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Found 191 results

  1. Never really saw the point of the restriction. Even if it means disabling NPC like the wagoner, can we have the use of waystones and catseyes on chaos. Given the nature of most deeds on chaos, we know where each of the other kingdoms deeds are already and they know where ours are. Not really any point in disabling this feature entirely.
  2. As with the title and that Libila is available on Freedom. Please bring her to all kingdoms. As much as Mag is available to other WL outside MR, and Fo is available outside JK, etc... Please allow Libila to be in all kingdoms and template kingdoms on Chaos. What did Libila ever do to hurt you, she is so lonely at the black light.
  3. Ravenholm is a large, established town on the Chaos server. We're always looking for new villagers to come and join us in our spacious and friendly part of the Wurm universe. About Ravenholm: Ravenholm was founded in March 2013, and has since blossomed into one of the largest, most friendly and most active PvP villages that you'll find anywhere in Wurm. The town is a member of a player made kingdom called the Empire of Mol-Rehan. Located in the west of the server, Ravenholm is far enough from the frontlines for life here to be comfortable and carefree, but still close enough that it's easy for us to go out and PvP when we want to. The MR Homelands are vast and expansive, offering us almost unlimited resources and hunting grounds. On a whole for us, Chaos and PvP offers an interesting side to the game that you can't experience on Freedom. People tend to play in larger groups here and stick together much more - and so you'll soon find yourself a part of the MR family, playing the game with more other people than you thought possible! If you're looking for more information about the server, then I'd strongly recommend checking out this guide. But What About Shiny Things? Between our many highly skilled players, we're able to offer a huge range of items to villagers, ranging from 90+ql weapons, casts, platesets, tools, bows... you name it, and there's probably someone here with over 90 skill in what you want! And best of all, we all share here, and so we'll happily make your wildest equipment dreams come true in exchange for a small favour (like dirt, bricks, or sacrifice materials for a priest.) As for housing, we offer very large plots to newcomers, even by PvE standards. Upon arrival, you'll have 35 deed tiles (7x5 of space) to do with as you please. After all, you're going to need a mansion to keep your new plateset in! Sounds Great! Where Do I Sign Up? You should make an application on our kingdom's forums. The 'access password' is MolRehanRecruit. Feel free to contact any of the below if you have any questions! Docterchese (forum & ingame) - Recruitment & Elder Balmore (forum) / Reincarnation (ingame) - Mayor of Ravenholm armyskin (forum & ingame) - Co-Mayor of Ravenholm revengo (forum & ingame) - Elder of Ravenholm Tulemees (forum & ingame) - Elder of Ravenholm Wulfgarr (forum) / Wulfgar (ingame) - Elder of Ravenholm Pictures! Maybe we'll be seeing you soon!
  4. As title says, Remove champions from chaos. Champs are unbalanced, even if every kingdom can have three its still not equal. Remove champs and just let any current champions de-champ without the additional stat lost. make pvp fun
  5. Version with pictures, click here: [img] The battle is over, the enemy has been vanquished and their town is looted and burned. Our fort is still here -- it serves as a reminder to the enemy just how much we value exerting influence over these territories on Wild. The Kingdom needs the fort to prevent the enemy from coming this way ever again; thus, the fort needs a caretaker. That's why I'm here. I'm the Caretaker. [img] The fort was a work of the best masons and miners in the entire Kingdom. They were here, working in secret for days before the Enemy even knew we were here. Just outside the local area of the unsuspecting enemy village, our craftsmen toiled while warriors stood ready to defend should the Enemy discover this refuge before it was ready. It was as much good luck as good planning that the warriors weren't called into action until the fort was ready for action. There wasn't much of a fight. Most of the enemy villagers saw us coming and had already gathered their belongings to slip away long before the actual attack came. The end was an anti-climax after all the preparation. [img width=400 ] Since then, the fort has been pretty lonely. Occationally, one of the warriors drops by to go loot the abandoned enemy village. Mostly I've been left to tend the walls and keep the stock of repair bricks from decaying. No one expects the enemy to return; but if they do, I'll be able to hold the walls from collapsing long enough for our warriors to arrive. That's what caretakers do: keep walls from falling whilst warriors are riding in on horseback to deal with unwanted visitors. [img width=400] So I spend time making a few bricks, then cook some barely edible meals that even the local wild dogs won't eat. At sunrise, I'll go out back and rip away some of that wretched mycellium, then plant fresh grass and flowers. When the mycellium fungus gets into the trees they must be cut down and burned to cleanse the land of the vile odour. So I spend more time cutting, then cleaning the soil and am rewarded by birdsong and the return of green grass and healthy fruit trees. [img width=400] The warriors and craftsmen are already working on their next project. One day, this fort may soon no longer matter to the Kingdom and I'll get posted to another place. Who knows if my work here will matter? Will the grassland grow or will the fungus return? Will the fort eventually decay or will another caretaker be sent to keep it ready for another battle? Such are the deep thoughts of a Caretaker. [img width=400 ]
