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    Hello nature lovers, I have a special offer for you. I will plant you a forest or orchard and you will pay only for each sprout (1s/100) I manage to plant (If I fail to plant it will be my loss). It means that you will be provided with free service and will pay only for successfully planted trees or bushes. At the moment here are the sprouts you can choose from: PM me here or in game if you're interested.
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    Does anyone have news on a release date? Is it going to be pre FF, peak 2013 or something else?
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    - Make moving from bulk to container ignore your inventory limit. Makes 0 sense why i have to empty my inventory if i want to move 100 corn into a satchel in 1 move. Inventory item limits are dumb anyway. - Make shift+drag work on moving items from bulk container, for example if you have it set to 25, the shift+drag window will pop up with 25, then it'll open the bulk transfer window which won't have the 25 saved. - Make it say what you're too far away from. - Make bulk transfer work for moving into containers like smelters. probably some other stuff that sucks too but i cant remember them
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    Everybody else has grinded this the hard way, and so can you.
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    Guess I'll weigh in even if I'm a bit late I'm nervous to see what comes from this, just based on what we've seen in the past in terms of quick, major fixes. That said, a new, smaller map is a very good thing (I'm resisting the urge to say "I told you so" when I voted against the elevation reset years ago). I hope it is more like the old elevation map with wide open areas and mountains than what we currently have. I'm happy to see that a lot of the primary issues with PvP are being addressed since that's the only reason I played this game. When I started Epic in 2012, I was pretty much able to jump into PvP the moment I could ride a horse. I couldn't imagine doing that today. I don't necessarily agree with all of the changes being made, but I'm happy that the issue with old, strong accounts with tons of buffs and SotG and moon metals is being addressed, even though I'm one of those. I'm cool with older accounts being stronger, but they shouldn't just dumpster everyone else. Soft caps for characteristics are good. Not sure to feel about hellhorses. I agree that they're something of a barrier to PvP entry. That said, the barrier is partially removed when the map is made smaller and there still exists the tradeoff to not having led pets (do people even still do that?) It took years before the meta on Epic became hellhorses. Mine door changes are good I don't agree with removing recall. I think it should have a long cooldown after having enemies in local (1 hour of ingame time?) that is removed when standing on a deed with no enemies in local. I've used recall a lot when escaping buggy situations. I'm alright with the meditation changes. They'll definitely need another pass though because this feels very much like a bandaid. This'll just make Path of Power become meta for the mini SotG since it'll still eliminate enchant damage. TBH, I'd prefer it if sorcery were removed entirely. I don't think it adds much to the game while just being another barrier required for entry. It was really cool when we had 0 info on it and people started acquiring items, but now it just feels like a half-baked pseudo-priest system. I'm not on board with removing champs or all priests. I don't think that the mechanics behind them are fundamentally broken, but might need to be tweaked. Champs add flavor and one of the best parts of this game was trapping and killing them. I'd very much like to see priests return to to the original 4. It definitely wasn't a perfect balance, but it's much easier to manage from a balance standpoint and it felt less cheesy than everyone converting to whatever new priest managed to win the roulette wheel of spell selection. Despite having a a lot of time put into my account, I'd love a skill reset, although that seems like it's out of play for now. Overall, I'm happy to see that changes are heading in what seem to be the right direction. I hope we see something substantial in terms of player retention.
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    Quiet Delarivers.
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    I think if there was any kind of influx of demand for weapon imps, this might be warranted.... but there isn't. I also don't believe such things should be tweaked for such a silly reason. You could make the same argument for channeling, natural substances/alchemy or any other skill that actually requires effort to master.
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    WIND ROSE - Diggy Diggy Hole | A metal cover of the classic, what more than that can I say?
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    Seen "Classic" and was ready to break out my "Jake" graphic packs. Guess you meant wurm Middle-Aged
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    You can't put them in bulk storage. You should. Squares of cloth, strings, arrow heads... these are similar item. They can't be imped, so they should fit in a BSB.
