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  1. Patch Notes 04/OCT/18

    [10:27:05] You cannot put the small Starlight Haven token there, that would mean too many items on the empty low bookshelf. More, we need more items allowed per bookshelf it allows eleven items, there are six shelves so if we could place at least three per shelf that would work
  2. Patch Notes 04/OCT/18

    I learned something not to do again If you have two started rare groups of a statue and you decide to add them together to get one finished rare statue and still have a group of unfinished rare pieces left, don't do it. One loses it's rarity luckily for me it was the unfinished group not the finished statue If I had only waited to find one more piece I would still have two rare statues *looks around lol what?
  3. Patch Notes 04/OCT/18

    Now we need some decorative shelves to display them on
  4. Patch Notes 04/OCT/18

    New statues Sand and marsh tiles need some attention, they do not refresh and most of them are not able to be investigated.
  5. Patch Notes: 20/SEPT/18

    Now we just need to fix the Vynora statue too
  6. Bug fix: Worg statue can now be improved. Awesome !! But the Vynora statue still can not be improved
  7. Archaeology bug on flat sand tiles

    Also seems marsh tiles do not refresh the way they should either
  8. I have found that I am not able to investigate at all on large flat sand tile areas. Always says "The area looks picked clean." So these tiles are not refreshing as they should be. If you would like to check it out there are two large areas behind the Samiling spawn site. It's actually all sand tiles
  9. No more crashing here, Thank you
  10. I keep crashing while travelling around in my cart
  11. The Screenshots Thread

    I like this one
  12. Any rift mobs would be cool
  13. +1 for more statues !!