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  1. Congrats, awesome job! I wondered if anyone else would ever be bridging this body, with how deep it gets in some places (250+ slopes deep, at least up further north, took me a hecking lot of dirt for mine lol). What's the total length on it? 950? Hope I get the chance to come over it at some point.
  2. If I can make a suggestion, just until there's a good remedy for this, either bring some shafts and small nails, roundpole fences take VERY little mats (like 4 shafts and 1 small nail) each. Creating a 2x2 pen with a gate would create a safe place for people to unhitch and lead their horses bring the horse that you want to ride, unhitched, and lead it,so you can avoid having to unhitch your animals from your cart Hopefully we'll get a quick fix though
  3. It's a humbling experience, getting to see the magic of wurm concept art taking shape. I'm really looking forward to the updated hellhound model! This is a joke. Really weird/interesting what AI is learning to do though!
  4. +1, if for no other reason than embellishing a rare piece of armour with additional minor features seems to me like it is the same item, but just with a little added. Consistency between tools/weapons/armour in this regard would be nice.
  5. -1 Fixing bugs helps to ensure an enjoyable and reliable gameplay experience, while adding new content gives players things to look forward to, to try new things with, and helps show that the game is still actively evolving and growing. Both are very important to the longevity and health of the game, and neither is mutually exclusive. It's a bit strange to believe that the devs aren't also working on fixing bugs, particularly a number of the new ones that cropped up. As players, it's our job to help the devs out in this regard, by reporting bugs in a constructive manner in the appropriate sections of the forums, so that the devs can see and better keep track of them, and appropriately prioritize their efforts. contains the relevant bug reporting areas
  6. -1 I'm not personally a fan of this suggestion, because for me, games like Wurm are an opportunity to escape reality, and be someone or something else. I understand that for some people, they like to treat their character as much as possible as a representation of themselves in the game world, but for me, this detracts from the immersive elements, whether it's Wurm, or any other MMO. That said, I fully support androgynous character model options, because while I think a game like Wurm is best as one that we can escape from reality and much of the pressures and craziness that the outside world might be bearing down on us with, it is probably a good idea for games with distinctly human-looking characters to have character design choices that normalize the fact that not everyone appears distinctly male or distinctly female, but rather that there are many shades between those two ends of a spectrum. I do think though that it is worth having conversations about how people assume genders when they refer to others in chat, and the way this can make people feel uncomfortable or marginalized. I personally don't care what I get referred to (I get both he and she regularly, as I play games with both male and female-associated names), but for many others, this aspect of their personal identity is important to them, and should be something we are considerate of when we choose our words.
  7. Grass bug

    Nope, farming. Cut grass tiles are a farm tile
  8. That's great to hear, we just need screenshots at some point
  9. Between (978,1746) and (978,1739) is the Drumstick Lake Bridge when you get a chance please
  10. Are wagoners really replacing people's jobs though? I mean I get the idea that there is potentially money to be made transporting goods, but I'm not aware of people offering it as a service for long, if at all. I'm not referring to the whole 'x price, or y price with delivery', because they're not losing any jobs here, but rather, people doing a delivery service. I don't know, maybe third party shipping is handled privately, I just don't really ever see it advertised and thus being replaced.
  11. curious how this played out, any progress pictures?
  12. Maybe a smaller, dog-size friendly branding iron, so people don't have to stick rover with a big huge cow brand
  13. I'm working on some pages for the new content, not sure who else is, but we haven't been provided much new information beyond the patch notes, so it's going to take a bit.
  14. I wish that we could get a swap, path of love gets genesis on a relatively short cooldown (maybe an hour?), and Fo gets the enchant tile as a spell with a fairly lengthy cooldown. Fo would stay very useful for breeders, and have a skill that would be desirable for trade. Blacklight kingdom would have access to genesis and not be gimped in that regard And, having a fo priest would no longer be practically mandatory for breeding, as long as people were willing to go path of love.
  15. Is this service still being offered? I'm interested in getting in touch about a few of your three for a silver enchant tools - scissors, grooming brush and such, thanks