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    Wurm feels like home to me. When I log into my deed, I am among MY land, MY trees, MY enclosures, MY buildings, looking at MY ships in MY harbour. And why do they all feel so close to me? Because I made them all, exactly how I wanted them to be. I also bought the land and I upkeep it. My land is not some instanced cubicle to decorate that doesn't really have any real estate presence in the world. It actually takes up a chunk of Wurm - my own personal piece of it, and it interacts with it in real time. You can sail by it, you can come in to visit (I have a guest house! ) and you can utilize it in so many different ways. There is a farm there, a shipyard, vineyard, brewery, horses, homes, bridges, kitchens, and soon even bees. My stable has a chamber where I keep my saddles and extra horse paraphernalia. It really is home and I never found another game where all this is possible to such a degree. Perhaps such a game has recently come into existence, but meh... too late for them. Wurm is home already. I am happy here. Additionally - while I understand that there are players who are dissatisfied with them - I absolutely love the Wurm mechanics. I have embraced all the updates and content additions through the years. I have observed the developers understand and maintain this uniquely Wurm atmosphere and play style and support it with their updates that keep that feeling alive. I enjoy how in tune they are with the game feel. Wurm is so much better than when I joined and in so many incredible ways. Again, not a sentiment shared by all - I understand that - but I truly believe it. Have all the updates gone along my wishes? Not all... for instance, I am still not sure how I will adapt to this new third person Wurm that is tearing at the very fabric of my soul. But I will have to find a way. You can't have it all. But most updates were simply amazing. Retro's Valrei International is now my favorite literature, right up there with War and Peace, because of the additions it announces on regular basis. In Wurm, I feel the freedom. I can do what I want, go where I want, experience what I want, and none of that is dictated by a raiding schedule or in-game obligations. In fact, I can leave for a month or not log in on those busy days, and things will still be OK! When I come back, my Wurm is waiting. Just like the theme song promised. I simply cannot explain it, really. I love riding through the forests near my deed and seeing how the trees have grown. I love seeing the sap on the maples and knowing that today is probably a good day to pull out my bucket and the wax sealing kit. I love exploring old deeds and reminiscing about what may have been there. I love sailing (yes, I am crazy like that!). Even the grinding, which is boring and repetitive, somehow doesn't bother me in Wurm. Probably because when I do that, I can hear the birds chirping outside the window that I built, the horses which I raised moving by the fences I made, the water shimmering under my ships in the harbour which I personally shaped. Also, because of how valuable high skills become when you had to work for them for some time. In Wurm, I take things slow... sometimes too slow. I have no raids to attend, no crazy schedules to maintain, no quotas to meet. I have no one to outshine with my gear. In Wurm, CoC or WoA are the desirable enchants, not Swords of Thousand Truths with Super-Cala-Fragalistic Nuclear Chain Lightning charges. In Wurm, my rare leatherworking tools are my most cherished possessions. To me, Wurm is real. And I have only scratched the surface. And now, here I go getting all nostalgic about it. Look what you made me do! But I used to be a crazy raider, power player, intense grinder, high-level competitor, massive guild leader type of a dude. Not anymore. The Wurm Retirement Home is my speed now. And it feels soooo much more fun! So, stop by when you are passing by Garden of Fo on Celebration and say "hi". I will probably be doing something on my deed - something in preparation for doing something else, so that I can do something else entirely which will eventually allow me to do what I really want to do. And it'll probably take me a week just to set up. But I'll be loving every minute of it!
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    Mate I don't have knowledge of things I said four hours ago
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    Greetings everyone, there shall be a troll king slaying this weekend, everyone is welcome to come slap him, get some stonecutting bloods and maybe even win some loot! slightly inland, 1 loot roll per person Park near serenity harbour and follow the path up, taking a right at the intersection. if you've walked into a field of lava spiders you've gone too far
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    Back in the days, on technical university, we put our Counter Strike 1.6 server. Common thing that happened, that when you entered it, it was empty. Every day people came in, saw that it is empty and they disconnected. It would take me or other stubborn person, to sit there, for like an hour or two alone, and slowly more people came in. Afternoon it was full of players and others were waiting in a queue to get in. The same analogy is for Epic, or even other more populated servers. Players log in, see that none is there and log out. If some people are stubborn enough to still play, then in future more people will stay. It's just need people to get people : ) If we all gonna say that some server or game at all is dead, and stop playing, then more people will leave. If we gonna try, then more people will stay. Typical avalanche effect.
