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  1. update

    I'm here, at the good end of this unlikely gorge, and I'm going to stay here until one of you cheaters tells me who is in charge. I already surfaced mined and leveled a buttload of this.
  2. update

    Nevermind, found it. Wow! A LOT of work has happened in the last week. Last time I went north up the road from the lake to Greymead, this road did not exist. Now, it looks like this: How much dirt got dropped crossing that gorge? Many thousands, it looks like. In just a week. Who's doing this?
  3. update

    From which end?
  4. update

    I'm happy to contribute to doing the red bit south of Greymead at J17 and J18. I've already done a bit of work but we're facing the issue of either having to get permissions of two or three coastal deed-owners or go over or through the mountains. See this post
  5. I would be fine if it were limited to sealed barrels (and sealed wine barrels).
  6. Wagoners were designed as an alternative way to ship bulk items, but as I understand it they're only currently capable of transporting crates. Bulk items can also come in liquid form, so it seems reasonable to suggest that perhaps wagoners and their containers should be modified to also allow at least small barrels (and maybe other types of liquid container) to be shipped.
  7. I'd like to second this suggestion. My wagoner's name came out as "Long distance clara" rather than the "Long Distance Clara" that I typed. Also, she says "I hope its chips" once a day. Missing apostrophe there -- should be "it's". Poor grammer reduces immersion.
  8. Does this thread include "Enkounters" where toons got randomly transported to Blah Wherever random locations, left to rot for a while with no clue why they were there, then sent back by the magic of a sadistic sky lizard after a tedious long period? That was the only time I ever saw Enki. He seemed like a nice girl/guy. Big mwah.
  9. A lot of this stuff still available, as indicated in the OP.
  10. Updated with new stocks, QLs and pricing.
  11. Let me know if you need any help with links to the south or west. I've started an aggressive cow breeding program to rebuild my stock of eyes, but it will be a while before I can contribute any more bulk catseyes to the effort.
  12. One malt vinegar, one rice wine vinegar, one honey vinegar and one corn oil on their way COD to mello! Thanks
  13. These threads may as well be written in Ancient Greek for non-priests. Best of luck to Davih! Whatever it is he is trying to do!
  14. Looks like Rome is now linked to the catseyed highway. What's the plan to extend the highway further towards Greymead? It's been a while since I've been up there.
  15. My experience live on Xanadu corroborates this hypothesis. If your highway heads south from your deed make sure the tile south of the waystone is deed and not perimeter.