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  1. Sign me up i can cover alot of stations and help out with errands, cant wait looking forward to it! Saturnfive
  2. Cheers mate appreciate it 👍
  3. Sold - cod to Saturnfive thanks mate
  4. I would suggest either cadence or harmony for pve, or defiance for pvp, and join a deed to get back into it and find your feet. Welcome back!
  5. If your desperate I can help, 100 faith 99 chan, don't need for journal thou
  6. If you have a mine nearby I'm happy to shoot over and mine whatever you need
  7. Can do it in about 3hrs from now, at work at the moment
  8. Had an awesome time, was a blast, well done guys! Well be back for the next one thats for sure! Saturnfive/Kiwiroo
  9. Been an absolute pleasure to have played with him, and had him in our alliance, totally fit right in and made himself at home, and was loved by all. Totally and absolutely shocked and gutted at his passing, what a great bloke and so mature for such a young age. Fly free my good friend you will be sorely missed by MANY!