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    After defeating two hundred fearsome Unique monsters across the lands of Freedom Ladygodiva takes her rest on the Bicentennial Throne created for her on this special occasion.
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    Really not going to rage, but I think a few things need to be addressed and discussed, and maybe have something come out from this to improve the 2 new skills. 1st Tens of thousands of useless junk frags, I get why this was put in, to grind the skill on, but I wish a different way was created to grind the skill. Perhaps brushing and chipping away at parts of a token or statue before it can be assembled. Perhaps the finding of junk should scale with your skill level or maybe be removed all together. It is so sad to get a rare roll on something and it turns out to be a rock shard or sword blade, why could it not of been on that armor piece or something else more useful than just a quick meal in the altar. 2nd Decay has been slowed down, which is appreciated as some folks are sitting on tens of thousands of frags they wish to assemble for the skill gain, personally I would love to see a cabinet to hold my favorite parts I am collecting, useful things like statues and tools. (and let me use the space in my lmc for storing the items I normally want to store in the chest) 3rd The only useful spell I have seen on anything would be blood thirst, and only if its on a weapon at that. All the other random spells I have seen are worthless due to being 1 power. The runes were a nice surprise but are so random that more often than not its not what you would want on the item to begin with, perhaps it would be cool if you could 'salvage' that rune off the item and apply it to something else. 4th Perhaps the best feature of the whole skill set is the history of the old deeds you find. I knew Exodus is fairly old and have only been a few years on it myself, but I never imagined the scope of the deeds that have come and gone over the time this server has been opened and every time I find a new deed name I never heard of before I amazed. I wish we had a journal that you could record deed info as you find it and have it saved as pages of a book or something, maybe a new addon for wurm assist is in order. 5th Is there a light at the end of the tunnel, if the most you can hope to find is a mask or statue it may not be enough incentive for a lot to put this much time into the skill, if there is other items out there that are truly amazing and yet to be discovered that could be a carrot to dangle in front of a nose, but as it is now after the first week or so and no one has reported finding anything useful, perhaps it is time to focus back on digging tar or chipping bricks. I have yet to find a mask piece and since the patch went through to change masks from 3 parts to 10 I have not heard of anyone else finding a mask piece, so I suspect the chance of finding these items was reduced at the same time as the amount of parts required was increased, almost like a double nerf. If there is anything else out there worth while finding if the chance is as good as creating a fantastic item or finding a tome on a hatchling, then I would say there is no point to working on these skills other than the novelty of seeing what deed was sitting on whatever hillside you are passing by at the time.
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    I have wanted saddlebags for years. Now, especially with archaeology, it would be amazing to be able to throw some heavy frags into the pack of your horse that you lead around anyway. Or sprouts, or flowers, or olives, etc, if you're out harvesting things. Please? Pretty please? *throws in a cherry*
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    I am going to modify this a little. I'm working on a fix, rather than have the GM team correct them all by hand. Current issues found thanks to your help: Freedom skills are less than they were. This is the result of skills that were very close between Epic and Freedom. I inadvertently used the new calculated Epic value instead of the Freedom value. I know the cause of this and have a plan to fix everyone affected during a future downtime. You do not need to log support tickets now for this issue. It will be corrected. Stats have been reset after going to Freedom or Epic The important part of this so far is it's just stats that appear to be affected. I do not know the cause yet, so please feel free to submit a ticket for this. If you are certain this has happened to more than just stats, please indicate that on the ticket. Update: So for stats, I'm finding it's first-time transfers doing this. So if you've never been to Epic or Freedom before, it seems to be blanking out your stats. I do not have a fix yet, but please be aware of this. If you've been between both clusters before, you should be fine and not lose any stats. If you still lose stats and you know you've been between clusters, please indicate that in your ticket. I brought a reduced skill back from Freedom to Epic This is another one that I have not found a cause for yet. Please log tickets and make sure to include what servers on their respected clusters you traveled between. Also include the skills you notice are lower. You do not need to include values as I have snapshots of everything and can verify what you had so long as you include the server names. If you notice anything that does not fit these descriptions, please both PM me on the forums and submit a ticket so I can easily find your affected character. Remember: Server and skill names are important. Values can be omitted. You can submit notes against a ticket if you need more space. Lastly you may not get a reply regarding your ticket. I've been assigning them to my Dev account in-game (Rizi) and keeping them open for tracking purposes. I will reply if I need information, but seeing as this is affecting at least a dozen people so far, I do expect to be fixing everyone at the same time. When the patch is ready and released, I will close the tickets. Thank you for your patience. I know this isn't as smooth as I had hoped and I know that it can be disappointing to be hindered by these issues, but I am working on this as quickly as possible.
