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Found 41 results

  1. Welcome to Sunny coast! Harmony, i8 Send me a private message or send post here Horses 4 draft and 4 speed, Mules 4 draft: Fo priest service: Leatherworking up to 92ql: Carpentry / Fine Carpentry up to 85ql / 75ql:
  2. New Home Market Were back Welcome to New Home Market This is our current professions: Weapon smithing: Lethyria Cloth tailoring: Dokhida up to 70QL Vyn Priest: Halas - 90 Channeling Benediction Fo Priest: Alarri - 90 Channeling Benediction Were both EU TZ, were online during evenings and weekends. All orders are sent via our instant mailbox, with increased size! Imping will often cost less please contact us to get a price. For weapons and enchants contact Lethyria or Dokhida if his not online. We have two price ranges on Precast and Custom Cast Custom cast: Full price. You send us an item and specify the minimum cast from the table below and you get the cast at the specified minimum cast at the price listed, no matter the cast power. Precast: 30% off Custom cast. The item is made by us and casted on. All 70+Ql weapons come with a free demise of your choice. Custom Weapons and tools 50Ql 60QL 70QL 80QL 90QL Carving Knives (Iron Creation) 0.05 S 0.05 S 0.10 S 0.20 S 1.00 S Butchering Knives/Sickles(Iron) 0.13 S 0.20 S 0.30 S 0.75 S N/A Weapons(Iron/Silver) 0.25S/0.25 0.4S/0.5 0.6S/1 1S/2 N/A Custom Cast 50 60 70 80 90 CoC/WoA Casts N/A N/A 0.90 S 1.90 S 2.90 S Life Transfer Casts N/A N/A 1.80 S 2.80 S 5.00 S Contact Dokhida for cloth Tailoring Cloth Tailoring Creation QL 50Ql 60QL 70QL 80QL Bedroll 1.00 S 1.20 S 1.40 S Cloth Barding 0.40 S 0.60 S 0.80 S 1.30 S Cotton Cloths (Set) 0.35 S 0.80 S 1.25 S 3.00 S Cotton Sheets 0.10 S 0.15 S Fishing Nets 0.02 S 0.05 S 0.10 S 0.20 S 0.30 S Normal / Fine Meditation Rug 0.10 S 0.30 S 0.50 S 1.00 S Beautiful / Exquisite Meditation Rug 0.20 S 0.40 S 0.60 S 1.10 S Satchel 0.02 S Carpet Small Colourful Carpet 0.10 S 0.25 S Colourful Carpet 0.10 S 0.25 S Large Colourful Carpet 0.20 S 0.30 S Sails 0.20 S 0.40 S Explorer tent 0.50 S 0.80 S Military tent 1.00 S 1.30 S Horses Were slowly starting to sell horses you can see our stock here: Mailboxes: For mailbox casts please message Lethyria to arrange a time I charge 1-2s for travel then one cast for free, guaranteed 90+ for 1s or guaranteed 101+ (instant) for 5s Other Items Wagons: 3S( 1S for coastal delivery, 2S inland) Enchanted Items: Contact Halas, Dokhida or Lethyria for any enchanted items Most items are posted as a head item, this is for two reasons: 1. it takes us less material to create the item 2. You can get your own signature on it. The enchant will transfer over to the finished item on creation. If you want the item finished or imped just ask. Note: For pre-casted items please pm Lethyria or Dokhida in game or post on here, if you pm us on the forum please add both of us to the PM.
  3. What we have at this moment: - Time - Type of mailbox - Arrival time [22:39:39] The items silently disappear from the spirit mansion. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. What we need: - Time - Type of mailbox - Recipient (player)name (Bermz in this example) - Arrival time [22:39:39] The items silently disappear from the spirit mansion. You expect Bermz to receive the items in less than ten minutes. This way when people who auction/sell and mail the items, the one line we copy-paste to them to let buyers know the items are sent, will include their names. This will make it much easier to search for it in Wurm Assistant's chat/log finder and also acts as a great reminder for buyer/seller. EDIT: To have it complete, include the item(s) name in the line of string. This will cover everything a mail sender/recipient needs to know: - Time - The item(s) - Type of mailbox - Recipient (player)name (Bermz in this example) - Arrival time [22:39:39] The "Iron Axe, Rare" silently disappears from the spirit mansion. You expect Bermz to receive the items in less than ten minutes. Or in the case when multiple items are sent: [22:39:39] The "small nails(iron), ribbon(copper), great helm(iron)" silently disappear from the spirit mansion. You expect Bermz to receive the items in less than ten minutes.
