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    Dear Wurmians, It’s been a busy few months since the Steam launch, with unprecedented player counts and four new servers launched, but it’s time to sit around the campfire, share spooky stories, and maybe roast a rat on a stick or two. So take a seat and find out what’s in store this Halloween period (00:01 on the 28th of October until 23:59 on the 5th of November CET) in Wurm Online. Spooky Scary Skeletons The cool Autumn air shimmers with energy, and you feel yourself growing… faint. Halloween comes with strange changes, including skeletal versions of yourself and other animals. Rest assured though, your flesh is still there, ripe for the tasting… Big Smiles Halloween is here, and it just wouldn’t be Halloween without tricks and treats, and do we have the treat for you! All premium members will receive a unique limited edition demon helm upon logging in during the Halloween period! More Treats During the Halloween period, we’ll also be running a 10% bonus skill gain and affinity gain event Time to hunker in your houses, away from the strange sounds in the woods, and the eyes you swear you can see glimpses of between the trees… Or, you can brave the dark and head out to hunt creatures twisted by the dying light, and find special Halloween themed items, some from stories past, and one entirely new. Work continues on our more extensive plans over the coming months, with our roadmap shared at the start of this month! If you missed it and would like to see what we have in store in 2021, check it all out here!
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    [20:56:51] Scythe increased by 0.000008 to 100.000000 So that's a thing I did and I've decided on Reaper of Souls as the title. Massive thanks to everyone who's shown me support over the last few month, you know who you are.
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    Hi all. Yesterday and early today we suffered from some server stability issues. Namely with Harmony, but also with Cadence, Deliverance, and Haven (tutorial server). The underlying cause has been fixed and patched. The technical details of the issue has to do with our database pooling. We discovered a connection leak in the code that purges 90-day inactive non-premium accounts. With the numbers we saw at launch on Steam and the fact that we've hit 90 days since launch, we're seeing a high number of inactive accounts from Northern Isles getting purged. This caused the database connections to spike over the max connections allowed for the database causing the first Harmony downtime. To mitigate this before a patch was available, we increased the max connections on the database. This had an unintended result of hanging Harmony later on as there's a hard-coded max for connections on the server itself. The result was Golden Valley was hanging waiting on Harmony, and then player transfers on Deliverance and Cadence caused those servers to hang waiting on Golden Valley. A nice domino effect. The resolution was to shutdown Harmony and bring it back up on the patched server code. This restored the other servers to working order. Later on Haven hit the same issue due to it being released shortly after launch. Haven was also brought up on patched code.
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    Please excuse me, traveler. I need you to save us. Is there no mercy in this world? First he destroyed our crops, then he killed our livestock and yet he still wants more. I'm afraid our lives might be next in line. Hero, please, go out and deal with the terrible goblin leader. I'll join you, if you'll have me. It'll be my pleasure. Be strong and swift when fighting the goblin leader. If you can, do your best to kill him. We want to live in freedom and peace. I'm afraid there's not much left I can reward you with, but I believe his blood on your hands will be worth your troubles. I'm looking forward to your return, hero. Good luck.
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    Road Through Marketplace - Demonanightshade Greetings Wurmians! We're back with another Valrei International! This week, we're covering changes coming in tomorrow's update and what's been going on outside as well! Sleep bonus as previously mentioned, this update will include 10 hours sleep bonus given out to all accounts as a way of compensating for incredible patience you all showed as we dealt with the launch on Steam! This update will also include the merging of the sleep bonus pool across Freedom and Defiance on the Northern Freedom Isles. Return of the Community Streams After a period of rework, we will be coming back with weekly streams! Planned time is at midday server time, (UTC+1). We'll be working with guests from VEN, devs (if I can wrangle them) and people from the player base too, so times may change week to week to accommodate guests! Retros guide how to do stuff well. A video tutorial series will be undergoing design as I work on addressing a few key areas new players could do with some more hands-on. It's a work in progress but I will be sharing some content on it as time goes on for feedback! Priest favor rework After time spent taking on feedback with the issues in the revamped system, and working with others on test, the tweaks to the priest favor system will be going live too! The details are: Pending favor is added to current favor at a slightly faster rate, to better compete with the new shorter sacrifice timer. Sacrificing a creature will now add to the pending favor pool in the same manner as sacrificing items. There is a delay of 10 minutes between sacrificing an item/creature and the pending favor pool decaying when not actively adding to your favor. The decay rate is also significantly slower but increases over time. (PvP) Pending favor no longer adds to current favor with enemies in local. The "Get Price" action can now be used on an altar, telling the player how much favor the altar's god would give for the items inside. These additions are designed to cut down on the repetitive actions of sacrificing and allow priests to focus on what's important, shattering rare items. Rites of passage With the number of priests on the new cluster, we're noticing that there is an incredibly short timeframe between rites, which while gives lots of sleep bonus, is not the intention of the system. To work with this, and to allow people to continue to work towards rites, we'll be introducing a dynamic power system. Rites will be able to be cast from a significantly lower favor pool than currently, but with each successive cast within six months of the last cast, the favor pool requirement will go up. This requirement will scale over time, with the cost of casting one month after the previous cast being higher than the cost of casting five months after the last cast being lower. Sermons will also accurately provide the favor the deity needs to cast the rite on that server. This change also means smaller servers will be able to cast more frequently, as the starting pool is now lower. PvP changes A massive range of PvP changes are coming in today's update as well, as the result of the previous PvP discussions. The full notes can be found below: That’s not all though, Halloween is just around the corner, and it wouldn’t be Wurm without something spooky up our sleeves, you’ll have to wait to find out though! Until next time, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & The Wurm Team
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    Community Assistant (CA) Applications Status: Open *`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*` Looking to add to the CA team! Do you enjoy sharing knowledge and helping new players? Well, CA do just that via assisting others in "CA Help" channel! CM (Chat Moderators) are drawn from CA staff, aid with support tickets and chat moderation, and may eventually qualify for GM (Game Master). CA are eligible to apply for promotion to CM after gaining experience as CA and showing appropriate fit. CA Applications may be made to the Lead Chat Moderator (LCM), in writing, with the following details. Name of your main in-game Avatar and what server you primarily play on. Paste in your main character's in game time (/playtime). If applicable: In addition to PVE server of primary residence, do you spend time on Epic, Chaos or Defiance - on main, or other account? If so please detail approximate frequency, which kingdom you belong to, and your general comfort level with pvp issues/questions. List all other character name(s) and server(s). List your forum name(s). Are you the original owner/creator of the listed account(s)? If no, provide the past history and ownership details to the best of your knowledge. What time period(s) do you play normally? (specify a range of time in CET time zone (wurm time) format, ie: 4pm - 8pm CET Tues to Thurs) Have you previously applied for staff? Do you have a referral from an existing staff member? If yes, provide details and ensure you have their consent to be used. Why do you want to be a CA? Would you have any interest in eventual promotion to CM (work with support tickets and chat moderation)? Describe your experience relative to this application. For the Russian and other non-English CA apps, please specify your native language (and other languages you speak, if any). Anything else relevant to the application. Additional information: Submitting an application does not guarantee acceptance. Applications will undergo review by staff. Once complete, notification of acceptance/denial will be relayed by the LCM. All communications about this application are to be made through the LCM only. * Note that staff accounts may not be shared with other players under any circumstance. * Applicants should have considerable existing history of participation to queries in the CA Help channel as a non-staff player in order to demonstrate knowledge and fitness for the official role. Candidates must be in good standing within the community. Additionally, 30 days (or more) in game time on your main avatar are required. This is a volunteer role. Current staff listing can be found here. Please include the questions as well as the answers in the application submission. Thank you for your interest! Happy Wurming!
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    Well, we had some excitement in Harvestmoon Lagoon last night (at least last night in UTC+10). Someone had penned a couple of champion trolls either side of our main cave's eastern entrance. It seems that dominate wore off or something because the village alarm kept going off and local kept lighting up with the templar battle cries. There were only two of us on at the time and we both decided to investigate. Allantwine got there before me as I had started a circuit of the perimeter before I remembered the penned champs. When I arrived, one troll was already dead and the other was out of the pen and going after Allantwine. Neither of us had FS worth anything so it made short work of Allantwine (I think I saw it actually stomp him into the ground) and came after me. I employed my favourite move. I bravely run away. Since he didn't have much trouble keeping up it was a running fight through the streets as I headed for the nearest tower I could easily remember and got the guards on him. When he ran out of them I started to lead him to the next, but by then more templars had generated so he stood his ground. A nicely reinvigorated Allantwine was again in the fray, too. With nothing but default moves, and enough templars to absorb most of the attacks, we brought him down. Allantwine went home to jump in a tub of cotton (I had brought a cotton ball the size of my head, so staunched my bleeding on the spot), while I got some bricks to repair Ultradude's fence, and then buried half a dozen or so dead guards. Work on my knarr for the night was well and truly interrupted - I think I attached only 2 or 3 rivets - but hey, when adventure is at the back gate, what are you going to do?
