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    They don't warn me that they will be missing me even after three years passed. I would have to admit that Wurmians saying hi to me on facebook, steam, or other means over the past 3 years makes me smiles and inflate my chest of 'oh my, they still remember me!' I left three years ago with this reason: And so I think some might interested to know what kind of 'productivity' I have. A few months after I quitting Wurm I start to work for Baidu (Chinese google so to say). I start there at first doing translations from English to Indonesian for android game apps then move on to providing localization for Chinese android games, curate games for Baidu's version of google play store, being the community manager for their forum, and so on. The current project is cooperating with a small dev team to create a mobile RPG that is local themed but with spices of modern anime taste. The game is called 'Legenda Nusantara', it is not fully launched yet, and only available in the Indonesian language. Here are some screenshots of the game: My job desc is 'game designer' but I do a variety of things from folklores and references research, coordinating team, story writing, to community managing. I also do freelance work for a puzzle maker company called PuzzleBoss, I operate their CMS to develop new puzzles for people to play on their Android phone and tablets. In my spare times, I have found myself interested in roleplaying and going back to Minecraft. First I was joining a Minecraft roleplay server, but when that server is dying, I decided to make my own, called AEnasan. It has its own website, and also extensive wiki, but now it is gone since there weren't many people joining us and I lost interest in Minecraft RP due to things like hard work as server owner (my fault, of making the server requires a lot of custom contents) and unable to online at peak time to do RP. It was great when it last tho, I even remake Deathfell with a statue of Viletona (a deity inspired by Libila. Sadly, somehow I don't have the picture of the finished one). Here are a few pics of it. I played a bit of MOBA game Paragon and joined an art group. Right after they start working with the developers, I quit because I lost interest in the game. (imagine playing MOBA with 300ms ping that sometimes decides to go 1000ms... it is not fun). Not much awesome memories but I draw some stuff I guess. Nowadays, I am doing a few forum-based roleplay on Iwaku. One of the RP almost reaching 10k replies which will be around 2000 pages if they were pasted into a word document. This one RP, that taken in the world of Sundalle, have inspired me so much that I created more than 30 artworks for it. Here is some of them. Besides that, I have invested on many many acrylic paints and goes back on doing some traditional paintings. A little shameless advertising, you can see more of my artworks at https://rosedragoness.deviantart.com/ I will be back on Wurm in a few days or something. Afterall, I got free time at work now and I feel I want to try the idea of roleplaying to a bigger extent than before in Wurm. Cheers! Edit: I see the place where my old deed was is undeeded, although it is turned to a wilderness. One of my old accounts irisdragon still accessible too so I am happy with that. Thanks for everyone in game that kindly helping this becoming-newbie-again person. xD regards, rosedragon
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    *Sighs* So much good stuffs here that I would chime with the others that there should be more than one winner so we have more tapestries. I will join with one of my wurm fanart that I believe reflect the most of wurm among all my fanarts: Impalong
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    34 crate racks made and full.. 2 warehouse. omg i got so much room for more stuff...
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    Hi everyone! After a few hiccups we're pleased to see the new huge update live! There's all sorts of things, from highways, to crate racks and new fence types, so let's get to it! But first... Patch Notes Highway update We've been busy setting up all starter towns with the catseyes and waystones. They will extend into the perimeter of all starter deeds allowing you to connect them to your highways. The highway rules will continue to operate for a while, we'll give notice when we begin to phase them out and replace them with the updated ruleset to incorporate catseyes. Map dumps! As promised, we have the new map dumps to coincide with the release of the highway update! The map dumps were taken earlier in August and we're currently looking at adding a new dump type into the roster showing off highways in the next rotation! The folder of all dumps can be found here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6J_aGQ6URL8UURFN2VadWxtSWs Unstable client With todays update the unstable client is very close to launching as the stable client. While we will offer the stable one temporarily as a legacy client, it's really important you test this as soon as possible to avoid any major issues when we switch over. For info on what feedback to leave and how check out this thread here: Blossom voting The blossom starter deed design contest is now open for voting! I think all designs look awesome, and I'm keen to see how wins! check them out and submit your vote here: Battle bards! This week I was shown a little podcast by a group that covers MMO music, and this time they checked out the Wurm Online soundtrack! From Gurubear's quirky songs to the atmospheric soundtracks by Tom E. Morrison, Check out the podcast here: https://biobreak.wordpress.com/2017/08/16/battle-bards-episode-103-wurm-online/ Community content This week the factional fight guys check out one of the surprise additions to this weeks update and talk about how it impacts the game for them, what's your favourite part of this update? That's it from us this week, we'll continue to monitor the update and take any action necessary over the next week. There's plenty more in the works as we've hinted at before. What is it? You'll just have to wait and see... Retrograde & the Wurm team
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    There are now more gods on epic than regular players? But grats to Gary.
