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  1. Goodbye

    All the best for whatever you get up to instead. You always struck me as a good person, and you've certainly been and will continue to be missed.
  2. Lies. Where are the muscles? This is a picture of someone who spent their time grinding exceptional cheekbones, not mining. I demand a real picture of your manly manliness immediately!
  3. Taxidermy is one of the absolute best long-running requests in the game. Could 2022 be the year of the Great Stuffing? We can only hope!
  4. Seems a solid idea. Adds variety to enchants and option to skilling.
  5. No one was eaten. Someone may have tanked it actually in which case kudos to them!
  6. So there I am, off deed for one of the few times in the past 5 years. I'm tracking. Looking at scenery. Passing old familiar areas. Wait ... what's that in the distance? A new statue model I guess. Out comes the spyglass. Oh. It's a venerable white drake hatchling. It's ... coming this way!!! A short and very undignified run later, I had lost it. Thankfully it returned to it's spot on the Grand Steppe. In short order a posse had gathered, summoned by me yelling in Global & Server chat that a dragon was trying to eat my head. No drama, very friendly and polite we all chilled until everyone who was coming was there - and then we did battle. It was a nice smooth fight and many thanks to Shydow for a clean administration of a random loot roll and a smooth butchering. Lovely surprise, great to see so many friendly folks, and many many thanks to those who were extremely generous to offer me their loot as finder. Truly this game can be cool and drama-free when doing this stuff and I love that.
  7. Many years ago, a friend of mine played a very amusing character called Berris Berris of Berris Hall in a TTRPG (I think it was Call of Cthulhu) When I needed a name with which to try out this random game that my gf of the time was very keen on that was the name that came to mind. I'm still like it, and yes my houses have always been named Berris Hall.
  8. Kasumi is a long-time player who I met on JKH. They still log in very often (far more often than me!) so if you haven't reunited them with their anvil yet you should be able to fairly easily.
  9. Attention

    Grats; that's a nice one
  10. That did indeed make me chuckle. Great effort though, NS for sure isn't a 100 that many folks will ever get!!!
  11. The event inspired me to play again after not really doing so the last couple of years. So far I've gained 0.000500 Tracking, which is about a quarter of what I need for the title. This time - maybe - I will stick with it and get there without needing another year's break...
  12. I have a couple of JKH shots but I'm too old to work out how to post images here...
  13. 100 Channeling

    That's a great 100. Always good to hear about them, especially firsts.