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  1. Hey there! I only offer blacksmithing improved items as a free imp to 70QL as that's the only skill I can offer them to 70QL in. The carving knife is weaponsmithing, unfortunately and the grooming brush is carpentry. Also: I don't have a grooming brush listed at that QL or enchant. Can you confirm that was meant to be a grooming brush and not another item?
  2. Ahhhh, this gives me nostalgic vibes of a old RuneScape rune hatchet with the color rune.
  3. I can confirm that the first time purchase bundle in the Wurm Shop (non-Steam) being absent is NOT intended. I believe @Keenanis aware of the issue. Sorry for late response. I rarely active outside of server specific forums
  4. Hey there! @Bryan I have all these ready but I am having an issue: "[11:38:14] Unknown recipient 'Seleen'." Can you verify the name is correct?
  5. I'll take the small axe skin! COD to Baeowuf ER - I'll mail you a small axe and you can apply and COD back, I meant
  6. Can confirm that I was referring to the player that said in Freedom (from an alt, that was probably visiting Cadence for the impalong- what I meant by them not contributing) that they were going to cast the rite out of spite for the sole purpose of causing discord. I try to be as helpful as I can in both CA Help and on my business side of things and I could not abide by someone who intended something so malicious as to try and “stir the pot” simply because they could. Sadly, one way or another, it seems to have made matters worse anyway, instead of improving.
  7. If anyone uses this map for a WU server, please PM me. I would be very interested in playing there. (I don’t have time to set up mods, busy with WO mostly, and run my own server at this point in time or I’d do so myself. I don’t know the first thing about mods on WU servers)
  8. you got it, my friend! I’ll start getting these imped up as soon as I get home from work later.
  9. Apologies for the delay! Yesterday was Father's Day and I spent it with family. And then I had to work today, I'll get these out to you shortly! All sent! Gave you the scythe for 50% off since you didn't pick a 4th as part of the buy 3 get 4th free!
  10. I've heard reports that these are not improvable, are you able to confirm on examine? That would very much affect the price and my own interested in this item.