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    He's got his jogging shoes on, Can't outrun death, however! Feels like my butt is forever on carts or wagons or horses - when was the last time you walked somewhere in Wurm? At Bruce's Flying Circus, N13 Release - we're on the community map and highway links! Please be aware that in some countries (such as the US) Daylight Savings has already started! Check the timers accordingly, don't find yourself late! Discord code: <t:1679256000:F> Servertime: Sun Mar 19 21:00:00 CET 2023
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    Let's finally get rid of the ugliness of forge's and ovens sticking through the floor. Please add the model and and option to convert these items to shorter versions: Because this is annoying: Due to this:
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    I want to build things designed for public use, as I'm not a player who likes to play solo. I find my motivation stalling, because I pause and think, would anyone even care? Would anyone care to visit a flower museum with a flower cafe, meant to uplift spirits? Would anyone order flowers from "Xanadu's florist"? Would anyone care to sit at a table with me and have a meal, play checkers, etc? I'm very lonely irl and miss these things irl. I'm also thinking of building a replica of the Lighthouse of Alexandria, meant to inspire awe. Would anyone care? I feel like most wouldn't. Another thing I want to build is a garden of healing, with beauty, and heartwarming quotes from irl. It would be unvisited and neglected, wouldn't it.... I've done a ton of exploring so far and know that when people find themselves in Wurm, they can be overtaken with wonderful ideas. I once came across a decaying jousting range someone built in the middle of nowhere. The names they gave to everything revealed that they were excited about regularly getting the public together to joust. I've a feeling that this never took place.
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    Full album - https://imgur.com/a/WfPwqot Started topic about arrangement of special tiles:
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    Hello again, it's been a while ey? So, this is an update post and if things weren't already messing and confusing before, you're in for a ride. Very recently, a developer commented on the findings in this thread. You can read these comments in the below spoiler but be warned, it'll be a lot of stuff: Don't want to read it all? No sweat, I'll cover it now. Upon a developer looking at the game code, they said that right clicking does not close the rarity window, neither does the examine action. Things like repairing since it's a timer action will, even if the item can't be repaired or doesn't need it, as will actions that can't happen, like if you have a lump of metal activated and hit your dig keybind. Beyond that, there's "many things that will close rarity window" but what will do that can't be shared. Now reading that, you're wondering how accurate this thread really can be now and that's exactly the right mindset to have! The time the action is input, rather than when it happens in the queue, is still currently correct. So imping/doing an action every 20 seconds, or 30 seconds with max deed rarity bonus is still correct until further notice. This is still good information to have in mind when trying to work with the rarity system, because if you queue 5 actions at the same time, and they take 20/30 seconds each with some incredible stamina balancing, it's still not likely to result in any rare rolls past the first action. I will be leaving the original post intact, however this post will be linked somewhere near the top to ensure that hopefully everyone who reads it going ahead can read this too. I feel like it's important I keep on top of maintenance of this thread, since I still see it linked and used on occassion.
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    Greetings Traveler, care to join me for a drink? I offer the finest alcohol in all of the Freedom isles. Affinity Alcohol never decays, and can be kept pretty much anywhere. No need for special storage measures. How to order: First, I don't accept any kind of Direct PM's please post your order in this thread with the following information and I'll make and mail your order. "hi, I'm playername my Affinity Key is Baking. I would like 2kg with the shipbuilding affinity mailed to playername. Thanks!" I need the following information. Your affinity key, which is what a meal of Bear (whole) and Corn (whole) cooked in a regular oven in a frying pan gives you for an affinity when eaten or tasted. This should never change. Who is receiving/paying for the order, and whoever is using the order is the one who's affinity key needs to be stated. What affinity your ordering, and how much. See my price list below. I accept refunds on alcohol orders as long as no more than 1 sip is missing from it in full. I do ask that you have fixed cooking affinities checked in your profile before tasting your bear/corn meal but it is entirely up to you. Anything can be wrong with an order so I do my best to make sure everything is as accurate as possible to ensure you the least problems. Thanks, Blacklotus ~
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    Do you think Haven is feeling left out waaaay over there?