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    If you're going to remove player gods, please introduce a 5th neutral god that is boring and doesn't play with the others in PVP that is a good deed maintenance god like Nahjo was. New God - Jake from State Farm: Courier Strongwall Genesis Mend Summon Soul Vessel Reveal Creatures Lurker in the Deep Wild Growth Humid Drizzle Light Token Dirt Bless
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    Just wanted to add 1 more note, we will also be merging spell resistances for PVP servers only into 2 groups, pillar damage and all other spell damage from targeted spells. This should help cut down on the amount of spell damage that could be put out on 1 person in short periods.
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    the staffs hard work at banning toxic pvpers is what keeps me around
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    It is a good question! Bl priests and champions will be set to the template God of their template. Mr to mag, jk to fo.
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    Nothing. I plan to play Wurm till feb 20, then I'm gonna leave Wurm once and for all after 10 years of playing. But I'm giving myself time to consider everything, so I hope that some posts here will awake my deeply hidden feelings for Wurm and a way its going right now. There was a time when I was entirely certain, that I'll be the last Wurmian standing, no matter the odds. I really did overestimate myself. Anyway thing that was keeping me kinda, half alive in game were my best memories of all these years spent in Wurm with my friends. I thought not long ago, that exploring is my favourite thing that keeps me in game from the beginning till now... But I must be true to myself, its not my journeys whats keeps me ingame. Only foggy memories of them, before I got to know most lands so well, that I have pretty much nothing more to find. These are really cool memories and Im fond of them. I feel proud when I think that I had the pleasure of being a part of greatest game community ever forever. But after so many changes that were made last year and also this year already, and that hit me so deeply personally (saying mostly if not only for myself) it's not enough to show me perhaps new way of Wurming. I know it's not a good answer to the topic, but yeah. If theres anything that keeps people playing, I hope, I really hope these are: great memories, daring plans and most important: friends. Mine are mostly gone. I still see some old faces, but its not as strong connection and feeling of... brotherhood as it used to be before most of my folks left. I have no plans too, mostly because all the changes made to the game. Only memories. Edit: Really, care of your wurm friends folks. I did fail on this task in past year. Its terrible feeling. So you, better stay together, care for each other and let wurming go on. I hope you guys will see it otherwise. I hope that Wurm will survive another 10 years. Perhaps, in order to do so, all fossils like me must leave it be, to let new players establish new community.
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    1s = .9e Verified paypal only. Shoot a PM
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    Part of me hopes this works. Part of me wants to cry if it does. I've spent all morning installing Gentoo on a VM to test this issue.
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    I guess I know where this is coming from. Quite an efficient change and loved by many players, it is a small thing but after getting the notification many times in a full week of smithing you can't imagine Wurm without it.
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    i have similar idea as some people already mentioned, but might be a bit more polished. Add a spell for Mag, that would be self castable on body (only on mag himself) that would allow, lets say for 5-10 minutes (while spell lasts) for mags to surface mine at spell power % rate (not capped at 50%), so 80 power spell would provide 80% rate. The spell should be moderate difficulty (so it would be worth wile to get descent spell powers, but since its not castable on items it would not drown the servers with pickaxes where everyone can surface mine at high %, only exclusively for mag priests) and also, while under the spell effect, the mag should be able to raise rock more than 40 slope, lets say a max slope formula of "40+(spell power/2.5)". This would prove to be quite useful for a mag priest, would lie down into mags profile very nicely and would actually make some people playing mag more actively, not as a "log in when needed" alt. also, strongwall should be updated as follows
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    What I'm feeling from this page is that maybe it's worth delaying player god removal until Feb to minimise short term damage and allow some priest spells to be added, adjusted, reshuffled and maybe even follower stuff to be looked at, which would seem like a bloody good idea considering how short term the alert was
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    So... worthless? This was almost a really great idea.
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    Finally some worthwhile content -the pizza oven alone is reason enough not to quit after all.
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    I can't believe that one of most amazing deeds I have ever seen is going on sale... I would say "if I only had enough coins". But hey, what is enough? It's priceless place! Congratulations on your wedding. That's some lovely stuff to see in Wurm. Best of luck!