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    Is anyone actually in favour of keeping tome abilities/effects on new elevation? Could be a quick win, just disabling that whole feature.
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    I want to offer you a panfilling service. Filling 1000 pans cost 1s If you don't have your own materials to use, I can find it for you: total cost, including mats, will be 2-2,5s (depends on suplyesr prices). I work at my new big kitchen at Exodus K_8 "Royal Kitchen" up to 10k pans per cycle. Send me a forum PM if you are interested.
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    I put some prettier updated instructions here for ya https://wu2015.tumblr.com/ Pls pay no attention to how sloppily the page is coded lol, I just adapted something I made a long time ago when I was a noob because I didn't feel like spending a lot of time for what's essentially a readme.
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    Hi all, We’ve been aware of the discussions on the forums regarding the desire for a completely new and fresh experience in PvP on Epic. The issue we face with this is the long term requirement in order to set something like this up. As such we've compiled a list of changes we can make in a short timeframe that we feel address the majority of issues raised. Everything below is planned for just after the end of june update about a month from now, but is dependent on a vote to be held soon to see if the majority is in favor of a reset to the Elevation map and some pretty heavy mechanic changes for epic in general. Everything below is not final and we are more then open suggestions of things to add/remove/change. Larger changes to Epic as a whole are planned for later in the year, and will include any successful changes over the next few months as well as extra planned content and changes for that time. Changes below are all Epic Only Changes and some are also Elevation Only Changes General Changes(All of Epic) New 2k Sized Map by Ausimus This week we will open a public poll on the forums to vote on the possibility of a new map for Elevation. The current 4k map size is a bit large so we would like to go back to a 2k size map. This map will be a temporary map and will be unlikely to be around past the end of this year we have future plans that could easily force Elevation to change again in the future. Resetting of the map would also come with no new map given for the first month or two, allowing for exploration and unexpected confrontation. Deeds disbanding on a set number of chain drains(Elevation Only) A common complaint is deeds can be near impossible to disband even after its clear the owner has not been defending it in days. Our current plan is to require 5 drains in a row to disband a deed but we are open to suggestions on what number of drains in a row should trigger an auto disband of that deed. Meditation effects will cap out at 9, effect above 9 will no longer work on epic. Scaling SOTG is disabled meaning no sotg at all. Hate path creature damage effect will be changed to something non damage boosting. Insanity Clean wound will be reworked to heal more wound types. Balancing all the effects over level 9 are just not viable in the time we have, we propose disabling meditation skills/passives over level 9. These will be revisited in the future when there is more time to spend on Meditation as a whole. Stone Skin, True Strike, and Continuum will have their cooldowns drastically increased to 1 hour. Currently these spells are way to powerful and can be cast almost endlessly with enough karma. We are looking for some feedback on what you think good cooldown lengths might be for each of these spells on their own. Physical Damage Resistance/Penalty will be replaced by Fall Damage. Stacking DR can get a bit crazy, the idea behind this is to change the physical damage valrei trait and replacing it with fall damage similar to the water damage one. Rare vehicles will no longer increase the speed of an under crewed boat it will now increase its cargo. This perk has been long known to be one of the best rare item bonuses in the game for pvp, we would like to remove the passenger bonus and instead allow rare+ boats to have increased cargo areas instead. 30% increased cargo space per rarity level Reduce Hell Horse Speeds Hell horses might be a little too fast, we are looking for ideas on how you would like to see them slowed down some ideas include reducing rare shoe bonus and removing the always on speed traits. Combat skill Soft Caps To help balance out the top tier accounts vs people just joining we would like offer a sort of soft cap on some combat related skills including body stats. This would not make leveling them any slower but would reduce your effectiveness per level in that skill above a set level for each. Your total carry weight(for example) and other less combat oriented areas will still receive full benefit from levels. Open up quick travel between any server border with a 1 hour cooldown for everyone on the boat before they may cross using that again. Many know that sailing between servers on the epic cluster can turn into 2+ hour long trips, I would like to find some reasonable limit to help prevent abuse but I think we can find a good middle ground any suggestions appreciated. Speed up horse breeding Currently losing too many horses in a short period can mean sitting back for weeks to restock. The current plan is to