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    As the title says, add fletching (improving arrows) to 75ql on Defiance
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    Definitely! I absolutely love Exodus, and easily had a space for myself. Sailing away to move to a place where I had to provide myself was the beginning for many goals, and meeting many awesome people too. Exodus is FULL of wild animals, we have tons of spawns, despite people wiping out the entire population every so often, they'll be back within a couple days. No bison to be seen like the rest of the islands, but everything else is in abundance. Exodus is teeming with life for sure - both in terms of wildlife, as well as players who log on regularly. We're a relatively quiet community, but we do hang out substantially, and we've had some newcomers lately too. I've enjoyed my 4 months as a wurmian immensely, and will continue to enjoy the time to come. Sailing from server to server, doing jobs and meeting people, picking up a newbie or a returnee along the way, making friends, exploring, touring deeds and marveling at the magnificent work people have done, attending events, planning events, skilling, making a home, occasionally selling and buying things when I feel like it, there is no greater freedom when as a player, you just take it as it comes, and let the game surprise you rather than expect things. I think I've deviated a bit, but hey, Exodus is wonderful. I know some good spots if anyone wants to settle here, and I'm sure our alliance is ever welcoming of people to join us. People here on Exodus who have been here long time take the time to heal the land consistently, removing roads, replanting areas, terraforming. I really respect that, as it has really enriched my experience. No offense intended, I didnt quite enjoy the dense development of southwest and west Indy when I spent time there. I know people who would love it there, should they choose to play Wurm. I've found my home, and I'm sure every server has something special to offer in each niche. In the end, old or new server, I think the Southern cluster is a lot more mature in development and it's a lot more peaceful without land wars and arguments. Land war here or dont like your neighbor? Very easy, just pick up, and move. There are so many places to go, many seemingly untouched, or at least, healed to a great degree. There's a little something for everyone, and that was the basis of my choice. Also, credits to Badvoc for introducing me to Exodus in the first place. PS, if you do come to Exodus, be sure to hmu! I'd love to meet you in person and introduce you to the others or show you around whichever places I've traversed. PSS, I'm also a newish player, so please forgive me if I make mistakes or get lost from time to time I'm also thankful to everyone who's taught me things and helped me on my way to where I am now. PSSS, if you're new and looking for a place to stay or set up shop, I have some space, the only conditions being 1) Be nice 2) I generally want to do the building / terraforming myself, so there's unlikely going to be village projects. I do strongly encourage anyone who loves terraforming and visualizing ideas to have their own deed or join someone who's looking for builders, as I house mainly people who dont really want to do these and skill in peace instead. Also note my deed is still lacking a lot of infrastructure, but if you're okay with that, you're welcome to stay and hang out! I've got 2 residents and 1 who visits frequently, so you're unlikely to be alone for long, if at all, if that's a concern.
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    Hello people of Wurm, I am putting together a self-service community map at http://wurmmap.com/harmony You can visit this web page, right-click where you want your deed to be, and it will give you a piece of text that you can copy and paste as a message to this forum topic. A script will check this forum periodically to see if there are any new updates, and it will automatically update the map. I will set the frequency initially to check once every 10 minutes, but I may decrease it later to spare the forum server any unnecessary load. The fetching will be very light-weight (a single "curl" command to get the last page in the topic). I will make all the source code open for anyone who wants to duplicate or extend this. You can remove disbanded deeds by posting the same message, but changing "WMADD" to "WMDELETE". I'll start off with an example. This will create one of the starter deeds as an initial point on the map : WMADD LatLng(257.28874, 498.3125)=Harmony Bay ; A Starter Deed Notice the semicolon. The deed name comes before the semicolon, and any (optional) additional info can come after the semicolon. Cheers, Drinkie
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    Nice changes to the combat window. Hoping for focus we can have the "eye" light up or "open up from a closed eye" when focus becomes available. I like how it shows the focus level you're on and how shield bashing is an option when available.