  4. After taking a deeper look into the wagoneer system, I think that the courier system in this game has created little reason for people to leave their deeds for goods. I believe that a good way to get wurmians traveling the continents again is to make it where trade will have to be done either via a courier like the wagoneer or physically deliver or have a pickup for items. I feel as if this would give people a reason to see each other's deeds again. While it may be driven by a sale, people would be able to explore and admire each other's deeds. This would also get people exploring areas that they may not have seen if not needing to make a trade. I believe that some things could still be sent through the mailbox. Small items mostly, such as a gem or as heavy as a clay shaper. So some tools can still be sent but certain things like weapons and such would have to have an actual interaction. I also believe the size rune should not work on the mailbox as well so the size could not be increased even in this small of a setting. I would love to discuss this idea to see what others think about it.
  5. I have an unfinished rare mailbox (spirit castle) for auction. Free delivery coastal on Freedom Isles. Starting bid is 4s Increments of 20c please.
  6. There were two incidents recently where mailboxes did not work as they should. INCIDENT ONE Deed: Vinyamar Server: Xanadu Character: Mirabloodarc Mailbox: On Deed Recipient of items: Shrimpiie Items: Supreme Copper Lump, Rare Copper Lump x2, Rare Bow String x3, Rare Sprout x3, Rare Cordage Rope, Rare Thick Rope I dropped all of these items in the mailbox at the same time. Drag and drop from my inventory. About half of them ended up inside the mailbox, the other half disappeared. I relogged for lotime, they were nowhere to be found. I then checked around all piles of items and carts and found it inside the wagon next to the mailbox. INCIDENT TWO Deed: Darq Falls Server: Xanadu Character: Ajblack Mailbox: On Deed Sender of items: Silvertail I purchased a drake set and all 9 items were sent to me. I accepted all 9 items and only got 4. I panicked and made a support ticket, through which we found out that apparently I rejected the items. I went through my logs to confirm this but there is no message of spirits returning unwanted items and I am 100% positive I accepted them. Silvertail then received no message of getting the other 5 items back, but they were back in his mailbox. He sent them again and they were picked up without issue. When I was picking them up the first time I was sitting on a wagon. Both incidents, the wagons were rare but different wagons and located one tile next to the mailbox. Logs from Incident Two (I can search for those from the first one if necessary): Me picking them up and NOT rejecting them: Conversation with attending GM:
  7. I recently mailed a nettles which had 0.91 damage (shown in the damage column of the item itself in yellow). Before I clicked "Send" in the mail dialog box I noticed that in the text where I enter the cod price, the damage column of this item showed a single 0, with no mention of the damage on the nettles. It is probably a rounding down or truncating error as the figure hasn't met the integer threshold of 1. I think if possible there should be the correct figure in yellow text in the damage column to alert the sender that the item is damaged even slightly, when adding cod cost - before sending to a buyer.
