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    Hello all! We’re still working on the first part of the Exploration Update, which we are happy to announce will be arriving on May 31st. There are a few important things to mention about this update, however. We had previously set a date of June 28th, 2021, as the day we would sunset the old UI client. We decided to skip this due to issues with the new client. Well, Budda has been hard at work on making inroads into solving some of the more significant problems with the new client, including the performance issues many have reported. As a result, we will be retiring the old UI client on July 1st, 2022. Please make your issues with the new client known in this thread so that we can address them before this date. The thread also includes some of the changes made to the new client, which are available for testing on the Test Server. Since we will be sunsetting the old UI client, the features found in the Exploration Update will not be present in the old UI version. We will also be retiring JNLP support on the same day as the old UI client. If you use the launcher, this will not affect you. If you have issues using the launcher, please make them known in this thread. All of this is to help free us up to push forward into newer versions of Java and reduce the amount of work a client update takes due to supporting multiple versions and aging deployment infrastructure. With that being said, I wanted to talk about the recent video from Josh Strife Hayes. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend giving it a watch here. One thing I’ve struggled with since stepping up into the manager role has been determining what we’re going to be doing after this Exploration Update is complete. This is precisely why I’ve yet to release a more in-depth road map. This is not for lack of ideas; we have enough ideas to keep Wurm going for a long time between you all and the development team. It’s a matter of priority and what would be best for the game as a whole. The clear response from that review is that we need to fix what is broken, polish the rougher edges, and focus on the new player experience. I still intend for us to work on PvP and decor in the months after Exploration is finished, as I mentioned in a previous thread, and I still plan for us to review some of the skills that we have and improve on them. I believe these things can be done alongside a more “back to basics” approach. We touch on the new player experience every few years, but it’s essential to review how new players see and learn the game. I also want to check other game areas and see how a new player would approach them. Some things, like meditation, are arguably essential to the gameplay due to the bonuses but are nigh on impossible to discover without help. That is not to say that everything should be easily found out, this is Wurm, after all, but we should be doing a better job introducing some mechanics earlier on. Finally, I want to thank you all for the patience and support you have given us. The guidance and feedback from the community help shape our decisions every day. I feel we all share the same goal of keeping Wurm going and growing. Happy Wurming!
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    It appeared to me In a dream KALI-MAH THE HEART RIPPER No joke I had a dream that I found a Forest Giant called Kali-Mah and I get on Wurm and there it is - a Hardened Forest Giant. Come and kill this beast from my dreams, so you can get woodcutting potion and chop wood. Somehow it fit into the mine at Bruce's Flying Circus, N13
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    Summary Your time, as a player, is valuable. Frequently you need a way to get home, quickly — perhaps with a horse, or a wagon, or a ship transporter — and you're prepared to pay for the privilege. Many games allow you to do this. Stone Circles allow you to do it in Wurm. You can't just zip about. You still need to explore and touch a stone circle before you can add it to your personal network, and each journey costs something. Creating a Stone Circle Create a 3x3 tile flat area at least 100 dirt above sea level. Create 14 menhirs and one dolmen, from any type of stone you prefer. The menhir is an upright standing stone, decorated with runic carvings that glow slightly once the circle is complete. The dolmen is a capstone that is supported by two menhirs to form a portal arch. Create a Stone Circle by combining a menhir + dolmen and then adding further menhirs until complete. Similar restrictions apply as to a guard tower. You can only begin or continue construction in the middle of a 3x3 tile flat area, at least 80 tiles away from the nearest active stone circle. Each Stone Circle will have a name, which will default to "Playername's Stone Circle" and which can be changed by the creator (or a GM, if need be). Once constructed, players in the vicinity will hear the wind whistling through the stones. This will be similar to the ambient sounds heard on steppes and in caves. Activating a Stone Circle After completion the circle must be infused with power. This can be accomplished through one of the following proposed methods, in ascending order of complexity/cost: Enchant the circle with a spell or spells to be decided (initial proposal: Wind of Ages (Vyn), Life Transfer (Fo), Light Token (Mag), and Dark Messenger (Lib) — counter proposal, just Courier / Dark Messenger). Buy a Druid Contract from a trader and use it on the circle, as you would use a merchant contract on a stall. Buy a contract and get the enchant spell(s) cast. How to use a Stone Circle Enter the circle and use the portal arch. You will be shown a list of available destinations — basically, all the active stone circles that you have personally touched, on this server — and also the cost of this journey. The basic rule is that everything you bring into the circle will be transported. This includes your inventory and equipment, your mount or vehicle, and any animals that you're leading. After selecting your destination and assuming you can pay, pow. You're teleported using the same mechanism as various other spells. Cost Of Travel The base cost is for you, on foot, plus all your inventory and equipment. Additional costs apply if you want to bring a riding animal through. Suggested base price 600 Karma, or give a gem to the Druid, or Donation or sacrifice of items worth X Favor(?) Suggested price modifiers: +100% if riding any animal +10% if dragging a cart +20% for each animal led or ridden +50% if riding a large cart +100% if riding a wagon or creature transporter +200% if riding a ship transporter Comments, Problems, Protests But I want to explore! You are free to explore just as much as you want to. In fact, this proposal encourages you to explore further afield than before, because once you discover a stone circle, you can use it to return home quickly. This doubles your exploration range per hour of play time. Stone circles don't make much difference until you don't want to explore any more. It's too difficult to set up I expect that there will be plenty of players who have more than enough time, energy, and Masonry skill to build these circles, and even on NFI there should be no shortage of priests able to cast the needed spells. We don't need one of these at every deed. You just need something to cut your journey time shorter. It's too cheap Prices can be adjusted, depending on demand. The base comparison point is that any player, without any effort, can teleport back to their home deed from anywhere for 1000 Karma (without a mount). Going to the effort of building/enchanting/discovering stone circles ought to be rewarded with decreased cost. (There's another possible comparison point with the Favor cost of a Summon spell, which I personally am not as familiar with.) It's too expensive Prices can be adjusted, depending on demand. The Developers have more important things to do with their time Certainly there are lots of demands on their time. Personally I think that this would improve quality of life, travel and trading possibilities for many players... but of course it's up to the developers to decide what's a priority. All we as players need to consider is what we really want the game to offer. Yes but No to moving carts, ships, and all that. That would destroy trade. I accept that this is a concern. There are two possible avenues here. One would be to increase the price multiplies so that taking anything more than your mount would become prohibitively expensive, meaning that it would only be used rarely. Another is to make this work the same as Summon, Town Portal, and Farwalker items, i.e. only moving a person and no mount. (Note the modified modifiers above. This is an attempt at a compromise that most players will support.)
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    I just saw a newer player in CA Help who was confused by the following crafting error message, which went something like: This is impossible, perhaps you are not skilled enough. Someone told him to use a higher QL plank, and of course that worked. Thus the error message saying his skill wasn't high enough did not tell the whole story, and so is misleading. A better message could be: At your current skill, the quality (QL) of the item you are adding needs to be higher. This brings the player straight to the fastest solution to the problem - the plank quality which he can more quickly choose, rather than his skill, which he may feel he can not.
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    Well, now that I got me a real cottage and a real garden I seem to not even bother to log in that often anymore. I still visit forums multiple times a day but when I found Wurm it gave me everything I wanted: a place to have a garden, to build a house, to farm and to terraform. All this is available to me in my real life now! I'll post the occational pictures of my progress every now and then if anyone is intrested to see it... The cottage and part of my yard. Kitchen and toilet area.
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    going back to the topic of the new player experience, i have noticed that new players trying to use the ingame recruitment boards to find a deed to join and they are always empty because nobody uses them to find new players. and when asking on ca help they are told to use the forums which works sometimes but its slow and often recruitment topics are years old and havent had any replies for months, which makes the game look dead. i dont have a solution for that but that is a real problem. a problem with a much simpler solution is the wierd names of the chat channels, would it be so hard to change the names of the channels on pve servers from "ca help" to just "help" "freedom" to "server" and "gl-freedom" to "global" ?
