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  1. 100 Channeling

    Congrats never expected this to happen in wurm
  2. The game looks better on low FOV but then you can't really use third person below like 85 fov due to the player taking up a lot of the screen. On higher fov values you can zoom out way farther. Let's get that big zoom out on low fov
  3. We have treasure chests on Elevation idk about other servers? they have decent stuff in them and you get some kinda points for opening them
  4. No need to report a bug?? Gatekeeping bug reports?? wow
  5. Thats not what I'm afraid of - I'm specifically talking about the meadows created on server start
  6. As it is right now, if an area is left unattended for extended months of time, any meadow like grassy areas are slowly taken over by surrounding trees - as you can see this happening on elevation. In my opinion it's a real shame and I would like to see trees spreading looked at. I was thinking a possible solution is a 4th stage of grass level beyond 'wild' that creates a tile that cannot be sprouted on by a nearby tree. Or maybe just configuring tree spreading in a different way that still provides some change over time but not necessarily resulting in shrinking and dissapearance of grass land areas.
  7. You're saying that like that makes it fine. It's not fine.
  8. Yea I know its the fog, but looks bad so please put it on a list to be done, my screenshots suck ty btw the first picture you showed was actually my own, from before the volumetric fog patch haha the second picture suggests some wrong calculations going on with sun/horizon relative levels, resulting in inaccurate sun reflection on the water.. you can also see this in the first picture where valrei appears to be lower on the sky in the water reflection (reflection is bigger -> means the middle of the moon is closer to horizon)
  9. See the gap of nothing between the sun and sea
  10. I'm now getting this message at all times [18:18:07] You can only change volume when the measuring jug is in your inventory. I tried deleting all my inventory groups, dropping the jug placing the jug, no way to actually set the volume. This is a new measuring jug freshly made: [18:19:45] A kitchen utensil used primarily to measure the volume of liquid ingredients such as milk. It is glowing from the heat. [18:19:45] You check the wheel on the bottom and it indicates the volume is set to 80g.
  11. Maybe have a "filled bookshelf" look from 5+ tiles away and only show placed books when very close, like in pick up range
  12. You can use tin runes of Jackal for refresh as well
  13. It's a good question because something is preventing the 'elemental' dmg (enchants) to do the advertised 33% damage, like some resistances on most mobs/npcs.
  14. Yea check this page it's actually got accurate info: https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Metal_lumps#Table_of_properties