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  1. Just need clarification, do the new servers limit the meditation level to 9?
  2. Need some clarification: 1) When transferring from PvE to PvP, which skills exactly will not transfer? I have read Fighting Skill, Meditation and Faith. Does this include Shield skills, weapons skills etc? 2) Does this lack of skills transferring work both ways? Say transferring from PvP to PvE, do I lose FS, etc?
  3. It's been a while, Bladedancer here. I haven't found anything that can quite tickle my fancy like Wurm does. However, despite itching to play again, I have been waiting for a couple of years now for a full game wipe, reset and merging of all servers. I have played on both clusters, extensively. Till this day I never understood why more servers are created without removing the existing ones. I cannot imagine this happening though, due to the massive amount of effort, time and money spent on the development of some people's characters - I can imagine why these people would adamantly refuse a full wipe. I honestly don't blame them. The game will ultimately stagnate slightly due to the split development process that Wurm has taken upon itself, it is terrible game design (Coming from a games programmer). To attract a new audience, bring back old players and reinvigorate Wurm, my suggestion is a full reset of the game and a re-release with new maps, on one cluster and with a clear and single path of development.