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  1. Let's be real here for a moment. They wont make more money with the removal of the 20 % discount. With the amount of Inflation etc. many people are already hard pressed for RL money. So what will happens if the deeds suddenly gets more expensive: The majority will either reduce deed size by 20 %, or let one additional deed or the premium for an alt char lapse (or leave wurm altogether). My personal guess? After the removal of the deed bonus the removal of "Black Friday" deals will be next.
  2. Cadence has the same player numbers as Xanadu (sometimes even more) but only on 1/4 the size so player density is way higher.
  3. You know that this change would make it even harder as it is now? And I bet you already have high meditation and only want to close the door behind you for new players. I really cant understand this "we had it bad, so everyone must have it bad too" mentality. This is the opposite of making progress.
  4. Meditation skilling is worse and slower than faith. With Faith you can reset the daily timer with a sermon and even get more faith that way. Also no need to running around every 30 minutes counting tiles (I hate leaving the spot I am improving or cooking/smithing whatever just to run 10 tiles away when the timer pops up for another attempt). Also some low level meditation abilities got worthless with game changes (looking at you PoK and traders). And I wasted a lot of Sleep Bonus on meditation attempt where I didnt get a tick, sometimes a whole day goes without a meditation skill tick. So please remove the 10 tile requirement, re-evaluate some abilities and how skill is gained. I rather take longer with guaranteed ticks instead this infuriating days without a single skill gain tick and a lot of wasted sleep bonus.
  5. Worked after manually checking for Steam update.
  6. Rugs on walls? How did you get that impression?
  7. Already suggested here: and here: and here too: Sorry to rain on your suggestion but it was already suggestet multiple times with no result.
  8. bug feature

    or even better: add an "ash box" to every forge and oven where the ash accumulates. Every 30 minutes of burn time adds 3 ash to the box. That way a burn time above 30 mins would not be wasted and you would never waste any ash unless you go to above 100 ash.
  9. I have a NFI premium char and no set. Prices for a set of drake/dragon armor on NFI run above 1.000 €. For me that is an insane amount of money. Money I can not and will not ever spend on some pixels and so will very likely never check off the corresponding journal entry. The solution in my eye should include an alternative source of scale/hide making slaying one or the best method to obtain them, but not the ONLY one.
  10. Something looks wrong, either the auction ends on Monday the 14th at 12 CET (which is in 1 hour, 39 mins at the time of posting this), or in 1 Day 1 hour on the 15th? Which one is correct? This first auction ends at 1200 CET on November 14th.
  11. I can vouch for the service. He helped me with shaping a tunnel and mining out the veins in the way.
  12. Huhu, Platz ist noch einer frei. Melde dich einfach bei Ismalla oder Lahabrea ingame, damit wir dich einladen können. Die gesamte Belegschaft ist derzeit deutschsprachig, daher sollte das kein Problem sein.
  13. There are a lot of ingame messages or descriptions where we have to refer to a 3rd party tool (community maps, wiki etc.) to understand them. This is just one of them and they should all change towards not needing to either ask in CA or consulting a 3rd party source.
  14. I think you can write how awesome the stuff is you find and that you can also craft it, but not how to craft it.