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    After getting bored of my quiet little starter deed, I decided to take on a larger scale project in this game. I've picked a spot on the highest mountain I could find in Xan, spent 13 tedious hours getting up there and finally dropped my deed yesterday. Just look at that awesome view! P.S. I shall be using this thread as a progress update on the deed development and to showcase what I consider Elven in Wurm!
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    Please tone back down the aggressiveness of untamed Hell Horses back to what they were before the creature "fix". Right now, it's incredibly annoying to handle them, let alone breed them.
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    The rework of the mission is interesting so far: critters spawning on the land instead of being in hiding forever, trees marked for destruction and so on. But one more thing can be done, the sorcery tomes are still an almost impossible goal on freedom (20 years through normal means), why not give whoever finish a mission a small chance (tied to the mission difficulty) to gain a fragment (reasonably large amount needed) of a tome. This would boost the interest of the missions, boost the economy a bit (for whoever want to sell them instead of collecting them) and reduce a long wait on limited options to gain them.
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    As a mayor or with the right deed permissions allow the removal of mine reinforcements in one action using a crowbar. Edit: currently you have to mine 40+ actions leaving a weak vulnerable cave wall that needs removing and collapsing. Removing the reinforcement using a crowbar would not deplete the number of actions remaining in the cave wall.
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    Scissors + Square piece of cloth Small bandage 0.05kg Medium bandage 0.1kg Large bandage 0.2kg etc.. All specially prepared bandages cover wounds that would normally need twice the cotton. Gary idea: have bandages reduce the first aid timer. 25% maybe? Perhaps effect on potency compared to regular cotton items too. Bandage + Healing cover Treated bandage - bandage and treat with the same item! Bandage + Farmer's salve Salvation bandage - same effect as farmer's salve, just sounds neat. Can be used as salve or a bandage! Edit: another thought: Tin lump+large anvil (blacksmithing) First aid kit: Contains bandages, salves & healing covers in one neat box.
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    Coming soon to the Isle of Wonders on Xanadu (G18), the Fox and Hellhound Inn & Tavern! Featuring: 24 Rooms - 4 sq. tiles each, single and double beds! Outdoor Biergarten Shore & Highway Access Fresh Fish Daily, Affinity Foods, Beverages, & More! Thanks to a brand-new partnership with the genius behind Weird Wonders, The Fox and Hellhound will soon be a reality! We hope that travellers from all over Xanadu will come to our Grand Opening, currently slated for late November. Each of our 4 sq. tile rooms will be furnished with single or double canopy beds, a large chest, wardrobe, alchemist's cupboard, as well as miscellaneous furniture, decorations, etc. We will be updating this post from time to time with photos, news, and anything else that might be of interest to the community. We welcome any feedback, ideas, suggestions, or other comments, so please don't hold back! Current Status The site has been cleared. Initial design plans for the site have been completed and approved, and we are preparing the materials and resources that will be needed for a project of this size. We expect to have the first floor Planned soon. There is ample parking space available as well as space for mooring ships & boats. Below are some teaser pictures of the design. Please note that plans may change along the way, this is still early stage development. View from the highway running through the Isle of Wonders View of the front entrance, from the road branching off of the main highway. The Biergarten and side of the main building. Taken from the perspective of the driveway/parking lot and right next to the southern shore of the island. This is the current (basic) plan for each of the 3 floors with rooms. Green walls are doors. The smaller 1x3 room at the bottom of the image is currently planned for staff use, leaving 8 rooms per floor that will be available to rent, 4 singles and 4 doubles. Interior design pictures coming soon. We are very much looking forward to serving the fine Wurmians of Xanadu and beyond!
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    If you feel like your time is wasted, go do something else; if you derived enjoyment from spending the time, then the time wasn't wasted.