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    When you make a new character and choose a server, Cadence is still being advertised as a new server: This naturally entices most new players into joining Cadence, since it's "new". I realize that Cadence technically is the newest server, however it's also the most populated near/around spawn. This is reflected in the majority of the game's recent negative reviews on steam, which are mostly complaints about how far you have to walk to find a spot that isn't claimed. I think a lot of people want to just find a spot and get started asap (unlike me, who usually spends hours looking for the right spot), and advertising the most crowded server isn't the best solution to this problem imo. I know steam reviews shouldn't really matter to those of us already playing and enjoying this game, however, the truth is that all of us current players are affected by these reviews. I think we'd all like to see more players giving the game a try and enjoying it like we do, and some people who might otherwise try it out might be turned away by all the negativity. I realize the game is already niche to begin with so negative reviews are to be expected, however, as I said, the majority of recent negative reviews are about how hard it is to find a spot, and this could easily be addressed if Cadence stops being advertised as new. Then, players will be more likely to choose a server at random or based off a youtube video instead.
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    Wurm's anniversary is approaching fast. Please consider opening up the border between NFI and SFI. More player interaction and more trading opportunities are good things for this sandbox.
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    The same reason you use them. Preference. And also because I don't need a search bar or icons to find things. That's why I have a sort by name function and why my inventory has inventory groups. That's how I've done it for 10+ years and how I'd like to continue to do so.
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    This really should not be an argument about "Forum OR Discord". Definitely they both have their strengths and weaknesses, and they serve different purposes. So, it's good to have them both.
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    How can you say all this, then point out you havent read that budda returned lol
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    With the incoming exploration update, a lot of people are going to be leaving their homes and discovering that travelling in wurm is like visiting an entomologist - an enjoyable day filled with bugs. There are a couple of really big ones that need some attention, and I'd like to suggest they're focused on before the exploration update drops: 1. Tent Permissions - make a tent, lock it, try it out at home. Everything works well. Travel to another server, do the same as usual, lose all your stuff because permissions do not function. Some kind of cross-server permissions (similar to vehicles) is needed for locked tents. 2. "Oops, you clipped a wall, better dismount you buddy". This is a really annoying bug that hits especially often when exploring caves with fences/hedges near the entrance. 3. "I'll follow you anywhere! <- He says fading into the distance". Pet and led animal pathing is a real issue when navigating tight deeds, or even exploring outside. The number of times I've been riding down a road, only to have to backtrack 20 mins because the wildcat I tamed got snagged on a wall corner is... Well, if I had a silver for every time I'd be at around 97 silver. 4. "Hmm, I just crossed the server, better jump overboard". Crossing server borders is always a pain, for some reason you end up in the water, even though you're on the boat. You either need to relog to fix this (pain), or disembark, then re-embark - if there is more than one of you on the boat, and you're being transported AFK this becomes a real nightmare!
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    Yes, we've discussed/suggested musical instruments before multiple times with vague "if we did like LOTRO blah blah blah" while waxing poetically about the Prancing Pony. Clearly we crave some art to our grind, and a reason for communities to come together. So, I gift you this not vague, thoroughly laid out suggestion for musical instruments and associated skills in Wurm Online. If you're here to just link every other post and say that it's been suggested before, thank you for stopping in, but I'm aware. To save you from a wall of text, I have broken up the suggestion into several parts and put them in spoilers to keep things looking cleaner. The Music The Instruments The Skills and Non-Instrument Objects Settings and Mechanics Some of my previous suggestions for fun and bumps:
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    Thank you for the comms @keenan, as always much appreciated. Tbh I agree that the new player experience should be the priority number one after the exploration update gets released (and polished, bugs will happen obviously). One trait of dying MMOs is that dev time is given to retaining players instead of recruiting new players into an MMO. This simply delays the inevitable. Subconsciously (or perhaps consciously) all players know this. The new player tutorial, first days, first experience, what they can do, how they interact with the world and chat is crucial. To this end I would support things like starter town NPC's that maybe give players quests (and rewards) to : build your first house, found your first deed, learn how combat works, etc. Players have been adamant in the past when NPC's were first suggested but the reasoning (and flawed as it still is ) that Wurm is a player driven game. Players guide other players. This was perhaps true when Wurm had 10 000 monthly active players and new people were always around starter towns and vets there to guide them. This is simply not true anymore. Timezones issues and the like has lead to very depopulated servers and new players are often lost. They are lost in the tutorial and they are lost in starter towns. They need a guide , a "game story arc" to guide them. Definition of game story arc : how you want to guide players initially so they learn the ropes or give them a sense of direction when they are unsure what to do. Wurm is a HUGE game. It is easy to get lost especially with having so many outdated mechanics. Combat interface for example doesn't tell you how much damage you are doing, how much you are receiving, it's a very sterile and benign experience. It takes weeks if not months to "get a feel" for combat in Wurm. Hope something is done to improve new player experience.