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    I would like to speak to the "less than 10% complete the tutorial" concept that is floating around. Recently I had some research to do on new characters so I ended up wandering the tutorial area for an hour or more with a new toon. In the time I was there many toons came through. I would say 8 came through and 6 of them appeared in the initial courtyard and immediately ran to the climb area - climbed up and ran straight through to the end where they disappeared. These were clearly alt toons that were being created by experienced players. The remaining 2 that did hang out for a while actually were following the steps in the tutorial. I could watch them moving back and forth and turning around and learning - I could hear them dig, then chop - I watched them mine.. other words they seemed quite attentive and eager to learn how to do things. Their names stayed in the Tutorial chat window for a good 10-15 minutes while they went through the steps. So in my experience 100% of the new players completed the tutorial. Statistics can be misleading when not taken in context. How many experienced players created a character on steam just to check it out and skipped the tutorial? What did that do to the steam achievement figure? Most of the players I know have at least one alt. Some (like me) have 5. So in most cases 50% actually means 100% completed the tutorial and in my case 20% actually means 100% completed the tutorial. The tutorial is good! And I believe it works really well for those it was intended for - new players. Don't let that 10% stat get you down cause its not representative of whats actually going on.
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    My friend Leonardo got a champion traitor black bear to wave at him... One thing led to another, and someone became a bear rug wannabe... Great work Leonardo!
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    I do enjoy exploring other people's deeds and public areas and find the idea attractive but I personally would never bother travelling to something on Xanadu. I suppose I'm spoiled living on an 8x8 km map but even the server border to the shore is a turn off on Xanadu.
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    Location, Location, Location... The closer you are to the server border the more likely people are to come take a look, and stop by for tea and checkers, especially on Xan. Those are nice ideas you have Ayuna, would love to see them realized, but if you put it in the middle of Xan, like that jousting arena, it's unlikely to get too many visitors. Kinda like that awesome Puzzle Labyrinth, if there weren't portals to it from every starter town, their visitor count would be much, much lower than it is.
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    [09:21:38] A lead rune of Magranon has been attached, so it will reduce the quality change when repairing damage (10%) [09:21:38] A steel rune of The Scavenger has been attached, so it will reduce damage taken (10%) and reduce decay taken (10%) [09:21:38] A seryll rune of Vynora has been attached, so it will increase chance to resist shattering when being enchanted (5%) and increase the chance of successfully enchanting the item (5%) [09:21:38] A tin rune of The Scavenger has been attached, so it will increase the chance of increasing rarity when improved (10%) and have a higher chance to be successfully improved (10%) Starting bid: 1 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: not accepted
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    Beware of zombies at the rift.
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    That triple eclipse was soooo much fun and soooo cool! And special thanks to @Siderealfor calling it out in Freedom! I was tending to our garden and also the castle was blocking my view, so I would have totally missed it. I took pics where the moons were more clear, but I thought these were a little neat for now.
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    I find maps to be a fantastic diversion from grinding, to the extent that I get excited when I get one, and have even found myself purchasing them! I will however second the readability: "water, rock or tundra" has become something all-too-common when trying to read these things (also why isn't tundra red?) and the above suggestion of dots or stripes sounds like a good way to solve that! They're a good reason to get out of my deed besides murder, and sometimes they even include murder! Bonus!
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    I have noticed that the STP graph seems to have stopped updating after March 4. I tested this with myself and 2 other players on there who update often.
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    Secure meditation rugs so people can put them on path locations without worrying about them getting picked up.
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    Enter the void, mines look crazy in the fog
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    Grats to mollyberry for winning the cow race!
