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  1. Please do not be disappointed Exodus. There is nothing wrong at all with wanting to help our game develop and it is precisely for this reason that this forum section exists. It is people like you who have innovative thoughts that allow the developers to see the ideas of the community and potentially add some of the ideas into Wurm.
  2. I was going to say interesting idea but no. However... I have done a little looking around and it seems that earliest wagonways date from Ancient Greece (no surprise there) c. 600 BC until the middle of the 1st century AD at Corinth. A paved trackway consisting of grooves in limestone acted as a primitive railway allowing boats to be pulled overland. This being so, I would suggest that wagonways as an option in Wurm would fit into the style of game we have providing that a reinforced, prepared floor was a pre-requisite with grooves able to be 'carved' by a highly skilled stonemason (maybe 90+) Most people would be able to prepare the floor in caves but the high ability stonemason skill would provide additional work / reward for those players at that level (I am not one of them) Mine carts as suggested by Exodus could be added but I am not sure how they could be made advantageous to large carts or wagons drawn by horses. They may however, provide evidence of the ability of the creator and that for some could be enough. A tentative +1 for the idea now but I think the application of the idea needs to be less post-industrial revolution in its concept (fuel powered vehicles and rails for example in my opinion would look out of place)
  3. Melody- music to the ears of many Good luck!
  4. I know it is a pain not being able to access the new servers but it is going to be a long haul to make a new 'life' there. There are going to be a lot of people working hard to sort out the teething issues and as someone has already said there are going to be loads of great places for people to settle for many weeks. Hopefully, you will get on soon, if not, then you will hopefully log on tomorrow and have a great time. As the adage says, 'Everything comes to him/he who waits'- this will hopefully be proved to be true. Good luck everyone whether you be players or developers.
  5. We still do have graded dungeons on Mystic Highlands- the easier ones are very popular with some of the newer players as they skill up in a more controlled way than accidently rushing into the arms of a venerable green troll outside. They also gain some coin from their efforts that they can put towards their first deed.
  6. Many years ago, I saw an advert in a computer magazine about a game called Wurm Online. I also viewed a stutteringly blurred video of what could be done in the game by characters that looked oh so similar. I took the plunge almost 9 years to the day ago and have played almost every day since I have just looked at the incredible video (well done Malena) and feel so proud that I am part of a community that chooses to play Wurm. I would be amazed and somewhat saddened if people were not encouraged to give Wurm a go. Once they start playing, our incredible community will surely ensure that many of these new players stay within the game and carve out their own career in Wurm Well done to all our development team past and present and I wish you all a great launch next week- I hope we can make Rolf and Notch proud of just how far their dream has travelled.
  7. Oblivionreaver is correct there TheTrickster. It is already possible to disembark onto dry land from your vessel and only your poor old horse gets wet!. In fact some of the jumps that are possible are quite impressive from a standing start.
  8. Well done to whoever it was who listened or saw that most people were perplexed by the decision. It takes intelligence and no little bravery to realise that the original verdict may have been flawed even if made with the best of intentions.
  9. This is such a pity. The naming of the new servers ought to have been a time for celebration, of looking forward to their release and wondering whether there will be an exodus from the existing servers to the new worlds that await us. I feel so sorry for the winners but all I would say to them is well done and enjoy your rewards. Creating a competition like this is not easy and I am sure that those involved realise that now. The decisions have been made and I am sure that they were made with the best intentions. It may have been that the senior team wanted names in a certain style (I may be wrong but it seems a younger, more snappy style is what was desired rather than names that enhanced the original server titles) Good luck with the new servers, I hope that they are a great success! Oh, nearly forgot- well done Malena for all your hard work. Brilliant as usual.
  10. Congratulations to the winners. Any information about the 5 or so top names that either were chosen from? I am sure many would be interested to see the creative thoughts of the community.
  11. That I do not know as I have never tried planting them off-deed. I am sure other people will be able to clarify.
  12. Hi Kuvia, I use a trellis as a form of decoration as well as a resource. I place them along the walls of my buildings and can simply harvest as normal when the hops or grapes are in season. I have never had any problems when needing to pick the item.
  13. Maybe there are many entries or hopefully there are so many great ideas that it is posing them a bit more of a problem to find winners than they originally envisaged. Wurm is waiting and so can I
  14. I have played Wurm for many years now but have never really bothered with the journals except when I get a 'tick' by accident. I have not played PVP and have no wish to do so, however, I do see opportunities in what @Cipacadrinho says above: a) Is it not simple balance if PVP players have the opportunities that PVE players have? I have never given it a thought that PVP does not appear to have the same journal opportunities for their specialist side of the game. If that can be said of me then perhaps some in the development team are thinking the same about the possibilities that such a journal could bring? b) I wonder if many of the current PVP fraternity would not simply shrug at the prospect of a journal with their own tiers BUT I do think some people love the prospect of reaching challenging targets and a smaller sub-set of this group could be encouraged to try PVP simply for the challenge of getting pages completed. They may go into a PVP server and suddenly find out that they rather like this version of our game, make some 'friends' there and focus more into joining a village / kingdom and staying there for a while than simply ticking boxes in their journal. c) I do not really agree with you about the idea of PVP being the end-game experience of Wurm but I do congratulate you on your attempt to encourage players to try something new!
  15. Nice :D

    Hopefully, just like the steam (pun intended) from a favourite hot drink, the new Wurm Servers will rise on July 24th into the gaming stratosphere. All the very best to the development team and all involved.