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  1. Come on... seriously? There are loads of free games out there. But someone had to work to make them and make them available. Should those people just work for free?
  2. I agree - that's an extreme situation if you're going to potentially lose your real life home over a game or $8.83...
  3. Exactly Finn. How is $8.83 per month a debate here for unlimited/uncapped play? That's practically nothing. It can be free too if you just produce enough in game to come up with 10 silvers. AND you get a sleep powder each month. Like Lisimba said, your skills go right back to what they were once you prem up. You do not need to grind them back. Just come up with silvers in game or $8.83 irl. Also, you can live on others' deeds too without need to pay your own deed upkeep, for those mentioning this.
  4. Sleep bonus button also lags in the same way.
  5. What if you've never had turkish delight? Can you still attend this fan club shindig?
  6. Just a curiosity - would dredging work? What about dropping dirts to raise the spot? (if it's even worth it) From one standpoint, such underwater treasure locations are just dumb and difficult if not impossible. From another standpoint, irl some of the world's greatest treasures are found beneath the waves. This is the first I've personally heard of any of the new system giving underwater locations.
  7. I honestly think the pedia should allow recipes to be shown. It's something made in the game, and players want to know how to make them. By the merit of it "spoiling" play, why does any craftable item get shown on pedia then? Why is it a spoiler and not allowed to show how to make gin, for example, but it's not a spoiler to show how to make a lamp? Meditation answers are also there, and that's considered ok.
  8. I'd be down to help, but your location in central xan would make it not possible. I'm wondering if a cost/benefit analysis shows the cost worth it if you just need some farming and mining done. Hopefully you can find someone nearby to help. Maybe do some heavy freedom chat advertising before going away? Best wishes!
  9. I'm not well versed on how wurm is advertised, but it should be advertised as "free to try up to xyz". If it's not, that's certainly deceptive. I've been poor, I didn't expect people to provide me with fun and games for free. If you're poor, fun and games shouldn't really be the focus. But that's a very different debate, and we shouldn't derail the thread with that.
  10. You either like the game enough to pay the entirely reasonable monthly prem or you don't. Free accounts don't need any help beyond how things are now. At the time I started in 2016, I wasn't exactly making as much money as I'd like, but I tried Wurm, and easily decided that the small cost for an entire month of uncapped play (plus the ability to earn plenty in game) was a great deal, even on a stretched income at that particular moment in my life. I liked the experience enough to justify pulling $8.80 out of my pocket per month. If you can't cover 7.99 euros or $8.80 for a whole month of play, either you're in too poor of a financial situation to be playing games anyway, or you just don't like Wurm enough with the time you've tried it thus far. Be thankful people can play so much for free without time limits like many other games employ. There could also be zero freebie play. Free accounts have it good enough, and premium for an entire month is the cost of 1 meal at your local fast food restaurant.
  11. When you get a lot of affinities going and want to check one of them with a mouse hover over the icons, they all look the same and can lead to lots of hovering and looking. Maybe add the first letter or two, at the bottom right corner of the affinity icon, of the affinity it represents. Even though some affinities will start with the same first letter, such as Masonry and Mining, at least it really cuts down on time spent hovering a train of identical icons in order to find the exact one you want to check. Using the first two letters could help more, though I do understand the icons are small already, and there's only so much you could cram in there. Or make some other way to more quickly distinguish between all those identical-looking affinity icons without hovering over the whole bunch. Maybe get rid of the icons altogether and just make a window you can open and close that lists running affinities and their timers?
  12. Dude, that's some shite.. Now I know why I can often play a few hours a day for several weeks without a single fakkin MOI. Wow. Thanks a bunch for this. So I guess it comes down to a choice of maximizing skillgain/productivity over your time of game play or maximizing rare rolls.
  13. Very cool. Did they have any use back then?