speed up gestation to roughly 2 days until birth but leave growth periods the same. Remove Karma Recall(Along with recall being gone will mean no teleporting out of stupid situations you might get into). It’s no fun to be tracking someone down from a sticky situation they got into and for them to just vanish from being cornered back to a safe deed with everything they own. Map Reset Specific Changes (Elevation Only) Reduce the max slope you can dig to something under 300 while keeping the skill you need to dig it the same. This will make creating massive dirt walls a bit harder and allow more people to help build deeds instead of requiring 99+ digging accounts to finish walls. Reduce the max rock you can surface mine and place mine doors on while keeping the skill required the same. Rock pits are an issue as they add onto dirt walls, though with mine door restrictions below might not be needed feed back on this appreciated. Can only have 4 mine doors placed on any given 11x11 area and must have 3 spaces between each individual mine door. We all know of the current mine door meta, we would like to end that with this new map and put some hard caps on the amount of mine doors in a given area. We’re looking for your feedback on this all but won’t be responding immediately, instead we’ll be collecting some questions and things to discuss on the devstream later today.
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    This is a post more than 6 months old likely for completion of personal goals. Sea Serpents no longer serve a purpose.
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    Because if you read the OP, it comes with all my stuff on it. Which isn't cheap. But I guess you can't read just like you can't PvP
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    Good! Pizza gave me 3h 40m per bite, good job! +1
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    Great Service! Will definitely be purchasing more food again in the near future. Big +1 from me.
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    would be nice to have the marble, sandstone, slate brick floors that are currently available for pavement available as house floors
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    Bumping for some clarification on this again, because previously we discussed the stance on the server, but not the client. The recent news about an Elevation map reset got me interested in Wurm again, but I can't help but feel nostalgia for how the game used to be. A lot of other players feel similar and unironically would be interested in an older version of the game. Last Sunday I dug up and started working on bugfixing my old decompiled versions of the WU server and client from December 3 2015. I'd like to try and get it all running smoothly, and then be able to modify said server/client by working with this source directly, rather than relying on making mods compatible with whatever the currently released version of WU is. This would make it much more reasonable to extensively mod the server and client to get them back to a state similar to how the game was in around 2012. Currently I'm at the point where I can run both the server and the client from decompiled source out of my IDE, and play on that server for hours while looking for bugs to fix, which I can debug with breakpoints while playing. Right now I'm unclear on whether it would be allowed to distribute the modded client to others in order to connect to and play on this extremely outdated server. All of the Steam authentication and use of Steam API is fully functioning and intact, so users would still be required to purchase the game on Steam in order to play. This client would not be able to join any of the currently existing WU servers, because it is many years outdated and doesn't match the current protocol version. This means that players would not be able to play WU for free. I'm also unclear on whether it's allowed to distribute the decompiled client source to other modders for the purpose of collaboration on this project, so for now it's only me working on it, making progress slow. I've tried going through old staff responses to gain an understanding of what is/isn't allowed, but I've come across conflicting statements and would like an official response here. In short: Can I distribute an older version of the client with Steam authentication intact, meaning users had to have purchased the game in order to play on it? Can I distribute source for an older version of the client, so that modders can collaborate on a project to restore WU to a state similar to an older version of Wurm? If no to either of the above, is there a way that it would be allowed to get users running an older/custom version of WU, such as through a patcher or other means? If yes to the previous patcher question, what are the specifics on what would/wouldn't be allowed in that case? @Retrogradeplease check on this and forward this message on for me, because a lot of us would really like a classic 2012 type WU PVP server, and I feel that there's potential for this project to succeed if it is allowed.
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    The float storing the quality is truncated when transfering from one server to another due to limitations in the communication protocol. This leads to the loss of the last digits. At least not happening in WU
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    some views from my home on chaos