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Found 16 results

  1. Update Issued at 2023-03-26 @ 17:00 GMT (UTC) Greeting fellow Wurmians, After two and half years as Keeper of the Indy Community Map, Archead had been promoted to Wurm's Public Relations Department and he has stepped down as Keeper of the Map. Our congrats on the promotion and best wishes to him in his new position. So once again the torch has been passed. As of July 5th, 2016 the Albia Roads Map of Indy has taken over from the retiring Indy Community Map. To view or download the Latest Version of Albia Roads Map of Indy please go to... We are hosting it on Google Drives, which lets you "zoom in" right there on line, as well as downloading it if you wish to use a picture viewer to enjoy it in Hi-Rez. Adding Villages or Submitting Road Changes... If you want anything to be added, post your request in here, with the X-Y map coordinates, and if possible a little image to show exactly where you want it to be placed. (You can use an image host such as imgur.) Only a Mayor can make a request to have their deed put on the map and it has to made here in this forum. So all you hermits out there, your secret location is safe! BTW, we do NOT reveal any "off Map" places we come across during our road and geography surveys or add them to the map. BTW ... If a Mayor wants their deed removed, send me (Skyefox) a private forum message and I will remove it. Although we make every effort add what is submitted.. how much information we can display in a given area is sometimes is restricted due to font size limitations, amount of local roads a name would obstruct or we may be aware of lots of new deeds in an area and adding a road or feature name may not be possible as it would prevent adding those new deeds when they apply to be on the map. So there are times when we will say No to a submission and if we say No, it is Final and we will not enter into debate on our decision. Finally, a big thank you to those who have helped with the old Indy Map in the past, including Darkmalice, Mystecore, Mammadarkness, Maximusi, Huserx, Wraithglow and of course Archaed. A special thanks to Maximusi for hosting the old Map download site for the past few years. Indy is a lovely world with a great road system awaiting tourists. We hope this makes your travels and adventures safer and more enjoyable. Best wishes! Skyefox and Hughmongus Co-leaders of the Albia Consortium Co-Administrators of The Albia Roads Map of Indy New Features and further information about how the Albia Roads Map of Indy was created. Back in October of 2012 we started work on the Albia Roads Map of Indy. Initially we did it as a private resource, when we found it was easy to get disoriented or lost using the old Indy map, when we were out exploring. The map was created from a compilation of the original Community map by DarkMalice, Project FRAM data from the early years of Wurm, Rolf's map dumps and actual travelling of the roads by Hughmongus and myself. It took Hugh a year in his spare time to intergrate all the geography data. Then we started tile counting the roads and highways in October of 2013 with the North East Praires and north coast. Any road that can be travelled on by foot or horse and cart is on the map. When we encounter roads that were behind locked gates/gatehouses we indicate what roads we can see. Where we were permitted access to map a settlement's roads, Gates and Gatehouses are indicated by a pixel gap in the road or side road. Where time allows, we are constanting updating the terrain and adjusting the coastlines, though in Wurm the landscape can change very quickly, so don't be surprised if some of it isn't exactly right. Thus, We do not guarantee accuracy due to the ever changing nature of a sandbox world. You will notice a few extra items on our map as well as some changes to icons, such as the new Tar icon, a smaller version of the Guard Tower and Mailbox icon's. The new Markers for Shrines, Temples, Obelisks and Pillars that were added in May of 2016 with more to come. The hollow Orange outline boxes surrounding the Guard Tower icons indicate the calling range for the guards - get the mob inside the boxed area and guards will respond to your call of "help" in Local Chat. Towers without the orange box we do not have an accurate position for yet, so only the GT icon is placed in an approximate location. The legend on the top left has all the information. Enjoy! Skyefox Co-Administrator of The Albia Roads Map of Indy Co-Leader of the Albia Consortium Mayor Albia Estates, Indy
  2. I’ve noticed highways on established/veteran servers tend to be a bit chaotic/organic and at times, not easy to navigate. Because of the odd shape and wide bodied water ways on Melody, would it be beneficial to start discussing proposed land routes across the map? Roaming the map, it appears people have begun their own highway sections to accommodate their own deeds and needs. Factoring in map terrain elevations, shortest possible routes and contribution from the community villages surrounding these possible highway locations, what’s the best way to coordinate this plan and what proposals do you have to bring to the table in order to begin construction once people are satisfied with their deed situations? I know this is not a simple question or discussion but one I thought people might be intrigued to start thinking about.