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    I would love to see log walls added to the game to make our hunting cabins and towns super cozy. Logs or felled trees? I'll leave that to the comment section and developers. Perhaps some different woodtypes for different looks. YES PLEASE!
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    For a moment, the Blue Whale came to stay. And all was right in her world...
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    So as some of you may know I am working on a huge release deed (ive posted about it a few times on this thread). Well recently and alliance member and I have gotten a little bit burnt out building these huge deeds. So we took a grinding trip to Xanadu to work on Woodcutting. Eventually we started making a camp and then I deeded the camp and then some and its kind of turned into a logging camp/a place we can come and grind to get away from the work. Below are some pictures I am absolutely obsessed with the small homestead feel.
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    Just an FYI, I am a mental health professional. So that being said, I think it would be very difficult to develop a specific game for mental health purposes. What people have to keep in mind is what different people need to do for their own sanity. Yes, if someone is addicted to the game play, that is a problem. And yes, that is possible! (sorry guys, but that is a legit addiction) Mental health is about finding what works for you to work through stress, or anxiety, or just let go of the trials of the day. Of course everyone can't play for hours and hours on end...there has to be a play/work/life balance. Which is why some people take a step back from Wurm at times. I don't begrudge those people that need. We all need to step back from things from time to time. For those that do enjoy playing for extended periods of time, that doesn't mean it's bad for them...necessarily. A sandbox is about offering opportunities to do things, without the restrictions of "go from 1 to 2 to 3 and done!" that other games have ingrained. Keeping to the theme of mental health, having that type of control, as in what you choose to do, how you choose to play, how you want to experience different aspects...that is huge in today's world! We have lost so much control of things in daily life as it is, the escape to a virtual world that is enjoyable and offers that sense of choosing your own direction can be quite therapeutic. What I find interesting in these discussions is so many people will decry how other people "do things wrong." To each their own, and just because you don't find something helpful or nice or beneficial personally, please don't dump on someone else's attempt to find what works for them. There is a lot of truth to the idea of "don't take away someone's hope...that may be all they have!" If this game helps people get through their day, gives them a sense of calm or control, or keeps them in touch with "friends" around the world, it is not up to us to tell them that is wrong. And yes, if you really are struggling with mental health or addiction, reach out to professionals. It's about balance, so there is nothing wrong with rebalancing your life to be happy.
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    I found this comment very interesting. I don't have enough knowledge on mental health issues, but your comment resonated with me personally... probably because of how I play this game. I don't rush Wurm. In fact, my pace of play is probably slower than most people in this game. The ability to take things slow and not feel the need to constantly catch up to some moving target is actually one of the things that has always appealed to me about Wurm. I play slow and I find this pace very immersive and very enjoyable. Heck, I have been building my deed for years and it's still not finished. But that's alright! I actually like the process. Let's face it, this is probably the speed at which I would build a real life deed, so I am doing alright! To me, the ability to take things slow on Wurm stems from two things. First is the fact that there is no artificial moving bar that everyone on the game has to aspire to. There are no new levels to achieve, no new tier of pants that was just introduced, no expansions that force one to go out and keep up with their friends. Updates here add content to enrich the world instead, not to redefine it at a higher level. Consequently, there is no need to keep up leveling, grinding for new armour stats, or joining weekly scheduled raids. The second reason is the very complexity that the OP talks about. Personally, I really like the complexity of Wurm. I realize that it's not for everyone and I know that it makes the game harder to get into, but I have played many games out there and most came out shallow to me in the end. To me, nothing compares to Wurm, even after all those years. Wurm is complex, oh so complex! But as a simulation of medieval life, it needs that complexity to remain realistic. I really thrive on how complex some thing can be, even if this means that they will take longer to accomplish or require me to call my neighbors or visit friends for help. So, the combination of the complexity with the slow pace and lack of pressure is what makes the game fun. And I think that when I play it, I do feel a certain boost to my mental health. There is a certain meditative quality to the game that can be so endearing. I usually feel calm and collected when I play Wurm and I always think of it with pleasure, like something fun to do at the end of the day. I don't need a new level of stat armour that other games crank out every month. But I do need that new decorative fountain that was just added... even if it takes me a week to finish. It's okay, I got time. Wurm is not going anywhere and the fact that the fountain takes effort to complete makes it so much more enjoyable in the end. Great post. +1
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    Scout Two recently travelled that road and made it to the top of that mountain.
