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  1. When you do a macro recording for most systems, saves the duration that you press the key down and then release it. Some systems do not save that, it's also not saved if you do a plain "send these keystrokes" string.
  2. This appears to be fine, however there are some VERY important things that need to be remembered. You must remain at your computer and attentive, in case a GM or other wants to chat or verify things. You can ONLY send this string to ONE client, using the normal logitech software should be fine since it just acts like keystrokes. You can only send actions to fill your queue, 20ML = 3 actions, 40ML = 5 actions, etc. This applies to physical keypress. Holding down a key with w/e is still against the rules. And No looping, or delays other then normal keypress delays. About your question about just pressing it once every second, since you are unlikely to finish the actions in under a second, no probably not. Best to wait a few seconds, atleast make sure that the actions have finished before you send another string of commands.
  3. Please remove Where the wind blows, disbanded. Please add Where the Kite Sails, 829, 333. should be that island to the west of pancake.
  4. With a lit forge, doing the place action moves the forge, but the flame model stays where it was before action. Just had this tonight when I was moving stuff around deed.
  5. I actually like the idea of Ents, but only if I can have them hang around my deed and they help crops grow.
  6. I'm not 100% sure for linux, but on the windows version if you add -c after the target address for a desktop shortcut it prompts to select which client to load. So on my computer, "C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Programs\Wurm Online\WurmLauncher64.exe" -c
  7. If you installed recently, there should be an option for chose client, the old ui is still listed there, and the low memory client also uses that ui.
  8. So far at the slaying, 403 in local.
  9. I love this idea, not sure how it could be implemented though while still looking in theme with the wagons.
  10. Can I get 4 claymakers sent to Stonesolid please.
  11. Category:Statues - Wurmpedia Can we get this sorted into stonecutting statues and arch statues? would make it easier for decoration planning
  12. You've posted this in the Wurm Unlimited section, are you trying to play on a wurm unlimited server or the official Wurm online servers? Unlimited doesn't require a prior character creation, but if you are trying to do Wurm online, let us know.
  13. Sadly work is running late today, won't be able to make it, will try to get the next one.
  14. I would like to send Angel, she has not participated in a global spell yet. Hopefully work will allow