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    Saltheart Inn Now Open to Public on Cadence - at O15 On the Highway at Saltheart's Watch On the Find Route System for Cadence > Free Beds for Weary Travellers < > Merchant with Basic Travel Gear & More < > Public Workshop Behind the Inn < Forge - Oven - Loom - Spinning Wheel - Kiln > Public Iron Mine - Open < Only A Handful of Tiles from the Workshop!!! If you are out Treasure Hunting, Exploring, Hunting or Just Passing By - Feel Free to Stop In for a Rest! >> Ring the Bell to Announce Your Visit! << Everyone is Welcome! -- Saltheart
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    Scavenger Hunt Rules Brought to you by Isle of Skye Current Location: The Cadence Derby (On the highway, can route to) E15 on the map Winners Announced and Hunt Ends: 3/19 @7pm PST Here is how our scavenger hunts work: We will hide an undisclosed number of iron coins at a specified location. Each coin will have a unique name and 4 digit number. So, go forth little childrens, and find as many coins as you can. All coins will be hidden in plain sight, but not all will be easy to find. We may or may not hide more coins at any time. All coins will be hidden in the general derby area, no further then five tiles into the surrounding woods. Do not rename or lose the coins you find, as the four digit pin on each coin is how you will claim your prize if you win. At the specified time, the hunt will end. We will then announce the names of the coins that are winners, and if you found the coin with that unique name you simply pm the pin on the coin for confirmation and claim your prize. First Place gets their pick of the prizes first, second place gets to choose next....and so on and so forth. Additionally, we encourage people to name and hide their own coins as decoys to throw other people off (Again...Do not rename coins you have found or you wont be able to claim your prize if you win) name and hide as many coins as you want. Its hilarious. That's it. Simple but fun game. Prizes for the current hunt: Rare Zinc Staff Rare Zinc Scythe Bjarn The Bear 1 Sleep Powder 70QL Lavenderwood Large Cart (complete with 2 black/silver 4 draft horses and dyed. Can be viewed at the location.) Spiked Club Skin Bucket Helm Skin If you have any questions you can PM Castael/Bastael in game, or send me a message on here.
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    its a greate idea but to be honest, not sure how many visitors you would get, location is important and it should atleast be near ocean for easier accesss. My advice is if thats you goin ahead and build it, do it for yourself, not with an expectation that it will be a lively area, probably someone will drop by now and then if you make it known.
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    I would like to do the same as the Cadence community already did and start writing down the position of disbanded deeds (if known) to make treasure hunts a bit easier. To write them down I started a Google sheet and will try to add any disbanded deeds. Feel free to post any disbanded deed and location here so I can add it https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1oeBBnRzM9oNgOuOJeCT-kL6jgUjjbY_x-LZSduFFsZk/edit?usp=sharing Please let me know if you think that's a really stupid idea
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    Would be nice if we had something like in game tourist attractions for each server, maybe a server board to see "interesting locations " in wurm for people. Otherwise you'd have to rely a lot of personal advertising.
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    Would it make anyone feel better if it was called environmental recycling instead of looting?
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    My first Champ Octo kill Maybe he should not have wandered so close to my deed
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    Being able to improve in a boat is very convenient. But that does not work with metal imping. I'm hesitant to talk about details because people like to argue about that and devs tend to do what they want anyway. Now, I prefer less restrictions on items. But even with crazy nerfed and limited implementations, at least I could improve metal stuff in a boat, so either way works. For example, I like this kind thing: * Anything can go inside it. * It's portable and works no matter where you put it (even use it from within inventory). * It's large enough to heat a single item and a few lumps. * Has no item count limitation other than the standard 100 item per container. * Has the same fuel efficiency as the rock forge. * Constructed from clay bricks, mortar and any metal. The final material matches last metal part added and improved with metal tools.
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    When you've been waiting on your snail mail 🐌 📪 so long that you your life has left and only your ghost remains.
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    Hey everyone it's done. LW 100 is reached. To celebrate i have permanently reduced the price of saddles and bardings (leather/chain/cloth). Best regards Mandalor
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    That's it in a nutshell, really. It isn't exploration, doesn't reward exploration, and those who explore a lot probably won't wind up doing it.
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    Laptop or pc there will be no big difference unless it has some sort of dedicated GPU like nvidia and such. I'd say use the one you are most familiar with. Can give a try to SparkyLinux(Debian based) But as well Mint or Puppy will work I'd say it does not matter much which distro you will choose as long as it is actively developed, has great community around or is based on other popular distro.
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    Can we please get some feedback if a sermon you're about to give WILL NOT meet the requirements to reset prayer count? I ruin so many sermons because I don't realize someone got an alignment tick for stepping on a cockroach or who knows what. Would be great if the game checked in the first few seconds and gave you a message that would warn you.
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    title says it all. simply add a drop down menu. Yes i know this has been suggested a few times allready
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    Adjustable chimneys. It would be nice if my library didn't look like it's on fire when the fireplace in my feasting hall two stories below is lit. Show me a rl medieval castle that does not have a proper chimney!