  6. Wurm University is a training Player Made Kingdom (PMK) in Wurm Online that exists to train new players in the basics of life on the Chaos PvP server. The University will build a strong PvP reputation in HOTA, roaming PvP and raiding when required. It will have robust management with Chaos veteran players to help build knowledgeable lecturers (instructors) and quality students. The heart of the kingdom resides in teamwork through PvP, kingdom events and cooperative help in the alliance chat channel. Wurm University’s objective is to teach players how to play Wurm Online on Chaos and create more content for all players on Chaos. In order to accomplish this mission we will constantly adapt, evolve and change as Wurm changes. Players are welcome to join us to learn what they can and either strive for a higher position within the Kingdom to help with the newer players, or join another PMK that they are interested in. Wurm University can provide guidance and knowledge on how to survive and thrive on the Chaos server. Our experienced players known as Dean's, can help newer or older players to establish themselves and gain know-how to play as a successful Chaos player. The Kingdom can currently provide: an escort from freedom servers to Chaos established deed (currently the capital) - with room for player built housing. horses kingdom armour sets kingdom weapons basic tools food (nutrition and CCFP) Other kingdom provided wares can be added as the kingdom grows and we have more players to share the load. Wurm University wants newer or older players that are willing to give the Chaos server a try. We want keen and enthusiastic students to learn all there is about Wurm Online and we want the experienced freedom players to shorten the newer players learning curve; and possibly learn a thing or two about the different game mechanics that the Chaos server provides. Our only requirements for player involvement in the kingdom are simply that you: have a premium active account; can ride a horse (21 Body Control); and have a minimum of 70 fight skill. On specific request, we will accept very new players without the two skill requirements if the person is requiring the knowledge or assistance to grind these two specific skills. However, these skill levels will be mandatory before a player can receive Kingdom armour or weapons. If you are new to the game or a veteran freedom player that would like to experience the rush of full loot drop PvP, then consider joining Wurm University. You can apply to join on our forums at:
  7. We are recruiting. Wir nehmen wieder Mitglieder auf. Gleich ob Anfänger oder Veteranen! Deutschsprachige Mitglieder willkommen! Video: Unsere Clanseite:
  8. Chaos seems to be moving quite slowly, and I've been thinking of ways to increase participation in the games opt-in PvP server. One such thought was a chaos <-> freedom portal. Obviously such a portal could be abused in certain ways so I've come up with a few restrictions that might make it a bit less abusable. Can only build 1 per kingdom, and can not be moved easily, might even be a toggle for your "capital" to teleport to its token that can be changed every six months simillar to the name. (to prevent hopping back and forth to freedom to instant-defend a remote deed). Can not bring any items through, you'd have to leave your freedom gear in freedom and vice versa, or sail it as normal(This feature should not be used for trading or safely shipping items). Possibly a cooldown when coming from freedom to chaos(more 1 hour than 1 day) before being able to go back again to prevent using the feature for scouting. Can not be used unless you've been in a kingdom for a set amount of time(2 weeks?), this means you must sail there the first time. (If preventing mercenaries is desired, however I think that's just a sandbox feature). The idea is to lower the barrier of entry for freedom players to participate in PvP, and to enable players that want to do both to participate in PvP more often on weekdays and when limited on time. Few issues that spring to mind: Can hire a group of freedomers as mercs and bring in to attack/defend (provided you equip them, since they can't bring gear), however this seems more like a sandbox element than a problem. Good evening
  9. Looking for some oldschool JK stuff? Forget these other shoddy craftsmen of template JK gear! Get yours now from a reputable player who has been JK since before that other whitelight kingdom existed. Wagons Tall Banners Banners Flags Currently have these in stock, prices for each are also listed: All items are pick up only at Tenakill's Landing on Xanadu (B16 ingame), unless they can be mailed. If mailing is applicable, the buyer pays the COD fees. For convenience, I have a few items on my merchant at Glasshollow on Xanadu. The 'Odds N Ends' Merchant currently holds:
  10. What do you look for in Wurm? Gratsalot Emirates is a coalition of some of the largest deeds on Chaos serving both Crafters & Fighters. Our group contains some of the oldest and newest players to the Wurm community! Features - Large Deeds Like to live in a urban environment, or live outside in a homestead like environment? The GRATSALOT Emirates got you covered with both CAPSALOT Harbor & CAPSALOT. Both deeds offer safety and security,the luxuries of all types of resources and coastal locations. - Crafters & Fighters United Our villages are the perfect balance of both crafters & fighters living in harmony. There is no requirement to PVP, or Craft. - Willing teachers Many in the village are willing to help teach you the ropes, and basic pvp meta - Fearless Villagers Do you want to join a group that charges headfirst into battle? You came to the right place. - Outside Of Wurm We don't just play Wurm, we also play other video games that span into RTS's, FPS's, Etc. - Grats Contact Info: Website: Mayor: Cubeman People who are not mayor but can do mayor like things: Cndo Rolandt (the greatest account in the game) Blodeuwedd Zehive Warning: Village is known to harbor some of Wurm Online's "deplorables" these people while loyal to their own, are known to be brash and very straightforward. You have been warned. Grats
  11. Dear lost soul, The Army of Murkham is looking for extra volunteers to man the forlorn hope while the Navy is looking for fresh vikings to man the oars. The outpost of Murkham wears the tabard of Ebonaura and every volunteer gets one for free. Potential recruits need to be able to resist the smells of the sewers, have a strong and rather small stomache, have a sense of discipline and be able and willing to learn and sacrifice themselves for the great cause. Out of the box thinking is encouraged. Murkham is easily reachable for goodwilling people. Murkham guarantees replacement of combat equipment for the fallen. Utilities and facilities for the newcomers are provided and it is discouraged to bring anything you do not want to lose from Freedom Isles to Chaos. Interested? Contact Maurizio. (All recruits need to be approved by Ebonaura) Signed, Offices of the Duke of Murkem, Ebonaura.
  12. Hello everybody It is possible to set your commands to block the plot course to Chaos, so when you set the course of your boat you can't choose to plot to Chaos, and that works perfectly. But if it happens that somebody urgently calls you, if your pc decides to abandon you while your internet is still working but you are unable to use the mouse and the keyboard, if it happens anything which brings your mind away from Wurm for whatever reason... well, through automatic plot course you can end on Chaos anyway. I want to propose a command to block the plot course to Chaos in anyway, so those players who have no interest into go in Chaos for any reason, they can make safe travels, without any troubled thought about the "evil" server. And if they should change their mind, they can always reset the command. What do you guys think about it?
  13. Hi. I wrote this guide thinking that most people never get the chance to read something like this. Wurmpedia doesn't tell everything it should as you might already know. Most people on freedom do not know these things , and sometimes even people on chaos. Keep in mind that this is my own opinion, i'm by no means an all knowing wizard and there's far more experienced people at PVP than myself. Guide starts up at freedom level 1FS toon and gets more complex as pages go on. Note that you should have a basic understanding of the wurm mechanics to be able to follow it. Basicly i want you to know what "body strength" is or how to create basic tools and so on and so forth. Have fun.
  14. Dreadnaught Dynasty --------------------------------------------------------- Dreadnaught Dynasty is a HOTS Template Chaos PMK that is looking for recruits to join dedicated and active players in the hopes of spreading fear and Mycelium as far as the eye can render. With players active throughout the day, The opportunity to get on Discord or talk in Alliance with other people working towards the same goal is never far from reach. Inside DD, The ability to help and start contributing to the Kingdom starts as soon as you are logged in, from there you may pick up your sword, shovel, or frying pan and feel like you did something of consequence. Fighters are just as important to us as Farmers, and even someone with no PVP experience can be as valuable an asset to our day to day operations. Joining Dreadnaught means... FIGHTING Every member of the Kingdom is at the ready to passenger a boat, mount a 5 speed, or defend from those that look to encroach our lands. With a core of veteran PVP'ers, It's hard to not learn something new after each fight and there will be many. All those involved in the slaughter receive their fair share of the spoils. CREATING As a fairly new PMK, The chance to carve your name in the foundations of what will be an unstoppable wave of red and black are at your fingertips. Each stone brick laid and every spider butchered adds to our force in someway. Towers and tunnels are the key to victory and the people who create them are the ones who are remembered. Death and Decay comes for us and our Tall Stone Walls but together we can leave a mark on the pages of Wurm History. GROWING With something always going on, be it a group dig-along or a monthly event with the promise of shiny items, You will feel apart of a community of players from every timezone, walk of life, and play style each time you log on. Respect, Loyalty, and Ability are words taken to heart by every Dreadnaught and it shines through in our fun and easy going community. Sound Fun?... If you are interested in becoming apart of our Kingdom, You can contact Threap/UnknownOrganism/Wulfgar/Valist or our King, Worldtender in-game or through the forums and we will be glad to answer any questions! "WE FIGHT!"