  8. My ash got eaten on Independence. Hey! I sent some ash a while got bounced back to me, I Waited till I touched base w/ the fellow, then went to the mailbox to resend. I opened the mailbox and saw this... Normal operations here. I can see my 3 ash waiting. So I checked the little boxes marked 'receive', then prepared to click 'send'. My 3 ash got moved to the spirit castle, and I saw the following... All good, I elected to immediately resend. You can see the time upper right corner (23:04:42) << that's EST. No damage on the ash, not a bit, not a tad, nothing. Zero damage at 23:04:04. So I did click the 'send' button to go to the next page. On the next page, I added my prices, then, just a second b4 I clicked that 'send' button, this happened... So, all 3 of my rare ash had no damage at all at 23:04:04, then at 23:04:47, just a few seconds later (about as long as it took me to click the prices and confirm my sending), and, BAM poof decay all gone. In the event tab it says 'An ash crumbles to dust.' I had to pay 3 copper to pull the failed ash out of the spirit castle. Zero damage. Your spirit castle ate my rare ashes.. well 2 of them. Please fix this seeing as I prefer not to have my products deleted during my spirit castle activities. Thanks TeeeBOMB
  9. Hello, I have a rare, unfinished spirit cottage ready for sale - you just have to complete it. It weighs 52.00kg currently. [04:03:11] You see a spirit cottage under construction. Ql: 8.140603, Dam: 0.0. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. The spirit cottage needs 9 stone brick to be finished. WTS for 8s firm. Thank you! Finndar
  10. very usefull will be if we can track items sent by us via mailbox. the same way as tracking wagoneer for example "item xxx sent to player yyy waiting for receive" or "itrem xxx sent to yyy received, date,time"
  11. Who enjoys the look of marble and slate craftables? For a much fancier lifestyle why not surround yourself with premium white or shadow black built from your very hands and tools? Now we have a few choices for each such as floor plans, marble statues, and bridges, but i believe we can do so much more with what we already have as well! Everyone likes the new and improved so lets expand our options here and live the high life!!;) Maybe even a new cart or wagon plan 6 animal hitch to cover weight difference i petition for more craftables with Marble and Slate similar to the options of stone, what say you my fellow wurmians?
  12. To save from RSI could we get a 'Receive All' and 'Return All' buttons please, and make sure they have a double check just incase a misclick happens. tis somewhat annoying when this happens [23:52:56] You sense imps whispering your name and saying you have 84 mail waiting to be picked up. then your fingers bleed at the end kthnxbai
  13. I had noticed that people are obviously selling eggs as part of the cooking extention we now enjoy. However at 2 copper each and 1 c to mail that increases the cost of each egg. Can we see an easy to create, from wood scrap and maybe grass (for padding) container that is used to mail a "baker's dozen" eggs and have that container be counted as 1 shipping- 1copper to mail it? Just a thought for something so small. And they could hold less than or "Must hold 13 eggs" to ship. Thank you.
  14. Not sure why these aren't able to be mailed, but I believe they should be. We already have the ability to mail meditation rugs and other cloth items. They each weigh 3kg, which isn't much giving the amount of some things I've mailed in the past. If the mailbox has the ability to mail things in various sizes including practice dolls and candelabras, we should be able to mail all three sizes of carpet without hassle. Thank you for your consideration, PandyLynn
  15. Hey all, maybe I am the last one to notice, and only made aware of it by a customer who seriously intends to travel 3 hours instead mailing an item, because you can only mail an item 10 times in total? If you put your item in the mailbox and attempt to send it, there is a little counter in the column "left". That's supposed to show how often you can mail something. What if someone mails their stuff to get it imped, doesn't know what this is, and can't get it mailed back because it ran out of mailing options? Would be so frustrating if I had to travel for everything I need imped. Beside the negative effects on "custom enchant" and "improving stuff" busineness. Can we have this "feature" removed please? I would much prefer to mail my stuff to my favourite crafters for imps. And as a priest I have no other option than to have others help me with the crafting. What do you think?
  16. Looking for a high level cast on my mailbox. 90+ required. At the intersection of g/f 23/24, just north east of Summerholt. PM ingame or by forums your price. Thanks.
  17. I have moved servers and no longer need my deed on Xanadu. It is located at N20 and does have coastal access. The deed will come with a few crates and BSBs of mats and a decent upkeep. The deed has Moss and Peat on too. Animals may be roaming the deed, as an added extra! Some items on the deed include: A rare mail box - Courier [91] A mailbox with - Courier [99] Two gold altars (Vynora and Fo) A 50QL Guard Tower A rare catapult A rare BSB The deed has a big mine and I think all of the rock under the deed (or the most part of it) is in fact mine-able. The mine includes Tin and Iron. There is Copper, Gold and Silver nearby as well as Slate and I've heard that there is Marble. ​
  18. Closed

    My Deed is located near the top end of G26 on this map I need someone to bring enough Gold ore and the Skill to make me 3 Altars I have a forge or two of course. I also need a Mailbox Enchantment please. PM me here as BigRich or in Game as Willowsong if you can offer any of these services at my location. Please include your Price for traveling, components and completing the work (No hidden charges allowed ) Thanks in advance. Edit : I have had an offer for the Altars I still need a mailbox cast please.