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    [02:56:07] X is with the Freedom Isles. You may not trade with the enemy. If your on chaos and try to trade with an account that has ever joined chaos even 1 time you cannot trade with them on freedom. I get around this by having a neutral alt that I trade with a freedomer than trade it to my main so its an easy mechanic to get around and it has no real use that I can see except to impede player trade. Simple suggestion, do not allow enemy's to trade if both on chaos that is a good restriction all I suggest is that if people are enemys but one is on freedom and one on chaos that the trade work as normal.
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    We will be performing a weekend update to facilitate the skill transfers from Epic to Freedom. The update will occur at approximately 2 pm Server time (UTC+1) and should not last longer than the usual downtime. We will also be taking the opportunity to address a potential crashing issue on Elevation, as well as a client update to address a few performance issues. For more information on the transfer and how it will work, please read the post detailing what will be happening here: https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/158305-some-epic-things/ Regards, The Wurm team.
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    I put weapons, butchering knives and the like among my shield smithing items and tell myself I am not grinding weapon smithing. Sometimes I even believe it.
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    The Shore; Farms as far as the eye can see. I’ve had the pleasure of owning this deed for a little over a year and a half. It was passed on to me by a player called Starr, who purchased it from Martynas originally. Unfortunately, it has become a chore for me to sail from my home on Exodus back to Deliverance to maintain it, so here is your chance to grab this awesome deed spot! The deed is located at F24 on Deliverance’s North East coast, a 15 minute horse ride to the Deliverance tunnel network, and a 10 minute boat ride from the deliverance eastern boarder. https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/145843-deliverance-community-map/ Farms as far as the eye can see. The size of The Shore is 45 by 47. The perimeter is 5 and it has 0 guards hired. The settlement has 16 silver and 16 iron in its coffers. The monthly cost is 4 silver and 23 copper. The upkeep will last approximately 105 days, 22 hours and 5 minutes more. Extras and Other Details: Over 50 lamps left on deed. Love tile on deed 98 cast mailbox Plenty of goodies to pick through, several high-skilled people and priests have lived here. Several forges, ovens, bsbs, crates, fsbs, rafts, buildings, and a mine to pick through Ql in stuff ranges from 10-90 Over 150 enchanted grass tiles on deed: 3 barns, each with 8, 2x1 pens, all grass is enchanted. 1 big barn with 10, 2x1 pens, all grass is enchanted. 5x11 Enchanted grass pens with 11, 2x1 pens inside. 2 pens 3x3 enchanted grass. Buildings: Workshop, Inn, Main house, Barns; East, Central, West, BahhMoo. Asking Price: 67s OBO PM me here, or ingame on Sugarfoxx This deed is a wonderful spot for shipping and farming, ideal for a mortar making mason or the tinkering blacksmith; in front of it is a large scale clay pit, so dig as much as your heart desires! The deed is surrounded by its own personal sand pit as well, and contains a wonderful boat canal into the mine [Fully Reinforced] for easy boat storage and shipping needs. Vein Info: Shoutout to @Shydow for checking some of the veins out for me, the Shydow list is: Iron; 34 MaxQL (3-5k Left) 36 MaxQL (unsure of remaining ore) 38 MaxQL (5-10k Left) 43 MaxQL (1-3k Left) 46 MaxQL(3-5k Left) 59 MaxQL (3-5k Left) 76 MaxQL (1-3k Left) 85 MaxQL (1-3k Left). 87 MaxQL (5-10k Left) Marble: 44 MaxQL (3-5k Left) 72 MaxQL (3-5k Left) 96 MaxQL (3-5k Left) Gold: 21 MaxQL (5-10k Left) Silver: 31 MaxQL (5-10k Left) Unfortunately I haven’t uncovered the others, the veins in the mine that haven’t been checked for ql and what was left are: 1 Sandstone vein, 1 iron vein, 1 marble vein, 1 rocksalt vein, and 1 lead vein
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    “You never know what you will find in caves, so send someone else in first.” Sir Baggins at the foot of an old abandoned cave Hi Everyone! Another week down, and it's a bit of a slow news day today, with ongoing updates and adjustments, as well as collection of feedback and all that fun stuff that comes after a major update. But first... Patch Notes Branding WSA In today's update we introduced a new permissions group for branded animals, grouping anyone with the brand animals permission on a deed. Previously they were all individually added, which had the downside of those permissions staying even if that person left the village. With this update if someone leaves the village, they no longer have permissions to manage the creature. You can also deny permissions to this group if you have a personal horse. W.S.A. Currently this group does not copy over to the corpse upon creature death, so the items will not be able to be looted. This will be rectified in an upcoming update to address this