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  1. Good idea for those who want a specific position for a water feature when a divining may not 'give' what you want- win for those people. For those who want it, the pendulum would still exist- as well as its three lurker features of course- win for those. As Bekador proposed, if a miner can use a rod to create ore veins to their desire then surely it is possible to give those people who would like the 'perfect' design for their deeds a rod of dowsing?
  2. What a wonderful idea- just shows what is possible in this game! Please send a sweet hamper to Kalmit so that we can celebrate the Platinum Jubilee of HM The Queen this special week. Good luck with your business.
  3. Welcome to Wurm Daisybella. I hope that you have a wonderful time making your life in Wurm whether that be as a lone player, a villager, a merchant, a fighter, a farmer....... I can honestly say that I have found some marvellous players in the game who will spend as much time as it takes in order to help newcomers and established alike. I've been here over ten years and have only come across helpful, kind considerate folk- I trust and hope that you will find the same. The islands (servers) are not as 'full' as some would wish, however, if you enjoy the company of fellow-players in local, you can always ask in these forums to start in a village. You may then decide whether to stay, move out to make your own deed but stay in the neighbourhood or simply explore. Basically you can do whatever your imagination and interest leads you towards. Enjoy!
  4. I find Wurm the ideal escape route from the many things that are currently bearing down on families and individuals alike, however, this can only be my own opinion as I feel sure that some people feel that aspects of the game cause them angst / anguish. I am an older player and as such I may likely have a different playing style when compared to younger players. I do not rush Wurm and as a result play every day albeit for relatively short periods of time (2hs at a time max). The immersion that I obtain through playing can make the game realistic in as far as it is still 'just a game'. I love many aspects of the game and I do feel that the variety of skills / challenges- and in some cases, the complexity of the gameplay such as cooking and beverages- are very beneficial to keeping my brain youthful Not being a medical person, I would imagine that mental health is something that can affect people in a wide variety of ways due to many different causes and so different games may cause negative or positive outcomes to different people. Maybe this is why a new genre suggesting that a game can be good for mental health has not been implemented before? Like you, (Zexos) I find playing Wurm beneficial, relaxing and an excellent form of escapism but I would not be confident in suggesting it as an 'elixir' for mental health except to someone who I knew really well. You have posed a very interesting question!
  5. Malena- what an incredible piece of research. It could definitely be described as a 'Magnum opus', however since you have already done other astonishing works such as your interactive illustrative aid for decorators this simply puts you out there in the elite group of those people whose contributions have helped create such a fantastic community in this unique game. Thank you -enjoy your time playing Wurm, but most importantly catching up on those other important real-life things.
  6. I am sure that your idea has been made with the very best of intent, however I would respectfully say that as someone who has relations living in the conflict zone of both nationalities (Russian and Ukrainian) that I come to play Wurm in order to relax and escape the awful news and it is for this reason that I will continue to pay my 'monthly dues' as my way of thanking Wurm for allowing a little bit of escapism. If players and / or Game Chest wish to donate to the wonderful Red Cross or similar organisations then they can do that directly and hopefully their money can be used to help the Ukrainian, Russian and all the other nationalities who have been affected but I think we should try to keep out of politics. My views may not be popular to some but they are said with the very best of intentions hoping that the fighting can stop as soon as is possible.
  7. Stay safe Bloodreina.
  8. I wonder if it is because of the date- 22/2/22. Maybe this 'special number' date falling on a 'Twosday' is not conducive to maintenance!
  9. Sad News

    Such sad news. I did not have the pleasure of knowing her but I send my best wishes to all of her family and friends. RIP Chaosmeow
  10. Nirav, I do not know you but would like to 'say' the following: Bullying can take many forms none of which should be acceptable. I am no artist but would like to think that I can appreciate the talents demonstrated in any piece of work. As a teacher I completely understand the damage careless / thoughtless words can have on children and adults alike. I also understand that for some folks subject to such criticism asking them to simply rise above it is not always possible. I simply hope that you and other talented people will find that the vast majority of this community can demonstrate their support and admiration of the wonderful contributions made by many to support this game. You all deserve our support.
  11. I have read this thread over and over before commenting. Wurm is a wonderful game that encourages many different sorts of people to create what they want. Each of these players has their own attitude to Wurm and indeed to this suggestion. I would suggest that the thread will be of more use if folks attempted to make reasoned comments about what they think whether that be for or against the suggestion of joining the two regions rather than being diverted into blaming one side or another. Doing this would allow the developers / management to see the balance of opinion and make the best decision for Wurm and for the majority of players rather than despairing at the increasing player v player slagging. For me, I have only ever been on SFI and have never had any desire to visit NFI, however, I respect the opinions those who wish the joining to take place- some of their reasons have been stated in the thread. I have bought the occasional item through the forums or the trade channel but to be honest, I am one of those players who much prefers to make their own way using mainly their own skills. I do understand those merchants on either SFI / NFI who want the status quo and once again, they have given very fair reasons for their opinions. To sum up, I really do not care if the isles are joined or if they stay apart, I will continue to play as I do (mainly pottering about doing a whole variety of things rather than skilling specifics) and will enjoy relaxing on Pristine and Xanadu whilst playing this amazing game. These comments may look as though I am simply 'sitting on the fence' to be 'neutral' and indeed after much thought, that is where my opinions take me. I wonder how many other players are in roughly this same position?
  12. Your ideas are exactly what those folks who have their perfect area 'overrun by marsh' would ask for, however, Finn and Jaz have also made an important point that you may have missed: Some people may come across a disbanded area that is perfect for them to take over. Marsh in specific places can be used to create a 'wild' area or simply as decoration for deeds so I would give +1 for your original idea with the proviso that marsh tiles can also be made- possibly through transmutation like clay, peat and tar.