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  1. You win, Stargrace. Let me know your ingame name and I'll cod it over to you forthwith.
  2. That's not a bigger bid that the person before you.
  3. Hello! People tell me the market rate for drake hide is fluctuating, so I thought I'd let the market decide the price of this "white dragon hatchling drake hide", 80ql, 0.40kg Starting bid: 20s Increments: 1s Reserve: Nope Buyout: Nope Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: Nope Cheers, Ajala
  4. I went out shark fishing and accidentally caught this instead. She's at least 11 or 12 tiles long and six or seven tiles from flipper-tip to flipper-tip. I had to build a three-storey tower to mount her on for display purposes. She's an aged champion blue whale, and surely one of the biggest mobs in the game. I've named her Moby Penis, to evade profanity filters. She's at Pumpkin Fields, K17 on Xanadu, if anyone wishes to visit and heap praise upon me.
  5. For the original build team -- or anyone else for that matter -- there's an opportunity with the changes to source springs to do a bit of an upgrade on the tunnel. The building housing a spring that we had to tunnel around is now gone, so it should be possible to mine down and make the last stretch of the tunnel a straight shot, no steering required. However, you'll need to be able to remove several floor reinforcements, and I don't have that power. I expect you'd need GM permission too.
  6. There's a gold coin in the drawer, if you can figure out how to open it.
  7. Two post-patch observations. 1) Emptying a source spring makes it disappear immediately, with the message "A source spring crumbles to dust." 2) Harvesting olives with 86 forestry skill and a runed sickle produces 96ql olives, so it appears sickles haven't been nerfed.
  8. People build huts on source springs because if they didn't, other people will. Simple as that. I had two, but I had to wait many years before I got the opportunity.
  9. So I didn't just piss away my money getting my sickle runed?
  10. Allow me to add my "Waaaaghh!" about the rune and source nerfs.