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  1. The Screenshots Thread

    One of the reasons I will probably never move Great views.
  2. Get you pottery valentines here!

    Won't work if you already used it a few years ago.
  3. Get you pottery valentines here!

    Easter Egg /redeemkey 9VMY486QSC8D-QH84F6O8UMSN
  4. Freeze not working on village tiles.

    I am trying to freeze a tile that I cast lava on and get this message [12:08:18] Some psychological issue stops you from freezing the lava here. If you were an ally of the village maybe you would feel more comfortable. which makes no sense, I can cast it but can't remove it. Casting char is in another alliance not part of mine so I have to ally with them and then have them rejoin their original alliance, seems a bit silly to have to go through all that. A setting that needs to be fixed I am thinking.
  5. Deliverance Community Map (Discontinued)

    Purple square with red outline.
  6. NEXA Market & Sanctuary(Sermons) - East of Summerholt

    Do you sell the blue tall banners in the first picture?
  7. Yes we do this will be another use for them.
  8. +1 Maybe add worms to help degrade and add nutrition.
  9. WTS 3k grapes, 9s with free delivery

    I will take your grapes, my deed is on Deliverance at P9 in the lil bay area there. Deed name Stone Roses. Ingame name the same.
  10. Unique spawn not reporting on Niarja or Twitter

    KeenanToday at 19:16 Most times when we find these, they're actually super old uniques People just make assumptions we can tell the date I personally fixed the last bug that allowed for uniques to spawn without a Twitter message. So I know it works. Apparently it is broken again - Would someone please look in to this.
  11. A unique spawned on Deliverance on the 19th or 20th of December and it did not report on Niarja or Twitter. Would someone please look in to this. Thank you in advance.
  12. WTS Supreme Bone

    Please close this item has been sold.
  13. WTS Supreme Bone

  14. WTS Supreme Bone

    Sorry Sn00, can't go that low Will you go 60s?