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    Welcome to Rose's Art Shop, Where I take your hard-working silvers in exchange of drawings and paintings.My style is something considered cartoony and my work can be seen here: https://rosedragoness.deviantart.com/ Current discounts: - Commission with a dragon as its main focus will get 25% discount. Pricing: - 10s for 500x500 digital painting, fully colored (perfect for an avatar on any games/forums). This will take around 1 week to create, 2 weeks max. - not doing bigger size for now. Terms: - Commissions should follow Wurm community rules and guidelines. This includes no NSFW and no art that directly smears the reputation of others. - I am allowed to display the art to the public. - First, you give me a description of what you want me to draw. - Second, I provide you sketch. - Third, if the sketch is agreeable, then you send me at least 50% of the payment. Else, back to first phase until we get something agreeable or I decides it doesn't work out. - Fourth, I finish the artwork and give a low-quality sample to you. - Fifth, I get the remaining of the payment. - Sixth, I send you the full high-quality artwork. Contact: Thistledragon or Irisdragon in game
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    So im rolling along thru the southern desert, and what is that i see over a small mound of sand, it looks like the top of a pile of items! From what i can tell someone died out there and lost a significant amount of shiny stuff. Without going into details i roughly found: 1x Supreme tool 3x Rare tools A set of WOA Horse Shoes A set of slightly damaged medium q studded, with med AOSP. and about 10 other misc tools. Unfortunately it looks like most of the tools were purchased i could not find a consistent creator among any of the gear for clues to ownership. If you believe this is your gear send me a FORUM MESSAGE with a list of the tools mentioned and ill gladly return them. For now there all safely tucked away. It was very likely in the last few days, its a fairly traveled area, also if anyone happens to have seen the corpse earlier could maybe PM me a name?
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    A friend of mine in his first week of wurming decided he needed a chicken coup: Chicken Coop by Ackemi
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    hello fellow wurmians .... we have found and pen the venerable "starving" scared forest giant at release the slay will be public, all welcome to get a cup of blood to make woodcutting potion (but ofcourse the loots is private ) the even wil start in : and timezone converter https://notime.zone/KrWTI-RDKwTUY meeting point at G15 Release dont forget to attends the slay place will be at I16 from coast just go up to main road (highway) you can drop tent at that highway and left alt stay at boat
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    Please make this happen. It's so disappointing to tend a farm get a rare roll and then get nothing for it. It's one of the few rare rolls that are pointless and makes a player go awhhh. Should be a coin like fighting, burying, foraging etc.
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    i just wanted planeswalker sorry pals
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    The decline continues
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    A short video clip (52 sec): "Fighting the Black Dragon". Enjoy! (Make sure to watch in HD quality.)
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    The biggest immersion killer for me in Wurm has been riding my wagon home after a long trip in the rain, getting indoors to my fireplace, only to find that the rain is magical, and can pass through solid roofing. Various people have suggested in the past that weather not fall inside structures, and it was said that it was a challenge to make the change due to various things about the way the code was written. So, I thought of an alternative. Could it be possible so that the client simply stops rendering all weather particle effects (rain, snow) when inside a structure? I don't know about you, but I'd much rather have some falling rain missing while looking out a window, than have rain actually in my house. Then, when you walk outside of a structure, it simple starts to draw them again. Thoughts?
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    Hooray from crate racks!!! I went from to to finally!
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    (from the neverending story of) "If I fits, I sits"
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    Terribly chuffed with my lighthouse, what. With special thanks to Slowmo for his idea http://
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    Rainbows on Sklotopolis Everytime when I think my players have built every amazing structure on our map, they astonish me over and over again
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    I just was on the unstable test server and I must say, the game looks amazing over there. I know a lot of it is just being tested and it may not all make it into the actual game...but there is quite a big difference in my opinion on how the game looks, and I love it. Here is a screen shot that I took... You should try out the unstable test client if you are interested in checking out all the upcoming changes!! It looks wonderful!
