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  1. I think you can write how awesome the stuff is you find and that you can also craft it, but not how to craft it.
  2. Chess game also can't perform promotion. That leads to pawns being dead pieces as soon as they reach the other board border, since they cant move back- or siedeways. Also pawns on the border block the attacks of your own pieces, and in such protect the other color pieces from your attacks.
  3. Steam summer sale started today, that should explain it
  4. "Old village maps" are those treasure maps that have references to old deeds as hints on them.
  5. Please put in a new non craftable item: "rod of dowsing", works similiar to a "rod of transmutation" but creates a Water tile on the surface instead. Pricing should be cheaper ofc. Let us place our wells and fountains where we want them or need them, instead of having to plan our deeds according to where the water sources are.
  6. The map as such is just a lottery ticket. Remember that there is a lot of stacked RNG involved and the initial map is just step 2 of several steps towards your treasure ( moi->initial map->1-5 further "search for X with ambushes/new maps-> get treasure chest)" and you can fail in several ways to complete your hunt for treasure (cant find a spot, too strong mobs, etc.) on any of the steps after getting the initial map. For me there is no exitement in getting a lottery ticket, the exitement start when I see the chest sitting before me and the loot is rolled. What will I get when I open it? And with the current system if I am not putting a char towards farming this system for maps but instead just play the game I will very rarely get a ticket.
  7. Aaron G. is a relative of Murphy. When they both show up you end up empty while other have their hands full. Does anyone know if the rare roll has to be sucessfull to net a map?
  8. Saddle bags are size limited too, I could not fit a LS into an empty saddlebag on a completly unencumbered horse.
  9. Saddle bags are nice for small things, but a Longsword or anything bigger doesn't fit. Since you can find weapons and other stuff during treasure hunts that simply doesn't fit into a saddle bag I was thinking about 1-2 large chest. Even 1 large chest would be enough, 2 would be generous. And remember a dedicated cargo saddle won't allow a rider. Also it could count as draft gear, finally allowing the "its easy on its gear" trait a use.
  10. Hello fellow Wurmians. Today I want to suggest the introduction of sawbuck pack saddles for donkeys and mules. I bet many of you remember the old western movies where some person had a mule or donkey behind his horse and the stubborn animal carried various items on it, many times a chest or two. This was made possible with theese things: Introducing them with slots for 1-2 large chests and limiting them to donkeys and mules would create a) a way to transport items in a smaller amount than what fits in a cart through areas where a cart is too cumbersome or can't be used due to rough terrain/steep Hills/deeper Water. b) a reason for premium players to keep and breed donkeys and mules instead of killing them on sight. The pack saddle would give enough space to store your treasure hunting spoils or archeological finds while not slowing you down or hindering you while in combat during your exploration adventures.
  11. To give an overview what can be inside a chest:
  12. It was removed because people used the hot/cold mechanic to completly ignore the searching part of the treasure hunt but instead got in range and then did ride through the forests at full speed spamming examine to "ping" the digging point.
  13. The Map clue is correct, its E 11 "ON" the Map. "OF" the map would not be correct because the map in your hand doesnt own E 11.
  14. And the tower hints...(cant stress that enough)
  15. Took me less than 2 Minutes to find it: