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  1. +1 I would pay extra to do it all on one toon and I have multiple priests as well. Logging on alts is a little annoying and can tank computer performance.
  2. It would help because currently there is no incentive. I’m not a priest and I don’t have crazy stats but I’d probably go PoK if it was offered as a legitimate option on Defiance
  3. The portal system on Freedom makes it nice to seamlessly switch between PVE and PVP but there seems to be a misconception among many Freedom players. I understand people play the game for different reasons. If you play to make silver then Defiance probably isn't for you since there is virtually no economy. However most of the Freedom players I've spoken to feel that they'll die the instant they go through a PVP portal which isn't the case on Defiance. Due to raid windows, Defiance isn't as cut throat as Chaos or Epic. Which I think a lot of people are basing their misconceptions on. I think a 25% minimum passive skill/stat gain increase on Defiance would encourage more people from PVE to dabble a little bit on Defiance. There also isn't isn't much incentive to go Path of Knowledge due to the meditation level cap on Defiance. The skill bonus doesn't necessarily have run 24/7 but maybe it could run on weekends or something to entice folks who don't want to grind up meditation on Freedom. This would also help narrow the skill gap and potentially pave the way for a possible server transfers or merger. If people wanted to switch around from Defiance to Chaos or Epic to Defiance, etc. What are your guys thoughts?
  4. Fatigue kind of punishes new players like me who want to no life the game for a bit.