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    I'm a new player and love to play on the old server (Xanadu). It's a more mature population, but I hope more new players will come and populate the old servers.
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    Jackal eclipsed Sol yesterday as the day was breaking - was a spectacular view
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    I am simply obsessed with how this road through my marketplace turned out <33
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    As any one who works in communication will be happy to confirm, there is no such thing as "communication not happening". When you do not reply to a topic for weeks, it is also a form of communication, meaning it does send a message. Even posting something like "we are still working on it; bear with us". "we know this is hard for you, please be patient, we are very sorry" etc. does help. Of course the information content is low, but it does tell us as a playerbase that you do care about us. On the other hand, posting something only when there is new information is bad communication policy.
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    The real life time worth comments make a lot of sense. I ended up getting one of the starter bundles and set up my deed. I think I’m set for the next 3 months or so. Found a nice spot in cadence after walking the lake coastline for about an hour. It’s really out there, no highways or roads, so I imagine sailing will be a big factor in the future. So building a boat is my main goal after getting all the basics down. First goal: Getting some food. Again thanks for all the advice!
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    Hello! A new marketplace has been in progress the last few months, on the Northern end of Independence and right along the water for ease of travel. Featuring a small church for prayers, a tavern/inn to rest your weary head, a public crafting space, and a selection of merchants with different wares for your perusing, as well as many pens offering 5spd horses and hellhorses and the occasional champion pet. Celestial Market is on the highway system for easy routing, and just along the shore of Samling Fjord at E15 on Independence. If you arrive during the night, you'll know you're there when you see all of the bright colors found around the deed ^ ,^ We do have quite a few merchant stall spaces available for anyone who would like to claim one and place a merchant (or more than one) into this beautiful marketplace. Open this spoiler to see visually on the map Decently stocked so far, but always still a work in progress I hope to add many more things into the marketplace, along with the co-owner (my best friend). Will soon have clay and peat pits available for public digging, and currently do have tar. You'll be able to purchase animals, archeology fragments, tailoring goods, tools, weapons, armors and clothing, etc, as well as beverages and liquid foods from the bartender inside the Tipsy Troll Tavern. For more marketplace photos, see the spoiler below!
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    Would be very useful if at the end of planning phase, when we choose style of a bridge, we could get an info how many bricks/shards/mortar we need for chosen type.
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    Trickster is again doing that thing where I fangirl the words put into sentences and wish I had thought of them myself. As an aside: I find it continually puzzling when long-time players say things like - "this game sucks," "the old servers are dead," and "Wurm is dying." ... like... if it sucks / is dead / is dying, why have you been playing it for X number of years? Why are you still playing it? I am genuinely mystified at players constantly negging a game that they have been playing (and oftentimes paying) continuously over a span of years. (I do mean negging - I'm not talking about constructive criticism, feature/bug feedback, and other appropriate ways players provide input for ongoing game development)
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    ... and a chorus of die-hard naysayers warning them off the old.
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    I would say there is a huge factor effecting player choice of cluster, and it isn't unidentified. A lot of MMOGs spin off new servers specifically to keep funneling new players to new servers. I am pretty sure people know this, and in most games there is good reason to always go the newest server/cluster. The Steam launch and the new cluster launch were simultaneous. This is all simply illustrating the point of OP in the first place. The question is raised regarding what conceptions or preconceptions there are of the clusters and whether something can or should be done about it. Another factor is long-time players perpetuating their own subjective (and IMO incorrect) notions that you can only really sandbox with others of similar level/playtime. New players look to more experienced players for advice and credit them with a certain amount of authority. When, despite the actual factual existence of ongoing activity on the older cluster, long-time players keep on saying "the old clusters are dead and have nothing to offer" they are deterring new players from trying them, and then conveniently using the product of their "advice" to claim that their advice is correct. The fact is, pretty much every server has something to offer to players, so surely it is in the best interests of the game and all its players to arm newcomers with accurate and insightful information to help them find their way to the Wurm experience that will most entertain and retain them.
