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  1. The best thing they ever did - because it responded to a real need within a small minority of the community that no everyone took seriously - was to create "phobia mode" after they updated the spider models to be super-horrible. That was some serious customer service and an innovative solution to a problem.
  2. can close

    100 weapon skill is bonkers. As a student of the 100 grind I'm very keen to know how you did it!
  3. 100 Scythe

    Always a delight to hear about a new 100. Never imagined scythe was one I'd see - excellent confounding of expectations
  4. There are new servers? Nice. My deed on Indy is good enough for me though.
  5. Cheers:D

    Good to see you still around in the background. Hope you're still getting as much enjoyment from what you've made as we are.
  6. It's been a while. ... apparently so long that I can't even make an image link into a post here. Sad time.
  7. Rebooted & it was fine, so yeah must have had a copy lurking in the background. Thanks folks.
  8. OK: that progressed me to "Error: Could not delete existing temp file ... graphics.jar.tmp" Tried the verify trick again but that didn't help. I could delete the file manually but that doesn't seem to me to be how this should work...
  9. Trying to update when launching from desktop and failing at: Update failed! (Error: Error while handling models/br/ Helps?
  10. Happy anniversary; To all you made it, all who stayed, and all who have left us along the way.
  11. I finally got one! Yes, after many weeks of accumulated real time spent mining and tracking, I randomly killed something with an axe and got Axes. Sometimes I hate this game. Or it hates me. Whichever. FML.
  12. My spies tell my that 17 June this year is the 10th anniversary of the Independence server. I have no idea if there's any official celebration planned but I for one will mark the day/week in some way. I don't know how yet, but I do know that although I don't play as much these days I'd be happy to use this as an opportunity to celebrate the good memories I've made in and through this game over the past decade. So yeah; that's my PSA for today. I wonder how many of us migrants are still playing.
  13. In no particular order: Divinity 2 Far Cry (first one, although 3 and 4 were also solid; 2 was crap) Might & Magic 6 Crusader Kings 2 Doom (first one, although 2 was also good) Marvel Strike Force Plants vs Zombies F.E.A.R. Unreal Tournament (first one) Cricket Captain *insert year here* (they're pretty much the same every year)