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  1. What has made you hate Wurm?

    I always read ideas about Wurm with interest and it is clear that there are at least two major groups- those that enjoy PvP and those who enjoy PvEI I can only write with a little authority about the PvE aspect. When I started playing, I was amazed even then with the choices and opportunities available to me. Since then and especially latterly we the players have had update after update to expand the possibilities to an almost limitless extent- I give the work done by Factional Fight as evidence of that. As paying players, we are most definitely entitled to moan at aspects that can- and sometimes do- affect our enjoyment. We have a section of the forums for ideas. Some of the ideas may be the result of a glass of something but others ideas can stimulate that 'eureka moment'. The development team have a tricky balancing act to fulfil. They cannot hope to please everyone and we should trust their own 'feel' for Wurm and the developmental path that they have. Every couple of weeks we get Retrograde telling us what we have to look forward. I cannot think of anything more that could be done to inform the players. May I therefore respectfully suggest that instead of slating the work that has been done, players compare what is done for us here with what other games inflict on their players and thank their lucky stars- better still, thank the development team which in my own opinion is the strongest that it has ever been. For those PvP players, I am sorry that some of you feel let down. Instead of knocking genuine effort, would it not be better if there was a closed forum for senior PvP people and a small number of the development team? That may not guarantee you get the changes that you are so evidently looking for but it may give you a little more say in the development of that side of Wurm. It may even let you see what a challenge improving Wurm can be
  2. Mystic Highlands Roleplay 1x 1x 4090x4096

    Mystic Highlands has just completed another of its fabulous auction events. There were 18 lots up for sale. Newer players were successful in their trades as well as the well-established artisans. Several rare and supreme tools / weapons went for well over 6s- more than enough to establish and keep a deed going. On my way back to my deed I could see new players establishing their own place but we still have many areas still available even along the coast. We have a friendly player-base who will help anyone who needs advice. We have two server owners (Valiance and Kaylie) who not only put huge amounts of effort into these events but are online every single day- I should know because I am too If you want to play on a well-run, inspirational, innovative, friendly server then give us a go. We would love to see you there!
  3. New Server / Islands / Region?

    I understand why you wish for a new server / land. The excitement of exploring a new continent, trying to find a new place to call your own before anyone else finds it is quite real. I also understand your idea for an island-like land to give alternate opportunities. Unfortunately, I have to agree with others in this thread and suggest that the population is far too sparse as it is. Not wanting to take you away from Wurm Online but have you looked at some of the servers available on Wurm Unlimited? I realise that these may be transient and you may not be in a land-rush but could have the opportunity to put your mark on something relatively new which may be what you are looking for.
  4. A (Hi)story of Pristine

    I think my alt Kalmit must have been one of the first citizens of Pristine. [17:31:06] You enter Troshkas Nest. [17:31:06] It is 14:10:38 on day of Sleep in week 3 of the starfall of the Leaf in the year of 1028. [17:31:06] The settlement of Troshkas Nest has just been founded by Kalmit. I have been there ever since and fully intend to stay for the duration It is a small natural island at the entrance of a fjord which with the help of friend Tegard has been expanded into a lovely little deed.
  5. Lets tell a story...

    I was not sure whether to take my goods by cart or by boat
  6. Some great streams for Wurm (both formats) at the moment from Malena, Valiance on Mystic Highlands and now from Fabulous Factional Fight Thanks to all who put the effort in and loads of luck for your own stream. I look forward to popping in from time to time.
  7. Monastery of Gods

    It is not for me as I have never had a priest, however, I would think there will be a number of players who would be interested. You may also get some players who would like the chance to 'light role-play. A good location may also give you a greater chance of attracting men-of-the-cloth! I think you will have a lot of opportunities to develop your plan as you attract them. For example- a monastery would often have regional farms called Granges to supply the brothers (sisters?) You could create your own refectory with highly skilled cooks. A Dorter or monastic dormitory could also be part of your community and what about an inn for travellers? Good luck with your interesting idea.
  8. Auction House

    I often play on Mystic Highlands server. As part of the community events we have very successful auctions approximately every month. They are so successful due to the hard work of Valiance and Kaylie (owners) and I fear that this may be the problem with this suggestion. It is possible that I cannot see what is actually possible with wagoneers etc. and would be willing to change my opinion if that is the case. Some very community-minded players may actually be willing to create events like those described above. If they did, I would suggest that you may find players who did not usually buy / sell will be drawn to the location. Those involved in the organising should be able to take an auctioneers cut of 5-10%. The auction house would simply be a player-made building in much the same style as the inn. It is theoretically possible for the idea to be trialled now- all it takes is for someone to have the time and energy to try it. The auctions would certainly raise community spirit and may even help support the flagging economy.

    Good idea. It is really good for players when a senior member of the team responds in the way that Retrograde has here whether it be affirmative as in this case or to simply say sorry no can do! Thank you.
  10. I always enjoy reading opinions (thank you Brash_Endeavours) about new games and I have viewed the links given by Vengus. I can see from these that they personally have put a huge amount of time and effort into supporting Fractured and it is obvious that they can see great potential there. It will take a lot to entice me to move away from Wurm (either format) but I wish Vengus et al good fortune with the game. I also hope that investors in the Fractured will see a finished game for their money.
  11. Wooden hen house

    Great idea!
  12. So long, and thanks for all the fish

    Never met you in-game but hope that you reconsider. People obviously do like you and like your ideas or else surely you would not have so many reputation points. Think again, but if you do decide to go then good luck.
  13. Good Bye Wurm

    Wishing you all the very best in this most important battle.
  14. More alloys!

    Good ideas- I especially like the Pewter idea- can also be made from Tin, Lead and Copper.
  15. Mystic Highlands Roleplay 1x 1x 4090x4096

    Oh, I am so annoyed that I missed this event. I have never managed to get to a unique kill on Mystic Highlands. It is most pleasing to read that no matter if the citizen was brand new or a veteran, they all received an equal share of the goodies. This is how it has always been in this kingdom and hopefully how it will always be. We have had a steady supply of new players during these warm summer weeks and although we have lost some older-established citizens the population remains over 40 for peak times- and often a lot more. It may be summer in real-life, however, on Mystic Highlands the winter has just begun with all the trials and tribulations that this brings. I know that there will be at least one person huddled around a forge hoping to stay warm but also perhaps produce a rare chain jacket! To any potential players, give Mystic Highlands a try. We are long-established but always forward-looking. There are places where new players can learn in the protection of towns and villages but we also have huge areas of land waiting to be moulded into whatever pleases you. The opportunities are endless. See you there.