issue. If you are concerned a bout losing gear and not being a ble to collect it please use specific names Discord! A few weeks ago we launched our own Official Discord channel, and this week we were verified! Our server now has A custom invite link at https://discord.gg/wurm and higher priority voice servers. It also means that our server is verified, and totally cool! (It was already cool, trust me). If you're not familiar with discord, it's definitely worth checking out, it's a great way to stay in touch with Wurmians outside of the game, and also join your own little communities, there's several community ones out there for servers already, so check them out too! But for the official one, check out: WU Beta I know with the release of Archaeology, Restoration and all those other goodies, many of our Wurm Unlimited players are chomping at the bit to get their hands on them. Right now our focus is getting it all working nice and smoothly in WO, and we'll continue to adjust and work with feedback until we're satisfied it's running perfectly, then release a beta. There's no ETA on the beta yet, but it's being worked towards, so keep your eyes peeled for it in the coming weeks! Creature Crates Each weekly news is rightfully met with the question "but what about creature crates?!" I know it can be tough waiting for these to come, and the last thing we want is another bridges, but work does progress on them, just a bit slowly, given the many areas we need to address, and in some cases redesign systems that were never intended to include creatures crossing. It's a long process and one we hope improves border crossing as a whole in the future, but until then though, we have no set date for their release. Community Content In this weeks community content, veteran grinder Ondar shares their tips on grinding as well as what drives them to the grind. I cannot fathom the statement "Yeah, good old WS. Its easier to grind it 3rd time around", clearly a sign of a deranged mind! Ondar has an awesome little blog where they share their wurmian adventures, and also what they focus on to grind, what do you grind and why? http://unrealondar.blogspot.com.au/2017/11/grindity-grind-burnity-burn.html That's it for this weeks news, we're beginning to set our sights on future updates and looking ahead into 2018, with plenty more in the works. What could be coming? You'll just have to wait and see.. Until next time though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
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    Epic to Freedom Skill Transfers A one time transfer for all Epic accounts skills as of the 2nd of November to Freedom will be performed during this update. We will be applying a calculation to remove the 2x skillgain and reduce Epic skills to an estimated Freedom equivalent. Freedom skills will then have their highest value set to equal to the original Epic skill and give a 3x multiplier until that is reached on Freedom. NOTE: THIS ONLY APPLIES IF YOUR PRE-ADJUSTED EPIC SKILL IS HIGHER THAN YOUR FREEDOM SKILL. IF YOUR FREEDOM SKILL IS HIGHER THAN YOUR PRE-ADJUSTED EPIC SKILL IT WILL NOT CROSS. Characteristics and Meditation skills will cross at a 1:1 ratio. Faith, Favour, and Alignment will not cross at all. For more information on the process behind the transfers, please read: https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/158305-some-epic-things/ Additionally, all premium accounts affected by this transfer will have their premium extended by 10 days to account for the delay in processing this transfer. General changes Added “May plant” permission to village roles. Placing a wagoner container now requires May plant” permission. Placing a wagoner will now require “May place merchants” permission. Bug Fixes: Bugfix: Various text fixes. Bugfix: Rounded stone bridge icons now have correct images. Bugfix: The chocolate milk recipe should no longer be shown as a sub recipe when cow milk is required. Bugfix: Building over planted items underground should give you the take option as it does above ground. Bugfix: Action bar will now correctly identify what you are gathering (kelp, reed or grass) based on the tile type. Bugfix: Fixed error message when viewing history of branded animals via right click permissions. Bugfix: Pulp and paper now indicate the correct woodtype. Client fixes: Fixed rain occlusion related crash on some Linux GPU drivers. Rain occlusion is now linked to Detailed Weather option in settings. Addressed an issue where mine doors occassionally appeared flat. General performance improvements. Addressed memory issues with other players in local.
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    I've dug up thousands of artifacts since reaching 90 (and used all my powder and sleep bonus to get there so i've continued with none). I've used 90ql trowel, then imped it to 97.5 to test. I've used a 90ql shovel and a 1ql shovel to test. I've gone to many different sites in exodus with multiple old deeds on them, and even went to indepenence to test on the oldest deed sites. Afaik - after you unlock libila statue at 60 - archeology is done ->. nothing more to see here folks. The Junk ql goes up at higher skill, but it's still junk in the end.
