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  1. Please consider that while several people can kill a mob together and each one gets bounty only one can bury it. I think it would be a lot better if burying would be an additional bounty instead of replacing the old bounty since group hunting would be almost dead otherwise. Additionally it would encourage new players to play "Undertaker" and clean their area even if they cant kill the mobs by themself.
  2. [RELEASED] Live Map

    Hi, will there be an updated Version with rocksalt and sandstone veins in the near future?
  3. Eject did update his server with the new mod version. Pauldrons created after the update can not be equipped in the shoulder slots.
  4. Well, this mod is a double edged sword. On one side it helps the "directionally challenged", on the other side it completly kills the selling of player crafted and enchanted (WOA) compasses since no one needs them any longer. Instead of the urge to get a better (faster compass) you have a fully functional GPS-System right from the start. And it is bundled with the often asked for "remove winter" feature, so you can only have both.
  5. Hello, every year around RL christmas Santa Claus visits the lands of Wurm Online and gives presents to the premium players. It that possible in Wurm Unlimited? Since there is no crafting recipe for it we want Santa to give out spy glasses to every player on our WU server.
  6. Just my humble opinion but there are many things that drive people away from WO PVE Servers and towards WU. Just to name a few: - Lacking griefer protection. Under the current WO rules a griefer is (most of the times) under better protection than the one being griefed. So if people want to avoid that they make their own WU server and whitelist it so only their friends can join. - High entry treshold for economy To enter the item market of WO you either have to buy an old char or grind for several month. No one wants to buy tools, weapons, armor or enchants (or anything else) with low ql or power since all the old accounts flood the market with cheap stuff of ql 80+. WO missed the chance they had with xanadu. Connecting the Server with the others was one of the biggest mistakes. - Custom maps in WU If you follow the WU part of the forum you see many custom maps that are a lot better than anything we have in WO. With the map editor there is even the possibility of rivers or adding adamantium and glimmersteel to the ore table, something that is strictly pvp maps in WO. -Modding Community in WO There are several mods für WU. From the mod that allows a priest to be self sufficient, no more weeds with farming, Seryll lumps as "Gems" while mining towards reskinning and remodelling new breedable animals into the game etc. etc. The community of WU has added more quality of life content to the game since release than Rolfs team did in the last 6 month. And the best of it is that each serveradmin chan choose what he wants on his server. There is a lot more, but to sum it up: Why should a player (or a group of friends) chose the hard and fixed "World" of WO and pay for it every month, when he can have nearly the same game but as a "a la carte" menue for less money if they play longer than 3 or 4 month?
  7. Please add map size and mob numbers off your Server. Without those its impossible to compare different servers or figure out which kind of VPS has to be ordered to get a certain setup running well.
  8. Have you maybe still activated you GM Powers? GM have 1 hit mining.
  9. Wox? while fixing / adding the marble planters, may i remind you of this:
  10. When we can see the new maul models on the live servers? Last info and picture we got was of the large maul in week 17 news.
  11. This are only the Spells up to faith 30, frostbrand is 40, CoC 51. You dont know whats in there until you reach that faith. Dont judge till you know them all.
  12. Can you do a rework of the other (fighting) Axes too?
  13. Its March and those are still not ingame...