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  1. You're on my list but it might take a couple days.
  2. One of the best screenies from Wurm I've ever seen.
  3. I'll see what I can do, but all my toons are off-deed right now so you may have to wait a while.
  4. My one rule

    My farm is just out of view from where I spend most of my playtime, so when I finally get within render-range, often I discover the whole tomato crop has failed. That's how tomatoes has effed me over recently. Your mileage may differ.
  5. The fishing update nerfed the hell out of us fisherfolk who live on freshwater lakes. An hour's sailing to find my nearest special fish spot? Please. Maybe it's time to nerf those who live on the ocean by making seawater undrinkable. Force those lazy bastards to build a well.
  6. I'll take the troll mask.
  7. I hate LOTR, and I know you people all look the same, but even I know that's a different guy.
  8. iKlops

    Thanks to Stanlee and co for organizing this. Great as always.
  9. VR? Please, no. Fix the Zoolander Problem first. I want to be able to turn without falling out of my boat.
  10. Only in Wurm is the phrase "I just popped a vein" not a serious medical emergency.
  11. Sheep can climb ladders? I think you may have discovered some new "Wogic".
  12. I find it relaxing. Also, the game mechanics can be fun to reverse-engineer.