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    Not allowing mounts/vehicles makes it pointless, theres already like 6 ways to teleport home or random places without them.
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    The invisible Horse/Cart when walking over a Mine door.
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    5. Diving out of your boat for no reason when executing a hard turn.
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    I find travel is like decay, a bit of a boogeyman that is for some reason really thrown around as a major detriment, yet not actually looked at. Games that have teleportation to extreme levels like ESO and the like, often lose the joy of exploring and seeing what people have done. This is going to sound lame, but by making it about the destination, not the journey, the magic of wurm would be lost.
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    No game should claim it is good for mental health without having mental health professionals engaged in every step of the way.
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    I also want to say your expectations are too high, you're comparing Paradox Interactive, with 100x more employees than Wurm, to have the resources that Paradox has. 90% of your complaint boils down to you expect A-AAA standards from an absolutely tiny dev team, they are unrealistic expectations and you need to temper them.
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    Absolutely against any lockpicking in PvE beyond the current status. Bashable, maybe, lock not working, against. Would cause too many troubles for newcomers. In summary, -0.66 to -1
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    Chaos is the oldest server in wurm(as i understand it), and with its age also comes quite a bit of history - some of which is being ignored in a fashion - Previous PMK kingdom banners and flags. Why not add such items to archeology for ONLY Chaos, and only able to get said fragments from the previous kingdom areas: this would give a reason beyond just 'pvp' to be on chaos, would add a sort of risk/reward for the entire server, and may even give it a bit of an influx of players. To keep the market on the sale of such items from tanking completely they should be of sufficient complexity(number of parts needed to compete), and so as to not upset current Kingdoms, only being added to the list once they have been disbanded for a set amount of time, like a year or so.
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    I just watched an interesting video called "How Much Realism is Too Much In Video Games & Fantasy Fiction?" (Linked below) and some of the points in the video made me think of Wurm. For example - Travelling for hours to reach the other side of the map. Even longer for bigger servers. Is this too Realistic? Does it break the immersion? Or does it draw you in and make you have to slow down, learn patience and take away this feeling of "Wow, the world really is big and there is so much to see and explore " Another example is: Making items - There are alot of parts to making items and quite a fair amount of the time you need to have performed other actions in many different skill sets to create a item. (If doing it solo) Like mining, woodcutting, carving, smithing, sawing, firemaking...etc. Doing all of those tasks along with the timers makes wurm feel very slow, like how it would feel trying to make something in real life. Though again, when does this become too much? Or does this realistic nature create that "wurm feeling" of achievement? Where it can take weeks going onto months to finally finish something. The Video: ------------------------------------------------- Something else I want to touch upon is: Will this slow and realistic way of doing things bring in new players? What I mean by that is: I personally have felt that the current state of the world means that I need to be focusing more on Real Life matters (Growing Food & trying to become Self Sufficient) and so I can't spend hours upon hours or nearly all day on Wurm anymore. My feeling is that other people are feeling this way as well so when playing games, they may want to focus on games where they can do things at a faster rate. They would like to have a break and escape from the world for a while but not for hours and hours anymore. This is my feeling. Because of this, I feel wurm could maybe do with a new genre classification added onto the Sandbox Title. Mental Health & Elderly People - I feel that Wurm would be good for improving someone's mental health. The slow paced nature of wurm makes it so that you might enter a kind of meditation state. You can tend to your crops and listen to the rake slowly drag across the ground. The timer is like a breath. It takes it's time. You can't rush wurm. There is currently a mental health crisis so places like Wurm could be a safe haven where people can get away from the real world and escape into a medieval fantasy. It could also be a great place for elderly people too since they can experience what it is like to do many different things again and talk to other people. Something which many elderly people do not have. ----------------------------------------------- Well anyway, what do you think? Is Wurm too realistic? Could wurm's realism bring in new audiences/markets? What things in wurm are too realistic too you and could use some improvement?
