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  1. lump, iron: BOTD 100: 1s 25c lump, steel: BOTD 93: 78c string of cloth: BOTD 100: 1s 25c clay: BOTD 100: 1s 25c grooming brush, oakenwood: BOTD 100: 1s 25c cod to Kysmaster
  2. Sold by pm buyout, can be closed.
  3. This looks like the collar bone from some animal. These are said to provide luck. This is a fantastic example of the item, with fascinating design details and perfect ideas for functionality. Starting bid: 5g Increment (minimum): 10s Buyout: pm offer Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: accepted
  4. pelt, BOTD 94: 84c whetstone: BOTD 95: 90c cod to Kysmaster
  5. Hi, I have "sturdy latge chest skin" for sale.
  6. shovel QL 70 BOTD 65 - 85c (steel) pickaxe QL 5 BOTD 69 - 89c (steel) hatchet QL 5 BOTD 68 - 88c (steel) hammer QL 70 BOTD 66 - 60c (iron) COD to Kysu
  7. Rake, Iron, 60coc - 1s Needle, Iron, 78coc - 2s Mallet, Oak, 88coc - 3s File, Iron, 81coc - 3s CoD to Kysu
  8. ~1QL butchering knife blade, iron CoC44 - 37 copper CoD to Kysu