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Found 43 results

  1. Affinity Recipe Maker for Wurm Online. Wurm Ultimate Recipe Maker is a tool that was designed to help players create affinity meals for their character and save them to look up later, it is currently in beta. This tool was developed with help form Icbash, who first created the affinity meal spreadsheet this tool is based off. you can find the spreadsheet version here. Current website is: Current Build: version 1.4 Changelog ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Wurm Ultimate Recipe Maker - 1.4 - 4/4/18 Updated menu for easier access to members area. Added more meal item boxes to make larger meals. Updated members area so you can see what meals you have made give each of your characters. made some major updates to behind the scenes code, for future updates. Sorry for the long delay between updates, i was a victim of the last hurricane Irma and it took some time to get all affairs back in order, I'm happy to say everything is back on track for future updates, and i will be reviewing any/all emails i received while absent. Upcoming/possible updates. being able to reload meals you have made, back into the maker so you can save some time. setting an area you can add your own unique items to your meal with your own data. option to share a meal with other users, area in members area where you can see what meals others have shared and what it will give your characters. a timer tool to show you how long your affinity food timer "should" be at various quality levels. Wurm Ultimate Recipe Maker - 1.3 - 11/17/17 Updated affinity names Wurm Ultimate Recipe Maker - 1.3 - 06/23/17 Rewrote codebase for new functionality going forward Added in some new items and prep types Wurm Ultimate Recipe Maker - 1.2 - 05/30/17 Code fixes Fixed issue with player id's and meals Wurm Ultimate Recipe Maker - 1.1 beta- 05/15/17 Code fixes Added ability to edit.delete characters, delete meals. Added in shopping list sort by name for meals. Wurm Ultimate Recipe Maker - 1.0 beta - 05/13/17 initial release
  2. Not sure if the powers that be would approve of such an activity, but considering the login art for our beloved Unlimited version has it's own pipe smoking adventurer, I started thinking about how pipe smoking could be implemented into the game just for continuity and giggles. Really, the concept is pretty straightforward and uses skills that are all already present and fleshed out. For example: Fine Carpentry: Craft your own pipe. It can be a single generic tool that always looks the same or perhaps add a few different varieties, much like the different types of meditation rugs in game. You could even go as far as needing to craft one of a few different stems, tenons, bowls, etc, to make one of several different designs once the constituent parts are assembled. Farming: Add Tobacco as a new farmable tile. I don't have any input on what difficulty it should have. And as you'll see later, it would be ideal for there to be a few different varieties, each with their own difficulties. Natural Substances or maybe Gardening: If different types of tobaccos are introduced, such as Burleys/Virginias/English/etc, then this allows for the mixing of tobaccos to create different blends. Being able to make different blends by adding different strains of leaf in different proportions is crucial to the next part of the new system WHICH IS: Affinities!: Allow the player, when smoking a particular blend out of their brand new 40ql fine tobacco pipe to receive an affinity for their efforts. Just like beverages, however there is no food or water bar to fill. Perhaps this is fine or perhaps a message should be displayed after consuming too much tobacco in one sitting to prevent the player from abusing the affinity system. For example "Your head swims and you've decided it's time to breathe some fresh air." or something similar to tell the player to cool it for a few minutes or an hour before puffing anymore. As I said above, I am aware that pipe smoking to many is considered to be "adult" or even "taboo" and as such I don't know that it has a place in Wurm Online, despite it's historical accuracy and authenticity. That being said, the thought just came to me one day and as I explored the idea, it seemed to be very doable within the game's preexisting mechanics and it sounded like a fun idea, so I thought I'd flesh the idea out some on the suggestions page. If for any reason this thread doesn't belong here or is breaking any rules including TOS, please let me know and it can be removed swiftly. Thanks, fellow Wurmians o/