  3. We have many choices for roads and floors but I would love to see a herringbone pattern added.
  4. Hi, I've been playing for almost 17 months, more than half that time was spent building highways, tunnels and bridges to open up the south and link it to starter towns. The newest addition to this big project is the only deep canal in center south Xanadu, which lets you sail through with Caravels, Corbitas and the like. It is named The Big Girl's Canal, in no way to make fun of the more voluptuous ladies out there but because I've always found it funny than men often refers to their boats, cars and other possessions as ''She'', since the canal is meant for the bigger boats, it's become the Big Girl's Canal. When I arrived where I live and have been living since I started playing, Pit Stop Slowmo, some players had already started to dig up a shallow canal but they seemed to have given up once they hit rock and found out how much surface mining would need to be done, so when I was still a noob I had decided that I would finish it up and later figured it should be a deep canal for bigger boats as the only to come here with a Caravel was all the way west through Sweet Island. It is now opened and passable with large boats and I have developed a serious disgust towards dredging hehe. i have added some images that shows it's location as well as other parts of the southern project. While I was working on new bridges across the water here and this canal, Sgtscum, a neighbor worked on a highway of his own to link to my bridges and highway to Lormere. So i've included his work in an image, the tracing of his road is approximate but gives a good idea. Making the highway, linked to mine and then to Lormere a whopping 2442 tiles long. I hope all this will eventually become useful to other players, enjoy and have fun :).
  5. Hi... I'n Slowmo of south Xanadu, my name on forum is actually the name of an old alt. Many months ago I started a huge project to try to open up the southern part of Xanadu where I live as it was mostly cut off from other parts, especially the starter town of Lormere, so we only very rarely got anyone visiting our area. The highway, including a 207 x 2 tunnel , around 250 tiles of bridge and a large fully equipped inn along the way took me 4 months to complete, I did get some much appreciated help along the way. Long before that I built a series of 5 bridges across the water where I live to link our area with the south shore, but I still was much of a noobie and knew very little, so all those bridges are only 1 tile wide, I'm planing on redoing it all, the 1st bridge is finished, thanx to generous donation of 5k clay from Pingpong. 4 bridges to go, I have decided to make it a bit special so building all of it out of pottery bricks, ouch, I underestimated greatly how much work this would be :). So I'm here to ask for either clay, clay bricks. mortar, slate shards or bricks to help me some, Pingpong for his donation willl have a bridge section dedicated to him, each island where bridges land will also have some building made of slate bricks, to add a bit of contrast, those building can also be dedicated to those who donate materials. I haven't fully decided yet but I may make some change and have only 4 bridges instead of the original 5.. One bridge will have multiple names on it for those who wish to make smaller donations So there is either 2 or 3 bridges remaining to get your name on as sole donator. I've also finished opening up a canal that someone started before I started playing but it never was finished, whoever worked on it I think stopped once they hit rock, I've decided to work on that, which included a lot of surface mining, it is now opened, but I still have some parts to dredge to make it accessible to larger boats like Corbita and Caravel. I'm also planing a new highway heading north on the south shore, still scouting to decide how I'll go about this. So if you're interested in helping, it'll be much appreciated. I have attached a few images of the old bridges, the one new bridge that's completed, the tracing of highway to lormere. Here's the materials that are needed: Approximately 35k clay and\or mortar. Pottery bricks. Slate bricks and\or slate shards. I thank in advance those willing to help . Thank you, thank you, thank you
  6. Massively overdue update If anyone has anything to add to the list, let me know. If theres interest I'll also look at putting sermon group info on here. Map Link: Forum: Markets Market, Region, Map Locale(Grid) Contacts, Forum thread Glasshollow Public Market & Harbour, Glasshollow, North West (C11) Paulofdune, Hollow Springs Market, Linton, Central West (J11/12) Ascorbic, Amish Sanctuary Market, Summerholt, North East (G24) Aniceset, Esteron Market, Esteron, South East (Q25/R25) Jotun or Araninco Black Forest Bazaar, Lormere, South West (Q13) Fraeya, Rag and Bone Market, Esteron, South East (P22) Stargrace, Yetian or Vannin, Canals Canal, Location, Construction Phase Contact, Forum thread FogShore Canal, J12/J13, Complete Gurkin, Ageless Canal, E20/E21, Complete Dredbanger Ankh Canal/MK Canal(?), i19/J19, Complete Toth Darq Canal, J16/J18, Knarr passable Barricade Kings Landing Canal, P23, Complete MagicMike Maes Knoll Twin Canals(?), G17/G18, Complete Qdlaty Remember, post or pm me(ingame: Trooperau) so I can build this list up.