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    Could you just rewamp the religion for real this time, remove priest restrictions, remove all gods and give everyone every spell divided into subcategories we would have to grind each in order to cast and be done with it already?
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    Unfortunately I do not have a lot of time to play Wurm, as I have a busy real life. The chopping veggies was a real game changer for me since I could actually do stuff with my priest I enjoy doing like healing at rifts, and doing other priesty stuff for which I need favor. I don't really play with her as a "normal" character since I have another main to do that stuff. However, the recent changes to favor gains going back to random items where you have to farm, harvest, spin, weave squares and hope for the best, means I will spend a lot of actual time allocated for games, to doing stuff to prepare to actually play the game. Since my Fo priest will now most likely be put into the moth balls where the Vyn (who needs CoC and WOA casts these days, right?) and Mag (only so many strongwalls needed, and chain casting onto enforced walls in my perimeter kinda got boring after three days) already are, as I don't have enough time to go back to gaining favor growing and spinning tons of cotton strings to make cotton squares at a totally random ql just to actually prepare to play the game (before I can actually play what I paid for), I was wondering if I can request a refund on the premium I paid in advance based on the current state of affairs regarding favor gain with chopped veggies? If I paid her month to month that would be fine, I would just let it run out. However, I pay a year in advance. Not sure what the terms and conditions say about sudden and one sided changes to game mechanics but a refund option would be greatly appreciated. (This is on top of thousands of veggies at 99 or 100 Ql purchased in anticipation of many years of fun stuff with my Fo.) I guess what I am asking is a refund for the changes which I do not want to embrace yet paid for a service based on current state of affairs when I paid her prem for a long time to come. Thanks
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    Dragon 30s Red 2 Available Bull and Bear 10s Red 2 Available Bear and Man 10s Red 2 Available Dog and Boar Cyan 1 Available 15s Pink 1 Available 15s Red 1 Available 8s Scorpion 13s Red 2 Available Deer 10s Red 2 Available Demon 13s Red 2 Available
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    I'll be putting up a postmortem once the issue is resolved. Xanadu is starting back up now.
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    Well, lucky for you, I am here to help out. In addition to the nicer colored buckets (true story), you also promised polar bears on the tundra tiles, vacation deeds, and a Valdor action figure in every home. The last one seemed especially important...
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    Sure, I want my horse to be like an imitation Michael Jackson. 5s
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    What game is this? Am I a flower in a planter? Good I still have my toothbrush and towel.
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    What happens in chaos when demigods are removed for those who are BL priests/champions in WL kingdom?? We go to libila and get kicked out of kingdom? Or turn to kingdoms template gods? Do we have to get out of chaos before the removal?
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    and since we are going to steam with only 1 account possible, this could be a good addition to help priests. +1
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    January 17th - 17:30 - Xanadu - (Winner = Quelon)
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    I have 2 years of upkeep left on the deed. Sorry Retro for tagging you. The game I mostly play now (Conan Exiles) has a pretty open communication with the CRMs. I'll refrain from involving you in the future.
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    Can I please have my deeds added: Deed = Rangers Haven Coords 550, -3805 and Deed = West Coast Equine Sales and Agistment Coords 480, -3840
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    The server checks the tile the cage would land on for all planted items, as well as occupied cages, if that value is >= 4 it throws that message. Its a system that is in place to limit cage per tile count to no greater than 4.
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    Give Mag priests a lava spell. It would behave like the meditation ability. This could let Mag priests adjust surface slopes beyond 40. Plus the meditation ability already requires it be used in Mag domain, so it isn't a stretch to let Mag's cast it.
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    will i be left out this loot roll again
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    I do understand, but it wont be transferred. It will be account specific.
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    Getting rid of player-gods is fine with me. My issue is with saccing items in itself and of course, an announcement that like most recent big updates....came out of nowhere. Some heads up would have been nice to be frank. If it was a split second decision made last weekend, I get but still.... Could we at least standardize the saccing mechanic so all gods benefit equally from saccing veggies ? It wouldn't disrupt the farming market so much, which farmers would like, priests will be happy that they can keep their casting rhythm up, and overall the change would be a bit more smooth. Example : Cordage ropes are high end items really, grinding ropemaking isn't easy compared to say ... just farming corn and chopping it? Just saying there needs to be an equal footing somewhere. Most players in wurm farm, I doubt that many have 70 ropemaking. The loyalty program looks nice. I have mixed feeling about certain items to be honest. But i'll wait until it's in the game to have an opinion about it.