  19. MY SUGGESTION Change the mailbox system to be universal, meaning linked to that character name on that cluster, not to the character name AND that server. When an item is sent via mailbox system, it should be sent from the account, not that server/account. change the mailbox to be linked to the account like the personal bank, excluding the whole bank access to only one token type thing. For instance, you cant send items to a player C.O.D, change servers, and retrieve any unclaimed items you've sent. they are now lost forever unless you submit a support ticket or go back to that server. Because the items are sent back to that character name, in that server that it was sent from. instead of just being sent back to that character name to be able to retrieve on any server in that cluster. I'm not sure how the database is, but there should be a player id or something associated with each character, and that's how the mailbox system should be setup. that's just how I've always seen it in game databases. Please let me know if you don't fully understand this suggestion. I can try to explain it in a different way. Thank you! BACKGROUND ok, so here is a brief issue i recently submitted a support ticket for. in this example, i'll use ACCT-A and ACCT-B. ACCT-A is in a PMK on Elevation. ACCT-B is in JK kingdom on Serenity. ACCT-B sends about 30 different items to ACCT-A via mailbox C.O.D of 1iron each with an option of if items are sent back, only has to pay a 10c fee per item to retrieve. ACCT-B sends about 30 different items to ACCT-A via mailbox and pays the fee of 20c each. ACCT-A sees all the notifications of items in mailbox. ACCT-A retrieves all items that aren't C.O.D, no problems. ACCT-A retrieves 14 of the 30 items that were C.O.D and paid 1iron + 20c fee. no problems. ACCT-B changes kingdoms to same PMK and moves character to Elevation with ACCT-A. ACCT-B is now in a PMK on Elevation. ACCT-A returns 1 of the 16 leftover C.O.D items to the sender, ACCT-B. 1 week goes by ACCT-B still hasn't received any notifications of mail, and nothing in mailbox when checked. item not returned. support ticket was submitted as a bug. chat log. [21:15:15] <GM> Hello, GM responding to your support call 120979. [21:15:43] <GM> I looked into this yesterday, and I saw a bunch of items that you mailed to ACCT-A and there is an item mailed form ACCT-A wiating for you on serneity [21:15:52] <GM> you msut be the right kingdom to see it though [21:16:16] <ACCT-B> oh, so if items are returned, they only return to that kingdom mailbox [21:16:20] <ACCT-B> not the player. [21:16:22] <GM> yes [21:16:29] <ACCT-B> is that by design or ? [21:16:33] <GM> well its marked to the player of THAt kingdom [21:16:36] <GM> yes [21:16:39] <ACCT-B> shouldn't it be sent back to the player? [21:16:57] <ACCT-B> players cant have the same name in different kingdoms, can they? [21:16:58] <GM> perhaps after so many weeks [21:17:27] <GM> no, but it I think it is still marked for the kingdom [21:18:05] <ACCT-B> so, i should make a suggestion on the forums that mailbox items should be mailed to the player only, and not player and kingdom? [21:18:21] <ACCT-B> because wont those items be deleted after some time because i cant receive them? [21:19:21] <GM> well, you ccan't mail items to enemy players correct? [21:20:40] <GM> Making that possible would allow people to bypass that with alts and would get very ugly [21:21:01] <ACCT-B> thats not true. [21:21:12] <ACCT-B> i know plenty of players who are able to mail items to other kingdoms [21:21:42] <ACCT-B> i've bought plenty of items from other players C.O.D from enemy kingdoms [21:21:58] <ACCT-B> like, bought through the auction threads on forums, then they mailed it to me [21:22:03] <ACCT-B> from BL to JK [21:22:07] <ACCT-B> when i was a jk member [21:22:29] <ACCT-B> but, it was also from the bl home server mail box to jk home mailbox [21:22:38] <ACCT-B> maybe thats why i was able to receive and send items? [21:22:53] <ACCT-B> but now, that i'm on elevation, enemy kingdoms cant send me items. [21:23:01] <ACCT-B> also might be because im in a PMK [21:23:25] <ACCT-B> i dont know for sure. but there are still bugs with the mailbox system if thats the case. [21:23:39] <GM> ah [21:23:45] <GM> I could easily be mistaken [21:24:20] <GM> have you been back to Serenity to check the mail? [21:24:32] <GM> let me see what item it is [21:24:33] <ACCT-B> AND, when i sent the items from ACCT-B to ACCT-A, ACCT-B was jkh sending to ACCT-A on elevation House of Libila PMK [21:24:39] <ACCT-B> and items went through just fine. [21:24:55] <ACCT-B> no, i