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  1. Sorry for missing these posts! Just sent to treadwell and blaz. Enjoy!
  2. I often wonder this. Direction always seems fragmented and changes without reasons given. However, I do absolutely appreciate all forward progress the game does get.
  3. Bought. Please close. Thanks!
  4. As seen on my Alpengeist wiki page: *clears throat and stands up straight* Wurm Haiku: All roads lead to Wurm. Don't forage in the pig pen if you want high-ql results or clean hands! Can you check your perms? Oh wait, you're standing too close. XD MOIs are the glitter in the rainbow. All roads lead to Wurm.
  5. I don't know how these things work in Wurm specifically and am absolutely not digging at staff or staff decisions, but aren't investigations supposed to be completed before resulting disciplinary actions are taken? Again, I have no idea how it works in Wurm and guess I'm just confused at this being an ongoing search for facts if associated discipline has already occurred. Thanks though, Keenan, for speaking up on this, looking more into the situation, and promising to address it more fully in the future; that's absolutely everything we could ever ask for in times like these.
  6. I can't speak for all others, but feel like I am surely speaking for many of us, and I'm hoping others will chime in here. Thank you for everything you've always been for this community. For all the care you've taken over the years to help those in need of valuable information and guidance. For always communicating with clarity and patience, even when some of us can be dense and slow to pick up . For always being a willing friend. For doing what's right even when it stinks sometimes (personally, sorry you had to warn me the one day, i shouldn't have been in GL at that BAC level! lol). And so much more. You're appreciated and a unique and special part of the Wurm world, and you should definitely know this and hear it firsthand. Thank you.
  7. It definitely seems like a fair suggestion considering that there's currently no way to get skins released in previous months aside from trading, which can be difficult for older ones. Next best thing: make skins recoverable from items they're already attached to.
  8. Stan, you're a machine. Sincere thanks for what you do as well as any around you who also contribute to finding uniques and sharing them with everyone.
  9. [19:33:01] <Aurem> me drinuking?
  10. In the last few weeks, I've noticed that I no longer get the domain/influence icon coming up for being near my vynora altar; even if standing right on top of it. When I walk my deed, I only get event messages about feeling the presence of libila and fo. My neighbor has 4 altars, 1 for each god, and all at 90ql each. My vynora altar in the middle of my deed is 65ql. I'm being told in ca help that altar domain reaches 1 tile per ql, but I only had this problem starting recently, and my neighbor says he hasn't changed anything as far as his altars go. What might be happening, and how can I fix it to get influence again? Thanks for any and all help