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    On 2021-11-25, at 16:12:42 server time, this message appeared in my Skills tab [15:12:42] Channeling increased to 100 "This could only mean one thing," I felt reasonably certain, "I might have reached 100 Channeling" I reached out to CMs and GMs and Devs, and they confirmed my suspicions: I have indeed reached 100 Channeling. Upon not receiving a title, I gave my suggestion for one: Shattered For it would be fitting that such a skill that has brought so many shatters (Rest in peace you two supreme oak rope tools and one supreme huge axe) and left me truly shattered so often would leave this mark upon me. Alternate titles for consideration were Favored, for incomprehensible amounts of favor I have consumed utilizing this skill. Magic Man, for truly I am now (and I'm an Adventure Time nerd). Volkhv, to honor the fallen. I appreciate the hard, hard work of Nineol to provide me with so much I needed, without him this grind would not have been possible. And to the rest of my alliance, without whom I would not have sought to do this silly, silly feat. In other news, some distant engine stirs What could this mead? mean what could this mean?
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    Hello everyone, I'd like to invite you all to come watch some Family Guy funny moments with me. We'll be doing this on Celebration, at approximately this location http://celebration.yaga.host/#1614,979 We'll be starting at 6:18PM GMT on Saturday, you can also check the timer below For being in local at this time, you'll all be able to laugh at these funny moments with a lovely Venerable Green Dragon Hatchling. If you laugh with him at the same clip, he'll even give you some of his blood before the almighty Peter Griffin summons him into a infinite hell of pop culture references. Now I'm not Stanlee, and I'm not quite as nice. I will reserve the tome, if it's a smoke from sol. If it's not, it's getting rolled. This is my first public slay so please, bare with me and any teething issues. I'll see you all there! I'll work towards adding the deed to the highway, but it's so close to the coast and Tap Dance it's very easy to get to. I don't think any part of the coast is local enough, so get ready to walk some alts in.
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    Phew-ee, this one sure is smelly. The Cheese is strong, so strong you'd think it was diseased. A small taste was had, and after spitting was the burning. So either it's jalapenos, or this one is a Red dragon! This slaying is sponsored by the Cheese PMK. Which is to say we found the dragon, and they decorated my deed with Cheese Gear! There's also a wagon but it's on Celebration somewhere under my name and please tell me if you see it, it's lost and I don't know where it is. They're also supposed to have put up some sales of the gear to coincide with this thread but they're really slow so it's gonna be edited in and/or a comment! It's still at Bruce's Flying Circus, still at N13, still on the highway network and you should still get there early.
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    when resizing your deed into water, the markers are underwater and not really visible, they should float so you can actually see them
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    As has been stated elsewhere, the channeling title was not awarded to Kgorski, after he was found to be cheating and permanantly banned. Please stop posting baseless conspiracy theories. Pandalet (LFM)
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    Here's a Wurm expectation vs Reality for you. Hope ya like it. The challenge is on to see if anyone can best this one. Good luck, I know I set the bar very high. Night time shot
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    In the 15+ years that Wurm has been around, how many players have reached 100 channeling? (2 incase you were wondering) Regardless of if Stan was the first or not it is an insane achievement that many will never reach, and the amount of time and effort that he put in (as well as those that helped him with ropes) is nothing to look down upon. Please, if you have anything negative to say keep it to yourself. Thank you, and again congrats on an insane achievement Stan!
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    Add gender to info when hovering your mouse over a neutral creature. Will work on typical farm animals that looks the same male or female. You gain this at a certain skill level of AH. "Aged fat horse (F)" "Mature fat bison (M)"
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    View of Deli from the top of the mountain on the north coast.
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    To piggyback on this post, other magical items used for display purposes that could decrease/eliminate decay on deed that I would love to see are: an ornate version of the empty shelf some type of tray/plate/tablecloth that could be placed on surfaces And on a similar note, using a wax sealing kit on food to render it inedible so it can be for display without decaying when on deed as well.
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    Wasn't he banned for using third party tools? Kind of puts that achievement in a different light. If he really did it legit then, grats, shame he had to spoil it that way. But like Archaed said, it wasn't put through before he was banned.
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    After some Devs decisions with balancing caffeine and drinking coffee mechanics, I came up with an idea that might make an agreement to both sides. As we all know, salt have too few uses these days, so why not use it as a factor of control on the water bar. We have such control on stamina bar by walking around with climbing toggle on. Basic mechanics is to each salt unit player eat, some % on water bar is lost, as salt is known for making ppl thirsty. Let me know, what you think on the subject.
