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  1. Update some pricing to reflect changes in the market - enjoying the orders please keep them coming! If there is something unusual you need, please ask!
  2. If you guys need more eyes i can donate some
  3. WTB Raspberry or Blueberry peg - let me know if you have either! Tia
  4. [21:09:50] The items silently disappear from the spirit house. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Enjoy!
  5. bump! 20 minutes left to get your radioactive carpet!
  6. Under 5 hrs - get it while its glowing
  7. Start bid: 8s Increments: 50c No buy out, No reserve, No private bids. 30 min snipe protection. Winner please post your ingame name so i can mail to you, thanks.
  8. I will take the wool - let me know when is a good time
  9. Update - Bedrolls now available! Sailboat complete, 2 x mining jobs complete, slab order complete! Thankyou for the business!
  10. Just picked up my order - amazing fast service and cheap too - will 100% buy again! Thankyou!