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    Well, it was 10 years ago today that I took the ‘risk’ of loading all that was needed to play Wurm after reading about it. I will not mention all those who helped me in the very early days- they will know who they are- but after a decade playing and enjoying Wurm I feel that I have a reasonable excuse to make a few comments about my perception of Wurm. 1. I play for pure enjoyment and have never really bothered with improving certain skills over others. I suppose I would be called a jill / jack-of-all-trades but definitely a master of none! I feel that it is this that has allowed me to continue to play almost every single day without needing a break from ‘the grind’. I love playing after a long day at work, when the weather is not great or simply as a form of relaxation and attempt to catch up on the latest gossip in the forum. I often smile at the humour that is so prevalent in chat. 2. I know that some more vocal players criticise the way that development on Wurm has evolved or is evolving- and I fully respect that right, however, I simply wish to thank every single person- developer or otherwise- past and present who has contributed in some way towards the amazing improvements that I have been witness to during this decade. I feel that what we have here is a game that is simply unique. 3. The community in Wurm is usually second-to-none. Every person I have met in-game has been helpful, amusing or kind. Perhaps I have been fortunate but I feel that Wurm is blessed with people of all ages who usually have a mature attitude to difficulties and problems. This is something that we should all be proud of. 4. Is Wurm without faults / problems, of course not but for most of the time these do not affect my enjoyment and so I shall give my trust to the development team to work on any issues and leave me to improving my standard of Wurm life. The future? I have never got involved in the religion aspect and that is something that I may be missing out on. The other thing is- to my shame- I have never been to an impalong as I always feel that my skills are not high enough. I must push myself to attend one! I am sure that the developers will also have some ideas that most folks cannot even imagine. One thing is certain and that is I hope to be playing Wurm as often as I can during the next decade and hopefully for longer. Thank you all. Spolmit / Malenkimit / Kalmit
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    “Beware that when imping items that you yourself do not become an item... for when you gaze long into the forge, the forge also gazes into you.” - Friedrich Nietzsche (paraphrased) (I do not know who did this to the Jewelry Smithing forge, but it took me over an hour to notice and when I did I nearly spit out my tea. )
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    "hey lewis do you remember that time we made an entire server completely flat?" Come on down to The Crusty Crab or something I already forgot the name Time keenly positioned to interrupt the Friend-along as much as possible: no I haven't seen any related tv program to this Leatherworking blood, everything rolled
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    Allow us to heal players by activating a healing item (salve, cover, cotton, etc.) and right click on the player and selecting Heal. It can automatically start healing the must severe of the wounds and then will work down the list to the least severe wounds. Having to look at the players equipment, then expand to see all the wounds can take quite a bit of time in combat and this would be a faster and easier to use system.
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    The Venerable Angry Horse-hater is here! And frankly, this one's personal. Good pre-patch horses were lost to this one. Bring your sharpest revenge-sticks to Bruce's Flying Circus! And for their sakes: do not bring a horse! Any other mount (that may join Dancepick and Lightningace) are fine. Take those ropemaking potions, and make rope in the honour of those that fell.
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    Simple idea to add ping counter option to status display: I want to know how much my ping is
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    Something annoying me every day is the way how the order of items in my inventory is messed up every time I log in. I have a certain order I prefer, and re-sort every time. Even when I made a mistake and choose one of the sort columns in inventory, the order is rearranged and won't go back. I would like a default order of inventory items one may choose and store, and retrieve by right click commands below "Expand all, Collapse all, Toggle imp column", e.g. "Save current item order, Restore item arrangement", maybe also a "/ command".
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    We did a year ago with NFI. You don't like the game, sorry. Move on lmao
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    Late afternoon on the day of Tears, Week 1 of the Snake's starfall in the year of 1102. The Great Hall is occupied by busy crafters, the Friendship Inn is near capacity, and the harbor is full of ships as a rainbow hangs over Friendship Bay.
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    you know people play games for fun sometimes and don't require being superior to someone to have fun right hot takes as always darnok, keep it up proud of you
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    I don't want the game to go the path of so many others in the past. I don't want to see the community slowly fizzle out and Wurm Online end up abandoned. This game has been around for so long and I want to see it continue since it's been so enjoyable for me in the past 5 years since I started playing. Others have played for a decade or more. There's so many lessons capable of being learned from other successful games out there with successful business models. I'd like to see Wurm Online adapt to the current gaming market, and others here are suggesting the same. At the end of the day, a forum is for discussion about topics. A topic was presented, and people are discussing it. I don't agree with everything others have said, but I'm not so vain as to call them self-serving because of their interpretation of the data. If you'd like to disagree with their interpretation, I think you should use counterpoints to the data or logic against their statements. You shouldn't attack the person who's presenting their viewpoint.
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    This was my first "a-long" since starting Wurm almost a year ago. I have to say I'm quite impressed and have had a lot of fun. The amount of work that must have gone into planning everything and getting crafting supplies available everywhere must have been crazy. One of the things I really like about this game is the patience people have with me and how friendly everyone is. Thank you for an awesome event and I'll definitely be around to help contribute at future events.
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    Welcome one and all to the great and powerful inky tail of Greg the Octopus The great and powerful. This is the story of how he rose to great power and fell to RISE AGAIN! to then fall.... TO THE RISE AGAIN! Our tail starts on the dawn of the first day. He was waiting in a food storage bin. Watching these two legged creatures run around. Seeing a few throw themselves off the towering building in the great distance. He lay in wait until he could rise up and SHINE!!! Then the evening came and the announcement he long waited for arrive. THE GREAT FISH SLAPPING! The battle would commence soon and he would be able to shine. A two legged creature got close and with the excitement in there eyes he knew he would be chosen. They did indeed choose him and held him in there hand. There excitement charged him and he was ready for his first battle to start! He was Ready! The two legged was ready. There enemy choose a swordfish. It was much bigger then Greg the octopus was. Even the other 2 legger asked if his two legger wanted to switch. Only for a moment did he feel sad before his two legger screeched in excitement NEVER! It brought a tear to his fishy eye that even though he was much smaller this two legger still wanted him! The battle commenced. It was a grand spectacle. They both flew and smack and slapped and hit! Back and forth until a Winner was called! Greg Won! In a splendid Victory! His two legger was excited for the win! He was Proud to have won! He was returned to rest until the next time His two legger would battle sure in his squish the he would once be chosen again. ----- Later that same day another round of Fish Slapping was announced He got excited to be in the hands of the same excited two legger! This time the two legger announced to all the he was named Greg! He took the name with all his fishy squishy pride! Not able to speak to say if he didn't like it or not didn't help the matters. Once the battle commence they fought and battled. Swings were made and ink was sprayed! The excitement of the battle was grand! By the end Greg lost but he wasn't sad. The two legger had fun and so did he. He was returned and awaited the next great battle! ----- The next and last battle of the day, he returned to the same two legger! The battle commenced and he was ready! The swings came and the battle was fierce! It was long and a winner was called! His two legger! It was excitement filled.... but then...... there was a hold. The combat log was re read and it shown that the other had one instead. Even if they had lost it was still a grand time to be had! Once more he returned to wait! xxxx The dawn of the second day. He waited and watched the festivities of the two leggers. He couldn't wait to be called upon again. He was waiting and ready for the next battle! When it was time his two legger came and screeched for him once again. He was renamed to shown to be Greg! The battle was fierce! He was against another octo! But it wasn't as powerful as him! He took it down in no time! Again he was champion and he felt unstoppable! Then he was handed off to another, He felt like he could go again and WIN! But alas he was Greedy He fell from power and lost. His over confidence and the screams of his original two legger made him over confident.... Then He was passed again! It was a moment he could redeem himself and make his original two legger proud! He played smart. Hit and smacked! The battle was long. So long a new spot had to be chosen. He then smack and smacked! Then at the end he obtained VICTORY! Winning against the two legger named Virusmd! He felt powerful once more! He was returned to await the next grand battle! ---- Later that day a new battle! A new battle started and a Different two legger held me in there hands! I was against a catfish this time. They think there better then all the other fish. They knock things over all the time! I was ready for this battle! A Smack, a Hit, a Slap! The crowd cheered! After a long battle I came out victorious once more! The next battle was starting and a new two legger wanted to test my strength in the field of slaps! I just hope to not let this one down! I pumped myself up trying to let my wins get to my head! Then it started! With a Hit another Slap and a smack I try my very best in this battle! I once again take victory!!! This battle short and sweet! I was handed to another! The battle commenced and I would fight with all I had! Once it started A smack, a hit, and a slap! I aimed the best I could! Once more I came out to be victories! My Popularity to seemed to have grown so quick! I was once more handed off! Everyone wanted to try there luck with me! The battle started, Ink was flying and slaps where had! Smacks, hits, Slaps! I once more came out the winner! The two legger threw me down in a victory spike. Another asked if I was alright, yes two legger I will live to Slap another day! Another battle was being set, I was passed to a new two legger once more. I took a breath and readied myself once more. The Slapping started. The two legger and I danced around are prey! Battling the best we could..... then..... they switched out for whale. It was me a lowly octopus against a whale! I had to truly belive in myself! It started again! The slaps commenced! The Whale was so much bigger then me! My time in the light and winning came to an end. I Lost this round. I was handed off once more, The last battle and the original two legger. I was filled once more with the strength to fight even if it was against the whale once more! I knew its move and was ready for this round. We hit and smacked and slapped! In the end we were victorious! The battles were fun and I was returned to rest up for the next battles ahead..... xxxxx to be continued......
