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  1. Mystic Highlands Roleplay 1x 1x 4090x4096

    The economy is working well on Mystic Highlands- in the auction tonight Black Dragon blood went for over 13s and an 80q 2-handed silver sword with BOTD went for 8s. Winter is almost upon us but lots of opportunities for all when spring arrives. Many thanks to Valiance and Kaylie for all their hard work behind the scenes.
  2. Staggered Seasons

    I would not have a problem with this as it would add further variation to the Wurm experience.. In addition, it may even encourage cross-server travel and in turn cross-server trade. Not everyone can log in every single day so the idea would allow a player to 'catch the harvest' when they log on and not have to wait for another 6 weeks..
  3. I love to play Wurm for the enjoyment not to make money but I do understand that people can make money to make playing possible. If I am honest it is nice to be able to buy a tool with a little extra using money gained through foraging etc. but I do not need trade. One thing I think may help Wurm is an expansion of bartering / swapping such as... want to swap a 70q rake for 100 stone bricks. That would surely be what people did in the early-Middle Ages?
  4. The Wurm Economy Problem

    Wurm is going to find it almost impossible to solve the 'economy problem'. The issue to me seems to be that the skills pyramid is inverted. By that I mean that 0-30 skilled players are unfortunately small in numbers whereas those above 70 in skills such as smithing etc are, as a percentage of the total population, a large cohort. The result of this means that there is a glut of very high quality pieces because many players are capable of making such gems. It is not for me to say whether a player who can make a tidy amount of rl money from Wurm is right or wrong but surely the essence of Wurm should be that money gained should in most cases end up back in the game? How we get the skills pyramid back to having a large base of newish players again who can buy better medium quality tools from middle level players who in turn are able to buy top quality tools from elite players escapes me. Any player arriving in Wurm with money can literally buy the best tool around- and some do. I do realise that for some, making money does allow them to play Wurm. Could it simply be that most players worrying about the economy are simply top players who wish to make even more money that can be transferred into rl currency? For me, Wurm is about enjoyment above everything else. Yes I do buy occasional things but much prefer to make things through my own efforts. Maybe it is players like me who are the problem as we play for enjoyment and not for coin
  5. WU - Link

    I think this is an original idea that may encourage players to enjoy both sides of Wurm. I also think your idea for the enhanced skill-cap is an option to be considered for players that have already in some way supported Wurm Online albeit via WU. Your idea is deserving of consideration as it potentially allows both aspects of Wurm to work together rather than against one another.
  6. Three years in the making....

    Outstanding achievement(s)- many congratulations.
  7. Do you consider wurm cheap?

    Wurm offers you choice as to your investment.. You can 'potter' around as a FTP character, you can find coins by foraging and this can earn premium and all the advantages this gives. You can also 'break-the-bank' by having many characters and many deeds of whatever size you want. For me, I enjoy doing whatever I want whenever I want. I am not interested in making money from Wurm or watching my skills reach this or that level. Paying 30 euros a month for three premium characters for me is good value due to the enjoyment that I get from Wurm- others may find that too much to justify. It is personal opinion and individual circumstances but you do have a choice!
  8. Mystic Highlands Roleplay 1x 1x 4090x4096

    Lots of people have read with interest the April 1st comments from Enki. Anyone who is interested in enjoying a friendly server and seeing how winter works will be made most welcome. In addition to this, there will be a wine festival arranged for this weekend- weather permitting!
  9. I am devastated. I thought that Games Masters were always to be believed. How the mighty are fallen
  10. An excellent read, obviously the result of many hours of real dedication. Interesting, informative and easy to browse through. Congratulations!
  11. Thank You - Developers & Staff members!

    Very nice sentiment- seconded
  12. RIP Stephen Hawking

    Almost in tears- he has died on the birthday of Albert Einstein and pi day. RIP Sir
  13. Never nice when a popular server closes down. To those players left, good luck with finding another home. To Arkonick, good luck with rl
  14. How do you refresh your Wurm experience?

    Never really happened as I only play for an hour or two at a time. I guess if I was getting fatigued I would try another game and then realise just how good Wurm is and how lucky I was to have found it.
  15. We need metal buildings!

    Was going to say no, however, December 17, 2014 by Medievalists.net Using radiocarbon dating on metal found in Gothic cathedrals, an interdisciplinary team has shown, for the first time through absolute dating, that iron was used to reinforce stone from the construction phase. In view of this, using metal for reinforcing / buttressing +1