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  1. [Duplicate] Fishing bug

    While fishing, I FINALLY managed to hook a salmon, then this happened. The line didn't actually snap, weirdly. It's at 80 damage but intact. The hook did disappear, though. I'm not sure if it was supposed to, it was 70+ QL and had next to no damage.
  2. Calling all Xanadu peoples

    Otaku View is long gone
  3. PC Wurms 5th Best Potter

    I know a guy who might be interested. You'd have to keep your toon-integrity, of course. My buyer will not purchase from the next "Aeryck" on the forum.
  4. PC Wurms 5th Best Potter

    Don't go Aeryck!!! EDIT: If you do go, I want the coords of those source springs
  5. I live in an area with a few dozen nearby domestic, crafted bee hives. My Event window is therefore cluttered with irritating, repetitive messages informing me whether I can or cannot hear the sound of bees. I suggest getting rid of these messages, which serve no purpose. I can understand why they're useful for locating wild hives, but there's really no need for them to appear for crafted hives.
  6. Ajala's Oil & Vinegar

    Quarterly bumpity bump!
  7. I want to sell 3000 grapes. 1500 are blue, 1500 are green Price is 9s, with free coastal delivery I can deliver today.
  8. Vote for lake name change

    I agree. Just not "Lamb Lake".
  9. WTB rare tools (NOT iron)

    Sent! Enjoy!
  10. WTB rare tools (NOT iron)

    I have a rare copper trowel I'm prepared to sell. It also has a lead rune of Magranon attached, so it "will reduce the quality change when repairing damage (10%)" Asking price sent by telepathy. EDIT: you appear to have turned off your telepathy. 3s.
  11. Vote for lake name change

    I've lived on the lake for years, worked on north and south canals out of it, and I won't be referring to it as any variation of "Lamb" lake any time soon.
  12. Highway work just east of Newspring

    LIAR!!!!!! Somebody left a pile of mixed grass on my highway today. I bet that was you, wasn't it? Admit it. I HATE YOU NOW!
  13. Highway work just east of Newspring

    Hey, Sila! Long time no speak! How you been?
  14. Vote for lake name change

    I've been calling it "Pumpkin Lake".