To allow for easier spread and ensure players of all time zones can attend one, the Melody rift will be delayed by 12 hours


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  1. The final event at NFC Halloween Impalong ! Thank you Vooch for the amazing Imaplong, truly looking forward to next year! Sun
  2. I will attend with my Vynora priest - Sundance 100 faith, 89 channeling (probably higher by then) I can also donate 99ql wemp, archaeology statues and masks, and I have a few rare tools and weapons with nice casts on them If there is something you are low on let me know I may have it laying around collecting dust Sun
  3. I will pay .40c for the .01 drake hide Please COD to Velvetsun if that works for you
  4. I had three passengers in my cart and all three learned to fly the hard way This time I clicked on the tile beside my cart to disembark, and it was not inside the pen I normally park in.
  5. Server - Deliverance Deed - Stone Roses Where does the passenger embark? From the ground, from a higher level floor? From a hill? - Passenger right clicks on the cart/wagon that is on ground level and chooses disembark
  6. I get this when trying to drink from a large barrel on my deed using a character that is not a member of my deed. [18:06:02] That would be very bad for your karma and is disallowed on this server. Before this update she was able to. If I open the barrel and drink that way I still can, it's just clicking on the closed barrel that won't let me do it.
  7. What size is your penned area? * Pen is 4 E/W x 3 N/S Is the gate on the east, west, south or north? * One gate on the south side, one gate on the west side, 3 gates in the middle dividing the pen in half. When you go into the fenced area, which direction are you going? Eastward, westward, northward, southward? * Heading northward through the south side gate. Does the passenger have pass gates permission? * Yes they do. Is there a tree or bush in the pen? * No tree or shrub inside the pen, it's all enchanted grass. (There are other carts and wagons parked along the eastern side of the pen, a total of 7 horses normally inside the whole pen area, 4 on the east side with carts and wagons, 3 on the west, a chicken coop, a fsb and a hitching post on the west side.) *Note it also happens when my passenger dismounts inside my building but the passenger is thrown up 3 floors and gets 30+ damage
  8. Every time I disembark from my cart as a passenger I am thrown up in the air and crash to the ground receiving 27 damage. I know this bug has been reported for years now, can't this PLEASE be one you fix now ? Details - Travelling in the cart for a period of time (not tested to see how much time has to have passed), arrive home and park the cart in my lil fenced in area, disembark the character riding as a passenger (not always the same character but always the passenger) and it is thrown up in the air rather high and then it falls back down crashing in to the ground. Sun
  9. [19:28:23] <Niruk> would you guys recommend mauls as a weapon? [19:29:50] <Acelynn> It'll win you most fights, but you can't win em'aul
  10. Hey hun May I order a small barrel of purple @ R=74, G=8, B=223 or as close as possible to it. COD to me Thank You Sun Perfect just what I wanted thank you again hun Sun
  11. Yes on Deli as well, seems someone passed out kool-aid to all the guards on duty O.O