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  1. New boat tunnel in southeast Deliverance

    Nice job Yaga and friends
  2. The Screenshots Thread

    Looks funny to see fences that were on buildings that decayed left behind.
  3. I am working on getting 120 titles, so I took papyrusmaking from 1 - 50 by improving books and none of it counted for the Improve Item 100000 Times journal goal, so I thought it might be helpful for people working on that journal goal if we list items here that do not count towards it. It could be possible I did not do 1000 successful improves for it to count but I have doubts about that. Also give the devs a list of items to be added so they count.
  4. Thanks guys for helping me figure out what was wrong
  5. YagaToday at 4:07 PM Ok, just adding them all up gives me 5124 Now let's do what Alectrys said YagaToday at 4:09 PM Adding only the integer parts gives: 5061
  6. I think my "Get 5000 Total Skill Points" is bugged and not completing correctly. My Niarja profile shows that - Velvetsun has 5,018 Skill Points
  7. I think my "Get 5000 Total Skill Points" is bugged and not completing correctly. My Niarja profile shows that - Velvetsun has 5,018 Skill Points
  8. [Fixed] Goals Completed

  9. [Fixed] Goals Completed

    I easily have more then 250 restored items and the already in place counters have it recorded. My - Master of Recreation Just like pieces of a puzzle Gold Recreate 100 items through archaeology? Is 40 My - Fragmental The ancients apparently used these tools too, who knew? Silver Recreate a tool from fragments Is 425, so even if it was just counting tools I should have it done.
  10. Patch Notes 25/APR/19 – Final Journal Tiers

    Restore 250 items from Fragments seems bugged. I am sure I have restored more the 250
  11. Please cod these, statue of drake (alloy) (9/127) 18c each to Velvetsun in game, if you could combine them first would be cool.
  12. Sanctorium Memorial Garden

    Very fond memories passing by that spot on Ayes place.
  13. I agree, we need some clear defined rules about this kind of thing to help stop it from continually being an issue, or to let us know how we are going to handle things like this in the future. All we are asking for is clear rules to follow. and I quote “Logic clearly dictates that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.”
  14. Fair game play hits a new low

    I want to thank everyone for taking the time to read this post and share their thoughts, feelings and opinions. There were some great ideas given on how the uniques spawning can be improve and most of us will agree this aspect of the game needs to be looked at and improved and hopefully the developers see this too and can come up with something to make their spawning completely fair for any one who wants to take part in this aspect of the game. This is not something everyone cares about but for those of us who do it does need to be improved and made better. This should never have to be a post anyone feels the need to put up. I made this post because I felt the need to say, this went too far and should never have happened. I do understand that we should have spent more money and made a bigger deed, and that was our bad for thinking the basic deed would be enough to keep what we considered our catch of the day safe. We can debate uniques and the fact they do not belong to any one even if they are caught and penned and there will be lots of players on both sides of that debate. This is not what my post is about. My post was made to call attention to something that needs to be addressed and fixed. Whether it is changing the game mechanics that allowed this to happen or change how the uniques spawn, but something needs to be done about it. I see a lot more of this kind of thing happening in the future if it is not and that is just wrong for every single reason there is. The "elite hunt group" debate, in my opinion is, everyone has the right to create a group of friends to organize hunts, kills whatever it is they are creating that group for, and you also have the right to have some guidelines for that group and who you would like to share it with or invite to join it is one of them, that does not make it "elite" it just makes it a group of friends playing together with a common interest and working together as a team to achieve the same goals. Everyone has the right to do so. I would hate to see uniques removed from the game completely, I do not think that is the correct solution to the problems surrounding them. I believe there are lots of things that can be changed or made different or better about them, some of the players responding to my post have given great suggestions.