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  1. A serious post about mental illness

    It takes real guts to 'bare the soul' like that. Physical illnesses are often easy to see, however, mental illness is often hidden. What you have also done is to help other people see that they are not alone with their problems and things that life shoves at them. If only one unhappy person reading your story goes for or asks for help then you have done a wonderful thing that you should be very proud of- even more than all the wonderful things that you have done for the players of Wurm. All the very best to you and anyone else 'in the same boat'- hope its a Knarr that can carry you as fast as possible to the happy side.
  2. Thank you for the update. Have just been harvesting some of the cherries. The trees look superb with the fruit hanging from the branches. It truly adds to the experience. Looking forward to seeing the grapes and other fruit types.
  3. W. S. A. Independence lag

    Thanks for the information and updates team. I know it is a real pain for people, however, looking at who amongst the management is on-line anyone can see that it is 'all hands to the pump'. They are obviously doing their best. Good luck with the medicine
  4. Sindusk is missing badly, get him back!

    Sindusk has left. His real reasons are probably known only to himself and a few select others. We should celebrate everything that he did to improve and maintain our game but then perhaps look forward to welcoming another staff member who may well be just as good. Life must go on as it always does. Thank you Sindusk.
  5. A valid point made and I understand the logic behind your suggestion. Even though I myself am not a hunter, I feel that the hunts do encourage exploration, cross-server travel, team work ' interaction and stimulate the economy. They also help non-fighting players like me to earn small amounts of hide and make potions from simply attending events.
  6. Wurm on ads.google.com

    I am sure that your idea is based on a desire- like most people here- to see Wurm thrive. I do have a concern however that you are thinking of banning people from the largest democracy in the world from playing Wurm (unless I have got you wrong in which case I apologise) I am sure that Rolf and the whole team would love to have an influx of people from India playing Wurm Online and Wurm Unlimited?
  7. My farewell to VEN and thanks to the community

    All the very best, Stay strong and know that there are a whole bunch of people here rooting for you.
  8. For Auld Lang Syne

    Everyone has the right to complain but can we please give Retrograde (or any other member of the team) some positive feedback for attempting to make New Year a little special? How can we expect anyone to 'stick their head over the parapet' when they are immediately shot down? Well done to those who won. There will hopefully be more ;events' like this in the future.
  9. CLOSE Heartbroken

    Totally understand that Sir but what you did was pure kindness and no-one can take that away from you. It takes a big man to go with the heart rather than the head. Have a wonderful New Year and let us hope that Wurm goes from strength to strength. With people like you and the rest of the team it surely will.
  10. CLOSE Heartbroken

    Wurm is a great game and much of this is due to the team behind the scenes and Retrograde in particular has done much to inform, entertain and create bridges between the mechanics of Wurm and the players. The warning about the wine-making not being counted if on another server is indeed noted in Wurmpedia, however, not all players are avid readers of the wiki and instead simply enjoy the game without thinking or worrying about the nuances. Some will say that players should check and read the 'small-print' and they are culpable if they fail to do so but I feel that many will sympathise with Alegria. It is surely plain to see that Alegria has created the requisite amount of wine but in the eyes of the game they have not. Is this not unjust? We are dealing here with a wonderful game, but a game that needs players. What a wonderful opportunity for Wurm to say thank you to a player for making Wurm their home by considering their plight- after all it IS the season of goodwill!.
  11. CLOSE Heartbroken

    Sorry to hear this tragic story. If it can be corroborated by Wurm, I hope that the spirit of the law may be applied rather than the letter of the law. If unsuccessful, I would be glad to give you 500 grapes and 4 small wine barrels of maple sap to enable you to attempt to reach your target. They are currently on S Pristine. Happy New Year to you Alegria and we will hopefully see you in Wurm in 2019.
  12. Useless christmas gifts

    As long as I have family, friends and good health, I am grateful for anything else. Thank you team and a Happy Christmas to everyone.
  13. Vale Wintersolstice

    Rest in Peace.
  14. Valrei International. 075

    Thank you once more for the absolutely fabulous updates we the players have enjoyed during 2018. Thank you too for listening to feedback and tweaking where possible. May I respectfully suggest that if possible, Wurm does a little more advertising in the media to highlight these updates and so hopefully attract more new players to try Wurm?
  15. Patch Notes 17/DEC/18 Gone Fishing

    Many people complain when their favourite games get no love and no updates. Are people here really saying that they cannot wait a few hours before discovering / enjoying the mammoth update? We all need some sense of perspective here (and a little more patience)