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  1. There is nothing in the rules that says you can't harvest off-deed, open-land resources such as fruit, lumber, dirt, etc. If you have close neighbors, though, and want to be courteous, you can always ask them if the fruit forest is important to them. Otherwise, get that fruit! It's awesome that you're being considerate though!
  2. Shrimpiie is the game's off-the-beaten-path-rare solution!
  3. I'm glad you're keen on causes related to ethics - and took down your ethically disgusting profile pic. Though you're still representing it in words in the current profile pic. "Representation is not cosmetic".. Helps to be and act ethically when you want to talk ethics with others. It's all a matter of opinion, however, when it comes to what should be worked on what should not with the limited development Wurm sees. Functionality seems to me much more important than cosmetics, but that's just an opinion; my opinion. For what it's worth, though, WO did have a banner running for quite a while expressing its backing of Black Lives Matter, so it's not as if there has never been acknowledgement to matters of diversity/race etc.
  4. what's the server/location?
  5. Fixed caffeine, breeding, creature cage horse colors, k's and h's on map?
  6. It'd be cool to put all types of heads on those. Yes
  7. Color doesnt matter. PM me if you have some to sell.
  8. On one hand, I kind of like the antiquated throwback to old days with a "send" button. On the other hand, it can definitely be confusing to people like my gf who is new to Wurm and generally unfamiliar with what "send" historically meant in programs. She's asked me quite a few times if it means "ok" or "submit" and wanted reassurance it was the right button to hit.
  9. Come on WO, we've got this. It's time Look at the fun they'll be having now on WU
  10. its a few tiles south of the night watch guard tower. big lavender field by tundra if that helps
  11. I mean... this thread is "wurm-related" discussion.. rolling credits in game mention and give thanks to Markus Perrson (Notch). Also, how do you get away with that thumbnail pic? and just.. why?? (since you've now got us on the topic of the correct use of forums)
  12. As we start a new year, remember when?
  13. The paradox of fame and fortune is very intriguing to me. "cash whales"
  14. Very interesting. Just saw this and was curious others' thoughts. (They forgot to mention Wurm though!)