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    With the ongoing controversy regarding merging clusters, and the ongoing problem of the tutorial server still pushing Cadence as the new server, I wonder if there is a way to let players "taste" a server and have a window of opportunity to change their mind if they want to try something different. Have some experience/playtime below which a player can decide to teleport back to haven and select again. They would go back with only the starter gear; it would essentially be a character reset with the possible exception of skills/characteristics. Basically I am thinking of it being a last ditch retention possibly for those who quickly think "nope, this isn't for me". If they can try somewhere else without having to re-roll and redo the tutorial they may take the opportunity rather than just walk away.
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    I support this idea. Make the difficulty and material cost high to prevent people just cranking these out all over the place. Maybe involve high requirements from multiple skills, like Stonecutting, fine carp, and nat substances. Make it a regional effort so that people have to work together to make one. It would make getting out and exploring more fun since the main thing keeping me to my deed is "if I spend 3 hours exploring, I will need to spend another 2 hours to get back home."
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    "Is Wurm too Realistic?" No. "For example - Travelling for hours to reach the other side of the map." I spend a lot of time exploring and a world can never be too large for me. My first MMO was Asheron's Call which is roughly 500 sq miles and since AC, I look down with great disdain on tiny worlds. New World for example was way too small for me to enjoy it, plus there was no wilderness, just a few spots in between roads and locations so there wasn't much to explore. It felt more like an arena than it did a world. If Wurm could support a larger server than Xan, then I would move there. I'm a fan of MMO's that have one large mega-server, like Eve. This goes for single player games as well but sadly most survival type SP games are set on very small islands. Typically, the older the game, the larger the world. Compare Daggerfall to Skyrim for example. Skyrim is like the size of a region in Daggerfall. I used to do run tests and then post them as videos in which I run from one end of a 'large' world to the other to illustrate just how small the world really is. With that said, I don't mind fast travel options, they come in handy when you just need to get to point B without fuss. But I would rather have a large world with fast travel options so that I can still enjoy exploring.
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    This has always been my issue after a long day of work. Look, if I want to visit my neighbour Sasha, who lives 10 locals away from me, and I've made that trip 50 times already there is zero joy in "exploration". I know the sights. Same guard towers. Same roads. Same path because it's the fastest and most efficient. I just want to not waste 40 minutes to and from because I want to deliver him some horses. Just let me teleport with my lead animals, give them to Sasha and back. I got chores and stuff to do IRL. He has stuff to do IRL too. I am not gaining any skill in anything while I do this, it's just one of wurm's "things that loves to waste my time and insult player's time" and that's all it is. Same with sailing. What is there to gain by sailing? Seeing the great ocean views, aka the same flat ocean wurm has been for 15 years now with zero events, zero anything to keep me interested? There's a reason most passengers usually bring some carpentry tools and arrows with them to improve, so at least they feel they gain something. I would prefer we had deed to deed teleporters honestly and it would improve the UX 1000x fold. Want to explore? Go ahead and enjoy wurm's mysteries. But for those who unfortunately play "on the clock" in their free time we really don't have time to do many things because Wurm refuses to respect players time. Either ramp up horse / cart /wagon / ship speed or something or add teleporters for those who want to use them. If the immediate counter argument is "But you lose on the exploration, aspect. immersion and wonder of wurm if we add teleporters!" then there was no wonder to begin with. Most rpg games have some form of fast travel. Why? To respect players time. There is absolutely no difference in the value of a players time if it's a single player game or MMO. Wurm sadly thinks that if we are forced to walk the same roads that is fun. For some it is. For most of us it's not. It's also the main reason people hate events lift rifts because they are time gated and distance gated. Skyrim had fast travel but we still explored. Gothic 3 had fast travel but we still explored. Red dead redemption had fast travel but we still explored. If we refuse to add forms of faster travel in game because we fear it will "kill exploration" then that is an open admission itself that exploration in its current state is tedious and unfun. Source : A player who explored a server so much he made a personal map of guard towers, deeds, bridges, mob spawners and updated it for years (in game map). I love exploration. But I hate the tedium of revisiting the same places over and over again because Wurm doesn't acknowledge the fact for most of us, our playtime is limited. And players when they see "travel speeds" would prefer to skip Wurm altogether and choose other games. If you want to keep players, respect their time.
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    Forums worked fine before discord came along.
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    Exactly that. I find Wurm is my happy place almost all the time - the occasional negative interaction with other players being about the only exception. I don't do any of the 'directed' things in wurm, like journals or missions, etc. so the game is truly a sandbox for me. I love it and believe it's very good for my mental well-being.
