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  1. WTS Silvers-SOLD

    90 silvers left
  2. miss you fran <3

  3. yes this one is, ive got steel one aswell but will not be cheap m8
  4. Both sold for buyout offer thanks for bids
  5. Sold close

    one with nature
  6. Sold close

  7. Sold close

    set without cap aosp enchants, verified paypal only, pm me offers
  8. Review of Wurm Online

    the game is just gr8
  9. Christmas present

    amazing gift thank you wurm staff and merry christmas to everyone
  10. Priests 2017

    like the scrolls idea +1
  11. bump only 1 BL wagon left, dont miss on this rare opportunity!
  12. dont miss this chance to get your hands of these unique wagons