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  1. Shovels are for the weak. This is a sickle-only project.
  2. Lots of luck Leander. Thanks for running the sermon while you did.
  3. Rift location Aug 9

    Looks to be around the border of J21 and K21. Plot a route to "The White Horse" and head south down the highway. Some people have beaten a path to the west leading directly to the rift. Starts around 10pm server time. https://www.niarja.com/universes/online/rifts
  4. Hello Steam Newbies, This is a thread where Wurm veterans can offer free items to new players, to make their first week in the game a little easier. For starters, you're going to want a rope. If you have a rope, you can Lead and then Ride a horse (or a cow, or a bull), which means you can escape hostile mobs without running out of stamina. But it takes many days to make a rope if you're a self-sufficient noob. Leave your ingame name here and I or someone else will send you a rope. If you need something else, tell us here and somebody may send you what you need. Everything costs 1 iron.
  5. I could rock up to do some carpentry and fine carpentry imps. Can also bring any type of booze (except rum)
  6. I've created a short application form for those who wish to join the project. https://forms.gle/6LaGjVZscHAMDSTi6
  7. How did the move go?

    Certainly looks like that from where I'm sitting.
  8. Was feeling nostalgic and dug up a better angle on the same pose.
  9. I believe the difficulty of the recipe also plays a factor. Moonshine is pretty low, iirc. Try vodka.
  10. No. Thanks for your concern, but we've planned this out meticulously and mathematically.
  11. Don't be ridiculous. We're not going to fill in the ocean. We discussed it and decided to would be too time-consuming. Please.
  12. Thanks for your interest. We have a simple 24-page application form. I'm PM'd it to you.