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Found 10 results

  1. We sell Full house pizza with lightning fast delivery time and great customer service assuring 100% satisfaction! Full CCFP pizza Random affinity, 21+ hours of affinity timer, 90+ nutrition value 20 copper / 2kg portion 15 copper / 2kg portion for orders of 4+ 2kg portions Unlimited quantities Just ingame message /tell Bhorissviahnn or /tell Dhoulmagus to order anytime you are hungry! Custom affinity pizza, 21+ hours of affinity timer, 90+ nutrition value 75 copper / 2kg pizza 1.25 silver / 4kg pizza 1.75 silver / 6kg pizza 2.25 silver / 8kg pizza 2.75 silver / 10kg pizza 3 silver / 12kg pizza Only 30 custom pizzas per week can be cooked, so availability is limited. As you may have noticed, a lot of people offering custom affinity pizza have stopped offering them because it's a LOT of work. Our way to continue offering pizzas is by making sure we limit ourselves to a sane amount of demand. Thank you for your understanding. Week periods 2021-01-30 to 2021-02-05: 24 custom pizzas available --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you ordered with us before, you only need to send ingame message /tell Bhorissviahnn or /tell Dhoulmagus with the skill affinity you want and portion size. If you are a new customer, ingame message /tell Bhorissviahnn or /tell Dhoulmagus to receive a test meal in less than 6 minutes. This will allow us to discover your secret ID and then custom cook a delicious pizza for your desired affinity skill!
  2. Closed for now Work is too busy for me to reliably fill orders within 24hours so I have paused ordering. When I come back I will be introducing new recipes and pricing system. Thanks to all for their custom and loyalty Custom affinity foods Will give 4h-6h affinity on first bite (0.03kg); 100% calories, fats & protein, ~50%+ carbs. 2nd bite would fill carbs to 100%. - Almost all recipes should fill to 100% on first bite but cannot guarantee. Priced per 2kg portion now at 1.5s. If used carefully and stored appropriately this will give in excess of 250 hours of affinity timer. You will need to make a taster food of 2 raw unprocessed ingredients eg. meat / veg in a pottery bowl (will make a breakfast), and tell me which cooker you used (campfire or oven), what the ingredients were, and which affinity that cooked breakfast would give you. Please don't use fish as I do not have numerical values for some of these. Please order via this form: and I'll fill your order ASAP. Still offering loyalty discounts for returning customers! If I already have you in my system from a previous order, I am offering you a 30c discount on affinity foods! - So you get 2kg of affinity deliciousness for only 1.2s.
  3. Exil Affinity Cooking Service We offer affinity food for everyone. You get a test meal and let us know which affinity you get from this meal. Than tell us which affinity you want. After a short time you get the fresh pizza. The pizza comes wrapped to slower the decay. One bite gives 3h affinity buff and full CCFP. The pizza has around 6.5kg and cost 11 copper including Cod. Affinity pizza 16 copper including Cod. If you want a filler Pizza with 20 kg we can make this for 25 copper. Post here or contact me ingame Karkas. Any questions??? Feel free to PM If you eat the Pizza hot you will get up to 87 Nutrition. Nutrition give a passive skill gain + above 60 Nutrition for each 10 points Nutrition above 60 you get more % skill gain passive + 10 % Affinity skill gain from the food. *Now with 3 h Affinity buff first bite*
  4. Oakheart Pizzeria is proud to be offering you a chance to increase your skill gains with bespoke on demand pizza. - 14.5kg, 1 bite full ccfp and 8hrs+ affinity timer 25c per pizza. - Random pizza slice at 2kg is 5c Each pizza/slice will come wrapped for extended storage Quick guide for new customers: 1. Make sure you are on fixed affinities by: - Going to the character window - Right click the body icon in bottom left corner - Go into manage profile - Check the option for cooking affinities near the bottom 2. Pm Millzy in game, on here, comment below or Discord Jay#3603 and I'll send you a test meal (this will be basic bear and corn meal) let me know what the affinity from tasting the tester meal is, "[17:50:30] You think the bear meal might give you more of an insight about chain armour smithing!" for example. 3. Let me know the desired AFFINITY you want 4. I will let you know how long before your hot freshly wrapped pizza will take to be ready (estimated, usual log in time is 2000 UK) Want somewhere to call home? Look no further than below!
  5. To be absolutely clear, you can get ANY skill boost you want! Why skill at a 100% when you can skill at 110%?! That's right, with these pizzas, you can boost your every day grinds in any skills you want! I'm offering 10kg pizzas that give 100% ccfp and 8h+ timers from 1 bite! All of these will now be provided at 90ql and beyond for lowest decay rate and best nutrition . Because the timer lasts so long and all you need is 1 bite, you can easily have 10+ of these insights running at all times! Keep these pizzas wrapped in an icy larder or in a magic chest so you don't need new ones in weeks . For new customers I need to send a taste test meal before i complete the order . If possible, switch to the fixed system by going to your character window, right-clicking the body icon and Managing Profile, the option for switching will be at the bottom. Pricing: 30c each Ccfp fillers 90ql+ 2c/kg Wrapping available at 1c for each pizza. This could be you too..
