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  1. Please give us the old breeding system back. With 80 plus AH i am only getting 4-6 traits from 7 traited animals (mostly junk traits), Color is not being passed on, nor traits of parents. This latest crop after update has been the poorest crop of foals I have had since I had 20 AH. PLEASE fix this mess.
  2. Will Draft animals require a different saddle? The one we could make called Large saddle?
  3. I have found several since the update and all have been springs with .02 or .03, even left one go for a bit to see if it would accumulate more and no it stopped at .03.
  4. A bit off topic but I had heard rumours of more sections being added to journals , fact or fiction? And if factual any idea of a timeline when this would happen?
  5. Rare small anvil BOTD 106 to Subie
  6. CLOSE

    #3 Rare Butchering Blade, 6. Rare File Blade 22. Rare Stone Chisel to Subie
  7. New missions are not appearing all the time when an old one finishes , many servers only have 3 missions up instead of 4.
  8. Agree, I like your addition of breeding and based off of your Animal Husbandry skills.
  9. When sheep are able to be sheared the shear option shows on them , I think it would be nice if the groom option showed only when it is applicable.
  10. The capes should have the name of the toon that earned it as the maker. All they say is [22:01:44] A stylish cape only available to the masters of Wurm.
  11. I ate 2 different pizzas before leaving Deli for a rift on Celebration, had timers of 10 and 8 hrs when I crossed the affinity timers for the meals were gone. logged off and came back and they still did not show. I thought they had previously stayed up.