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  1. There was a maintenance restart this morning, but I have not heard of an update nor seen any patch notes. I did notice the launcher updating the data files, though. Weird.
  2. CoD to Baeowuf (note the missing L From my forum name) in game, please! Assuming I win, that is
  3. Repairing wooden fencing while commander of my large cart works if I use a hotkeyed repair. If I try to click the fence and press the '2' quickslot for repair it tells me "You must be on solid ground to do that." Not sure if you are supposed to even be able to repair from large cart or not, but I CAN with a hotket, not with quickslot from targeting fence and I thought you should be able to repair BOTH ways or not at all. To reproduce: Try to repair wooden fence with a plank from atop large cart with hotkey: works. Trying to repair with quickslot '2' from targeting wooden fence: does NOT work receive error "You must be on solid ground to do that." edit: ALSO worth noting that the repeat (R key) function works as well
  4. WTS QL50 plate gauntlet, iron I am located on Cadence, but am willing to CoD! Can reply to forum post, or PM me on forums or ingame (Baeowuf ingame) Thanks!
  5. ~1ql hatchet head, iron CoC42 - 33 copper CoD to Baeowuf (note the difference in my forum name vs ingame name!) please! :)
  6. "[20:42:26] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than thirty minutes."
  7. Bump! Also, added that prices are OBO (or best offer), since they are just taking up space for me. Rather they go to a good home.
  8. Up for sale is a few tools I no longer need: Pickaxe, iron QL13.20 CoC78 Price: 30copper OBO Hatchet, iron QL1.88 CoC81 Price: 37copper OBO Rake, iron QL43.87 CoC64 Price: 20copper OBO grooming brush, oakenwood QL16.60 CoC68 Price: 20copper OBO Also have a mountain lion pelt QL65.87 free to a good home! Thanks for looking!
  9. "Atlantica" (7705, -1576) Mayor is Baeowulf Thanks!
  10. Hello! I just moved back to Xanadu and have just formed my deed: Atlantica. I am located at 7705, -1576 on the community map. I set my deed up and moved here less than a week ago, so my deed is still rather undeveloped, but I would be most interested in alliance chat! PS I used to be a citizen of Amish Estates around a year and a half ago when I was learning the game and still very green. Took a long break, and now I am back and striking out on my own!