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    Pretty epic landscapes on Jackal
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    I personally don't think there's anything to worry about in this thing besides the "omg it's over" attitude, that is based over guesses, assumptions and basically nothing else. And might be, above anything else, the main reason that will cause a decreasement in active players. If people start to believe the the game is closing, they will try to sell out, market will get even worse, the game less appealing, and more people will quit in a endless loop of panic. You keep getting reassured that "nothing will happen to the game" over and over from years, and still you go on with your apocalypse-speculations that are getting people to quit more than anything else. You should seriously consider stop doing this, or you will actually be right in the end, lol.
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    Hey, don't knock it. It's not my kind of thing, but it seems popular and if players like it and are having fun then good luck to them I say. If it's good for Wurm then it's good for all of us?
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    Congratulations! You are the first lunatic Wurmian to grind to 100 So you get to pick the title!
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    Naturally with any launch there's going to be a period of tweaking and adjustment, both of what we are aiming for and player expectations, but we're glad that the feeling is we're on the right track, we'll keep working towards it. The start of this is always going to feel like a grind, but we do have ideas for future iterations of Jackal to address that (our inhouse idea list is already about 4 pages long of bullet points) We'll be improving rift material resource collection to address the lodestone issue too, being able to travel back to freedom means more willingness to spend time on jackal pushing out, so it's a win win for both sides. We'll also be looking at adding more ingame information about whats going on, such as the purpose of the beacons, messages about Jackal points and so on. There's a lot to work through and we'll keep working on making it as fun as possible, I love seeing everyone working together and coordinating in teams, it's pretty awesome.
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    Flubb, its a small settlement of two players that are close to each others and I found this place I liked like three weeks ago and didn't take up on it. Infact I wasn't an experience player back then, just started. While learning new things and get a hang of it, that is why I decided to stick with Haven to see what kinda people are there and how friendly, but didn't turn out good as I though it would. Anyway this cozy place I found, really suit an elf, that is connected to the big lake, having a little Elven Bungalow under a lot of trees and good overlook into the lake. I am happy there, made a deed and now going to take time for me setup the place. I named it Shady Hollow
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    I can paste some drain data from my app later, but on celebration i average 4.5s a month. I can go back years and show the difference between now and the nerf as well. Contrary to the socialist on the forum, 10% goes back to the trader and the other 90% goes to my upkeep. I dont profit anymore, havent for nearly 4 years. Guess what, that means you foragers are taking the coins i put back in the kingdom pool. Are you putting all of it into upkeep? How many rares have you bought? Players also love to camp the sell-to-token feature as well as use free alts to conjure coins through foraging. Both these take coins from the kingdom coffers, which is where traders get money from. If there are no coins in the coffers when selling to a token, traders will be getting very little money. I can confirm we get far less from traders because of this, but Trader draining was never intended for income. I'll take what I can get as long as I can get it, no use complaining considering sit does no good. #missingmyfountainpacks I despise socialism and to suggest something is not fair because others capitalize on something before you is absurd. I have no issue telling yall I drain traders, at one point I had four of them. I stopped buying them when roi became nearly a year. At this current time I control one, and am content with the upkeep assistance it provides. Have a great and hypocritical day nay sayers.
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    While EPIC is relatively the same as FREEDOM cluster.. it's just a pvp cluster.. and CHAOS is just a random piece of land.. with it's own creatures.. and 'friends with blunt & sharp things coming to greet you(one or another way)', well.. JACKAL's home world.. is a whole new place to explore... dev team could do wonders there.. and I'm not sure if anybody realizes what all that means... It's like a test server(OK OK OK.. it's not a test server, BUT..) you have new land, new events, new start, possibility for the devs to get wild and try new things... WILD ideas that were so far a NO-NO option for the core cluster, and not exactly reasonable to implement on epic or chaos either. At least for me.. the potential to get crazy with new ideas there is endless...
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    I gotta admit that I'm on the fence about this whole company share thing. I don't know what Game Chest Group is, and researching into its brands really hasn't given me much on whether I can say that it's a good or bad thing. Honestly, I have no clue what to think about it. Some aspects about it do rub me the wrong way, but it's less to do with the company and more to do with the inherent negativity that certain aspects they work in have generated due to how other companies have handled them. Things like selling game keys for cheap, and online betting parlors. It scares me. They're not bad as far as I can tell, I can't see any real signs that there a horrible company that will drag us under and enslave us in the salt mines, but at the same time... I just find this completely terrifying to me. :< All I can do is hope that things might work out.