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    I think (suggest) it would be very helpful to increase the Hold capacity of Rowboats and Sailboats by enabling the Rowboat to hold 1 Small Crate and the Sailboat to hold 2 Small Crates. =Ayes=
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    I'd love to see different stone choices for the forges, ovens, smelters, fireplaces, kilns, Guard Towers, mail boxes, fountains, wells and anything else I'm missing. The rate Devs are going on adding these new materials to things, I'd honestly be surprised if they don't have this in the works, but just in case they don't, here is the suggestion.
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    I'm gonna counter this new rule with an old old old rule. People are responsible for their reputation, and as was mentioned in this thread, there are more than a few jokers who find nothing more amusing than griefing perimeters which has a way of ending with a ruling against the deed owner for some reason (including one known repeat offender given CA rank and whatnot, don't PM me about it unless you're someone in staff willing to properly look into it for a change). You wanna use a certain highway? Don't piss off people in the area. Wrongly KoS'ed? You had no plans to stay in the area to do bad stuff anyways and anyone can outrun a templar.
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    Congrats dude. Now to talk the devs into making the avatar something like:
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    Well, looking back at my first days in Wurm, here is my story - funny and a wee bit embarrassing : It is the day of Tears in week 4 of the starfall of the Leaf in the year of 1017. Young Yaga, totally unexperienced and confused by this new world of Wurm, is trying to find his way from a strange place called Greendog through the dense forest to the northern shore of the freshly born and almost empty island of Deliverance. From time to time he passes one of the very few settlements and notices mysterious translucent shapes, looking like ghost warriors. "Spirit Templars" they are called - but what are they? Avatars of the godlike guardians of peace (aka "GMs" )? The ghosts of other players who have been killed? Being all alone in this country, he has nobody to tell him... And then, in the middle of a threatening forest, trying to avoid the many hostile and deadly creatures roaming the lands, he suddenly hears a voice saying: [10:30:49] <Spirit templar> I'll take care of Young black wolf! So, there seems to be someone out there trying to help a poor newbie, after all! What's the polite way to react? Here is what Yaga replies: [10:31:13] <Yaga> Thanks Needless to say, he never got an answer from that templar!
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    The tortoise or the hare? This is what happens when you ask for help to remove a piece of salt which got stuck in a raft: A GM will appear above your head as a menacing, floating, sea serpent and promptly turn you and your deed mate into a fluffy, hopping bunny and tortoise!
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    This is actually quite clever and cute!
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    Inspired by the web application posted on the Build Houses guide made by Toni here, I decided to make an application that would also include the floor and roof material calculations, as well as making it multi-level capable. It also does the calculations per selection, and has fancy colors per level. You can find the application here, and the source code here for anyone interested seeing it or making any contributions. Any suggestions? Are there any materials that I am missing? Are there anymore bugs that are not listed in Issues?
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    I've suggested before that we could find different color and sizes of eggs when foraging. Depending on which egg, we could have chickens, pheasants, canaries, parakeets, parrots, etc.
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    Love the lighthouse Baloo! So yesterday I harnessed dragon power to help me build a new SW Mountain pass on Celebration.
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    Dis is my kitten, ain't she adorb?
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    Many rares have no apparent added functionality, why not let extra runes be attached? One rune for normal, two for rare, three for supreme and four for fantastic. Some runes might need to be one-per item for balance, but most wouldn't need any extra balancing.
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    what I do is just start the meditation until I get a start message and then cancel the med and see if its a message that corresponds with insanity, if its not I try one or two more times on that tile and then move onto the next usually takes me 5-10 minutes to find a tile meditation messages:
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    The third day in Wurm I was wondering how to make enough irons to buy a new pottery bowl from a merchant after losing mine because I ran right up to a troll because they had cool graphics...but that is another story. I found an iron vein and very excitedly told people in my local that I can now make my own iron coins!
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    Every time I sneeze it probably because a Wurmian been talking about me! I have submitted to the tapestry competition before writing these, although I do not bother of creating a new art. Yet.
