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  1. Sorry, should have specified in the OP... if you want the silver, COD me anything for 5s and I will pay. Unless you show up in my logs as a douchebag.
  2. Are there any players who still pay real money for their premium subscriptions? I've got a bunch of pretend Wurm money I would be happy to give to people* who want to play premium but can't afford it. About 12g. Just COD me a wood scrap for 5s. * Obviously not anyone who works for Wurm. Not devs, not mods, nobody who volunteers for Wurm. Just regular players.
  3. Rabbits Hole Canal

    I'm in. I use this tunnel all the time.
  4. A GM contacted me immediately after your 10 templars got me in your lazy second attempt to make an example of me, offering to help me out, apparently desperate to make sure I wasn't traumatized by your bullying. I wasn't. I still think you're pathetic.
  5. As far as I'm concerned, the experiment is temporarily paused. My altruistic nature in this game was tested to breaking point by circumstances unrelated to this thread. If I or somebody else brings it back, Calgar is first on the list.
  6. Might be useful to the rest of us in the area if you let us know who that is and how you got up there!
  7. I think my ovaries just skipped a beat.
  8. I logged on today to find that whoever runs the Friendship Bay deed had hired 10 spirit templars purely in order to set them KOS on me. Because I said the word "pathetic"? [19:41:54] Ajala slain by aged Spirit templar, aged Spirit templar, aged Spirit templar, aged Spirit templar, aged Spirit templar, aged Spirit templar, aged Spirit templar, aged Spirit templar, aged Spirit templar, young Spirit templar Congratulations! Great event! Anyone who criticises it gets KILLED! Not at all pathetic. TEN
  9. Please show me some examples of a fishing competition that actually happened. I can show you examples of fishing competitions that didn't happen because Enki showed up and used his magic to distract everyone.
  10. I spent some time at this event and it was pretty embarrassing. Mostly just a few dozen people fawning over Enki -- who I gather is or was a GM -- whenever he showed up with his magic powers to make the game mechanics more fun for a few minutes. Pretty pathetic.
  11. Me too. But you closed the auction just a few minutes after the last bid.