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  1. Journal: 70 Prayer / Global cast

    I would like to see the "Chosen Affinity" be permanent , as in no loss for that affinity even on PvP deaths?
  2. Sold

    #28 Fine meditation Rug 101 coc to Subie.
  3. Custom timers windows

    After logging off and relogging My custom timers do not show. To get them to show I have to add a new timer then my normal ones appear.
  4. When archering a target have a combat window open just like with regular combat. This would be much simpler then the keybind a target area or right clicking to shoot preferred area. The combat window could just show the target areas available to hit based on your skill.
  5. Love in Wurm

    No. There is enough drama in Wurm without adding this "feature". THE LAST THING i WANT TO DO IN GAMING IS TO RAISE A FAMILY. ..NO.
  6. For Auld Lang Syne

    [18:24:27] You get an Auld Lang Syne. On Chaos, I had no idea what is was when I found it. I got referenced to this thread . Pleasant surprise that made my day better.
  7. Lunar Order Slaughterhouse- Green Dragon

    Thank you Alkhadias , we had a great time and got to chat with many old friends.
  8. rare small maplewood shield c95 2s--?
  9. CLOSE

    saddle 5s
  10. WTS Rares, Snow Lanterns, Supremes

    please bill me and deliver to the information given by rasu .
  11. WTS Rares, Snow Lanterns, Supremes

    price on rare unfinished fireplace and can it be mailed?
  12. Tich horse - Free to Good home

    What a special place indeed. This is what I was hoping someone would offer. I am sure Tich will be happy there. I will be in touch to arrange shipment.
  13. I have a jet black horse named Tich on Chaos that i would like to find a good home on freedom. Can arrange delivery. post pics of barn and pasture. It is venerable and cared for at this time. We would reduce age before delivery.