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  1. Demona said above that other staff were also involved with voting and that that was essentially the hold up now. Key phrase: "we're planning". This is not "we will".
  2. [20:41:53] You can't find any traces of any other distance settlements, only what used to be in this area.
  3. Thanks for trying, Stan. And thank you for hosting these slayings like you do. I tried that link and it says the following: (if you could kindly just post what time it is, and time zone, i'll just mark my personal calendar) The connection for this site is not secure sent an invalid response. Try running Windows Network Diagnostics. ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR
  4. I guess what should be a timer shows as this: timer_E1631473174.svg Any way to fix this? I tried refreshing and close and open.
  5. I was encouraged initially by the post, but now, more than two weeks later, you're right Kochinac, we're back to complete silence when so much could be and should be said right now. The every staff member has had stuff going on irl for months card has already been played. So what is it now? Egregious.
  6. "Scalping is the act of cutting or tearing a part of the human scalp, with hair attached, from the head, and generally occurred in warfare with the scalp being a trophy." Add to pvp please. Only proper. Wagons need hood ornaments. Backpacks need personal contents, reminders of the past.
  7. Um no, you don't. You derail threads regularly with all this nonsense talk. Stop with all the warped Socrates crap for once. You're not a philosopher.
  8. LOL! I like it. I believe, irl, you can drink salt water for a very brief time, but then your organs start going haywire. Maybe implement something similar? I don't know why I even look at the suggestion threads anymore, but I had to laugh and add a comment to this one!
  9. Drayka, you use a lot of red herrings and seem to just like to argue.. No one said staff is expected to be something beyond human . The point of the thread and what others have said here is just to express disappointment in what was communicated and how it was communicated. I'm not going to re-hash it all, as I think it was all spelled out pretty well previously, but hopefully we are on track to better times ahead - in regards to communications and game development alike.
  10. Is it hard to believe VR development won't take away from other important development? Yes Does it seem far-fetched that Wurm could perform in VR? Yes Should other things come first? Yes Am I excited though to one day experience Wurm in virtual reality? Yes I just imagine the immersive experience in VR - wandering through dark woods at night, camping by the crackle and dancing light of a campfire, exploring cave systems, seeing the sun set over the water at my seaside hamlet while grooming the horses, PVP, and more. I don't have VR gear but would get some for this should it come to fruition and not be junk.
  11. Thank you for the communication! And Wurm in VR?! (If it's highly functional and doesn't distract from regular development much) Yes Please!
  12. Sounds like a good gimme to make up for mismanagement lately. +1