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    Brython's Pretty Patties Apprentice Carpentry, Cooking, and Dyemaking! Situated in Bay of Twelve (E15), Harmony, right off the northern Heartland highway, Brython's Pretty Patties is here to help with any carpentry, cooking, and dyemaking orders! While less skilled than your standard shops, I have a heart filled with gold and determination, and will give an exceptional experience at a price that works for you! I take commissions for the following skillsets: Carpentry (Lvl 39.25) Fine Carpentry (Lvl 27.76) Hot Food Cooking (Lvl 33.09) The following skills are in progress and also for sale, but likely not the quality you desire: Cooking (Lvl 15.06) Natural Substances (Lvl 13.97) (Last Updated: 2021-11-29 at 23:11 GMT) Prices for work are negotiated with your budget and wishes in mind, and not from a pre-defined list! Please contact: Brython (Usually on Afternoons and Evenings EST) If you cannot reach me, please reply on this thread with your character name and desired work, and I will try to get to you as soon as possible!
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    View from one of the taller mountains of Release. Testing how OP Path of Power is and was totally worth the climb.
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    Not changing any of the existing mechanics involving placing tokens... But maybe have an option for a mayor to toggle the manifestation of a "duplicate" token underground if there's a space (even inside a building), merely for speedy access? Just a QoL/convenience thing.
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    I'd like to suggest a magical armour stand. It would be like the magical chest. Would cause items on it to take reduced damage over time and would show the actual armor on it. In the case of multiple sets on it, it would allow you to pick which one is on display. I would buy multiples of this to display leather dragon hide sets I have.
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    The change mentioned - setting all path level 11 abilities to the 25% skill gain bonus of PoK - would take about 10 minutes to implement for Defiance specifically. That's what's being recommended. Fixing broken mechanics "properly" and solving the underlying problems with them takes a lot of time. That's being recommended against. I don't think anyone is asking for a miracle. They're asking for 10 minutes of time for a game they pay $10 a month to play. If the development team does not want to implement the PoK bonus to all paths on Defiance, all they have to do is say so and explain why. I figure that would also take about 10 minutes.
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    PoK 25% on all paths @ level 11 seems like the way to go. No extra damage or DR or whatever, just a simple incentive to not grind on PvE instead of PvP and try and bring some players back. No point trying to stall this any longer devs, your pvp community literally spends hundreds and hundreds(some have spent thousands) of dollars to play on a dying server and we feel neglected and simply let down. I wouldn't be suprised if you see more people leave.
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    Rare Ebony Black Horse 5 speed (4 speed + 1 rare) Speed Testing Results Total Weight Carried = 29.7kg No Gear Out of Water = 33 km/h Water Trait = 38 km/h With Gear Out of Water 49 km/h Water Trait 53 km/h Gear used for testing is my personal gear 95ql Rare gear with 100+ enchants Start bid: 50s Min bid: 1s No reserve No buyout No private bids Sniper protection: 1 hour Location for Pickup Shiloh Deed - South Harmony S17 Happy Bidding!
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    I had an alliance member suggest that I post this here after seeing my alcohol cellar. I like to use T-arches as support pillars. A big bonus is that you can place copper candelabras inside of them to look like you have nice candle sconces for a good cellar / basement look
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    I believe conversations and deals among bidders is highly inappropriate and unfair to the auction holder.
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    Also can walk with climbing constantly turned on. Running and riding is just too fast. On a serious note, even with those boost, Wurm is galaxy away from being seen as medium difficulty grind in "normal" game world. Dog on the right got 30% skilling buff:
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    I do not see how this is relevant at all? SO because other servers have died and continue to die, we should ignore defiance and just let it die because its inevitable its going to die? Thanks for the defeatist input, real big help and I'm sure that will encourage the forever dying PvP servers to grow....
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    I will do my best to feta this in to my busy schedule - sometimes, you just gouda be there!
