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  1. Is it ok if the date I bring is a barrel of moonshine? I'll share her with everyone who is thirsty.
  2. I'm hoping to find a high ql silver sword with high LT, Nimble, and COC casts and a steel rune of vynora installed. Send PMs with offers. Thank Ye!
  3. Was the weather changed with any of the recent updates? Specifically, it doesn't seem to rain nearly as much as it used to. Don't dash my already-farfetched hopes for a lighting strike
  4. Ive got many thousands of skaggy meat for you. Message me.
  5. "Banisters" isn't spelled correctly. : [19:57:37] You continue to build a wide staircase with banisiters on both sides.
  6. Eyesgood, From what I understood back when the Steam launch happened, it was the hope of the dev team to eventually make SFI and NFI connected for travel. They were also pretty strong in saying that if it ever happened it would be quite a ways off, as they wanted to give the NFI player base and economy a chance to become strongly established. Who knows though when or if it will actually happen. The rollout then and the state of things now don't look too encouraging.
  7. There are so many tweaks you can do in WU to make building and skilling so much easier. Not to mention being able to just spawn things to the map if you're a server admin. Seems highly unfair to me..
  8. Excellent name. you need portals everywhere!! and lol yes antony, goodbye poor cows
  9. The human mind meets AI meets Wurm. Spooky cool stuff, Ost.
  10. shhh! the keebler elves are listening
  11. Make horse hooves produce glue somehow. Maybe via cooking. Then make the glue usable to fix shattered items from failed enchant attempts. Could also utilize it for putting together arch frags. Just an idea.
  12. more devs to implement good ideas like these!!!
  13. Gravel shows leaves in fall. Why not slabs?