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  1. Awesome - Date to expect this awesome event - we will be having a Black Friday sale again this year! Like last year, this sale will run from Wednesday through Sunday and will feature 25% off premium and silver prices, with 30% off one-year premium purchases. ?? Sun
  2.,172 Now known as Deliverance Renaissance Festival Market Sun
  3. Awesome Thank you, please COD to Delisun
  4. [15:07:38] You wave at the Monument Of Heaven frantically.,861
  5. 9 Cookbooks coming back to you [23:07:30] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to reach Ajala in less than ten minutes. Thank you this was fun to do and such a great idea Sun
  6. +1 having the same issue :/ Sun
  7. Awesome thank you they may have fixed it since I first tried day one and apple pie did not work Sun
  8. I have done a number of challenging maps as well and never has a hidden mob spawned to attack me Only gotten them from difficult maps. Sun
  9. Random drop chance at Rifts or the small rifts that spawn around the servers maybe as well