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  1. [Known Issue] Named Recipes cleared on all servers

    Just posting here again so it gets refreshed and they don't forget about us
  2. [Issue] 100k Actions counters - 3 Second timer

    I can understand that not actions may count, BUT if one action counts doing the exact same action again should count.
  3. [Issue] 100k Actions counters - 3 Second timer

    Tried that 4 second cool down still is not working for me I have tried mining took several times to get 1 count on the counter. I have tried digging, takes 6 actions to get 1 count on the counter. With digging it will count 1 every 3 dug for a while, then not count at all for 13 - 14 dug, then count 1 for 6, then 1 for 3 ... rinse repeat and now it has just stop counting any actions at all. How are we every supposed to complete this goal when it is so unstable and works this way?
  4. [Issue] 100k Actions counters - 3 Second timer

    I have to count 4 Mississippi between each action ? Shoot me now !! lol
  5. The Screenshots Thread

    Dead drunk?
  6. I was told that the only stipulation for an action to count was that it required a 3 second timer. Shows Count at 1826 Shows the timer way above 3 seconds and a successful improvement and counter still at 1826 Shows the next successful improvement and still counter shows 1826 Strike three ! Is there some other requirement for an action to count ? Cause at this rate it will take 300k+ successful actions to get 100k to record on the counter
  7. The Screenshots Thread

    The Drunken Beaver Pub
  8. Red Dragon

    Sadly a lot of us do not have amazing systems that allow us to run 12 accounts at once, and 200 people in local causes their systems to crash, so the people who did all the work, searched and found and penned the uniques end up getting nothing for all their efforts, we do not make them public for that reason and that reason only. If they were one of a kind mobs I could see where you could hold this against us, but they are not, more will spawn and you have every right to go out there and catch them yourself, the same way we have every right to not make them public and be burned at the stake for taking care of the people who take care of us.
  9. Red Dragon

    I was going to stay out of this because I think this has all gotten far too out of hand and way too obsurd, but there is so much misinformation being thrown out there, I really need to clarify some of it. First, only one person got mad at Raldon and that was her friend who felt she had betrayed their friendship, that had nothing to do with the rest of us in the hunt group at all, not one of us said anything nasty or negative to her, so to turn this against the rest of us because two friends had a fight is just being unrealistic. I am sorry to hear Raldon's feeling were hurt and he made her cry on her birthday, but again that was not done by the members of this hunt group. It's nice to see she has you to be her knight in shining armour rushing to her defence but you are fighting the wrong people. Your issue is with one person not the other fifty members. Second, we had found the dragon that night and were in the process of penning it, and you were told as well as Raldon that we had found it, Raldon stayed back on the shore and did not get involved with your actions but you chose to try to take it and run away with it, and since you did not pen it fast enough and it escaped from you, then our member was able to take it back and we were able to pen it. The comment Odynn made about the GM's being involved was because we had put in a support ticket to see if there was anything they could or would do to help us. We do not have any GM's in our pocket helping us or breaking any game rules to help us. The GM's that replied to our support tickets about that dragon explained what was considered griefing and what was not, and what we could do to protect ourselves and what we could not do. We are not an " elitist group"' and Odynn is not the leader, we actually have six people who take care of the managing of the group, but all our members have a say in how things are done, and everyone's opinion counts and is taken in to consideration. Trash talking Odynn and the rest of us in this forum posts does nothing more then show how little you know about our group and the members in it. We are not small minded folks as you put it and looking up to Odynn is not because he is our leader, because he is not, it's because he is our friend, and would do anything for any of us that he could. I do not know when, why or how this hate Odynn became so popular or the thing to do, but it is unfounded and uncalled for. Every spawn is free for anyone to catch and pen so good luck to everyone, but we are not going to lose sleep over a unique found by someone other then us, there will be a nother one and a nother one after that
  10. The goal page bug may have been fixed but I have still not received the karma I should have, is that something that will be done ?

  11. Achievements difficulty.

    So what will happen to all the goals, titles and things related to tomes people have received from the system in place now, and if all is going to be changed is all our hard work and efforts for not? And what happens to the poor player who works hard and gets all but one or two done?
  12. This was not a "rage forum post" just thought it was a bug, asked about it in CA chat they said it was a bug and suggested I post a report, I am not prone to raging over a game.
  13. [Fixed] Personal goals not showing

    @Budda and will we get the karma credits we did not receive? So I see the fix for this is happened, but I do not see myself receiving any karma for the ones I completed, will we be getting it?
  14. [Fixed] Personal goals not showing

    For me the empty list happens only when I sign in on Epic, I normally live on Deli and don't travel far from home. If I sign in on Deli then go to Epic the list stays in tact. The no karma, game not registering my completions happened even when I made sure my list was there.