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  1. Added more vinegar barrels.
  2. Lumps gone, all the rest still available.
  3. I have some rift loot and a piece of high-end armor I wish to sell. lump, glimmersteel, 84.57 QL 0.28kg lump, adamantine, 84.00 QL, 0.33kg rift crystal, 11.70 QL, 0.20kg rift crystal, 11.70 QL, 0.20kg rift crystal, 4.22 QL, 0.20kg rift stone shard, 13.68 QL, 0.20kg Also, a seryll plate vambrace at 77 QL. This is armor for an arm and I'm reliably informed one of the better types of armor available in game. Bright red in color when worn. It weighs 2.2kg, so will apparently smelt down to just under 2kg of seryll if you just need the lumps. Taking all offers in-game to Ajala or here.
  4. On my way.
  5. Added a barrel of 63 QL corn oil.
  6. Added a couple of barrels.
  7. On their way.
  8. Updated to add a barrel of red wine vinegar.
  9. I've been spending some time looking at the Beverages skill, and I believe wine-making may be bugged, When my Beverages skill was around the 35-40 level, making a full 45kg barrel of unfermented white white (difficulty: 30) and making a barrel of unfermented gin (also difficulty 30) revealed remarkably different results. I'd usually get something like something like 0.01 to 0.03 skill gain per 45kg with the wine but at least 20 to 50 times that skill gain (easily 0.30 to 0.50) per full gin barrel (in both instances using sleep bonus). This week, with my Beverages skill hovering a little under 60, I created 12 (TWELVE) full 45kg barrels of red wine (35 difficulty) and received roughly 0.02 skill gain (for all 500+kg). A couple of days later, I made one full barrel 45kg of unfermented rice wine (also 35 difficulty) and received 0.01 skill gain. That's 0.01 skill per 115(ish) maple+juice creation actions (not even count the effort required to grow, harvest and boil the maple sap and the effort required to grow and harvest and mash all the grapes/rice). Today, I made two barrels of strawberry gin (also 35 difficulty, while my skill is at 60) and got about 0.35 skill. It's pretty obvious to me that wine making has not received the attention other culinary areas of the game have received. Bugged as ######, in other words. If it's not a bug, I'd love to hear why the game is rigged against wine.
  10. Updated to add red wine vinegar barrel and remove other barrels already sold.
  11. On their way, thanks!
  12. Full barrels can be mailed. The COD cost is 10c.
  13. I have to sympathize with Ulfrahn's frustration and I wanted to chip in my 5 cents just so he doesn't look like a lone troll. Let's agree what this "event" was first. It was a maze that had to be solved 15 times in the correct sequence (I think it was 15. It might have been 18). Or, more accurately, it was three mazes that had to be solved five or six times each. Mazes are not to everybody's taste, especially when the only way to solve them is either brute force random wandering (which takes hours), breaking out a pen and paper and making a map, or asking somebody else (who already brute-forced it) for assistance. I don't mind a maze, as long as there's an extra layer of narrative, or an opportunity for ingenuity, to help you to solve them that does not rely upon brute force. If those extra layers were there, I didn't see them. The "Cave" component of this event came closest to this, in my view. Different areas of that maze had different floor textures, which gave a very very slight hint about roughly where you were at any given moment. The hedge-based maze also had views of nearby hills and mountains that could be used for approximate orientation. But it seemed that the usual maze-solving tactic of dropping objects at junctions was "fixed" fairly quickly after the event was published, substantially reducing the ability to solve it and therefore the enjoyability. The unique element of the maze appeared to be the fact that we were not just looking for the "exit", we were looking for a specific statue (or 15/18 statues, in sequence) that had been renamed with the answer to a question we had been asked. The first problem with this format point was that knowing the answer to the question had no bearing whatsoever on the player's ability to find the statue, unless they had already found it and had a map to where it was. The answers were easily knowable (or wikiable) and once the answer was known that knowledge did not help in the effort of solving the maze in any way whatsoever. As I previously mentioned in this thread, the fact that the questions all related to game mechanics known to the player (but not the player character) showed a huge lack of imagination. Would it be too much to ask for an engaging story? Or at least a stable fourth wall? This was an official "event" after all, wasn't it? As it turned out, the way I solved it was: House -- just stick to the right-hand wall and click every statue. Takes about 25 minutes to solve. Thanks to the earlier poster in this thread who discovered and shared that fact. Hedge -- Followed a wolf who looked like she had a map. Cave -- Wandered around aimlessly in the near-dark for three hours then begged for a map on in-game chat until I got one. I didn't care about how cool or useful the reward. I just wanted an enjoyable experience. I didn't get one.
  14. Hello folks! I have a load of barrels of cooking oil and vinegar for sale. All barrels are full (45kg per barrel), sealed for freshness (no decay as long as you keep em sealed with a peg after use) and most are 55+ QL. Current stock: Corn Oil -- 45kg of sweet, oily goodness. Perfect for stir fries, curries, fish n chips, popcorn, and many many more recipes. Each full barrel contains 500 crushed corn and takes an absolute age to produce. Every serious cook needs a barrel close to their oven. Yours for just 60c per barrel. Four barrels at 20 QL, 48 QL, 62 QL and 62 QL currently available. Malt Vinegar -- This stuff takes ages to prepare and real-life days to ferment, so why wait? Get yourself a full 45kg barrel, keep it next to your oven, and make yourself as much curry, pickled veg, ketchup, mayo and other recipes as you want with no delay. Just 60c per barrel. Nine barrels at 29 QL to 62 QL currently available. Rice Wine Vinegar -- These are tough to make, give almost no skill when made, and take just as long to ferment as malt vinegar. Can be used in all the same recipes than call for vinegar. One barrel at 44 QL currently available, 1s. Red Wine Vinegar -- 44 QL. One barrel. 1s. In-game PM is the quickest way to buy if I'm online, but you can order here on the forums too. COD cost is 10c per barrel. I will deliver orders over 5s. Pickup from central Xanadu is also possible. Looking forward to doing business with you! Ajala
  15. I found it tedious. Just boring. Also, really jarring creative choice to break the fourth wall on almost every question. The endless questions about game mechanics. In the context of this fictional universe, do characters think of themselves as "players"? How would they understand a question about a "Player God" otherwise? If a certain type of berry does not exist in this universe, how would the player characters know about it? Nothing felt real about it.