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  1. Real life must always come first and coming from a farming region I completely understand the time that you now need to put into your new venture. All the very best to you and your family- stay well, be successful and be happy looking after the land!
  2. Excellent update- thanks to everyone involved. I must see if Orion can be spotted in the Pristine night-sky Congratulations to Darklords Congratulations to Malena- I hope that you will still be able to make some of your excellent videos whilst fulfilling your role in Wurm.
  3. I write this comment for players like myself but understand that other players will play Wurm for completely different reasons and totally respect those reasons.. I understand completely what Kochinac is talking about here and there is no doubt that there are things that you can make that give you nothing back in return. Except a) For many people the fact that something can be created is all that they require to set about making it. Their next task is maybe to make a 'rare' of that item to complete a table set of rares (for example). b) Some people simply prefer to 'escape' into Wurm, potter around and simply browse through the wiki and make something that they have never done before. This immersion (I feel) is a very important part of Wurm and helps contribute to the uniqueness of the game experience. c) Cooking can give a skilled player a lot back- perhaps more than most skills- however, for some it is the challenge of discovering more recipes that outweighs any skill bonus. I do agree that it would be nice for the creation of beverages to be able to give longer skill bonus but it may just be that I am not yet skilled enough. I could go on but I guess my point is that Wurm for me is simply the enjoyment of the lands and its people, the ability to enjoy an amazing range of skills and create a deed that once simply existed in my imagination. For what it costs me every month to play I consider it money well spent and for me, every item that I can create has it own use to enhance the overall experience. If a player considers an item to be 'useless' then they surely have the option not to make said item?
  4. For me, one of the positive things is the way that when you go out for a walk everyone says hello even if you have never seen them before. It is as though all realise that togetherness is strength. Another positive thing is the way that the 'little people' such as our fantastic health professionals have shown just how important they are to us all. Who needs so-called celebrities when you have a wonderful 99 year-old man who can unite the whole world and gather more than 27 million pounds for good causes AND be part of the number one record in the UK? Stay safe everyone!
  5. Firstly- I must say that I have no idea of the problem that caused the banning of Platyna, have never met them or talked to them in chat so I write the following from a neutral stance! I have a some experience of ASD people (mainly children) through my job in school. I can sympathise with both the player involved and the GM. To begin with, the children in our school who had ASD were often thought of as being 'naughty' as we had little idea of how to 'cope' with them. We asked a professional to meet with us and they explained both the large range of symptoms and the way that these can be exhibited. One of the best suggestions was indeed- as Platyna stated above- showing us how to phrase instructions so that there could be as little confusion as possible as to what was required or expected. Now, the spectrum is very wide and people across it can display many different types of behaviour and this is where there can be possible conflict between players and management such as a GM. How to be sympathetic to a player who has ASD yet not to be taken in by another player who is taking advantage of a potential loophole may make it impossible to judge correctly if there is the possibility of a ban because of an action in-game. In a school situation, we are of course privy to confidential medical notes that can confirm a child has ASD if a parent wishes to give us access. I do not think that anyone would wish to give a GM- a person who they in all likelihood do not know- evidence of ASD and this in my eyes would be a major problem for both player and management to overcome. I would be interested to read the views of other players and perhaps the input of a GM to highlight other potential issues that I have not thought of.
  6. Mystic Highlands continues to keep a healthy player base. Many citizens are on every single day. It is sometimes really difficult to entice any player to any server as most have their own 'special' attraction, however, tonight in-game we were talking about future events when one of our players came up with this superb (and honestly it was not asked for) quote: [21:12:17] <Mark> Hey, I dropped WoW for this server. Need I say more apart from inviting anyone who would like to enjoy Wurm Unlimited on a friendly, well run server to please give us a visit no matter how brief that visit may be? Most people are usually on Mystic Highlands between 7-10pm UK time.
  7. I know that many people really dislike the winter in Wurm and complain about the 'reflective light' affecting their enjoyment and I totally get that. I am a person who enjoys a snowy winter in real life. I also love winter in Wurm and for me, it passes too quickly. I love the stark mountain crags of my Pristine fjord with the blue sky and water contrasting with the green of the pine trees. I love the the sun reflecting off the white blanket of snow that is so useful for my larders. I especially like looking down at my little island at night-time lit up by what appears to be the extra lighting effect of the combination of snow and lamps. I do not think there is any significant call for winter to be extended but I just wanted you to know that you are not alone in your enjoyment of the Wurm winter.