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    95ql Supreme Carving Knife with 105 Botd + 10% Increase Speed Rune + Shatter Protection + Custom Color Imping to 95ql done by the Master Weaponsmith Pantha Enchants, Rune and Color done by Volladol Made for carving, this knife has a broad blade and half a hilt. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. Colors: R=4, G=243, B=207 Shatter Protection has been cast on it, so it protects against damage when spells are cast upon it [80] A glimmersteel rune of Libila has been attached, so it will increase usage speed (10%) Blessings of the Dark has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained and speed with it when used. [105] Start bid: 1s Min bid: 1s No reserve No buyout No private bids Sniper protection: 1 hour Item will be sent via CoD Happy Bidding!
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    Sorry for the delay! Life's been a bit busy and I've been trying to figure out how to get them organized for judging, there's many wonderful entries!
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    Out of all the updates on defiance I believe the aggressive mob rarely dropping a powder was a great update and would love to see it added to chaos as well.
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    Ever since the lighting update last year the nights have never been the same and much brighter overall. I had some people tell me it's cause of the multiple moons which cannot be true since this happens when none of the moons are up even (clear sky). Its really jarring during sunset and sunrise as well cause the light from the sun shines through the land even after it has set making everything glow red-ish anyway on the side its setting or rising, the inside of buildings as well light up when they should be shaded. Before the game looked great at night and was my favorite and after it just looks bright and weird. This is what it looks like at peak darkness, you can still see red light on the trees when the sun has been down for a long time. I am not by any other light sources in the game. I took these pictures to show what I am talking about, this is what it looks like after the sun has set behind the horizon/mountains and it only fixes once the sun has been down for long enough time but that doesn't matter much since it lasts for little time once the sun starts to rise and shines through the world again before it even crests the horizon. I am next to a mountain yet the light comes right through it to illuminate my building and trees. I don't know why nights were made lighter other than to be noob friendly but it looks bad. What nights should look like.
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    I'm sorry I was reading this over again and this broke me this utterly broke me I'm just imagining the devs hiring some random guy from Cameo or something with a £2 mic AWOOO'ing for the sound effect
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    Why not just add "werewolves" as a spawning mob at nights once per season? The "idea" has flaws, as there's zero chance encountering a ww will not lead to taking damage, and there's no distinction between material type in the wound. Again, I see what you're going for, but you're over complicating it. This can be boiled down to: Tough mob that gives cool individual drops, requires multi to be hunted to be able to bud the full set. Werewolves aren't needed, as that overlooks a lot of possible existing opportunities, such as more goblin and troll variations, expanding on what already exists rather than trying to fit in a whole new system with clunky mechanics that doesn't fit with anything else. Good first iteration, calm down on the overcomplicated mechanics, identify your goals and whether it fits with the game, then work from there.
