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  1. Wisps - check out light tokens Colorful animals - check out animal conditions (like greenish) lovely thread :') New and excited people suggest things like these often, the problem is that mostly what you want is graphic design, which is a lot of work that doesn't really add new features. Best bet is to look through mods for WU, this will never happen in Wurm Online due to huge costs. We also need to maintain the unique feeling the game has, which is not exactly Final Fantasy.
  2. On Pristine currently there are 2 quests for different valrei items. Saccing both at the same time only gave progress in 1 of those missions.
  3. For more utility, it would be nice to have a way to see the hidden timestamp (on hover or otherwise) and also have it attached to clipboard, when using copy line. And obviously to still save to logs with timestamp on it.
  4. 2928, -6355 name: Moongrove thanks!
  5. With the spawning limit for the server, if you had a larger area with no spawns - wouldn't it mean a denser spawn everywhere else?
  6. This really hurts, if you've already done all the work required for 10k and get the same dmg increase that someone gets for a cast. Should at least be 40% or 33% + bleeding damage ticks, or something unique Maybe turn it to a 10% increase but stackable with other damage enchants.
  7. The Dwarves delved too greedily and too deep...
  8. Fatigue lol

    It really is bad. I want to fish forever sometimes just let me do that cmon
  9. Hi Kurson

    about that spreadsheet ur using, can u share it? One of my friend is interested in making some good pizzas and could use your insight



  10. On the way back from a 4 hour rift, wish we had a red sky when sun is near the horizon
  11. Great account, if this was my main i would spend some time panfilling for a bigger action queue
  12. close

    sold for buyout, can close ty