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    Pirates Den is a deed at Pristine. It's player made island. The size of Pirate's Den is 31 by 27. The perimeter is 5 and it has 0 guards hired. The settlement has 1 silver, 96 copper and 64 iron in its coffers. The monthly cost is 1 silver, 67 copper and 40 iron. The upkeep will last approximately 32 days, 21 hours and 22 minutes more. The tile per creature ratio of this deed is 22.026316. Optimal is 15.0 or more. This is a good figure. There are 4 creatures currently branded. Iron fence bars = 73 Mortar = 13240 Pottery shingles = 820 Stone bricks = 180 Wood scraps = 30 Small nails = 712 Large nails = 74 Shafts = 401 Wood shingles = 10 Planks = 4612 Planks = 100 Ropes = 610 Pottery bricks = 12240 ^ Decor aint counted Please hit me PM with offers! Possable to be sale with all stuff inside (include Crow Kingdom stock)
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    Notice that the press release is 2 months old....
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    The server needs to attract a broad spectrum of the playerbase in order to be successful. "Solo" self directed players contribute to this as well in many ways not so obvious as grouping together to be a follower of others. Deeds too are beneficial as survival points in an environment too hostile and otherwise unenjoyable to all but the most extreme of the boisterous survivalists. Making the server restrictive in these respects then attracts a dwindling remnant of what otherwise could be a multiple mix of players. We can even see the Devs attempting to offer some benefit skill wise to players when they return to their home servers to counteract their thoughts that they are just wasting their time here for 6 months when within the main game they would have been able to progress their characters substantially in comparison. Playing on this server reminds me of starting on one of the WU low/medium rate progress servers and even without some of the benefits that they would offer in terms of starting skills and tools. The main difference here being that Jackal is attached to the main game of WO and you must pay the same rate to play on it. I see it as having about as little benefit to my main character as playing WU, so I just play there with an alt to enjoy the different evolvement of the server, strange environment and creatures. Even then the 6 month wipe time of everything accomplished is worse than playing on a WU server because this is stated from the beginning whereas in WU the goal of most servers is to last for years as a number of them have already done. So this 6 month point will be in the back of everyone's mind from the start. A hard dilemma point for the Devs to deal with I would imagine, as to me it automatically diminishes the value of anything I accomplish there other than passing time in a for now novel environment. =Ayes=
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    80% of population rocking their huge axes and 2h swords... we get shortsword skin first. Ya'll just asking for drama and complaining.
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    How cool would that be? If boats would serve as spawn point for the owner? Would make living on a boat/house more viable and if that would drive the deeding people numbers down then just make it 1s/month to have the boat spawn point and this way will be almost as if they deeded. People with deeds will pay the 1s for the boat spawn point too so more income for the devs. Can have multiple boats but just one with the spawn point so that ppl dont just spread rowboats around then use them to tp across server with /suicide Just block it in pvp and all will be good.
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    The fullscreen game window will now open on the same monitor as the launcher was on. Keybind settings have been changed to show keys in system’s keyboard locale Mac: The native launcher has been built for compatibility with OS X 10.8+. Note: those affected will need to redownload the application from our main page Mac: Fixed blurry display on Retina screens
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    You don't want to spread bad feelings and want to clear things up, yet you only comes with suspicions and have no facts to back them up with whatsoever. If those are indeed your goals then the next time perhaps gather facts first? Spreading baseless suspicions because of a gut feeling you have won't help to accomplish those goals. If you want to act like a journalist (as you mentioned in an earlier post) then don't put your cart before the horse.
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    So, Rolf have 8 out of 10 slices of an old 1 kg pizza. The pizza is under threath of going bad, and Rolf doesn't have the materials to fix the pizza alone. Another company have several big pizzas with lots and lots of slices. So he gives the 8 slices to the big company, and get 0,8 kg of their slices in return. So he still have an interest in the old pizza not going bad and the new company really think they can fix the old pizza, or they wouldn't trade their slices with Rolf. If the old pizza actually goes bad, Rolf will still lose, but not everything he's worked for in so many years. And all of us, living on the old pizza, now have new overlords that have a fresh interest in stopping the pizza going bad. So, good job Rolf, sounds like the smart thing for you to do. Just make sure to squize some pizza sause from the new guys.
