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  1. Will get all these out today for ya'll! Apologies, work has been crazy this week again
  2. Did not have the 52 bucket in stock, so I had Rose cast on a new one and got you a BOTD 65 cast. I'll honor the 52 price for the 65, for the inconvenience, though
  3. Can +1 this as well, constant source of frustration for us on deed, eh, @Berms?
  4. Just be sure to PM Baeowuf, without the l in Baeowulf. That's my SFI character, Baeowuf is my NFI character!
  5. Hello there! We are always accepting those who are looking for a home.
  6. 20kg of your white (for dying lanterns/lamps) COD to Baeowuf, please!
  7. Did not have the 69 in stock, so I sent you the closest replacement I had (68) at a generous discount for the inconvenience
  8. We certainly try! And we welcome you back, of course!
  9. 1 x of your 85QL scythes in the iron flavor to Baeowuf, please!
  10. Will get one ordered from Pantha right away! And get Rose casting on it