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  1. Rift opening April 22. Times here https://niarja.com/universes/online/rifts The red X is the approximate location of the rift. The blue line is the approximate route of the road I'm building to it. Nearest deed is Pumpkin Fields. Feel free to moor there. If you're coming in via highway, best set your route to Rome. I'll signpost the track to the rift location when it's done. See y'all there
  2. Based on my test of three caches today, there's no direct correlation between wood type and token type. Not saying it doesn't factor into the equation, just that two different wood types both delivered copper tokens.
  3. Probably a long shot, but have you checked whether the wood type of the report has any bearing on the token metal?
  4. Rift 04/13 2021 Xan

    With just 16 people in local!
  5. And what about the reduction in quality while fermenting beer? Nobody seems to have addressed that yet. When addressing the "Getting drunk from unprocessed alcohol" bug, maybe also address the problem of affinities being reset during fermentation and distillation?
  6. Year of 1100

    That looks like a nice package. Pity it was only available to people on fast connections who have also memorized the entire wiki.
  7. Year of 1100

    Am I right in think the centenary is tomorrow?
  8. Unless I'm very much mistaken, the turn of the century is about a day from now. Disappointing we haven't heard anything yet.
  9. Cheers guys. I seem to recall that after you distill a high-end fermented beverage it no longer matters what ingredients went into the unfermented beverage, the output will be exactly the same affinity. So vodka will always be vodka-affinity, whiskey will always have the same affinity. If not a bug, that's certainly a design flaw.
  10. Two possible bugs with beverages. 1. When making wort (for beer/ale etc), the QL is capped at my skill level, which is 90.54. If I then put the wort into a wine barrel and seal it with a scrap, it becomes fermenting beer. A few days later, after I have fermented it, I unseal the barrel to find that the beer QL has dropped to 88.64. This has happened on three barrels I've tested it with so far. The official cooking guide (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PhEhJkjNy-jl3_L5mdaQRVzyfdS7MfAt8_iNwSaHYYE/edit) says that skill has no bearing on fermentation or distillation, so I assume there's a bug here. 2. This guy on NFI claims his beverages give 24+ hours of affinity per sip (a sip being 0.20kg). His skill, and therefore his bev QL, appears to be considerably lower than mine. But here on SFI, my 94+ QL vodka gives about 90-100 minutes per sip. What's going on here? Looks like a bug to me.
  11. Can anyone confirm the QL and affinity timers of these beverages?
  12. Easter Dragon

    Good show all, especially the organizers.