To allow for easier spread and ensure players of all time zones can attend one, the Melody rift will be delayed by 12 hours


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  1. Public Sermon Group

    Did we find Out if this was still active?
  2. Auction for a Tome of Incineration Become know as the 'Incinerator' I am Located on Melody and willing to meet. Start Bid: 25s Increments: 1s Sniper Protection: 1 Hour Any Questions please message Pnut in game.
  3. what's the map location of the rift?
  4. Slaying of the White Woodscrap ..........................Unique............................ Come Along for the Public Slaying of the Unique and sort after creature.... The Woodscrap Elwoode himself found the lurking unique creature with a big supported belief ALL slayings should be made public for the community to enjoy LOCATION: Turn left out of overture and there is a road leading to the location.... looking forward to seeing you all there
  5. Pnuts Palace: 933, 878
  6. hi, is this still running and joinable?
  7. Thanks Reverent, Congrats!
  8. Welcome To the Nutty Sawdust Carpentry Market Place. We offer the very best in Carpentry and Fine Carpentry Items. We are located on Melody with the main deed at J15/16 with connection to the main Overture highway. We also have an alternative harbour deed at K12. We are a very friendly service that are always happy to offer help and advice where possible. Please see a list of some of the things we can offer and the prices, other items available on request, please don’t hesitate to contact PNUT in game. I am pleased to announce we now offer a range of pre casted BOTD tools of various enchants! BOTD is a combination of both CoC + WoA in 1 cast, increase the skill gain and usage speed. Please see below for available items. Carpentry Tools: Grooming brush, Mallet, Spindal, Spatual, Clay Sharper: 50QL – 40c 60QL – 60c 70QL – 75c Carpentry Items: Large Crate – 30c Small Crate – 15c Creature Cage – 80c Large Storage Unit – 1.5s Range Pole – (50QL - 40c), (60QL - 60c), (70QL - 80c) Fine Carpentry Items: Wagon – 3.5s Bulk Container Unit – 1.8s Beehive Empty – (50QL - 40c), (60QL - 60c), (70QL - 80c) Active Beehive – 4s Chicken Coop – 1.5s Larder – 1.5s Bed – 75c Wardrobe – 75c Spinning Wheel – 60c Other Items: Sleep Powder – 2s (Bulk Discount - 1.8s) Kyklops Blood - 3s Pre Casted BOTD items: Carving Knife, Iron (12QL) - BOTD 38 - 35c - SOLD file, Iron (20QL) - BOTD 34 - 30c file, Iron (8QL) - BOTD 38 - 40c Hammer, Iron (20QL) - BOTD 32 - 30c - SOLD Hatchet, Iron (23QL) - BOTD 34 - 35c Hatchet, Iron (7QL) - BOTD 42 - 45c Hatchet Head, Iron (2QL) - BOTD 53 - 70c - SOLD Mallet, Oakenwood (38QL) - BOTD 36 - 40c Mallet, Oakenwood (42QL) - BOTD 38 - 40c Mallet, Oakenwood (47QL) - BOTD 42 - 50c Mallet, Oakenwood (47QL) - BOTD 48 - 50c Mallet, Oakenwood (46QL) - BOTD 48 - 50c Mallet, Oakenwood (45QL) - BOTD 55 - 70c Mallet, Orangewood (36QL) - BOTD 23 - 25c Mallet, Orangewood (36QL) - BOTD 37 - 40c Pickaxe head, Iron (1QL) - BOTD 35 - 40c Pickaxe head, Iron (1QL) - BOTD 58 - 75c Saw, Iron (10QL) - BOTD 43 - 45c - SOLD Shovel, Iron (29QL) - BOTD 28 - 30c Sickle, Iron (25) - BOTD 37 - 40c - SOLD Small Anvil, Iron (8QL) - BOTD 51 - 65c
  9. Auction for a Tome of Incineration Become know as the 'Incinerator' This is for 1 cast of the tome and ONLY 1 CAST. I am Located on Melody and willing to meet. Start Bid: 30s Increments: 1s Sniper Protection: 1 Hour I will require the winning bidder to confirm in the Auction post that they understand this is for only 1 cast of the tome and that it will be used on collection and returned. This is for my own protection and to ensure the buyer understands the sale. I am Located on Melody and willing to negotiate a meet. Any Questions please message Pnut in game, willing to accept offers for the second cast, however this auction will run its course with NO BUYOUT.
  10. Slaying of the Kyklops ..........................Unique............................ Rewards: 'Giantslayer' title + Kyklops Blood. Mixing Kyklops blood with source salt will create a potion of leatherworking. The beast is currently penned and awaiting the community assistance (PICTURE) The location is easily accessible to all. I have set the date to give 2 unique slayings on Melody within one day. I have scheduled the event later than the dragon slaying to space them out and try and facilitate more people. Please click HERE to see link for the earlier dragon slaying. LOCATION: Pnuts Palace is available on the highway from overture. The location is just before that, in the dessert to the west of the highway. Massive thanks to Arno, Sherrif + Nyest for the help. Hope to see you all there for a fun filled day of slaying. Pnut Co-hosting - Arno