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    That would be the 5h sleep bonus that will be given out in a future update, allowing everyone the time to reduce their current sleep bonus under 5 hours.
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    [13:22:10] A small fragment from a statue of worg. You think you could recreate the statue of worg if you had a bit more material. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. Ql: 21.518316, Dam: 0.0.
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    https://imgur.com/a/cXEN0 Screen shots of all drake and scale colors I took yesterday on WU
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    Suggest a new bridge type: The Drawbridge. This bridge would animate to raise or lower with appropriate sound effects. The tile that receives the lowered edge would not be modifiable or destructible (like other bridges). All existing bridge building/mechanics would remain the same, except: When raised, the bridge span is not passable. When lowered, the span is passable. Would be used to provide/restrict access across deed moats. Should be an easy add for such a talented dev team!
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    It's a one-time skill transfer, where freedom players skill transfers every single time they cross from freedom to epic. Epic players skills are reduced, and if you know anything about Wurm you'd know that any time any skill is reduced at all you get a 3X, there's very little that can be done about this other than process every single Epic account that crosses individually at the database level. In my opinion every single Epic player deserved a 1:1 transfer of skills, but we accepted the compromise, something it seems other Freedom players are unable to do, an attitude that demotes Epic players to second class players, regardless of how long they have played, or how much they have invested in the game, (and I'm not talking about money here, but time and commitment). We earned the skills we have on Epic, we're accepting a skills reductions well as loss of effective skill to play on Freedom, should we chose to do so, while Freedom players are free to skill in safety and simply port over and skill up their Epic characters, once Epic players choose to play on Freedom they will not be able to transfer their skills again. Tell me again? Why should I transfer to Freedom if I'll be subject to prejudice and ill-feeling simply for being a Wurm player? Because right now you are representing all that is worst and toxic in your community, for no other reason than you think Epic players are somehow getting something that you are not? Meanwhile, I'll continue to help and support the Freedom players who choose to come to Epic, to stay, or just play, because I believe that we're all equally Wurm players, and we all deserve to be treated as we would wish to be treated, they won't be subjected to scorn or accusations they might be gaining skills 'unfairly' because they chose to grind a skill on Freedom and simply ported to Epic with skill intact and unaltered.
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    Just an update! I've finally been able to get the data to where I can accurately compare across all four servers. I'll be working tonight and aiming for it being ready for tomorrow morning. I'll update here if there are any delays, but I will make sure we announce the skill transfer when we take the servers down again.
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    Hey, I love the new archaeology, but I have a small nagging issue with how the wording is set up.... can we please move the numerical portion of the text for all items to the end of the name, please? This: Should look like this: ore fragment [1/26], copper ore fragment, copper [1/26] ore fragment [1/26], lead ore fragment, copper [3/26] ore fragment [3/26], copper ore fragment, copper [25/26] ore fragment [3/26], iron ore fragment, iron [3/26] ore fragment [12/26], lead ore fragment, lead [1/26] ore fragment [25/26], copper ore fragment, lead [12/26] This would assist many of us that like piecing together all the fragments you all provide us, not just the unique ones. Thanks for your consideration.
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    Simple checkbox next to the new owner text box that you can check to keep added permissions as is rather than having them fully wipe just because you moved boat ownership from an alt to yourself or swapped houses around or something similar
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    Leaded animals seems to catch up with us only if we stop. When we start to move they got onto some distance and then follow. Couse of this distance, there's always some chance, that you can stop leading them couse of some corner, when making turns. To prevent that we often stop for a while to get them closer or go for opposite wall to keep them as far as we can from the corner. Maybe we could just shorten distance of leaded animals or make them follow as sooner (as soon as we move, not with delay).
