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  1. Just so people are aware, on the description of Adamantine and Glimmersteel, Retrograde lists that tools made of the material will create other items at +10% quality, however, VirusMD lumps this together on his chart as being the same as Brass items, which create at +10% quality themselves, despite the two sets of attributes being written quite differently. Checking the summary chart for other errors might be prudent?
  2. This tool is out of date for the new armour values. I think the confusion comes from the fact that in the patch notes, it states under the metal changes that glimmer/seryll are changing from 10% DR to 5% DR on all servers, but then down below, that change is listed as being part of the Epic server option only, so we're told its happening on freedom, and that it's not happening on freedom.
  3. Actually, 2 days before you made this post, they already tweaked rates.
  4. This guy doesn't do math. Because apparently eating meals for a 10% affinity is better than grinding up 3+ affinities over the course of weeks of heavy usage of a particular skill.
  5. You need to use Lore on the container the food items are in, not the cooker. That means use it on the cauldron, not on the forge (or oven). But as the other person said, the problem here is definitely the water ratio.
  6. I disagree, big fan of the newer textures, think they're a big step forward from the old ones, and look forward to different wood textures as an iteration on that progress.
  7. The harmonica is beautiful. I seriously wish we still had stuff like the raven in game. Vastly prefer the original stuff to Tom's work.
  8. I'm pretty sure "old age" is not no apparent reason.... Everything other than 4.) +1
  9. I agree with Jakerivers, this is a good idea, but could use a little more fleshing out. I particularly like Jake's helpful suggestion that building on the idea more would have it better come across as crops with growth traits and yield or weed resistance traits, instead of assuming silly things like combat rating or movement speed. +1
  10. +1 to a way to quickly duplicate written pages
  11. "Oh, good. Another rare paw. Thanks, mountain lion"
  12. Not to be an ass, and I know people will look down upon this, but I don't believe the statue thieves did anything immoral. This is a pvp server, on a sandbox game, where there is no rule against theft, no rule against stealing enemy monuments, explicit, or implied. When players set up this memorial, they knew that it could be stolen at any point in the future. To think otherwise is either ignorant of the nature of the game mechanics, or wishful for changing epic into a heritage site amusement park. I feel for his friends, and family, and the loss in their lives from not having him around any more, but this sort of witch-hunt and shaming is disrespectful to his memory. Yes, I'm saying it: Shame on YOU, Zenity, for immediately assuming the worst, crying foul, and trying to make people feel horrible, without knowing the whole story. The real lack of respect here was making such outraged accusations without knowing the whole story, thank god our actual courts are more reasonable.
  13. Ah yes, the typical "Wah wah, you added new stuff but you didn't add exactly what I want, you're killing the game!" post. The devs announced saddle bags very recently, of course they're not out yet. Devs, thank you for archaeology, not everything in this game has to be able 'useful items that make me more effective at combat/harvesting/build', the fact that there is so much purely aesthetic, visual fun, 'toy items' gives the game the depth needed to feel like it's so much more than just a bad hack and chop simulator. Also, thank you for taking the time to make sure that animal crates and saddle bags aren't rushed out into some buggy, broken state. Sure, waiting can be frustrating, but we have more than enough stuff to keep us busy, so please keep working hard, but know that getting them immediately isn't the end of the world.
  14. You could have just saved yourself the post and quoted goldfever's October 31'st post. As for damage, the contents of your piles will still take damage in a cave, just, as with cedar, the decay will be slower.
  15. On the server that I am playing on (Mythmoor), my Stills are consuming fuel at nearly 2x the speed they should be. We have a mod? that shows the estimated fuel time remaining, and forges/ovens are burning at the regular speed, but stills are ticking down at almost double. Is anyone else having this issue? My stills are currently (Runes are for 10% reduced fuel) Rare + Runed, Runed, Not runed * 14. All stills are currently burning down at the greatly accelerated rate. Additionally, the fuel reduction rune is not having any effect on the rare still specifically. It is burning fuel just as fast as a regular unruned still.