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  1. Last bit of remaining stock updated 11/8/2022 12:30 PM EST
  2. Hey there! I was speaking with them earlier before I had to run for work. I sent all that I had remaining from your list! I'll have an updated screenshot of all that's left tomorrow
  3. Remaining stock updated as of 11/5/2022 11AM EST
  4. Stock updated, current as of 11/4/2022 at 2PM EST
  5. Hey there! I'll send what I have in stock, which I think is everything except for the iron leather knife I do have some steel leather knives if you are interested in that, however
  6. Sorry for the delay, I got them all sent out just now! (Minus a stone chisel I believe, I only had 1 left ) I'll be updating the stock list soon, a lot have already been bought
  7. Been at work all day and taking the kids trick or treating this evening, I’ll get these out to you afterwards!
  8. All sent, thank you! I think there was 1 that had already been bought at the cast you requested, so I sent the next highest I had! I think it was the clay shaper, which isntead of 79 was 77
  9. Hi, everyone! See below for prices and what we have left in stock that's available! You can comment here which you're interested in and your ingame name to CoD to or contact me ingame @Baeowuf 5c each: 20c each Thanks for looking!
  10. +1 I have the same issue with my smelters, but NOT with my forges, strangely enough. The smelters show as not lit on examine