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  1. @MalenaWill you be taking more pictures on more servers ? Deliverance has lots of amazing places to see as well, and I would LOVE to show off my deed and all the work I put in to it @CreZI am sure that if Malena happens to take a picture of a deed that the owner does not want added to her list of amazing pictures a simple request to have it removed is all it would take. Malena is one of the most understanding, caring players I have ever had the pleasure to meet and chat with and I know she would go out of her way to make sure the deed owner's wishes were always acted upon. Peace n
  2. Please add my priest Sundance to the list for Rite of Spring - 100 favor. Almost always on discord if you need to contact me - Sun#3280
  3. If the watcher leaves the area where the shield is and then returns to that area the shield goes back to looking like the shield without the skin.
  4. [21:54:09] <Quasiwud> i dont want to change the area.... Quote of the year!
  5. [19:05:18] <Varusime> (Ind) ... this is like RuneScape on the most illegal and strongest of sterioids, and i'm liking it a lot so far
  6. This page needs to have a link to it on the farming page
  7. The point is we paid a lot of money for the items because of how they looked and to change that look on us is not right. I understand it is your PMK design and you own it and can do as you please with it, the problem is all the players who paid money to get a certain look/design, and it is not just a little bit of money, you sell these items for a lot of money and we buy in to your look/design and for you to just randomly change it is not right at all. There should be a way for you to create a second or third design so that the players spending their money on a look/design are not cheated out of what they paid for. The look/design I paid for was badass this new pink look is just bad and yes it is just my opinion but I paid a lot of money to get the badass red and black wagon as well as other items and I now have a fourteen year old little girls pink wagon. I do not see how this can be fair or be allowed by the game staff. The changing of designs should not be allowed and there should be a way for you designers to create more then one design if that is your thing. *Peace n Sun
  8. New titles to be added to wiki [10:37:29] You have just received the title 'Marker' ! (purchase an item with Premium Reward points) [17:17:52] You have just received the title 'Pointer'! (purchase a tome with Premium Reward points)
  9. They are all missing her name on the missions Description: (No name) requires 7 of you to bring and give green common wool hats to old Avatar of (no name) . Old Avatar of (no name) was last seen near Banshee's Village in the northwest regions.
  10. ANYTHING BUT HOT PINK NO !! - 100 for this idea Not happy about it at all
  11. I understand that but this was my way of letting them know how displeasing this choice was.
  12. I am not sure why the colour of this wagon was changed but PLEASE NOT HOT PINK This does not look nice at all I paid a fair amount of money for this because it looked so nice and now it is just ......... bad, I am so unhappy with this change!
  13. I was riding as a passenger in my cart and when I went to disembark it threw me way up in the air and dropped me on the ground causing 32 damage to my arm. I was on my deed. Clicked disembark on the cart. And got this - [16:24:02] You leave the "Yesterday's Wine - Archaeology". [16:24:03] Ouch! That hurt!