  15. For a long time myself and many others on the wild/chaos server have suffered with a lot of misinformation, assumptions and general misunderstandings about our fair server. So i've decided to put this little FAQ thread together in the hopes of improving numbers on the server by generating some interest in the different features and exciting prospects the pvp server on the freedom cluster can offer. I'll try my best to cover the basics in the OP and i'm sure there will be plenty of people to point out whatever i have missed and i'll be happy to answer any questions put forward. What is different about Chaos compared to the rest of the Freedom Cluster? Simply put, Chaos is a pvp server, allowing combat between players. But it features many other differences that i will go into detail about later. What we have that other servers do not is : Player vs Player Combat Deed raiding Valrei Creatures Player Made Kingdoms Special kingdom titles and offices. Horde of the Summoned kingdom and the dark goddess Libila Territory control using guard towers Battle rank and the titles that can be gained from it. The ability to kill others for their affinities, up to 5 in each skill can be earned. The Hunt of the Ancients tournament Powerful Artifacts of the Gods The Altar of Three (White Light) and Bone Altar (Black Light) Players can become Champions of the Gods What do you mean by rumours and misinformation about Chaos? I'll paste in what my good friend Reasons once said on our private forum, he summed this up very well. If you're curious about the PVP server that many have heard (mostly bad) rumours about, it's not all true: · You DON'T need to have 70+ Fight Skill to live here · It's NOT all out war here · It IS safe to leave the deed area solo, there aren't uber high level players hiding in the trees waiting to kill you · You DON'T have to be interested in the PVP game to enjoy the Chaos server · It IS fun to play here without the restrictions many complain about on the PVE servers How does PvP work? Pvp in wurm is surprisingly complex and i won't take the time to try and describe it all here, i highly reccomend giving Postes introduction to wurm pvp a read though - The basic idea is that you can fight and kill anyone you choose to on Chaos. The only limiting factor in this is that killing members of your own kingdom will cause you to lose reputation and eventually turn outlaw. Becoming an outlaw makes you possible to be killed by other members of your kingdom causing you to lose 5x the normal skill penalties. This rule does not apply to Horde of the Summoned. Reputation also affects deed raiding and because of this as a general rule you are pretty safe among members of your own kingdom. What happens when a player dies in pvp? If you die in pvp you will lose an affinity, assuming you have one and are over 20 fighting skill, to your killer and your items will be on your corpse. Your name will also appear in "Deaths tab" e.g. - Player1 slain by Player2. If you have allies near to your corpse then the enemy will not be able to loot it until your allies have either died or moved 15 tiles away from it. This removes the old "grab corpses as fast as you can" issue that used to exist on wild and now requires one side to win the battle in order to collect the spoils. Unlike with normal deaths in wurm, you would not lose skill in 5 random skills, pvp deaths only cause the loss of 0.25 overall fighting skill. There is code in place that prevents players from gaining fighting skill, affinities or rank from kills on players with less than 20 fighting skill. This is, in theory, a measure to make killing newer players not worth the effort. What's an affinity? Every player has one affinity, though if you lose yours it can take 2 weeks to spawn a new one, in a random skill. One affinity is worth a 10% boost to skillgain in that skill (this excludes overall fighting skill). It is possible to gain affinities by killing enemy kingdom players with over 20fighting skill and it is possible to have up to 5 affinities in each skill. Many skilled pvpers will have a large number of affinities boosting their skillgains. Where will i start and what kingdom will i be? A newly created player on the server will spawn at Hunter's Lodge as a member of the freedom kingdom. This is roughly in the centre of the server right next to the Hunt of the Ancients area. Upon death you will also find yourself able to respawn at Gold Coast on the west coast of the server or The Landing on the North East coast. These are the former starting deeds of the original White Light kingdoms on Wild, Jenn Kellon and Mol Rehan. Due to this fact you will find that these deeds have only a small area that is safe for Freedom Kingdom members as they are surrounded by MR/JK territories. If you are coming from another freedom server to Chaos then you can sail over the west border of your server (excludes celebration) arriving on the east border of Chaos as freedom kingdom. As a new player, won't i get relentlessly killed by older players right away!? This is honestly rather unlikely to happen, most players on chaos leave freedom kingdom members alone, particularly at the starter villages. It's generally considered bad form to harass newbies as we all know we need more blood on the server. I can't say it won't ever happen but it's not too likely and any strong fighter isn't likely to have much of a need to loot your items. Loot my items? Is there any way to keep things safe on Chaos? I don't want to lose everything! It's true that any items you own can be looted upon your death or taken from your home during a raid, that risk always exists. There are numerous methods used to protect ones most prized possessions and never forget, persist and become strong and you too can enjoy the spoils of war! For example, stone or metal mine doors are very strong and hard to bash on deed, keeping items within your deed inside a mine and within locked chests can render them very difficult to get to. Other options exist such as keeping items on another account (aka Storage Alt) or on a merchant in your deed with high prices set. Always remember that most players out there are not looking to grief and destroy your home unless you've given them a reason to dislike you. Your best bet is always to join an established village/kingdom that can offer you some security before you try venturing out on your own. There are numerous deeds on the server that have not been broken into for months or years. For 5 silver from a trader you can purchase a resurrection stone to give you a chance of keeping your items on death. Magranon priests of over 70 faith get a passive ability similar to a resurrection stone. What happens to a deed that is raided? In any deed raid there are two main objectives for the attacking side. The first is the token, which can be drained for upkeep in an attempt to simply make money out of the deed or to try and force it to disband. For this reason most deeds on Chaos will have strong defences