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    Hi Wurmians! Welcome to our Alliance shop for all your caffeine & alcoholic beverages! We offer beer, wine, cider, gin, whiskey, moonshine and mead. LIMITED OFFER from Radulfus: Some alcohols I have on stock are low ql, I sell them for half price! Caffeine info · Caffeine will give you an increased skillgain while using sleep bonus, the higher the power of the drink the more sleep bonus you will use. · A 1g sip of caffeine drink everyday in the first 10min after first login per server day, you will get 10min extra sleep bonus. · When using caffeine and sleepbonus it will reduce your fatigue (chat command: /fatigue) · Caffeine helps you to sober up on alcohol Alcohol info · It increases item creation difficulty, benefits the skillgain · It refills stamina during heavy duty work like swimming, climbing, digging and mining · It increases cooking difficulty · It increases combat rating bonus · You can earn the title “Drunkard” at a certain point of alcohol intoxication As this is an alliance shop and operated by two players, we can offer you a full range of finished grade caffeine and alcoholic drinks. You can PM Robboeny or Radulfus in game or just reply to this topic. All drinks will be send by COD. Targeted affinity alcoholic drinks If you want a targeted affinity beverage, pls send Radulfus a PM and he will send you a meal to taste and he will figure out which drink he can offer to get your affinity. Note 1: You'll need to have "Fix Cooking Affinities" turned on in your profile. This is very important. I can tell you how to do this if you don't already know. Note 2: Keep in mind that we just started this business so at this point we can’t offer all affinities yet, its work in progress at the moment! Note 3: It is also possible that we don’t have your requested affinity drink in stock and it can take up to a week to produce it depending on the type of drink. Drinks we offer Caffeine drinks 50-63ql (Radulfus) 75ql (Robboeny) Price per jar (2kg) Price per meas. jug (10kg) Price per barrel (45kg) Price per jar (2kg) Price per meas. jug (10kg) Price per barrel (45kg) White tea 20c 1s n/a 30c 1.5s n/a Yellow tea 20c 1s n/a 30c 1.5s n/a Green tea 20c 1s n/a 30c 1.5s n/a Oolong tea 20c 1s n/a 30c 1.5s n/a Black tea 20c 1s n/a 30c 1.5s n/a Black coffee 20c 1s n/a 30c 1.5s n/a Café au lait (on request) 20c 1s n/a 35c 1.6s n/a Kahvesi 25c 1.2s n/a 35c 1.6s n/a alcoholic drinks Radulfus 50-63ql Robboeny 75+ql Price/ small barrel (45kg) Price/ small barrel (45kg) Ale 80c Beer 80c Bitter 80c Brown Ale 80c Cerber’s Triple Hops 80c Jackel Special Brew* 1.8s Necrolis gingerbeer 80c Pale Ale 80c Pilsner 80c Porter 80c Root beer 80c Stout 80c Gin 80c Apple gin 80c Blueberry gin 80c Cherry gin 80c Lemon gin 80c Lingonberry gin 80c Orange gin 80c Raspberry gin 80c Strawberry gin 80c Moonshine 80c Vodka 1s Whiskey 1s Red wine 1s White wine 1s Rice wine 1s Cider 80c 1s Mead 80c 1s *If you provide the necessary riftwood you have a 1s discount!
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    Blood of the Angels (one charge) Starting bid: 1g Minimum Increments: 5s Snipe Protection: 3 hours Private bids: None Reserve: None Buyout: None Buyer must use the charge soon after the purchase, and return the remaining charge
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    No they were banned for using hacking tools https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/186503-fispcudddcrl-news/
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    really don't want the original med paths 11 on defiance to ruin it ive had a toon as every iteration of these broken mechanics, power champ, hate champ, sotg champ, sotg, power70+stam, and pvp'd as pok on chaos and epic against a solid group of players and not just some randos. sotg is an absolute necessity and its only viable to not have if your enemy is brand new to the game or just straight up dumb, sorry. power doesn't work unless you are a player with the scale of lib (and know which direction to face your shield and what stance to be in etc) or are a champ, or just have so much of a better account than your opponent it wouldn't have mattered either way. 25% skill bonus pok was requested because it literally does not affect pvp whatsoever. Hell you could do with a titrate upwards as a scaling bonus like sotg was done for insanity and just do it for all paths as a secondary bonus at this point i'd rather see the game improved in reasons to be on defiance including qol changes for it rather than having really horrible mechanics added back into the fray. whats next, the highly balanced imbues make an entrance to defiance? (just joking here for anyone that doesn't realize it, they're broken and everyone that pvp's hates them) the only people that are really wanting to add these "great mechanics" are people that 1. already have them on chaos and are playing there and just don't care what happens 2. haven't experienced them personally ever in their life and want to feel cool and feel like they've missed out on something but don't want to play on chaos 3. play on epic, which im sorry is considered a pve cluster at this point due to the plethora of broken pvp mechanics on elevation and low population due to one way skill transfers 4. just don't understand the actual flow of gameplay or a combination of these four points you're likely to see the loss of more players(is it even possible after we have went almost 12 months with no pvp changes since launch?) with these changes added, really no matter how you do it than you are anything else, anyone saying "oh thats just a small amount of DR LOL I'll take my pok over that any day!" are straight up people who don't pvp
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    Kingdom Graphics Flag/Banner/Tall banner 2.5s Military tent 5s Wagon 20s
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    Oh right yeah I collected some info on the grind I can post now: The grind I used from 99.990 to 100 was neck wound and Opulence on Corn. Grinds before then were all sorts of things, like casting in armour on gems (a method that favor now regens too fast for), LitD on seryll pendulum, lots and lots of Vessel casts. 183 corn cobs gave their lives for the cause (shattered or reached 75 damage and were sacced for no longer stacking with the others). 251,556 favor was spent on Opulence casts (failed casts cost 2 favor). It took about 203 hours of Opulence timers. Thanks, caffeine! While casting, I managed a corn with 0 opulence. When I hit 100, I cast on it again. Landed 99.
