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  1. Choir Dragon

    Nice, gives a cool reminder
  2. While Yaga is a member of staff, and we value all of their contributions both in an official capacity, as well as their 3rd party tools. All of the items posted on the yaga.host sites are hosted by them. I do not know if it's possible, but redundancy might not be possible for their projects.
  3. Sounds like fun. the western waterway just to the Northwest is still passable, but by no means pretty. I assume you were talking about that tunnel?
  4. Perimeters exist to prevent permissions error from having deeds too close. Imagine having a tile border sharing 2 deeds, and a building. What deed would prevent decay? And which would control permissions for that wall/fence? What type of issues are you expecting to prevent by having this option?
  5. It could have something to do with the 26 sickle skill that you have. While the sickle is viewed as a good weapon, it's not actually a weapon and but will get better with higher skill.
  6. It sounds like your graphics.jar got corrupted, I would suggest starting with verifying your game, In the steam library, right click on Wurm Unlimited, select Properties, Local Files, then click Verify integrity of game files. This will take some time as it has to check each thing, and will hopefully download new stuff.
  7. Can you please provide more details, or if you do not want to post them publicly, make a /support ticket and we can get this looked into closely.
  8. Let's all face it. Panfilling sucks. But what sucks more? Pan emptying! Sure, some have developed ways to do it easier, but it still sucks. What I suggest is a container, small box type thing, maybe holds 50-100 pans/roasting dishes/etc, that like a trash heap, has accelerated decay, but instead of decaying anything inside, it just decays food items, similar to inventory on an offline player. This could take 5-15 minutes, shouldn't be terribly difficult to build, maybe have a limit of 1-5 per tile, Something of that nature.
  9. I risk everything to bring you this quality information from behind the scenes panic during the dragon fiasco. *quickly hides in the mine behind champion troll*
  10. This sounds like a wonderful idea! I would love to see bit of torn armor or dents on plate when it takes damage.
  11. Well, Cedar things are intended to decay less then other woodtypes, but it was behaving weird and decaying a bit too slow. That is what was changed.