and buildings around the token. The drain amount is always 15% of the monthly upkeep amount removed, half of this goes to the player who drains and the other half will go into the kingdom coffers (trader economy). Once drained a deed cannot be drained again for another 24 hours, if it does get drained within 48 hours of the last time it was drained then the drain amount will increase by 50% (up to a maximum of 6 drains in a row, at which point the amount will not increase). The second is to loot whatever valuables you can, this happens generally when a raid force is overwhelmingly powerful or the defenders simply are not present. Giving the attacking side ample time to catapult into each house and try to lockpick chests. Generally speaking any defended deed will present too much risk to attempt this due to the time and effort it takes to catapult into a deeds numerous houses that someone is repairing and fighting for. What is raiding actually like? There are some key points to keep in mind about raiding, i'll try to outline the essential points. Wooden houses are hilariously weak, using a carving knife any raider can make short work of wooden house walls. Use stone whenever possible!Tall walls are weaker than house walls, most deeds are protected by rings of "longhouses"Catapults destroy everything on the tile they hit, for this reason 1 tile wide houses tend to be inadvisabble due to catapults being able to damage more walls at once.Defenders should keep stocks of bricks for repairing their defensive houses as catapult fire comes in. But be careful! Those Cata shots will hurt if they hit you standing on the tile Guards are a good deterrent but never rely on them to always keep enemies out, the nature of them being AI controlled means they can be herded and wittled down slowly even in vast numbers. This of course will slow down your enemies and make their raid take far longer. But it will not prevent the raid if they really want in and you're not there to defend your home.Guard towers play an important role in adding more guards to your area, that additional assistance could be what you need to kill an attacker!Catapults are draggable, fire 1 tile per winch (changes somewhat with land elevation) and fire a maximum shot of 80kg. The usual ammo is 80kg packs of ore. Rock shards are inadvisable as enemies will use them for making bricks to repair with. Some wall types will take less heavy ammo to shoot, such as low stone walls, trial and error will teach you which to use your heaviest ammo on.Damage is affected by catapult QL slightly (this QL affects accuracy more), player skill and ammo QL. Remember that a catapult will never do more than 20 damage per shot to any given target (this does not apply to shooting players )Mine doors are your friend, gatehouses will unlock with enemies in local when built off deed. Mine doors will not and will provide you with ammunition and a place to back up to.Dirtwalls! Nothing says "this isn't worth your effort" to a raider like a giant wall they have to get through. The use of the level option for diggers has made walls of dirt far easier to create. See the wiki for instructions on how to flatraise a section up to start levelling from. forget that the biggest deterrent to a raid force is a player seeing them and informing their allies. Most raiders will attack in the hope that they will not be caught in the act. What are these Valrei creatures? Valrei creatures started out as an epic cluster only feature and have recently been allowed on Chaos as well. Whenever a mission is completed there is a 5% chance that the god the mission was completed for will take control of one of these creature types. For example Libila curretly controls the Sons of Nogump and as such, members of the Horde of the Summoned will find these creatures to be friendly and neutral, others will see them as aggressive. These creatures spawn periodically, with event messages such as "Libila sends forth the Sons of Nogump" At which point the creature stated will spawn in random locations around the server with a mighty crack of lighting. It can be quite an impressive sight to see 10 sol demons ride lighting down and appear near you. Some, such as Deathcrawler Minions, Spawn of Uttacha and Sol Demons are reasonable strength and not too much of a challenge. Others like Eagle Spirits, Sons of Nogump and Drake Spirits are impressive powerful foes that should not be fought alone. When killed these creatures can be butchered to produce valrei items which you can sacrifice to give your deed 0.2% increase in enchanting bonus. Using this method it is very possible for villages to maintain the 10% maximum enchanting bonus. Just be careful fighting them, it hurts! Player made Kingdoms, how do i make one and why should i? On chaos it is possible to found and rule over your own kingdom rather than just staying freedom or joining the horde. You can do so by buying a Declaration of Independence from any trader. This is a special item and it costs 1gold (100 silver) coin to purchase. To use it you must be standing inside of a deed that you are the mayor of, with at least 15 other premium players nearby. You will be able to choose a name for your kingdom and decide if you wish it to be based off of Mol Rehan or Jenn Kellon template. these templates affect the model of your guard towers, the titles your kingdom offices have, your kingdom animal and which gods will allow your people to become champions of their religion. NEW - As of March 2014 you can now make Blacklight PMKs as well. You can find a list of the titles here - - Note that all PMK leaders have the title [Chief] Not Chancellor or Grand Prince sadly. Mol Rehan template kingdoms become followers of Magranon, allowing them to create champions of Magranon. Within their territory will spawn friendly Mountain Gorillas. Jenn Kellon follow Fo and Vynora, with the Wild Boar and (rarely) Anacondas. These dictate which missions your kingdom should complete as well. As a chief of a kingdom you will have the power to select a capital city, a deed which will recieve half the normal upkeep costs, a trader contract will appear in your inventory along with three special royal items. These are the Crown, Robe/Cape (chest armour) and sceptre/staff. The Crown and Robe/Cape are both non-drop, dragon scale strength, undamagable armours that come with an inbuilt 100 power Web Armour cast. They spawn between 70-99QL and additionally the crown can be used to check kingdoms/kingdom history and the robe/cape functions as an infinite supply of cotton for healing. As if this isn't enough, Chiefs recieve a huge combat rating boost of +3, similar to having an additional 15 overall fighting skill. PMKs can change their leader by simply trading the crown to the desired player and having that player put it on. The other items will then transfer over. The staff allows you to select your kingdom officers (listed in the wiki titles link above) and to hand out decorative titles and orders to your