recently converted ACCT-B to the PMK [21:25:02] <ACCT-B> which is no longer jk home [21:25:17] <ACCT-B> and i returned one of the C.O.D items [21:25:26] <ACCT-B> to see if it would be returned to me [21:25:49] <GM> plate sabaton, steel (aosp58 Sale) [21:25:51] <ACCT-B> so, instead of paying 20c + 1 iron on ACCT-A, i would have paid 10c on ACCT-B for the return fee [21:25:56] <ACCT-B> possibly. [21:25:56] <GM> that is waiting for you on serenity [21:26:06] <ACCT-B> was only 1 armour item [21:26:11] <ACCT-B> so that could very well be it [21:26:34] <GM> based on what you said, I bet all you ahve to do is go to Serenity to get the item [21:26:40] <GM> I know its server based [21:26:48] <GM> but if its not kingdom based then all is normal [21:26:49] <ACCT-B> yes, but i cant. I'm in a new kingdom. [21:26:57] <ACCT-B> going back to serenity, i'm enemy kingdom now [21:27:20] <ACCT-B> so i wouldn't be able to retrieve any items that were returned. [21:27:35] <GM> you would need to get a mailbox setup you could access [21:27:46] <ACCT-B> im going to go claim the other 9 items now before they are sent back as well [21:27:47] <ACCT-B> haha [21:27:56] <ACCT-B> i can access a mailbox here on elevation [21:28:16] <GM> yeah those others are waiting on ACCT-A I think [21:28:50] <ACCT-B> so, there are mutliple different mailbox servers? and each one is linked differently to that kingdom? [21:28:50] <GM> yeah 16 items waiting [21:29:09] <ACCT-B> why cant the mailbox system just be linked to the character instead? [21:29:21] <GM> I have no idea about kingdom for any certaintly, but I do know for a fact that the server it is sent form is specific [21:29:28] <ACCT-B> like the bank system, but make it the mailbox system [21:29:40] <ACCT-B> oh [21:29:40] <GM> that you will need ot make a forum thread about in suggestions [21:29:46] <ACCT-B> ok [21:29:55] <GM> all I know si that part is owrking as it is supposed to [21:30:06] <GM> so if it is to change that is the first step [21:30:10] <ACCT-B> so is there anyway you could retrieve that item from the mailbox on jk and put it in my mailbox on elevation? [21:30:20] <GM> no I have no way to do that [21:30:26] <ACCT-B> ok [21:30:48] <ACCT-B> is there anyway you could grab that item or submit it to higher that could grab that item? [21:30:56] <ACCT-B> and maybe put it into my bank or something? [21:31:07] <GM> we cannot put an item into your bank [21:31:25] <ACCT-B> blah [21:31:30] <GM> and since that part of requiring you to go to the originating server is proper, we cannot interfere [21:31:46] <ACCT-B> ok [21:31:59] <ACCT-B> well, is it possible to make a mailbox on serenity as an enemy kingdom [21:32:02] <ACCT-B> and enchant it [21:32:05] <ACCT-B> and use it? [21:32:19] <ACCT-B> would that mean i'd be able to retrieve that item? [21:32:39] <GM> as far as I know yes. let me check that out [21:33:03] <ACCT-B> because, i was on JK last night and didn't receive any notifications in the event log about having to check my mail [21:39:01] <GM> yep it should work jsut fine, mail is not bound ot a kingdom and you should be able to enchant a mailbox on serenity without issue [21:39:59] <GM> is your pmk bl or wl based? [21:41:29] <GM> unless you need dark spirits I think you oculd still use any mailbox to retrieve the itmes on Serenity [21:44:41] <ACCT-B> bl based [21:45:30] <ACCT-B> ok ty [21:49:24] <GM> okay then you hsould sitll be able to enchant one for bl there [21:49:29] <GM> you are welcome
  20. PUZZLE PLAZA MARKET AND EVENT DEED Hello all and welcome to the Deliverance server Market thread. The market is a free open market with no staff influence or party player influence. I would like to welcome you to the market and discuss it's functions. There are 60+ merchants on deed loaded with good items. The setting is great and the market well organised. Mail box and open public trader right at the center of the Plaza. The plaza has been running about 2 years now and will continue to server the community for years to come. Cord and map placement from Greendog starting area Deliverance server freedom islands. The market was founded By players of freedom and for Players of freedom. ANY ONE MAY PLACE A MERCHANT AT ANY OPEN STALL: Take a look, find a key, take a look into the labyrinth of eternity! The plaza is a full market and event deed. Upcoming changes and restoration coming soon. The full opening of puzzle plaza and all of it's features will be an on going project. Any questions about the Plaza: PM Foreverskyz, Zalifear. Nyteshade, Galilmar, Quasiwud, spyte. Thanks for tuning in and see you at the Plaza!