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    For traveling, I tend to want to explore more, and while the endless hours of travel can be annoying, it also gives the opportunity to examine and see other parts of the world. Now that I travel to other servers, I get a better appreciation for what others are doing with their deeds and surrounding areas. If we just sped through everything at the speed of light, we'd miss so much. Other games I've played I wished travel could be a little slower so I could look at the scenery or watch other things going on in the back ground. For making items, honestly having to take so many steps in Wurm has given me more of an appreciation of how things need to be done IRL. I mean, there have been a couple times working on something around the house, I'm thinking, "wow, I'd need to make this, do that, add this and then put it all together!" I've been able to break things down a bit more in my head having to actually put the work into it for the game. Yes,some things are still very unrealistic, but having more knowledge than I did before I take as a win. As for relaxation, yes, I see my Wurm time as very relaxing at times. I choose to do what I'm in the mood for...farming, mining, fletching...whatever. If I want to craft more, then I do that. If I want to travel, I do that. I like to immerse myself in that world because so much IRL is chaotic and uncertain...when I'm traveling in Wurm, I KNOW I'll get jumped by spiders, ya know? I can listen to music, I can talk to people or not. I can feel in control of my worldly experience and I can't get that in "the real world." It does help with my mental health, by keeping me focused on my interests and encouraging me to work on things I want to. Physically I have issues, to put it mildly, so I would never be able to do this level of activity. At least here I can still get that feeling of accomplishment and community. So yes, for elderly it could be helpful, but the downside is the ability to react quickly in some situations, hit the correct keys for actions and be coordinated enough to keep things moving. For some elderly people, that becomes overwhelming. People pick games focusing on what they are interested in. If someone wants the instant/quick gratification, no, Wurm is not the right game. There are plenty of us that enjoy the experience, and since I rarely have finished any games (I have most Pokemon games 99% complete, but never finished them since I was close enough anyway), I find this structure of never ending activity to be fine. If someone wants a beginning/middle/end, that describes most other games in existence.
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    I find Wurm the ideal escape route from the many things that are currently bearing down on families and individuals alike, however, this can only be my own opinion as I feel sure that some people feel that aspects of the game cause them angst / anguish. I am an older player and as such I may likely have a different playing style when compared to younger players. I do not rush Wurm and as a result play every day albeit for relatively short periods of time (2hs at a time max). The immersion that I obtain through playing can make the game realistic in as far as it is still 'just a game'. I love many aspects of the game and I do feel that the variety of skills / challenges- and in some cases, the complexity of the gameplay such as cooking and beverages- are very beneficial to keeping my brain youthful Not being a medical person, I would imagine that mental health is something that can affect people in a wide variety of ways due to many different causes and so different games may cause negative or positive outcomes to different people. Maybe this is why a new genre suggesting that a game can be good for mental health has not been implemented before? Like you, (Zexos) I find playing Wurm beneficial, relaxing and an excellent form of escapism but I would not be confident in suggesting it as an 'elixir' for mental health except to someone who I knew really well. You have posed a very interesting question!
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    Let's face it, these young insta-gamer, whipper-snappers just don't have the patience us old-timers have (pointing at everyone 50+). It shows with modern games. They are mostly particle effects, bigger than life, stronger than possible, I-can-do-everything-and-anything scenarios. Wurm cannot give those things and so that probably knocks out 80% of the gaming population today.
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    I do not understand the random aggression or questioning of my want for a minimalistic GUI setting. I am not asking for the devs to take anything away from anyone else: I simpy want an option for straight edges around the windows (not that slanted top one with an invisible overlay that's in the screenshots featured in the thread) and for the majority of the information to be printed in text instead of GUI icons. I am not asking for anyone else's preferred GUI to be removed or altered.
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    No.. leave it alone..if ya don't like clutter make a WU server and have it be as pretty as u want. N0. If it ain't broke don't fix it. Tutorial takes waayyyy higher precedence then clutter fix that first. Also why are people leaving would be a good question? Really comes off as somebody who just wants to raid and get stuff and cares not for the wurm community as a whole. NO..
