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  1. Patch Notes 17/DEC/18 Gone Fishing

    Many people complain when their favourite games get no love and no updates. Are people here really saying that they cannot wait a few hours before discovering / enjoying the mammoth update? We all need some sense of perspective here (and a little more patience)
  2. Patch Notes 17/DEC/18 Gone Fishing

    Wow, simply wow. Thank you to everyone involved in planning, coding and implementing this update..
  3. 100 Restoration Title

    Many congratulations.
  4. Major issue with rude people

    I will always answer to a 'hello .....' as it is polite to do so and I enjoy meeting fellow players in-game.. I answer to symbols less easily as I am not sure if it is fro me or someone else in their local whom I cannot 'see'. To me it would be like interrupting a private conversation. So, my suggestion would be to use text and name the person that you wish to talk to, congratulate or even moan about rather than symbols so that older people like me do not get confused!
  5. An end to Uniques please.

    I am sure that this suggestion is as a result of recent 'problems', however, I do not feel that getting rid of unique creatures will benefit Wurm. I am not a fighter in Wurm and really do not take part in such events except to enjoy the scale piece or blood but, I have seen how such events can bring many players together in their enjoyment of the game. Yes, of course, there are those who are there to get the 'mother-lode' that can be sold for profit but that is their choice and as long as it does not infringe game rules is fine by me. For people like me, being part of a huge lag-ridden event makes me feel like part of the community and it is something that I would not like to be taken away from me. I would therefore suggest that Wurm developers / creative team take a look at unique events and see if there really is anything broken or any rule that needs to be tweaked- if there is, they are surely the ones who we should trust to fix it after perhaps seeking opinions from as many of the players as possible?
  6. Birth Notices

    What a good idea! +1
  7. A wonderful piece of work Malena. Your ideas fill me with lots of possibilities for the future development of Animal Husbandry and other related skills. I hope the coding team see those possibilities as well! The wonderful cooking update created vast numbers of possible meals that gave affinities to people. If taken on, your ideas offer opportunities for the developers to create an increased number of traits for horses that could be used to give further incentive for players to raise their AH skills. For each extra trait there will be many more possible combinations in each animal. Players would need draught horses such as pulling carts or simply carrying heavier loads. There is of course an existing market in speed-horses. There could even be a market in multi-task creatures that are decent at both carrying and speeding. Putting into effect even some of these ideas would surely lead to a pick up in the market of horses, would add an additional level of realism into Wurm and it would increase player choice, challenge and opportunity- it is definitely these last benefits that maintain my love of Wurm after all these years. +1
  8. Master Crafter Modifications

    You have put forward some ideas that may partly fill the gap that some people feel exists for the top-end players. Your list of modifications is very comprehensive and contains original ideas. I am not sure whether (or how) they could be added to the Wurm mechanics but I wish I was near to being able to modify my creations in some of these ways. If it would be possible to add to the game then I would be for it even though for me it would be a long-term dream.
  9. Crops Never Turn To Weeds

    If someone is a 'keen' farmer then this idea will not have any effect on them- except perhaps if they take a break. They will simply plant, tend and harvest as before. They will experience gains according to their skill / tool / crop as before. For players who do not have much time to spend in-game or simply have farms for the occasional meal, for animals and for aesthetics and who are not interested too much in gaining skills this idea would help keep their deeds 'beautiful'. It is surely a matter of choice- and of course one of the great things about Wurm is choice? +1
  10. Things I am looking forward to in Wurm...

    The return of some good in-game friends who have not been online for a while. Oh, and the new horse colours as well
  11. Gone Fishing, Catch You Later - Tich / Pifa / Epona

    RIP Tich. I knew you only through seeing you on the forums but am saddened to hear of your passing from such a cruel disease. I hope there can be some fitting memorial for you in-game. All the best to your family, friends and colleagues.
  12. 100 Forestry Title

    Many congratulations. I shudder at the effort that it has taken you to get to the landmark!
  13. All Servers: Short Term Premium Ability

    The cost of Wurm, and indeed any game is something that will always cause a great deal of discussion. For some people, the cost of playing Wurm is something that they will not even think about whereas for other people in different circumstances Wurm can appear expensive. We do need to balance cost of playing with that of observing all the updates that our development team bring out at an amazing rate. Wurm is indeed a game that is given a great deal of love and attention compared to other titles. So what to do? Paying 1s for three days premium sounds as if it is giving the development kitty a lot in comparison to the months premium. The drawback with this (in my opinion) is that if a significant number of people use this idea the monies going into Wurm will probably not pay for development at the current rate. It is for this reason that your idea, which has obviously been put forward with good intent is unlikely to be agreed to.
  14. Night sky when logging in

    Not sure if this is important: It happens to me but ONLY on Xanadu. On Pristine, when I log in the light is exactly as before.
  15. Mystic Highlands Roleplay 1x 1x 4090x4096

    Alas, the King is dead. He died giving his life for his land and his loyal subjects. Last night the populace turned out in large numbers in an attempt to find 'The Navel of the World'. This wondrous place, never before seen by anyone will allow our Princess to be anointed Queen according to our ancient texts. After a journey lasting several real-life hours and many dangers the magical place was found. We have only a short time to create a citizens deed suitable for the coronation of our new Queen. It has to be worthy of royalty and fully connected to allow as many of her subjects to witness this joyous day. If anyone would like to help in this task and perhaps create a life for themselves on Mystic Highlands, they will be made most welcome. - as usual, many thanks to Lord Valiance and Lady Kaylie (and other citizens too numerous to mention) for all of their hard work to create a land that has purpose, is developing a real history, gives much enjoyment to all and of course poses many hardships.