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    Preface- this isn't a suggested "game feature" so if this topic needs to be moved somewhere more appropriate, that's cool. I simply couldn't figure out a more appropriate place to present this idea. Problem: I recently discovered, to much surprise, that I mistakenly believed that "politics" had been listed in the game rules (chat & forum rules, specifically) - along with other similar concepts, as a discussion topic to avoid. I was even told at one point by a long-time player that maybe 'politics' used to be listed, but was removed more than a handful of years ago. Right now, if someone is using a public chat channel or forum post to espouse political views, and the discussion is troubling or upsetting to you, as a player you actually have very little you can do. The only sure-fire way to remove yourself from exposure to the bad situation is to log off and quit playing the game. Not a good solution for players or for Wurm, in general. Other, current, options that may or may not produce any results include • rely on goodwill to motivate the discussion to move to a private option, upon request.... • flip to a different chat tab & spend a portion of your game time constantly checking to see "if it's over yet" and you can return to public chatting with Local or Kingdom, etc. ... • appeal to a chat mod to assist by successfully making a case for Trolling, Harassment, or maaaaybe the "Play Nice" rule.... • /ignore otherwise good neighbors you normally like to interact with, further fracturing the Wurm community. As it stands the enumerated taboo list in the "Content" section of both Chat and Forum rules includes the following: Why is something of a political nature not already part of this list?? What is the Unholy Triumverate of Dinner Tables? The Dark Lords of Family Gatherings? The Taboo Trio devastating otherwise civil interactions all over the world?? (shout it out with me; I know y'all know this) ... Politics, Religion, and Sex!!!!! Why are two of the three listed in our ruleset,. but not the third? Solution: Let's cut to the chase: Add something in the Content section of the Game / Chat / Forum rules to address discussions centered on (1) current, sensitive social issues, and (2) topics of a sociopolitical nature. I think this will help keep in-game and forum chat focused on topics and ideas that can be connected to Wurm in some actual way (Woodscraps, exempted). It will give chat mods and forum mods a break to focus on actual issues. And, let's face it, the vast majority of us already avoid this sort of topics because - as one moderator has recently told me - "it inevitably degenerates into trolling, shouting and general ill-feeling." What About The Wurmians Who Want to talk Politics, and Aren't Actually Being Mean, Just Entertaining - (1) how are you absolutely certain that the conversation in the public channel is not currently disturbing any number of other Wurmians who simply don't want to engage / ask you to stop (because it inevitably degenerates into trolling, shouting and general ill-feeling)? Or are new, and don't know how to handle the situation? (2) it is incumbent on all of us to Play Nice and to Be Kind - not for others to have to repeatedly ask one or two players to be considerate. (3) You can hold sociopolitical conversations that don't inevitably degenerates into trolling, shouting and general ill-feeling... great! Gather up those who want to participate and host that discourse in private chat. Go to PMs, form a "We Think Amata is Super Annoying" alliance, meet up at a tavern or great hall in-game and have the conversation in Team chat, or give your friends links to a forum post somewhere on a forum where sociopolitical discourse is relevant. I am sure all of us, myself included, would really like this to be put to rest & get back to playing the game in a healthy, enjoyable, non-toxic environment. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk. Here is your Potato.
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    Story Time! I kinda hope that last night demonstrated to the disbelievers that I have been honestly trying to give fair warning. So, about last night.... Y'all, I know that I am cruel and a total venomous wreck on the inside. That is precisely why I work very, very hard, pretty much every second of my waking life, to pick the "kind" options. You see me being nice or selfless - that's like seeing a scatterbrain using a day planner. I know I suck at this, and I have decided in my life to actively put energy and time and practice into being better. So last night, a whole lotta people on Indy got a front row seat to what I look like when I lose control. If it helps at all, it is just as distressing and harmful to me as it is to you. I was told as a schoolkid to "strive for excellence in all things" ... so, um, when I lose my ######, I usually lose it all in a spectacularly big manner. Anyway. Yeah, that was a thing that happened. We've all got personal problems and our own baggage to carry. And I'm sorry that I let my problems dump all over Indy last night. PS. oh, and, for mods who sent me PMs or used their color text on me, etc. ... I know that it is literally the job that mods have agreed to do. Sorry I made your jobs harder, and also, I know it isn't personal. PPS. don't know why this must be stated, but it is 2020 and here we are.... Those who serve not the people, but their own ends, are unfit for public service.
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    Can we get the same sub-menu option that "Random Teleport" has to make it harder to accidently click "Recall Home". Please!
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    don't you know that there's no girls on the interwebs? geez
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    Great forum page and Great service!! got the 3 creature cages I needed without a hitch!! and service was fast and efficient!!