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    Thanks for the Thread Keenan. One point I want to rise is that in my opinion you need not only point a new player into the direction of a skill or mechanic but also make the basics understandable without a diploma, make different skills behave the same way and at least the lower skill level obtainable without going several miles out of the way of general gameplay. Some skills that need a review in my opinion are meditation (why can I go one or more days, meditate all I can and dont get a single skilltick? not understandable for a new player), animal husbandry (or horse lottery as I call it), Rod fishing (spear fishing is fine, but rod fishing is so overengineered its off putting and way to much work to bother with) and skilling shields (almost impossible to rise during regular gameplay). Thank you for your time and work and I look forward to exploration.
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    Thank you for communicating and explaining the scenario. This is greatly appreciated, and I look forward to see how wurm takes Josh's criticism and uses it constructively.
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    I don't think either the people on PVE and PVP expect their items gonna last forever. One thing can see is that items on PVE can be last longer than their life time if they put their deed upkeep into 200 years. Nothing people can do if the game still stand after 200 years. On PVP instead, people can drain other people's deed upkeep, and loot all the stuff with a method. One thing PVE people are expecting is, if they put a lock on a BSB, they expect no one can access the items inside it and will decay by natural as default. Not something called expect ur stuff last forever. I expect the PVP people doesn't like it because they can't drain the BSB or any methods to loot the stuff. Nothing people can do if the lock is there for now.
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    Located at G-9 on Melody, right on the water. Just go under the bridge and through the Gold mine door for pick up! Delivery is extra. 1s for other servers. Offering enchanting services with 3 avatars that can enchant. 3 tiles per day. Products Ovens Regular stone 90ql - 2s Rendered 90ql - 2s Slate 80ql - 1s Forges Regular Stone 90ql - 2s Rendered 90ql - 2s Slate 80ql - 1s Smelters RARE RENDERED 90QL - 13s Regular Stone 90ql - 3s Kiln Rendered 90ql - 2s Kits Guard tower - (500clay, 500bricks 100planks) -2s Colossus - (2000 clay, 2000 colossus bricks) 6s C.R.A.P. 1000 51.25ql Woad - 1s (with bsb) 1.5s Activated strange devices - Turrets (Fire/Frost) - 1s Creature Cages 50ql 1.5s Long bow, Willow 47ql with 68c - 50c Small copper braziers - 30ql - 1s Waystones 20ql or higher - 50c Carving knife iron (skiller) 33ql 84c - 1s Hammers iron 70ql with 57-59c - 30c 82ql whetstone 71c - 50c 82ql whetstone 51c - 30c 70ql rake iron 80c - 80c 35ql butchering knife iron 81c - 80c Brown bear helm, 89.80ql -70c Pickaxe iron 70ql 66STS, 41c - 70c Pickaxe iron 60ql 61c - 50c Pickaxe iron 60ql 65c - 50c Shovel 70ql 62c - 50c Stone Chisel iron 70ql 47w 45c - 50c Demon Helms - iron 69 & 70ql - 1s each More to come...
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    .3 Window drag lag - @Aeris - 1109
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    1) Considering the lengths people go to in order to get around PvE and raid other people's stuff - there is ample reason to expect that PvE lockpicking would be used to utterly raid secured items. I can't even call it an exploit, because it isn't some off-label exploit of a mechanic; it is using a theft mechanic for, well, theft. People lock containers because they want their stuff not-stolen - if they are happy for people to take their stuff they can either specify which people in permissions or remove the lock, but it is their choice and nobody else has a right to over-ride that. 2) Not everybody in Wurm is you. Plenty of people don't have 70-90 ql stone houses, or even deeds for that matter. The fact is container locking is a mechanic provided so that people can secure their items without having to resort to high q buildings on long-upkeep deeds. 3) If someone locked something away (in a boat, a building or, shock, even a box) then they want it protect and nobody else gets to countermand that. No excuses. 4) Wow. Basically, if real life is keeping you away from your escapist entertainment then other people should feel justified taking your stuff while you are dealing with real drama? Wow. If you want a supreme beehive then either make one or buy one. The one you covet has been locked, so the person who owns it obviously wanted to secure it against someone else taking it. Does it make you a thief because you want to take it? Frankly and bluntly, yes. Likewise if you want a high ql container and don't have the skill to make it, put out a WTB. I don't believe that motivation though, because I have played Wurm. Seriously, it's a game specifically demarcated between PvE and PvP - if you want to loot stuff, PvP is that way.