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  1. 100 Restoration Title

    [17:46:57] Restoration increased by 0.000008 to 100.000000 Title - Ancient Fraggle
  2. You have a moment of inspiration...

    This was one of my You have a moment of inspiration...
  3. Archaeology bug on flat sand tiles

  4. Patch Notes 22/NOV/18

    I can smell the cedar hedges now, always hated them in real life nasty smell !
  5. All the rainbows at Rainbow Bridge!

    What do you think about making each building out of a different material make the village a lil display place?
  6. All the rainbows at Rainbow Bridge!

    The colours on those pictures are not the true colours, and with the rainbow lights on that bridge the marble with show them off much nicer.
  7. Uniques Overhaul

    I just hope they tweak how the spawns work so it's less greed and drama. It use to be fun, not so much now *Happy trails to you, till we meet again* <by Dale Evans & Roy Rogers>
  8. The Screenshots Thread

    New cart colours Left to right Grapewood, Camelliawood, Oleanderwood, Blueberrywood, Lavenderwood, Lingonberrywood, Raspberrywood, Rosewood.
  9. I have completed this goal and have not gotten credit, I even finished a mission and that did not trigger it.
  10. The Screenshots Thread

    Oleander Gold Bone
  11. Patch Notes 04/OCT/18

    [10:27:05] You cannot put the small Starlight Haven token there, that would mean too many items on the empty low bookshelf. More, we need more items allowed per bookshelf it allows eleven items, there are six shelves so if we could place at least three per shelf that would work
  12. Patch Notes 04/OCT/18

    I learned something not to do again If you have two started rare groups of a statue and you decide to add them together to get one finished rare statue and still have a group of unfinished rare pieces left, don't do it. One loses it's rarity luckily for me it was the unfinished group not the finished statue If I had only waited to find one more piece I would still have two rare statues *looks around lol what?
  13. Patch Notes 04/OCT/18

    Now we need some decorative shelves to display them on