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  1. I'll chop up some veg for you
  2. It's right on my doorstep, so I'll clear the area, build a healing area, etc.
  3. K17
  4. A friend of mine has been hanging out with this crowd for the last week or so. They all seemed very nice, at first, but today one of them pinned her down and used a statuette on her in a very inappropriate way. Now, all she can do is talk complete bollocks about Vynora and rave about her incredible Faith gains, when she's not trying to bless my lamps.
  5. Wait, somebody thought it would be a good idea to add an unusable item to the game, and 18 months later it's still unusable? Wow.
  6. When is it?
  7. Short wagon ride for me. I may attend for the first time in months, assuming the time fits the schedule. I also have some fighting skill and a big axe now, so I may actually be useful too.
  8. Somebody's over-compensating for something.
  9. On its way. I even imped it to plantable QL just for you boss
  10. Good to know, thanks Angel.
  11. Yes, I've tested it and clay planters are mailable. Interested?
  12. It's walnut. Currently at Pumpkin Fields, K17 Xanadu. I have a wagoner so I can send it to your nearest connected waystone if you'd prefer.
  13. Deal. It's on its way.
  14. As somebody who makes tons and tons of bevs, I'd quite like to see winemaking get a bit of love too.
  15. It took me five hours to sail there the first time.