  7. I have a question for the Deli Community. I was wondering with the recent addition of new road types if everyone would be interested in coming up with a standard Major Highway type/style that can be used to assist with showing the most highly used roads in Deliverance. My intent here is to see if we could come up with an agreement to a standard major highway marking system. I know what the official ruling for marking a highway is, and am not looking to move any current roads, but am interested in seeing if we'd like to mark our roads in a specific design to help new people find their way around our lands. What I would like to see: Major Highways (north/south highway) marked with 3 lanes in a unique way that is only used for the most important roads (historical). Collaboration on a standard road design (perhaps using new road types) would just like to know if this is an idea others would like to see implemented.
  8. Who enjoys the look of marble and slate craftables? For a much fancier lifestyle why not surround yourself with premium white or shadow black built from your very hands and tools? Now we have a few choices for each such as floor plans, marble statues, and bridges, but i believe we can do so much more with what we already have as well! Everyone likes the new and improved so lets expand our options here and live the high life!!;) Maybe even a new cart or wagon plan 6 animal hitch to cover weight difference i petition for more craftables with Marble and Slate similar to the options of stone, what say you my fellow wurmians?
  9. I feel like it would be a lot easier to find one's way around, and not get lost, if we had the option to name roads. No one really wants to put up multiple signs at every crossroads and the ability to simply name a road would be so helpful. "Oh your in the Howl and need to get to Freedom market? Just head north." Sure something like that works but a newbie, myself included, can get lost if they have to go somewhere like the Grand Steppe for the first time or need to find a specific deed somewhere without major landmarks nearby. And it's not like I'm advocating for naming every road tile, just the first/last tile that connects to a crossroad, that way players aren't left wandering around for hours, always close to their destination, but unable to actually figure out which of the 20+ dead end roads to take... Am I the only one that is always getting lost unless I already know every twist and turn to take? Some people might say it's part of the fun of exploring, but getting lost and exploring are two different things. I've died multiple times because I've gotten turned around or confused about which road to take to get home. Just a thought I felt like sharing is all, feel free to agree or disagree though.
  10. Suggestion: A new "Highway Tile" for community highways that could only be created by GMs. This tile would have a unique appearance and name to set it apart from player made roads. It would also not be able to be altered by players. Existing protected roads would be converted to this new tile. This would have the advantage of setting the highway apart and making it easy to tell you are on a path that (presumably) leads somewhere and not on the ancient paving of a long-dead deed. Good for both new players and veterans with a poor sense of direction. This would make cleaning up old dead deeds easier, since there would never be any question of what was allowed to be destroyed or not. If paving decay ever comes back it would (presumably) also make that step easier, since it would be a blanket "all off-deed paving decays at this rate" with a single exception for highway tiles.
  11. Fix this Please Paving nearest corner Not matching road or give us choice of texture please
  12. I'd like to see some map enhancements for the ingame map: 1. Increase the resolution and add at least one more zoom level. 2. Allow for drawing lines and naming the lines, so it shows on mouseover. 3. Allow the creation of more maps, that we can name for specific projects and separation of current maps (village, alliance, personal). 4. Make all maps "layers" that we can select (check box for each layer) if we want to view just some or all annotations. 5. Allow personal and custom maps to be shared with others - add names to the map, like mine door permissions. Village and alliance map layers should require special permissions for sharing, or not sharable at all. 6. This is a bit out there, but how about a "Cartographer" skill, that increases the more you travel, allowing you to literally build a map dump, a few tiles at a time. At skill 1, you can "reveal" a small radius of map dump on your personal map AND can only do so once every minute. At higher skill, the radius increases and the cooldown timer shortens significantly. Would love to just travel all over Xan, mapping it. I could see this being a real issue for PvP though, so probably make it a PvE only skill. Yep, we can always do screen shots and then use editor programs, then photo sharing programs, or cloud collaboration programs... but I am interested in making a solution that is part of the game, to help enable community project planning. It also becomes a great way to show new players where resources are and where they are. It would make trade easier, being able to draw out the best route for someone to make a delivery. It will make public hunts easier to attend. As always, please add more useful ideas that would improve the map.
  13. My place it's south of castle Blacksmith, on the other side of the road... I never stole space from the road coz when arrived already was one tile width at that point, and I'm using the terrain I flatten. But now I think it's better for everybody I reduce my crops one tile row and make road widther at that point... I could build the new fence and pave, but I need the help of someone very strong to destroy actual fence coz I'm still newbie, and Vynora follower too. My character is Joseanjim plz /tell ingame if anyone wanna help...