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    Today I was sent to Serenity where I found a number of people busy at work making stabby things in a dark damp cave. Having made them look up from their forges, Gofs, Loetuw, and Viremental attempted todays three random challenges. Challenge #1 was tried by Gof alone as the others were still too busy at their forges to notice me yet. He failed to answer the question within the 2 minutes allotted and lost out on the Fantastic Oakenwood corbita with the first ever deck mounted ballista! It was a very good scientific and challenging question at that, so expect it to crop up randomly during another random challenge. During the second challenge, Loetuw and Viremental prepared to partake of the Enkounter, and then Viremental had to back out as quickly as he stepped in as a Drakespirit conspired with a troll and some uttachas to dispatch him. Too bad, he lost the fleeting chance to hold a 10 gold coin, not that he would have won it, but he could have held it. The second challenge was to kill 6 wild spiders within 15 minutes. It was a very difficult task as spiders were not easy to find in the area, and everything was out to prevent them from succeeding, but they did manage to find and kill six eight legged things within the time limit. Viremental stepped back in just in time to tackle challenge #3 The third random challenge for the three was to make 10 pelts! I provided the raw materials and they had no trouble at all building pelts from the parts. Seemed a bit anti climatic but hey, it is random!!!! Bonus challenge! They correctly answered the bonus question.... Apparently they were more observant than others have been! Wouldn't you like to know what the question was? They won a full Barbecue banquet complete with table, roasting spear, and an intricately made ornate fountain to look at and admire!
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    [00:10:23] A clay flowerpot hardened by fire. [00:10:23] A single copper rune of Magranon has been attached to it, so it will have a higher chance to be successfully improved (5%) and increase the chance of increasing rarity when improved (5%) Teach me how to imp it!
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    “I cannot change the laws of physics Captain, but give me a good hot forge and a strong hammer and I bet I can bend them.” - Sir Burton while bartering at a market Hi Everyone! We're another week into our 1.6 update with further tweaks, adjustment, calibrations, and any other words you can think of for the ongoing updates aimed at smoothing out any bumps that popped up. We're also looking at more things such as addressing fragment decay rates and other issues raised from both Epic and Freedom players. But First... Patch Notes Transfers Unfortunately with the update last week we had to delay the transfers from epic to freedom. While our initial estimates were some time early this week, with the major hotfixes and issues from the 1.6 patch that was unfortunately delayed. This is our focus at this point and we will have it out as soon as possible. The good news is that it shouldn't require anything more than a restart to update databases, but there's an awful lot of comparisons to do, as this affects every single account that's ever been on epic. We do understand it is frustrating to wait for this, and we want this out asap, just like you, and appreciate your patience. Archaeology Adjustments This update we also made a few adjustments to some Archaeology things, including making actions slightly easier to succeed at high skills by lowering the difficulty. We also adjusted the amount of fragments needed for masks, and feel that 10 is an achievable number either solo or by purchasing pieces, we'll also be looking at other rare item fragment requirements over the next few weeks. Skill feedback With one update to stat gain on epic this week, we launched a feedback thread on the skill system and skillgain/statgain rates. there's a few key things to understand with the new system, but the thread is there for people to share their logs and experiences, ask questions, and allow us to fine tune the system as time goes on. Check out the thread here Mission tweaks and fixes We've also been making tweaks and adjustments to the mission system, addressing bugs as they're raised, and boosting sleep bonus per participant, and ensuring that they scale/balance correctly. If you encounter any issues or bugs with the valrei mission system please report it, so it can be addressed in a subequent update! Leaky roofing begone! This last update introduced a long desired feature, and one of the benefits of the new client, rain occlusion! This means that rain will no longer show indoors! This has been a long frustration for many a wurmian, with leaky roofing leading to poor sleep and all sorts of maladies, but no more. If you are experiencing performance drops or stutters since the last update, disabling GLSL shaders should fix the issue for the short time, with a client update to address the issues, so make sure to turn GLSL shaders back on after that! Community Content Step right up! the Summerholt Fall Festival, hosted by NEXA is on! Show up, take part in the horse races, imping, games, and sermons, and get to know the people who live in north eastern Xanadu as well as travellers from afar! That's it for this week, we'll be working hard on the issues raised and the transfer over the weekend and early into next week, so report any bugs you find, and take part in the feedback threads to let us know what you think! Until next time, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
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    Thanks guys and it looks like we have freedom tabbards by default until we get some graphics sorted out for our PMK (we have people working on ideas and designs so hopefully something will appear soon). Also the latest fight in the Northern Front War between Ebo and LoA for control of the Murkia region... [16:58:08] Zigon slain by Kix Wimble Repelsteeltje Cyberhusky Red Hexd [16:58:37] Azraiel slain by Kix Cyberhusky Hexd Red [16:59:02] Cyberhusky slain by Zigon Zilbar Demondan Ckczk [16:59:37] Ckczk slain by Kix Wimble Repelsteeltje Cyberhusky Hexd Red [17:00:04] Wimble slain by Zilbar Demondan [17:02:30] Demondan slain by Kix Repelsteeltje Wimble Cyberhusky Hexd Red A couple of beginners new to PVP were on our side but with good clear comms and targets it's easy to learn how to fight on Chaos with a small group like LoA! Want to join us whether it's to have some fun PVPing? Helping to build new deeds? Crafting and improving gear for the team? Feeding or farming for the kingdom? You can literally be whatever you like! Send me a forum PM or contact Hexd ingame for inquiries about joining.