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    Bug Fixes: Bugfix: Fixed an issue with a few deed permissions which surfaced with highway release. Those who reported mining and tree cutting permission issues, please try again. Bugfix: Fixed a few issues with prying/bashing waystones in deeds and perimeters. Bugfix: Fixed a bug with waystone creation and rarity. Bugfix: You can now plant catseyes inside a building if the house has a fence on a different floor. Bugfix: Fixed an issue causing crashes when using the Find route function. Client changes: 4.0 Client Bugfix: Fixed an issue with the 4.0 client not installing on machines with no client at all. 4.0 Client Bugfix: Make stars move in the same direction as Sol 4.0 Client Bugfix: Fix opacity of custom color outlines on objects A low memory usage unstable client has been added while we continue to work on performance issues. If you run multiple clients and would like less memory used per client or experience other performance based issues with the existing unstable client please use the following link: http://www.wurmonline.com/client/wurmclient_unstable_lowmem.jnlp
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    So I looked at the forum to find anything about saddlebags and indeed the community has quite a bit about wanting it. So, I will not go into detail about it other than... Saddlebags would be a great addition to wurm! Seriously. Now onto the Small Carts. "But wait Enigma... There are small carts." Yep, I think it would be a nice addition to the game to have the ability to hitch one horse to the cart. it makes sense to me considering that is what people do with horses. They hitch them to stuff they would rather not pull on their own.Of course you would still have to lead it. The other thing that would be a nice addition is the ability to load a single Large Crate or two Small Crates in the Small cart. I cannot count the number of times where I needed to carry just one or two crates somewhere or needed a crate in a location where horses are unable to go. Hitching up a large cart for one crate just seems... excessive to me. In these instances I am forced to spend a large amount of time pushing or pulling it to the location. Even if the ability to hitch is not going to fly, loading into a small cart would be awesome. Well theres my 2 cents worth of Saddlebags and Small Carts!
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    As I continue work with the Ultima Nostalgia project (in which the entire server is one huge deed), I'm getting more and more requests on YouTube and elsewhere from people who would like to live in their own house on the server. I suspect that a lot of these people are Ultima players who have never tried Wurm before but who would be willing to buy Wurm Unlimited to live in a place that looks like UO and is populated by other Ultima fans. Obviously, since they've never played Wurm they don't really understand how deeds work. So I've tried to explain the problems of letting them live there. This got me to thinking about permissions. We can set permissions to houses, carts, boats, fences, mounts etc. But what if we could right click and set permissions to TILES that are within one's deed? This way, deed owners could: Create various empty plots - allowing "anything goes" so players could build a house from ground up, farm etc and anything they wished - so sort of like a mini deed inside a deed. Create a public mine that allows players to mine and pick up ore, but doesn't allow them to load a forge onto a cart Create wood chopping forests, keeping the forests and trees of the rest of the deed safe. Create public farming land And I'm sure there are many uses that I'm not even realizing at this point It would be up to the deed owner to mark these areas somehow with fences or signs Right click tile... Set permissions from a popup Coordinates of tile can be seen in the title to ease remote management Tile could be named to better keep track of which set of tiles (Plot 1, Plot 2, Public forest, Public mine etc) they belong to PS: Before posting this, I checked to see if there were any other similar posts, and I'd just like to point out that Enigma_Prime is suggesting something similar. Please go and check out Enigma's post as well. I decided to make a separate thread about this since what I'm asking for is slightly different, has different mechanics etc
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    Hi folks, Sorry, but there will be no update to the map this week. We are on vacation in RL (touring in the USA waiting to catch the total eclipse occurring on Monday Aug 21). The next update will be done for August 28. We appreciate your patience while we are taking this short vacation. Skyefox and Hughmongus Cartographers of Indy Co-Administrators - The Albia Roads Map of Indy
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    So I have the best affinity ever, and it is toys. I've spent a lot of time playing with my yoyo (that's definitely not innuendo), and with my puppets even though it's completely pointless to do so. Aside from getting titles, there is nothing to gain from using toys, so it would be great if we could potentially get rare chances when using toys (for all 3 people on Wurm that use toys). And Vynora does like yoyos, so maybe she would send me some tips for doing some cool yoyo tricks for her This is probably my first and last suggestion since everyone will just tell me to stop playing with toys and grow up, but I still feel that making an occasional copper coin from puppet shows and yoyo tricks would be awesome.
