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  1. Excellent read. I had no idea that you could use tents or hats as bandages when in trouble- as people always say, you learn something new every day and Wurm is certainly no exception to that rule! Thanks for the update.
  2. I love the winter season in Wurm, however, I totally get it that for some it is literally a real pain. I would not want to lose 'my' winter but I think the idea from Muse is an excellent compromise that potentially could enable everyone to enjoy Wurm whatever the season. Nice to see senior team members taking an active interest in this so early in the thread.
  3. Thanks to everyone involved for their hard work and expertise- love the extra storage options!
  4. I love reading / seeing how a player develops within the game and all the successes and failures that can occur each and every day. It is something that I tried to do as a blog for almost two years when playing Mystic Highlands (WU) alongside Wurm and I know that it is not easy to keep recording. I have always wished that I kept a pictorial record of how my deeds have evolved as well as the written record. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to seeing the updates.
  5. What I do as an amateur brewer is to: a) add solids a,b,c into a vessel such as cauldron. b) add 1 kg water and then select lore and it will tell you something like ...... you need to add between 1250g and 1870g water. c) I then remove the water and use the measuring vessel to add the appropriate amount of water. This may not be what the top brewers do but it works for me and it should help you find out the amount of liquid required for a beverage.. Hope it helps you with your query.
  6. Some great additions- many thanks to all the team involved in design, testing and coding. I am quite selective as to which skins I buy but the miniature tree is one that is so attractive as an ornamental feature I am seriously considering whether to get another! I love the ability to paint the marble planters, however, I am slightly sad that the previous fantastic addition that allowed the dying of carpets also meant that the old colours of carpets seem to have been lost. It would be great to have the old styles as an additional option if that is possible. Many congratulations Nineol on your amazing achievement.
  7. Great news- many thanks to all involved. I always try to make my own dyes but for carpets I feel that I will need to consult an expert. Thank goodness on Pristine I live close enough to Auntie Sid to give her a shout. Now our homes can be truly individual / unique. Just need dyable glass now
  8. In many walks of life, a veteran would be someone who has a lot of experience in a skill. In Wurm, I would suggest the term could apply to someone who not only has played regularly for many years (I think many folk would accept 10 years) but is also knowledgeable and can demonstrate this in-game. An example of this could be a person who has played for a long time but also explains things and helps others through chat or in-game. There are obvious examples of this seen every day in the help channels when the same names can be seen aiding less expert players. These to me are the real veterans and not someone like me who has played for the 10 years but is not expert enough to be seen regularly helping people- one day perhaps!
  9. Thank you for this and all the hard work carried out during this year by you and the entire team. Merry Christmas to everyone and let us hope that 2023 is one of good health and happiness.
  10. I did it!

    Many congratulations. Now take a deep breath and relax in the warm glow of that achievement= or maybe it is the heat from all those imped forges?
  11. I taught for 40 years. When our school started to buy 'proper' computers rather than BBC 'A' and 'B' (The Hobbit), one of the children in my form class told me about a game that he loved playing. This was RuneScape. Other children also played so I set up a lunchtime RuneScape club. I really enjoyed playing the game myself but started to look around for 'similar' games and came up with Wurm. To start with, I could not get the game to work but thankfully persevered and have loved the World of Wurm ever since. I have had the pleasure of 'meeting' some great people in-game and they really kept me going in the early days. Sadly, these folks have largely moved on but I remain motivated to stay with Wurm simply pottering around and enjoying being the creative person in Wurm that I simply am not in real life! I have tried other games such as Lord of the Rings Online but have never left Wurm. I have no real desire to raise specific stats or be the best at this or that- maybe that is why my loyalty to Wurm remains? The efforts of our development team and all the volunteer staff have been fantastic since I started to play and I would go as far as saying that they actually create some form of loyalty between me (the player) and Wurm (the game). Some of the community help here and elsewhere is simply second-to-none and I think Wurm is fortunate that on the whole our community is a massive bonus when it comes to attracting and holding onto new players. Some players must spend their entire game-time helping others in CA with the same questions that they answer almost every single day- for that I think we must all say many thanks, because they are yet another reason why Wurm is such a wonderful experience. Now retired, I can see family and friends, travel, walk, garden, do any hobby that takes my interest but I always come back to Wurm for a couple of hours whenever possible. Are you ever too old to play Wurm? In my opinion, absolutely no and in many ways, I think older players are actually more suited to the game (sorry young-uns!) because you can actually think before doing anything or simply move at a slower pace rather than clicking so fast that your mouse heats up. As I stated in another post, I only wish that I had found Wurm earlier and that my mouse continues clicking for another few decades!
  12. Goodbye

    I've never met you in-game, but I have heard about the many kind acts that you have performed in PvE.. I hope that you can come back from time to time as- with respect- I disagree with your last sentence in your reply to Cecci! I am not too shy to say that I am quite a bit older than you and I still love playing Wurm. I only wish I had found it even earlier than I did. Whatever you decide, all the very best to you
  13. Many congratulations! Meteoric Metallurgist
  14. I enjoy all of the seasons for the following reasons: Winter- I like the contrasts between blue sky, sea and snow. It is also easier to see predators for hunting or for avoiding dangerous groups of animals that together could cause heavy damage. Spring- I love the vivid green colours and blossom. There are not many crops available, so I tend to use this season for mining and building and simply to enjoy travelling around taking life easy. It is a time to try out new skills or build on my weaker skills. Summer- This is the season I tend to move from building towards preparing my local trees for harvesting- same with my fruit shrubs and hops. Autumn- Harvest, harvest, harvest. Work on using the fruit and farm crops for brewing a variety of tasty drinks. Prepare my building and mining plans for the next few weeks. If I had to choose one season, then I would probably plump for Spring because of the bright colours and attractive blossom. I also enjoy the 'freedom' of being able to potter about moving from one activity to another without feeling that I have to harvest this or that.
  15. Sage, I can understand your disappointment when something like the auction causes you great angst as you describe in your post, however, I would suggest the following before you make your final decision: a) Time can be a great healer and hopefully as time passes you may reconsider your decision. b) People can make mistakes and say things that are hurtful in ways that they may not realise- everybody is different in the way that they cope with or react to criticism and many do not realise this in their interactions. c) You, like me have played and hopefully enjoyed Wurm for well over a decade. I would suggest that you would not have played this fantastic game for so long if it did not give you enjoyment. One bad moment in that time is surely great testament to the overall quality of our player-base and will hopefully encourage you to keep on playing. d) You obviously love the community and the way that Wurm has developed over your play-time. You are also well respected by many in the community and I hope that this gives you strength and encouragement to change your decision. If you decide to stay that would be great and welcomed by many. If you ultimately decide not to stay, then I wish you all the very best in whatever you do.