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  1. Newspring to Lormere road shortcut

    ok i found you on map, it';s either u make a wonky shore road or a tunnel.
  2. Newspring to Lormere road shortcut

    Hi.. The shortcut between Newspring and Lormere is finally 100% completed, saving just about 5,000 tiles of highway travel and cutting wagoner deliveries both in time and distance by approximately half. The discussion about the need for this shortcut started around 1.5 year ago after the Newspring to mainland bridges were completed. I'm not the only one who thought this was an obvious must have. It took 6 weeks to complete thanx to the tremendous amount of help I received from many players, shaving off at least 3 weeks of work. The whole thing is 669 tiles in length including 300 x 2 tiles of regular road, 5 bridges and 4 deep piers totaling 162 x 2 tiles and 207 x 2 tiles of tunnel. There's also 2 other bridges built to bypass a deep valley as well as medium size peat expense. I want to say a huge thank you to those who have helped make this project become reality in such a short time, if I have forgotten someone, please don't be shy and remind me, I'm not known for having the best of memory. Nacciwa, Baloo, Popy, Vorash, Spirit, Queenie, Hummditty, Aroma, Gravitar and Bipolarbear. without all of you I'd still be at it for 3 to 4 weeks still. I've only included the name of the main characters of the players who contributed but most also had their alts pitching in. There is most possibly some who remained silent and helped in the background in some ways. Here are some screenshots of parts of the road, they are all taken at night but I plan on going back to take a few day ones as well. I plan on having a draw for a few rare items from those who helped with the project.
  3. Slaying - Red Dragon

    Thanx much for this slaying
  4. Patch Notes 17/DEC/18 Gone Fishing

    Hehe, when I first started playing, during my 2nd day I kept hearing the ducks as I was next to some water, I did spend time looking for ducks, could nt find any, so I posted about it on Freedom chat at the time, other players had quite a giggle about it and naturally made fun of me hehe. After 2 years I've finally decided that I'll no longer go duck hunting hehehe.
  5. Patch Notes 17/DEC/18 Gone Fishing

    So much impatience hehe. This update hold very little interests for me but it does for some and that's cool and I do understand that implementing this much new stuff to something as complex as Wurm is not at all like spreading butter on a toast, Lets start a clinic for those suffering from Wurm withdrawals hehe.
  6. Patch Notes 17/DEC/18 Gone Fishing

    It all sounds interesting, even if none of this will be of any use to me, I never saw the point of fishing since fishes are only for food. So to me it is added complexity to a near pointless activity but that is just because of how I play the game, I might still give it a go at some point, like most new stuff that comes out, pretty much all I do in Wurm is build roads and go on exploration\looting trips. I used to do lots of archaeology but after the last update on that it has made near all you find pretty much worthless. Waiting to go back to surface mining my road :). Nice update devs.
  7. Hi, how much for the Dragon Hota please? I'm not rich but if i can afford it, I'll buy it today.
  8. Opening of The Big Girl's Canal

    Hi, I've been playing for almost 17 months, more than half that time was spent building highways, tunnels and bridges to open up the south and link it to starter towns. The newest addition to this big project is the only deep canal in center south Xanadu, which lets you sail through with Caravels, Corbitas and the like. It is named The Big Girl's Canal, in no way to make fun of the more voluptuous ladies out there but because I've always found it funny than men often refers to their boats, cars and other possessions as ''She'', since the canal is meant for the bigger boats, it's become the Big Girl's Canal. When I arrived where I live and have been living since I started playing, Pit Stop Slowmo, some players had already started to dig up a shallow canal but they seemed to have given up once they hit rock and found out how much surface mining would need to be done, so when I was still a noob I had decided that I would finish it up and later figured it should be a deep canal for bigger boats as the only to come here with a Caravel was all the way west through Sweet Island. It is now opened and passable with large boats and I have developed a serious disgust towards dredging hehe. i have added some images that shows it's location as well as other parts of the southern project. While I was working on new bridges across the water here and this canal, Sgtscum, a neighbor worked on a highway of his own to link to my bridges and highway to Lormere. So i've included his work in an image, the tracing of his road is approximate but gives a good idea. Making the highway, linked to mine and then to Lormere a whopping 2442 tiles long. I hope all this will eventually become useful to other players, enjoy and have fun :).
  9. gems

    Hi damine, I'll buy them, you say 5s for all of them? Contact me in game, my name is Slowmo thanx
  10. The Screenshots Thread

    A project i had been working on for a while, lots and lots of pottery bricks, I'm now allergic to the damn things hehe. You can ride all the way to the top of the tallest tower, I named it Castle Picasso, it's a building that's part of a long set of pottery bridges i worked on. The crazyness is finally over.
  11. You're talking about having to make deductions to figure it out instead of clear description being provided. As for individual deity colossus page, they provide no information at all about dyes or anything else other than needed material. They should really say that they can't be painted and that's all.
  12. the wiki does not mention that only the normal colossus can be dyed. Has no mention of normal or deity colossus. I don't know where you saw that.
  13. So sEeDliNgS , it is to you that I owe wasting 2k colossus brick, 2k clay and 10 gold sheet and my whole weekend building a colossus because the wiki page for the colossus says it can be painted when it cannot be.(which by the way says it needs 65,000 kg of dye instead of 65k grams or 65 kg), not mentioning the time it took to make the materials. Oh and also having a friend making a lot of red dye for me. Thanx.
  14. I tried painting a colossus yesterday and I do not get the option to do so. is it only the plain male colossus that can be painted or does that go for deity colossus as well? And if it can be done, how is it done? Thanx
  15. I have been trying to put a drake statue together since my archeology skill was high enough to find statue fragments, Last night, I finally had all 133 fragments needed to put one together, a combined stack of 127 fragments and another one of 6 fragments. My main character is called Slowmo and he was out on Independence doing archeology for the last few fragments, Shyruban is my alt and was on my deed on Xanadu and was holding the large 127 fragments stack of drake statue, he does not have much skill at all in restoration. Once Slowmo, on Independence has the 6 fragments needed to complete, he combines them and mails them to Shyruban, who once received selects the combined stack of 127 fragments and tries to combine it to the combines stack of 6 fragments. I'm expecting a nice drake statue to result, instead the 6 combined fragments disapear and the stack of 127 fragments now reads -124\133 ( yes negative 124) instead of the 127\133 it was at previously , so I logged off Shyruban and waited a few minutes, logged back in, in case it was just some passing fluke. But the stack of fragments still shows as being -124\133. I then mail the whole thing to Slowmo on Independence to have him try to add 1 fragment to the stack. After trying this, the stack read -123\133 instead of -124\133, so basically now it would take 256 drake fragments to put a statue together. All this was quite an anti climax you can imagine, hopefully this can be fixed, I want my drake statue, it was a whole lot of work to get there. Thanx