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  1. Patch Notes 30/MAY/19

    Thanks for the fishing changes. They seem to be working really well.
  2. Darq Canal Project

    I sailed through this last night. Very, very smooth compared to a few months ago. Hardly any veins in the way at all.
  3. Public White Dragon Hatchling

    I'll be there. May even bring an alt for morale support.
  4. Public Slaying - Red Dragon Hatchling

    Nice jobs guys and gals. Cheers to Macoofer & Co for opening this up for about a bazillion people.
  5. Looks like rare clams produce rare contents when opened!
  6. And the page on clams suggests they can only be caught with a net on the shore or in caves. I've caught them (albeit rarely) with a rod, from a boat, in a lake.
  7. Another thing from the same page.... It's possible to catch wurmfish in freshwater caves. The table says it's sea-only.
  8. The Fish page, which was updated following the fishing update, contains multiple references to a "Fine Rod", an item which does not appear to be craftable any more. For example, to catch a salmon, the table says you need to use a S[pear], B[asic] R[od] or F[ine] R[od]. I'm not sure if the Basic Rod exists any more either. I haven't checked. I know it appears to be impossible to catch a salmon with a professional rod.
  9. W.S.A Extended downtime 21/FEB/19

    It was my fault this time. My yo-yoing was just too powerful.
  10. W.S.A Extended downtime 21/FEB/19

    You're not alone.
  11. Gems for sale!

    I have two chests full of gems for sale. One full of sub-10ql gems, one full of over-10ql gems. Prices include free coastal delivery. Box #1 100 mixed gems, all under 10ql. Great for Vessel-grinding your priest's Channeling skill. Total QL is 500.50. I'm asking 6s including free coastal delivery. Box #2 100 emeralds, all over 10q. Average QL is 48.00. Total QL is 4800. I'm asking 15s including free coastal delivery.
  12. Reworks of Darq Canal

    I just noticed that quite a lot of the floor of the tunnel has already been mined down, before the ceiling was raised. I think this means players sailing the larger boats will probably have their heads trapped in the ceiling when attempting to pass through the canal. Unless Thorin knows better, I'd say it's going to take a tonne of concrete to fix this.
  13. Sermons at Xanadu

    I'll bring some booze.
  14. Sermons at Xanadu

    Vax will be back tomorrow, to insult the heretics every three hours.
  15. Temporary Inaccessibility Warning

    Thanks for the warning, AJ. I sometimes use this road, so I appreciate the headsup. Can I sell you some dirt? I'm a two-minute boat ride away