people. These officer titles will only function once your kingdom has at least 2% control of territory on the server. Any mayor of any village can be converted by a PMK and this will cause their deed and all its members to convert to your kingdom. As default your kingdom will be at war with all others, but you will have the option to extend an offer of an alliance to any other kingdom that is not a follower of Libila. Your kingdom will only ever disband if all of the deeds within it are disbanded or if you have less than 15 premium players (this causes a 24 hour timer to begin which will warn you that your kingdom needs more premium players). I hear that PMKs can have their own banners and tabards. This is true and we thank the art devs for making it so. You can design and banner, flag and tabard and submit it to an art developer such as Wox or Saroman to be implemented into the game. The templates for these can be found inside your wurm graphics packs. Whats so special about the Horde of the Summoned? The Horde (often reffered to as Blacklighters or HotS) are followers of Libila, a powerful dark goddess that cannot be followed on other freedom servers. You can join them by visiting the Bone Altar or by being invited by an existing member. All members of HotS gain the benefits of Mycelium, a fungus that grows over their lands infecting the trees and grass. Mycelium can be used to heal small wounds and when stood on will slowly increase food and nutrition. The downside is that Mycelium cannot be grazed on and animals such as cows do not spawn on it. These can of course be found elsewhere on the server however. Mycelium is also the terrain type required to follow the path of hate for meditation. With bonuses such as doube structure damage, double attack damage, fear effect that causes even deed guards to become neutral to you and immunity to directly casted spells. All members of HotS are followers of Libila and gain these benefits along with the ability to butcher human bodies for meat and access her special spell list as a priest - The Horde is a template kingdom, which means that it can never disband and it's leader is chosen by the King Cobra. This is a random number generator test which can be attempted once per 2 weeks (or server restart). Your combat rating affects the chance, so players with decent fighting skill will be more likely to succeed. There has been recent talk from Rolf suggesting that he will soon be allowing Player Made Kingdoms that follow Libila as well. What if i want to go back to freedom, do i lose my faith? Unfortunately it is currently coded into the game that any player who is a follower of libila/member of HotS will lose their faith if they leave the server to go to freedom. How does territory control work? On Chaos, guard towers have the additional use of creating 60 tiles of territory for your kingdom. The amount of control you have can be checked with /kingdoms. You cannot plant a deed outside of your territory. It is not possible to build a tower within 150 tiles of any enemy kingdom influence, you would have to capture or destroy the enemy tower or deed that is blocking you. Capturing towers is a dangerous 10 minute timer that causes the tower to spawn waves of guards that vary in strength. Unlike normal tower guards these do not target horses however and can be outrun on horseback if things get too dicey. Towers cannot be captured within 100 tiles of a deed, the only option for these towers is to remove the deed or bash the tower down using large mauls. This can take a long time without a large group of allies to help you. The advantage is that unlike tower capturing it does not announce to the entire server that it is happening. Only the enemy kingdoms Defence Advisor/Earl Marshall/Chief of the Cabal can spot what you're up to. This means that Chaos has far more guard towers than the freedom servers as they are a necessity for our kingdoms to flourish. What is battle rank? Some of you may have noticed the /rank or /ranks commands that show your rank and the highest ranked players on your server. All players havea default amount of 1000. Rank can be gained in a number of ways, by killing enemy players (more is gained from higher ranked players dying), by being involved in a tower capture, by capturing a battle camp or by capturing a pillar in the Hunt of the Ancients. Gaining battle rank is mostly for the sake of being able to say that you have more than other people, but it does also offer special titles. 1100 = [Warrior] or [Warmaid] . 1500 = [battlemaster] or [battlemaiden] and finally 1900 = [Warlord] (it is unknown what the female 1900 rank title is) Battle rank will decay slowly back down to 1000 if not increased for over a week. Not sure of the specifics on this, perhaps someone can help me out there. What is the Hunt of the Ancients? The HotA is a tournament that happens once every 36 hours in a location near the centre of the server, this area is 400x400 in size and gives a clear event message when entered. Deeds cannot be planted here, towers cannot be built and mine doors cannot be placed. Any buildings placed can be knocked down almost always with a single bash of a maul. It is meant to be a full pvp zone that cannot be controlled. When the hunt begins a number of "pillars" will spawn, these pillars glow in various colours and must be conquered. Every time a pillar is conquered 1-3 more will spawn around the HotA area. The first alliance or deed to capture 4 of the total 10 pillars will win. It is possible to recapture a pillar that has been captured by another deed/alliance. This means that even players of the same kingdom can compete against each other for the HotA. The winning side will find a HotA statue will spawn at the token of the capital deed of their alliance (or simply at their deed) and will contain 2kg each of Adamantine and Glimmersteel. These lumps start at 50QL and each time the HotA is won the QL will increase by 1. Once a deed/alliance has won 49 times they will always recieve 99QL lumps. The statues are 150kg, glowing representations of creatures in various poses and are very popular decorative items which also function as containers. They should never be held in inventory for any period of time more than a few seconds as they decay every 20 seconds that they spend in inventory by 1QL. Use Large carts to transport and place them. Once planted (not just dropped) it is impossible for anyone to steal them, even an enemy raid force. Glimmersteel can be used to create weapons that swing faster than normal and chain or plate armour that is roughly 30% stronger than iron/steel counterparts. All items made from Glimmersteel damage at a slower rate than iron, roughly 3x less. Helmets and weapons made from it will glow faintly yellow. Adamantine can be used to create weapons that do more damage than normal iron or steel ones and has the same properties as glimmersteel for making armour. Some claim that glimmersteel armour is stronger however. Helmets and weapons