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  1. mail shield to subie
  2. If they believe people are going to keep paying to get their items redone I think they are wrong .Who is going to pay for a high enchant that is going to wear down in a month ?
  3. If you dont think this update affected your tools check their enchants. I have mine marked on each item and numerous lost points and embue .
  4. interested in some custom pizzas ..can message me on forum to set up
  5. use select bar under hud settings after you activate bow
  6. We have racks for bows,polearms, and weapons. How about ones for shields and saddles?
  7. rare whetstone to subie
  8. I came for a visit to see what it was like..despite many negative opinions..I have been hit by catapault shards, killed because i went afk without armor on,I jumped up and down when I finally got to hit someone with an arrow and then a maul..I climbed what seemed to be impossible walls, did a body bounce down walls,choked up as my favorite horse got killed...and I love it . Its an adventure every day and a lot of work. My only regret I didnt join sooner.
  9. WTB BOK and Scroll Of Binding please Pm with info
  10. Making pendulums and tracking more useful . would be a plus one.
  11. comic relief

    Anyone want free dragon scale?