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    Manachan was working hard at the forge. It was late at night and the glow from the fire was the only light. Though the light was dim it was enough to let him know his work was progressing well. An idea came to him as he stared at the glowing metal. Perhaps there could be crafted a light so magical as to be able to peer through the darkness into the world of Wurm while he was not even there? Could it be possible? Manachan cast aside the glowing chain mail and hammer and set about crafting a magical light that would penetrate the darkness into the world of Wurm even in his absence! "I must create this" thought Manachan. "And I must share it with everyone!" Days later Manachan emerged from his workshop holding a rather unimpressive looking single candle. But the candle had powerful magical properties that belied its simple appearance. He secured the candle and lit it for the first time. The candle's light peered deep into the world of Wurm and showed Manachan many things. Manachan said "Now I will give this gift to everyone." Manachans Candle
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    Why not? Great cash sink for people that don't care about money and just want to show how filthy rich they are (in the game). Opulence! Decadence! Special moon metal glow in the dark too pretty PRETTY please? Glowing bloody Seryll altar of Lib? Would be the envy of all.
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    Hi, I'm Kiama. I would like to tell you about a uniquely nomadic server cluster that is launching on Friday at 8PM UK time. I am going to begin by explaining my Wurm principles to see if you might be a good fit: No monetising No rules other than be kind That... was shorter than I expected. I guess I don't have many Wurm principles. Okay onto explaining Stormfall and why it is unlike anything you have tried before: There are four islands that are connected to each other in a one-way counter-clockwise loop (pay attention to that). Whitesand is entirely desert. Redmyst is entirely tundra. Farmarsh is entirely marsh. Making a home in any of those will be respectively difficult, painful, and excruciating. Something to aspire to. But you start on Stormfall. All the islands are 2k across. Each of the four islands has essential resources that are natively unique to them. Do you want Clay? You will only find it on Redmyst. Do you want Iron? You will only find it on Stormfall. In fact, almost every resource is limited to one particular island. And religion too, since the Altars may only be found in Farmarsh. This server cluster has deeding costs on. Thankfully you will gain copper coins just for being online... but only on the non-Stormfall islands, where you gain 2 copper coins every 10 minutes. On Stormfall, you get nothing. During any given real-world month, there is a Storm on one of the islands other than Stormfall. The Storm makes the island uninhabitable. Translation: I shut the server down for that whole month. Look at the custom maps to see the Storm schedule. All of which provides a unique nomadic Wurm experience. You will need to carefully plan your movements and wisely manage your resources. There are a lot of consequences of this setup. One I need to point out especially is that this makes the server a real-world-month-long round trip. If you leave Stormfall, it will be at least a month before you can return to Stormfall. Second to lastly, I will emphasize that this is a cluster with double movement speed for players, horses, and boats. Along with 3x action speed / 15x skill gain, these are more "casual" servers than I have ever run before, if we just pretend everything I just wrote didn't happen. More importantly, these are servers where you can get things done - you'll just be forced to get them done in more than one place. Lastly, let's talk trees. Do you want trees? I mean like, any trees? You will only find trees on Stormfall. So stock up your boat before leaving. And unfortunately for all of us, there's only Fir trees on Stormfall. The rest of the forests will have to be planted by you. I will grant ten 50 QL saplings of one tree of your choosing to anyone who replies to this post letting me know they are joining the server before the end of July. Server Settings: PVE 15x skill gain 3x action speed 20x mining hits per wall 1 hour per crop stage 3x player combat rating Double player, horse, and boat speed Gain 2 copper and 2 karma every 10 minutes you are online, except on Stormfall You start with a tent plus crude tools There is no Body Strength requirement for loading/unloading There are no Priest penalties, so you can improve, mine, chop, etc. Rares more likely No weeds Farm more than 1 tile at a time at higher levels (3x3 at lv 50, 5x5 at lv 70, 7x7 at lv 90) You can check burn time You can check your bank from anywhere via your hand menu You may build near the Altars (which are only in Farmarsh), controlling access to them Note that you will always connect via the login server, Stormfall, even when your character is on one of the other islands. There is a Discord that is connected with in-game chat, but there is no requirement for you to join and I don't expect it to be very active initially. It is just for your convenience if you want to stay connected: https://discord.gg/hcMJQxMBV8 Maps:
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    You missed the fact, that spamming suggestions so frequently, will just make them vanish faster from everyone's memory.
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    And here it is - great warrior, a miracle of the deep sea, fearless - GREG THE OCTOPUS!!!
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    A bit of a misconception there. It's actually incredibly easy to create a new monster and implement it into the game. You can see examples here for many of the creatures I made in Wurm Unlimited, many of which took less than an hour to code. I imagine the new donkey creature being implemented took more time to create a model for than to actually add into the game.
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    A players perspective, from the point of breeding riding/hitching animals, of the new and changed trait system and other AH update changes: (Humor, dark) It has very strong leg muscles (changed): movement speed bonus (speed) (old movement / carry bonus) change: we took away the carry bonus and made it just speed. Still made it worth 10 of your AH It has keen senses (changed) to "It seems accustomed to water": moves faster in shallow waters (speed) We took a trait that was more of an easter egg due to the weird combination / unlikely scenario of it actually being triggered, and replaced it with a speed boost that will only work when riding in shallow water, where you will either continuously hit patches too deep and stop, or if in water of allowable depth of 5 and flat, you will get kicked off your horse every few seconds. Due to the speed increase, this will now happen more often. Sweet! It seems more nimble than normal: increased max ridable slope (Draft, Rare) We gave you a trait which you will rarely see, but unless all the hitched animals have it (very unlikely) will probably not actually be able to make any difference. It gives more resources: Increases output of resources such as wool and milk (Output) We added this in so that it could fill in points when you don't get the traits you want on animals that don't produce milk or wool. It seems more friendly: Easier to tame (Combat) Another filler trait to take up points where you would much prefer something useful, seems to show up on well over 50% of animals. Uses points better spent elsewhere. It seems prize winning: Gives better products when butchered (Output) It looks plump and ready to butcher: Gives more products when butchered (Output) At least when we are now culling 80% of our breeding results, we have a high chance of getting more items from them. \o/ It seems to pick stuff up: Chance to dig something up when eating, drops items on the ground (Output) Because we took away the keen senses easter egg trait, we had to add another one. Some really weird combination of events will actually trigger this to work (If it isn't just completely broken like many suspect). Maybe tamed, on lead by a food container for hours, during a triple conjunction of moons, within 30 minutes of a server restart. /shrug It only costs 5 points, might as well have it fill the last few points of my AH I have.... no wait, it never does. It has strong legs: Carry weight bonus (Draft) This is the carry bonus we took off you from first trait listed above (It has very strong leg muscles). Here, you can have it back. Previously both traits cost you 10 of your AH, now that they are split you can have them back for the bargain basement price of just 30 AH points! (But not on the same animal, we split dominant pools remember) It seems to be a graceful eater: Less chance to reduce the growth stage of a tile when eating (Misc) Because we changed the way animals eat, they now need a trait to do something to prevent them from setting back growth stages continuously till you just end up with seeds or a flower or thatch sitting on a dirt tile. It is easy on it’s gear: Equipped gear takes less damage (Draft) As well as nerfing speed on vehicles, we were intending to make hitched animals start damaging their gear. In the rush to release this bug filled update, we somehow missed out on adding this nerf. This trait was going to give you back something you used to have for free, at the cost of 10 AH points. Now it just costs you 10 AH points, and given the fallout, we are probably not game to nerf gear damage on hitched animals. Does absolutely nothing. It looks extremely sick: Has a very slim chance to pass away when it recieves a hunger tick (Negative) We decided there was not enough grief in the update, so we added this one in. Unfortunately, with the way animals are now eating weirdly, they sometimes graze 6 times in a second, multiple times a day. Outcome: your very slim chance of death is around 1 in 5. If the animal makes it to adult, it's a miracle. Rejoice! It has a chance to produce twins: Chance to birth twins (Misc, Rare) We'll give you a rare trait, with a CHANCE to have twins. Maybe. (sadly only seen it show once, on a non inbred animal with 3 negatives, 2 speed (one of which was water trait, see above) - Not an animal I wanted to have any offspring, let alone multiple at once. It seems vibrant: Increases output of resources (Output) Not sure this does anything. If only I could milk/shear my horses/donkeys/mules/hell horses, maybe I could find out. Another common point stealer that you would really just prefer not to get. Edit: We missed the days where actions produce scraps, so in tribute sheep sheared with this trait produce little leftover bits when spinning uncombined amounts (Thanks for the info SmeJack) It has a slow metabolism: eats half as much as a normal animal (Misc) Due to the weird multi-grazing feeding actions when