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  1. I have a 100 priest so can help if needed, already done journal, so backup if needed
  2. Just been pointed to this, thanks for making it happen, always loved the impalongs, even attended the very first one many moons ago! More than happy to help where i can PM me here or ingame Saturnfive, Main account is skilled across many skills, and also have a 90+ chan bene priest i can bring
  3. Oh wow ty didn't know this
  4. 1st - can we please add boop to the emotes, plus some new ones. 2nd - can we have the ability to add to team from afar, /addteam playername Thanks.
  5. Wow thats crazy! Id love to meet one
  6. Its been cast, enjoy the 5hr sb Libs finest
  7. Well no responses from anyone? Im going to cast this today - any who needs this for the journal post here or pm me in game (Saturnfive) Will summon to location. Plan to do it in the next few hours
  8. Interesting some states of Australia can enter and some cant, whats the reasons there?
  9. [08:30:29] You sense that Libila is brimming with power. Maybe you can channel it somehow? Its ready
  10. I can help if needed, already have the journal entry, so put me as a backup
  11. Just heard of his recent passing so sad, miss you brother fly free up there champ. You will never be forgotten
  12. Rite of Death

    I can help if needed, already have the journal entry, so happy to help as a last resort