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    Brilliant service! Would recommend anyone to buy from Muse, she went above and beyond to help out. Thanks Muse.
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    Would be cool to see some piccies of awesome fights or sights, all relating to Jackal.
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    Happy Halloween, Wurmians! We on the Wurm team hope you’re gearing up for your spooky fall festivities. Here on the team, we’ve been hard at work to make this Halloween a thrill for all. Tricks! We asked the creatures of Wurm what they’d like to dress up as this Halloween. Unfortunately, none of them spoke English, so we decided for them. Keep an eye out for all sorts of spooky trick-or-treaters masquerading about on your adventures. Will you find the goblins dressed as Aliens? Or the troll Princesses? Maybe if you’re lucky, you’ll spot a delicious Candycorn! And Treats! That’s not all, however. The pumpkin shoulderpads and troll masks are back and will soon be joined by this year’s new Halloween treats. Be sure to go hunting for your chance to find the human skull mask and the witch’s hat. Expect to see these go live after the next update in the next day or so--just in time for Halloween! That’s all for now, folks! Have a safe and happy Halloween. Eat lots of candy, scare all your friends, and keep on Wurming! - Joelle & The Wurm Team
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    Thank you for the link. I used it and a link contained within the thread linked. This helped me get to my goal faster than I thought possible with less resources and less waste. Thank you for the link
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    Banzai is a great person, and I recommend buying from him.
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    Thank you for the solution, this should no longer be needed when we release .deb installers for the new launcher. Pinned the thread for now!
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    Before I moved from Xanadu, I was part of an amazing alliance that was/is very active and amazingly funny, querky, drama free, and often working on projects with it's bulk of players around Summerholdt and spread across the north coast of Xandu, hence the alliance name of NEXA. olufhairbreaks, aniceset, jackjones i believe are still the contacts , you can't go wrong with this group, it is a rich fun active great experience with resource network
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    You are right about the deed disbanding is responsbilty we all have but didn't thought the only reason for disbanding twitter is the anouncement for deed hunting events. Such a realistic gameplay with out of game information. Can close because it's very unrealistic suggestion.
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    The steppe next to 100 deeds is empty? Unbelievable! Just get a rowing boat and go literally 10minutes away from the starter deed and you will find mobs to hunt.
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    why not the artifact ones?! assets are already in the game and we could finally enjoy their good (or not) looks on freedom!
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    Domestication has always been around in real life, a step from mere taming where an animal is actually loyal and more than just a step away from going to kill you. In the case of dogs and cats, it's what defines and shaped our histories together, so it'd make sense to include some form of that in Wurm. It'd be nice to have a trait for animals if you're a certain level in husbandry that you can domesticate them, particularly through breeding submissive and docile animals together. Maybe creating normal cats instead of wildcats and... dogs. Yeah, I'm still thinking of what a step up from our normal Wurmian dog would be. Just a thought. Not really anything game changing, and to keep it from being too abusive, you can make it so that only certain animals are able to be domesticated.
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    Prior to rifts, the only use for healing magic was for unqiues (something <1% of the player population partook in as a hunter/killer role). The front end healing of cure light wounds, cure medium wounds, cure serious wounds, LoF, and heal were all buffed slightly by adding in a power variation. However only one of these worked out as a real buff, heal became usable again since it was no longer entirely RNG based. The rest were pretty token, and really only made rifts harder for those players not near the engame (endgame players have 0 fear of rifts because their endgame armour is strong enough to tank most of the damage with minimal heals). It may have changed things with uniques, but I very much doubt it since the math says just rotate out 2+ tanks, the exploit still exists, it has just evolved. This isn't actually the issue I saw no resolution to; the nerf you need is to introduce some forms of damage that healing magic cannot fix, and then make all uniques inflict it. The issue I see no resolution to is I can think of no way to buff fo as a priest, because fo is powerful for PvP, but lackluster on PvE. Any buff given on PvE carries over to PvP, and hence renders fo overpowered on PvP. We've not got any unique utility for PvE, but we have a strong utility on PvP (because healing is an essential utility in PvP).
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    I think it rains to much on jackal its started to rain in caves now
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    Hi Folks, Due to having overseas family visitors in for the week, the update will be postponed until next week - September 22 Skyefox and Hughmongus Cartographers of Indy Co-Administrators - The Albia Roads Map of Indy
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    Lets talk about traders...No.