feeding containers are anywhere around, we needed a trait to stop them emptying said containers twice a day. Here you go. Oh, this took points you wanted to spend on speed or draught traits? Sorry. (Also suspect this one causes animals not to fatten up, leaving them at the prospect of suddenly dropping dead of starvation WHILE showing not hungry on inspect, despite the fact that they are). It looks more friendly than normal: Less likely to be attacked by aggressive creatures when tame (Combat) Your combat pet is a really nice critter, will stop and have a chat with the Trolls, totally disarming them with its pleasant personality and bright sunny nature, and they will wander off to go attack that grumpy player instead. Due to this trait having increased the livability prospects of many generations, it has become a dominant trait (translation, this one shows up on almost every animal, costing you points you wanted spent on speed or draught) It is especially loyal: keeps loyalty to its tamer longer, loses less when taking damage (Combat) Your pet loves you. It doesn't mind the fact that you keep sending it in to get mauled by bears and crocodiles, it would do anything for you. Will stay tame right up until that Venerable Champion Troll wipes it from the face of the earth. It looks stationary: will stay put as if saddled (Misc) This one could actually be handy, no more having to saddle animals to stop them from walking straight to the newly planted crop/grass tile and grazing it bare instantly. Sadly, was coded at the exact same point where having saddled creatures meant they took off for the hills the moment you dismounted/unhitched them, and means these guys seem to run around your enclosures even more than normal. Oh well you didn't really want draft or speed traits anyway. It is unbelievably fast: always on speed bonus similar to hell horses (Speed, Rare) This one is actually pretty good, makes for a really zippy riding horse, IF it shows up AND is on one that has the 3 working speed traits (not that water one, see above). Really annoying to see it turn up on your sheep. It has very good genes: increased amount and quality of resources like milk and wool (Output, Rare) No seriously it does. The ones made from the kind of Denim you only could get in the old days. Like Levi or... no wait, that's something else.. Other important changes: Animals will now move to feed from unlocked containers - Animals will become fixated on the food container they can't get to, and will starve to death while standing on enchanted grass. Mules are also as good as draft creatures as horses. - That scrawny mule is now better at pulling vehicles than your husky new horses and beefy bison. Sorry if that wasn't the look you were going for as you ride your battle cart into combat. Introduced new body shapes for horses. Horse body shape depends on the horse’s trait set. - We have been lazy and just stretched/shrunk the models instead of giving you a proper draught horse with it's own skin, or a nice looking hot blood. Welcome to the world of steroid gym freaks and Raptor headed horses! New: Traits now have categories, the majority category on a creature excluding negative and miscellaneous traits will influence how traits are passed on greatly preferring to pass on its majority to its child. Dominant category is picked from either the mother or the father randomly. - We're really sorry you liked being able to breed for the actual traits you wanted, we will now produce offspring by cloning one of the parents. Except.... well the clone will only have some of the majority of the traits the parent had, most likely losing those 20 point ones you want to replace them with gear or water ones, and just rolling the dice on everything else. Expect most of those to be ones you have no use for. Custom bred longer lived, more disease resistant horses? Riding horses with useful combat traits? Sorry, we saw you breeding for horses you wanted, so we separated those into different dominant pools. Not going to happen. If both parents have no traits all categories of traits receive a bonus to seed the initial traits Breeding from wild has a good chance to give you 4 traits, but only from the misc pool. Don't expect it for draught or speed. Traits have point values now which influence their chance to pass on and how many traits. The more a trait influences speed or draught capabilities, the more points we will charge you for it, and the rarer it is. This makes the 20 point traits you want harder to get, roll off the next generation more often, and they also only used to account for 10 of your AH, not 20. Sneaky eh? There is still a cap of 10 traits per creature (this does not include traits like “bred in captivity”) We are still capping you at one trait per 10 points of AH. To make up for the fact that some single traits now cost 20 points, we will give you a bunch of 5 point ones to fill in the difference, but don't expect to spend any 5 points over an even 10 point amount, as that would let you squeeze in, say, 8 traits when you only have 75 AH. Old “5-speed” horses will be the same as they were before the update, and will go the same base speed. Oh, except for that bit where we included hidden nerfs to them being able to pull hitched vehicles for every speed trait. Oh, and that bit where while riding them the previous carry bonuses from some traits don't do anything and they will