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  1. Almost all my family and friends are abandoning FB due to privacy concerns. For us the time of FB is over. I sincerely hope CodeClub finds other ways of advertising the game. Thank you Retro and Devs for giving away a nice ship to the community.
  2. gratz Samool, enjoy Thanks for the wood type textures for ships, and for everything else too... been waiting for this a long time and is much appreciated. Thanks for the new Dye options as well. Be well.
  3. Good points all around, well said Ayes. I agree... Remove the Fatigue system and replace it with another system to combat Botting (as if somehow the game isn't already designed to encourage it but for the sake of the discussion there we go)
  4. Query... in WU is it possible to: 1) set up a server to have no gods/priests/champions from server creation and/or 2) mod a server to have no gods/priests/champions? Thanks.
  5. fantastic job on the new road, awesome!
  6. After the new graphics pack my graphics performance dropped considerably. I run low memory client. Did the new update forget to check for that?
  7. Agreed... a way without smashing alters and being destructive or obnoxious. Something as simple as becoming a follower in the first place. +1
  8. Let more skills come into Freedom... as a Freedomer ... I don't care one bit... let them come with all their skills... they earned them, let them enjoy them where ever or whatever server they want to go to.
  9. The Wagoneer system is an interesting idea, but I too would have preferred to see a Contract System similar to EVE Online's system rather than a NPC running the roads. My two main issues are as follows: 1.) Wurm's current "players work out an unofficial and informal contract among themselves and hope for the best" system fails in my opinion (and I won't use it) because this is a world wide game and no two places on our world agree on the same standards of morals and ethics, not even here in this small group of players. Players disagreements over trade deals happen far more than they should and GMs are always having to deal with it to some degree or another eventually... and/or Wurm loses Players due to it and Wurm can't keep letting that happen. 2.) Not everyone likes or agrees with how the new Highway system is designed and no matter how useful the new Wagoneer system turns out to be it will never reach full potential because the Wagoneer system will only be as widespread as the new Highway system, and these forums have a noticeable amount of criticism recorded for the Highway system already. Creating a Contract system similar to EVE would have addressed these to points AND encouraged player confidence in the game AND encouraged socialization in the game... because whether the Devs know it or not one of the reasons players don't do more Trade in Wurm is Wurm's primitive lack of some sort of contract system in the first place. I am one of them. Until the Devs implement some sort of decent contract system to protect players and bolster their confidence they can trade with other players without getting screwed over, there will be players like myself that won't participate much in the economy. A contract system would make player feel more secure in their trade transactions with others and maybe even encourage some people to play Wurm who until now haven't, simply because they know sandbox games are notorious for players scams. I wish the new Wagoneer system the best, it will be useful for some players and they now have something they can get excited about. Here's to the hope Wurm gets a real honest and secure Contract system similar to EVE's someday soon. A Contract system where WE the Players can be the Wagoneer.
  10. Freedom Isles servers were fashioned after the original JK Home and MR home server back before Indy when Chaos, JKH, and MRH were connected by water server boundaries and we could literally swim between servers (before ships). JK home server and MR Home server were White Light Home servers that supported Choas White Light kingdoms JK and MR, gods were Vynora, Fo, Magranon. Libilia not allowed to have priests on these servers. Chaos server had an area of the server assigned to a Black Light Kingdom, Horde of the Summoned (HOTS), and had no home server and god Libilia was their patron god. Ships released about this time. Rolf opened JKH and MRH to home server raiding... lots of pitch forks and torches and badly made omelets... I know because I was one of several throwing the rotten eggs... Rolf made new plan and launched Independence and basically told everyone move or drown... old servers "sank below the waves" (shut down). Independence server was first of new servers and followed White Light template. Chaos server was relaunched to accommodate players seeking to play HOTS/Black Light and use Lib priests, but the priests had to stay on Chaos at that time. Until the player gods came out there were no Black Light priests allowed on Freedom Isles servers at all. Any additional updates after that I am unfamiliar with as I stopped participating in religion/follower/priest content about that time. Maybe someone can take from here...
  11. True Owner of the horse Fabiolahunting is/was Magykal. They got loose and she has decided she does not want them back.


    Let me know if you want the one I found. I will keep it until I hear from you or a reasonable time passes. I do not want the horse myself and turn it loose if you do not want it yourself.

    1. Kyrmius


      Now using this forum acct for Geode, Kyrmius, and other characters. Geode forum acct lost due to forum reset 2017 and email was unrecoverable (I will not use submit a support ticket and take up valuable GM time for this since I have this old forum acct I can still use).

  12. True owner of Horse was found. Situation "solved". Forum Mods please close this thread. Thanks.
  13. The horse I found this morning was just west of Freedom Docks. Perhaps a village lost a fence section.