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  1. Well, IF we assume that what is in the patchnotes is what was actually in the patch then you should not get Speed/Draft hybrids at all. Atm it should choose one parent and then one dominant trait line on that parent for inheritence. Misc and negative trait lines cant be dominant and the chance for negative traits is reduced with higher skills after the last patch (June 17th). The biggest Problem for most imho is that after the dominant trait line is choosen the system simply RNG's what traits of that line appear on the foal and then fill up with random traits. This results in traits that neither parent has and the inability to keep certain traits in the family tree of a horse making it impossible to target breed wanted trait combinations at all and as such making AH and breeding a loot box game with a 5-10 day waiting timer between buying the ticket (breeding act) and seeing what price you got (foal).
  2. Darnok is a Schroedingers breeder. On one hand he is happy with the results on the other hand he has a problem with the randomness of traits. Both at the same time by his own posts.
  3. Or allow us to "recycle" them. I could use some beehives.
  4. If it works like the AH update we will get teleported every 15 minutes a random distance into a random direction while the map and our compass get disabled and we have to find our way back. That way it will be ensured we explore enough. As seen in the AH update player really like RNG surprise mechanics.
  5. Good morning, I want to order a QL 80 Fishing net with CoC in the same Range. Please CoD to Ismalla. Thank you
  6. I expected something more.
  7. There is a reason horse semen is one of the most expensive fluids at 5 million $+ per gallon if it comes from a prize stud. It it would be complete random no one would pay so much. A high producing stud produces that amount in about 2 month of daily gathering during his 8 month breeding season (followed by 4 month of rest and "reloading").
  8. Hanlon's razor: 'Never ascribe to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence.
  9. Or give us cart/Wagon- speed enhancing gear for use with that trait. That would be my preferred fix.
  10. Disclaimer: This is in no way an attack on Demona and her work. I know she is just the bearer of news and can give the player base only what is given to her. Where I at her place I would get frustrated with the silence from above and being made the scapecoat to cushions the blows that came from the community after this half baked update. Today it has been 4 weeks since the last patch, 7 weeks since the initial "Animal Update". 10 days from Demonas " in the next few days" comment. We still don't know if the update is working as intended or in which parts it is bugged. We still don't know how we are supposed to breed usefull animals after the update. We still don't know if any attempts are made to sort and fix this mess. No "Valrei International", no dev post, nothing but silence. To me it looks like the devs made mistakes (no problem, everyone does) and then decided to make no explanation, no official comment and hung out Demona to dry and let her take the unavoidable blows that would follow. And there lies the fault. And no, "we are working on it" is not enough. It gets old and sounds more and more like a empty excuse after such a long time without further information. We as players don't need to know everything, but if you still want our money and you make such a mess, we as customers are owed an explanation and at least a visible attempt to fix the things you messed up. And both in a reasonable time. Some players have made a lot of alts to care for their animals Some players used runes to stop the aging of their old 5 speeders Some players have stopped breeding and culled their herds Not everyone can or wants to go those routes and its a clear sign that something is broken on a basic level with the update when the players go such ways just to avoid the update. While traveling over land yesterday I saw so many deeds with cleared and empty pens. Even on deeds that were clearly busy. It was a sad sight. So, to the dev team: We are waiting...
  11. And that is why we need clarification. All this speculating leads to nothing.
  12. Yeah, the same initiative a toddler has to fill his mouth with the cleaning agents under the kitchen sink and as welcome as that too...
  13. Thats why I hate the " we are 5 year olds with a secret and wont tell you" mentality of the dev team. We never know whats intended and whats a bug.
  14. If that [20:42:53] The adolescent fat Goldtari tries to eat the garlic straight out of your pocket, but you catch them just in time! is the effect of this It seems to pick stuff up: Chance to dig something up when eating, drops items on the ground. then the description is horrible wrong. Should read " try to steal food out of players inventory when hungry" then. When I read the description from the patchnotes I think in the lines of " digs up things like archeology fragments when grazing".
  15. "Supposed".. my foals tell me otherwise. I have foals with misc/misc/output and other combinations of misc and output traits with no speed or draft.