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  1. just been on test server, couldnt figure out how to switch to 3rd person view, any tips?
  2. Keep in mind that player gods are result of pvp and epic which is a completely different cluster and has nothing to do with freedom servers. I have a Vyn atm and wil most likely convert to mag for strongwall, as vyn enchants are really cheap nowdays anyway
  3. nice update, i dont mind removal of player gods it was kinda broken from the start, however will my vyn priest get a free faith transfer?
  4. No im not leaving i just repremd after a year break and spent whole day repairing my stuff Anyway all the tools you mentioned you can have for 7s plus rare forge for 3s. Some items may need to be picked up but i can deliver for a fee
  5. bl and ebonaura is sold you can have the hots
  6. PM me offer what you find interesting, special discounts for bulk purchases,
  7. WTS Silvers-SOLD

    90 silvers left
  8. miss you fran <3

  9. yes this one is, ive got steel one aswell but will not be cheap m8