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  1. Hey hun May I order a small barrel of purple @ R=74, G=8, B=223 or as close as possible to it. COD to me Thank You Sun Perfect just what I wanted thank you again hun Sun
  2. Yes on Deli as well, seems someone passed out kool-aid to all the guards on duty O.O
  3. [10:02:27] <Velvetsun> Ahoy o/ [10:02:32] <Pepejot> o/ Note time - 3:00 minutes later he is still in my local [10:05:53] <Velvetsun> Are you following me? [10:06:06] <Velvetsun> You a stalker? [10:06:12] <Pepejot> no [10:06:30] <Pepejot> pleeease give me your number [10:06:38] <Velvetsun> [10:06:43] <Velvetsun> lol [10:07:00] <Pepejot> just IP and password to wurm ;D [10:07:08] <Velvetsun> ;)~
  4. Exactly what I ordered Thanks bud All statues done *Peace
  5. [18:44:21] You smile at the Innocents Sanctum. Shrine at 212, 1688 and remove Wave Crest there it disbanned.
  6. Hey hun please cod me two barrels of the black 1.1.1 Thank you Sun And received Thank you so much Speedy service
  7. @MalenaWill you be taking more pictures on more servers ? Deliverance has lots of amazing places to see as well, and I would LOVE to show off my deed and all the work I put in to it @CreZI am sure that if Malena happens to take a picture of a deed that the owner does not want added to her list of amazing pictures a simple request to have it removed is all it would take. Malena is one of the most understanding, caring players I have ever had the pleasure to meet and chat with and I know she would go out of her way to make sure the deed owner's wishes were always acted upon. Peace n
  8. Done please remove me from list
  9. If the watcher leaves the area where the shield is and then returns to that area the shield goes back to looking like the shield without the skin.
  10. [21:54:09] <Quasiwud> i dont want to change the area.... Quote of the year!
  11. [19:05:18] <Varusime> (Ind) ... this is like RuneScape on the most illegal and strongest of sterioids, and i'm liking it a lot so far
  12. This page needs to have a link to it on the farming page