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  1. Any tips for forage/botanising?
  2. AS the title says, looking to buy one! Thanks in advance
  3. Very nice that you came back. i play off and on for a few months than a holiday for a month wich server are you playing? i am on exodus k8 portroyal if you ever want to pay a visite. not sure if you got your old acount back but if you ever need anything just yell most of the skills above 90 i saw australia and thought that cant miss must he the real 1 lol

    Sadly janice and oracle past away a while ago wich launch did you come back?

  4. I can help, lets talk ingame, saturnfive
  5. Usually no limit, but dependent on work load for the impers I can do ships to 60ql, so if no one is doing it, just holla me (Saturnfive) and i will scoot down and do it between imping
  6. Still after one, anyone have one they want to sell?
  7. No way im missing this! Will be there with my main (Saturnfive) and lib priest (Kiwiroo), have a variety of skills so can help where ever needed! Any resources you are low on or need? I can help!
  8. Just being linked works for the journal
  9. Well done for organizing this! Hats off to you
  10. Checked cross over times, looks good, when i get home from work and log in, its 8.30am for you Your more than welcome here and im happy to help you out
  11. Hi there! Whats your time zone/play time guesstimates? Im Aest time and unfortunatley, not many play around those times
  12. As the title says, im after either! Let me know what you have! Thanks in advance