  14. So, recently I decided to travel a bit. I have been in Deliverance for almost an year, and I have only done some trips to Chaos, back in the days when it was just 20 players online on Chaos. So I grabbed a backpack with some very basic tools, my Fo stattuete, some rope, the always indispensable carving knife, and some other assorted crap I had laying around and set off to the big island, Independence. As I reached independence from the south shore, I was impressed with the geography, even the first sights looked promising. As I reached the shore, there was a customs office!! I couldnt belive it, I thought to myself "People here are really well organiced." And then I started travelling inland, on foot. Oh, my friends, I started to miss Deliverance inmediately, I found the place littered with tiny serpenting roads that would just die halfway up a mountain, great extensions of poop coloured tundra, and eventually a central market that makes Puzzle Plaza look like a golden palace!!!! I didnt bother going all the way to the north coast, there were no icnredible constructions, just huge dirt terraces, dirt terraces everywhere. I rushed back to deliverance on the second day, even going back to the south coast was a hassle, the only way to find the right path was ignoring all roads and going cross country. I return to Deliverance with a new love for my homeland! The infrastucture, the well placed tunnels, well signaled roads, how all the important places are linked in a cohesive way... and the soft hills of the south-west, the beautiful soft hills of the south west!! TL:DR: Deliverance is beautiful!.
  15. Im doing a number of reworkings now that 1.1 is in with all the new trees and new fence types. I started working on the roadways in and around my deed to liven them up a bit and get away from the drab same ole same ole. So im looking for pics from others that may have been working on landscaping roadways either on deed or off deed to get some inspiration and some ideas. These first two are the same roadway just looking north and south. I used some 30 and 40QL copper lamps to light it at night which gives it a nice creepy kind of glow. I have used Walnut trees to line the high iron on either side as once they hit old or better all the limbs will be higher than the high iron which will keep it from feeling crowded like olives or oaks would have.I also spaced the walnuts every other tile with gravel pavers as seperators. It gives quite an open feel without a tunnell effect. A lot of the trees are not yet at mature stage and once most or all hit Old..the effect should be quite interesting. Looking South and Loooking North This next one is a much more elaborate one im doing. The above pics I tried to stay simple but on this one I wanted to do an Imperial Roadway and its still very much under construction as I wait on enough sprouts to finish the road borders and get the time to finish out all the pillars. Its completely lined with chestnuts, horse statues, fountains, and pillars with brass lamp lighting..allthough I may change it to bronze lamps..not certain yet. I have tried to keep everything spaced a bit so it doesnt get too overwhelming but itll be easier to tell once all the chesnuts are at mature and I have all the lavendar hedges in. Looking west If you have any roadways your working on using the 1.1 items post them up:) I have a lot of roadway to work on so hopefully I can get some inspiration from what everyone elese may be working on.
  16. While reviewing code for Paving i came across the fact it takes just 1 brick to pave an entire tile directly on dirt. I think it is too easy to make this high end road that give max travel bonus. A recipe adjustment could look like this: Speed +: Gravel Made from crushed (?) stone shard + packed dirt Speed ++ Sanded Gravel Made from some sand on Gravel Speed +++ (Any of the following) 1 stone slab + 4 sand on Gravel tile -> Slab stone road 1 slate slab + 4 sand on Gravel tile -> Slate stone road (new!) 1 marble slab + 4 sand on Gravel tile -> Marble road (new!) 4 cobblestone + 4 sand on Gravel tile -> Cobble stone road (new item "cobblestone") 4 pottery cobblestone + 4 sand on Gravel tile -> Pottery brick road (new roadtype, new item "pottery cobblestone") Removed: 1 stone brick on packed dirt Important: Don't forget difficulty considerations when destroying pavements. Increase difficulty with pavement complexity. Important: Building is not about big recipies its about progressively improving the road as described in the post here by yarnevk. Important: Make sure the design choice is separated from the speed maximum for total flexibility. Question: What to do with all existing cobblestone roads made from 1 stone brick + packed dirt? Idea: Make some way of material reuse (potential problem with griefing/stealing then. require high paving skill?) Idea: Make slope restrictions abit less harsh. Idea: Remove water restriction for water passage ways (not sure about this one, bridges will solve this later on) Idea: Make carts and horses affected by pavement (less stamina drain?) Edit: Restructured with thoughts of speed and removed mortar as a requirement (everyone hates mortar) and use sand instead. Also added concept of separating design from speed. /Andreas @zcul