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  1. SubieĀ  Goodbie Gobbie Gobblin!

  2. . Be able to pay upkeep from any settlement token for deeds on different servers.
  3. +1 to removing Champs, and Artis,war bonus, give Chaos more reasons to leave deed and engage in combat. Takes forever to regear have a death drop of items changed to maybe like you lose 50 % of items in inventory.
  4. Please send top sickle to Subie
  5. +1 nice ideas, love the ice sculpture one.
  6. [09:20:19] Large maul increased by 0.000008 to 100.000000. Suggested title Goddess of Thunder or male version God of Thunder, in reference to Thor and his hammer.
  7. I have this same issue, literally upon logging in sometimes i get to move sometimes not. There is no blue screen it shows whatever you logged into, you cannot move your pointer or use keyboard. There are no crash logs. We also uninstalled and reinstalled , checked settings which i have not changed prior, made sure video driver was up to date , even tried another, no luck. This literally happened in the last week. I have 32 RAM which should be plenty.
  8. So if you buy 2 yrs premium is the first year 30% off then the second year 25% off?