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  1. Since we can now dye our armour it would very cool if we could dye the masks to match our armour, I bet that would help the sales of them as well.
  2. When it says may have been then it really means there was one there, stick to doing those spots more info will come as you gain more skill. I started getting statue piece fairly early on and I started getting mask pieces once I hit 70 but remember location location location very important.
  3. It all depends on the deed you are investigating. The longer the deed was there, the length of time since it disbanned. You have played for a long time so you might know of old deeds that were around for a long time, investigate those spots. Investigating places no deed ever was you will find mostly junk fragments. I find the best pieces when it says things like this - It looks to have been abandoned for roughly 54 years, 1 month, somewhere around the year 1018. and this - You make a rough estimate that the settlement was inhabited for about 15 years, 10 months. Also the more deeds that were there helps as well - You can see multiple markers of abandoned settlements here. I have completed all the statues and have made several of all the masks. * Once you find a good spot you can keep going back to that spot it refreshes like foraging and botanizing does. Happy investigating
  4. At 99 archaeology and 99 restoration I still get more below 30 ql fragments then above using a 90+ rare trowel with rune, I have also tried using a 90+ rare shovel with rune and find I get more above 30 ql fragments but succeed less so I get less pieces and less skill gain per investigation actions done. Using the higher ql tools off deed I do however get very high ql junk pieces. Depending on the area I investigate I can get 3 - 8 statue/mask fragments normally below 30ql, also the less the spot has been investigated I get more higher ql pieces and if I get lucky and find an old enough deed no one else has investigated yet even better. I think some kind of tweaking is needed for these skills. I agree it would be very nice if we could at least improve our statues once they are completed.
  5. Be vewy vewy quiet I'm huntin' wabbits !
  6. + 100 for purple dragons So excited coloured animals are coming back
  7. [10:46:22] You need more paint to colour that item - at least 4000g of paint. A statue that is 3 - 4 times the size of a mailbox takes 1/3 the amount. This must be a simple adjustment to make.
  8. [18:18:49] You have received 1000 karma for 'Create 5000 liters of wine'.
  9. I spy with my lil eye
  10. [21:40:39] <Enki> Hello, GM responding to your support call 63288. [21:43:14] <Enki> Just wanted ot update you that I should be able to fix this annoying personal goal issue for you after the next game update [21:45:29] <Velvetsun> Very cool Thank you