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  1. Bump. Don’t know if others will chime in but I think a good middle ground for both sides would be something like every 90 days for a map dump. The people that want map dumps will still get them and the people that don’t want them will have plenty of time to fortify a deed or decide if Defiance for them.
  2. I don’t think people would go back to Chaos because there are new players that would have to compete against older accounts. I joined NFI with the steam launch and have no incentive to play SFI . PMKs on defiance would be a “fresh start” in a way and bring back players that want to do their own thing. The meditation paths would probably have to be a separate discussion
  3. So you want all meditation paths fully unlocked or just POK? I think we have to be careful from becoming Chaos 2.0. If all meditation paths are filly unlocked, there most likely will be chirping on the forums of having champions next. "We already have PMKs and full meditation paths, just add champions wurm staff!"
  4. I was trying to avoid bringing up the current PVP state of Defiance as it will it undoubtedly derail this discussion which brings up the next point: I think most Defiance players would agree to doing a map dump except for a loud and vocal minority, which consists of players who don't play on Defiance, or who are in very small groups that are probably biting off more than they can chew, and SHOULD be taking advantage of the added starter island security. It would also give new players a general idea of areas to avoid if they know there is/was some large deed there.
  5. I believe the starter islands were intended for the people trying to hide and live a peaceful life. do you play on defiance?
  6. +1 -- Cant speak for Chaos, but 30 days is plenty of time to build and secure a deed on defiance. Plus players have the added security of building on the starter islands.
  7. +1 as long as there's no champs and ONLY Path of Knowledge lvl 11 meditation path so we don't have to go to freedom to grind skills
  8. This thread has officially been hijacked by Tomatoes and Drakya /locked ps: remember the Pearl
  9. Special appearance by Niki
  10. A wise man once said, “Keep the Country Country”. With that said we need to keep Chaos Chaos. -1
  11. A wise man once said, “Keep the country country”. With that said we need to keep Chaos Chaos. -1
  12. You can’t even do this on defiance otherwise williamwierd would have done it already. Plus shaker orbs drop on death +1
  13. A wise man once said, “Keep the country country”. With that said we need to keep Chaos Chaos. -1