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    LIBRAM OF THE NIGHT A black leather book with an etched silver owl, to be read by the wicked and twisted. https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Libram_of_the_night Starting bid: 25s Increment (minimum): 1 s No Reserve No Buyout Sniper Protection: 1 hour Happy Bidding!
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    Just set all level 11 abilities to 25% PoK and be done with it?
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    Who doesn't love rare ponies!!!!
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    Hello, Wurmians! I am happy to announce our second annual Black Friday sale, going from Wednesday, November 24 until Sunday, November 28th. Enjoy 25% off of premium and silver prices, and 30% off of one-year premium purchases!
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    the map is now up to date, bring on the info.
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    And that's fine. Play it your way. Personally I enjoy being able to actually gain skills with the limited time I have to play, coffee means my one hour of focused grinding gets me further, and I can feel the accomplishment too
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    You are welcome to grind without coc or sb if you choose, if that makes you feel more accomplished by achieving these things!
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    Everything this guy said is wrong and uninformed
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    Bro we just need more reason for people to play on pvp then pve. Right now there nothing stopping people from hunting for sb, teleporting to freedom and grinding with 25%….. Give us a reason to play more on pvp.
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    The Bridge has been completed!
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    So basically the solution that is being offered to NFI is to revert back to the old med system? I'd rather things stay the way they are now. Would suck that once again meditation 70 would be a requirement to pvp. Sucks to all the players who purposely didn't grind med past 30 because it wasn't needed for defiance and sucks for all the new players because it's gonna put them at a huge disadvantage. Not having Path of power, the meta where players can run up and down mountains and swim for miles.. run across the map without losing staminia, was a net benefit to pvp. Defiance is better for not having med path 11 abilities. Right now there are no more objectives... no reasons to fight. Hota is rubbish and people just stumble into camps while hunting. Aside from potentially small skirmishes on starter islands not really much to fight for so there isn''t much PVP. However if you start having characters with path of power its going to become far harder to get kills. Imagine trying to kill Jomog with the scale and path of power 11? He'll just walk up a mountain or run all the way home (just as an example). The only exception is PoK because that doesnt affect PVP. The only difference POK 11 makes is people will grind on Defiance instead of Freedom. Otherwise no point even coming onto Defiance at all unless there is a ping for pvp once they have POK on freedom. If the only choices are to go back to the old meditation system where all path 11's are allowed and med is merged.. or things stay the same I'd way prefer things stay the same and we all just grind on freedom.
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    I am very Happy to finally post this official sale post for The Valyrian Estates Horse market This market specializes in Horses and Hell Horses I am very proud to be selling a lot of 4 Draft horses andworking on combination of Draft and Speed Horses and Hellies~! The market is located at The Valyrian Estates Deed on Independence The deed is on the highway system and located at the southern bank of the Crystal lake right to the east of the Avocano Mines bridge. You can arrive and purchase horses at our Self Service Merchant or Get them delivered to you for a fee of 1s Across server to a coastal location Map to Deed: How it looks like when you approach the deed: The Self Service pens layout (located in the middle of the deed across from the merchant and deed token): Check out our Horses that are for sale at the self service pens: November 28 Hellies restocked. don't miss the ones with cool names! Please leave your orders here if you want me to reserve horses or if you want a horse delivered I will be restocking tomorrow 28/11 and when more draft horses become available Honored to do business with you Rowina
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    The title was not awarded, so it's not been given. Basically he got banned before it was processed so I can only assume devs didn't go through with it
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    Small barrels work like a charm to increase your FC. And if you want to be independent from other players, thus start making wine at some point, storing milk and juices, you're going to need lots of small barrels. Just put them in the barrel rack, select the amount your actions allow you to imp, select the right tools and imp along! Thorin
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    I'm always for more farm animals!
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    Congrats Stan on an insane accomplishment! Now you need to get Prayer to 100!
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    Proof of concept: A burning bush (it's tea, actually). I'm still looking for something other than a BSB, which would hide the brazier completely.
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