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  1. I like this idea, but maybe have there be an option to allow close deeds per side? Or be able to set this option on each side.
  2. This is likely because of the limited amount of items that were made available. If owners of a challenge item would like to post details of them, I'm sure we could add them.
  3. One for Stonesolid please. Thanks.
  4. Simple, put all the wall types on every building, that way you can enjoy them all.
  5. Another good one is http://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/What_Do_I_Do Generally it's for players who are playing their first sandbox, but it's good read for everyone.
  6. I disagree, I seem to spend about 2-4minutes a day grinding on skills, But meditation doesn't really count as grinding, right? Otherwise I'm either just chatting with people or poking the horses/bison. Or aimlessly riding around Xanadu, Though I haven't done that in a while. maybe this weekend.....
  7. Is this still happening? and is there an error message?
  8. I can't help but feel there are more productive uses of a GM's time then to rebuild something that we already have rules in place for.
  9. The Skill link goes to a redirect, Could be changed so that it just goes to the Category:Skills page instead. Other then that they all look fine to me.
  10. Fixed. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
  11. It was added a while back, And it would remove the entire imbue because the game sees it as one enchant with power levels. Similar to CoC/WoA/etc.
  12. Can someone poke around and verify the height requirements for the White tome? If it's inaccurate, update the wiki. http://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/White_Tome
  13. This error is caused by not having 3D graphics drivers, You should be able to find them on the website for your motherboard if your using onboard graphics.
  14. Buildings are a little bit smarter then fences.
  15. One of the building requirements is that you MUST have an entry on the ground level. One work around is to build an arched wall, Then put a stone fence inside the arched wall.