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  1. There's a couple sandstone veins under Pumpkin Fields could use mining out if you're looking for exposed local veins, but it's pretty plentiful in this area.
  2. People sometime wander off mid-kill because they've just realized that the mob is too crowded to even target it properly.
  3. From the center of K-17, it's exactly west.
  4. Sold three barrels in-game. Stock updated.
  5. If anyone's interested, the veins that need removing from this canal are iron, copper and zinc. I haven't checked the quality of them, but there are so many of them there's bound to be something to meet your QL needs.
  6. The rename option does not appear on any of the shelves, no matter how much rotation or pushing I do. On a second, empty unit I found that picking it up and dropping it after creation did allow the shelves to be renamed. This is obviously not an option on a unit already stacked with four full BSBs, of course.
  7. I just spent hours moving my stuff over to the new units, I'm not going to empty them again on the off chance this hack works.
  8. It would be nice if we could rename the shelves within the new racks introduced over the last couple of months.
  9. Bump to add gem, lower price.
  10. I think it's either Izzy or Trooperau or both who have been working on widening the lakeside road in that area. I also remodeled some of the shore around the entrance to the canal. I've also been flattening out tiles inside the tunnel, whenever my boat gets stuck on an irregularity. I thought I'd got them all, but I may have missed some. If there's any way to make this canal passable by the larger ships, I'll gladly help out. I'm just across the bay in Pumpkin Fields so it's just a few minutes away.
  11. Updated stock and prices.
  12. Do I get an achievement for "First!"?
  13. If you're willing to accept 1.5s for the rare fruit press, I'll take it COD to Ajala.