  21. Come VISIT us at GLASSHOLLOW Market , if you wana try out fuedal life at market! Now you can do!! only 10 apartments left of 28 tiles! Come join our most Epic Village on Freedom you can found. Everyone will get bed! More images here: PM Rockybalboa here or ingame.
  23. Kalambaka Handcrafting waiting for your orders on the following items: On order (available latest on next day): Chain armors: 50QL chain set (9 parts) > 1s/set 70QL chain set (9 parts) > 1s40c/set 80QL chain set (9 parts) > 2s20c/set Blacksmithing opening prices: 60QL blacksmithing tools > 25c 70QL blacksmithing tools > 40c 80QL blacksmithing tools > 70c Tools do not include large anvil, PM for prices Current spiced chain parts on stock: 80QL chain jacket; AoSP 49 > 60c 80QL chain jacket; AoSP 59 > 75c 80QL chain jacket; AoSP 61 > 75c 80QL chain jacket; AoSP 85 > 1s20c 80QL chain sleeve; AoSP 87 > 1s20c 80QL chain sleeve; AoSP 69 > 80c 80QL chain pants; AoSP 72 > 1s sold 80QL chain pants; AoSP 67 > 80c 80QL chain pants; AoSP 57 > 75c 80QL chain pants; AoSP 54 > 70c 80QL chain pants; AoSP 54 > 70c 80QL chain pants; AoSP 53 > 70c 80QL chain pants; AoSP 47 > 60c 80QL chain gauntlet, AoSP 55 > 70c 80QL chain gauntlet, AoSP 43 > 45c 80QL chain gauntlet, AoSP 42 > 45c AoSP: "Aura of Shared Pain has been cast on it, so it may hurt creatures hitting the wearer." All items are made of pure, carefully selected iron. Delivery options: Pickup at Kalambaka (Xanadu, S15 - coastal deed (map location: ) COD - paid by customer, not recommended for chain sets as it will be real expensive (COD applies per part) NEW! There is a merchant holding now at Kalambaka, right under the Gate House holding my items. Being there check the other merchants too The merchant holds a full 50ql and a 80ql chain set at all times and part of the enchanted chain parts. Some tools and shields are also available on it. Payment options: Cash Sleep powder at 1.2s Contact options: Reply to this thread Forum PM to Jaz Ingame PM to Zaj or Jaz Visit Kalambaka, the pretty hillside town
  24. Close Please

    I am looking for a cast of Courier on a spirit cottage please. My deed is in the north east of Xanadu and a little hard to get to at present at F19 but I can pick up from Whitefay or from the bay at C19 (can be run or I can bring a horse, but there is a little climbing on one slope). I have no idea of the cost of the cast nor any added tarrif for the location, so please post comments below or PM "Kristel" Thanks in advance
  25. Hello! I'd like to sell my starter coast deed on Xanadu. The deed have guard tower, mailbox (power:65), Fo altar, 3 building (timber-wood). Clay on deed, tar ~40 tile away, Iron (wery good). Massive linden forest. 30+35 fenced farm area with bulls and cows. Expanding posibilities: North: waterfront, East: massive Clay, West, ligtly hill area, South: hill area. Asked Price: 12s I accept: Referal, max 4 sleep powder (1s/each). Deed info July.20. Pictures