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  1. We logged off last night because literally couldnt do anything. I logged on this am like an hour before update and lag was pretty much gone. After update I now have a refreshing lag again of around 2-3 seconds.
  2. You can remove me from list my priest Gregory was able to get in on a global cast. Ty VirusMD for trying to Pm everyone.
  3. U.S.A East Coast Deli All the time after the last patch. Constant refreshing lag , making the game unplayable. We are not having any issues playing other games .
  4. A simple thing like examine body in inventory or through manage to be able to see the name of any tomes the toon has on it. I am aware that you can see the spell effects but this would be much simpler.
  5. Update failing repeatedly. Cant log on>
  6. This is why we cant have nice things.
  7. Please send pm with price.
  8. PvP Change: Elevation is now a Premium Only server. If you are currently on Elevation and not premium you will be given a chance to leave the server for either your Home Server or Freedom Isles. Please add this to Chaos.
  9. I have noticed certain toons get affinities much more then others and I like you have played and grinded alot to very few gained affinities.