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  1. You are Invited to a Puzzle Labyrinth Adventure!

    I would recommend that everybody stays the hell away from this place. As the name suggests, it is a maze. But it's *just* a maze. A very pretty and well-designed maze, but nevertheless just a maze. If you like just mazes, you'll probably love it. If you hate just mazes, you'll hate it with a passion that I literally cannot summon up the words to describe.
  2. You are Invited to a Puzzle Labyrinth Adventure!

    How? What does a teleport look like? I'm in Greymead and I don't see anything that looks teleporty.
  3. Eastern Canal Rework

    The "20ql - 7315 remaining" iron vein is now GONE. God damn, that was a pain in my ass, but no more.
  4. Eastern Canal Rework

    Personally, no. I was taking my lead from Thorinoakshield and Wulfmaer, who seem to know what they're doing.
  5. Eastern Canal Rework

    I think you need to come check out the western end. We've done a LOT of work there today.
  6. Eastern Canal Rework

    I'm currently at the western entrance with an alt, trying to plan a stone brick bridge. It took many attempts, and more than a bit of terraforming, to get to the point where I think I could plan it. Unfortunately, I don't seem to have permissions to build a bridge on this Maniacs deed. I have a crate of bricks and a crate of mortar and could get to work on it today, if that's what we want.
  7. Eastern Canal Rework

    I recently bought a knarr, so my personal need for a southern exit on this lake is less pressing than it was before. However, I think we owe it to future generations to make this tunnel accessible by ALL boats. If building a five-tile bridge is the only obstacle to making this happen, I will happily build it myself. I built the bridge at the south end of the T&T tunnel that made it accessible to bigger boats last year. Whether I plan the bridge or not depends on what type of material we want to use. I'm at 52 masonry so I can plan arched brick bridges (according to the wiki https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Bridges), but not marble/slate/sandstone ones. But if somebody else plans it, I can certainly build it. I have local supplies of marble and sandstone but not slate. I have plenty of stone bricks and mortar in stock if we decide to go for a stone bridge.
  8. WTS unique non-craftable items

    Added some Black Legion stuff.
  9. Eastern Canal Rework

    Fraggle Rock? I love it. We should keep the name.
  10. Eastern Canal Rework

    I think you might mean western.
  11. Eastern Canal Rework

    Ah, I'll bear that in mind next time I hit that low-ql iron vein. For now, I've dumped the three crates at the western entrance.
  12. Eastern Canal Rework

    We do need a safe space to drop communal materials, I reckon. I'm coming over tomorrow with a crate of ribbons and a crate of logs for the Enlightened One's beam-making enterprises. And now I know Thorin's in the mix, and that he apparently likes chopped veggies for some weird reason, I'll bring a crate of those over too. If it's not obvious where's a good place to unload, I'll just leave them somewhere in the tunnel, probably near the western end, and hope whoever needs them finds them.
  13. WTB Source

    I've sold the rest today too, so it's all gone now.
  14. WTS 20k karma (source liquid)

    No worries. You've just put me over the 100 silver threshold for the first time, so I think I'm going to send you a complimentary barrel of booze
  15. WTS 20k karma (source liquid)

    SOLD! to the gentleman with the silly name. It's en route now.