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  1. Bloodscythe, I enjoyed reading your note and I too have enjoyed the lands of Wurm for a good few years. I am thinking about your recent experiences and have thought about what could have changed for you. In the early days we had many more players to interact with. This meant that if we did find someone who we simply did not get along with (for whatever reason) then it was relatively easy to find many others who we could strike up a long-lasting in-game friendship with. This would no doubt be a more positive experience and therefore something that we would remember fondly. In recent years- more specifically the last year according to your note- could it be that if you were unfortunate enough to meet a fellow player who caused you anguish or you were simply opposing types of character, it would be a lot more difficult to find another player who you could 'friend', team up with of join on adventures and builds? This again would cause your more negative recent experiences and maybe cause your opinion of the current player base to change downwards? Whether I am correct or simply getting it all wrong, I sincerely hope that you can stay in Wurm and enjoy the chance to simply do what you want and perhaps you will find a player who you can strike up a perfect in-game friendship with. All the best and think positive and I am sure you will be rewarded!
  2. I would agree with Brash_Endeavours. Having monocultures in real life is now not encouraged by forestry organisations as they reduce the bio-diversity, however, I feel that in Wurm it is different. Having stands of one particular tree in an area helps give the place a sense of identity and can even be used to locate yourself within the landscape. In the early days of a server, the variation in location 'encourages' the population to travel around more in order to find the fruit, the acorns, pine nuts and so on that they may feel they need. It can also encourage fledgling trade between players located in different biomes. As someone who has met their end in thorn forests more than once on the WU server I also play on, I would totally agree with keeping the thorn trees under control- unless of course you wish to make life more difficult for your player-base.
  3. Eir

    Rest in Peace.
  4. To quote Sir Winston Churchill: 'A nation that forgets its past has no future'. Wurm is like a nation created by people from all over the world. Some wonderful people in the past, long before I joined have helped to create the lands of Wurm. We should not forget them. As_I_Decay put this in the perfect way in their post in this thread.
  5. Well done to all the team for the way you have carried out this improvement. The advance information, the way that you have been available throughout the changeover so help solve minor issues and to help allay fears is most appreciated. Cookies all round- the edible ones that is
  6. Really good idea that opens up lots of culinary opportunities: 1. Peanut Power Balls- peanut butter (create peanut using pea and nut then combine with butter of choice), milk (of choice), honey and choc chips (could substitute ground cocoa bean using mortar and pestle. Stir in basin. Use spoon to create balls. Add ice to basin to complete. 2. Peanut Brittle- unsalted peanuts (again choice of salt / no salt), sugar (ground), corn syrup (made from maple syrup and corn boiled together), water, bicarb of soda (this is a salt so normal salt could be substituted here). Spoon out onto parchment (use papyrus sheet). 3. Peanut Butter Cookies- peanut butter (created as above), golden caster sugar (ground sugar beet with a little honey), salt, egg. Bake 4. Honey Peanuts- sugar, salt, honey, water, skinless peanuts (remove skin), butter (of your choice). Heat in pan. 5. Creamy peanut sauce- peanut butter (created as above), double cream (normal cream with sugar stirred in basin), golden syrup (maple syrup and a little honey). Heat in pan until all combined. Just a few of the possible recipes that we could create using Wurm technology. +1
  7. Some villagers are being plagued by Hatchlings so Voladol has called the people to arms! There will be two hunts this week on Wednesday July 3rd at 8.00pm BST and full details can be found on the Mystic Highlands forums: https://forum.mystichighlands.com/viewtopic.php?f=11&p=1469#p1469 The kingdom continues to evolve and at peak times there are usually between 20-40 citizens playing depending on the time. Some old friends have left for other lands but we have been able to welcome some new citizens. Anyone who enjoys playing Wurm in a light RP style is welcome. Some people have come only for a short visit but almost without exception they have commented on the friendly welcome and helpful player-base that we have here. Give our kingdom a visit even if only to say hello! Thanks to the efforts of Valiance and Kaylie, we are now a well-established server (over 2.5 years), however, there are still plenty of areas along the coasts available to new players. We have players from all over the world with most from UK / EU / US.
  8. Not a PVP player but in my opinion it would be great customer relations if the suggestion were at least read, thought about and then replied to by one of the development team. +1
  9. Any suggestion as to how to increase player numbers in Wurm is interesting. I would suggest that most players who are weaned on a 3x3x server up to 50 skill (or thereabouts) and then proceed onto a 1x1x server on Wurm, with the added reduction in skill gain post-50 will simply give it a few days, then move across onto one of the WU servers. The players who enjoy Wurm seem to have a gene that needs challenge, some disappointment and grind to be happy. I play both forms, however both are 1x1x. The reason why I enjoy the WU version as well is because of events (needs a dedicated server owner) and because of the very active community who are happy to help everyone.
  10. We had a well-attended social evening at the Drunken Rat last night. This was to allow new citizens and old to mix, enjoy quality food and good drink. Some had rather too much to drink- but that is another story! There was a most excellent display of fireworks as a diversion as well. During the social we were called away to defeat another army of our nemesis the Necromancer. Some good horses and at least one good warrior met their end before the army was vanquished. As a consequence of the victory and the lava tiles that were used by our enemy the winter this year will be less cold. This will be an opportunity for prospective new citizens to get established in our lands before the cruel winter cold returns next year. All citizens attending the event were awarded with a most beautiful and most apt Easter gift by Lord Valiance and Lady Kaylie- thank you both!
  11. Fantastic work by all involved- thank you. All of your work is just making this great game even better. Now let us try to get the population growth that your efforts really deserve!
  12. Love the 'improved' armour graphic. I can understand why some people are not quite so keen on the rare effect though for me, it is no issue. I mainly write to thank the development team for their work. Whether we 100% love the updates or not, I feel sure that most members are grateful for the continuous stream of updates that puts most other games to shame. It is just a pity that more people are not encouraged to try Wurm in any or all of its formats. Perhaps that should be part of the development process as well?
  13. Tree Hights

    This is from the wiki- it may help a little, at least I hope it does. https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Trees From the notes at the bottom of the page: Order in tree height (at very old stage) is as follows: Cedar, Pine, Maple, Chestnut, Oak, Linden, Birch, Fir, Walnut, Willow, Olive, Apple, Cherry, Lemon
  14. ... and to me. I just treated is as a nice little bonus!
  15. A lot has happened on Mystic Highlands this year thanks to Valiance and Kaylie (and Elias for his coding skills). The citizens discovered the Navel of the World where coronations of the Royal Family took place in the distant past. The deed has been transformed into a place of mystical beauty, a place fit for the coronation of Princess Leofflaed. We had to defend the area from the dark army of the Necromancer last week. On Sunday, we provided an armed escort for the Princess from the SE marble bridge up to the Navel in preparation for her coronation. During the journey, we fought over 500 beasts from wolves up to Rift Beasts and Mages. Two citizens gave their life for the Princess. During the journey, the Princess was defended so well that only one hit was repelled by her shield. It took me 6 hours to sail back and forward in order to take part in the event (poor winds) but it was well worth it albeit stressful at times in the heat of battle. I could go on and on but if you want to read more about the server, the events, the people and the lore created, please use the link below: https://mystichighlands.com/ Better still, pay us a visit and enjoy a challenging server but a server full of friendly folks from all over the world.