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    quitting the game because people on a server you dont play on get a small bonus to offset extra time spent needed to live on the server sounds like an individual player issue to me
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    Hello especially to new players on Xanadu. Today Friday October 23, the Halloween Impalong on Independence is starting. That is a great opportunity for new players to get their equipment (crafted tools, weapon, and armour, not starter equipment) improved to ql 70, and even given some useful enchants. Additionally there are a lot of entertaining events during the festival week. To get there for players not having a boat yet and/or unexperienced in cross server sailing, I want to offer a ferry service carried out by the priests on my deed La Cahute in G13 (Vrock Landing area). Players interested may contact me ingame or by PM here. They can choose to come to my deed directly, gather in Vrock Landing (best Vrock Landing Inn), or get summoned. They will then be led to my boat harbour and sail to Independence as passengers. Depending on winds, the transfer will take up to 1 hour. It is absolutely necessary to be online when crossing the server border, in case of a disconnect before it the commander will sail back to the harbour to try again later, in case of a disconnect later the ship will sail to Festival Cove and stay there until the passenger reconnected and disembarked. After server crossing, the passenger may possibly be summoned to Festival Cove directly if desired to shorten the journey. Retransfer to Xanadu can be done on demand when I am on. Directions other than Vrock Landing or my deed may be possible but have to be evaluated. Ferry(wo)men: Baiyun (Fo priestess), Chabuduo (Magranon priest), Obrut (Vynora priest) Vessels: Knarr Billow Rider (Chabuduo only), sailboat Rose du Lac (Baiyun, Obrut), sailboat Dragonfly (Baiyun, Obrut)
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    Add color picker option to skill tracker settings. Or add a dark outline to the text so regardless of what color they're rendering over, it'll be clear.
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    Will this update also include the fix to the Genesis on Holy Crop cast?
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    Have you considered putting this information (with the exact date) in the launcher? I'm pretty sure a lot of people don't read the forum super often.
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    give butchering a tiny chance to get rare and supreme bones like digging has. it would give people more incentive to butcher the mobs they kill and it makes sense
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    A Grim Reaper arrives to see off a nice pet rat of mine. Thanks to Enki's road kill abatement policy, this otherwise friendly (when it's not dead) rat has finally been sent off to a better place...prolly... [20:32:31] Enki starts to bury the corpse of old large rat. Teeebomb Screenies
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    I wonder if this forum has an API that a bot could use? Then the bot could update the map based on posts here in this thread. We wouldnt need to rely on a single person to maintain it. We could limit submissions based on forum reputation if bad entries become a problem. edit: I see an API is not needed, the forum is open so curl or wget can fetch these pages. Let me see if I can find a map/overlay backend to use...
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    I also wish the skilling system was replaced with something that is easier to understand and work with. Instead of calculating the chance of getting a tick by using external tools or by performing statistical analysis, you should always get skill. What would now be a low or high chance to get a skill tick should turn into getting a small or large tick. Skill metas should stay the same, but you should be able to figure out optimal gains by just trying it out and see if the ticks are getting larger or smaller. It also removes frustration from skills like meditation. Newer players would also have a much easier time understanding this compared to the current system. I also wish we had more random stuff in the game. Examples of existing things are the rarity system, getting coins from foraging/fighting, getting an affinity from skilling etc. It doesn't have to be an amazing random reward, like even getting gems from mining makes mining slightly more interesting. Another form of randomness are random things happening around you. For example a chance for a special mob to spawn near you. This kind of content can turn normally monotonous and boring tasks into something slightly more fun or more exciting.
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    Kinda weird how the SFI badmouthers are intruding again and again like missionaries preaching to the stubborn heathens, and not a single new player among them. Already hundreds of players on NFI have been playing for months there, for years still to come.
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    To what end? There's no reason to hoarde gold now.... you can't sell it thanks to the removal of RMT. Take shipbuilding for example. You should spend time building boats because you like doing it, not because you think you're going to make 40s selling a knarr or whatever on the new cluster. Compare that to the what.... 6s you get on the old cluster? But guess what.... the 6s on the old cluster buys you about the same thing on the new cluster for 40s. Wait til people start selling drake sets and rift mats, you will see.
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    i really HOPE that coming update is fixing it, nothing to hunt or fight or tame, its making me loose the interrest in Wurm Online, which is sad for i love this game, but no animals mean a boring stagnated gameplay, no reason to make weapons or armor at this point
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    It's a small annoyance, but annoying all the same. I'd just like to know if the tile I'm applying a support beam to is flat or at the right slope before I put it on, without having to switch back and forth to a pickaxe.
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    To those thinking or saying the old servers economy is kaput: I don't have or know the intricate details but the economy on the old servers are definitely not dead or dying, if you're willing to be patient to make a sale you'll get stuff sold, support beams are always selling fast, playing as a miner you can make good coins, stuff like zinc really sells well. This weekend I posted zinc for sale and I got 3 customers in 5 minutes so yeah there's plenty of life still. Obviously if you wanna sell stuff that gets their value from their QL like weapons or armour it'll take some time to get those skills but it can be done.
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    It absolutely sucks having to right click every single cow/sheep/bison in a pen to figure out which are and aren't milkable, especially with how often THEY BLOODY MOVE. Just make it a mouse over, same as how it works for farming fields and trees for harvesting. Please? EDIT Also add it for sheep shearing with Animal Husbandry skill? Would be absolutely radical
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    Wait up, you are saying that those who start on ANY server are a subset of those who start only on the NEW server? I tried to Venn this but tore the paper. I think you may be getting your mixages messed.
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    Holy hell. If you don't like the South don't play on it. Don't like the North? Don't play on it. Don't like the game? Don't play it. Not that hard. All people are asking is that new players are well informed about BOTH clusters and thus able to make the choice for themselves about what cluster is better for them based off their own play style. Not how other players do things. You're not playing the game for them. It's not going to kill you if they do happen to want to go South. There is not valid statistics that say 'group 3' are a minority. May I reiterate that to be a minority all you really have to be is less than 50%. Therefore a minority could still be a lot of people. It's not often I personally see Southerns say "funnel everyone to the South and let the North die" or that nobody should go to the North because it sucks. Like why are you so bloody bothered? You're not being forced to play on the South against your will are you? At this point all this 'debate' just sounds like one side just trying to have better info for newbies and the other side just wants to play whack-a-mole with any opinion or idea not negative or against the South.
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    We are located at J19 in Melody All the prices are for pickup, will deliver for an additional fee. Items are made to order, if you have a large order, please be patient CARPENTRY Choose your wood, it will be made with Pine otherwise *We have Walnut, Chestnut, Olive, Maple, Cedar, Birch, and Oak for an additional cost* Large Crates - 20cc Creature Cages - 65cc BULK ITEMS (Price does not include crate, if you would like a crate, 20cc or replacement) Stone Bricks - 1k = 2s Pottery Bricks - 1k = 3s Mortar - 1k = 3s Planks - 1k = 2s (Walnut, Pine, Chestnut) Oak = 4s Stone shards 1k - 1s (YF = Young Foal, AF = Adolescent Foal, YH = Young Horse, AH = Adolescent Horse, MH = Mature Horse, AGH = Aged Horse) (CM = Carry More, CS = Certain Spark, FF = Fight Fiercely, FM = Fleeter Movement, KS = Keen Senses, LM = Lightning Movement, SB = Strong Body, SH = Strong & Healthy, SL = Strong Legs, TB = Tough Bugger ) HORSES No traits - 20cc Kissiron - YH - Male - Brown Dreamears - YH - Male - Chestnut - 2sc Piebaron - AH - Male - Gold Honeygold YH - Male - Gold Napadog - AF - Female - Gray Madiahoney - AF - Female - Gray Eastwest - YH - Female - Gray Southflash - AGH - Female - Gray Fabiolatear - AH - Female - Gray One trait - 25cc Kisszara - AH - Female - KS - Brown Tearmaestro - AH - Male - TB - Brown Two trait - 30cc 1speed - Cloudosio - YF - Male - KS,FM - Gray - 50cc 1speed - Piewild - AF - Female - KS,FM - White - 50cc Sweethard - AF - Male - KS,TB - Gray Swiftdance - YF - Female - FF,CS - White Uzrain - AF - Male - SH,CS - Gold HELL HORSES No traits One trait Two trait
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    Add an toggle-able all-kingdoms defiance chat channel When we briefly had the bugged pvp-ca channel for all kingdoms it was enjoyable. If in the future it in practice turns out to not work well it can quickly be turned off.