made from Adamantine glow faintly blue. What are the artifacts and what do they do? There are 3 artifacts of each god, totalling 12 that exist in the server. When the arrive to the server they are buried underground and must be found using the locate artifact spell, then dug up. Currently all 12 are unburied and controlled. The artifacts all have about 3 months worth of charge in them and must be recharged at the corresponding great altar at specific recharge times. The recharges take a number of minutes per artifact and announce to the entire server in event and with a drastic change in the sky, either turning dark or bright depending on the light being used. This puts the owners of the artifacts at great risk each time they must recharge their artifacts. If an artifact runs out of charge then it will return to being buried somewhere in the server. Using their special powers will also drain a small amount of power each use. The recharge times are always on the 1st and 3rd week of each starfall, during either Wrath or Awakening day. Meaning each recharge chance is 3 hours long. The artifacts and their powers can be found here - What are the great altars? Chaos is home to the Bone Altar of Libila (the black light) and the Altar of Three of Fo, Magranon and Vynora (the white light). These are visible from almost anywhere on the server as a mighty beam of light from the earth to the heavens. The altars themselves can be used as a normal 90QL altar (The WL gives fo influence but works for all three) and as a place to become a priest or champion. They are also used to recharge the corresponding gods artifacts. It is impossible to make buildings, mine doors or deeds within 100 tiles of the great altars. During the recharge days on the 1st and 3rd week of each starfall, Wrath or Awakening day. The lights are vulnerable to attack by the break altar spell and players mauls. When destroyed three key things will happen, starting with the spawning of the mighty Avenger of the Light unique creature. The altar will then disappear and reappear at a different location on the server and cause a medium internal head wound to followers of its god/s and will choose a random artifact to rebury. What is a champion? In the past champions were numerous and had a very different system to the way they work now, so old players may find this information surprising if they have not pvp'd in a long time. Becoming a champion has a number of bonuses and downsides, which are covered quite well by the wiki article located here - Remember that kingdoms based on Mol Rehan can only make Magranon champions, while Jenn Kellon based ones can make Fo and Vynora only. HotS ofc is the only kingdom able to have Libila champions. What are Farwalker Amulets? Farwalker Amulets are items that were given out as a christmas gift some years ago that have caused controversy over their power to give a player the "unstoppable" double movement speed and no fall damage effect for 30 seconds. It costs 1QL of the amulet meaning each one when spawned was worth 99 uses. Many players, including myself, would like to see Rolf make them un-usable in enemy local to prevent their use in escaping death in pvp as only a certain number of players posess them and they are non-drop items. How do griefing rules differ from freedom? A key difference between Chaos and the rest of the servers are the griefing rules. The only griefing on Chaos is of a personal abuse nature, be that though chat, leaving signs directly insulting someone etc. Anything else like terraforming, property destruction etc is fair game. However, that also means you can retaliate. None of the having to worry about highway and enclosure rules. If you can see it, you can destroy it [skills allowing]! This is a refreshing idea to those people who just want to deal with a situation themselves without having to bother a GM. If your part of a community on Chaos, you're also less likely to be 'griefed' (I'm not counting standard raiding as griefing) due to the likely hood of that person being hunted down by your group. Does Chaos have a different economy and community from the rest of Freedom? There is a market and trade but its much less compared to the rest of Freedom. There is a lot of collaboration and sharing and activities done "for the kingdom". The team is not within a village but across the whole kingdom and once someone is established then they share in the group effort and resources. As an example, its in the kingdoms interest to have a player geared up for PvP. Ok they may die a few times but those that learn and participate are given good armour and weapons, horses and enchants. The more a player gives to the kingdom, the more it gives back. If you want to be a rich crafter then Chaos may not be the place for you, it is not impossible but it isn't as easy to do as in the rest of the Freedom cluster. How does Chaos differ from Epic? The Epic servers are a separate cluster of servers that are all at least in some form pvp based. They have a seperate skill tree and as such joining the freedom of the epic servers is a big choice and commitment to building a character on either cluster. generally speaking it is rare for players to choose to build characters on both. Faster skillgain on Epic allows you to get into pvp sooner, the tradeoff is a far greater sense of achievement for ones skillgrind on chaos. However this does often cause people to fear starting on the server against older accounts.Older server and playerbase, Epic has been around a far shorter timespan giving Chaos a far richer history but also a larger skillgap between newer and older players.Server size: all 4 of the Epic servers are 1/4 the size of Chaos. The server is massive, identical in size to only the Independence server.Focused on one server: On freedom cluster there are 4 linked servers to Chaos that have no pvp, allowing complete safety to train your skills up before trying out pvp with your account. Epic has 3 home servers that are "less" pvp but there is no server where you are 100% safe as you are on freedom. These home servers do not apply to PMKs on epic, members of PMKs live only on the main elevation pvp server.Epic has the full scenario system based around completing missions, Chaos has the missions only.Epic has a skillgain curve, meaning that many skills are "effectively" higher than they appear in the skill window. This includes skills like channelingFor the above reason channeling on epic cannot be trained using vesseling on gems, this is the fastest and most preffered method on the freedom cluster.For reasons known only to Rolf, body stamina gains far slower on the epic cluster. ----------------------------------- Thats the most my mind can think of at one time, i'm sure there will be more questions or edits needed and i'll be happy to answer them, add them to this OP and edit any mistakes. I'll also try to sort out a more up to date and useful map of Chaos to help newer players as the one on the wiki is in need of some love.