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    +1 for banning botting alts like that.. or the ganking ones at pub traders if that's a thing Just imagine a brave new world.. where there are no bots or alts taking npc's attention preventing actual players from that.. * I don't mean the name, meant the practice/s
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    Pretty much... except ~endgame.. you just decide to grind even more(for the 90/99/100 skills) or focus on the things you've done less of so far.. explore/grind odd skills/fighting/pvp/pve/helping others/.../etc That in a way hooks you with content for longer time, as your goal in the game keeps shifting, and the skill-gain or satisfaction from what you do and what other have done keeps changing with the time, there are burnouts as you eventually fail to keep up or RL kidnaps you.. but you return to bring another punch at w/e you're after.. old or new goal.
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    You make some good points in your post Rhea. The solution to this is simple but maybe too "easy mode" in the minds of those who have the power to make it happen. The Freedom Beacons should all also function as teleports for anyone to return to the Freedom servers. Seems to me an important point that has been too casually overlooked in that many want to pop back over there to attend to the things you mentioned. As for me, Ayes has stayed at home and won't venture there due to those issues. Well, even beyond that I prefer to keep him on Freedom anyway to work on skills and enjoy puttering around the deed. I just sent an alt over there to mess about and don't care if he stays there the whole time or not. Always need to keep in mind that the Dev's will get ya some way if they can. *winks* =Ayes=
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    If you didn't know already, our annual Requiem Impalong has arrived!! And the Arena is also open!! What could be better than that?!?! Nothing, I assume... Get your butts online and have your stuff imped to 70 quality! Or help improve someone else's stuff to 70 quality! Whatever your little heart desires! We'd love to see you there.
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    Without the ability to build Guard Towers and luring the rift beasts to them so they would tank while other players kill them they wouldn't have been able to be killed for a long time. Then the starter area would be swarmed with them disrupting the ability of players to make any progress. Even now I have yet to see any players kill them without Tower Guard tanks. Probably a few *elite* teams will be able to do this soon but they all had to build their skills, armor and weapons to that point to do so. In this respect the starter area seems setup pretty reasonably affording players to settle in there and spend more time there if they wish. Not everyone must be forced out into the wilderness and if that were the case I would think that a number of players wouldn't even bother to play on the server. Different options to play there are a good thing for everyone. What I have yet to see from the Devs is an organized and detailed explanation of how the server functions. About all I can gather is that players build these "Beacons" in the corrupted landscape areas and it gradually(?) transforms them into the Freedom server environments. Meanwhile all these rift beasts constantly spawn in the remaining corrupted areas(?) and invade the Freedom areas to pester you. The objective then is to remove all these corrupted areas through the use of "Beacons", then there is nothing more to do and all these rift beasts will no longer spawn after they are killed off??? I have yet to see any red Rift Beams rising into the sky anywhere here as they do on the Freedom servers, nor have I seen and sort of rift creature camps on Jackal so I am wondering what that is all about. Also the only types of rift creatures I have seen there are these beast type doggies. Where are the other types? I really think that this whole Jackal server needs a more clear explanation put forth by the Devs or is this going to be the old "discovery" thing made by players and shared piecemeal randomly to others in the secret society. =Ayes=
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    Maybe someone should go over to the tar/clay pit, dig around a bit and look in that BSB...
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    Some Wurm addicts never recover. The best we can hope for is to manage our needs so that the cravings do not get so strong as to overwhelm us. PVE dependants have numerous therapies available, from anger management (self-defence/fight skill), through manual labour (digging/mining) to arts and crafts. For PVP addicts the situation is more bleak. There are PMK support groups that can help to deal with the mental Chaos - and Epic holds a portal drop-in clinic for those in need of a quick fix. Unfortunately there is no long-term solution currently, but rest assured you are not alone, we are all here to offer our continued support.
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    Watch out for those convolutions! They will mess up your neural network pretty bad. Just looking at the acceleration rate tells me that the g-force will compress all logical thought into an infinitesimal amount of cognitive space from which there is no return. =Ayes=
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    Retro for new game owner!!!
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    perhaps others can devise the next ruse and thereby avoid a pitfall we almost tarzan vined over til the donkey kong barrel bashed us into the mario mushrooms. I'm quite sure there is a healthy mouse hole out there with a few devilish rabble rousing roosters of ruckus. Let's see what machiavellian trope is offered up as well as who may be the unlucky participants