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  1. Hey guys We need to order 400 more concrete Hoping this is the last of it we will need Sun
  2. Actually it does affect a lot of us players, you may not be one of them and that is your right, this was not meant to cause a great debate, it was just a request so that the players who it does affect and care about it got the truth straight from our Game Master. I believe it also lets other know if they are doing it or try doing it, it will not be tolerated. Peace and Love all
  3. Thank you for letting us know Pandalet Sun
  4. I am not sure if this is the place to post this but a lot of us players are interested in getting more information about these latest bans We are hoping Enki will address this in an official form. The word is out and the whispering is going on, so we would rather hear from you Enki. We are hearing that players have been banned for using a cheat to locate Uniques. Plain and simple, is this true? Sun
  5. The bridges could be playing in to it happening to me as well, I have to cross over three bridges that are 10+ tiles long and higher in the air above ravines
  6. Hey guys Blazecraze and I would like to order another 300 concrete for our project Thank you Sun
  7. Shall we keep bumping this post until someone takes a look at this destructive bug, the original post date is Posted May 7, 2017 I think four years is long enough for a bug to go unchecked don't you? Just sayin' Sun
  8. A HUGE THANK YOU to all of you for getting involved and helping out THANK YOU bawat for looking in to fixing this issue Sun
  9. I had something like this happen to my favorite horse, his name was Max and he was an old 5 speed, so not replaceable at all We are building an extension to my boat tunnel and when I signed off for the night my cart and horses were left parked in the tunnel no where near the lava tiles we had created above I was parked about 100 tiles away from the lava tiles When I signed in Max was gone and I thought it was just the glitch that makes them not be seen inside a mine but when I jumped on the cart it was going much slower so I knew Max was no longer attached to my cart, when I got above ground I found his corpse laying beside the lava tile This should never have caused his death because he was parked much deeper in the tunnel then the lava tile is *There has to be a way to correct the fact that horses pop up to the surface and appear no longer hitched to carts/wagons, I believe this bug is the real cause of all these horses being killed Sun
  10. New Highway From here,1480 to here,1384 to here,1352 to here,1330 to here,1328 Jogs north a little to here,1323 to join up to this road,1324