  3. Exil Affinity Cooking Service We offer affinity food for everyone. You get a test meal and let us know which affinity you get from this meal. Than tell us which affinity you want. After a short time you get the fresh pizza. The pizza comes wrapped to slower the decay. One bite gives 3h affinity buff and full CCFP. The pizza has around 6.5kg and cost 11 copper including Cod. Affinity pizza 16 copper including Cod. If you want a filler Pizza with 20 kg we can make this for 25 copper. Post here or contact me ingame Karkas. Any questions??? Feel free to PM If you eat the Pizza hot you will get up to 87 Nutrition. Nutrition give a passive skill gain + above 60 Nutrition for each 10 points Nutrition above 60 you get more % skill gain passive + 10 % Affinity skill gain from the food. *Now with 3 h Affinity buff first bite*
  4. Transferable Affinities: The idea is to make affinities transferable to other players through a series of steps. Player puts in a chat command, perhaps /affinity. This brings up a dialog window where the player chooses an affinity they currently have. Priest casts a spell on the player (Lets say "Bless" for now, since all priests have it) Player loses a rank of the affinity selected Player gains a no-drop token with the affinity and rank For example, if the player had Rank 2 Cooking affinity, after the cast, they would have Rank 1 Cooking affinity, and a Rank 2 Cooking affinity token in their inventory This token cannot be mailed or dropped, and decays quickly (<1 RL day), so they cannot be hoarded or stored The player can then trade this token to another player When used, the token grants one rank of the related affinity, up to the rank of the token Using the Rank 2 Cooking affinity token from the previous example, a player could use that to go from 0 to 1 affinities in Cooking, or from 1 to 2, but not from 2 to 3. Players should only be able to use one token per time period (My gut says 1 per week, but could be longer / shorter based on dev decisions). Benefits of this system: Players who have affinities they cannot use (such as priests) can transfer them to other players PvE Players have the ability to buy / sell / trade affinities with others Having affinity token ranks limited by the player giving it up helps prevent abuse of the system
  5. Currently if I have a meal/pizza/cookie/whatever.. giving me 10hours of axes affinity.. and I bite once.. I get the 10 hours; * BUT if I have several minutes left on that affinity and I bite once.. I get insignificant few minutes added to the timer, forcing me to eat whole meal and probably still not reaching same aff timer like from first bite before having the buff (issue) - as it is.. it forces players to stay and wait a timer to go away completely.. to rebuff / boring, time consuming, just annoying to be a thing../ Could next bite reset the timer to max like initial 1st bite? Just as with beverages... once we reach the cap of the hunger bar.. we're unable to eat more, buff up etc.. Could we have the alcohol override - letting us buff up on affinity foods we have and want to use for a grind, even if hunger bar is full?
  6. Hey, I thought it was kind of simple to buy in trade chat, but it seems that nope Im looking for a good meal with affinity in Cloth Tailoring for a decent time! Please PM me ingame or comment here the Weight, Time of the buff, and your price Tyvm!
  7. To be absolutely clear, you can get ANY skill boost you want! Why skill at a 100% when you can skill at 110%?! That's right, with these pizzas, you can boost your every day grinds in any skills you want! I'm offering 10kg pizzas that give 100% ccfp and 8h+ timers from 1 bite! All of these will now be provided at 90ql and beyond for lowest decay rate and best nutrition . Because the timer lasts so long and all you need is 1 bite, you can easily have 10+ of these insights running at all times! Keep these pizzas wrapped in an icy larder or in a magic chest so you don't need new ones in weeks . For new customers I need to send a taste test meal before i complete the order . If possible, switch to the fixed system by going to your character window, right-clicking the body icon and Managing Profile, the option for switching will be at the bottom. Pricing: 30c each Ccfp fillers 90ql+ 2c/kg Wrapping available at 1c for each pizza. This could be you too..
  8. I was chopping trees and the words scrolled onscreen about possibly getting a woodcutting affinity, but the skill tab didn't pop up and I didn't get an asterisk. The words also stayed on the screen... I restarted the client and still do not have the affinity. I may be misinterpreting the words- they aren't a common message.
