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  1. This looks super , and that helmet is Bad Ass ..want one.
  2. FYI Chaos is not listed in the PVP changes for the Hota Camps but seems to be in effect there.
  3. Chaos just gets kicked aside again.
  4. When are the issues with the new combat window going to be addressed?
  5. When is the new combat window issues going to be addressed?
  6. I pick up a mediatation rug and it s goes invisible in my inventory, I relog and it shows up. I now have had this with several items I pick up and they disappear and reshow after relogging.
  7. This toon has all skills to 99 and I just want to start another from the beginning.
  8. New UI

    Combat window also does not show white when mobs are really tough.
  9. Special moves are not appearing in the new UI combat window.
  10. Tracking needs some love and reconfiguring , so any improvements, uses would be nice.
  11. Deli down?

    I was kicked off also and got same message when trying to log on again.
  12. Please add a / command so you can see whats in your account without having to go to a settlement token.
  13. . Could we see something done about abusing alts in general? As in putting them in reinforced mines outside of your enemy deeds. +1 to this.
  14. April Events

    Can you make my usually shitty RNG better during this time?