slow to a walk if you carry more than a twig. Vehicles now slow down as they gain load. Putting more than a couple of rocks in will slow you to the speed where you can't escape mobs. Oh, at the same time we did this, we nerfed every bison bred for working speed boosts to have speed penalties, took 3 out of 5 speed boost for horses / hell horses and made them not only do nothing, but actually slow them down extra when hitched. You're welcome. In several months time breeders will just about be getting to the stage where you can do the same you could do before. Maybe. Well, if all the 20 point traits didn't keep getting rolled off each generation. A vehicle’s quality helps offset the weight in a vehicle, this effect starts at above 30 quality and will reduce the weight penalty up to 3x at 100 quality. Up until 30 quality, it doesn't do much, once you hit that point it penalises you, and by about 90ql you can go at sub 30 ql again. Nice. Players shouldn’t notice much difference outside wagons loaded up with tons of materials. If they have their head in a sack, on a moonless Wurm night, under the old renderer in heavy fog. Can't imagine why people weren't happy with all this
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    I searched for this very item and was a bit disappointed to see it didn't gain much traction but will use this thread instead of a new one as this is a real annoyance. The area around my deed on release got converted to large swathes of bushes over the course of several rifts when it used to be a nice pine/birch woodland. I spent a while clearing the area and replanting, it took ages and I don't know if I have the time to keep on top of it as new rifts just punch new large wholes in the trees that get taken over by the bushes that remained. Something to help the recolonisation of trees would be welcome for sure rather than changing the landscape. EDIT: not sure fixed site is the answer but some way of going back to previous landscape would be nice rather than bush monoculture
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    title, they just get in the way of people doing missions, you can't kill them to get them to stop showing like you can wild mobs and the owner can locate it without a pendulum. certain spots are really bad due to multiple deeds with champ pets making a pendulum dead zone for missions
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    Stanlee, a sincere thanks for all that you do. You're a huge plus to the Wurm community and much appreciated.
  34. 4 points
    -1. By playing on a pvp server you accept the inherent risks and ramifications of playing on a pvp server. If you don’t like it then simply play on freedom. Gosh, I can’t believe pvpers want to make the server more interesting. It’s like they want equal rights or something.
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    Did this post happen? If so, could someone direct me to it please?
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    technically speaking, a player collecting animals creates 0 server lag. There's a set amount of mobs on a server, as you can see in the graphs. say for example cele has 26k mobs and 1 person, if this one player hoards 1k animals in his deed, there's still 26k animals on the server, but only 25k of them are wild. If anything, the animals are often hitched or put into a pen, reducing/removing their pathfinding ai using cpu cycles, which would reduce server lag.
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    This is why I am deeply saddened no exposure or marketing was done for Epic when the steam rollout was deployed. For Christ's sake we have 1.5 second creation timers, 6 second imping timers, 4-5 second digging timers, and with a woa shovel it's a 1.5 second digging timer that's rounded down to 1 second. Yes 1 second.You literally can terraform at the speed of light compared to the old system. It's such a fast gameplay that it's a crying shame the steam folk didn't receive more awareness to the bonuses of Epic. Back to the breeding thing, genetics HAS to have a role, otherwise it's just a lootbox. There is too much randomness even now in breeding that the small breeders might just end up buying some horse stock from the larger breeders but that in itself kinda defeats the purpose of breeding your own horses, with your own work. It feels too much like a horse reset than anything.
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    Can you just go play any other mmo, because clearly this isn't the kind of game you're looking for Wurm is meant to have no form of classes, jobs, professions. Faster action timers are achievable already, by just playing the game.
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    QL 97 RARE Hatchet, iron BOTD 97 w/ +10%QL Gather Rune A short but sturdy axe with a thick blade specially designed to cut down trees with but poor in combat. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. A bronze rune of Libila has been attached, so it will gather resources at a higher quality level (10%) Blessings of the Dark has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained and speed with it when used. [97] Starting Bid: 25s Increment (minimum): 1s Buyout: 50s Sniper Protection: 1 hour Item is currently in the hands of @Palim(Achillis) for the final imp to 97QL before end of the auction! Thanks for looking and good luck to all!
