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  1. Hey guys! Just thought I'd make the suggestion or at least share some info about trees and wood that is often unknown but that could maybe be considered for Wurm's purposes. I actually had no idea myself even after much time outdoors, that different woods have quite different inherent BTU values (aside from factors of dryness, rot progress, etc). Surprisingly, apple wood is among one of the very best providers of BTU followed by maple and birch. Anyway, there are lots of additional and very interesting specs and facts about trees/wood that I highly recommend checking into. To that end, much of what I've personally learned recently I owe to a book I got at the library: The Backyard Lumberjack. The link to it is here and it's full of excellent information that I can't help but to want to relate to Wurm. Of all the things going on, I'm sure something like this is likely of little concern, but when the time comes that trees and wood may be looked into for further richness of game, I'd definitely recommend having a gander at this book. (Pictures from the book)
  2. Game won't load up

    Im out and unable to re-enter also. sux....
  3. Deli Rift 12/11/18

    K14 on the Community Map Come join the fun
  4. Do you buy rare or supreme iron lumps?
  5. Compass-Friendly Sailing

    It would be a huge QoL boost for those who do a lot of sailing to be able to read compass while sailing without having to first anchor or disembark the ship. Realism is awesome, and I get it while on horseback or running around on foot, but I've never heard of a captain calling out "All Stop, Set Anchor!" just because he/she needed to quickly glance at their compass for proper heading. Down with this select piece of wogic and let us go on to laugh about it being a silly thing of the past! kinda like... hmm whats a good example?
  6. Release Rift 5:16pm 12/04/18

    x13 y24 on community map. come join the fun!
  7. Deli Rift 12/02/18

    Ok, so the deli rift set for 2:51 today is somewhere just west of the Puzzle Plaza Market I think. I got to South Solitude and continued southward a ways but then got a bit mixed up as to position on map exactly. Im at the rift beam now, tent set, and approximate myself to maybe be around the west of Puzzle Plaza Market - so maybe K17 area im guessing on community map. Apologies if slightly off!
  8. WSA: New horse colours turning grey

    Yes, thank you! Very awesome!
  9. Calling all Xanadu peoples

    At 564, -7441 is currently Drakenheim. At 769, -7215 is currently Evening Twilight. At 761, -7258 is currently Hidden Shoals. There are a few others on Newspring Island that I'm pretty sure also need updating, but will need to verify with others first before suggesting.
  10. Release Rift - 3:37pm 11/25/18

    The rift is at Y17 X25 on the community map not far off the main road.
  11. Rift 25 November

    Thanks for location Rumi!
  12. You have a moment of inspiration...

    Family, friends, and purpose - these are among some of the most touching things we can have in life. I really appreciate and find inspiration in how much a player can truly find these very elements in this game. For those like myself with little or no surviving family, those living in a real-life setting that is prohibitive to their true desires in life, or even those with a real-life that's just fine but is well supplemented with the endless possibilities posed by being a part of Wurm, this is one of the few games I've found to really provide for anyone who has a wish. If you want family, friends, adventure, a castle overlooking the sea, a chance to become a game-world king or master craftsman - it doesn't matter - it's all available to you here if you work at it. To that end, I'd also like to extend some holiday season love and respect to one of those particular relationships I've come to really appreciate over my time in Wurm - the one and only Shydow. For those that know him, he is the epitome of a good friend, helpful community player, and much more. I don't have Facebook and wasn't aware of the contest for sharing funny stories, but I can tell you a few... oh like the time as newbs Shy so generously donated a mailbox to my cause which I then spent a week jealously guarding, pushing across Newspring, one action at a time, hiding in trees, waking in the night to log and check if someone was near my precious stone mail center! - Only to finally get it home to great personal joy and fanfare and hearing from another player that they would have just made one for me for a lil copper LOL Anyway, I really appreciate my bud Shy, his fairness despite trial and test, steadfastness as a player and game contributor, and much more. Friends like this are what it's really all about, so sincere thanks. Yes, stories like this are the hallmarks of the game, and can be the comical starts to priceless bonds and relationships sometimes even hard to find outside of the game. So, to wrap it up here, on this Thanksgiving Day and during this holiday season, cheers to the friends, family, and purpose we are privy to find in this life and our other life - WURM.
  13. Suggested Grammar Fixes

    That was meant for staff, Finn, but thanks for your input.
  14. Give Sounds Some Love

    +1. and great way to make a great point "Spiders that sound like a cross between parrots and raccoons" - now that's classic XD ~all very great points
  15. New Mob: Ranged Attack

    The idea of new mobs in general is exciting. As to the mechanics concerns Nicedreams discusses there, I don't know, but it sounds like a lot of fun. +1 for me! Ill also shamelessly add to that: