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  1. Your ideas are exactly what those folks who have their perfect area 'overrun by marsh' would ask for, however, Finn and Jaz have also made an important point that you may have missed: Some people may come across a disbanded area that is perfect for them to take over. Marsh in specific places can be used to create a 'wild' area or simply as decoration for deeds so I would give +1 for your original idea with the proviso that marsh tiles can also be made- possibly through transmutation like clay, peat and tar.
  2. Attention

    Many congratulations. Nice Christmas present for you and I am sure earned the hard way. You will surely be in demand for the Wurm New Year parties!
  3. Happy Holidays!

    Thank you Keenan, all of the full time staff and of course the many volunteers who help to make Wurm the great game that it is. Happy Christmas!
  4. Sometimes in Wurm we can press the 'destruct' button to get rid of an unwanted object, building or even deed, however, I feel that if we were to have all of our work disappear into the cloud there would not be enough people left to populate your three servers. The reasons for this are several: a) Not all people are interested in monetary rewards and are simply interested in creating a pleasant place to create a virtual life in. They become 'attached' to their little place in Wurm. This may sound strange to some but others will understand what I mean. b) People spend many hours simply enjoying pottering around their deed and taking whatever skill increase comes along. To have this 'destroyed' would end that enjoyment and in many cases lead to people leaving the game. c) To lose skills would mean that many people who have spent hundreds (maybe more) of pounds (or whatever currency) gaining skills and setting up fantastic businesses would lose all that and I suspect that they would also simply leave Wurm as well. I do accept that some new players could be attracted to play Wurm with the target of becoming the new high skilled smith, brewer, potter or whatever if everyone started from 'Year 1' again. I suspect though that we would lose more players than new so this possible advantage has been largely blunted (in my opinion) What could we do to make Wurm more enjoyable to play than it already is? a) I trust the developers to keep updates coming- always have and always will. They will not please everyone but that is never going to be possible and more of us need to accept that. There are some incredible players in Wurm who have knowledge and ideas that I can never hope to match. I would love players like Oblivionreaver et al (who comes across as a 'font of knowledge' and experience) to be asked for their opinions of what could possibly be done by one or more of the staff team. b) I was not in favour of joining the two sets of isles together but how feel that possibly the time is approaching when that could be considered. Doing that may offer Wurm the fillip that I feel that it so deserves. Some traders in the NFI may have concerns about losing a little of the premium prices that seem to occur there but the prices are continuing to average out. I would guess that some players are so knowledgeable about Wurm and have so much disposable time and / or money that within a few months (or less) of your proposed new lands the same people would again be 'in charge' of the markets again. What would you do then? Press the reset button again? Finally, as someone who this year has experienced the closure of a server that I so enjoyed playing on, I would suggest that destruction of the existing lands would not bring more people into Wurm and would likely lead to more people leaving. I would support many things if it were to improve my enjoyment of Wurm but in this case, I cannot support your proposal.
  5. Nice poem and even better sentiment. No need to send me a barrel, I simply wanted to congratulate you on your effort and use the opportunity wish you and everyone else a Merry Christmas.
  6. I read with interest your recent comments elsewhere on the forums reminding us all about when Christmas always saw snow arriving in Wurm. I know others dislike snow, however, for me and some others having snow around Christmas take us back to when we were much younger and always anticipated snow when we woke on the morning on the 25th December (evening of the 24th for some). You Sir- and your team- are very talented. Many congratulations on your efforts here- it is always wonderful when you can actually do something positive for people in Wurm Unlimited. If it can be done for WU, I wonder if the developers in WO can do the same albeit with the ability for those who wish it to turn off the snow? Whatever happens, have a wonderful Christmas and much success with your project of Sklotopolis in the New Year.
  7. I totally understand why some people do not like snow in Wurm due to various reasons / needs but I love it and would even like to see additional snow days over Christmas to add to the festivities! To return to the suggestion from Tpikol, I would have no problems with being able to toggle snow if that was made possible.
  8. Just glad to receive more updates like we have had recently, however, if I could choose one item that is simple but unique how about a yule design table cloth that we can bring out for special occasions or simply make a centre piece for a room?
  9. I feel your pain with regards to MOI in farming but I do get the occasional rare when crafting. I would not want rares to become 'common' but I do find your idea intriguing. I know that many create good coin by making / selling rares. I wonder if your idea would indirectly stifle that market? I also wonder if the incidence of MOI varies substantially depending on whether you are creating a barrel (higher?) or something like a leatherworking knife (lower?) or whether we have simply been unlucky with the 'roll of the dice'.
  10. To get so many rare tea / coffee and supreme Cocoa in such a relatively short time is impressive- I am in awe! Good to see that such a senior player enjoys doing 'crazy' things like many other Wurm players. I wonder what little foibles the rest of the team have
  11. Some people have been working hard in the development cave- thanks to all. These new options simply whet the appetite and get more creative juices flowing. I also congratulate you on asking player opinion before changing things- more evidence that players are being listened to even more.
  12. I would say that your greatest achievement is simply deciding to come back to Wurm. Your objectives all make sense and of course will make even more sense to you in your own deed. Have you ever thought about simply playing Wurm ad-hoc? What I mean is to do a bit of this and then something else and so on. You will experience a wide variety of activities and your skills will rise across-the-board. You may also find that your enjoyment increases because you do not get stressed in-game attempting to get higher and higher skills. I never really bother with skills except when I get very close to (say) a title level or perhaps (say) getting close to 53 in harvesting which would allow me to pick additional resources. I apologise in advance if you prefer setting yourself targets as a way of achieving not just skills but goods that you can sell to fund your game. Good luck in whatever you do, good luck in rl and welcome back.
  13. Fascinating number crunching- thank you. For me, beverages are increasingly a skill that I simply want to learn more about and build up my own village brewery / inn. At only 45 brewing skill, I am no risk to those Sommeliers selling amazing barrels of liquid affinities but any help to get further in my skills / rewards is most welcome.
  14. Does not seem much when compared against some achievements listed here, but finally reached 50 in pottery. This stimulation was of course due to the tea / coffee update which required lots of pottery planters, mugs, pots and things!