  8. One of the first events we ever had in our kingdom 'The Community Tunnel' is still on-going but the end of our amazing task is getting closer and closer. Players have been spending much of the last few weeks chipping away and of course gaining plenty of mining experience! Server owners Valiance and Kaylie are often in-game to support, welcome new players and advise. They also make sure that everyone is able to enjoy their time on Mystic Highlands. Some citizens have left the kingdom during the last six months to try other servers (or to resume their studies) but we have welcomed some new players in recent weeks and they are settling in to life here and are of course being supported by the established community. There are plenty of places along the coast for people to build their homestead or metropolis and we have an abundance of wildlife for players of any ability. The animals seem to be trying to take back some of their territories from the humans living here so earning money for a deed should not take too long! I have played on Mystic Highlands since it started and would thoroughly recommend it to players who want to experience a welcoming community, a beautifully crafted world and owners who care about the game and have literally thousands of hours of experience playing Wurm. We are advertised as a role-play server and indeed we are, however, as I have said before, I would call it role-play light and as someone who had never played in such a way, I have never 'got stressed' over how to act in chat! We have attempted to create a world based on the lore contained in the site below. Our players at the moment are mainly from UK and US. If anyone needs more information, please take a look at our website below. The server map is current and new players will start in Safehold where there are lots of things for a new player to experience and do such as sewers to take early fighting skill that bit higher, mines, inn, portals, and guard towers to help with fighting too-powerful foes. There are also many community buildings in and around Safehold such as the archery arena, auction house and open air market. https://mystichighlands.com/
  9. This may sound daft but mine is: [11:39:10] A small finely polished stone used to sharpen the edges of weapons. It was given to me by a player called VonWolf who rescued me on Indy in July 2011. The quality of the stone was 73.73 and to me this seemed more valuable than gold. When I had mining skill of less than 10 he simply seemed like a super-hero. I have kept the stone in my back-pack until this day and it has taken a lot of damage but I don't care- it will remain there for as long as I play Wurm. I could now make my own whetstone with a quality far in excess of this aged, damaged chipped pebble but I will not do that. To me it is like carrying my own lucky charm. Sadly, I never saw VonWolf after September 2011 but I will always treasure the short time that I had being educated in the ways of Wurm with this treasured stone in my pocket..
  10. I think this is a good idea because of the reasons stated above by fellow-players but also because it would allow a significant boost to the social / community side of the game- course this is something that a number of people have been saying has been lost in recent years. New players would also benefit as if part of an alliance they would be able to visit the member deeds and hopefully see for themselves just what is possible in this amazing game. This may possibly significantly reduce new-player loss and even increase the number of players who wish to become premium.. It would also be a 'boon' to those deeds / alliances that enjoy role-play and allow easier events to take place whether these be competitions, impalongs (as suggested by Muse) or even auctions. Should the teleport be 'free' or as Finn suggests cost a small amount of karma? I think I would be inclined to charge a small fee (karma or a copper or two) but I am sure others will have their own views and perhaps other suggestions.
  11. I can understand your desire to improve the game mechanics for new players, however, pottery is surely one of the skills where the use of hands as a tool is absolutely needed in real life to mould and shape and not just to hold an implement. I feel that this should be understood and expected as such by most people? I think it is important not to change things unless there is a glaring reason to do so and I am afraid I do not see one here..
  12. Jaz is 'spot on' when he talks about the community but of course people also play Wurm for the challenge and enjoyment. If I may suggest, change is often a difficult thing to cope with in our everyday lives. We usually love the warm safety-net of the familiar. Change to some is a cold place where we immediately think negatively about what has been changed. I try to embrace the changes that are made, it has taken a long time for me to embrace the 'new' cooking aspect of Wurm but I am now totally enthusiastic about it. The new fishing aspect is still something that I have to attend to but I will surely do that. In my opinion, if you really try to be positive about these and other changes you have a far better chance of eventually enjoying the new challenges that they bring you and your characters. You may just find that one day you finally understand what the changes were all about- at least I hope so! Don't forget you will always have the community to help you through any issues that you may have. I hope that you can stay and give Wurm another chance to prove what a great game it is.
  13. I would be happy if this was added to Wurm as on balance there appears to be no significant advantage gained in receiving the warning. Advantages: as Wipeout has already stated, definitely prevents those annoying random holes that tend to scar many regions and saves having to ask a priest to use strongwall or the expense of buying a shaker orb. It would also lessen the number of mine-doors needed in order to keep your mine secure! Disadvantages: less potential income for priests from careless or less-experienced miners. Wurm is a game of constant challenges and one of those challenges is to create a mine that is well built so warning a player of an impending problem may be considered by some as a lessening of the challenge (there are of course other warnings already given to players so the precedent could be considered to have been set already?) The holes in cliff-sides offer easier access to ore veins to both new and established players who may simply need a small amount of ore x / y that they do not have in their on-deed mines. Maybe in view of the suggestions above (I am sure there will be many more) make the warning for on-deed mines only- if that separation is possible?
  14. Sorry to hear about your fantastic achievement not yet being recognised with an appropriate title. What about 'Earth Scratcher'?
  15. When I first started playing Wurm, trolls were terrifying to me as I would have been able to die in about 2 decent blows. It may well be that you have a couple of troll mounds nearby and you have simply been unlucky. Other folks who may yearn for Trolls may be 'stuck' with lions and bears which give little experience to a decent fighter and for those people, that is also unlucky. I still avoid Trolls but have used them as a sort of marker of how much my fighting skills have improved- maybe you could do that? There are many more experienced players than me who would love to see MORE Trolls including the green variety and that in effect is the difficult balancing act that the development team have to juggle with. I have noticed an increase in the number of Goblins where I live- maybe there has been some sort of change in the likelihood of them spawning , I am not sure. You could of course use your guard-tower where you could lead any troll to its demise- or you could do what I still do and run away preferably on a fast horse! Basically, I suppose I am saying that I simply take what I am given in Wurm and try to sort it out in the most positive way so I am neutral on your suggestion.