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  1. Agreed, will need to see pics and video of Night Blood City West an World Market
  2. Cap tower QL to 50 on starter islands
  3. Because it’ll be for the “benefit of your group and not mine”
  4. Tar and feather is in order
  5. I think it’s a little late for a whole new suggestion thread. This thread could have been 50 different suggestion threads already. Are towers still bashable with the capping system? I don’t see why it wouldnt hurt to have both options available. Not sure bashing was an option before when tower capping was used, that pre-dates me.
  6. I was wondering the same. What is the correct order of operations for faith swapping without having to create a support ticket?
  7. I guess getting kicked out of a group means everyone else are traitors.
  8. PVP isn't this black-and-white concept that can be "fixed" with a brush stroke. You have to define what needs fixing, and what's broken. The fight you referenced isn't due to broken mechanics. We had a guard tower, we had water, we had a boat to get low ppl out safely, and we still lost players. You should have ran away when we brought the boat out. You had guys running without shields, spears, some horses were non barded, etc. The devs can't fix human choices and dictate how people should play pvp. If the devs "do something" today, it will be else something tomorrow.
  9. Most of the suggestions now are outside the scope of the thread. Let’s get back on topic fellow wurmians. mild suggestion for starters: 1)No chest spawns 2) no HOTA spawns in the non-PMK zone as the zone could be considered an extension of starter
  10. But but but have you seen the player graphs? -Unknown
  11. boring for you yes, for others maybe not?