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  1. I will miss Waaroku, his humor in GL chat will be missed also, his demeanor tough but behind that but a caring ,kind individual.
  2. Please give us the old breeding system back. With 80 plus AH i am only getting 4-6 traits from 7 traited animals (mostly junk traits), Color is not being passed on, nor traits of parents. This latest crop after update has been the poorest crop of foals I have had since I had 20 AH. PLEASE fix this mess.
  3. Will Draft animals require a different saddle? The one we could make called Large saddle?
  4. I have found several since the update and all have been springs with .02 or .03, even left one go for a bit to see if it would accumulate more and no it stopped at .03.
  5. A bit off topic but I had heard rumours of more sections being added to journals , fact or fiction? And if factual any idea of a timeline when this would happen?
  6. Rare small anvil BOTD 106 to Subie
  7. CLOSE

    #3 Rare Butchering Blade, 6. Rare File Blade 22. Rare Stone Chisel to Subie
  8. New missions are not appearing all the time when an old one finishes , many servers only have 3 missions up instead of 4.
  9. Agree, I like your addition of breeding and based off of your Animal Husbandry skills.
  10. When sheep are able to be sheared the shear option shows on them , I think it would be nice if the groom option showed only when it is applicable.