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  1. Can they not climb stairs? I had 2 animals recently walk upstairs indoors. A bear that went untame on first floor and then literally climbed up the steps to attack me on second floor and a chicken that ran up the steps and then out through the solid roof when I tried to recapture it after coming out of its coop for lack of food. (I posted about the chicken in bugs thread but not the bear) Animals getting smarter and chickens getting magical.
  2. Question: Would you like to use a keybind or press a "swing" button for every swing you dole out in melee combat? So, why for archery? Edit: Unless you want all combat in Wurm to be much more interactive in general, then sure, make melee combat as 'interactive' as archery is. Otherwise, archery is incredibly cumbersome as it stands.
  3. Archery QoL is horrible. Suggestions: - Get rid of the need to queue every single shot. Make it so that once a mob is targeted, if arrows are present, you shoot until out of arrows or mob dies; like how regular melee combat works. - Get rid of the need to activate bow. just need to hold it in hand; like how regular melee combat works with melee weapons. - Give the list of arrows in the quiver a header, like multiple items in regular inventory get. That way you can drag them all by dragging the header instead of having to shift-click all through list; like how regular inventory items work. - A little less outright arrow loss when collecting arrows after the kill. Just these basic changes would make a lot of common sense and make archery much less punishing and tedious to engage in.
  4. WurmNode

    When you hover over STP, it says "Sindusk's Skill Time Points". - Not sure if that's intended now. Also, is it possible to make it so if you click STP, or Affinities, or Skillpoints headers, it sorts the list of players by those? Thanks again for everything you're doing!
  5. This is a beautiful, heartfelt, and very much appreciated look into our friend Lags and his family. I sincerely wish I could stop in and spend a moment and get one of those sunflowers. It's a beautiful idea, and you guys sound wonderful company. I'd be more than happy to receive one in the mail though if it were at all possible to help spread the seeds and preserve his memory across the pond. Thank you so much for this. Your friend across the pond in the central US.
  6. we still gotta learn weaving and glassblowing. then those things come later. didn't you ever play civilization??
  7. +1 to weaving Baskets, woven fencing, fish traps, wicker furniture, etc
  8. Efficiency. Cost/benefit ratio. What are we looting?
  9. So primitive and basic but very cool. Come on devs, do eeeeeeeettt!!!
  10. This. It doesn't matter too much how it would be listed just as long as it's on the titles page or maybe there's a link found on the page to get to the info . Great info and accreditation that's missing. @NeeNeeis it ok for those that know the info to add it somewhere? I imagine, like the rest of the wiki, this would be a group effort and not just incumbent of one or two folks' knowledge.
  11. WurmNode

    On character skill pages, is it possible to get a title count listed that shows number of titles without having to manually count them? Thanks either way.