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  1. [Sold] Close

    i wil buy the rare sailboat 10s
  2. PanFilling & Baking

    +1 Great service! I will be a return customer also.
  3. WTS some stuff

    Both helms to Subie
  4. +1 New toons all starting the same, no tomes etc needed keep that stuff out .Primal Warfare . Future resets . Sounds like fun to me.
  5. Why was PvP abandoned?

    We are here discussing this because WE CARE. This needs more attention then a year down the road. The names here have shown their committment in time and money to this game.I go to freedom to see a white name in local (besides Aluna,s) get a momentary rush . I will not condemn the PVE players I have met many great people there.. As many have said I also do not want to have to be a priest to be viable in PVP .
  6. New armor Graphics...Please

    Give the plate,chain, and even leather armor some love and make it look bad ass. Can I say that here?
  7. WTA leftover junk. 1 day auction

  8. Big cleanup sale, rares and silver

    under enchanted items. carving knife w90c94 80c..exquisite med rug c97 70c...steel scythe c99 1s...seryll ring 50c...send to subie
  9. Journal: 70 Prayer / Global cast

    I would like to see the "Chosen Affinity" be permanent , as in no loss for that affinity even on PvP deaths?
  10. Sold

    #28 Fine meditation Rug 101 coc to Subie.
  11. Custom timers windows

    After logging off and relogging My custom timers do not show. To get them to show I have to add a new timer then my normal ones appear.
  12. When archering a target have a combat window open just like with regular combat. This would be much simpler then the keybind a target area or right clicking to shoot preferred area. The combat window could just show the target areas available to hit based on your skill.
  13. Love in Wurm

    No. There is enough drama in Wurm without adding this "feature". THE LAST THING i WANT TO DO IN GAMING IS TO RAISE A FAMILY. ..NO.