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  1. Green Dragon and Kyklop bloods, prices?
  2. Since the just recent fix I go to HUD then to my achievement section and as i try to sort by dates my toon immediately crashes.
  3. i wil buy the rare sailboat 10s
  4. +1 Great service! I will be a return customer also.
  5. Both helms to Subie
  6. +1 New toons all starting the same, no tomes etc needed keep that stuff out .Primal Warfare . Future resets . Sounds like fun to me.
  7. We are here discussing this because WE CARE. This needs more attention then a year down the road. The names here have shown their committment in time and money to this game.I go to freedom to see a white name in local (besides Aluna,s) get a momentary rush . I will not condemn the PVE players I have met many great people there.. As many have said I also do not want to have to be a priest to be viable in PVP .
  8. Give the plate,chain, and even leather armor some love and make it look bad ass. Can I say that here?