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  1. I will triple check later but I think a few of the ones you mentioned were sold yesterday and stock wasn’t updated in the photos, but I’ll get comparable ones out ASAP! Bear with me, I have quite. A few outstanding orders, hehe. will get this out to you ASAP!
  2. Heyhey! Would you like the free imp to 70QL on the pickaxes and rake?
  3. Just barely missed you ingame, it seems it's missing (may have sold it already) but I'll get another one for you ASAP! EDIT: Sent! It's always good to see you
  4. Hey there! Unfortunately sickles are weaponsmithing and not blacksmithing
  5. -Added FREE section -Added 80's range IN STOCK -Added 90's range IN STOCK All stock current as of 02/11/2023 10PM EST
  6. Could I order a WoA 100+ saddle? CoD to Baeowuf, please
  7. Hey there! What QL would you like the blacksmithing improved tools at? I can offer 60QL at no charge and the prices for 70QL+ are in the original post. I can likely do 50QL on the wooden tools at no charge, but the carving knife is weapon smithing I’m afraid and can only do creation QL at no charge if that’s ok? 😁
  8. Hey there! Absolutely, I'm imping those for you as we speak
  9. Updated current 60 and 70 cast stock Up to date as of: 1/26/2023 7:30PM EST
  10. [18:06:59] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to reach Gerolf in less than ten minutes. Thank you, my friend! Hope to see you back soon