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    First of all there is no such thing as "ocean" tiles. All underwater tiles are normal tiles (like dirt, sand, etc.) they just are lower than sea level. Regarding fish... the code is kinda hard to follow so take the following with a grain of salt. It counts the number of tiles lower than 3 dirt under water within 10 tiles from you in all cardinal directions (not square!, it's like a + 21 tiles in in height, and 21 across), and it also checks the maximum depth within those tiles. If you are fishing in a cave you always get group 1. If there are less than 9 tiles underwater you get group 1, if there are 9 or more but less than 20, or if the maximum depth is above 250 you get group 2 else you get group 3. So for best results have 10+ tiles of underwater in at least 2 directions from you and at least 250 dirt deep. group 1 - roach and perch or chance of carp group 2 - roach, perch, trout, pike, catfish or chance of carp group 3 - roach, herring, trout, pike, catfish, carp, bass or chance of special fish Special fish - octopus, marlin, shark (blue/white), sailfish, dorado, tuna Your skill level and rod rarity affect the chance to get special fish (or carp for group 1/2) Out of every 100x100 tiles there will be a 10x10 area for every special fish type (possibly overlapping) and those will change with season and server but should otherwise be static and repeating (so if you catch an octopus here, you should be able to go 100 tiles north and catch octopus again, assuming it's still in the middle of water). Note that even if you are in a special fish spot you are still rolling against the other fish in group 3, so you won't ALWAYS get the special fish. Higher skill and rod rarity helps.
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    The implications of this statement are pretty big. If you can go to a safe place on Freedom to skill what's the point of having a deed etc on Epic? You only need a deed in order to maintain a supply of horses, weapons etc. So realistically one deed could suffice for each kingdom's PVP needs. This is turn means that Epic becomes a place less lived in meaning fewer accidental encounters and targets of opportunity. Instead people can skill in safety and occasionally come over to fight on Epic knowing that everything of importance is safely protected back on Freedom. So with time, less deeds and lower population are likely on Epic except for the planned big battles between kingdoms. It's interesting that we've adopted a model which supports a more protected lifestyle rather then encouraged the older Epic view of nothing is really protected, PVP could happen anywhere including home servers.
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    Anybody else tired of seeing the three epic players left spamming "muh epic" everywhere?
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    Or when two of the epic gods come tell freedom that 20 years is an easy goal after both freedom and now epic sorcery is harder to get (don't worry, i was already expecting to see you two here -1 it down). It's wurm, everything can be RNG based and still be 'hard'... a 1 to 10% chance on missions to get a 1/20 to 1/100+ fragments for a tome is not easy. I'm not asking for easy mode, i'm just saying we can have others options that doesn't only involve the 'elite' that already got access to the uniques. Missions difficulty, luck and map knowledge also make it harder for the so called elites to spam them away.
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    Libila Defeated Fo but did not receive Orb on the Valrei Bord. Is that normal now or unintend...?
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    1) Add sandstone and slate versions of existing statues. 2) Wood statues! Use an axe on a felled tree, imp like any other carpentry item. 3) Metal statues! Combine beeswax and use Hand on the wax to create a Wax Statue of X Mold Use clay on Wax Mold to create a Clay Statue Statue of X Mold Fire the Clay Statue Statue of X Mold to create a Pottery Statue of X Mold Finally, to create the metal statue combine a glowing Metal Lump with the Pottery Statue of X Mold to create the unfinished <Metal Type> Statue of X. Keep adding glowing metal lumps until finished. No new art assets (except maybe wax?), just combining textures with existing models.