  9. Hey Wurmians, Just a quick post to say that I sell affinity meals. WHAT? Well no and yes, I'm not a bulk supplier, I can 100% guarantee to sell you any affinity you need, want or just like. Taste my free meal and let me do the rest. Not really taking orders here, meals are cooked as needed, but a happy customer said I should put something up ... so UPS So keep an eye out for me in the TRADE channel. A couple of tips 1) Get a larder, these goodies are worth keeping 2) Don't fill up on them too much it's like KFC ... it starts super awesome 3) When you are eating mash the ESC key 4) My best so far is 21 affinities beat that
  12. Welcome! What'll it be, friend? If you've never been to my brewpub before we have 50 different beers on tap, so why not try them all? No need even to buy a flight of brews anymore. On your request you will be sent a single flask on the house. Taste and let us know what affinity you get for it and our beer extrapolation sorcerer will send you a link showing what affinities you will get from all 50 of our beers! Once you've decided what draughts you like best(based on the flavor or affinity granted), please order kegs by number. Kegs cost 2s each. All my beer is over 80ql** - 200g(use a measuring jug) will grant a bit more than 50 minutes of affinity. This means each keg(45kg) contains over 187 hours of affinity. Beer does not improve with age and it will take damage. Unseal the barrel, fill your measuring cup, beer stein, or goblin skull cup, then reseal the barrel with a peg. This will stop all decay and your beer will be as fresh as it was the day you ordered it. Please order flights or kegs by responding to this post, by PM, or by /tell Kalafast in game. Cheers! **80-89ql beer is my older beer. Fresh beer is being brewed at 90ql. If you prefer 90ql beer please ask. Note that it may take 1 RL week for the beer to ferment.
  13. Selling affinity meals of your choice! HOW THIS WORKS: We send you 2 sample meals, you taste (using the taste option in the rightclick menu) both and tell me which one gives you what affinity and send them back. Tasting those 2 meals is only required once per character, after this we can always prepare the correct meal for the affinity of your choice. If you need the same affinity for 2 different characters, they will have to do the tasting separately and will most likely require 2 separate meals as each toon is different. Based on those 2 samples, we can prepare meals which are about 4kg in weight and +/- 90 quality. This means that if you want Tailoring affinity, we will send you a meal which will give you 4hour+ of Tailoring affinity after first bite! Don't eat it all, just choose "eat" and hit escape right away, one bite of 0.03kg in size will give 4h+ affinity time and 100% CCFP, if you have a magic chest, it will last you over a year assuming 4h/day, otherwise it will pretty much decay before you can use up the hours it gives. This amazing deal which is not offered by anyone else will cost 1 silver per meal. There is an exception to this, some characters are "bugged" and they can't have affinity from meals by this recipe for the 20 skills below, we will know if your toon is one of those after you taste the 2 samples as well and will let you know. If your character is one of those affected by this, we can't prepare the following affinities for you and there is nothing we can do about it, some toons have affinities distributed weird. 20 skills out of 138 are affected: channeling, exorcizm, artifacts, foraging, botanizing, climbing, stone cutting, lock picking, stealing, traps, catapults, animal taming, animal husbandry, short bow, long bow, med. Bow, ship building, ballistae, trebuchets, turrets. We can still prepare the remaining 118 affinity meals for the affected toons. STEP BY STEP GUIDE
  14. As I understand it, some characters are broken, unable to ever get certain affinities from their food. Additionally, if new skills are ever added they will completely wreck everyone's current recipe-affinity lists. This is my idea to future proof cooking affinities. Generate numerous small affinity lists, 2 affinities per list but mechanically generate every possibly combination (19 thousand or so) and assign each a unique number. Use the Ingredient ID and Player ID to generate a number somewhere on that list, this means each ingredient will have a unique list for each player. Mashed tomatoes for me might be Polearms and Cooking, but you get Blacksmithing and Yoyos. When a food is created, add together all the lists from the ingredients used and select randomly for which affinity the food will have. This affinity does NOT change from player to player, the challenge instead comes from more complicated food (with longer affinity duration) having larger possible affinity lists. Features 1. Future proof. If new skills are added in the future, they can be peppered around the lists, expanding a few to 3 affinities each. Affinity lists are never broken or ruined, only expanded. 2. New food sale market. A highly complicated food with a long duration that gets a valuable affinity will be worth selling because the affinity won’t change for each player. Needs 1. A clear way to differentiate Ingredients (who’s affinity lists change player to player) and finished cooked food (who’s assigned Affinity is static player to player).