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    Congrats on the new status and well done on the tedious work to get there!
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    FWIW the stars are still rotating from west to east when they should be going north to south to be consistent with the motion of Sol. And the orbital planes of the moons differ greatly from those on the stable client (although I suppose that might be intentional). In case anyone cares.
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    Ok, shameless plug time. Video of my grandaughter singing at a recent gig she did (local bar) and posted to her facebook page. It's the first vid on the page. Not the greatest sound quality but sounds great to me. (of course my opinion is majorly biased, lol) Give it a look see anyway. https://www.facebook.com/meganjademusic/ The song is Amy Winehouse's Back to Black
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    I feel that many people play this game for the novelty of how WURM works and the fact that you have pretty much full freedom to do what you want when you want with specific limitations. However, it has been my experience, regarding WURM, that there is an issue with player community. The players themselves do what they can to promote community and the devs have done a wonderful job improving this area yet to me it seems that it still lacks the "Let's be togetherness". I believe this idea that I have about the ability to "sell" property to players if they wish to be a citizen of a settlement can help with this shortcoming. Selling property with preset permissions that come with being an "auto citizen" lets individuals get to know others by proxy of purchased property. Essentially the community stems from being neighbors. One of the walls I have found as a deed owner is the fact that I have to "get to know" anyone and almost everyone that I add as a citizen. I would have to spend a considerable amount of time with an individual, as a deed owner or an individual that is capable of inviting strangers to a deed, in order to fully know if they are trustworthy enough to not seriously grief/damage everything on my deed before giving them the permissions that they want as part of a deed. All the while the individual wanting the benefits of my deed, and the community that comes with it, will have to wait that considerable amount of time to do pretty much anything on deed while they craft and build things off deed (wasting their time in my opinion). This may not seem like a problem with settlements that have a population less than 5 however when it gets to the point that the settlement has 10 - 20 or more then it gets annoying. As mentioned before as a settlement mayor it is hard to justify the time spent getting to know all the individuals that want to enter my deed. It is time better spent enjoying all the facets of this game that I have yet to do. This is only my opinion but the micromanagement style to deed owning is arduous. This issue is reduced a little with the ability to sell property that I allocate on my deed. As the mayor (or anyone authorized to do mayor things) I can then set certain permissions that automatically take effect as soon as they buy the property (and become a citizen of the settlement) just like it is set up now. The benefit of this situation is the individual that purchased the property can do what they wish, how they wish within the confines of the purchased property and its set permissions. The ability to sell property on a deed alleviates the issue of "trustworthiness" of the individual and enables them to gain the settlement benefits they so desire all the while putting a bit of currency in the coffers of the deed (the purchaser will still have to adhere to and be aware of any taxes that come with being a citizen). It is no secret that WURM also lacks anything that can be considered an economy. It has been mentioned by the players and the devs uniformly that the trading system between players is... clunky at best. The idea of selling property will benefit to the inevitable solution by creating a bit of "cash-flow" through the settlement. The Mayor (or authorized citizens) plant a property marker, sets the price and they are done. As soon as another player "purchases" that property marker funds are debited from the players account and the deed coffer is credited. Now this is in no way to be a huge effect on the problem but does introduce motivation to both purchase and use in-game currency. So this is all good but how would a system like this be set up? Good question and I have thought about this quite a bit: 1) Mayor (or authorized citizen) sets up permissions for a "New citizen" just like they do now. This will be what they are allowed to do anywhere on the deed (Pick-up items, not pick-up items, Lead, not lead, dig, not dig, etc.) 2) Set up a "property profile" for different types of property (what the purchaser is allowed to do within the confines of this type of property) Similar to the "New citizen" permissions however will include subjects such as maximum slope allowed or maximum building height for example. 3) Purchase a property stake from a trader (or make one. this would be entirely up to codeclub) 4) Place the property stake. Now this seems simple however I have thought about just letting the "marker" be in the center like the deed marker but considering you are dealing with a much smaller area (I'm thinking minimum 5x5 tiles with a one tile [or more] perimeter) Having a marker in the center where you cannot build anything would be annoying. So the solution would be to place the marker and have a UI that would allow a 0 to be placed in the fields asking how far north/east/west/south you would like the property to be with a minimum of two fields filled in and a mandatory perimeter (minimum one tile). 