlp shows the first logo, then 'donwloading application', then 2nd logo and it stays there indefinitely. I tried rebooting and getting a new jnlp.
  4. Does disease mean the damage from RT weapons or something else? Thanks
  5. It's me again... As a nahjo follower above 20 faith, I should be getting Magranon and Vynora 20% bonus for making runes - but this only works with rift stone. Rift crystal - 0% added, Rift wood - 19% ?? I hope this is not intended
  6. Great stuff, what will be the best slope to show off the minedoor graphics?
  7. This happened to me too and I had to be punched with a maul to fix the problem... We are living in the age of abundance +1
  8. Ooh ok thanks
  9. Last week when i checked the bonuses i had +20% for creating jackal runes, today i have +20 for vynora and magranon on same metal/material type as last time: I am a nahjo follower
  10. This doesn't have anything to do with the suggestion, I invite you start another topic on scripts, thanks.
  11. Good luck catching a fish too big for butchering gains on an alt
  12. Makes sense to me although it wouldn't be in line with butchering regular corpses - which get skill ticks per item same as fish, except when the fish is over 10 ifillets (I havent tested if corpses with more than 10 items like fat animals give no skill either)
  13. Yes, this is ridiculous lol
  14. Is this so terrible :/
  15. Maybe have a "recommended" starter town on the portal and the recommendation changes every 6 months or more based on community voting with rules like no town twice in 2 years and such.