  6. Taking orders on affinity and random pizzas. Nutrition is around 98%, full ccfp, 99ql, 10kg. 30c for specific - above 8h timer on first bite 20c for random Quick guide for new customers: 1. Make sure you are on fixed affinities: - go to the character window by double clicking the health bar - right click the body icon in bottom left corner - go into manage profile - check the option for cooking affinities near the bottom (note: this will change your current meal tastes) 2. Pm me (forum or ingame Kurson) to send u a test meal OR taste a chopped vegetable, herb. (let me know what it was and what the taste was - if the knife used to chop is rare or higher let me know, because apparently that changes the outcome) 3. In the pm place your order - which skills and if u want it wrapped or not. Closing shop until further notice
  7. I wish there were ways for other foods to better compete with Pizzas. Right now pizza is a clearly "better" food and there is less incentive for people to make a variety of foods. My idea is for an item that allows people to "combine" food and drink items to function as a single meal that also looks like a dining table complete with place settings. A player would add food to the table the way that fueling fire works: right click, "Add Food". Each table would have a maximum amount of food that it can hold like with fuel. It will have a higher capacity to account for some of the larger goods like roasted animals. It may also display a message like, "The table is full so you decide not to put anything else on it" when it can't take more food. Players can use the Taste function to see which affinities they may gain and Examine to see which food items were put into the table. The table would keep track of the average nutrition value and add up the CCFP along with recording the meal types of the foods for the purposes of calculating the affinities. Any player with appropriate permissions can right click on the table and chose "Eat Meal" to start eating from the food. The eat function can also be accessed while sitting down. All players eating from the table will eat until full or the food is exhausted and will gain affinities, CCFP, and nutrition based on the amount of food eaten. An optional benefit would be a function to add a price before allowing food to be eaten much like beds. An optional cosmetic benefit to add would be to make multiple dining table types to suit different situations. For instance small wooden tables with no frills for more simple houses up to fancy marble tables with ornate decorations for palaces. Also small tables up to banquet tables with matching capacities for personal to public use. For example, a player may make a roast hog, some salads, a cake, and wine to add to the table. The player's guests all sit around the table and eat like they would from a meal until full or the food is gone. The gained nutrition, CCFP, and affinities would be the combined values for the items made. I think this would be great for decorating, running restaurants and inns and also for entertaining fellow players.
  8. Hello! May I please have help with two mechanics questions? 1) I have 26.56 Meditating. I am trying to "grind" to 30, as I am ready for the 30 skill question. What QL rug should I be meditating at? I don't understand rug QL mechanics at all. 2) I am making an especially difficult boat, where I have low attach % chance for each component. I am making the highest QL components I can to assist the process. Is there any affect on attach % when CCFP is 100%, or when CCFP is any other value? Thank you! Finndar
  9. For this mod, because I think ccfp is stupid, I made it so my ccfp values are basically always maxed. Required -Ago's server modloader -You need to have the scriptrunner mod installed and setup as explained on github wiki page: Install 1. Copy the javaScript code from the code box. 2. Paste that into any simple text editor. 3. Save the file and I named this, "ccfp-maximizer.js". You could use whatever name you want as long as its unique and it ends with ".js". 4. Put it in the directory, "~Wurm Unlimited Dedicated Server\mods\scriptrunner\scripts\onItemTemplatesCreated". If the, "onItemTemplatesCreated" folder doesn't exists, create it. 5. Change the values for carbs, calories, fats or proteins if you want something different. var ItemTemplateFactory =; var Logger =; var logger = Logger.getLogger("com.joedobo27.scriptRunnerMods.ccfp-maximizer"); function onItemTemplatesCreated() { var templates = ItemTemplateFactory.getInstance().getTemplates(); var maxValue =; //*************************************************** // Use maxValue to max and 0 to minimize. var carbs = maxValue; var calories = maxValue; var fats = maxValue; var proteins = maxValue; //*************************************************** for (i = 0; i < templates.length; i++) { templates[i].setNutritionValues(carbs, calories, fats, proteins); }"CCFP simplified, template count: " + templates.length); } Take note that ccfp values are scaled based on a standard unit size of 1-kg. A pumpkin is 32k and a garlic 1.6k because its .05 or 5% of 1kg. I'm not sure what is going on with fish but weights and sizes for them seems constantly strange.
  10. I worked for a long time to get the refresh ability from the path of love, and while I sometimes use it for the stamina, for the vast majority of the time I use it to give myself full food and nutrition so that I don't need to track down someone who can cook meals for me. With ccfp remaining the same after a refresh, that makes the whole ability rather pointless. Even after refreshing I have to eat food anyway to fill my ccfp, which to my mind kind of defeats the purpose. Please can we get it changed so that refresh also gives full ccfp?