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  1. A bit late on this topic but my big peeve is how slow travel is> You have an hour to play and can spend the entire time on a boat or cart trying to get somewhere.. Makes me dread logging on the next time knowing I have the return trip to look forward to.
  2. Please remove war bonus , there are many other things i would rather spend my time doing.
  3. Nice change, lets continue with no artis,war bonus , and nerf the Wrath of mag.
  4. SubieĀ  Goodbie Gobbie Gobblin!

  5. . Be able to pay upkeep from any settlement token for deeds on different servers.
  6. +1 to removing Champs, and Artis,war bonus, give Chaos more reasons to leave deed and engage in combat. Takes forever to regear have a death drop of items changed to maybe like you lose 50 % of items in inventory.