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  1. What is happening in the tunnels we made is the reinforcements are disappearing on their own, and once that happens then collapses happen in those areas I am sure this is not supposed to be happening :/ Sun
  2. I am not sure if this is intended but any time I make a campfire to cook Kahvesi in my mine when the campfire goes out there is no ash left behind. It's on a 20 slope tile that has been paved with a slate slab Sun
  3. Slate ones are the same they look like stone not slate Sun
  4. So I tried moving the water from one fountain in to a slate fountain not on a water tile and that made the look change to stone too so it's not just the water tile making it look stone it's also when water is in it even off a water tile. Sun
  5. Sun So Daciana and I tested it out and it is only when it is on a water tile that it looks stone, when you move it off that tile it looks slate. Sun
  6. Hey guys I would like to order a small barrel of Dark Purple dye Sun
  7. Awesome work Saroman love the new looks Sun
  8. If that is a fact, then would paving those tiles stop the collapses?
  9. I am having an issue with tiles collapsing in our tunnel All tiles are reinforced, walls and floors Most that collapse are against the walls and one was out in the center So far it has only happened on tiles off deed, but will let you know if any happen on deed If this is something that is supposed to happen then all tunnels are at risk and that doesn't seem right Sun