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    They could go for something like the treasure chest mod on WU, find old maps giving you direction to a spot where you can dig for a chest. Would need some new items to be found inside them to keep them interesting, or maybe some new runes or new statue fragments? New exploration could finally mean the little goblin and troll camps dev's have spoken about many many years ago (trolls/gobs in said camp have a higher chance of dropping a rare or better recipe, maybe new cooking recipes in the droplist). -> already have the riftcamp mechanic in place so probably not to hard to replace riftmobs with trolls/gobs and the riftstones/trees with troll/gob huts and cooking pots Maybe new specific butchering products for each animal/agro out there? -> this could expand the alchemy skill ALLOT, we already have potions to smear on our stuff from unique hunts, maybe add some new ones to it (already very detailed topics about this in the suggestion forum) Maybe finally add a taxidermy feature, so when we kill unqiue stuff out there while exploring, we can bring it back to stuff it to put on display New (rare) flower types to be found in the wild New foraging and botanizing stuff to be found (maybe resulting in new ingredients and new cooking recipes to be discovered) Could possibly be the time to indroduce a very crude form of cartography? Add visible underwater ruins/coral reefs, where we have to dredge/fish to find new statue fragments, new fish, new materials, etc.. Even some simple stuff, adding in more traveling/hunting/etc achievements so we can get some more karma (might need some more uses for karma tho ;)) Add a new"exploration journal" with new goals (besides the current journal we have now), that unlocks special rewards every time you finish a chapter in said journal (exploration/hunting related rewards) Seriously, you can go so far with something like "exploration update", they got an insane amount of money from the steam launch, making this exploration update really big, could be a very solid way to get some steam players who quit, back into the game (lots of new players seem to like sailing/running around the wilderness).
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    Campfire A campfire at night should scare away aggressive mobs, in such a way that the player sitting close to the fire will not be attacked by migrating mob. But this feature won't work if the player starts the fight by himself, or if he was during combat or if the mob had already followed player, but distance was too large to enter combat. Leather line Cut with any knife from leather piece, although any knife except the leather knife will lower ql. It can be used as a rope for basic activities or for creating small containers that do not require metal to build. It could also be used to craft leather whip. Mini-crate A small container made of leather line and hides would act as a mini-crate, i.e. averaging ql, holds 50 items and requires no metal for creation, can't hold logs or items of that size. Improved with leather. Cargo donkey/mule We should be able to add one mini-crate or two saddle bags or two small barrels to the saddle (or to special harness). In the case of a saddle, player would have to choose either he is riding donkey or is using that saddle as cargo-saddle.
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    Preserve hide and leather source data for use in future expansion to armour/clothing recipes.
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    We need two sliders. One for the brightness of areas that have dynamic lights. One for areas that have no lights. This allows people with weird graphics hardware to adjust to it, and ensures that everyone gets the game experience they want.
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    Well, one thing for sure, Wurm could have more variety of monsters.
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    I'm no expert, but based on first-hand experiences, I would say that 4 players with 8 animals between them seem to use more server resources than 1 player with over a hundred animals.
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    I would like to see two options. A Recall Items command, on your mailbox, that would immediately send back to you any item(s) that were waiting in anybody else's mailbox charge you the mailing cost for each such item, if it had been sent COD A profile option to speed up the time out for mails that are returned. This is because I've seen two kinds of irritating behavior from mail recipients. First, people asking for things to be sent COD and not paying for them. Second, things being sent for free, and still not being accepted (because they put out a general request for help, and neglected to tell everyone when someone had mailed them what they wanted) and the being returned to you. I do not want to pay 1c to get this stupid spindle or whatever back, but neither do i want imps whispering in my ear every day for a week about it. ETA oh, and the first option lets you correct mistakes you may have made, without harming any other player. Sent out something for the wrong price? Recall it, pay the copper, send it out for the correct price, be more careful next time.
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    There is a reason horse semen is one of the most expensive fluids at 5 million $+ per gallon if it comes from a prize stud. It it would be complete random no one would pay so much. A high producing stud produces that amount in about 2 month of daily gathering during his 8 month breeding season (followed by 4 month of rest and "reloading").