  15. Due to no interest auction is cancelled.
  16. my feelings and thoughts tell me this would be better. also expressive if we only got to change it once in a very long while. once a year? once every couple of years? both great options. yay or nay? ty
  17. I've noticed more and more people asking "What did you cook this with?" and was wondering how complicated it would be to remember all this stuff after you make it the first time.. and I'm sure many would agree that a reverse lore option for cooked foods would be amazing to have, of course there should be a downside to it also, maybe food taking damage or getting destroyed would both be fine imo. I'd like to see what others think about this
  18. Edit: As requested, for the moment this project will be offset, for some weeks or more. Will get back at it when a bit of time has passed from the patch. Edit #2: I'll make it more clear: If you are looking for a specific recipe you can PM me with a request to see if i have it, you can also PM me about for having the whole list (which is still small atm, since nobody ever shared anything anymore in PM me since the thread got stopped) I think pming me for a list is spoiler-safe enough. If you ask for a recipe, or for the list, would be great if you could share yours too : D yeah, we still need your help as right now the list isn't growing. When the "ban" will be lifted i will paste them all here.
  19. Just subbed my character and I'm currently living in Xanadu. Received Affinity in baking and I'm looking to sell Please Post offers on here Still willing to sell off this affinity. We will arrange meeting in chaos after payment has been discussed, you will kill my character and Acquire my affinity
  20. Can anyone confirm that affinities applied to Characteristics (Body Strength, Body Control etc.) do not have any affect? I'm looking to enhance specialists on my world but it seems like even with "Body Strength *****" it doesn't go up any faster than "Body Stamina". Also curious: is there somewhere for GM specific chat, like an IRQ or something?
  21. Hello guys. WTS Thievery affinity - help me with transportations if possible; post offers here or pm me in game if you have one. Luttuosa
  22. A merchant that sells scrolls of affinity for players to read to learn the affinity? Or blank scrolls for playered to tranafer there current affinity they selected if they have multiple to put on said scroll. Active reed pen, right click blank scoll menu of your affinitys pops up select it confirm it copyed. Something like that. 1 scroll per affinity. 10 silver per affinity blank scrolls 15 silver for random affinity scrolls 20s for selected random category scrolls Scroll cases 1s each Or player made ones. Can hold 10 scrolls of affinity. Active small nail Right click shaft Create > container Scroll case 2 planks, 2 small nails 1 shaft, 1 gem, 10 gold rivets. Only premium players can buy blank affinity scrolls to copy affinity to scrolls to sell selectively skills. Otherwise NPC sells only random affinity scrolls, blank scrolls or category scrolls which will give a random affinity in the category purchased upon reading it. Prices posted are just an example, I have no clue what these would have to be priced as the developer tean and rolf would have to worm this out. This would be for Freedom Servers only. Not that I would care for this to be on pvp just alot more blank scrolls would be purchased lol and a bigger selection of affinity scrolls would come from the pvp servers and would lead to exploitation. And prices lowered due to supply n demand bit that this would be an issue to some people. None mailable could fix some of this And No drop for pvp purposes and what not.
  23. So, I was lucky enough to be blessed by Vynora with the Channeling affinity, unfortunately, I've never fancied myself a priest, so I would like to pass on this wonderful gift to a buyer such as yourself! My plan is for the buyer to pick me up at Greymead, and then they will sail me and themselves over to chaos, slay me like the foul beast I am, and then I am to be resurrected by Vynora herself. After which, i will be sailed back to greymead and everybody will live happily ever after! Bidding will start at 20s, and will end on *EDIT* April 17th!