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  1. Honestly tho, these pizzas are more like 8h+ timers at this point. But I'm not sure if all of them so I'll keep the 6h+ in description also adding new bundle and i will get to my current orders asap!
  2. all sent out, thanks
  3. no need to send back the tests. sending out now make sure youre on fixed affinities if u can
  4. Ok so there is this mechanic in place: when u fillet fish and get more than 10 fillets, you will get no butchering skill for the action. This kinda makes sense because some fish give 50 fillets and the skillgain is measured per item produced, so it would be huge. However it feels very unintuitive when you have carp that gives 11 fillets and you get no skill for it, so you need to lower the quality somehow so that it gives 10 fillets instead. My proposition is that every fish should give skillgain for the first 10 fillets from the action. No matter if it gives 12 or 50, you will get skill for first 10. Since you are still butchering, why aren't you getting any better at it o.O
  5. the smallest of bumps to the biggest pizzeria in wurm! Prices further reduced by removing character per order restriction!
  6. and the ring for me thanks
  7. oh yea +1
  8. The link is missing at least a necklace which I think looks good.
  9. Bump for the freshest addition of bundles! Get your noms here
  10. And this is also a bump. I'm kinda out of ideas for now so this is one that everyone knows by now.. Keep the pizza in a magic chest or a larder with snowballs it lasts forever
  11. What yiraia said, im doing the same thing basically right now. Important thing tho is that nathan does not have reveal creatures.
  12. Ah I see thanks.
  13. Some fish (tested carp) give butchering skill, while marlin (and i think other big fish but not sure) dont, only give stats and butchering knife skill. Is this intended?
  14. bump for the sunday players. Here's an idea - get a friend to make you throw up so you can eat more pizza! Consult your doctor first.