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  1. Just curious if anyone has heard from the guy doing the harmony community map lately? Not sure if anyone also plays with him on Xanadu. Good to know if perhaps we need someone to take over on it or fill in? RL stuff happens, but he hasn't been logged in at all on the forums in 3 weeks, so might be time to think about another one
  2. Does this mean we're going to get a break from the 'one time offer 49.99c enchanted grass' message that I've seen for a while now? (not that I really care, just after the 20th time in like a week of seeing one-time-offer one just starts to see at as those fake 'everything must go' sales a lot of stores perpetually advertise) I've been in a similar position, albeit mostly in other games, where I've earned ingame currency and used it to pay for my game, and it really did detract considerably from the game for me. I also think that players selling items and accounts for RL currency did far more harm to wurm than it ever did good (to the point that I suspect CCAB lost a ton of potential revenue and just in general made a REALLY bad financial decision allowing it for all the years that they did, but that's a rant that I've made many times before and doesn't really need repeating now that cashing out for RL cash is banned). That was part of what brought me back to the NFI launch: Partly being there for a big launch with new lands and tons of new activity, but more importantly, being free from bought accounts and players selling services for RL cash. So, from the start I decided, I'm not going to focus on trying to make money, I'm not going to worry about getting skills super high, and I'm not going to worry about being real competitive, especially with the people able to spend long hours on the game. Admittedly, it has been difficult. I sat on star sapphires when someone was spamming trade chat wanting to buy them for like 4s each, I've had supremes and rares since a few weeks into the game that I havent really decided to sell almost any of them until recently, mostly out of need for silver. I'm the sort of person who likes making a lot of money, who is quite competitive, and who likes getting high skills, but overall, I think I made the right decision, even if my RL money situation is pretty darn bad. I'm able to focus 100% of my time on skilling up to build my deed, on making stuff for myself to use, and for the past few weeks, on stockpiling resources and materials for my mega bridge project, without having to worry at all about filling orders or whatever. It has made my gameplay experience better for sure, and I suspect it will for you, too. Though... I don't think focusing on making money above other parts of the game is really greed is it? Oh well.
  3. Will drop the forge off tonight, thanks! Edit: Done and sold, thanks!
  4. [18:12:24] The items silently disappear from the spirit house. You expect them to arrive in less than an hour. Tyvm
  5. Ah? Is that right, I thought all wood stuff came out as last plank type, thanks for the heads up, will test and edit post! Edit: Finished it with a plank, fruit press came out as Oakenwood, and sold
  6. WTA Rare Fruit Press [16:34:33] You see a fruit press under construction. Ql: 11.6974, Dam: 0.0. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. The fruit press need 1 plank to be finished. Fruit press available at up to 60ql+ in buyer's desired woodtype (all fruit trees and lumber trees available, archaeology woodtypes not available) via COD OR unfinished for pickup at J12 on Harmony (the imperial palace on community map) Rare Unfinished Forge 4.83ql start bid: 5s increments: 1s buyout 15s sniper protection : 10 mins When bidding, please specify desired woodtype and QL (oak walnut fir pine linden maple cedar birch chestnut olive orange apple cherry lemon).
  7. WTA Supreme rope tool, Oakenwood: [16:28:33] A rope making tool, a small handheld spinning wheel with three large nails. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. It is made from oakenwood. You must use a file to smooth out the rope tool in order to improve it. Supreme Rope Tool, 60.42 QL start bid: 10s reserve: 15s buyout: 25s increments: 1s sniper protection : 10 mins Rope tool will be mailed COD to auction winner
  8. WTA Rare Unfinished Forge: [16:18:04] You see a forge under construction. Ql: 4.83069, Dam: 0.0. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. The forge needs 10 stone bricks, and 6 clay to be finished. Rare Unfinished Forge 4.83ql start bid: 7.5s increments: 50c sniper protection : 10 mins Pickup available at The Imperial Palace J12 on Harmony, green star on this map: Delivery may be possible depending on location for negotiable price
  9. How is the fact that it's 2020 relevant? 2020 seems to be a pretty awful year in all regards so far, at least in the west. Also, because it's a dead horse that's worth beating endlessly: No munster. Skill decay was awful. Nothing would kill Wurm faster (well, I suppose server/character wipes would, but let's ignore that for now) than bringing back skill decay.
  10. We're quickly running out of aggro creatures: Max Average Current Aggressive Creatures count: 12 k creatures 9858 creatures 5409 creatures Total Creatures count: 42 k creatures 38 k creatures 34 k creatures I haven't checked every single server, but this problem seems to be unique to harmony, which is the really weird part. Cadence, Melody, Defiance, Celebration, and Independence are all respawning creatures properly. To put into perspective, Melody, a map 1/4 the area of harmony, has 1/2 the deeds of Harmony (double the deed density in count/area), but has even more total aggressive creatures than Harmony right now.
  11. Sounds like SOMEONE needs a longer shovel. I voted for ground and cart, but honestly I'd be 100% content with just level to ground.
  12. I don't know, maybe I'm the weird one here, call me crazy if you like, but somehow, I'm not the least bit interested in hearing about map-wide drama broadcast from those who would rather just tell everyone their side of the story, instead of settling things the appropriate way: Between those concerned, and a GM if need be.
  13. God knows when they thought Rite of Death was limited to...
  14. This doesn't fix the issue of still having to drag 10+ times from a bulk container to fill a container like a smelter or wagon +1 for mass transferring from bulk storage to containers/inventories