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  1. Great job! But ummm, this is the wrong map. I'm not sure how difficult it would be to swap it, but this is the correct one: (from
  2. Eating a food doesn't necessarily mean that you're able to extract nutrients from it. Chickens, just like dogs and humans don't have a sufficient digestive tract to obtain meaningful quantities of nutrients from grasses the way that creatures like cows, sheep, and horses can.
  3. I'm really looking forward to coming, this should be fun
  4. Well ackchyually, some grazers are omnivores, not herbivores! I'm looking at you, hellhorse. Great to see the new map dumps though, and really looking forward to the combat update, thanks! Also not-so-secretly glad to see people can't feed chickens and pheasants grass anymore (and tortoises I guess...)
  5. This is really impressive, you've done a great job so far. Being a fellow resident of the Great Britain of Harmony, it is both interesting and a little sad, to see so many neighbours who have come and gone.
  6. Quick service, and enchants turned out higher than I expected at no extra price, very impressed and pleased, thank you very much! Will definitely contact again with future enchanting needs
  7. Sold, please close, thanks! 14 sleep powder together as bundle for 22s (1.57s~ each, approx) Free delivery available to: Heartland, Harmony Bay, Sonata, Encore Your deed anywhere on Harmony or Cadence (You will invite my alt, I'll suicide to your village and make the trade at the token)
  8. What do you mean merchants don't want to wait 2 weeks to get a crafted good back when they a) accidentally send it to the wrong person due to very similar names b) send it to someone who changed maps for a moment, and just never noticed that it arrived on the other map c) send it to someone who suddenly quit playing I do really miss eve-online's contract window. When you created a contract for another player, it has a confirmation window with what's being offered, how much the total price is, who it is to, and more. Just makes things a lot more informational for the seller/buyer, in a game that explicitly allows theft.
  9. Very friendly, careful to explain things and help me find enchanters for my order, and quick, thank you very much Pantha
  10. Even more importantly (I think), there should be a confirmation of WHO you're sending the mail to. If you're sending mail COD, you type in the name, then when you go to the next page, you don't see the name anymore. This would be good too though, definitely.
  11. Very similar frustration I have: On PvE if you try to logout in a bed, on deed, you have a 5 minute timer if you recently got attacked, meaning that if I'm trying to log off and go to bed (IRL) and get bit by a hellhorse off my cart, or anything similar, I now have to wait at the computer for 5 minutes for my character to log off, before I can shut down. Why not make logoffs instant on deed in PvE, if say you're using a bed?
  12. I'd love this feature, though part of me questions if having it ingame is the right place for it. I mean that'd certainly help newer players, but for anyone concerned about immersion, it might be better off tucked somewhere similar to the MRTG files. My biggest concern, and this isn't really a reason not to do it, is that at least here on harmony, there are still a LOT of inactive deeds, so I'm not sure too well about on other servers, but at least here it wouldn't really be showing you too well about where others are playing, but perhaps, where there is more or less likely to be room to drop your deed.
  13. A lot of deeds just had huge piles of taxidermied champs/uniques, which putting aside magic and other fantasy elements in the game, I think really detracted from any sense of immersion, and just looked kinda ridiculous. Obviously not everyone shares that opinion, but I thought it took away a lot more than it added.
  14. I think these are great ideas, though preferably as long as we can avoid the taxidermied creature silliness that hit WU where deeds all over the place were piled with preserved champion creatures... +1