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  1. Slaying of the FOREST GIANT With an almost sad look upon its face, this filthy giant might be mistaken for a harmless huge baby. Location: It is Located around the Blue Circle i18 area of Melody. Yellow is highway, Route to Vynora's Vinyard then follow the slate around 20 tiles north. Purple is a direct, traversable route but no path. It is a very simple Public Slaying with no fuss.... NO Rules, Everyone welcome. Lets try and play fair and be a friendly community for one night only
  2. If you read the situation, he was second there and NOT the finder. The FINDER sold the dragon! that's not the problem of the buyer lol they didn't pull the dragon from anyone, they brought the dragon, making it theirs to do what they want with... I am not even in the group so only going off the situation, he was NOT entitled to be there, so why be so salty? My problem is when it comes to Private slayings I don't think people truly understand the effort that goes into it... What Stanley has quoted above is no secret and I would always tell people all of the above when asked. That being said I have spent over 40hrs in the last 2 weeks alone, looking for a unique. Its not a case that they just find us without us even leaving deed. Not only that, when any humanoid is found, Public slayings are organised and take time and effort. I am not saying the mechanics of how scale/drake works is not skewed, but with the way it currently works you are NEVER going to stop private slayings. Even people who have never killed a Unique are capable of penning and/are killing within an alliance and always will. On the flip... I am also one trying to help with the rites and organising and trying to sync for the wider community and ALWAYS facilitate anyone wanting it for the Journal. This has no bearing on me as I spend most of my time on PvP getting SB for Depot/Chests/Mobs yet I still try to help and co-ordinate as people seem to message me whenever they see they are ready, of course I also want to try and maximise the SB available to me.. Is that selfish? bully like attitude? Greedy? or is it just a case of people don't always understand and your never going to please everyone in a community driven game!
  3. Go out and put in the 100s of hours that he has into hunting unique and then maybe you can lock them down for yourself, or make them all Public... your choice... Don't get salty, be grateful you got an invite at all as you was not entitled to one!
  4. If you want to steel things we have a PvP server waiting for you to join. Come steel anything and everything and instead of steeling from people that are not there.... Come kill people for their things! Leave PvE for the people who don't want there things stolen!
  5. Can you COD to pnutp thanks