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  1. Get well soon- from a neighbour on Pristine
  2. @Bloodreina, there are few people who can say that they 'get on' with everyone. Judging by all the positive comments that you have received during your too-short time here in Wurm, there are many people who value your input and feel that you are an asset to Wurm. We all make mistakes and if you can accept that, then I feel sure that there is a great future for you here in Wurm. The fact that you did not receive any invites to a village or alliance does not mean that people do not want you, rather they value their independence and hermit-like existence. You say that you still love the game. That in itself tells me that in your heart of hearts you really do want to stay in our ever-expanding Wurm world. I hope that you will think again about your decision and give it another go- perhaps trying another server or even Wurm Unlimited. You never know, you may just find a fantastic new start out of this thread? Good luck with your final decision and hope to see you playing for a long time yet!
  3. That is an amazing achievement. You must have repaired the entire server!
  4. Happy New Year to everyone. Let us all hope that 2021 sees some return to normality for everyone no matter who they are and wherever they live.
  5. Although I agree with the sentiment, as you state quite clearly, these players are doing nothing wrong. I simply try to think of real life where some people have a lot more than others and they too are (in the main) doing nothing wrong- they simply have a talent that gives them an advantage over us lesser mortals! On the WU server that I play on, we have a rule where unique hunts have to be public and advertised a week ahead but with 20-30 players and a couple of people in 'charge' that is much easier to do than with potentially 100's of players. The private penning and killing of the unique creatures may be disliked by some but I cannot see what could be done to prevent players from playing within the rules- unless the rules are changes and that obviously is not up to me. Some may suggest a referendum on changing the rules but being from the UK, I would urge the developers not to go for this
  6. I love the open vista shown in the first picture from Batta. The mountains look enticing, not too steep and with a good coastal plain for those who are not mountain goats. I just hope people have enough clay to make mortar and concrete Seriously, well done both of you. I am sure someone will want to use it having seen these early images.
  7. I mainly play Wurm (both forms) but also play: Core Exiles: PBBG Space Game- thousands of items can be crafted. I have played this for over 10 years and the developer just keeps on adding to the game. Solace Crafting: This is again a game created by a tiny team. The game is still very much a work in progress, however, updates are frequent and the developer does listen to his player-base. I dip into and out of the game and am impressed at the improvements that are made each time. I would love to give Medieval Dynasty a try as it looks amazing when I view some of the videos that players such as Raptor make but will likely wait a while to allow some further development and improvements to occur. People mentioning Pharaoh also remind me of the Caesar series that I enjoyed playing in the dim and distant past but if they are resurrected then I may just try them again.
  8. An interesting idea. I have hives just left in one place and to be honest I sometimes forget to look at them and this is a waste of potential- which in effect is what you have highlighted in your suggestion.. If I had to 'think' a bit more about where I placed them then that would add interest for me. I also agree with other points such as the use of healing which has its roots in ancient history. I am not so sure about your affinity boosts as the way that I see it, this could be combined with beverage making and the variations in drinks containing honey-based ingredients such as mead would / should automatically add to the affinity types. Bee-keeping is an area of Wurm that may not appeal to many players and may therefore be lower down in the priorities for our developers but if it were possible then I would be for it.
  9. A good idea Platyna and a good choice of title. For many people, impalongs. labyrinths or unique hunts are the glue that sticks Wurm together with the community. I understand the view of Stanlee but I think he underestimates the contribution that he and other people make towards Wurm. If he is against a title for himself, what about a special tabard (or cloak!!!!) for someone who puts together a community event that is advertised through the forum?
  10. not sure if this should be another report or is related but when playing in-game I was unable to connect with the bank to sell to token when on Xanadu
  11. Reconciliation is always good, especially at this time of year and even more so when we think of all the awful things that have happened to so many people around the world this year. Great idea
  12. Both good ideas that could / should: a) allow players to see if their idea has already been thought of. b) allow people to view areas that they are particularly eager to see improved. c) allow the development team to view ideas that they are responsible for much more easily. d) allow the developers to view- and perhaps comment on- what substantial numbers of players really want. For example, I put forward an idea and it receives a couple of withering replies it conveniently falls down the list but if a player submits a proposal that receives pages of (mainly positive) comments then surely it merits an answer from above? I think that the feedback proposal is a good one although it may be too much to expect a tag for everything. Perhaps if a proposal thread received more that x (to be decided but likely a substantial number) replies it would 'qualify' for a feedback reply about whether it can go to the 'next stage' in qualifying for implementation? I do realise that tagging would involve more work and for this reason I stated a qualification criteria, however, I feel that adding this would be a positive addition to the community.
  13. Beautifully said. I wish I had written that.
  14. Happy birthday Mystic Highlands. Congratulations to Valiance and Kaylie because I know how much work you have put into the server over these 4 most enjoyable years. Many players have come and gone but I am sure that most if not all will be left with memories of a wonderful land full of surprises and challenges. To the many players who still call Mystic Highlands home, I thank you for the friendship and laughs. To those who stay in the background but still play, I say make yourself known and play an even greater part in our world. The Christmas lands will be open to all later today with no doubt some tasty gifts for all visitors. Happy Christmas to all who have ever played here. If you have yet to stay a while then Mystic Highlands is waiting (with respect to Wurm!) I look forward to seeing you.
  15. If there is a finite number of skills that can be coded in Wurm then I can envisage issues that may deter Developers from making changes to the existing skill set. Elentari would surely win support in suggesting that some skills could be replaced with 'better skill sets' and some would even agree that some skills appear to have 'minimal impact'. I also like how Elentari has attempted to offer solutions to the skill limit issue! The problem that I see is contained in the reply from Finn where they state (rather indignantly?) I am totally sympathetic towards Finn as I too do not always concentrate on the very popular skills and sometimes find myself attracted to the supposed 'lesser skills' such as harvesting. If there is a way around to allow new professions on top of the existing ones then you would have my vote. If it was new professions at the expense of existing ones (no matter how obscure or unpopular they may be to most) then I would have to say- at this moment- no for the reason stated above.