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    Bumping thread. I’m on my way to the Citadel. Long ways to go yet, currently at Tommekke. Will continue my journey tomorrow.
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    I think his gripe is that Mag has microscopic utility outside of Strongwall itself. And he isn't wrong.
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    Starting to look more and more like you are trying to kill WO to get people to switch to Steam version when and if it comes out ... Has the new owners of Club AB had any input to the changes ? Because so far with all the changes coming to stuff you had improved , to step backwards instead ,,, priest changes and followers adding new demy GOD,s just to go back to old god system is odd ... The loyalty sounds interesting , but makes me think of one time loot box depending on account age . Third person view , on a lot of games I find it adds extra lag because rendering you're character is extra processing .... Guess can only wait and see what is to come , best of luck ... Yes I am still subed .
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    I always felt the original gods were poorly balanced and if we are returning to a system of WL vs BL either BL will have to go back to having WL priests on the side or Lib becomes an everything goddess. There is room for more than just those four. If the devs don't like the player gods, make up some new ones. Its your lore.
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    By silly I mean difficult to understand for players and does not match the lore around the gods we wish to return to. Balance wise there was a ton of issues and if we want to focus on a balanced pvp server then removing so many factors through there helps. Sorry if the word silly felt condescending
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    Because steam will use the same pantheon, meaning a lot of balance issues, nothing silly.
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    Life Pro Tip: never hide in a suitcase if there are any cats in the house. They don't like it.
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    Not at all, in my book. Been in that position or similar myself many a rift. I was just observing the random(?) wordplay in your post ('unable to move as he is saddled' and name is 'Halt, Lad!'). Perhaps I have a peculiar sense of humour. Anyway, good luck getting him back. Someone find this man his steed!
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    The current WO PvE freedom needs to stay alive. Perhaps the Steam WO can be a noob server, but there needs to be access to the current WO servers at some point or current WO will die.
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    Strawman argument right there (subscription forgetfulness). There is nothing about Wurm Onlines subscription model that is a scam, people get what they pay for.
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    That directly contradicts Stop making statements without even presenting arguments to substantiate them is a mediocre internet discussion behaviour. What i said is not a contradiction because you can complete a goal by playing 1h/day is just going to take you longer. The choice of playing god knows how many hours a day is the player's choice. So if i play 5h/day to complete that goal faster than i would by playing 1h/day and burned myself out in the process then is my fault not the game's design. They even have the fatigue system put in in order to stop nerds going full wurm You never did something you liked and hoped you will never get tired of it but you know you eventually will? If not then you might be the perfect boyfriend. You miss an important factor in your thinking: Is called adaptation. You want the devs to adapt to your requirements while refusing to adapt to what they decided they want their game to be and claim is flawed design that makes people not want to play the game. It might be in your case but that just means Wurm might not be for you or that you are operating on a different consumer market speed of playing games. Slow down. Chill. Play Wurm to relax not to complete quests. Is why they did not even put quests and raids in it. My thinking is: i saw Wurm i informed myself what is about i knew it was a game where everything you do is dependant on a skill and on that said skill's level. At that point i made a decision if i want to play it or not and if i am willing to accept and adapt to the concept of the game and be okay with it. I knew i get too focused and invest too much time trying to complete an objective and burned myself along the way. The time you spend playing is your call not the devs. You want to make "little changes that would please me" and turn Wurm into a casual 1 month experience be sort of another flavor of the month game you buy on steam and then stop playing after making a house and a boat and just tell your friends you cannot wait for them to make wurm 2 but with better graphics this time and flying mounts. Wurm is still monthly subscription is in their interest for things to be slow. I want them to switch to PoE style where all gameplay aspects are free and they sell skins and cosmetics and stash slots (stash not inventory) for money. PvE skills and actions in Wurm are slow. You have faster everything in Wurm Unlimited, 4x actions on Jackal, 2x xp on Epic with guarantee skill ticks. Choose any of those if pve Wurm is too slow for you. Is also very ignorant behaviour to think that after 15 years of Wurm you are the first guy to show up and say: but what if they make this and that like all flavor of the month games out there? Dont they want ppl to play the game?!!!!!!! The answer is they do.. is why they don't make it a forgettable experience. You want to achieve something in Wurm you can if you work hard enough and long enough.