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  1. Some days you just feel a lil unbalanced.
  2. Theonis you really do need to just let this all go. What kind of person takes a personal opinion of someone and personal issue with them and posts it in public this way? I don't think you are getting the desired affect you are trying to go for, all you are doing is showing your true personality and it is not a good one. Move on.
  3. Lag

    Although the java trick worked to lesson the lag the issue is still here, and if I play both my chars its painful and frustrating. Thank you for addressing the crashing on game start, hoping you get the lag and crash issues, a very large portion of us are having and have been since you did the big update to fix the lag issue.
  4. Theonis we actually "were" talking about you joining us again ........... Sadly you just posted Quasi's side of that whole thing which is anything but the whole truth.
  5. Stone Roses is not exactly where it shows on your map Also Pappas brewery is gone
  6. I finished making the wine required to get the Achievement, all 5000 liters, I actually made 5130 liters and did not receive the achievement
  7. Lag

    I too am having crazy weird lag since the last huge update to fix the lag. This is painful, I play two chars normally, if I play one it lags and actions happen slowly, dragging something from one spot to another it freezes and the item is dropped in the wrong place, but if I play two it is crazy slow on both of them so bad I am giving up trying to use two A friend shared this link with me, I did it and my lag is minimal now
  8. I am LOVING these new skills and having so much fun doing it Thank you for adding these skills Here comes the "but" BUT the special items we are being able to make are turning out to be low quality and not improvable It would be REALLY COOL if we were able to improve the masks and statues. Pretty please with whipped cream, chocolate and a cherry on top. All I want for Christmas is improvable masks and statues
  9. [10:03:09] <Wagoner Stone roses delivery> Don't talk to me until I've had my... I don't know. Would look nicer as - Wagoner Stone Roses Delivery
  10. It's a great deed and location sailed past it many times.
  11. I am working on making my 5000 liters of wine for my personal goals and I was using large and small amphoras to mix it in. So I measured out 112 grape juice and 112 syrup moved them to 2 large amphoras to mix and when I mixed them I got only 112, that can't be right, I asked about it and was told that's the way it was so I used up all I had not happy about it but if it is the way it is nothing to be done about it. Then I mixed the last little bit I had in small wine barrels and when I use smaller amounts 10 to 10 it makes 20. This means I wasted a LOT of juice and syrup, that's not cool. I ended up with 800 liters when I should of had 1600.
  12. Retrograde pie MR Whippy's dessert To Velvetsun in game please Thank you
  13. I'm not sure if this is a known bug, my wooden mine door doesn't cover the mine opening, it looks like a paved tile instead.
  14. +1 I completely agree
  15. [13:08:47] You successfully identify the fragment as a beer stein fragment [1/4]. *Cheers