5) Apply a "property profile" to the marker and “citizen type” they would become if purchased. 6) Set Price 7) Player purchases property That's it. As soon as the purchaser buys the property they are now a citizen of the settlement (which is set with the "property profile") and can freely build within the property limits (also set in the "property profile"). From here on it is up to the new citizen to get to know others do good things for the settlement and gain more permissions or higher citizen ranking along the way. I admit there are a few more questions that need to be answered that are more difficult to deal with and ultimately, if this idea takes off, would have to be debated. However this is the gist of the subject. Some questions that I had a hard time confronting: 1) If an individual purchases property then quits playing/doesn't follow the rules/irritates the other citizens; do I as the mayor have the right to revoke their citizenship and take their property? A: If the property was rented you could as deed owner refuse to continue contract after expiration. 2) If, as a mayor, I have the right to take their property how does codeclub prevent mayors from stealing your game currency by booting the citizen out as soon as the transaction is complete? A: The mayor would be bound to a "rental contract", as it were, and be unable to cancel the contract until the agreed upon time is met. The deed owner would also be unable to disband the deed until such time that all rental contracts are expired. This would alleviate this issue. 3) Would a purchaser have the ability to purchase more property and if so how would I prevent them from “land-grabbing”? A: All properties are by contract and a default of one contract per toon. It would be between the deed owner and the renter to allow for a bigger plot. 4) Would a purchaser have the right to develop the property then sell to another? If so does the second purchaser become a citizen? and to this if so then what level of citizen? A: No, however one could allow the rental contract to expire therefore allowing another individual to rent the space. 5) Can purchasers "sub-lease"/share the property? A: No 6) After purchasing; would the purchaser be able to add others to the property and set permissions for them? A: No EDIT: It has bee pointed out by Vanyel that renting spaces would be more viable and I agree. EDIT 2: If you like this idea you may like this idea as well
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    DeedPlanner 2.8.9 released! Changes: Added possibility to place objects in tile corner Added highways Added new fence and parapet types added in 17 August 2017 Wurm Online update Added large storage unit Fixed hell horse missing texture bug Fixed few incorrect categories mappings
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    Super unfinished, no prototype yet. Might or might not ever actually happen. Right now it's just that one table, i turned it into a container and the first item inside will be shown on top. In theory i can extend it to other items, but they need to be manually chosen, container-ified and the Z offset determined experimentally (since the server doesn't know anything about models it can't know how big a table actually is). The item can't be pushed/pulled (will always be on center of the table), and for now can't be rotated (though i hope to remedy that). Bigger tables maybe will get 3 slots for items, like left/right/center.
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    If your cart normally goes 20km/h, change it to 15 with a heavy load and 25 when light (or empty). Seems more natural. Maybe a little less on the slowdown and more up the speed boost for light? This happens with riding a horse. Why do wagons and carts ignore extra weight?
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    My first week in Wurm, I went on a Grand Adventure up in a remote winding mountain road with twisty turns marked by stone demon statues. Then out of the blue, I got a text message in my Event window: A Young Fat Cliffchaser grazes. I turned around and ran without stopping until I got back to the bottom of that mountain. I had NO idea what a 'cliffchaser' was, and I really did not care to learn. I was pretty sure it sounded like something that would eat me. It took me several weeks before I realized it was ... a baby horse. Another time, I was pushing my way through an Olive grove, when my mouse highlighted an object somewhere in front of me but behind the trees: "Jackal." I thought for sure there was a jackal just ahead of me, and again turned and ran. I ran a LOT, those first days.
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    If it were me i wouldnt be publically making the problem larger and probably upsetting the friend further (even without names there will always be more people than you realise who can put two and two together, its a bit embarrassing really and potentially creates awkward conversations for them to have with people when all they want to do is leave it alone). I would try to reach out to them and if they refuse to respond then all you can do is respect that as thier choice to make. It sucks but thats life and we dont always get the answers we are looking for, if they were a friend worth keeping then they would probably be trying to work things out, if they arent then it suggests they dont think you are worth trying. Fairweather friends come and go, friends with limited and specific shared interests/circumstances come and go, real friends try to work out differences and last for life. Maybe she needs a break to clear the head and will talk when she cools off but you can not force someone to talk especially not by being destructive.
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    Someone should really call the fire department... maybe after a few more twirls.