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    might want to add some photos, video and a whole lot more if you expect to sell a deed for 5g. Dont think a deed has ever sold for that much, not even on SFI.
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    Hellooo! Please consider granting us the ability to secure carpets. To prevent abuse, the same rules could apply for carpets as other items; below effective 10ql or 70+ damage allows them to be picked up, and only 1 may be secured off deed per wurm day. Thanks for reading and have an awesome day!
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    While it was really fun for me to partake in the cow race yesterday, I had ample time to ponder on how to make this thing a more interactive player fun for the future: Here's what I've come up with so far: IMO the track from the derby ground to the Great Wick Enclave and back is a bit to long for one driver only, so I would propose to turn it into a relay tag-team affair and do an old style 'Le Mans' mad cow race (maybe some 'mad' cows could be bred especially for the event). That means 2 players would team up for a race either on their own accord or by match-making through the race operator (lots could be drawn for that purpose either). The starting team drivers (#1) are positioned at the starting line of the derby ground, while the other team drivers (#2) are subsequently being carted to the Wick Enclave. The cows are hitched at appropriately marked hitching posts on either grounds and before the start of the race, all teams teams would get their 'racing gear' from numbered and locked chests at the starting ground containing 2 identically colored or named shirts to be worn as jerseys during the race and 1 small bucket. The keys to the chest would be handed out (and given back) by the race operator once the teams have chosen one of the numbered chests and only the race operator would know which chests contains which, as the said hitching post with the cows would be marked accordingly to the colors or names of the jerseys to assure some random fun. Once the 'racing gear' has been handed out, the drivers #2 could be carted off to the Wick Enclave and the race would commence in short time. As the carts would surely be faster than the cows, there would be no need to wait until the drivers #2 have all arrived in their due places at the Wick Enclave. The drivers #1 then would take positions at the starting line and upon the race operator's command: "Gentlemen, or rather Gentlefolks, start your cows!" the players would run to their appropriate cow hitching posts, 'kick start' their hitched cows by milking them with the provided small bucket, then unhitching them and starting the race to the Wick Enclave. Upon arrival there they would have to find their team partners at identically colored/named hitching posts there already containing another cow for the race back. They would have to hitch the first cow at said team hitching post and pass on the bucket with the milk to the other team player, who would then have to 'kick start' his cow in the same fashion by milking it before unhitching it and commencing the race back to the derby grounds starting place. Arriving there (eventually 😉) the drivers #2 would have to hitch the cow back to the start hitching post and dump the milk into either a large barrel or tub provided there. The would then conclude the race. Just my 2c of ideas on the race. P.S.: this system could be easily expanded to accommodate larger teams, by simply putting in further hitching post relay stations along the race track.
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    An evil presence has been looming over celebration ever since the introduction of holy sites, where one fatal mistake was made. Cows were not restricted from these holy sites! They've gazed into the Akashic mirror, chug jugged with you at the wellspring of knowledge, gotten glock fragments from the glowing fissure, and worst of all, reset their milking time at the fo one! These evil creatures must be milked twice and then removed from existence before they get any stronger location is around https://celebration.yaga.host/#1568,801
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    Grab the big island near Glasshollow - great spot for something like that. But, ya, as Dale said - it's really all about location. You would also want to organize events to do at it. Not imps, but something like a regular game night.
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    Nice to see you back here indeed, Ani.
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    Yes! Need Fancy Cows! (I said this willingly and was not forced to say this) In all seriousness, it would be nice if they changed it so they won't spawn mobs that can already spawn with conditions (Deer, Unicorns, Spiders, Scorpions, etc), and instead only spawned mobs that previously could not spawn with conditions (Sheep, Horses, Hell Horses, COWS, Chickens, etc). +1 to the idea of Fancy Cows! (and other fancy mobs)
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    From Indy's first holy site Magranon's otherworldly monolith
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    i'm watching a new player stream trying to bring a mob that kept killing him to guard tower. and he sees the guard do nothing to help . they don't know they need to type guards! in local can you type help in local too. even i forget. but that would be great info early game for new players.
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    I am glad people still like them! All a very long time ago for this old bear. Mind you, the other day I got a few pennies royalty for a track I wrote in 1984 for some library somewhere!