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  1. Good Morning, Unfortunately, I don't still have that, but I have sent you a 89QL with 91BoTD at the same price. If you wish for the lower QL please let me know and I will sort that Thanks
  2. @DarklordsIt appears we still cant pass 9 on defiance?
  3. Hopefully we might see you there wait..... Thank you for giving us what everyone else already has.... nice patch long overdue
  4. Thanks, COD to Pnut please
  5. I like the idea of small changes rather than committing to anything un-reversible. It would have been nice to be able to keep a little perk for PvP, but I guess you should have to give up something to get a different bonus in some respects. I do however agree some attention needs to be given to free swaps for major changes.
  6. I really do not see a negative to this option... seems like the most easiest solution with no negative impact
  7. close please

  8. Thanks for the update, Even if not a full rework can we just at least get the POK for all level 11. That way we don't need to do all of our grinding on freedom Look forward to further news Grats on the promotion
  9. Can we please at least get an update on where we sit for POK on defiance, it must be over a year since it was last acknowledged. We just want to be able to skill on the server we want to play on Happy Birthday NFI
  10. Melody gone down!

    Back up, Thanks
  11. Melody server just gone caput... please can someone feed the meter... thanks :D