  16. -=!Dreadnaught Dynasty!=- !We Fight! Up for auction is 1x Dreadnaught Dynasty PMK Bundle! Bundle consists of: 2x Kingdom Flags 2x Tall Kingdom Banners 2x Kingdom banners 1x Wagon 1x Tent Starting Bid: 8s Min Increase: 1s Reserve: None Buyout: 17s Snipe Protection: 1 Hour Items will be Delivered by a member of the kingdom Happy Bidding All
  17. I'm a fresh character trying to make it in the world. Mobs are hard to beat, and boats are hard to build without wemp. Looking for a village to help give new players an upper hand and settle themselves into the world. Wanting to explore PvP on a deep level so would like tactically minded villages. Thank you!
  18. Crossed into chaos and kingdom didnt auto change, logged off for /lotime and even crossed back, still didnt rejoin my kingdom, still getting freedom chat tabs and trade chat and self examine shows im still freedom. Checked with Kingdom and i wasnt kicked and did /converts and [02:48:34] You may change kingdom in 13 days, 16 hours and 12 minutes. Update: Enki assisted with the issue, but still had to get reinvited to the deed.
  19. I am selling one of the rare adamantine longswords that was awarded by GM during the Chaos Treasure Hunt event (1 of 20). This sword has a reduced weight of 2.25kg compared to the standard 3kg. It has several high level enchants: One of these at 80ql recently sold for 50s without enchants. I am also now asking 50s. Please PM me here on the forums, thanks!
  20. -=!Dreadnaught Dynasty!=- !We Fight! Up for auction is 1x Dreadnaught Dynasty PMK Bundle! Bundle consists of: 2x Kingdom Flags 2x Tall Kingdom Banners 2x Kingdom banners 1x Wagon 1x Tent Starting Bid: 8s Min Increase: 1s Reserve: None Buyout: 17s Snipe Protection: 1 Hour Items will be Delivered by a member of the kingdom Happy Bidding All
  21. PvP oriented Chaos village with consistent PvP opportunities weekly, if not daily, is looking for villagers. Requirements: 70fs 50 weapon skill 50 shield skill Located 10 minutes away from newbie-training friendly Pandamonium deed which we frequently visit. If interested in joining, apply here: and request to join Memesalot. Some fun while visiting our friendly neighbor:
  22. Horde of the Summoned has risen and looking for new blood to serve Libila. A group of experienced and original BL players has banded together to make BL great again. Joining us means you will get to be a part of building a kingdom up that most have written off for years. You’ll also get to experience the full spectrum of Chaos in a great environment. Be a part of the original black light kingdom with people who were there in the beginning. What We Provide The capital where you can build a house to call home Kingdom armor and weapons (Preferable that you have your own to start with) All the basic amenities are covered, you just need to bring yourself. That being said - there is an expectation that you to contribute to the kingdom to receive these benefits. Minimum Requirements 70 FS Use voice comms for PVP Submit an application: Chaos awaits.
  23. You seek the powers of the whisperer? Come, sons and daughters of Libila. Worshippers of the darkness and children of chaos. Now is the time to stand together against the forces of light. Now is the time to stand together as her Black Legion! Once, the Horde was feared. Once, the Horde demanded respect. After long years of fighting, of being oppressed by the forces of light, the Horde of the Summoned was but a shadow of its former self. Magranon’s power waxed while Vynora and Fo took a step back from human affairs. Libila was all but beaten down. She whispered to her children, demanding that someone answer her call. Calling loudly, she drew her most faithful towards her. Some had answered, but not enough. Enraged at this, Libila screamed with all her strength; breaking through mental barriers and driving people crazy far and wide. Her voice infected the world. People who’d never had an ill thought felt drawn to the dark lands. As her power grew, Libila whispered plans for a new way forward. Through the tools of order; chaos and destruction would be more easily spread. While Black Legion can trace some of it’s roots through most of Horde of the Summoned history, as a newly formed kingdom and the first HotS template PMK we are in the process of constructing an inclusive government to allow all a part, no matter your experience level. Black Legion has a host of excellent crafters and enchanters in house and continue to welcome people of all professions joining our kingdom. We may be ‘evil’, but barbarians we are not. Whether you wish to apply to join an existing settlement or build your own, we will endeavor to assist you as much as reasonably possible through the process. As mentioned above, our government is still under construction, however our village Senate has been convened and other offices are in the process of being filled. Both the Chief and Senator positions are held by elected officials with a round of nominations followed by a short campaign and of course a universal vote. Elected officials are subject to term limits so that all can have the opportunity to run for office. Join Black Legion today and help bring together an orchestra of death upon the lands of Chaos.