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    In the discord I'm in we where just talking about all the improvements and hard work the devs have put in lately. I was honestly a bit worried when Rolf left as lead designer but these last 2 years has been the most interesting and feature-rich advances I've seen, and I've been here since 2005 basically. My worries where unnecessary and I really am impressed about the patience you guys have with the community who can, at times, sound really negative - myself included. I'm really sorry that we don't show you guys more patience in return when bugs etc happens. It's quite obvious that you have both the game and the customers best in mind, and that you listen to input. I just wanted to say thanks and that I hope you guys have motivation and ideas for years to come!
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    I would love The Journal idea to be implemented . The history is very interesting to me.
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    I found that around 60 archeology - wait till you get to 90+ arch you'll find
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    Yes, any kind of structure will block off rain and snow, even bridges.
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    +1 to a small bit of code that gets me closer to bringing nogumps to freedom
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    Hi! Archaeology is fun. What would be really nice to see, though, is some kind of mouse over indication of whether a tile is picked clean or useable / interesting. Like sprouting, when trees have a sprout. Make it skill based, even if you must achieve 50 or even 70 archae skill before seeing the indication.
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    I'm not gonna weigh in on the whole thread here but this argument that its super hard on epic and too easy on freedom is one i see a lot and i wish everyone could just accept that it works both ways and if you play solely or mostly on one cluster you're unlikely to have a clear view of how it is on the other. Look: Maybe not how this thread suggests....but the whole "it should only exist on epic" thing is just weird and elitist and detrimental to everyone enjoying the game. Tbh just the fact that 10 of the 14 possible uniques are dragons with 1% tome drop rates should tell ya that they're not so easy to get on freedom. Then you get 50% chance on a humanoid IF you and your friends are the ones to find it and then IF it drops then you've got 20+ people all wanting 3 charges. It's a rare drop on both clusters.
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    I've played Epic, since Epic began, I've done plenty of missions, Know how many tomes I have, how many I've ever had? Exactly none, no tomes, no keys, no cherries, and you knwo what, I couldn't care less about them. However, after the rank panic that Epic players might have the remotest chance of bringing anything more than skills to Freedom, I read so much bile and hate because Freedom didn't want these things on Freedom cluster, it would unbalance the game, interfere in the markets and devalue all the things. So Epic players don't get to transfer items to Freedom, we don't get to transfer skills except a one-time skill transfer with reduced skills based on a formula, no items, nothing else, you got your wish, be happy with it, and let Epic be Epic, let the benefits of playing on Epic stay on Epic, let the benefits of Freedom stay on Freedom. Personally I'm happy enough that Epic skills transfer, an impossibility mere months ago, is soon to be a reality, For myself, and a number of Epic players, we've accepted the compromise deal, we've accepted that Epic will continue to be separate from Freedom in all ways possible other than players and skills, we've accepted that only Epic players who were playing before the update will be able to transfer skills to Freedom, we've accepted that it will be a one-time skills transfer, and that any skill we continue to gain will not transfer again, we've accepted that Freedom players skills will update every time they transfer to Epic, (other than sensible protections from exploiting the mechanism to avoid skill losses due to death on Epic), we've accepted we won't get to keep the skills we've spent our time gaining on Epic over the past years. So no to tomes on Freedom, total -1 for this suggestion, it's not a good idea to allow tomes on a cluster where there's a direct connection to a PvP server so that tomes can, and likely will, be farmed by PvP players in safety on Freedom. The reason for tomes and other Epic only content should be obvious enough that I shouldn't have to spell it out, as @MRGary already said, if you want to kill Epic, remove Epic only content from it and allow it on both clusters, then there's no more need for an Epic cluster at all. Perhaps that's what some would like, but Epic is there, Epic is different, and that's the way it should stay.
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    obvious +1, seeing that freedom can already freely trade with ANYONE on chaos.
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    +10% to skillgain for learner god is overpowered. No other follower ability comes close, and as long as Wurm is Wurm, no other follower ability CAN come close. As long as a bonus as potent as that is restricted to a scant few gods, only Vynora and Nathan are ever going to be worth following for nonpriests. Axe the various 20-faith follower bonuses (learner, healer, staminabonus, etc) and combine them all into one generic 20-faith bonus that gives a boost to skillgain, stamina regen, healing, etc so that every religion's followers can benefit. I'd love to follow a god (in good conscience) just because I like it, and not just because it's the best. Also: shattering needs to go away forever, but I've been vocal about that for years.
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    i think a week max on both clusters is good maybe skill can still lower it somewhat
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    dis ya boi alextrollpen